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    #grayson dolan smut #grayson dolan x female reader #grayson dolan x reader #grayson dolan concepts #grayson dolan blurb #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan fanfiction #grayson dolan imagine
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    #anxious answers #yandere nolan grayson #yandere thragg#yandere invincible #yandere invincible concept #yandad nolan grayson #yandad thragg
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    Sneaky Peek ;)

    A/n: I got something special in the works for y’all :))

    June’s kissed boys before. Kissing a man is so different. Grayson’s lips are pillow-soft against hers and she’s not sure if they’re actually touching hers for a moment. Grayson’s hands are hesitant, one landing on her hip and the other going to the side of her neck. She can feel his hesitance, wanting him to give her more, June moves her hands to his neck, pulling him closer. The hand on her hip tightens and she smiles lightly into the kissing, getting the reaction she wanted. He uses his grip on her neck to tilt her head up more, angling it so he can slip his tongue into her mouth. The whimper she lets out can only be described as sinful, the sound going straight to his groin. One of her hands moved from his neck down his torso, feeling the solid wall of muscle through his shirt. A low-groan rumbles through his throat at the feel of her hands on him.

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    #grayson dolan fanfiction #grayson dolan imagine #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan smut #grayson dolan x you #grayson dolan x reader #grayson dolan blurb #grayson dolan concept #grayson dolan x female reader
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    03.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    One Year - Chapter Two

    Book Two to One Night.

    Grayson returns home after a little over a year of traveling. But when he comes home, he finds that things aren’t how they used to be. He comes home with a determination to get the girl that he loves back. But fate seems to have other plans for the couple.

    warning: language, implied sexual situations

    New Jersey AU ~ Older OFC + Grayson Dolan

    Book Two Masterlist

    words: 1.8k+

    Alex sat at her desk in the office at bookstore with her mind racing. It has been two days since she'd seen Grayson at the grocery store. Everything felt like a daze from the moment he walked towards her to the moment she left. Alex was taken aback that she forgot Levi had even come with her. But the grip on her waist he had on her as they left made sure she didn't forget. Alex wasn't stupid, she could tell that Levi was upset. He was a smart man and a stranger could see what was going on between you and Grayson.

    Their conversation played through her mind again as she sat there.

    "Who is he?" Levi spoke as he stood beside her in the kitchen, moving around as dinner cooked on the stove. She stood on the other side of the kitchen island with a glass of wine in her hands, just about to touch her lips. Alex wanted nothing more than the alcohol to take the edge off.

    "Who is who?" She looked towards him confused, before taking a sip. Her body almost instantly relaxed the moment the wine touched her tongue.

    "The guy at the store. When I came around the corner you two looked more than friends." Levi looked up towards her with his blue eyes glared towards her.

    Alex sighed heavily and placed the wine glass down on the counter. The silence that settled between them was thick with tension, the soft clink of the glass against the counter the only noise. Alex contemplated for a moment about lying. She never told Levi about Grayson. When they got together she decided to keep that part of her life to herself. Grayson was too special to dismiss as an ex, he was more than that.

    "I told you at the store that he was a friend, Lisa is his mom and I used to work at her salon. Bloom, remember? We became friends since he came to see her a lot."

    Levi stared at her trying to see if he'd see any sign that she was lying. But her face was stoic and unreadable. So he sighed heavily and nodded his head.

    "I saw the way that he was looking at you, Alex. I didn't like it." He spoke turning back towards the stove. "I want you to stay away from him."

    Her head snapped towards him, "What? Don't think you have any right to tell me who I can and cannot see."

    "I'm your boyfriend, and he makes me uncomfortable. He was practically fucking you with his eyes standing there in the middle of the aisle. I don't trust him,"

    Alex stood there in shock not able to say anything else. She didn't like the sickening feeling that filled her stomach.

    She hadn't seen or spoken to Levi since he left the next morning. Even as he hovered above her during the night, his moans filling her ears, she couldn't bring herself to be in it. She faked her orgasm and laid beside him knowing that his mind was on another man.

    A soft knock on the open door of her office drew Alex from her thoughts. When she looked up to see Vance standing there. He's tall and slender frame leaned against it with a gentle smile on his lips. Alex perked up slightly and smiled back as he took that as a sign to walk into the room more.

    "You've been hiding away in here all day," Vance spoke, his deep voice calming as he spoke to her. "What's going on?"

    "How do you know something is wrong? I could just have a lot of work to do."

    Vance shook his head, "No. No, you would've come down from a drink by now. You're hiding."

    "How do you know me so well," Alex sighed, looking down to her lap and her hair falling around her slightly.

    He shrugged his shoulders, "It's a gift. Now, what is wrong cause I'm not the only one worried. Scout has noticed something too."

    Alex looked back towards him and swept her bangs out of her eyes, her dark eyes locking with his. Vance had a warm presence about him that made anyone feel like they could confide in him.

    "I uh...saw my ex yesterday," Alex whispered, Vance's dark brows rose slightly towards his forehead. But he didn't speak a word, waiting for her to continue. "He left roughly a year ago with his brother and friend for a trip. He wanted to travel after school and "find himself"," Vance made a noise at the saying, Alex rolled her eyes playfully, "His words, not mine...anyway, he's been gone this whole time. And we had a bit of a rocky moment before he left. It's a whole, complicated thing but in the end, he really hurt me. Because I was in love with him. I left to go back home for a while and it made me realize that despite him hurting me I still wanted him." Alex let out a shaky breath, "So I came back naively thinking we'd pick up where we left off. But...he instead said he wasn't good enough for me and needed to figure some stuff out."

    Alex sat there for a moment, her mind once again reeling before continuing.

    "I didn't know that he was back. But seeing him...just..."

    "Brought everything back?" Vance finished for her. Alex looked towards him with sadness in her eyes before nodding her head. "Fuck,"

    "Yeah. And Levi was with me when he ran into him and it took no less than a second for him to realize who Grayson was."

    "Grayson? As in Dolan?"

    Her brows pulled together in confusion, the corner of her lips turning down. "Yeah, how did you know?"

    "It's a small town and not many of the people in this town are named Grayson," Vance spoke.

    He has a point, Alex thought. "Well, Levi told me to stay away from him."

    "You kidding me," Vance scoffed, "You're a grown-ass woman and can talk to whomever you want."

    Alex sat there silently. "Levi has been good to me. I understand why he said it but a small part of me wants...I-I want to talk to Grayson. He wasn't just my...I can't even call him my boyfriend but we were really good friends too."

    "Babes if you wanna be friends with him, then be friends." Vance shrugged, "And if Levi doesn't understand that..."

    Vance let that sentence hang out in the air, but Alex knew what he meant. She nodded her head knowing that he was right. But Alex was telling the truth when she said Levi has been good to her.

    The two of them met a few months after Grayson had left for his trip. Alex wasn't expecting to meet someone else or even date. But Levi was the type of man that when he saw something he wanted, he went after it till he got it. It took a while, but Alex eventually went out with him after him asking.

    Now Alex was stuck between what her head was telling her and what her heart wanted.

    Grayson stepped out of the shower and quickly wrapped a towel around his waist, as he grabbed something to comb back his hair. It didn't take long to go through his routine before he walked into his bedroom to get changed. He took a seat on his bed. The room was still with a heavy silence as his eyes scanned over it. But his heart stopped the moment he noticed a worn leather-bound journal sitting on the bookshelf.

    Grayson wasn't able to bring himself to open it since leaving last year. It sat on that shelf haunting him like a bad dream.

    Two knocks sounded from the door pulling his sight away from the book before looking towards the entrance. Ethan opened the door and stepped inside.

    "Mando, Ryan, and I are going to get some food downtown. Wanna come?"

    "Uh, yeah." Grayson nodded his head, holding tightly to his towel before walking towards his dresser to get changed. "Where are we going?"

    "Carlos," Ethan answered looking around the room seeing the mess that was all over the floor. "This room is a mess man,"

    "I know, kinda just dumped everything from the trip." Grayson changed quickly. Throwing on the first shirt and shorts that his hands grabbed from the drawers.

    Ethan made a soft noise before walking further into the room and looking around his younger brother's room.  

    "What's been going on with you man, you've been locked away in here for the past couple of days."

    Grayson sighed and ran a hand over his beard as he turned to face his brother. "I saw Alex the other day when I went out to get mom stuff for dinner."

    "Damn, how'd that go?"

    "She's different man, but like also the same, if that makes sense. She's got a sleeve now and cut her hair, it's...fuck he looks good. But there was something else about her...like she's more confident and...so sure of herself."

    Grayson bit his lip as he pictured Alex in his mind.

    "But then...a guy came over and wrapped his arm around her." Grayson's demeanor changed at the memory of Levi. "You remember that asshole that was a few years above us. Rich kid, that thought he was better than everyone else? Levi Wright." Ethan nodded his head. "That's her new boyfriend."

    "No fucking shit," Ethan looked towards him shocked, "Fuck, haven't heard of that guy in a while."

    "Yeah can tell not much has changed," Grayson grumbled, sitting on his bed to put on his sneakers. "Still looks like a preppy douche bag."

    Ethan chuckled and rolled his eyes, "You're only saying that now cause Alex is dating him."

    "I have a feeling man," Grayson grumbled

    "You came back thinking she was going to be sitting here waiting for you when you got back. That didn't happen cause she's now with someone else. Instead of being angry about it, you should move on."

    Grayson looked towards Ethan with a bit of anger flaring behind his eyes. But deep down Grayson knew he shouldn't be mad at his brother, that deep down he was looking out for him. But a part of him was telling him to ignore it because to him, Alex was still his.

    "Let's go," Ethan slapped Grayson's shoulder "Mando and Ryan are going to be waiting for us?"

    Grayson sighed heavily and pushed the thoughts of Alex and everything to the back of his mind. He grabbed his things and followed Ethan out of the house. The ride downtown was mostly in silence and Ethan parked down by Bloom. Grayson's mood improved as they met with their friends, all four of the men laughing as they walked towards Carlos.

    But as he passed by a bookstore that was near the restaurant, something pulled him to look in through the window. And as he did, his steps faltered for a second as he saw her. Standing by a table organizing a stack of books. Her head was turned down but just at that moment as he passed, her head looked up. Alex looked up and locked eyes with him causing his heart to stop for just a moment.

    Tag list, wanna be added? Let me know!!













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    #anxious answers#yandere batboys#yandere batfamily #yandere dc concept #yandere batfam concept #yandere dick grayson #yandere jason todd #yandere tim drake #yandere damian wayne
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    30.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    While I think 'Jason dyes his white streak to cover it up' is a good idea. I simply think that we're ignoring the potential of 'Jason lets his siblings color his white streak whichever color they want' like. Think about it,

    Dick is the one who brings it up one day in random. Jason is bored and has nothing else to so he's like 'as long as its not hot pink sure why not' (Dick looks visibly upset at this bc he wanted to dye Jason's hair hot pink to mess with him). But in the end, he dyes it in Nightwings colors.

    I also imagine this is how the conversation went:

    dick: sooo jason,,,, have you ever thought about dying your streak another color???
    jason:.......... do You want to dye it another color??
    dick, while holding a bunch of hair dyes in his arms:............... mmaybeeeee

    Tim picks red because yknow,, red hood & red robin,, it's their color!!

    Steph picks purple. She also dyes a purple streak in her hair to match with him.

    Duke picks yellow because as we all know, Duke Thomas invented the color yellow (by looking really good in it)

    Babs picks the same color as her own hair because she saw Stephs purple streak and she wants to match too

    Cass picks brown bc she's like 'everyones picking these wild colors so I gotta do something normal to make Jason look like Some Guy'

    Damian is hesitant to pick green at first because while it is his fave color (and he does want to match with his big brother even though he will never say it out loud) he just thinks that the green might make him remember some bad memories (like the ones that are connected to the lazarus pit)

    but when Damian (reluctantly) suggests green to Jason he says that it's fine, he wants to match with his little brother too (but he also understands why Damian was reluctant to ask)

    Bonus: One day the batsiblings decide to prank Jason by dyeing his hair hot pink (Dicks idea). They don't talk about the chaos that happened after Jason saw his new hair color

    #b*tc*st shippers dni I will kick your face in if you do #don't mind me I've been thinking about this concept for days #jason todd#dick grayson#Stephanie brown#duke thomas#cassandra cain#damian wayne#batfam#nile talks #sorry about the tag wall 😔😔 I want fame (kinda) #If you see any typos ignore it bc it's almost 1 am <3
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    29.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    a Concept™ ~

    so, this may just be the brown girl in me projecting, but give me henna artist!damian. like idgaf if this has been done before GIVE ME HENNA ARTIST!DAMIAN

    like?? henna is a gorgeous fucking art form and you cANNOT tell me that he’s never been exposed to it before.

    i like to imagine that, in between all the horror and trauma that he experienced in the league, there were a few quiet moments where he was able to watch his mother’s servants apply henna to her hands and was just so completely enraptured by it, all the swirls and loops and intricate designs

    in gotham, he stumbled upon this little out-of-the-way place tucked in a corner of the city that actually sells high quality henna paste, and even the ingredients to make some of his own

    so he discreetly bought as much as he could carry and smuggled it away to his room so that he could have a piece of his old home in his new one

    dick definitely noticed but didn’t say anything (yeah, that’s right, you ain’t slick dami) because he so wanted damian to feel more comfortable in gotham and this at least seemed like a 100x more healthy way to do that

    damian has filled sketchbooks upon sketchbooks with henna designs

    they’re all damian wayne originals and he practices them on himself before he ever shows it to anyone

    and he is so particular about the smudging, it bugs him so so SO much if his designs smudge before they dry

    he will literally tiptoe around the manner with his hands protectively curled against his chest looking like a little baby golem in order to protect his precious designs

    which ofc, always prompts jason to chase him around the manor yelling “C’MON BABY BAT DONT BE LIKE THAT I JUST WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND :)))))”

    which then, ofc, prompts damian to retaliate by drawing a dick on jason’s forehead in henna while he’s sleeping bc jason sleeps like the dead

    that is to say, he sleeps on his back spread-eagle like a starfish, so dami’s never worried about him waking up or smudging it

    it took quite a while for jason to figure out why everyone was laughing at him at dinner time

    literally tho, whenever damian’s hands are wet with henna, his siblings pretty much have free reign to harass him

    like ofc he’ll give the customary threats of evisceration but they all know he’d never attack them for fear of fucking up his henna design

    damian loves putting henna on his siblings hands, it means so much to him whenever they take time out of their days to sit with him and just let him go crazy with his design ideas

    surprisingly, this actually started with tim

    i mean, can you blame him tho? damian’s hands were already covered in henna and he’d just had a brilliant new design idea, and tim was slumped over sleeping on the couch n his hands were right there so…?

    tim wakes up with a henna tattoo going all the way to his elbow and he’s just like

    “what the fuck”

    he eventually catches on tho, and one time he was actually only pretending to sleep while damian was putting henna on him

    he’d never admit it, but he thinks the way damian’s face gets all pinched and focused when he’s working is adorable (which it is, astute observation tim)

    there was a period of time where damian would only do henna on cass bc she was the only one who wouldn’t need him to fucking babysit her while waiting for the henna to dry

    dick can never sit still long enough for dami to finish the design anyway

    barbara cannot keep her hands off a computer long enough for the henna to dry

    tim’s a bit better than everyone else but these days he finds the henna application so soothing that he falls asleep everytime and ends up smudging it

    jason’s henna privileges got revoked when he purposely smudged it, the asshole

    steph always forgets that she has wet henna on her hands and does something stupid like high-five someone before it dries

    duke somehow becomes a 100x more clumsy with wet henna on his hands, probably bc he’s trying so hard not to smudge it

    he once managed to get henna on the fucking ceiling (he refuses to say how), and damian hasn’t let him near his henna paste since

    bruce once choked on “spicy ketchup” so damian’s now convinced that if he puts henna on his father he might actually spontaneously combust

    alfred wears gloves.

    #batfam #HENNA ARTIST DAMIAN GIVES ME SO MUCH LIFE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND #i love having a character i can ruthlessly project on :’) #my brown ass needed this sorry not sorry #HE!!! WOULD!!! BE!!! AMAZING!!! AT!!! THIS!!! #i will not accept any other takes #y’all can take your WEAK henna-less damian wayne interpretations and get out of my classroom please and thank you #damian wayne#jason todd#tim drake#cassandra cain#stephanie brown#alfred pennyworth#bruce wayne#dick grayson#dc#dcu#my hcs#my Concepts™
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    27.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I am weak to when Gothamites see the Bats less as people and more as concepts.

    Example: Robin used to laugh so much, fly so high, like a very slowly descending angel as the Bat reached up to meet them, until the Robin alights and suddenly it is someone you can touch, you can speak to, it has adopted their ways, adopted a skin to belong with those who needed them the most. Then Robin was gone, a bird who flew too low, the opposite of Icarus, but all the same it must've lost its wings, and the Bat rains its grief for its companion on the world. Just as Gotham thought they were going to drown in it, Robin returns, but sewn into what must've been left of its wings is a piece of the Bat's own, and it carries its splint with it wherever it goes. There is war in Gotham, and on its head, it ties a piece of its feather as a banner of hope, shining gold in the moonlight. Bludhaven is gone and Robin bleeds red for their sister city, for one of their own donned in blue. No one knows what triggered it, or perhaps it has been a slow poison, as any fallen angel, corrupted by the filth and darkness of the city it tried to help. Robin ties the shadow on its head this time, perhaps a warning, perhaps just a symptom. There are the yellow wings, but it had frayed its splinter into a sword, a threat, and the Bat flies the closest to this one, its darkness protecting it. Pulling it in. There are whispers that perhaps they had been wrong all this time. Perhaps the Robin was not the Bats companion after all. But a ray of hope it snatched from heaven to slowly, steadily, chain to itself so it, too, can fly as high as Robin used to. In the hopes that the little bird can carry Gotham with it.

    It is in vain, some fears. And those same people are the ones who grow to resent the Bat for corrupting a free spirit. There are so little good in this world that they need not break it themselves.

    Some others... well, they see the yellow wings. There are now more others that circles the Robin than it ever has, ones with black wings. There are stories for those too, their connection to the Bat and the Robin. Tales spun between them. But some hope that with enough wings.... then maybe.

    (If you know stories along these lines, would love recommendations.)

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  • poguesholland
    23.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Marco Polo | Grayson Dolan

    A game of Marco Polo in the pool with your best friend, Grayson, ends up revealing some hidden feelings.
    Warnings: two curse words?
    A/N: This is from my Wattpad, enjoy!

    "Okay, one more round" Grayson, your bestfriend, pleads as Ethan closes the glass door. You nod and giggle, closing your eyes and beginning to count to twenty. You randomly swim around in the pool wherever you heard water splash until you got to twenty.

    "Marco!" You call out, excitement bubbling in you as you always win at this game. Grayson wasn’t the most discrete swimmer, always splashing around and bursting into laughter.

    Silence fills the air and suspense fills your body, feeling confused about why Grayson hasn't said 'Polo' by now. It was one of the games’ rules. You feel someone's hot breath against your lips and a deep voice speaks up making chills run through your body, "Polo”.

    Your eyes flutter open to see that Grayson’s face is inches away from yours. A shocked look covers your face as Grayson locks eyes with you, not expecting him to be standing so close.

    His eyes flicker from mine to your lips and he leans in slowly. Your eyes move to his lips then to his eyes hesitantly, heart beating out of your chest. What the hell was Grayson about to do? There was no way he felt that way about you. No way.

    Grayson keeps his eyes on yours, reaching a hand up to caress your face. You find yourself leaning into his touch, closing your eyes for a second to register all of this. You open them and Grayson had his bottom lip held between his teeth, looking at you so intently.

    This was wrong.

    Both of his hands slowly trail down to your waist, gripping tightly and pulling you closer to him. His thumb rubs your waist, making goosebumps spread across your body.

    He’s been your best friend since you were in diapers; yeah you’ve had a crush on him but you tried your best to push past it so you didn’t ruin your friendship.

    Your faces were inches a part, noses bumping against each other softly and chests pressed against each other. Where did all of this come from?

    But You couldn’t to stop him,

    Your hands go up to his built chest, lips parted in anticipation as you breathe heavily because of how nervous you were. Was Grayson actually going to do this?

    Or yourself.

    He parts his lips lightly as he tilts his head, the eye contact just making you even more flustered.

    You wanted this so badly.

    Grayson slowly leans down to your head level and licks his lips, giving your eyes one last glance before his soft lips pressed against yours.

    Your heart pounded in your chest as you kissed him back immediately, melting into the kiss you’d been daydreaming about for so long. You wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him closer, if that was even possible. The heat of the kiss rushes through your veins, giving you chills.

    You would have never imagined his lips would feel this perfect against your lips. This was so wrong, but they felt so good.

    The kiss was so passionate, his soft lips moving against yours in sync. Graysons hands slide further back your waist, to meet at the small of your back which pushes you impossibly close to him.

    The kiss was more perfect that you had imagined.

    His tongue slightly pokes out of his mouth, as if he were asking for permission. You grant it, letting him enter and explore your mouth with his muscle. The kiss becomes sloppier as your teeth clash against each other, but that only makes it more heated.

    You didn’t know that kissing your best friend would feel so good.

    His hands grip the back of your thighs and lift you up quickly, making you squeal. You wrap them around his waist, since he could reach the bottom better than you could. Grayson smiles against your lips, "You’re so cute”. A blush settles on your cheeks and you look away in embarrassment.

    Taking you by surprise, he tilts his head to where you were looking and forcefully pushes his lips against yours. He tilts both of your heads back to face his original position, and kisses you deeply once again. Your hands slide from the back of his neck to his face, cupping it as your lips locked together.

    You smile into the kiss, causing Grayson to smile as you both pulled away. “I really like you, Y/N." Grayson mumbled against your lips, his happy expression fading as he awaited your response. Your chest aches at the sight of his upset face, knowing that you do have feelings for him. You always have, and have always tried to convince yourself otherwise.

    “I’ve had feelings for you since forever ago, but I was too scared to-" He continues but to shut him up, resting your forehead against his. Your y/e/c eyes meet his hazel eyes and they bite into each other, the silence of the moment relaxing us.

    “I really like you too, Gray." You whisper against his lips, cheeks unintentionally turning a bright shade of red. A cheeky grin spreads on his face before you lean in and connect your lips into a soft kiss, making Graysons heart race.

    “Aww, finally! You guys are so cute! Kristina, aren’t they so cute?” Ethan exclaims and Kristina agrees excitedly, making both of you jump. “What the fuck, Ethan!” Grayson yells at him, making you stifle your laughter as you hide your head in his neck.

    “Sorry, sorry! We’ll let you guys get back to what you were doing, C’mon Ethan” Kristina pulled him into the house. Grayson leans down to leave a kiss on your shoulder as you laughed into his neck. “Just don’t fuck in my swimming pool, I swim in there y’know-” Ethan behind and your face is more flushed than ever.

    “Get the fuck out!” Grayson yells at his brother, making Ethan stumble inside. He shakes his head as you giggle at how angry he was, making him pull away from you so you took you head off his shoulder and faced him. “You find that funny, huh?” Grayson teased, raising his eyebrows as you shook your head, but your laughter said otherwise.

    “You’re hot when you’re angry” You state honestly, leaving a kiss on Grayson’s cheek. He immediately becomes flustered, now becoming his turn to hide his face in your neck as you laugh once more.

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    #grayson dolan oneshot #grayson dolan fanfiction #grayson dolan imagine #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan x reader #grayson dolan prompt #grayson dolan blurb #grayson dolan concept
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    thinking about him (pacifist dick grayson)

    #jean.txt #idk how he'd still be a vigilante but i KNOW it could work #down with big vigilante violence only vigilante pacifism #break the binary dick grayson i believe #like all you'd have to do is save people from harm and fight defensively and you're a pacifist vigilante right? #i would like to see it #with dick's s1 and onward general arc of being scared of his own capacity for violence... #like just TRY pacifism king you're heart's bleeding too much to quit the whole vigilante thing so that didn't work clearly #pacifist vigilantes.... obsessed #like just as a concept it's SO interesting why aren't people doing anything w it #my brain is so big you're welcome dc i'll let you steal my idea for free ! #but you won't ! and i'll haunt you
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  • ohdolans
    19.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    One Year - Chapter One

    Book Two to One Night.

    Grayson returns home after a little over a year of traveling. But when he comes home, he finds that things aren’t how they used to be. He comes home with a determination to get the girl that he loves back. But fate seems to have other plans for the couple.

    warning: language, implied/sexual talk

    New Jersey AU ~ Older OFC + Grayson Dolan

    words: 2.6k+

    Alex reached up and scratched her tired eyes as she tried to concentrate on the papers in front of her. The sounds of multiple conversations along with the music playing over the speaker filled the space. Downstairs she could hear Vance call out another order from the café. It was a calm, sunny and beautiful day in New Jersey on a Monday in May. The flowers were starting to bloom with taking away the dead and cold of the winter. Alex sighed heavily as she moved away from the small table she'd taken up on the second floor, gathering the papers and her coffee, before heading back down to the lower level.

    She smiled gently towards a few customers as she passed them, going towards the café at the back of the store in need of another coffee. Ever since she'd come back to New Jersey, Alex worked hard to get a life for herself. She knew that going back to Bloom wasn't the answer but she wanted to do something she always dreamed of. Opening a bookstore wasn't in her future now - but running a shop as if it were her own was the next best thing.

    She'd fallen in love with Dreamland Books when she first walked in. It was an older building that was towards the left side of downtown. She stumbled upon it after leaving her favorite coffee shop. It seemed any time Alex stumbled upon a book store she needed to go inside, it was like a siren calling to her. She fell in love with the antique and vintage feel of the store, almost like she stepped back in time for a moment. It was small, two stories with the second floor having a balcony railing that looked down into the main foyer part of the store. The ever-present and the familiar smell of wood and book pages welcomed her in, but there was something else, vanilla and coffee.

    Soon Alex found herself visiting the store at least three times a week to escape and find something to do with her time. With that, she got to know the owner of the shop, Evelyn. She was an older woman that has had the store within her family for the last 45 years. It was a business that her father opened up when the downtown area was just starting to expand.

    It took about three weeks of Alex coming in and visiting with Evelyn for the woman to hire her, asking her to run the shop, so that she could retire. Thankfully there was already a staff of people she'd gotten to know and deep down Alex knew she wanted something like this. This was as close to her dream.

    "I'm getting old, darling, and I can see how fast you've fallen in love with this place." Evelyn smiled towards her, her aged face brightened with a smile, her blue eyes sparkling. "Why don't you run the place? Be in charge of the business. Think you can do it, told me about that salon that you were helping run."

    So Alex said yes.

    That was nearly a year ago and a part of Alex was still happy. But there was a part of her that seemed to be missing.

    "Another chai latte?" Vance asked the moment Alex walked towards the counter and leaned against it.  Alex nodded her head eagerly. "You ok? You look like you haven't slept and I say that with all the love in my heart."

    Vance was one of the people in the store that she connected with the most, along with Scout. If it weren't for those two jumping in and helping her, Alex wasn't sure where she'd be currently. His amber eyes stared down towards her that made her feel like she could trust him.

    "It's this end-of-month paperwork, it's driving me insane." Alex sighed heavily and reached a hand up to move her bangs from across her forehead.

    Vance smiled down towards her and placed a drink down in front of her, "Go and take a walk or something."

    Alex took her drink before walking away, heading towards the front registers where she knew that Scout was most likely sitting. When she turned the corner and the registers came into view, she saw that she was correct. Scout was hunched over the counter with her long chestnut-colored hair flowed down her shoulders and over her chest. When Alex walked closer her head popped up and her blue eyes brightened at her.

    "What's up boss?" Scout spoke, her voice holding a raspiness to it.

    "Nothing much thought I would come and bother you," Alex smirked, taking a seat on one of the stools behind the counter.  

    "You still stressing over the papers?" Scout spoke leaning back against the counter, Alex gave the woman a look that was a silent answer. "You're going to make your eyes bleed you keep straining to look over that stuff."

    "You know I am neurotic with this, don't know why you and Vance think it's shocking," Alex spoke before taking a large drink from her cup.

    "You need to relax, get laid, something," Scout spoke bluntly, causing Alex's eyebrows to raise in shock. "What? I'm only telling the truth. You and Levi have plans...if not you should make some."

    Alex's mind trailed off to Levi and she could feel the small smile tug at the edge of her lips. A sort of lightness coming over her.

    "We do, making dinner for him tonight and just having a chill night at my place. Vanessa is with Dehlila so that means I'm going to have the apartment to myself." Alex smiled,

    "Good, maybe tomorrow you can come in with a little peep in your step...or a limp, depending on how good he is." Scout winked towards her, Alex's jaw dropped down.

    "You're lucky that I love you dude," Alex shook her head, "Don't know if it's good you're this relaxed around me."

    "You love my open way of talking, just admit it."

    Alex didn't respond as a customer came up to the counter to be checked out. Alex took another sip of her tea before placing the stack of papers still in her hold and set them on the counter. Her mind beginning to wander to the thoughts of tonight. But just at that moment, she looked up to see out to the street, watching as people walked down the streets. But for a moment her heart stopped, the small smile on her face began to fade. Because across the street, she could've sworn she saw Grayson walking with Ethan.

    "So happy to have my boys back with me," Lisa spoke the moment she saw the truck pull up.

    Ethan and Grayson quickly got out of the car before going towards their mother and wrapping their arms around her. Lisa felt like she was fully able to relax now knowing that her boys were back home where she could see them. She was able to get notes and postcards the last year from their travels but was unable to see their faces. She stepped back and looked towards them.

    For the first time in a long time, they looked so different. Ethan was clean-shaven with his hair cut close to his scalp. Grayson on the other hand fully stepped into the role of traveler. His hair was long with the curls around his ears and down along his neck. The dark curls in his face shocked her just how much he looked like his father when she first met Sean. His beard was full-grown out but still trimmed and kept. A completely different person came home.

    "Wow," Lisa looked over Grayson before shaking his head.

    "I know. He looks like Castaway." Ethan chuckled causing Grayson to roll his eyes. "Wouldn't get rid of the beard or cut his hair."

    "I like it, isn't that all that matters?" Grayson spoke

    "We'll clean it up a little," Lisa reached up and brushed his hair from his face so she was able to see it more. "Come on in, your sister is here too with Jeremy."

    The three of them walked back into the house, after saying hello to their sister and her fiance, they moved towards their rooms to get cleaned up. Grayson let out a loud sigh as he relaxed against the warm water of the shower, the first real one in a year he was able to take. Traveling cross country in a van wasn't ideal when it comes to simple things like showers. He spent most of his time taking cold showers at truck stops or washing up in creeks and rivers at campgrounds.

    When Grayson stepped out she wrapped the towel around his waist the moment he dried off. He grabbed his comb and started moving his hair back and out of his face, before grabbing his clippers and scissors to clean up his beard a little more. For the last year, it was good to have, especially during the colder months, but he wasn't looking into going into summer with it. He clipped it so it was closer to his face, before cleaning up. Grayson slipped on a tshirt and shorts before going downstairs where his mother was sitting in the kitchen.

    She smiled towards him, "Much better with just a little more of a trim,"

    Grayson laughed and shook his head, "Feels so good to be home. It was nice getting out and seeing some parts of the country. But I really missed being home."

    "We missed having you here. It didn't feel complete with you and your brother gone," Lisa frowned slightly. "But we're going to have family dinner tonight and get some catchup done, how does that sound?"

    "Sounds perfect, I need a good home-cooked meal." Grayson reached down and rubbed his stomach slightly.

    "Will you head to the market for me? I am missing a few things for dinner tonight."

    "Of course."  

    Grayson grabbed his things before heading towards the truck parked out front. It felt weird driving back through his hometown, seeing that things haven't changed at all in the last year that he and Ethan had been gone. But at the same time, some things have changed.

    The moment that Grayson drove past the sign that welcomed him back to town his first thought was to Alex. He wanted to see her and see if she was still here - or if she went back to Chicago. He was too scared to ask his mother if she was still here for what the answer could be. They didn't keep in touch while he was gone, mostly due to the fact where they stayed rarely had no more than a single bar for a signal. And though he sent one postcard, he never contacted her outside of that. Grayson wasn't sure if she wanted to hear from him really.

    Grayson walked through the market and walked mindlessly with the list Lisa gave him, looking for the last few things that she needed for dinner. Grayson walked through the market and gathered a few things, but as he turned down the aisle for the noodles, Grayson froze.

    Stand at the end of the hall was none other than Alex.

    She looked different but he knew her. He would be able to spot her in any crowd. If he wasn't confident in his memory, his body indicated that it was in fact her. His heart began to beat wildly in his chest, his stomach fluttering with nerves that only Alexandrina was able to give him.

    She stood in front of the shelves looking down towards a box that was in her hand. Her long dark hair was pulled up, but he noticed she now had bangs that went across her forehead right at her eyebrows. She wore a loose green dress with a pair of boots, her long legs on display and he couldn't help but notice the tattoos. Alex never had those before he left.

    On her arm and up towards her shoulder was a colorful and intricate detail of flowers, moths, butterflies, and bees. It was beautiful and stopped right to blow her elbow. Grayson faltered in his steps when suddenly her eyes were on him.

    Alex stared towards Grayson in confusion for a moment. She felt like she was hallucinating just like she didn't earlier when she swore she saw him walking down the street. But now he was right in front of her. It was her Grayson, but slightly different.

    He was tanner. Hair longer, and looked bigger with his chest and shoulders straining within his black tshirt.

    "Grayson," She spoke his name in a whisper.

    She didn't know what to do. Does she walk closer? Does she go and say hi? Or does she run off and go find Levi?

    Fuck, she thought to herself.

    Grayson answered for her as he pushed the cart down towards her a small and gentle smile on his face. Her body suddenly was riddled with nerves.

    "Hey," Grayson spoke

    God his voice. It made her heart stop for just a moment, and her stomach fluttered. Her body still reacted to him even with all this time apart.

    "Hey, y-you're back?" Alex spoke with a nervous shakiness to her voice.

    Grayson couldn't keep his eyes off her. She was just as beautiful as he remembered, if not even more. He fought with himself on the urge to reach out and touch her face.

    "Yeah came back uh, this morning," Grayson reached up and scratched the back of his neck, a nervous chuckle leaving his lips.

    "Awesome...um...did you have fun?" Alex didn't know why she suddenly felt like she didn't know to talk to him.

    "Yeah, it was amazing. Ethan, Mando, and I had an amazing time. Feels good to be home though. Actually, sleep in a real bed and eat real food."

    Alex smiled and giggled lightly.

    But before either could speak a voice called Alex's name from the end of the hall. Alex turned around quickly and Grayson's smile slowly faded from his face. Walking towards Alex was a man that he sort of recognized.  He was tall, maybe a inch shorter than Grayson, but was more on the thin and slender build. His face was sharp and angular with his high cheekbones and sharp jawline. His dark hair flopped in front of the forehead slightly. But what made Grayson's gut twist was the sharp blue eyes that glared towards him.

    "Got the creamer that you wanted," He spoke, standing beside Alex and wrapped his arm around her waist. He didn't keep his gaze off Grayson. It only made his stomach twist.

    "Thank you," Alex spoke with a smile, before looking between the two men. Her smile faltered then. "Uh, Levi...t-this is my friend Grayson. He just got back from traveling...uh, Grayson this is Levi...my b-boyfriend."

    Levi stepped forward and help out his hand, "Nice to meet you man,"

    Grayson looked down towards his hand for a moment before reaching forward and shaking it. But internally he fought to not throw up, a strong nauseous feeling coming over him.

    "Nice to meet you too," Grayson forced out with a strained voice. His eyes went back to Alex but she was looking anywhere but at Grayson. "Well...uh, I-I have to get going...was grabbing stuff for my mom."

    "Tell Lisa I said hi!" Alex smiled finally looking at him, but he could see that it wasn't reaching her eyes. Levi reached down and grabbed Alex's and slowly pulled her away from Grayson.

    Grayson stood there with his heart-shattering in his chest as he watched her walk away from him.

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    Hi welcome to angst time brought to you by: me crying in bed at 10pm while listening to kodaline

    Wally raising Mar’i after Dick and Kory die

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    coconut oil - g.b.d.

    a/n: !!! this situation is entirely hypothetical. i do not condone sexual activity performed on another non-consenting person. !!! SMUT !!!

        he laid me down on the soft surface and adjusted my posture to perfection. my head rested on it’s side. 

      i watched him walk to the shelf on the right and grab a glass bottle. he poured the contained liquid into his palm and rubbed his hands together. my bare body was covered with nothing but a small white cloth. he looked over at me again with a welcoming smile. 

       “how much pressure do you like?” he spoke. his voice was gentle, almost like one of an angel. “quite some, if you don’t mind.” the sound of my voice was muffled by the pillow supporting the side of my face. 

       grayson’s hands were delectably strong. it seemed he was able to cover every inch of me. he pressed on all of my achy spots, draining the discomfort from within. the oil in his hands made my skin slick and slippery.

       with every touch, it felt as if he’d left a trail of heaven behind. i let out a soft huff. i felt a little tingle between my legs as his hands wandered down my back, pulling the towel lower and lower.  

       he hummed in his celestial voice to the smooth jazz music playing on the speakers. he widened his hands, covering the whole width of my thighs and pressed. “is this all right?” he uttered. “perfect..” i moaned. 

       as he went on, he seemed to creep closer and closer to my, at this point, oozing pussy. “grayson, i-” i began. “shhh” he smiled. at any other time and place, i’d be totally frightened. but the way grayson’s hands felt on my body was hypnotizing. 

        i scrunched my brows together in ecstasy. he ran his fingers along the edges of my damp pussy lips. he bent over to face me. “let me take care of you..” he was so intimidating, still i’d find myself melting into his eyes. from the way his hair draped over his brow, to the way his eye contact was sharp enough to bore straight through me, he was dreamy. 

      his aura was golden and warm and he exuded such a soothing atmosphere. it seemed every where he went, it was bliss. “might i suggest some white wine?” he smirked. “please.” i cooed, squishing my thighs together. 

      i watched his muscled arms tighten and clench as he unscrewed the cork that would secure the tall bottle of chardonnay in his hands. carefully, he glugged the liquid into a glass. 

       his shoes thumped on the ground in a steady rhythm toward me. “drink up” he bit on his lip, handing me the costly glassware. i poured the wine swiftly down my throat. 

      he hummed in that same rich orchestra of a voice and brushed his thumb over my lip. i took in a sharp inhale, aching for his touch. he trailed his hands back up my inner thighs, making his way to my heat. i lifted my hips, just barely, desperate for more of him. 

        he rubbed on my swollen clitoris in little circular motions. i held my hand over my mouth, blocking my sounds from escaping. 

       i held my breath as i felt him slip a finger through the opening of my cunt. he kept his other hand busy and kneaded my thighs, adding to the thrill. my breathing pace became more and more frantic as he pumped his two middle fingers into my gushing core. 

       he snuck his left hand between my legs and spread the lips of my pussy, allowing himself total access. i surrendered and let out a dense moan. 

       he switched the roles his hands played and used one to cover up my mouth. “you don’t want us to get caught, do you?” he whispered. i shook my head, no. 

        i furrowed my brow, pretty much soaking the silky white sheets. he curled his fingers inside of me, hitting all of the right places. i pressed my teeth into my tongue. i could already feel my climax churning in my stomach. 

        he pressed on my shoulders, the oil still wet in his hands. he diminished the tension in my muscles to the touch. my whole body was serene.

       my hair fell over my face as i let it rest on the surface. i rotated my hips onto his fingers, perfecting his technique. 

       he spread my legs further apart and took advantage of the open space, shoving another finger inside of me. my mouth hung as i gasped for air. he circled my clit again with his spare thumb, doubling the euphoria. “oh my god” i cried. “does that feel good, y/n?” he said, an arrogant grin peeking through his lips. 

       “it feels so good” i muttered. i tensed myself around his fingers, climbing to my peak. the butterflies in my belly grew even more rapid and so did my breathing. he twisted his fingers left and right, tickling the spongy spot deep within my core. 

       i twisted my head to look at him, my face scrunched. he secured his eyes with mine, extending his arm even further. 

       my body clenched up and i could feel myself about to release. i looked up to the roof and let myself go, my orgasm spewing all over his hand. he slowly pulled his fingers out from inside of me, smiling in satisfaction. 

        he grabbed hold of my face and stuck his dripping fingers in the crack of my mouth. obediently, i sucked myself right off of him. 

         he smiled and pulled a pen and paper from his pocket. messily, he scribbled a few numbers on a blank note. “we hope you enjoyed our services. here’s how you can reach me.” he beamed. 

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