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    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    no one can tell me Dick wouldn't tell his family and friends jokes he read off of popsicle sticks

    #9 year old dick grayson: what do pigs and ink have in common? #bruce: no clue buddy #dick: they both go in pens! :D #bruce: haha that's a good one chum :) #that's literally the joke from the popsicle i just ate dgsjsksjk #dick grayson#nightwing#tim drake#red robin#jason todd#red hood#damian wayne#robin#stephanie brown#spoiler#batgirl#cassandra cain#black bat#duke thomas#signal#bruce wayne#batman#alfred pennyworth#bat family#batfam#dc comics
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  • vintage-vamp
    07.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    ⚠️!Mind Blind Spoiler Alert!⚠️

    Okay so now I can't stop thinking, after reading @fru1tb4tz 's post.

    I really don't intend to offend anyone in what I've to say, so I am already warning you guys.

    I love Grayson Black. That guy is perfection, everything, all the good adjectives. And now that I think about it, Gray x Button isn't actually that weird, even with the age gap. Whom I am having real issue with now is the Nick x Sally ship.

    I explained everything under the cut, due to some sensitive topics, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I should add, the content is 16+, just in case)

    (If Sally isn't your RO, Jo sets her up with Nick)

    So when button was 16, they had a crush on Gray, who was a 22 year old adult. This is canon, and some people were weirded out a little because of it. Considering that button wasn't even a proper adult whereas Gray had crossed his teens, and twenty. But to think about it, the situation would've been weird if Gray hadn't rejected them. But he did. He rejected them and I think even openly admitted (at that time) that he wasn't comfortable with it.

    There it was, problem solved. It wasn't weird of button to have a crush on Gray, I think I speak for all of us, when I say all of us had crushes on older people when we were teenagers. It was completely normal, and even the classic trope fitted properly, the whole "Crush on my brother's best friend." It seemed completely okay.

    Gray rejected button, was weirded out for a while, then moved on, same with button (except they didn't move on and the crush kept intensifying) but now in-game, button is a mature adult, who can make their life-decisions for themselves, without any supervision. Same goes for Gray. He didn't have feelings for button when button was 16, but now he slowly started developing them, since in-game events. Nothing seems weird. Two mature adults, being all lovey dovey.

    Now where my issue comes in, is when we discover that Nick has feelings for Sally. I love the ship as much as the next person, but to think about it, Nick has watched Sally grow up, from a child to a woman, it is so weird to develop feelings for a person you watched grow up. I wouldn't have an issue if Sally grew up with Nick, but she didn't. Nick had witnessed her grow up. Logically speaking, he should feel the same way about Sally, the way he feels about Button. Like a big brother.

    Once again, I won't object Sally's feelings, it's okay to have a crush on your best friend's big brother, who saw you growing up. Younger people getting crushes on older people whom they have spent half their life doesn't seem weird. But how would you feel when you see someone crushing on a person they saw changing pjs at night when they were 7 year old, and having a sleep over at your house with your younger sibling? (This is very specific, but we all know this happened with button and Sally, it would be illegal if it hadn't XD)

    Really, I don't mean to offend anyone, love is blind, age is just a number, I get it, but just think about it in this perspective. Nick had crushes on girls of his own age, and probably older ones too (the classic puberty dirty phase) during the same time period, when sally had been playing in the same room as him, a fourth-grader with her best friend. And all those years later, he suddenly has feelings for her?

    All I am saying is, Sally eventually developing feelings for Nick seems reasonable, I mean, all of us have a crush on Nick, who is Sally when it comes to that, but Nick developing feelings for Sally is weird. When Gray first saw button, button wasn't a child anymore, the whole teenage phase was nearly over, so him eventually developing feelings for them makes sense, but Nick is literally the similar figure to sally, the way he is to button, since Sally and Button grew up together.

    I loved the ship, but now that I have thought so much about it... it's weirding me out. I have a lot more to say, but I can't remember it right now, might reblog later if the thoughts come. I would love to hear more thoughts and insight on this though. *sigh*

    #mind blind #mind blind button #nick wiseman #grayson black x button #button wiseman#grayson black#sally alavidze #sally x nick #sally alavidze x nick wiseman #mind blind brainstorm #mind blind spoilers #i am really sorry if I spoiled things for someone who was steering clear of spoilers
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  • iamqueerandiamhere--probably
    07.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    i think a lot of pepole forget that batman didnt make his kids become robin.neither did he adopt them so they could become robin.every single robin (and batgirl and all the other batman related vigilantes/superheroes) actively wantet to become robin(/heros).

    dick grayson was the first.he wanted to become robin becouse he relived the circus through it.he wanted to become robin so he could fly and becouse it was what was right.

    jason tod was the next.he became robin because he know what it was like to spend every day fearing for your life.he knew about all the awful pepole in the world because he saw them.he knew about all the innocent pepole that dont have a choice but to steal.he became robin because he knew what it was like to be the victim.

    tim drake became the tird robin.je became robin not because he wanted to save pepole but because he wanted to save bruce.of corse he also wanted to stop criminals but that was not the first priority.

    stephany brown only was robin for a short time but she is imprtant to.she is the only girl but she is also verry verry badass.she became robin because she also saw crime close up,like jason.(her father was a criminal) she became robin because she knew she could but she also knew that she kneeded training(i think ...in not sure tho.im not verry familiar with her backstory.i only know that she was spoiler,robin and batgirl and that her father was the cluemaster)

    damian is the last robin.he became robin because it was kinda what he was born to do.he was raised to be an assasin and a heir to ra al ghull(is that how you write his name?) but also an heir to bruce,both as batman and as bruce wayne.(im also not really sure why he became robin .i know he did while dick was batman and bruce was dead.i also think that damian actualy wanted to become robin and didnt do it only out of obligation)

    sooo yea... thats my rant .please correct me if you find anything wrong with this.i didnt read the comics.i only know about the things that stuck with me from fanfiction. english is also not my first language so please excuse my probably bad grammar.

    i reached a limit for the tags.i didnt know there was one.

    #haha#batman#robin#damian wayne #damian al ghul #dick grayson#jason tood#bruce wayne #i also love cassy #shes batgirl#and#black bat#i think #i literally read 0 comisc #i got into batman verry recently also #i have no desigre to read comics #ups#i forgot#tim drake #we also stan barbara gordon #i like her as oracle better tho #i also like red hood jason #more than robin jason #but him as robin is growing on me #duke thomas is also a part of the batfam #i know even less about him #how do pepole post such long posts #i now have anxiety that im gonna exit the app and lose everything i just wrote #this is like my first original post in a long long time #and all my 6 or so folowers will probably not care about it cause they followed when i posted about a different fandom
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  • popculturebuffet
    07.05.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Invincible Season 1 Review!

    Hello all you happy people! For those of you just joining us, and i’m hoping given this show is out of my usual duck and disney shaped wheelhouses that’s a lot of you, i’m Jake. I review animation comics and movies usually episode by episodes in great detail, usually episode by episode but as you can see here i’m branching out into whole seasons of shows so I can get my thoughts on some shows out faster when I can’t cover them week to week, mostly for streaming shows on other platforms that release all at once or more seralized shows like Final Space. 

    Okay good. So let’s talk about Invincible shall we? Invincible is an EXCELLENT Amazon Prime series based on the also excellent, highly aclaimed, long running comic from writer Robert Kirkman and artists Corey Walker (Who helped co-create the character and most of the main cast but had to leave after 7 issues) and Ryan Ottley (Who drew every issue afterword and truly defined the series style, and thus the style used for the series). Kirkman is of course a legend in the comics industry, writer of The Walking Dead, Marvel Zombies, The Irredemible Ant Man, Outcast and currently working on DieDieDie! and Firepower, most of hiwch I have not read but want to because he is a talented writer. I also have not watched the show of the walking dead nor read the final third of the comics. 

    But I am a huge fan.. and Invincible’s the reason. Invincible was an utterly epic coming of age story, sprawling over a massive run of 146 issues. 144 regular issues, a one shot, and a crossover over in another book in the same universe, The Astounding Wolfman. It’s good stuff and if you enjoyed the show, you’ll likely enjoy the comics. Also yes i’m not making up the Astounding Wolfman... it’s actually a damn good book I need to finish some time. Kirkman actually made a small shared universe with other , much shorte rlived titled like Brit, Tech Jacket, Capes and wolfman along with the two Guarding the Globe Mini series staring the guardians and a 12 issue series Invincible Universe following up said minis. 

    So as you can tell i’ve read the comics, the first 50 a while ago with a re-read of them recently, and the rest around episode 4 of the show a few weeks back. I first read volume one years ago, having got it from my brother when he was getting rid of some trades and loved it in an instant and loved it more as it went. The book has flaws and I do intend to cover the series in full at some point on here if there’s enough intrest, but on the whole like I said, spwraling coming of age epic with dashes of space opera. 

    So naturally I was pumped when I heard a show would be coming from Amazon Prime and even more stoked when I found out, to my shock i’td be animated.  There haven’t been a ton of animated super hero shows in the last 4 or 5 years that weren’t goofy comedies that parodied super heroes, though that’s not a bad genre see SuperMansion which is okay or the Venture Bros which is fucking awesome it’s just oversaturated. Marvel hasn’t put out any new shows in a few years, it’s last being Marvels Spider-Man which I just never got into, and the ones before that are all have the same bland design with a muted color pallete. Seriously this is a superhero work... part of WHY the MCU is succesful is it brought the bright colors back, simply making the outfits practicle either borrowing from modern designs from the comics or simply making an adjustment here or there. You don’t need to get all Zack Snyder on us. 

    DC meanwhile leaned HARD into goofy comedy giving us teh ongoing blight that is Teen Titans Go go on, and on and on, and then gave us DC Super Hero Girls which while not terrible, makes a LOT of questionable decisions, from using Hal Jordon for the umptenth time, to almost all the male characters being dick, to wasting the teen titans AGAIN instead of letting starfire or raven be a character that might actually get used well here. And of course CN followed this by also giving us the outright bad power puff girls reboot and the meidocre ben 10 reboot, the later INCREDIBLY disapointing, as the original show and alien force were pretty damn good, and the sequels were.. okay, but a hot mess, especially omniverse. It NEEDED a reboot.. but a proper one using ten years worth of contiunity to build something new instead of just trying to imitate someone else. 

    What i’m saying friends is that the landcape was pretty bleak before this premiered for animated suprehero shows. Outside of the 3rd season of young justice and ones that count well enough like steven universe or ok ko.. there really wasn’t much. Live Action is doing gangbusters, with tons of great adaptations that  I still really need to watch because i’m a procastinating ass who forgets to watch things until oh look a new season.. and another.. and another.. and another.. and another... and...

    Noted Cyclops. But excited as I was.. I was also worried. I honestly didn’t know what kind of budget the show would have animation wise, if it’d look good. The only other adult super animation I had to go off of were the dc dtv movies. Which aren’t BAD MIND, the judas contract and death of superman/return of superman movies are all stellar, and some do use stylization.. but more oftne than not they use a stilted house style. 

    Not only that I was worried it wouldn’t get off the ground for personal reasons: the last Image comic’s adaptation starring Steven Yeun I got excited about fell apart before it ever got made. For the record it was an adaptation of the comic Chew about a detective for the FDA in a world where the bird flu killed millions leading to a poultry ban that can learn where something’s been by eating it. Good stuff will be covering it here eventually. It also had Felica Day attached along with Robin Williams and after his tragic passing, David Motherfucking Tennant. So you can imagine my disapointment this never happened. IN hindsight I was dumb to worry as the landscpae had changed and this was being done by amazon, a compnay with lots of money, based on a property by the same guy whose previous work that got adapted is one of the biggest franchises in television. It was going to happen.

    My final worry going into this was that it would get canceled. This SEEMS stupid, after all the Boys was a huge success... but that hadn’t happened yet when this was announced, and even with that Amazon has a NASTY habit of canceling shows I enjoy from them. Alpha House, Danger and Eggs.. and most damingly for what show this was, The Tick, one of the best superhero shows ever, one of the best rebooots in moder times and a show they threw under the bus for no real reason. Seriously go check it out if you haven’t. I can wait.

    You good? Okay. Outside of Marvelous Ms. Maisel, they had a bad rep with me over all that, so I wa sworried the show, even if it WAS good wouldn’t last. 

    And all those worries... ended up amounting to jack squat as you cant ell: while the animatoin can be stitled OCASIONALY it’s still vibrant, beautiful stuff and when it needs to bring it it fucking does, with fluid experssions, bright colors and gore just like the comics brought to life. I’ts REALLY amazing animation,  it’s only flaws being ocasional use of dodgy cgi for crowd shots that does not fit well at all, but this only popped up twice : once for the finale.. and only REALLY badly with the flaxians in episode 2. The show naturally did get made or I wouldn’t be here, and the shows been renewed for two more seasons so even if the network looses intrest, they have enough time to give it a satisfying conclusion if they don’t get renewed for long enough to tell the entire run of the comic. Not only that btu it’s success could mean the rest of the unvierse gets a run at it too. I’d lvoe to see shows for Astounding Woflman and especially capes... the comic was medicore but the concept, a bunch of superheroes who do the hero gig as a 9-5 job with a city contract (not in a booster gold way either, they simply get paid for what they do and have to do paper work), is a great one. 

    The cast also helped. I won’t go into the GIANT list but the fact it had SEVERAL voice actors and actors I loved was generally a good sign: Seriously Steven Yeun, JK Simmons, Zazie Beatz, Chris Dimatopous, Andrew Rannels, Grey Delise-Griffith and of course, my boy among boys, the king of kings Jason Mantzokus. 

    So as you can tell I liked it. So the question is why? Well for me that’s not so simple so join me under the cut as I break the season down by it’s characters and analyize why tehir so great, the one or two misteps, and just what it changed from the comics. Just as a heads up there will be FULL SPOILERS for season 1 and presumibly some small spoilers for the comic as I go into diffrence.s Nothing too major and most of them are things the shows changes cancel out, but you have been warned just in case. 

    An Adaptation Done Right:

    Starting off the adaptation portion of things and they did a phenominal job. The tone and design truly make this feel like the comic, with the bright and colorful character deisgns being kept almost entirely in tact, with only a change or two here and there to make it easier on animation. As was intended this both gives it a fun feel, but it makes the contrast hit THAT much harder when the bloodshed starts, and it’s even MORE intense thanks to being fully animated. 

    It keeps the comics general tone, mixing lighteharted slice of life stuff and quick superhero stuff seen only for a minute with bone crunching personal battles, bloody massacres and other stuff to show the sheer scale of the threats our hero is dealing with.. including the one who raised him. 

    It also keeps a general storylelling style the comic had while adapting it for tv: in the comic it felt sometimes like a book from the 80′s: while the method of telling the story was very modern and difffrent, no thought bubbles or recapping previous events.. well okay some recapping previous events but it only happened in two issues designed to get new readers up to sped and was woven into the story like a clip show. Not the same thing. 

    My point is it juggled a lot of plots in every issue, usually having one or two volumes of peace and mostly one off issues building to bigger events that would take up a whole trade. There were long sprawling subplots. And since that fits tv fine, their all mostly left in tact if again moved up quite a bit. The change is more that there could be issues of just life going on as usual for mark, still notable events and character stuff but nothing game changing, and subplots took their time to move forward, for better or worse depending on the one. 

    The series instead speeds it up: each episode moves forward one of the major plots (Cecil , Darkblood and later Debbie being suspcious of Nolan, Mark and his stuff, the New Guardians coming together as a team, Eve finding herself and Robot building himself a new body), while also bringing in some clearly supposed to be touched on ocasionally over the seasons like the Flaxians, Titan and the Sequids. And.. I like thi spacing better. While the original style is fine and was perfectly made for binge reading, the series allows for faster, but still satisfying payoffs.  I also feel a lot of the original pacing was simply Kirkman coming up with things as he went. While I feel some things were planned out well in advance, other smalle rplots just sorta deveoped as they went and some went nowhere while others went everywhere. Here it feels tighter focused because Kirkman’s already driven down this highway before, he knows all the twists and turns and hwere to take new ones and has a talented crew to help him do it. He does what an adaptation should do: do something new with what you did before and make up for the roads not taken or the roads you shouldn’t have.

    I’ll get into a lot of the changes as we dive into the characters indivdually, but a few general ones: The Titan, Sequid, Reanimin and Robot Plots among others are moved up, nolan’s murder of the guardians was moved up to the first episode (Kirkman both wanting to give watchers a hook and regretting he didn’t do this in issue 1 of the comic). A few characters were also changed to up incusilvity: Green Ghost and Shrinking Rae were men in the comics, Amber is now black, Rex Splode is presumibly greek since they wanted to match the actors ethnicities to their characters, and finally and biggest of all Debbie is now Korean, making Mark half-korean, half-white/viltrumite. I fully support this and Kirkman correcting his past of simply making the universe white because marvel and dc did at their start, though both are doing better and marvel is getting far better at that in the movies and tv shows. 

    Now since this is a decent chonk of tv i’m not going to break down the plot of the whole season. Instead i’m going to look at some of the characters individual arcs and really dig in anylitically, into the good, the bad and what was changed from teh comics. 

    Mark Grayson: Expecting To Fly, Learning to Get Beaten into Hamburger

    Mark Grayson is an excellent character and a unique take on the superhero coming of age story, a well worn trope in general but a worthy one. What makes Mark both in the comic in here intresting is the sheer WEIGHT of being a superhero sinks in on him.

    It even sets in fairly early: Unlike the comic which sorta brushed over Mark’s breaking his powers in period, something he’d later talk about a little in a recap issue, here we get a whole episode of it. Some of the more iconic moments the comic had were kept: Mark’s throwing the trash all the way to London by accident was a shot for shot recreation of a scene from the first issue, though the resulting payoff some issues/an episode later is diffrent in both versions, with the original having a guy form a cult around it instead. 

    But I really appricate how they handle it, the joy of mark flying, as well as the reality that his powers arne’t just something he’ll inatley master like he hoped. I love the metaphor of not peeing your pants... while hilaroius.. it also makes sense. Mark having trouble taking a punch from his dad also makes sense as he’d likely rarely been hit let alone taught to take a punch and Nolan, not seeing him as bothering training in case he got powers, wouldn’t of prepared him for it. 

    We also get your standard scene of him being noble before he gets his powers, standing up to a sexually harassing dipshit depiste getting beaten for it. But what proves it is what he does AFTER. He could’ve beat up his bully, which would be a gross mistep as while his bully deserves it, it’s fully fair to fight back when threatned, Mark KNOWS he has a responsnsiblity and it’s not the right , heroic or him thing to do to hit the guy. But the “Hit Me” scene is still BADASS. Because Mark beats his enemy not with his fits.. but with strategy, knowing the guy can’t hurt him, would likely get freaked out, and since no one can see he’s unbruised, everyone would just assume he just learned to take a punch. 

    Yeun’s voice acting is a large part of why Mark is so awesome. He perfectly captures the range of emotions from normal teenage stuff, to his cocky phases, to his sheer devistation at later events we’ll get to. I’ve always loved the guy and his work is phenominal, and in a cast full of amazing voice actors he’s one of the standouts. 

    We also get a damn good scene of him wanting to just be good enough like his dad and crying into his arms, with Nolan realizing for the first time what he’s putting on his son and trianing him better from there... though not withiout his own hidden and horrible agenda. The flying scene and the scene with his mom are also invaluable, the former just being fun but showing how much control he needs and the latter showing Debbie as his emotinal anchor. While Nolan teaches him to be superhuman and was his idol.. he really gets his true empathy, true core strength and ethics from his mom. It’s also just nice to have the mom be one of the major characters in the story: to be his emootinal weight and ballance and to help steer him in the right path while his dad subtly tries to mold him in the toxic and self serving vltrumite way. 

    But even with the emotional bits Mark’s story’s typical... at first. It’s only after the big twist at the end of episode one it really sets in what this world is and his dad’s horrible injuries really start to set mark straight on the pure weight of the job.. before it finally punches him in the face with the Flaxian invasion. Here we get a great story for him as he learns he can’t save everybody, but the fact he CAN save people matters. I also like how his panicking during the first fight and running away with the one person he can save.. isn’t villanized by anyone but Rex, whose a dickhead and paranoidly jealous of him so it dosen’t exactly count. The other heroes get that sometimes you just freeze, and it’s something i’ve never really seen with a teenager hero. Writers likely worried it’d make them unsympathetic. To me... it just makes Mark MORE realistic. That faced with htis hard, insurmountable job he’d freeze up when faced not with some asshole in a costume but an invading force wiping out dozens he can’t possibly save and faced with people his age who have had the time to hone it. 

    But in the end.. he’s still a true hero, and gets his barings and gets back to it, in part thanks to eve telling him it was OKAY to be scared and what matters is he tried. And while he can’t save everyone.. every life he does save matters.

    The next two episodes don’t advance his arc much, but do start and advance his relationship with Amber. His relationship with Amber is throughly intresting.. especially since unlike the comics AMBER herself is intresting. In the comics she was simply an obstacle for Mark and Eve so they didn’t get together too soon after Rex cheated on her. Kirkman pulling some will they or won’t they crap, with Amber just kinda.. being there and not having much personality or role, only getting some once she finds out he’s Invincible. 

    Here she’s a dynamic and wonderful character: she’s strong, dosen’t take the bully’s shit, and has her own agency when dealing with him, winging him in the wang after he hits mark, and blackmailing him into giving mark her number just to humilate him. She has her own life and goals too, something the comic NEVER got to: she’s an activist, wanting to make the world a better place and unlike some teen activists who will say they support causes but not do stuff.. she does, having done humanitarian work abroad and working in a soup kitchen every week. She’s a smart, kind and driven young woman and you can see why Mark likes her. 

    The show also uses her to utterly tear apart the old “I can’t tell the people around me about my identity trope. While it seems to be played straight at first with Mark having to dash off to be a hero and that impacting their relationship, the reveal she KNEW the whole time.. is amazing. It makes sense as Mark was always absent around the same time invincible was doing something and Mark really isn’t a good liar to begin with. In a world where superheroes are incredibly common and a natural part of society, it makes snese that unlike the comics her first throught is hero rather than drug dealer like the comics. 

    I also support her wanting HIM to tell her. Yes she knew and all of that, and could’ve confronted him with it.. but she likely thought at first he’d tell her and by the soup kitchen, realized he wasn’t going to. She’s not mad about him saving lives, she’s mad he’s lying to her about it and has no good reason not to tell her. It’s not going to hurt her saftey. That defense has ALWAYS been a steaming pile of Vlitrumite Shit. Knowing someone’s id does not put you in the line of fire. Not wanting to tell her RIGHT away is fine, but as Eve pointed out she told him to be careful telling her this SOON. After dating for weeks he shoudl’ve just told her. They even hinted at her knowing: at the college she flat out asks if he has anything he ants to tell her.. and he ducks it. He’s not honest with her and that’s why the relationship failed. 

    I”m iffy on the second chance he gets as I do like them being together here unlike the comics as they have actual chemistry.. but it feels a bit of a quick wrap up.. but it at least makes some sense: She thought he might be dead, and saw him bravely getting the shit beat out of him by his own dad. She also didn’t know his dad was omni man and while lying to her STILL wasn’t right, it now probably clicks for her that he was grappling with a LOT of pressure to live up to his old man’s legacy and was afraid telling her would disapoint him in some way. It again dosen’t make it RIGHT, but it puts things in context. I still feel he got off a bit easy and hated his mopey “I don’t want to bea hero” phase over it, but he got called out on it throughly and when push came to shove, both with Hial Mary and with his dad, he lept back in without hestation, only hestiating after because well... he’s still recovering from his dad. And even then when asked by Cecil about Alan’s second visit he dives right back in. 

    That’s what really defines Mark’s character to me: He may grapple with normal foibles and may have very resonable doubts, considering just having a normal life after battle beast beat the overconfidence out of him.. but he’ll always try and do the right thing. He helped Titan despite the risks, he saved the astronauts despite their own risks of bringing them back, and despite his trauma the second it was clear someone, especially his best friend would die, he lept in. He may stumble, putting his own personal shit over the job way too much.. but he genuinely regrets when those stumbles have consequences like the astronauts capture or rick’s reainimization and will go to HELL and back to fix his mistakes. While the series uses mark to desconturct being a suprhero: selfisnehss having costs, how brutal it would truly be, how you can’t just lie to someone.. it also shows WHY their great... how one person putting on a costume and doing the right thing, DESPITE their own flaws and hangups, that in the end that’s what matters about the job, helping people because you can is the core of mark, this work and what makes it truly...

    Nolan: That Time Superman Murdered the Justice League of America:

    Nolan was already a great character in the source material. But the series honestly does him better. 

    One of the big reasons is the simplist: Omni-Man’s murder of the Guardians was moved up from issue 7 to episode 1. Kirkman had regretting not having it as an issue 1 twist for Invincible. What that means to me is how a lot of comics, and tv shows, have a big twist at the end of episode one to draw you in.

    But more than that it creates a complelling story Kirkman clearly wishes he’d thought of at the time but more than makes up for now: By having us know Nolan is a murderer up top, it meant the entire season was one long tense game of waiting. For those going in fresh it was not knowing what would happen.. and for those who read the comics like me it was seeing if things would play out the same and if anyone else would find out.

    This also allows Nolan to be more fleshed out and more conlficted instead of not realizing he carried for Mark or Debbie until he nearly kill shim and until he starts missing her respectivley. He also apparently genuinely liked the guardians and Cecil and hated having to slaughter and lie to them respectively. But what holds him back is his rigid adherence to Vilturumite culture and philosphy. That just because humans don’t live as long means their worthless. That just because we stumble and fall sometimes, that weren’t not worthy of catching. He’s intresting in the way a LOT of evil versions of superman aren’t in that the man is his opposite: Clark protects life and cherishes everything and sees saving people as his duty as his repsonsiblity.. NOlan sees it as a chore only necessary to furhter his goal and will commit geonocide to protect the planet or kill THOUSANDS if not god knows how many more just to try and prove his racist, facist point.  Superman is our loving protector hoping to give us something to aspire to. Omni Man is our cruel god whose only LETTING us live as long as we obey. 

    Not only that while i’ve again seen plenty of works, the most notable and most recommendable for me being irredemiable, having an evil or dickish version of superman, this one also shows the sheer TERROR that would inflict. The slaughter of the Guardians is a good example: he took advantage of the fact they didn’t think he’d do this to utterly slaughter the only people remotely capable of putting up a fight against him. And unlike the comic where we get a page each and outside of Warrior Woman (who like the show is shown with her partner), and red rush (who had a similar scene to the show, the show simply expanded it and made it better), we see each of them as decent , kind noble souls: Red Rush is in a comitted loving relationship, Warrior Woman is trying to make the world a better place and honestly use her power as an exectuive to do so outisde of her job as a hero, Martian is taking care of a small homeless child, the green person is an honest and put upon photographer and the immortal is the most changed: In the comics he was an arrogant ass before undergoing character development and his response to Nolan turning on them was “I never liked you”. 

    Here? He’s more superman than Nolan is. I also love that they kept he was Abe Lincoln... and yes he does talk about it at one point over dinner with friends. I hope to god they find a way to keep that scene. Point is he can only weakly ask why his best friend is murdering him.. and his rage hurts MORE, screaming at his friend why he murdered them all while Nolan once again gives no answer. He killed 7 innocent people simply because they were the only thing that could kill him and we’re left with his own son who isn’t as powerful yet (Though I do love htey brought up the idea mark can get stronger SOONER, as the idea a hero can get stronger with time with proper exercise is brilliant), a bunch of loveable but inexperinced heroes who are just now figuring out how to work with a team and whatever Cecil can throw at him. ONly a fucking kaiju is enough to slow him down and that’s AFTER a giant space laser and a group of deadly cyber zombies wore him down.. and even then not enough that Mark was that much of a threat.  

    So while this Nolan is worse at keeping his beliefs under wraps it makes him more intresting as a mentor to Mark: He’s tryign to get his son to see a bigger picture and take up his suprmacist belieifs.. but Mark has been raised too well both by the mask Nolan put on and by Debbie. He only had a few months to try to undo years of love and support, of being raised as a human and aseeing them as valuable. Mark may vastly outlive them.. but that time is precious and wonderful regardless of how long it lasts. 

    So speaking of that fight

    That Fight: You Dad, I”d Still Have You

    I won’t pull punches, while invincible IS a good comic and starts to hit it’s stride after issue 12, issues 11 and 12 are still it’s finest moment. I correctly guesed this confrontation would be pushed back to the end of the season, and the added build up and added scenes to it make it harder.

    The framework is about the same; Mark catches his dad murdering Immortal, Nolan explains his people’s true nature and tries to convince mark of things peacefully, mark refuses , nolan tries to kill him while ranting at him, and it ends in the exact same heartstopping way it did with the same exchange. Helll looking back at issues 11 and 12 for this review a LOT of the dialouge is lifted exactly from the comic.

    But like all the best stuff in this adaptation, they added a lot to it and ALL of it only makes an already great scene tremendous. The first really tearjerking bit is Mark desperately trying to break his dad out of mind control, with the audience PAINFULLY aware after episodes of showing it, this was all Nolan’s doing. First time viewers would probably think he might’ve been too for an episode.. until his genocide of the Flaxians proved otherwise. It makes it that much more heartbreaking when he finds out the truth and the truth itself hit that much harder: Ther’es no hidden evil controlling nolan or possesing him, he’s just doing a job he shoudl’ve thrown away long ago. We also get cameos of Thragg and Conquest, the guy who looks like an evil roided up freddy mercury and the old dude. Not saying why they will be but they WILL be very important. 

    But we also get hell of a fight.. well really more, much like the comic, Mark TRYING to fight his dad and getting beaten over and over, it’s beautifully, horrifically animated and really sells both sides: Nolan, despite this being his son, effortlessly and brutally beating him down with not the slightest hint of exertion and Mark despite knowing he’s probably going to die fighting anyway. After an episode where he almost gave up entirely, Mark proves who he truly is when teh chips are down and refuses to stop even if it means he dies, fighting desperatly to prove to his dad what Nolan’s been fighting this whole time: Nolan changed, he loves his family. It’s telling that while int he comic nolan called Debbie a pet with a straight face, if a sorrowful one, here.. it’s clear he’s lying to himself. The show did better by instead of having Nolan oblivious to his feelings of change, to be fighting them, to trying to deny and ignore them. 

    It also adds a truly ghastly and truly impactful touch with the civilian death toll: the pilot Mark saves only for Nolan to crush him to attempt to explain to mark why he’s weak, the building mark can’t ultimately save... and most horrifyingly at all nolan trying to traumtize mark into seeing his twisted world view by slamming him through a train full of innocents in the most horrifying, graphic and nightmarish scnee in either medium of invincible. And trust me, as the series went on some of the fights were PRETTTY FUCKING BRUTAL. The series simply keeps that level from day one instead of escalating. It’s all to show him the humans are weak .. but all it does is show mark what his father truly is and convince him to fight harder. 

    It speaks to who Mark Grayson is and who he was raised to be. A true hero. Someone who HELPS the week and dosen’t hurt them or trample over them. This leads to the underwater scene, ripped straight from the comic as is the climax... though before the climactic beating and dialouge exchange, we do get an added, beautiful scene of Nolan watching a young mark play baseball, stuborn and annoyed by it.. till Debbie gives a truly beautiful speech about humanity, parenthood and children. It shows Mark was right... and leads to nolan burtally and horrifyingly trying to break mark one last time in the best exchange of both show and comic, the best scnee, the best singular moment. This was something i’d been waiting for the entire series, 100% confident Yuen and Simmons would act the hell out of it.. and they did not blow it. They translated these two utterly devistating pages exactly, the only diffrences being mark being still on the ground when nolan beats him and us seeing nolan’s reaction. 

    The only diffrence from here is Nolan’s reactoin. Like the comic he keeps his fist raised.. but then he looks at it, realizing what he almost did.. and what his stubborn loyalty to his people has truly cost him, looks utterly devistated, with the animation gorgeiously showing all of this and leaves. And just like the comic mark cries out for his dad.. and Nolan leaves shedding a single tear (though the animation does add a really cool bit of the velocity stripping the blood and dirt away fromhis uniform)

    This.. is one of the best scenes in any superhero work ever. Both times. I cannot praise it enough or how perfectly the animation team and Simmons and Yeun nailed it And it sums up why Mark took a fight on he couldn’t win against someone he truly loved: people.. aren’t great because we last forever... it’s the connections we make, the love we share, and the bonds between us that make it worth while. The viltrumites don’t get that, having culled their race (Something that was a secret in the comics), down to a nub. But Mark is a human.. and for all our faults, for all his faults, our capacity to love, to protect one another.. is our greatest gift. And it’s this gift that turns a mass murderer away from his duty despite knowing the consequences. 

    The next part also takes a lot from issue 13 with the scenes of Cecil talking to mark being very similar (Though Mark agreed in the comic here he understandably needs a moment first, though likely will next season), and his talk with Debbie is almost verbatim, just in a diffrent location. The sheer grief mark feels leads to a great scene soley belonging to the adaptation: Mark looking over the photo, remembering his dad trianing him.. and then his dad trying to murder him. It’s clear he has a lot to work through befor ehe can return to well work... and we’ll see how he does next season. But speaking of Debbie.

    Debbie Grayson: The Best Change 

    Debbie in the comics before the fight was a minor character, a house wife who while clearly and dearly loving her husband, mostly had the character of being entirely unphased by the madness of a superhero universe and talking about it casually. It’s one of the charming things about the setting but it’s not really a CHARACTER more a trait. She got more character later on as she grappled with Nolan leaving, finding a job of her own (not that she needed the money given the residuals from Nolan’s’s work, she just liked doing it).

    Here she’s a strong, developed character and equal partner to Nolan from minute one and is responsible for Mark being a hero, constnatly encouraging him to do the right thing as his father tries to get him not to, and being his support. But she also has a strong storyline ouside of that as she finds out her husband is a monster and investigates it. In teh comics she was caught unawares.. but here instead she looks into it, slowly realizing it.. but also being badass at it. While Damien Darkblood steers her in the right direction, she was already suspcious at her husband’s growing lack of empathy, lackluster response to being asked what happened and horrfiying behavior in italy. 

    And while HORRIFIED by the revelation she finds iwth Art’s help, she not only identifies everything perfectly on the costume but confronts Nolan, knowing she probably woudlnt’ surivive (and only does because despite calling her a pet and insingifant later, something she sees, he does clearly love her), call shim out and when he tries to simply brush her off as drunk after taking a drink to steady herslef her response is awesome as all hell: Telling the most powerful man in the world, whose so pants crappingly terrifying the local SHIELD equivletn can barely slow him down in episode 7 “Fuck you Nolan” it also captalizes on the terror of having a partner you find out is a murderer and knew before could’ve snapped you in half at any time, can hear anything you say and track you anywhere and barely being able to outmanuver him. 

    Sandra Oh just acts the hell out of every scene she’s in and I look forward to more and more of Debbie as we go. As one final note she’s also the breadwinner here as while Nolan is a travel writer and clearl ybringing in quite a bit, her job isn’t seen as inferior and when he implies as much ahse gets rightfully pissed. Her job is the same from the comics though. 

    Eve: Building a Better Life by Trapping Your Dad in the House Eve’s arc is largely the same as the comic: Rex cheats on her, she quits her team (the teen team was still togetr at the time in the comics), revaluates hero wrok and moves out of her shitty parents house. Only the details and the timeframe are different, the time frame having been moved up as it is with most major plots in this adaptatoin, and the details being very diffrent. 

    Her meeting Mark is about the same, they just work together less because there was an ongoing plot in the first four issues about one of mark’s teachers making kids into bombs that got cut, as it was too similar to the later reainmen plot and not really necessary on top of htat. The reanimen plot is vital for later and was made vital for the season. The bomb thing would’ve just been a needless distraction and too similar now they take place far closer together. 

    What changes for the better.. is how she finds out Rex is cheating. In the comic it goes... welll..

    Yeah. This was also at the end of the issue to leave it as sort of a cliffhanger before she told mark next issue what actually happened.  It works alright, faking out the reader and what not.. but it just dosen’t fit who eve is the amazon show. And Eve isn’t DIFFRENT from the comics in the show mind... it’s just that her personality at the start wa sa lot more standard feminine and it took a bit before the character we know and love from both mediums really started popping out. The shows eve has a lot more force of will right out the gate instead of it starting after Rex cheats on her.

    So the scene we get.. is better.. her catching him out of the shower.. and then Kate accidently outing their affair. It works better selling the betryal. They also give Rex an actual motive. A dickish one so he’s not off the hook for what he did, but one in getting jealous of mark and assuming she cheated on him when Mark backed down the instant he found out Eve was in a relationship and Eve never once considered cheating on him, while Dupli-Kate in this version was clearly unaware he and eve were still together. Granted she still could’ve picked up a phone and dialed her about it, she can clone herself have a clone phone. But it still makes both FAR less assholish than they were in the comics where they two not only did this but only rex seemed repentant.. if douchey enough to say it meant nothing in front of Kate. 

    This also makes things easier down the line as in the comics Dulpli-Kate starts dating the immortal..a nd started the relationship cheating on rex, with rex having the same reaciton as Eve up there. Given this would make kate massively unlikeable even if Rex is a bit of a dick, this paves the way for that romance to still happen without making Kate massively unlikeable. 

    But yes the show makes eve more like she would be after the early issues, and it’s a better move, making he ra far more enjoyable character to watch and Gillian Jacobs is a massive part of that, playing her perfectly

    Her arc is also great, not wanting to go up to guardian level because she understandbly dosen’t want to be around someone she loved for years (And as their hinting his backstory from the comics of being sold to a goverment agent as a kid who made him into what he is, sold by his PARENTS by the way, their shared history will likely come up at some point.) who cheated on her and a former friend. She’s also just not sure she wants to hit people anymore and do things the simple way.

    And i’ts intresting to see a hero instead decide to just do huminatarian work with their powers. It also makes amber even more intresting as Amber helps inspire her to do so, and the two form a genuine friendship that’s really sweet to see. It’s through amber and helping at the soup kitchen that eve gets the idea to go bigger. She’s not taking over the world or any draconian bullshit, she’s just wisely looking at areas that need help and helping them. Simple as that. It’s a plot that sadly eventualyl was dropped in the comics and might be here, we’ll see but i’ts really heartwarming and nice to see and i hope the show sticks with it. 

    Her storming out from her parents is also part of it but her parents, like her are taken more from later in the comics. And if your wondering if your Dad is every bit as odious as he is here.. welllllllllllllllll here’s him thanking eve’s current boyfriend Mark for.. look no amount of me talking is going to prepare you for this or the amount of therapy you’ll need. 

    Mark’s reaction was appropriate. 

    Yeah so her dad is just as much of a dickbag and her mom is just as well meaning but still subserviant to said dickhead. While he didn’t tell her she couldn’t superhero without rex, given .. that thing I just forced you to witness, you know he would’ve and you can’t blame her for leaving, making her own house. She made said house in Africa in the comics, but likely didn’t here to make it easier for the plot and so she could be around mark and co more. Which is fair and it’s not like she can’t fly anywhere in the world. All in all it’s a good distilation of that storyline that makes it better. The show in a nutshell. 

    Also both door gags were priceless NGL. 

    Robot: Maybe Don’t Steal Your Best Friends Body to Woo a Lady Bud

    Robot’s storyline is moved up, SHOCKER, and compressed, GASP. You get it by now, they had to advance things to fill in space. 

    It’s about the same though here. The most they did was add some scenes to make Robot becoming infautated with Monster Girl make more sense, and added the big gesture with the flower, so it makes way more sense how cool she is with him, and even that’s tone down. 

    Robot is a thorughly engaging character and like in the original is one of my faviorites. It helps he’s based on two superheroes I absolutley love robot man from the doom patrol (his silver agey bronze design) and the vision (being a human like being trying to understand people. I mean rudy is human but he’s clearly isolated form them). But his arc of simply wanting to be NORMAL is engaging, and while I knew form the comics he wasn’t doing something evil, it’s a nice misdirect and is kept from the comics, as in both first time watchers or readers wouldn’t know what he wants. He’s a likeable character, constnatly being chastistied for being a machine and actually fine iwth it.. till he finds someone like him and realizes he wants something more. 

    But his isolation clouds his judgment resulting in his very creepy actions, and I feel the adaptation emphasies this more and it’ll help with later events i’m not going to remotely touch on here lest they be adapted. By showing he has signifgiant problems relating to people at times despite having empathy, it makes him far more enjoyable. That said he still has more empathy here as whie in teh comcis he just sorta brushed over rex’s infedlity after being made aware here he’s furious, dosen’t want him hurting monster girl the same way, and only clams down later. The two’s closeness is also empthasiesed slightly more.. not by a lot.

    The biggest change though is that the show DOSEN’T just brush over what Robot did. In the comics the guardians were shocked, but here their all furious outside of monster girl, whose still understandably a bit put off by the over the top gesture. Rex’s reactions are pure spun gold, Part of this is Jason Mantzokus is one of my faviorite voice actors and actors and like Matt Berry or Keith David is guarnateed to please me when he shows up in something, but in general their just hilarious here. But it’s not used just for comedy: Rex is legitly pissed and everyone is mad at robot for ignoring his consent and rex is understandbly freaking when he finds out in this version Robot took his body because Monster Girl found it attractive. It’s horribly undoubtly fucked up and bound to have repercussions next year. Speaking of the guardians

    The New Guardians: They Ain’t the Greatest Heroes, But Their the Only Ones We Got

    This subplot WAS present in the comic: Robot picking a new guardians team and them not quite working. But it’s vastly expanded here and the IDEA is good, the guardians all being forced to come together, learn to work as a team and bonding. And I love a good team made of misfits; a team that’s not exactly PERFECT but they learn to love one another. I chalk this up to a love of Justice League international which this team reminds me of: a bunch of b and c listers bumped up to the big leagues. Granted they got bumped up here because the originals were killed and weren’t just largely unavaliable because of rights issues but still, same basic premise. 

    The problem is outside of Monster Girl and Rex Splode, who go form her awesomely and hilariously kicking his teeth in, well deserved for his cheating to best buddies, we don’t see much actual interaction between the team. They clearly get closer, but it’s all offscreen and while “it’s all offscreen” was ac ommon thing in the comic, the show dosen’t leave as much off the table so it feels weird that for all the screentime we’re given outside of the battle beast thing and the welcome back party we don’t see much actual coaradere and no real building of relationships. There’s also a weird undercurrent of anti-robot racisim that the show REALLY shoudntl’ of introduced as with robot not being a robot afte rall the implication is robots couldn’t be real people and given again, The Vision is one of my faviorite supreheroes that bothers me. Overall the subplot feels really undercooked in a series full of delciously cooked to perfection plots and arcs.

    Out of them Rex is my faviorite. Again it’s partly because I love Jason, and frankly Jason was the perfect choice here as his brand of weird dickery fits Rex like a glove, while making him far more enjoyable. instead of just kind of being an angry dick he’s a FUNNY , slightly weird angry dick, and that thus makes us sympathize. The show also has more moments of humanity from him early on, as he didn’t really become sympathetic until later. Here he bonds with monster girl, is clearly genuine friends with orbot and is understandably freaked out by robot’s reveal. He also gets a hell of a moment in the end, being the one to clean off the bloodstain or at least start it. 

    Black Sampson.. was fucking awesome in the comics.. at least outside of invincible. He wasn’t bad in invincible, but in the guarding the globe spinoff he got two great moents, one where it’s revealed he both volunteers at at partly owns a barbershop in his commuinnty, offering free hair cuts to those who need them for job interviews and such. While that itslef is great he also talks down teh elephant, a recurring joke vilian who Mark frequently isn’t sure he actually fought (he did), and instead offers the guy a job once it’s clear the guy simply needs one and can’t get one, He also later talks down a repoter who tries to treat his chairty work as self serving PR. 

    The show slims down his arc as he has his power replacing harness from the bringing, instead of his alfred resembling butler stealing it and trying to attack at the guardians funeral. Art designed it by the way. And yes that happened.. he even got the guy out of jail and took him back in as he got the guy was just upset the guardians apparently abandoned sampson. He’s still awesome here: while ihs robot racisim sucks otherwise h’es a good character, clearly annoyed at his new teammates lack of professionallism, and gets one hell of a moment when he chews them out. Granted his fight with battle beast is.. weird. I.e. “Let’s charge the guy with superepowers with my powers switched off”.

    Him getting his powers back is also entirely diffrent. Here it’s simplified: he simply nearly dies and the jump start to try and reginite his heart ends up waknig them back up.. in the comics he goes into a coma for a while.. then woke up from it overcharged (his powers scaled back down) and charged omnipotus, the lovechild of skeltor and galactus, who was in the middle of beating 6 kinds of shit out of the heroes of the invicible universe. An epic moment but given they MIGHT not use the guy here and crisis crossovers aren’t really a thing in other superhero mediums I get changing it. Mark was gone at the time for an arc I cannot talk about that judging by the casting will defintely be adapted next season. Also just as proof i’m not joking about any of this...

    It’s what i love about the comic an dhte show: Kirkman gets how a supehero universe should work and that it can be fucking weird. There’s also a french bulldog with super strength named Le Bruiser who later joins the guardians of the globe (Though he’s not Kirkman’s creation, he’s still fair game to adapt, hint hint crew over at invincible. hint motherfucking hint) 

    Your welcome.

    So moving on Monster Girl isn’t much diffrnet form the comics: her monster form is male, and Grey Griffin does a very good job portaying her as a grown woman stuck in a little girl’s body, and likely was chosen so if her problem gets fixed like it does in the comic, they have an actress who can age up with it. Otherwise not much else to add she’s just a delight. 

    Finally we have Dupli-Kate and Shrinking Rae.. both of whom hardly get to do anything or get any characterization. Kate gets SOME in episode 2.. and that’s about it. After the affair she fades into the background, same iwth Rae. They get some impressive shows of power but no real personality or moments ot show off how badass they are, something that BADLY needs to be corrected in Season 2, especially since Kate didn’t have the best personality in the comics and could use a deeper character. 

    Bring on The Bad Guys: Rogues are They 

    Besides Omni Man we have a nice suply of baddies for our hero to face. And yes Killcannon is an actual character from the comics. Though he was Eve’s enemy more than marks, but he’s such a hilariously named doofus I don’t blame the crew for transplanting him or having him be the commonly dispatched dork instead of the Elephant. 

    The Mauler Twins are unchanged from the comic, down to the petty fight over which ones the clone and perfectly so as their delightful genius bruisers and great characters who remain a consitant presence throughout the entire 144 issues of the comic, so not using them as much here would be a crime. Kevin Micheal Richardson adds something to it though, giving both a nice bit of banter and somehow perfeclty bantering with himself. His rough voice is a perfect bruiser type voice that fits the two while also underlying thier intellgence. 

    They did preemptivley skip over one subplot though: as the boys say it dosne’t go well when one knows their the clone. The comic showed this, as at one point one gets facially scarred so it’s very clear which ones which... and proceds to be a dick calling himself king mauler and dominating the other clone who kills him and hides the truth from his new self. This MIGHT come up, but we’ll just have to wait and see as said facial scar is a result of what happens in what will probably be their season 2 storyline. 

    DA Sinclair is also the same dickhead from the comics, but while his subplot popped up fairly early on, it was compressed a bit as Rick didn’t go missing till mark was in college and wasn’t found till close till around the 40 issue mark. Erza Miller makes a perfect entitled jackass though. The Reanimen are also as firghitng and powerful as before. 

    Titan is easily the breakout vilian as well as changed signifginatly from the comic: he does ask mark for help, it is where mark meets battle beast, and it is a ploy to take things over.. but the series added a bunch, turning him from an expy of spider-man villian tombstone to one of luke cage, and making him an anti-villian. He manipulated mark sure.. but he does so because he’s a far better character, with a great contrast between Mark’s cushy life and black and white sliver agey morals and the harsh truth titan shows him of having to take a horrible job to surivive and desperatly needing an out to keep your family safe. Even his takeover is far more symapthetic: he genuinely wants to help his neighborhood and keep it safe, and he gives his family a better life. He’s a genuinely heroic and likeable character, his manipulations being necessary and the slaughter that he untitonally caused being something he couldn’t of predicted.

    HIs boss Machine Head is about the same from the comcis.. just made more eccentric and also hilaroius what with his autotune voice and robotic cocaine high. 

    The Flaxians and Sequids are the same and while not terrible antagonists, arne’t the most intresting to talk about> Though the flaxians didn’t have a leader in the comics, but I like the idea of Scar and giving them a personal reason to keep coming back. Likewise their attacks are massively esclated, but as people they aren’t changd much

    Battle Beast.. is just awesome and his brutal beatdown is new to the series, but still utterly satisfying. 

    Doc Sesimic was made more intresting via his feminsit slant and Darkwing Dimatopous’ wonderufl performance. 

    So yeah not a LOT to say on the side villians but their still intresting and what not. 

    And the Rest

    Finally we have two more characters to discuss who simply didn’t fit into other sections. Would’ve been three btu Amber didn’t. 

    First we have William whose a MASSIVE improvment from the comics and a wonderfulc haracter. Part of it is andrew rannels being awesome and part of it is thankfully retooling the character. See in the comics while he was gay and with Rick, that didn’t come out nor did he till a good hundred issues or so into the comics run. As such early william was a bit overcompesating and also had a horrible romance subplot with eve where he was a dick to her and it didn’t work out tha’ts mercifully dropped. 

    INstead we get a loveable, snarky, overexcited out and proud gay man whose arc goes from wanting to rescue his friend he can’t admit he’s in love with to wanting to rescue someone who changed his life. It also makes Mark’s failure to act that much more tragic, and Wiliam’s heartwrenching spech to rick is so freaking beautiful. I’ts just good stuff and i’m glad to see a much better william. 

    Finally we have Cecil, who while present in the comics at a decent clip wasn’t really important until after Nolan left, taking mark in. Here Kirkman captalizes on him as early as episode 2 and GOggins does a great job.. I admit he didn’t quite work for me at first but by the end he truly embodied who cecil is: badass , willing to make compromises, but ultimately on the side of good> He just does the bad stuff so the heroes don’t have to. He’s also softend a bit though: while he’s still a hard ass, he has actual regret for some of the thigns he does and while in the comics he gleefully recruited sinclair, here he only does so out of desperationa nd while happy at the ending, it’s likely because he now has the threat of nolan or worse, the rest of his race, coming down on his head and his best agent is the threat he’s preparing for. He’s just a more layred feeling character. 

    Okay not finally we have Damien Darkblood. Clancy brown does a great job and I love taking what was a joke character int he comic, who only reported omni man’s betryal LONG after it was public knowledg,e here he’s a creepy but excellent and heroic detecitve and I hope he comes back from hell in season 2. 

    Art is also obejcitvley awesome thank you mark hammill.. seriously tha’ts all I got. he just rocks. 

    SO finally for real this time we have Allen whose just fantastic and both his scenes are adapted almost exactly from the comics and Seth Rogen is perfect as him, nailing the comedy of the first scene and the drama of the second. 

    Stray Thoughts:  The soundtrack is amazing, but did need to be toned down in places. Still I can’t go wrong with the ending sequence to the hives, the music for the flying bits, or being a bit RTJ fan, having Run the Jewels as the motif for the Maulers. Especially since two of my faviorit esongs from or involving them, Chase Me and The Ground Bellow, got used. 

    John Hamm’s cameo was great. Nuff said there. Love that guy.  Best Episode and Worst Episode: 

    No worst one this time.. only because I genuinely couldn’t find a truly weak or bad one in the bunch. Parts of episodes were weak.. but the whole is too strong to really put down like that. 

    Best though is easily “Where I Really Come From”. That episode has a guaranteed place on my best episodes of the year list and yes there’s still over half the year to go. Still doesn’t make it any less true. It’s heartbreaking, amazingly acted and has a truly great ending. 

    Final Thoughts: 

    As you can tell I thought this season was great and only thought hte guardians of the globe portion really needs shoring up. The show could ballance plots better.. but it wouldn’t be the same show otherwise, so I let it slide. The show is gorgeous, hearbtreaking and breathtaking. It’s everything it should be and if you haven’t seen it, watch the hell out of it. I eagerly await season 2. One of the best shows of the year thus far and if it keeps this quality up, especially if it suprasses it, it will easily be one of the definting animated shows of the decade and hopefully lead to more animated shows like it. Truly amazing. 

    If you liked this review, follow me for more. I do superhero stuff, disney ducks, all kinds of things. If you REALLY liked it, join my patreon and help me hit my stretch goals, patroen.com/popculturebuffet and help me keep doing this for a living and stay in streaming so I can do my job. Amazon isn’t one of the ones I pay for so i’m good there, but I’d really appricate your help. See you at the next rainbow. 

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  • layingwithlay
    07.05.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Alright bitches... Hold on let me find another word.....Uh...Alright...People... I want you to send me requests for a fic.

    -Like Damian Wayne and batman fluff or hurt/comfort

    -Bruce parenting.

    -Batfam headcannons

    -Bafam memes

    -Dami being cute

    -De aged Damian

    -Other batfam members.

    -Dick and Dami

    -Tim and dami

    -Anyone and Dami

    Black butler.

    -So I will be taking black butler headcannons to. Which I dont do often. But i am. Or well fics I mean. Any.


    -Ciel and Sebby

    -Sebby and Undertaker






    -Any character fics

    -De aged someone

    -Hurt someone

    -Sad someone


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  • animemangasoul
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    [Meeting a vampire]

    Dick: Do you sparkle?

    Jason: I died and came back to life too, you're nothing special.

    Tim: I was team Jacob.

    Damian: Nightwing, let me stake him!

    Cass: Hello? *waves* drinking someone's blood without concent is unethical.

    Steph:, Wow.......Gotham really went and created vampires now huh?

    Duke: My daytime vigilanteeing should have guaranteed me safety from you.

    Babs: Sir, what is your name?

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  • bisexualnerd
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Anyway, I've forgotten bc of my lack of sleep.

    But I have a new chapter out for my fic The BBB - The Bat Bonding Buddies from my series Something Has Suddenly Begun. It's for Tim and Alfred being grandpa and grandson.

    Series sumary for those who are not familiar with it:

    Monster AU with the Batfam are monsters from a different world and Tim is a human (see note in the first fic).

    Some is based on the Monster Inc movie.

    First fic is rated T, the other two are G.

    #just thought I should do this since I have been neglecting my Tumblr a bit recently #too much work #me don't like university me want to write #but you know #most of my time is spent studying and staying up late without writing any of my fic #this fic is ending so I figured I should give it some attention and tell people about it more #batfamily#batfam#batkids#tim drake#red robin#dick grayson#nightwing#cassandra cain#black bat#jason todd#red hood#damian wayne#robin#bruce wayne#batman#duke thomas#the signal#alfred pennyworth
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  • stitchislovely
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Tonight on random stories Jailyn thinks of to fall asleep-

    Dick: Man I hate lex Luther.

    Tim, Damian, Duke, Jason, Cass, Steph:

    We know Dick.

    Dick: He sucks.

    Everyone: We know.

    Dick: I wish Superman would get over the no killing rule just this once.

    Tim: Don’t let Batman hear you.

    Dick: Fuck Batman

    Stephanie: Wow.

    Dick: He’s the one that’s making me go to this stupid event in the first place.

    Duke: It’s being held in his honor.

    Dick: Exactly, why do I have to be there?

    Damian: You’re just mad the actual police were sent in his place to save you last time you got kidnapped.

    Dick: What was possibly more important than me?

    Jason: There was an alien invasion...

    Dick: When I was 9 he promised me he’d always save me and he kept his promise until then.

    Tim: Dick your kidnappers were like 15 years old. You could’ve taken them out yourself

    Dick: It’s the principle of the thing

    Stephanie: Didn’t he send you a Batman hoodie the next day with an apology note?

    Dick: Yea, doesn’t mean I accept the apology

    Duke: You’re wearing the hoodie right now.

    Dick: It’s comfy

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  • ravenkinnie
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    y'all are like "dc has been kinda good lately", idk what the fuck y'all are reading but I'm reading titans academy and batman/catwoman to make sure this fandom is never too chumny

    #robin was good ngl nightwing is mediocre at best and batman black and white fucks that's it #idek what else is out cause I don't know these people #but rest assured: I hate infinite frontier too lmao #mine #happy for roy harper girlies you deserve joy besties #tbh I forgot he was dead bc he's a man who's not dick grayson so my reservoir of attention is limited
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  • hintofelation99
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Batfam Babysits Damian While Dick is Off Planet; From Everyone Else's Perspective

    Original post: The Batfam Babysits Damian While Dick is Off Planet

    Dick's Voicemail 4:06 pm

    Dick's voicemail recording: Hi! You've reached Dick Grayson, I can't come to the phone right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

    Duke: Hey Dick, so I won't be at the manor when you get back. Your pet child bit me, so I'm going to be staying at one of Jason's safe houses until I can get tested for rabies.


    The Justice League's Direct Line to the President 5:11 pm

    Martian Manhunter (MM): Mr. Presi-

    Barbara: Yeah no, not the president, this is Oracle.

    MM: This is a secure line between the Justice League and the President of the United States, how did you get this number?

    Barbara: I'm Oracle, do you really need to ask?

    MM: What do you want?

    Barbara: I'm just warning you that there will most likely be an attempt to hack the Justice League server in the next 24 hours.

    MM: ...

    Barbara: You've been warned.


    The Young Justice comm lines 7:03 pm

    Jason: HEY DICK FACE!

    Dick: Hood?! How are you even on this comm line?

    Jason: Doesn't matter, we need to talk about your pet demon child

    Dick: I am literally leading a mission right now! I can't talk! Also, why does everyone call him my pet??

    Starfire: Dick, we really need to focus right now

    Dick gets shot

    Dick: Ow fuck! What do you want Jason?

    Jason: I just want you to know your cooking fucking sucks and I hope you die

    Dick: Okay?! I literally just got shot so you might get your wish?

    Jason: Good, fuck you. Also I'll see you at dinner tomorrow night

    Jason disconnects

    Dick: What the fuck?!


    The Young Justice comm lines 8:40 pm

    Steph: Hey Dickhead!

    Dick: Steph?! How do you guys keep getting on this line??

    Steph: We've got bigger fish to fry, Wing. And by fish to fry I mean we have a shower on fire.

    Gar and Jaime: Wait what?!

    Dick: What?? How? Why? What did you do??

    Steph: It wasn't me?! It was the demon! God, Why do you always think I did it.

    Dick: You've replaced all of Batman's smoke bombs with glitter bombs.

    Steph: It was one time!

    Dick: You've done it three times!!


    Bruce's Voicemail 9:09 pm

    Bruce's voicemail recording: Hey, you've reached Brucie! I can't come to the phone right now so leave a message, I'll try to get back.

    Tim: Bruce your demon child stabbed me and Dick isn't answering his phone. Please pick up.

    Tim: ...

    Tim: Well, fuck me I guess...


    Dick's Voicemail 10:09 pm

    Dick's voicemail recording: Hi! You've reached Dick Grayson, I can't come to the phone right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

    Cass: Little brother is sleeping. Love you big brother.

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  • blas-ph-emy
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Jason: *sitting in the living room in the Manor reading a book and wearing earbuds*

    Dick: what do you think he's listening to?

    Tim, not looking up from his computer: something about death and murder probably

    Duke: Green Day. i can't explain it, but Jason gives off the vibes of someone who listens to Green Day.

    Steph, playing on her phone: he has a Taylor Swift playlist. he's listening to Blank Space probably.

    Cass, perched on the armrest of the couch: Jason likes classical music. says it calms him.


    Dick: should we ask him?

    Tim, raising an eyebrow: i didn't know you woke up and chose death today.

    Dick, drily: very funny.

    Jason, completely ignoring his siblings: *currently blasting the intro of Ever After High on loop*

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  • nickeymouse
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    ocs + socials

    sol wiseman (mind blind)

    template 💛

    #mind blind#mindblind#button wiseman#grayson black#edit#oc social #.psd #mine #mb: sol wiseman #x: sol and gray #I WASN't sure about who to choose for gray's face but aaron taylor johnson fits him nicely i think.. #then there's tehya elam for sally #and THEN my third eye opened WIDE... and lo and behold... vito basso as nick #also please clap about the song DJSKF its an ABBA cover by GHOST... do u understand.. the implications.. gray's music taste influencing hers #they r in love .... #face claim #i feel weirdly nervous posting this lol 🧍‍♀️
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  • doc-squash
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Happy days.

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  • superhero-boogie
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    So the boys stay the whole night up, right? And they have school/work, right? So I was thinking when do they sleep??? So I did some math (ew). Those who work an 8-hour shift are free around 4 PM, so they would sleep seven hours until 11 PM when they would get up to do the deed. Since the sun only goes up at 05:49 in NY they would stay out until 5 AM then maybe take a nap or patch up any injuries. The kids (cough Damian cough) would be free a little early so they could sleep a little more.

    Also, you guys have 7 HOURS of school?? Yikes.

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  • paprikaries
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Fast sketch, obviously a wip. I wanted to define a cartoon style for all of them. I’ve taken ispiration by different series. I kinda like this result.

    Also.. I don’t know why it’s so difficult to figure it out the height difference in comics. In my immagination, Bruce is the tallest. He must be the scariest of the group, but he also must give a sens of security and strength, so he should towering on others. Jason is an anti hero, he’s on the good side, but he’s also dangerous, so he should be massive and very tall. Dick was drawn smaller than Bruce when he was around 18 years, and I like the idea he’s also lawer than Jason. He must be agile and flexible, so there’s no need to be a titan (haha... I’m an idiot). I think he’s just normal hight. Tim can be a small guy. He’s a tactician, very thoughtful. He’s not particularly strong, but he’s got good techtiques. He’s generally drawn very smaller than batman, even when he’s Red Robin, so I like to think he’s the smallest one. And that’s it, at the moment. Hyli!

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  • isy-art
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Day 3! Now introducing: Dick Grayson, with coloring based on the Blue Velvet Damselfish

    #he has his nightwing coloring because green yellow and red are hell to mix #also blue and black are very pretty together #yes its 4pm dont look at me #and yes bruce's tail is less torn and hes missing the tail scar that is by design #anyway father son bonding event <3 #bruce wayne#batman#batfam#dick grayson#richard grayson#nightwing#robin#robin i#my art#mermay#mermay 2021#digital art#mermaid#dc#dc comics
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  • wayhavenots
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago


    Hey hi there was this ask about the Mind Blind ROs cuddling and it gave me Thoughts about Gray.

    Synopsis: Daphne sleeps at Gray's for the first time.

    Rating/Warning: Gets kind of Mature at the end so 16+ 

    Tagging: @homeformyheart

    (Let me know if you want to be tagged for Mind Blind or Button x Gray!)


    It was nice, falling asleep next to Gray. Daphne felt safest when she was wrapped in his arms, listening to his gentle stream-of-consciousness whispered in her ear (as payment for the stream-of-consciousness she projected without meaning to), eyes falling shut as she drifted away to sleep...

    When she awoke, there were no arms around her---and when she rolled over, she found herself looking at Gray's sleeping form, almost exactly six inches away.

    Oh no. She'd been loud.

    She remembered the nights that her brother would wake her from a nightmare---Wake up, Button, it's just a dream---or even from a normal dream that had her mentally screaming---Nobody's selling you to One Direction, Button---and how tired her whole family would look the next day. Her mind didn't quiet at night the way voices did---it came alive in ways she couldn't control, in ways that didn't make sense, and her family was stuck listening to her narration about pencil monsters and praying it would stay quiet. It had been like this since she was a baby. She wondered if her parents had finally slept soundly in Milwaukee, if Nick had slept well for the first time last night.

    When Gray's eyes fluttered open---minutes later? hours?---he gave her a sleepy smile. "Good morning," he whispered, in a gravelly morning voice. "How did you sleep?"

    "Better than you, Cookie Monster," she whispered back. She liked that he sounded the tiniest bit more like Cookie Monster in the morning. "I'm sorry I was loud."

    "No, no, you weren't loud," he said quickly, words falling over each other, "I don't think you're loud, I was just...warm! From the body heat, and so I moved over here... Dearest."

    "Gray, it's okay," she laughed. "I'm just sorry I cost you some sleep. Did I wake you?"

    "Just a little," he answered. She absolutely had. "But it was worth it to see you this morning."

    Charmer, she thought, but he couldn't hear her. "I think you missed the best part of my dream, though," she mused with a sly grin.

    "I think it would be hard to top the part where you needed to say, 'COOKIES?' 'COOKIES?'"

    She burst out laughing, only a little embarrassed. She'd thought worse in her sleep. "Fair." She scooted an inch closer. "But, I think we could manage it..."

    Now in his brain range, she lifted an eyebrow, trying to project some choice images of what she'd "dreamed" about.

    And Gray, finally picking up what she was putting down, scooted closer to kiss her deeply: one hand gripping her thigh, the other creeping up her stomach, his mind telekinetically lifting her shirt (Oh my God, Gray), before pulling back and pausing his exploration with an adorably shy smile and a quiet whisper in her ear:

    "You can be loud if you'd like."

    #mind blind#grayson black #button x gray #i am dropping this and then i am RUNNING #back to the papers i should be reading
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