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    PAST LIVES - 4 blurb

    here comes the time where Ricard Grayson infiltrates the reader’s day. I think Dick plays up the eldest sibling to a t, whenever he’s able to be around that is.

    You open the manor’s front door- against the wishes of Alfred who is somewhere with his ears burning at the fact that he hasn’t opened the door to one of the masters of the house- and there he is.

    Dick Grayson.

    “Master Grayson.”

    You jump at the sound of Alfred’s voice. Dick laughs at that too. 

    “Hello Alfred. It’s good to see you.”

    You turn to Alfred with your hands over your heart, “You like to scare me don’t you?”

    He says nothing, instead he turns around and goes back to where he came from. Shaking your head you turn back to Dick.

    “So, ready for some sibling bonding time?” You hold up a finger to get him to wait. You head into the closet - once again making Alfred’s ears red- and grab your duffle bag that had been packed since last night. When you return you drop it next to his.

    “I’ve never been camping before.”


    You have your hoodie pulled up and tightened around your head. The fuzzy socks tucked into your jeans are helping a bit and the fire too. But you just hadn’t expected the cold to hit you like a slab of cement.

    All the training had really went down the drain.

    Dick comes out from his tent and sits by your side. He’s got on his own sweater with a best over it. Smart.

    “How’s Jason?” he asks.

    Your eyes widen and you turn to him quickly, “What?”

    “Are you two not- sorry I just thought I had picked up on something.”

    You clear your throat and face the fire again. If Dick had picked up on something, how long was it before everyone knew? Besides Damian who had clocked the two of you from the beginning. 

    “No yeah we’re. We’re a thing.” you say.

    “Just a thing?” he asks.

    You shrug your shoulders, “I don’t get picky with normal people things, you know?”

    But you’re not really asking. Dick Grayson knows all to well about not being picky with normal people things. You all do. 

    “We can totally change the subject.” he offers.

    “How’s everything with your friends?” you ask.

    “Great. Wally’s great if you’re headed in that direction.”

    You nod along this time.

    “I’m sorry if this is awkward. I just haven’t had someone close in age to talk to, or who wanted to talk besides Tim when he can keep his eyes open.” he says.

    “It’s okay,” you remove your hands from your pockets and place them over the fire, “I take a bit of time to adjust after being resurrected and the league.”

    If you knew it would have made him nervous or worried you wouldn’t have slipped that in there. But you honestly don’t think too much about the words you use anymore when talking about your past. It was your past for a reason and you’re doing the work to keep it that way.

    Still, you hold back sometimes. 

    “Are you okay?” 

    You turn to look at him again and he’s already looking at you. It’s not a weird question to ask, especially after you basically just said you were brought back from the dead and became an assassin. Brainwashed assassin.

    Not a lot of people ask if you’re okay. Most people who know, like Nyssa and Talia, didn’t ask in such a way. They made sure you were okay by checking you wounds after an mission or going over training. Bruce sees if you’re okay by inviting you over for monthly dinners. That way he came watch over you and make sure with his own eyes that you’re okay. Same with Damian and his random drop-ins.

    Jason and Tim are the ones who skirt around the question. That’s partly because you ask them the same question back and it usually turns into a playful conversation about how you all could be doing better, but you’re doing good with what you got.

    And now there was Dick.

    You don’t know why- or maybe you do and you won’t admit it- but you start to tear up. You think it must be Dick Grayson’s superpowers or something. It’s the same way that you felt when he came back during the first family dinner at your place.

    You shake you head a bit and see his eyes widen, “No I’m fine. I will be fine. It’s just a lot. Having a big family like this, not really knowing about my past.”

    He nods.

    “I’m here if you want to talk. About anything.” he says.

    You smile. And in that moment, you get up from your wooden log. 

    “Get up.” you say.

    He doesn’t even hesitate. He gets up without another word. And you, without hesitation, wrap your arms around him in a hug. He’s shocked, you can tell that much.

    “Oh-” he starts.

    Then he hugs you back.

    “Thank you Dick.”



    you accidentally knocked over the water on the table. The two ladies yelp and jump. You gasp pretty loudly, and cover you mouth for a moment.

    “I’m so sorry.” you say.

    They look at you as they pat down their outfits with the napkins to make sure they didn’t get wet. You try to smile as earnestly as you can, but really it comes out more of a smirk.

    You walk out of the dinner and meet Dick at the front window.

    “That didn’t look like an accident.” he comments.

    It really wasn't. The women had been ogling at him the whole time you were eating. It didn’t seem to phase him that much, but it did disgust you. They weren’t even trying to hide it.

    So you put your former tricks to the test.

    You hum to yourself, “that’s too bad isn’t it?”

    He chuckles.

    “Alright, where to next?” he asks.

    You nudge his shoulder with yours and you two begin to walk away from the diner. It wasn’t a bad day in Gotham. The weather had been decent, it wasn’t funny or anything but it wasn’t down right pouring rain. 

    “I have to pick up a thingy for Fallon. It’s not far from here.” you answer.

    Dick walks by your side until you get to the crosswalk. He then flanks to your left side, the closest to traffic. You notice it, like you noticed it the other times you’ve hung out, and you don't say a word.

    Because you know he’s not gonna stop doing it.

    “You’re worse than Jason, you know that?”

    He actually waits to start talking, until you're both fully crossed. He’s gotten used to the fact that upon learning something new, or even having a profound thought, you have to stop in your tracks. Completely.

    “Yeah yeah. Do you wanna see my dog?”

    You stop.

    “Oh my god, you have a dog too? Is this a Wayne thing?”

    “Did you ever ask Jason about Sparky?”

    “Oh wow, so it is a Wayne thing.”

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    Oh So Needy - Grayson Dolan

    summary: when y/n feels as though grayson isn’t giving her the attention she deserves, she simply taunts him into her own little trap of lustful passion...

    warnings: swearing, choking, fem masturbaution, oral - fem receiving, maledom, smut, and big scary grayson <3

    word count: 2.2k

    a/n: well.. here you go my darlings…


    "But Graysonnn, I need you..." She drug his name out symphonically, slipping her hands against his tilted backside. His striking stature was settled in a tall, swiveling chair, his hands attached to a keyboard as his fingers sprawled across it, monotonously clacking at the keys without interruption.

    "Not now, princess." His baritone rang loudly in her ears, echoing against the large room's solemn walls. Impatient, Y/N achingly presses her chest to where her hands were placed prior, kneading her fingers into his shoulders where stressed tension had built up.

    "It'll only take half an hour.." She pleads, lowering her hands upon his abdomen, inching slowly towards her desired destination, if only he wouldn't be so damned stubborn.

    "Y/N, I said later." He drew his hands from the keyboard, promptly grabbing her wrists and forcing them away from his alluring body.

    "Workaholic." She blew a dramatic huff from her lips, withdrawing herself from around him entirely. Grayson didn't object nor deny her wrongful accusation, only the faint sucking of his teeth worked its way through the echoing silence of the room, all until his fingers went back to their job; hitting non-alphabetically organized blocks of letters.

    "It's hardly even work, my love." His voice danced between a mixture of a broken French twang and a certain apologetic tone that scarcely resembled an excuse for his sudden "misbehavior" in gratifying his women's bodily needs.

    He didn't receive a response from the one and only Y/N herself, whose attitude of grief and despair lead her onto a different task, perhaps involving busying herself with a swim in the pool, instead of bothering Grayson with her selfish desires.

    "I'll be in the backyard if you need me, Gray." She said in departure, leaving his office after an absentminded nod was returned from Grayson.

    She did just as she said she would, after changing into proper swimming attire and collecting a bottle of sunscreen and tanning oil. She was laid out on one of the many poolside chairs, basking in the sunshine with a frown.

    She still had that dull ache within her core...

    And it felt as though it would never go away. She couldn't help the fantasies that would creep into her mind, on any given occasion, and stay on repeat until her ends were met and she was spoiled with the wonders of his languid tongue.

    It was a curse, and a dream in itself.

    She knew he was very busy, especially with how well his company was doing, but she was selfish of him. His hands should be upon her, not the stupid computer he had been tacking at since dawn. And his voice in her ear, his lips softly grazing her neck whilst his nimble fingers glide against her skin and dip into her soaked folds.

    It's all too much to handle without his care, therefore a mischievous plan was planted in her mind, an evil smirk invading her devilish lips.

    She went to grab her phone, opening it right to her messages with him, nothing too absurd, and she began her marvelous mission..


    come out here, i need you!

    you know i really need to finish this up

    it'll only be a couple more hours

    be patient


    no, y/n

    She huffed, blowing a piece of hair from her face as she did so.

    then check the cameras

    With a giggle, she shot right out of her seat and began to untangle the strings of her bikini, her dazzled eyes settled on the outside camera that they had installed for safety precautions. First to go was the top half of her suit, the side strings undone, following the one on the nape of her neck until her chest was bare and open to his eyes only, the flimsy piece of clothing tossed to the ground. Next was her bottoms. Slow and deliberate, she let the material slide down her legs and pool at her feet.

    Dings! rang from her phone beside her, but she only laughed. Without even a glimpse of his face, she knew he was furious. And that's exactly what she wanted.

    Soon enough, her hand was wrapped around the darkened tanning oil and she let it drip onto her stomach, watching it slip slowly down her thighs and legs, adding a nice gleam to her skin that surely Grayson would be able to comprehend through his computer screen. She lathered the substance all around her body, taking a look towards the only window of his office, and a sharp gasp emitted from her throat.

    There he was, anchored to the window with his hand under his chin and a deathly expression written across his face. He began to click his tongue, as if to scold her for her mischief and halt her needing actions.

    "What do you think you're doing, sweetheart?" He seemed amused, in a begrudging way, but still enamored with the sight of her and the lengths she'd go just to gain his attention.

    "Tanning.." She turned the bottle for his eyes to see the label, a sloppy grin replacing the previous smirk she had. With a scoff, he pulled his torso and head out from the window and closed it with a loud, shuttering click that made Y/N's stomach drop.

    For a moment she thought of hiding, fleeing the scene. She knew she'd be in terrible trouble, but the anticipation grew every second she had to wait for his appearance, and it was unbearably exciting.

    Soon enough the back door flew open and out came an angry bear of a man, standing tall with his arms crossed and his lips in a straight line, a scolding look in his eyes that made Y/N want to crawl in bed and cry.

    He stuck his large index finger out, motioning for her to come hither. But Y/N didn't move an inch in his direction, instead she flipped her hair over her shoulder and turned her back to him, walking along the pool. After sticking a toe in the water, she figured it was too cold for her liking and decided to retire back to the original chair she was first sat in.

    Grayson was still in his stance, though his glare softened and began to roam her body that he claimed his own. Y/N noticed, exposing her chest a bit more and widening her legs for him to see all of her.

    "It's too bad you're all the way over there, baby." She said within an exasperated sigh, pouting her lips whilst she travels a single finger down her body, enticing him.

    "It's so lonely all by myself, and no one to.. play with.." Y/N sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and softly moaned once the pad of her finger reached her swollen clit, circling the most sensitive part of her womanhood. Her other hand engulfed one of her perky nipples, squeezing it tight enough to feel the tingly sensation that made her hips buck and her lips mewl curses of pleasure.

    He watched as her thighs began to tremble, her eyes closing shut and hot breaths exiting her mouth once she dipped a single finger between her folds. Unwanted jealousy bubbled at his insides, a thick load of bile entering his throat the longer he observed.

    "Does that feel good, kitten?" He asked with sincerity, taking a few steps closer to her. "Better than how Daddy touches you?" Now his shadow covered her and she opened her eyes, shaking her head vigorously.

    She kept quiet though, too preoccupied to give him an actual answer as she slips a second finger into her puckering hole. She wanted to indulge in the feeling of her own self-provoked pleasure, and she would have if not for the unexpected pressure that caressed her neck with such force, an all too familiar feeling of his meaty hand wrapped around her throat.

    "Use your words, princess." His beading eyes frightened her, something she hadn't seen very often. If at all.

    "N-No, Daddy," It came out as a whisper. "You do it so so much b-better!" She threw her head back and let a breathless scream escape her lips, relishing in the ecstasy that soon would bring her that climax she couldn't wait to soak in.

    Grayson, enthralled with the tremors and quivers that spread throughout her, lead a hand to delicately envelop her smooth breast, running his thumb over the hard nub repeatedly. Y/N felt herself drawing to an end, a coil squeezing in her abdomen, ready to snap at any given moment.

    "You're so close, aren't you baby?" She giggled, signaling a yes to his answer. Words weren't formidable, and she couldn't hardly speak anyway when her airways were blocked by the seductive chokehold her lover had around her. Knowingly, he let his fingers travel from her breast and along down until his fingertips came in contact with the pulsating nub of hers that needed plenty of attention too.

    "You can do it baby, cum for Daddy. Show me what a naughty girl you are." He tugged at her clit, rolling it between his warm tips and bringing her to her orgasm with just his mere touch. Her hips buzzed as she came all over the patio furniture, releasing a heavy moan and suffocating in her desires.

    Grayson maneuvered his body towards her, settling between her legs and delving his tongue unto her sensitive folds. Y/N hiccuped, reaching her hands forward to run through his thick hair.

    "Just like that.." Her face was red with heat and sweat began to dribble from her hairline, her composure yet to subside from her previous climax as Grayson furthered her into another one.

    She could feel his warm, thick, and hot muscle stretching her heart-shaped folds, lathering and soaking up her juices as he did so. He even led his thumb back over her bud, creating quick circular motions that made her abdomen convulse with sudden rapture. He groaned against her pussy, sending vibrations through her core and she shuttered as a second orgasm dared spill.

    Before it could, Grayson had his head pulled back and he stood before her, his chest rising and falling rapidly just as her own did too. She whined, tears coming to her eyes as her overstimulated-self fell apart with no ruin.

    "Not just yet, princess, need you to take daddy's cock." He unzipped his pants preceding his words, shuffling them down and around his ankles, his shirt being discarded too. There he stood in all his glory, his erection straining promptly against his waistband. Y/N dared to sit up and tug at it, but Grayson already had his finger looped around the fabric and forcing them down before she could sit up properly. She hardly even blinked when she felt his large hands attach to her waist and flip her onto her knees, an excited scream breaking the vast silence.

    He grasped the skin of her ass, laying a few harsh slaps against it before, without warning, slipping his cock into her tiny hole. She fell forward slightly, due to the roughness, and she felt her eyes brink with tears yet again as the arousing pain of him stretching her walls withheld her. Grayson fisted her hair, pulling her head to the side for him to see her disheveled appearance.

    “Don’t you fuckin’ cry, princess. This is what you begged and begged for.” He slammed himself rough against her, his cock breaching her cervix and empty whines flowing through her mouth and loud grunts shamelessly falling from his lips.

    “Look at you, already fucked out and taking daddy so well.” He continued to plunge right into her, never slowing his place as she fell apart, her knees feigning to give out and her body willing to crumble beneath him. What once was painful became pleasure, and even that became a total blur.

    “I feel you in my-my stomach!” Y/N yelped as she felt him brush against the spot she craved the most. Once again, she felt herself on the brink of a climax, hungry for release. His thrusts no longer were rapid, but rather sloppy as he began to come apart.

    “Grayson, F-Fuck!” She felt the knot in her stomach tighten and released atop his thick member, low and soft moans emptying into the air as he continued to ride himself out. Y/N could hardly breathe, her legs diminishing from beneath as she became incapable of holding herself up any longer.

    “C’mon baby, almost there.” He threw his head back, his abdomen clenching and his face twisting into a heavenly euphoria. He felt himself twitch inside her, his hot, and thick cum seeping from his bulging red tip with the lack of a warning. Vehemently, he cursed and moaned, laying his frontside upon her in exhaustion.

    The two were sprawled against each other, breathless as their bodies regained their composure after such exertion. Y/N smiled mischievously below him, full well amused with herself for taunting him into her little trap.

    “Happy now?” He asked against her ear with a chuckle, wrapping his arms around her. She nodded in his embrace, planting small kisses across his arms in happy fulfillment.

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    Summer Love

    Type: One Shot about Grayson Dolan Rating: Rated PG 13 (Some sexual content) Warning: Talks about periods Word Count: 4300+ Pairing: Grayson + Catherine  Enjoy! | Want part 2 let me know

    She left her office and got into her car. Undoing her bun, allowing her hair to flow free. Turned the car on as well as the radio, finding the right station. Rolling down the windows as she pulled off, allowing the wind in her hair. It was Friday night and she was officially on vacation for the summer. She pulled into the bar right when the sun was setting. She switched from her work shoes to something comfortable. She entered the bar and took a seat at the bar, looking over the menu quickly.

    "Hey girl," the bartender said. "Hey, you" She smiled as she looked up. "How have you been?" the bartender questioned. "As good as I could be," she nodded. "How have you been Aubrey?" she asked. "I've been good," Aubery said. "What can I get you, Catherine?" Aubrey asked. "Let me get a dirty martini and probably some chicken wings," Catherine said. "Coming right up," Aubrey said.

    Aubrey made her drink, placing it in front of her. Aubrey also put the order in for the wings. Catherine took a few sips of her drinks, looking at her phone. Aubrey bought out her wings and placed them on the bar.

    "Thanks, girl," Catherine said. "So what have you been up to?" Aubrey asked as she leaned against the bar. "Well, work and work," Catherine said. "Really? No play?" Aubrey asked. "No play," Catherine said as she started to eat. "No boyfriend? Boy toy?" Aubrey asked. "No, just work," Catherine replied. "Wow, you need to get back up on that cowboy," Aubrey smiled. "It will come when it comes, '' Catherine shrugged. "Oh, my" Aubrey said. "What?" Catherine said. "Look what just walked in," Aubrey said.

    Catherine looked over her shoulder and saw him. He was standing tall, his body looking like a god. She bit her lip as he walked in. He sat down at the bar a few seats away from her. She turned back to eating trying not to bring attention to her.

    "Cowboy" Aubrey whispered. "Stop," Catherine said. "He's new," Aubrey said before walking over to where he was sitting, taking his order. "God he is so handsome" she paused. "I think I just said that out loud didn't I? Catherine said. "Yeah" he smiled at her. "Oops," Catherine said. "No problem, you are beautiful as well," He said. "Thank you," Catherine said. "I'm Grayson," he said. "I'm Catherine," she said. "Nice to meet you," he said. "New in town?" she asked. "Yea for the summer" he looked at her. "Nice," she said. "She's off the whole summer, maybe she could show you around," Aubrey said. "Aubrey, I'm sure he has other plans," Catherine said. "I would enjoy that," Grayson said. "Really?" Catherine asked. "Yea" he nodded.

    She moved closer to him as they continued to talk. The evening turned into nightfall, after about 5 drinks they were ready to call it a night. She got up but Aubrey took her car keys, as well as his. Calling them a cab, they both got in it and went back to Catherine's place.

    "I'm getting off here as well," Grayson said as he paid for the cab and got out of it. "You want to come in?" Catherine asked. "Yea," Grayson said as he followed her. "Come on then" she smiled as she opened the door.

    He entered her place and she walked in behind him. Closing and locking the door, slipping her shoes off at the door. She walked past him and went into the kitchen, grabbing a cup from the cabinet. She poured water into the cup and he was right behind her. When she turned to go back to the living room she bumped into him, splashing water on both of them.

    "I'm clumsy," she giggled. "Sorry," she said. "It's ok," he said as he pulled off his shirt. "Wow," she said as she looked at his body. "Maybe we should get you up to bed," he said. "Why?" she looked at him. "Because you are drunk" he grabbed her hand. "So?" She said, "Yea come on," he said as he led her upstairs. He took her to her room, sitting her on the bed.

    He helped remove her shoes and laid her back on the bed. She grabbed him and pulled him over her, he chuckled and sat up. She laid back and looked at him. He excused himself to the bathroom as she laid back. He went into the bathroom and used it, then looked around finding the aspirins. He filled up a cup of water and grabbed two aspirins, making his way back to the room. She was already fast asleep, he laid the pills on the table with the water. He went downstairs and crashed on the couch. In the morning she woke up with a pounding headache. Sitting up in the bed and noticing the pills with the water, she took them. She took a deep breath in and got out of bed. Making her way to the bathroom, turning the water on. As she started to get undressed she could hear someone downstairs. She quickly put her shirt back on and went downstairs.

    "Hello?" she called out. "Good morning," Grayson said from the kitchen. "Grayson?" she said as she walked into the kitchen. "Forget me that quickly?" he smiled as he saw her. "No, I just thought you left," she said. "Thought I would make breakfast first," he said. "Did we?" she questioned. "No we didn't, but I could leave if you want me to," he said. "It smells good" she looked at him. "I'll finish then," he said as he turned his attention back to cooking. "How is your head?" he asked. "Pounding," she said. "I took the aspirin," she nodded as she took a seat at the table. "Good," he said.

    He finished cooking and plated the food, placing it in front of her. He grabbed his plate and the drinks before sitting next to her. He said a quick prayer before he started to eat. She started to eat as well, looking at him occasionally.

    "Why are you here?" she asked. "Wanted a different scenery for the summer," he said. "And after?" she asked. "Back home to reality" he nodded. "What is reality?" she looked at him. "My home, my job," he said. "So, it's all work for you as well?" she asked. "Pretty much" he looked at her. "Same" she looked at him. "So guessing no relationship," she said. "No," he said.

    Once they finished eating, she grabbed the plates and started cleaning up. He came up beside her and started to help as well. He leaned over and grabbed a towel and started to dry the dishes. She looked at him and decided to splash him with water. He was taken back by her actions. He smiled slightly and splashed her back. She quickly splashed him back, he reached over and grabbed a cup. Filling the cup up with water, dumping it onto her. She stood back looking at him before grabbing the spray hose and sprayed him. He reached around her trying to grab the sprayer from her. Since he was behind her she was getting soaking wet.

    "Ok this isn't going as planned," she said as she tried to duck to get him wet. "Ah, shit" he laughed.

    She stopped the water and grabbed a dishtowel. He went to grab another towel but his foot slipped, he fell on the floor.

    "Are you ok?" she asked. "Yea I'm fine," he said. "Good," she said.

    She went to help him up but then she slipped on the same puddle he did. Falling on top of him, they started to laugh at each other. She moved and laid on the floor laughing. He leaned up on his elbows and looked at her. He got up off the floor and held his hand out to help her up. She grabbed his hand and got up off the floor. He placed his arm around her waist to make sure she wouldn't slip again. She looked up at him as he looked down at her. He leaned down and placed his lips against hers. Slowly kissing her, making sure this was what she wanted. She kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck. She kept the kiss between them as he picked her up, placing her on the counter. She wrapped her legs around him keeping him close. He pulled at her bottom lip before pulling away.

    "Sorry" he whispered. "Don't be" she grabbed his shirt pulling him back towards her. "Oh," he looked at her. "I wanted to anyway," she smiled. "Oh really?" he asked as he brushed his thumb against her lips. "Yea I did" she looked at him, biting her lip slightly.

    He moved back between her legs, allowing her to place her leg on his hip. He leaned in and kissed her softly, placing his hand on the back of her neck. Keeping her close to him, she grabbed his shirt and kept the kiss. He moved down from her lips, sucking at her neck. Nibbling at her ear, gripping her shirt as he slipped his hands up her body. Removing her shirt, throwing it on the floor, moving down sucking against her collar bone. She leaned her head back and let out a few moans as he wrapped his arms around her. Unsnapping her bra quickly, removing it from her body.

    "Let's go to the bedroom," she said. "Alright," he smirked as he picked her up.

    They went upstairs to her bedroom, getting tangled up in the bedsheets together. Both laying back after trying to catch their breath. She turned onto her side facing him, tracing patterns on his chest. He looked at her, brushing the hair from her face. He smiled gently as she moved closer. He leaned over and kissed her softly, wrapping his arm around her. She snuggled closer to him, resting her head on his chest.

    "So I'm guessing you have to go?" she asked. "Nowhere to go, nowhere I would rather be," he responded. "I'm sure you want to see the city," she said. "I like my view right now," he said as he looked at her. "Aw you're such a sweetheart but such a bad boy in the bed," she said. "I know," he smirked. "Oh cocky I see" She smiled as she sat up. "Not cocky, just confident," he said as he leaned up on his elbows.

    She got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. He came in behind her, flushing the condom down the toilet. He slipped his boxers on. Sitting back on the bed as he waited for her to return from the bathroom. She came back in a rob and looked at him. She walked over to him and sat on his lap, playing with his hair. He wrapped his arm around her.

    "So I know someone with a boat, do you want to go?" she asked. "Sure, I would need to stop at the hotel to get some things," he responded. "Alright," she nodded and kissed him before getting off of him.

    He finished getting dressed as she got dressed. She gathered some things for the boat before going downstairs with him. He slipped on his shoes and waited for her at the door. She grabbed her bag and slipped her shoes on before heading out. They had to call a cab to get back to the bar to get her car. Once they got her car he told her what hotel he was staying at. Once they pulled up he went in to gather a few things before making his way back to the car. They left and went down to the pier and her friend was waiting for them.

    "Hey Cat," Bobby said. "Hey Bobby," Catherine said. "This is Grayson," she said. "Nice to meet you," Grayson said as he shook Bobby's hand. "You too" Bobby nodded as he shook Grayson's hand. "Catherine," Aubrey said. "Hey Aubrey," Catherine said. "Come on, get on," Aubrey said.

    They all got on the boat and Bobby untied it. Pulling off the pier and the sea was theirs. Catherine went and changed into her bikini and a cute cover-up as Grayson put his swim trunks on.

    "You want me to put sunscreen on you?" she asked. "Yes please," Grayson said. "Then you can do me," she said. "In what way?" He smirked. "You know what I mean," she laughed slightly.

    She rubbed sunscreen on his back as well as his chest. Then he put sunscreen on her back but allowed her to do the rest. He went out and grabbed a drink before sitting down behind the driver. Aubrey came into where Catherine was at.

    "Spill," Aubrey said. "I don't kiss and tell," Catherine smiled. "Really?" Aubrey said. "Yea really," Catherine said. "Ok girl" Aubrey smiled. "You got laid," Aubrey said. "Did I?" Catherine shrugged as she walked out, joining them on the deck.   "Everything ok?" Grayson asked as he placed his hand on her leg. "Yea everything is fine" she nodded.

    They stayed out on the water mainly all day. Once the sun started to set they started to head back towards the shore. Catherine was sitting near the edge of the boat, with her feet hanging off. Grayson sat behind her, wrapping his arms around her. She leaned back in his arms as they watched the sunset. She played with his fingers as they watched.

    "It's so beautiful out here," she said. "Yea it is" he whispered in her ear before kissing her cheek. "I hope today was everything you were hoping for," she said. "It was," he said. "That's good," she said.

    Bobby pulled the boat near the dock and everyone got off. Grayson grabbed Catherine's hand helping her off the boat. They said their goodbyes to Aubrey and Bobby. Making their way back to Catherine's car, leaving the parking lot. She thought he would want to go back to the hotel but he didn't. He wanted to go back to hers and just relax for the rest of the night. They got food before they went back to her apartment.

    "Movie in bed?" he asked. "Sounds amazing," she said.

    They took their food and went upstairs to her room. She sat on the bed and went through a few movies on Netflix before finally picking one. He sat down on the bed as soon as the movie started. They ate their food and once they finished threw the containers in the trash. Making their way back to the bedroom, laying down together. She laid on her side and rested her head on his chest. He wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head. They didn't make it far into the movie before falling asleep. Over the next few weeks, they were always together. He canceled his hotel room and just had his things at her place. The days were sneaking by as they were enjoying each other. It was early morning when Grayson was waking up. He knew they had plans to take a hike so he started to get ready. She was still asleep in the bed, snuggled down under the blankets. He started to gently shake-up to wake her up.

    "Baby wake up," Grayson said. "Go away," She groaned. "Babe come on, get up," he said. "I don't feel good," she said as she sat up. "What's wrong?" he asked as he placed his hand on her forehead. "Mother nature" she pouted. "Oh," he nodded. "Do you need anything?" he asked. "Snuggles?" she looked at him. "Of course but do you physically need anything?" he asked. "Probably tampons," she said. "I'll be back soon" he kissed her softly before leaving.

    She got up and got into the shower. Changing into clean clothes before changing her bedsheets. Taking them downstairs, putting them into the washer. Grabbing herself a bottle of water before going back upstairs. She climbed back in bed and cuddled to her pillow as she waited for him to come back. He came back with tampons plus other things he knew she would want. He got her chocolate, spicy food as well as some salty foods.

    "Babe?" he said as he walked upstairs. "Still in bed," she said. "I got the tampons but other things I think you would want," he said. "Aw you didn't have to," she said. "I wanted to," he nodded as he sat on the bed. "Thank you," she said as she sat up. "No problem" he leaned over and kissed her softly. "I'm sorry for messing up the day," she said. "Don't be, it was just a hike anyway" he said. "Still up for tonight?" he questioned. "The concert?" she questioned. "No, that's this weekend, I meant the fair," he said. "Oh yea" She nodded. "Yea I'm still going," she said.

    She mainly stayed in bed all day, staying on her phone. Grayson was downstairs on his laptop, figuring out things. Once she noticed what time it was she started to get ready. He heard the shower turn on so he shut his laptop down. Heading upstairs making his way to the bathroom. Leaning against the door frame, just watching her in the shower.

    "Stop staring and come on in" she smiled as she looked at him. "Oh so you noticed me" he smirked as he started to get undressed. "Of course," she said.

    He got into the shower, wrapping his arms around her. She pulled them back towards the water, allowing it to run over them both. He leaned down and kissed her softly, she grabbed the back of his neck keeping him close. He smiled against her lips before pulling away. He grabbed the soap and lathered it up on the luffa. He started to wash her body as she grabbed the other luffa. Washing him off as well, kissing him occasionally. They finished washing off and got out of the shower. She wrapped a towel around her body and went into her room. He wrapped a towel around his waist and went into the room with her. Catherine sat in front of her mirror and started to blow dry her hair. Once her hair was almost dried she put products in it and slicked it down into a ponytail. She got up and made sure she was dried before getting dressed. She put on her panties and bra, picked out some denim shorts and a cute white top. He fixed his hair and got dressed, sitting on the bed just watching her. She put in her earrings and picked out her favorite pair of cowboy boots.

    "Ready?" she asked. "I've been ready, just waiting on you," he said. "Well I'm ready," she smiled. "Are you ready for line dancing?" she questioned. "Line dancing?" he asked. "Yea line dancing at the fair," she said. "We always do it" she looked at him. "Well I'm sure I can pick it up quickly," he smiled. "I'll teach you," she said. "Then I'll have the best teacher around" he pulled her to him. "I guess you will," she said as she sat on his lap. "I love you," he said. It was the first time either one of them said those words. She was taken back by those words and didn't know what to say. "I love you too" she looked at him.

    He leaned in and kissed her softly. They left the apartment and went to the fairgrounds. He paid for their tickets and also their wristbands. They walked around hand in hand, making their way around the place first. Deciding on what they wanted to eat and do. What games they wanted to play and what rides they wanted to ride.

    "Come on, I've always wanted to do this'' she said as she grabbed his hand. Pulling him towards the Ferris wheel 'What?" he asked as they got onto the Ferris wheel.

    She pulled him onto her side so he was sitting next to her. Once they got to the top, she leaned in and kissed him softly. He smiled against her lips, placing his hand against her cheek. Kissing her back as the Ferris stopped to allow people to get on. She pulled away slightly, resting her forehead against his. He brushed his thumb against her lips before kissing her again as they started to move. They finally got off the Ferris wheel and walked around the fair again. He had his arm around her shoulder as she held his hand.

    "What do you want to eat?" he questioned. "Funnel cake," she smiled. "I meant food food" he smiled. "Oh, Italian sausage" she nodded. "Alright," he kissed her cheek before going to get the food.

    He came back with the food, sitting next to her. They ate and cleaned up before going to see the animals. She fed the animals as he stood back watching her. She came out and went to the bathroom to wash her hands. She came out grabbing his hand as they walked around. He decided to play a few games to win her a big stuffed animal.

    "I want the monkey," she said. "I'll get you that monkey" he smiled as he played. "Good" she leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Good luck kiss," he said as he looked at her. "Yea," she said.

    He won on his first try and got her the monkey. She smiled as she grabbed it and hugged it. After that, he had to carry it the rest of the night. They stopped and got cotton candy before heading out and going back to her apartment. She took a quick shower before laying down. He walked into the room with the monkey and laid it on the floor before getting into bed with her.

    "We need to talk," he said. "About?" she turned to face him. "I'm going home after this weekend," he said as he brushed the hair from her face. 'Wait what do you mean?' she asked. "I was only here for the summer," he said. "Oh yea" she nodded as she looked down. "I don't want this to end but I don't know," he said. "I don't know," she said. "Hey, I don't want this to end" he tilted her chin up. "I don't want this to end," she said. "We will figure it out" he leaned in and kissed her softly. "I know" she whispered against his lips.

    They fell asleep in each other's arms. They went to the concert that weekend and had a blast. It was the last summer thing they could do before reality sets in. She started back to work and he's heading back home. He was packing his things as she was coming up the stairs.

    "Are you sure you have to go?" she questioned. "Yes, unfortunately" he looked at her. "We are still going to try to make this work right?" she looked at him. "Yes," he said as he walked up to her, placing his hands on her hips. "Good," she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I gotta get this into the car," he said. "Need help?" she asked. "I got it," he said as he took his stuff downstairs to the car.

    She followed him downstairs and slipped her shoes on. Grabbing her phone as she left the apartment. Leaning against the car as he put stuff in the trunk. He closed the trunk and opened the door for her. She got into the car as he got into the driver's seat, driving to the airport. He parked the car and got out, getting his stuff out of the trunk. She got out of the car and grabbed the keys from him.

    "Not a goodbye," he said. "Not a goodbye, just a see you later," she said as she hugged him. "See you later," he said as he held her close to him. "I love you" she looked up at him. "I love you," he said as he leaned down kissing her softly. "Have a safe flight" she said as she fought back her tears. "It's ok," he said as he brushed his thumb against her cheek. "I'm going to miss you," she said as her tears slipped from her eyes onto her cheeks. "I'm going to miss you" he hugged her close to him.

    He finally pulled away and went into the airport. She stood there watching him until he disappeared into the crowd. She drove back to her apartment and went inside. It was quiet for the first time in nearly three months. She went to bed alone, which she had a hard time sleeping. In the morning her world went back to normal as she went back to work. Stopping at the bar after work, checking in with Aubrey.

    "Are you ok?" Aubrey asked. "Trying to be," Catherine said. "Are you guys still talking?" Aubrey asked. "Yea we are, as much as we can," Catherine said. "That's good," Aubrey said.

    Catherine ordered food as well as a drink. There was a storm rolling in, it started thundering and raining. Catherine finished eating and left the bar when the storm calmed down. Sitting in her car as she pulled up to her apartment. She went inside and decided to pack her bags, she was going to go find him. She craved his touch, his love. She could still feel his kiss on her lips, she wanted to be with him. She made her way downstairs with her bag when someone knocked on her door. She opened the door and Grayson was standing there in the rain.

    "Grayson," she said. "Can I come in?" he asked. "Yea come on" she opened the door more so he could come in. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "I can't be without you, I need you," he said. "I was going to come to find you" she nodded towards her bag. "I'm here," he said as he pulled her closer to him.

    She wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him softly. Grayson decided to stay in town and find work. It wasn't just a summer fling, it was love.

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  • blazedgraysons
    25.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    My So-Called Wife

    Naomi and Grayson are settled into a seemingly boring marriage with one jarring secret that can threaten their lives.

    A/N: lmao okay if anyone see this, i’m going to die. i started working on this au probably like 1.5 year ago and i found this draft. i know i said i was done with this blog but honestly i really loved this concept and tbh worked really fucking hard on it so i want to put it out there. this was inspired by mr. and mrs. smith and a tv show called imposters. this is also very unedited but if you see this hi ily and tysm for reading if you do🤍

    warnings: there’s some smut and violence. that’s all. also it’s very long - i think the longest thing i’ve ever written.

    Naomi never thought she could be so bored with a dick inside her.

    Until now.

    Her head falls to the side slightly, vision catching bright red numbers blinking back at her.

    15 minutes.

    Grayson had been thrusting inside her for 15 minutes. He’s not touching her though she can’t remember the last time he had. The silence in the room is almost deafening, Naomi more preoccupied with counting the seconds between each movement.

    Her dress is still on and so is his shirt. She doesn’t remember the last time either of them were both actually naked -probably the last time he actually touched her.

    “Are you okay?” His gruff voice pulls her from her thoughts, her in the middle of questioning whether he was actually enjoying this. She nods wordlessly, painting a sweet expression on her face.

    “Dr. Braun said this would be good for us.”

    Naomi didn’t need a reminder, the memory of the chubby, short, balding man permanently implanted in her mind. He had greeted them from a swivel chair, high enough where his feet couldn’t touch the ground. She was already annoyed before he asked his first question, wondering why he seemed so delighted in her failing marriage. He had peered at them over a pair of crescent moon glasses, watching as they both filled out the questionnaire he given them. However, that they didn’t stop Naomi from missing the way his eyes slowly trailed over her figure in her sundress before scribbling obnoxiously in his legal pad.

    Grayson had felt the growing tension between them, a gnawing feeling in his stomach that hinted that they were on the brink of divorce. He had suggested couples counseling, and Naomi, ever committed to being a devoted wife, agreed. However, the more time she spent under Dr. Braun’s watchful eye, the more she was beginning to regret it.

    “When’s the last time the two of you had sex?”

    “Aren’t you supposed to lead into that question?” Her tone is icy, eyes narrowed accusingly.

    He scribbles some more, and Naomi can feel her own pencil snap under her harsh grip. Grayson’s hand anchors her, watching as he mouths for her to relax.

    “I believe it’s easier to find the root of the problems if the couple is having intimacy issues. Normally, if a partner can’t perform, they’re hiding something? Is there an issue with what I’m asking?”

    “You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t prefer to spend my time having my every action analyzed.” Naomi catches the words ‘defensive’ and ‘arrogant’ being written and she opens her mouth, ready for a fight.

    “It’s probably been a while. More than six months, I think.” Grayson interrupts her, choosing to answer Dr. Braun’s question instead.

    “Then I guess the real question remains-“ Dr. Braun smiles wickedly at the both of them. “Do you two have something to hide from another?”

    “I believe I’m pretty honest with her; there’s nothing I would hide from Naomi.” Grayson’s answer is earnest, heartfelt, saying everything Naomi isn’t. Naomi watches the way he fidgets, twisting his wedding band as he answer. Dr. Braun hums, scribbling some more before facing her.

    “And do you?”

    “ Do I what, Doctor?” She sneers, tapping her foot.

    “Do you have something to hide?”

    A loud snore startles her, bringing her back to the present. She turns to see her husband fast asleep.


    She waits a beat, counting to ten in her head to make sure he’s actually sleeping before swinging her legs over the side of the bed, sock-clad feet touching the ground.

    She walks through their ensuite to their closet making sure to lock the door behind her. At the very end stands a mahogany armoire, one she had first bought with Grayson at an antique sale. He never realized its true purpose.

    She pushes it slightly to the side, revealing a loose floorboard. When she removes the plank, she’s greeted to the sight of two large duffle bags.

    So, yes. She was hiding something, something jeopardizing to both their lives. She sets aside the first bag, unzipping the second one.

    Multiple passports, a ziploc bag full of cash, a burner phone. She takes another look at the file hidden underneath, a penlight tucked between her lips.

    Name: Grayson Dolan

    Age: 25

    Occupation: Tech Consultant

    A smiling picture falls from underneath the documents and she brings it closer to her face, examining his features slowly.

    She was no stranger to the black widow op, seducing a wealthy man to take his money and leaving with nothing in return. It was practically how she survived, always receiving a generous cut from her agency.

    This, however, was different. Grayson happened to work at a reputable tech agency that had been stealing money from her boss, embezzling him out of a quarter of his net worth in under four years, and a lot was riding on her ability to figure out how to get this money back. She flips through the documents again, scanning through her assignment outline. She was supposed to find a way into Grayson’s life, sneak her way into his job and get access to documents of proof of fraud. It should have been simple enough, over and done with in less than a year. Somehow, Grayson had found a permanence into her life. She had gotten used to waking up beside him and falling asleep to his soft snores in the evening,

    A sparkle catches her eye and she looks down at her left hand, flashlight illuminating her wedding ring. A sign of broken promises and a marriage already built on a foundation of lies. She tucks the diamond under her finger, revealing the script embedded on the bottom.

    Naomi Dolan - April 2022

    Two years. She should’ve have been in and out, done with this in an under a year and yet she was heading into her third year of marriage. And everyday it was getting harder to differentiate between what was real and what was fake.

    She sighs again, clicking her flashlight off and placing everything back in its original spot before falling asleep in her usual her spot next to Grayson.

    When she wakes up, birds are chirping loudly outside the window, reminding her that she’s stuck in another day of suburbia.

    She follows their unspoken routine, having fallen into a comfortable routine with Grayson. Everyday is the same.

    They’ll wake up and brush their teeth, neither of them speaking, just stealing glances through the mirror. Naomi will leave for work, kissing him on the cheek before driving to work, where Grayson believed she’s simply an accountant. In reality, she’s at her agency, figuring out how to take whoever her boss is focused on down. Around 3:30, she’ll come home where she’ll sneak around and hope that today is the day Grayson would be careless enough to leave some information lying around before he comes home to her at 6, a hot-dinner laid out on the table waiting for him.

    Everyday is the same.

    “How was your day at work?” He’ll ask her.

    Memories will through her head, laying the scene out like a flip book. Victim unrelenting to give information, another blood stained shirt tucked underneath the floorboard so he won’t find it.

    She’ll sip her wine, coyly smiling over the glass. “Troublesome. And you?”

    But today he does something different, breaking their scripted out day.

    “We’re having a Christmas party, black-tie. It’s this Friday and I’d like it if you come with me, sweetheart?

    Naomi hums, acknowledging his statement. In her mind, a Christmas party surrounded by a bunch of tech bros was the closest thing to Hell she could get.

    “Dr.Braun said we should try to spend more time together. Said it’ll help with our marriage.” Naomi fights the urge to roll her eyes.

    Another terrible suggestion by that terrible man.

    “Andras is the head of another company. It’s supposed to be a merging gala, whatever that means.”


    Naomi perks up at the mention of that name, that was interesting to her.

    Andras Graves had been one of the top marks her agency had been watching for the past year or so, taking over Grayson’s company in under two months. He was born into wealth, a trust fund baby that grew into a powerful man by the age of 22. He controlled over half the technical information in the western United States and having him on your side was valuable.

    Having his information was even better.

    “You didn’t tell me Andras was becoming CEO of both the companies.” She ask, hoping her tone remains steady enough to sound inconspicuous.

    He twists his wedding band.

    “We didn’t know until this morning.”

    “Well, I would love to come then. Get to know this new CEO of yours.”

    Grayson twists his wedding band again before smiling back up at her.

    “Of course, sweetheart.”


    There’s really only three essential rules to a long term con: always stick to your story, never let your identity become comprised and never cross-disguise.

    Fortunately Naomi had always been good at dress-up, playing pretend and leading a new identity. The more you do it however, the less glamorous it starts to become.

    She adjusts her janitor uniform, pulling at the baggy pant legs. Her hair is tucked under an itchy and hot blonde wig. She knows how to remain unseen, unnoticeable to the passing eye. She keeps her head low, eyes downward as she pushes her cleaning cart through the bustling crowd.

    Grayson’s company he works at surprises Naomi, a large high-rise with big glass windows and screens everywhere. Some displaying the news, some displaying stock information and others being used for presentations. The more Naomi looks, the more what she’s seeing makes less sense - so unnecessarily big as if to distract from something.

    She continues walking, looking all around her and praying she knows what she’s looking for when she sees it. Doors to an evil lair, henchmen guarding an entry way or even a giant neon sign screaming ‘evil shit goes on here’. However, nothing useful catches her attention.

    “Grayson, Andras wanted to see you later.” Naomi’s head whips back, spotting the way Grayson is walking right towards her. Instantly, she knows that regardless of whatever wig she has on, Grayson’s perceptive enough to recognize the supposed love of his life.

    She takes in her surroundings, scanning for a quick exit but not seeing anything that will get her out of his way. He’s grows closer and Naomi holds her breath she’s running out of time until he’s close enough to see her. She tucks her head even further down, pulling down her wig to cover her face before rushing past him. She sees her getaway, walking through a pair of double doors, sighing out when she can lock them behind her.

    “Excuse me?”

    She turns around. Sitting behind a broad desk was none other than Andras. His dark hair is slicked back, revealing a pale face. Everything about him is classically handsome except for his eyes, laced with vice and deceit.

    “Oh, I’m sorry. I just need to clean your office.” She slips into a airy French accent, hoping he’ll go along with no questions.

    “Doesn’t cleaning normally come on Tuesdays?”

    Life can never be easy, can it?

    “The woman who normally comes is out sick, sent me here today instead.”

    “Really, is Florence okay?” He smiles at her, almost amused as if he’s picking up on something she isn’t.

    She swallows deeply. “She’s fine, just a brief touch of appendicitis.”

    “Very well. Do I need to be in here or-?”He walks over to her, staring her down with such an intensity that Naomi starts to feel nervous - a rare feeling for her.

    “I’ll be just a second.” She assures, slightly pushing him out of his office.

    She takes a deep breath, standing in front of his desktop set up. Naomi unclips her bracelet, placing the flash drive into his computer before copying most of the documents onto there.

    “C’mon, c’mon.” She whispers under her breath, eyes hurriedly focused on the loading bar. The computer dings, and she sighs out, clipping her bracelet back on before walking out. Not paying attention, she carelessly walks into the person standing outside, hand half-raised in a knock.

    “Woah, watch out.” Two strong arms steady her, pulling her upright before she falls to the ground.

    Hazel eyes meet green.

    “Naomi?” Grayson asks.

    She releases himself from his hold, quickly walking past him and into the crowd. She turns around to see him following her and begins to walk even faster, ditching her janitor cart to move through the crowd easier. Her heart is racing, the rapid thumping deafening to her ears.

    “Naomi, wait!”

    Grayson grabs her wrist, finally catching up to her and turning her so she’s facing him. She watches as he looks over properly, fully taking in who’s in front of him.

    Naomi’s been trained to read emotions since a young age, gather what somebody is feeling in just a second based off of facial expressions and body language alone. She’s expecting confusion, panic, even anger. She knows how Grayson is supposed to react.

    Instead, he surprises her. His whole demeanor radiates calmness, not even fazed by the chase she had just put him through.

    He drops her wrist and smiles calmly, not even missing a beat.

    “Sorry, I must’ve mistaken you for somebody I know. You have a familiar face.” He turns the other way, hands in his pocket as if he hadn’t just caught her parading around as another woman.

    She stands in the middle of the lobby, still trying to calm the anxiety racing through her body. Mostly, she’s confused. She’s always been able to read Grayson like the back of her hand, growing in tune to what he’s feeling just from studying so long. So she knows she hadn’t missed the main emotion written clearly on his face:



    High stakes jobs require a level of calmness that are usually uncommon in most people. Naomi’s always prided herself on being a rational person, always able to stay calm in even the most stressful of situations.

    “It’s done. I can’t do this anymore, I gotta get out. Call me when you get this.” are the first words out of her mouth when she’s in the car. She’s already called her agency, panic weaving it’s way through her burner phone. She’s unsure why she so rattled by her experience with Grayson, but something is off.

    He should’ve reacted - yelled, responded or even yanked her away, or even explain to his coworkers - ‘Hi, sorry my wife is certifiably insane. No she doesn’t not work here and I don’t know why she’s dressed like this.’

    She doesn’t understand why he remained calm, but ever nerve in her body is on red, screaming at her to run. She whips her car into her driveway and immediately crosses into her house, running up the stairs to head straight for the mahogany dresser in the back of the closet. She pushes it to the side, opening the second duffle bag to reveal her go-bag. She changes immediately, throwing on leggings and a black t-shirt with a baseball cap. She pulls off he gun taped to the back of the dresser, and almost as quickly as she ran in, she’s leaving, headed straight towards Grayson’s office on the first floor. She opens up the safe, hidden behind a giant painting, and grabs all the cash from inside stuffing that into her duffle bag.

    It’s not until she’s halfway out the window that she notices something’s not right.

    “Fuck, fuck!” She screams. Her bracelet is missing, panic rapidly rising throughout her body. She’s sitting one leg out the window when she hears dinging, loud noises coming from the thin Macbook in the middle of his desk. She walks over, clicking on the first folder that’s finished uploading.

    Files are being uploaded to a cloud, documents after documents. She recognizes them, files that she had just copied from Andras’ desktop. Financial records of embezzlement, records of larceny and assault. Everything she was supposed to take back to her agency was being uploaded right in front of her eyes.

    She drops her bag in shock, finally piecing everything together. Too caught up in making sure Grayson hadn’t recognized her, she had missed the way he had grabbed her wrist, hands deep in his pocket as he was leaving. She tries to steady her breathing, panic intensifying as she watches all of her work from the past two years go down the drain. Watching as everything she’s worked for slowly fall into the hands of her enemy.

    She opens the last file, pictures of her loading the screen. As expected, Grayson had been watching her, longer than she had thought. Old ID’s, street cam photos, anything connected to her or another identity was being uploaded for Andras and his team to see. The final photo in the series is a picture from their wedding, Her smiling at the camera, happiness almost mocking Naomi’s utter despair at the realization that she is most literally a dead woman. Her identity being revealed puts everyone she works for at risk, and her agency doesn’t take that risk too lightly. Her burner buzzes a few times, and she takes a deep breath before reading the lone text waiting for her.

    Identity compromised. Kill Grayson Dolan.

    When Grayson started working for Andras, he hadn’t expected to be caught up in a criminal ring. He had taken a security job in his early 20’s, knowing that it paid well and was enough to keep him afloat until the next thing came along. He hadn’t expected to quickly rise up into Andras inner circle.

    Everyone knew Andras was involved in some shady organizations; you don’t become as powerful as he did without a few skeletons in your closet. The closer he got to Andras, he realized he was actually in the midst of a graveyard.

    He shouldn’t have been too surprised then when Andras approached him a year ago, dropping simple files revealing the true identity of his wife. Andras had explained the whole thing to him: how he had stolen some money from an ex-partner whom Naomi worked for, and she was helping to get revenge. He explained how she had been after him for years with no success and claimed how easy it would be for Grayson to get rid of her. It was practically perfect since she would never expect for her target con to be the one to take her down.

    Grayson knew he should be angry, knew he should feel betrayed for being played a fool. However the only feeling was a sickness of listening to how disposable Andras thought his wife was. Luckily, it never got to that point.

    In reality, the best way to avoid a takedown is to know what the other side has planned. And Naomi had dropped that precious information into their lap.

    Apparently, she had gotten really desperate - actually showing up to his job in order to snoop around. And he wouldn’t have known her true intentions if he hadn’t noticed the bracelet, a gaudy piece of silver that he hadn’t recognized. She normally preferred daintier pieces and when he had finally had a chance to touch it, he recognized it for what it was. A hidden flash drive.

    After that, everything practically fell into place. Knowing which files her agency deemed important, it was easy to cover Andras tracks. Delete whatever information they needed the most and the best part was he didn’t even have to confront Naomi.

    Grayson just hoped Naomi would’ve been smart enough to flee, get far away from the house by the time he got home.

    He sends a silent prayer to the universe before opening the door.

    “Hi honey! How are you doing?” She’s chopping vegetables, music playing through the speakers.

    Apparently the universe doesn’t listen.

    She’s changed since the last time he saw her, obviously not wearing the grimy janitor outfit home. Instead she’s wearing all black - down to her running shoes. She’s finishing up the salad, a large dinner already set out on their expansive dining table. For a moment, Grayson can almost pretend like it’s normal. That they’ll sit down and he’ll ask her about her day. Almost pretend like none of today’s weirdness had even happened.

    Naomi continues to hum along, At Last playing softly through the speakers. He recognizes the melody almost immediately, taken back to their wedding day when they had danced together - officiating their title as a couple. He had always loved that song, but Naomi refused to play it - claiming she didn’t want to taint her perfect memories to it. His face darkens as it always does when he thinks about their supposed past - how none of it was real to her anyways.

    “Sit down, honey. Dinner will be ready soon.” She calls out, and she turns the music up louder while he obeys, walking into their dining room. He listens closely, recognizing that what he thought was humming is actually the soft murmurs of conversation. He strains, trying to listen, but all he can focus on is Etta James crooning.

    He knows his wife is a smart woman, that she would have already pieced together what happened today. Theres no reason why she wouldn’t have left, already halfway across the world and away from him.

    Unless there was something forcing her to stay.

    He walks over to their china cabinet, reaching in the back to grab a hidden gun.

    “You read my mind, honey. Grab the wedding glasses, please.” Grayson freezes, not from Naomi’s sudden presence behind him. He hadn’t even realized she had entered the room, setting down the salad bowl in the center of the table. He pauses at the word honey - the third time she’s called him that in less than five minutes. She never calls him pet names - even when they were dating. She always claimed she hated the cliche and while he was quick to shower her with sweethearts, babes and darlings, she always kept quiet.

    The warning signs were always really there and Grayson curses himself for being too blind to recognize them.

    Naomi is just as calm as she was in the kitchen, blinking at him owlishly as if wondering what’s taking him so long to grab those glasses and sit down. As he joins her, pouring a glass of wine and sitting across from her, he starts to wonder if he’s crazy. If Andras actually got it all wrong and Naomi isn’t who he thinks it is. The woman who is sitting across from him does not have the demeanor of someone who is waiting for their death - knowing powerful people are hunting her down. He swallows, taking a large swallow before looking at her.

    He almost believes himself until he notices her hand, gaze flickering between her coy smile and her ring finger as she takes her own sip of her drink. In the entirety of their marriage, she has never gone without her ring. It had become a source of comfort for him, being able to look down and see the Tiffany ring on her finger - even when he knew the marriage was fake. She taps her ring finger on her glass, grabbing his attention and he recognizes the action for what it is. A silent message that the sham is over, that they both know the others game. She clears her throat softly before speaking.

    “I know its not a special occasion, but I thought we should have a nice dinner anyways. We’ve been having so much trouble with our marriage and Dr. Braun did say spending time together was important.” She couldn’t hide her smile if she tried, and Grayson swallows as she throws his earlier words back in his face. He looks at all of his favorite food in front of him, a steak with mashed potatoes and salad in front of him. She never cooks like this for him, always settling for something simple and quick. He honestly didn’t even know that she knew how to cook this well, and almost cuts into his food before he stops.

    Naomi is still staring at him expectantly, not even having moved to touch her own food. He pauses before looking down at his own plate, noticing a pile of white powder dumped on his potatoes. The pile was too large to be a seasoning and almost sat on top of his food like a mountain of snow. Naomi’s plate was missing the powder, and he turns his own plate away, biting into the steak instead.

    He hopes she’s not cliche enough to poison him.

    Naomi simply smiles, grabs some powder from a bowl and places it on her own food before taking a large bite.

    “Emilia, the neighbor, brought back this special salt from Chile. She said it made every dish she tried better, and we both know how my cooking is. I didn’t put it on the steak though so it might taste a little,” She pauses before taking another bite of her salad completely avoiding her steak “different.”

    He glares at her hard before swallowing his own bite.

    “On second thought, darling - I’m not that hungry.” She nods getting up to collect both their dishes and for the millionth time that evening, he’s surprised by how calm she’s being. How can she act like everything is fine between them? Like this is just another day in their lives. Anger slightly swells in his chest and he speaks before thinking when she stands next to him.

    “Y’know, the weirdest thing happened today. Saw a woman at my job who looked exactly like you.” She pauses before grabbing his steak knife, setting it on top of the other dirty dishes. He shouldn’t have done that. He doesn’t know what she knows and he could’ve at least pretended to be clueless. Maybe she really didn’t know he knew, and now he’s jeopardized everything.

    “Weird.” is her only response and she walks back into the kitchen. He’s silent, planning an escape route before she can bring out dessert. The music is turned off and he’s never felt a quietness this loud before . Beads of sweat start forming at his hairline.. Something is wrong.

    He just barely ducks underneath the dining table before the bullets make their way through the wall. He hears glass shatter, and immediately knows what’s been hit. Once her round is finished, he waits for the tell-tale clicks of a gun being reloaded before diving to grab the gun hidden in the china cabinet. It takes less than 30 seconds for him to do so before rounds are being fired off again. He inhales sharply when a bowl breaks above him. The shootings done almost as quickly as it started and the quietness is back. He holds his breath, listening to her footsteps walk in before standing up and shooting in her direction. Her eyes widen, taking in the fact that he’s very much still alive and darts back from where she came, hiding from his shots.

    He walks out from his hiding spot, surveying the damage around him. Glass litters the entire dining room floor, bullet holes decorating their once-perfect yellow walls. He walks around to the entry foyer, turning in a circle to find a sign of to where she could have gone.

    A zipping noise, steak knife literally cutting the tension in the air. He swipes his face, spreading sticky blood along his cheekbone. Of course, she had nicked him.

    “Your aim is worse than your cooking, sweetheart.” He calls out. The house is silent in response, him starting to slowly move up the stairs.

    He pauses at the top, cocking his gun and letting his finger hover over the trigger. His first thought is the master bedroom, quietly walking to the other side of the hallway. He makes it halfway before another load of gunshots works its way through the doors. Grayson quickly jumps over the banister, landing in the living room below. Naomi continues firing bullets below, using the upward angle as an advantage. He manages to craw into the next room, obstructed from her eagle-eye view. He knows she’s heading down the stairs and he’s getting tired of the cat-and-mouse chase.

    “Sweetheart?” He calls out, “ Let’s tal-“

    He’s interrupted by a load of gun shots, bullets breaking through the wall. It instantly wrecks, furniture flying everywhere and pieces of wood piling in the middle of the living room. Naomi fires three rounds before her bullets run out, silence calling out to her.

    “You still alive, baby?” Her tone is cocky, arrogant and when she rounds the corner where she expected Grayson to be waiting for her, she’s confused when she doesn’t see anything. She walks slowly over destroyed furniture, moving things aside in order to find her missing husband.

    “Grayson?” She whispers.

    A firm grip behind her grabs her neck and pulls her around to face him. Naomi finds herself eye-to-eye with his gun, and she swallows deeply. She braces herself, watching as his face watches her own, staring deeply into his eyes. She’s silent, wishing to herself how things could’ve been different, ended differently. She silently asks Grayson to forgive her for what she’s done.

    “You got me.” She whispers, and Grayson just stares at her, sighing before releasing his hold on her.

    “Get out of here.” He whispers back, and before Naomi can say anything else, he’s gone.

    {there was like another 3k words to this but i never finished that part completely. anyways hi and thank u for reading this if you see this note🤍🤍🤍}

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    #artemis crock#dick grayson#traught#young justice#yj#ariel writes #i could go on and on #but I'll cut myself off here #It's already a lil long #enjoy this tiny blurb of a one night stand!
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    Marco Polo | Grayson Dolan

    A game of Marco Polo in the pool with your best friend, Grayson, ends up revealing some hidden feelings.
    Warnings: two curse words?
    A/N: This is from my Wattpad, enjoy!

    "Okay, one more round" Grayson, your bestfriend, pleads as Ethan closes the glass door. You nod and giggle, closing your eyes and beginning to count to twenty. You randomly swim around in the pool wherever you heard water splash until you got to twenty.

    "Marco!" You call out, excitement bubbling in you as you always win at this game. Grayson wasn’t the most discrete swimmer, always splashing around and bursting into laughter.

    Silence fills the air and suspense fills your body, feeling confused about why Grayson hasn't said 'Polo' by now. It was one of the games’ rules. You feel someone's hot breath against your lips and a deep voice speaks up making chills run through your body, "Polo”.

    Your eyes flutter open to see that Grayson’s face is inches away from yours. A shocked look covers your face as Grayson locks eyes with you, not expecting him to be standing so close.

    His eyes flicker from mine to your lips and he leans in slowly. Your eyes move to his lips then to his eyes hesitantly, heart beating out of your chest. What the hell was Grayson about to do? There was no way he felt that way about you. No way.

    Grayson keeps his eyes on yours, reaching a hand up to caress your face. You find yourself leaning into his touch, closing your eyes for a second to register all of this. You open them and Grayson had his bottom lip held between his teeth, looking at you so intently.

    This was wrong.

    Both of his hands slowly trail down to your waist, gripping tightly and pulling you closer to him. His thumb rubs your waist, making goosebumps spread across your body.

    He’s been your best friend since you were in diapers; yeah you’ve had a crush on him but you tried your best to push past it so you didn’t ruin your friendship.

    Your faces were inches a part, noses bumping against each other softly and chests pressed against each other. Where did all of this come from?

    But You couldn’t to stop him,

    Your hands go up to his built chest, lips parted in anticipation as you breathe heavily because of how nervous you were. Was Grayson actually going to do this?

    Or yourself.

    He parts his lips lightly as he tilts his head, the eye contact just making you even more flustered.

    You wanted this so badly.

    Grayson slowly leans down to your head level and licks his lips, giving your eyes one last glance before his soft lips pressed against yours.

    Your heart pounded in your chest as you kissed him back immediately, melting into the kiss you’d been daydreaming about for so long. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him closer, if that was even possible. The heat of the kiss rushes through your veins, giving you chills.

    You would have never imagined his lips would feel this perfect against your lips. This was so wrong, but they felt so good.

    The kiss was so passionate, his soft lips moving against yours in sync. Graysons hands slide further back your waist, to meet at the small of your back which pushes you impossibly close to him.

    The kiss was more perfect that you had imagined.

    His tongue slightly pokes out of his mouth, as if he were asking for permission. You grant it, letting him enter and explore your mouth with his muscle. The kiss becomes sloppier as your teeth clash against each other, but that only makes it more heated.

    You didn’t know that kissing your best friend would feel so good.

    His hands grip the back of your thighs and lift you up quickly, making you squeal. You wrap them around his waist, since he could reach the bottom better than you could. Grayson smiles against your lips, "You’re so cute”. A blush settles on your cheeks and you look away in embarrassment.

    Taking you by surprise, he tilts his head to where you were looking and forcefully pushes his lips against yours. He tilts both of your heads back to face his original position, and kisses you deeply once again. Your hands slide from the back of his neck to his face, cupping it as your lips locked together.

    You smile into the kiss, causing Grayson to smile as you both pulled away. “I really like you, Y/N." Grayson mumbled against your lips, his happy expression fading as he awaited your response. Your chest aches at the sight of his upset face, knowing that you do have feelings for him. You always have, and have always tried to convince yourself otherwise.

    “I’ve had feelings for you since forever ago, but I was too scared to-" He continues but to shut him up, resting your forehead against his. Your y/e/c eyes meet his hazel eyes and they bite into each other, the silence of the moment relaxing us.

    “I really like you too, Gray." You whisper against his lips, cheeks unintentionally turning a bright shade of red. A cheeky grin spreads on his face before you lean in and connect your lips into a soft kiss, making Graysons heart race.

    “Aww, finally! You guys are so cute! Kristina, aren’t they so cute?” Ethan exclaims and Kristina agrees excitedly, making both of you jump. “What the fuck, Ethan!” Grayson yells at him, making you stifle your laughter as you hide your head in his neck.

    “Sorry, sorry! We’ll let you guys get back to what you were doing, C’mon Ethan” Kristina pulled him into the house. Grayson leans down to leave a kiss on your shoulder as you laughed into his neck. “Just don’t fuck in my swimming pool, I swim in there y’know-” Ethan says and your face turns more flushed than ever.

    “Get the fuck out!” Grayson yells at his brother, making Ethan stumble inside. He shakes his head as you giggle at how angry he was, making him pull away from you so you took you head off his shoulder and faced him. “You find that funny, huh?” Grayson teased, raising his eyebrows as you shook your head, but your laughter said otherwise.

    “You’re hot when you’re angry” You state honestly, leaving a kiss on Grayson’s cheek. He immediately becomes flustered, now becoming his turn to hide his face in your neck as you laugh once more.

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    Dolan Twins Masterlist



    Snuggly morning with domestic boyfriend Grayson in Jersey



    Moving In: Where Ethan is your boyfriend and asks you to move in with him since he barely gets to see you because of your job.


    Public: Where Grayson shows off you’re his in front of your friends.

    Marco Polo: A game of Marco Polo in the pool with your best friend, Grayson, ends up revealing some hidden feelings.



    #ethan dolan #ethan dolan blurb #ethan dolan imagine #ethan dolan series #grayson dolan #grayson dolan blurb #grayson dolan imagine #grayson dolan series #dolan twins #dolan twins blurb #dolan twins imagine #dolan twins series #dolan twins masterlist #ethan dolan masterlist #grayson dolan masterlist #ethan dolan fluff #grayson dolan fluff #dolan twins fluff #ethan dolan angst #grayson dolan angst #dolan twins angst
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    coconut oil - g.b.d.

    a/n: !!! this situation is entirely hypothetical. i do not condone sexual activity performed on another non-consenting person. !!! SMUT !!!

        he laid me down on the soft surface and adjusted my posture to perfection. my head rested on it’s side. 

      i watched him walk to the shelf on the right and grab a glass bottle. he poured the contained liquid into his palm and rubbed his hands together. my bare body was covered with nothing but a small white cloth. he looked over at me again with a welcoming smile. 

       “how much pressure do you like?” he spoke. his voice was gentle, almost like one of an angel. “quite some, if you don’t mind.” the sound of my voice was muffled by the pillow supporting the side of my face. 

       grayson’s hands were delectably strong. it seemed he was able to cover every inch of me. he pressed on all of my achy spots, draining the discomfort from within. the oil in his hands made my skin slick and slippery.

       with every touch, it felt as if he’d left a trail of heaven behind. i let out a soft huff. i felt a little tingle between my legs as his hands wandered down my back, pulling the towel lower and lower.  

       he hummed in his celestial voice to the smooth jazz music playing on the speakers. he widened his hands, covering the whole width of my thighs and pressed. “is this all right?” he uttered. “perfect..” i moaned. 

       as he went on, he seemed to creep closer and closer to my, at this point, oozing pussy. “grayson, i-” i began. “shhh” he smiled. at any other time and place, i’d be totally frightened. but the way grayson’s hands felt on my body was hypnotizing. 

        i scrunched my brows together in ecstasy. he ran his fingers along the edges of my damp pussy lips. he bent over to face me. “let me take care of you..” he was so intimidating, still i’d find myself melting into his eyes. from the way his hair draped over his brow, to the way his eye contact was sharp enough to bore straight through me, he was dreamy. 

      his aura was golden and warm and he exuded such a soothing atmosphere. it seemed every where he went, it was bliss. “might i suggest some white wine?” he smirked. “please.” i cooed, squishing my thighs together. 

      i watched his muscled arms tighten and clench as he unscrewed the cork that would secure the tall bottle of chardonnay in his hands. carefully, he glugged the liquid into a glass. 

       his shoes thumped on the ground in a steady rhythm toward me. “drink up” he bit on his lip, handing me the costly glassware. i poured the wine swiftly down my throat. 

      he hummed in that same rich orchestra of a voice and brushed his thumb over my lip. i took in a sharp inhale, aching for his touch. he trailed his hands back up my inner thighs, making his way to my heat. i lifted my hips, just barely, desperate for more of him. 

        he rubbed on my swollen clitoris in little circular motions. i held my hand over my mouth, blocking my sounds from escaping. 

       i held my breath as i felt him slip a finger through the opening of my cunt. he kept his other hand busy and kneaded my thighs, adding to the thrill. my breathing pace became more and more frantic as he pumped his two middle fingers into my gushing core. 

       he snuck his left hand between my legs and spread the lips of my pussy, allowing himself total access. i surrendered and let out a dense moan. 

       he switched the roles his hands played and used one to cover up my mouth. “you don’t want us to get caught, do you?” he whispered. i shook my head, no. 

        i furrowed my brow, pretty much soaking the silky white sheets. he curled his fingers inside of me, hitting all of the right places. i pressed my teeth into my tongue. i could already feel my climax churning in my stomach. 

        he pressed on my shoulders, the oil still wet in his hands. he diminished the tension in my muscles to the touch. my whole body was serene.

       my hair fell over my face as i let it rest on the surface. i rotated my hips onto his fingers, perfecting his technique. 

       he spread my legs further apart and took advantage of the open space, shoving another finger inside of me. my mouth hung as i gasped for air. he circled my clit again with his spare thumb, doubling the euphoria. “oh my god” i cried. “does that feel good, y/n?” he said, an arrogant grin peeking through his lips. 

       “it feels so good” i muttered. i tensed myself around his fingers, climbing to my peak. the butterflies in my belly grew even more rapid and so did my breathing. he twisted his fingers left and right, tickling the spongy spot deep within my core. 

       i twisted my head to look at him, my face scrunched. he secured his eyes with mine, extending his arm even further. 

       my body clenched up and i could feel myself about to release. i looked up to the roof and let myself go, my orgasm spewing all over his hand. he slowly pulled his fingers out from inside of me, smiling in satisfaction. 

        he grabbed hold of my face and stuck his dripping fingers in the crack of my mouth. obediently, i sucked myself right off of him. 

         he smiled and pulled a pen and paper from his pocket. messily, he scribbled a few numbers on a blank note. “we hope you enjoyed our services. here’s how you can reach me.” he beamed. 

    #grayson dolan #grayson dolan fanfic #graysondolan #grayson dolan smut #grayson x reader #dolan twins #dolan twins fanfic #dolan twin fanfic #dolan twins x reader #dolan twin blurb #grayson dolan blurb #blurb#dolan blurb#smut #grayson dolan concept #dolan twins concept #fanfic#dolantwins
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