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    One Year - Chapter Three

    Book Two to One Night.

    Grayson returns home after a little over a year of traveling. But when he comes home, he finds that things aren’t how they used to be. He comes home with a determination to get the girl that he loves back. But fate seems to have other plans for the couple.

    warning: language, sexual situations 

    New Jersey AU ~ Older OFC + Grayson Dolan

    Book Two Masterlist

    words: 2.1k+

    Grayson's lips moved down along her neck, his body settled between her legs, while his fingers teased her. Alex whimpered softly and moved her hips up - seeking better friction to relieve the ache between her legs. She could feel Grayson smirk against her neck as she whimpered and moaned for him.

    "Please...baby," She whimpered, her hands reaching up and caressing over his body.

    "Love how your body reacts to me baby," Grayson pulled back and stared down towards her, his fingers moving in and out of her slowly. "Even with some time apart, you react perfectly."

    Alex gasped and spread herself open more for him. Grayson's thumb rubbed against her clit as slowly his fingers fucked her. Alex's hips moved with each thrust of his fingers, her moans growing louder with each second. Grayson moved down to take one of her nipples into his mouth, his tongue moving against the hardened peak.

    "G-Grayson! Gray...oh!" Alex moved on the cool sheets of her bed as she orgasmed, her vibrator moving against her clit. Her orgasm racked through her body causing her to shake slightly. "Holy...fuck,"

    Alex bit her lip and tossed her vibrator to the side of her bed before sitting up. Her heart felt like it was hammering against her chest as she tried to calm down and catch her breath. Alex had woken up in the morning feeling an ache and need between her legs. Normally she'd get up and take a cold shower to ignore it, but instead, her fingers found the side drawer of her nightstand and pulled out her vibrator. It started with a scenario between her and Levi, but her mind switched and shifted it to her and Grayson. The pleasure was too intense to stop. But now a feeling of guilt was sitting in her stomach.

    Alex shifted her nightdress down her body to cover herself before walking out towards the main part of the apartment. After a year she still lived with Vanessa but in a bigger place. Once the two of them were able to afford something that gave the two of them the room they took the chance. It was a two-story townhouse-style apartment in the middle of downtown, making it easy enough for Alex to walk to work. It was within an older building which gave it a little history and a vintage age that Alex always loved.

    Alex walked down the steps towards the main floor of the apartment and smiled when she saw Dehlila standing in the kitchen. Dehlila turned her head towards Alex, her box braids moving from her shoulder and down her back. Her brown eyes seemed to shine as she smiled towards Alex, turning to grab a second cup from the cabinets behind her. Dehlila and Vanessa had started dating soon after Vanessa got her new job next door to the tattoo shop that Dehlila worked at.

    Her tanned skin was decorated in small tattoos that seemed to fit perfectly to the person that Alex had grown to know. She was the reason for Alex's tattoos, convincing her to finally take the leap and get the work down.

    "Good Morning," Alex sighed the moment she got closer, taking the cup of fresh coffee that she offered.

    "Morning," Dehlila smiled, her voice soft and light

    "Nessa home?"

    "Take a shower upstairs." She answered, moving around the counter and take a seat at the table in the dining area "I just came by to walk with her to work."

    Alex nodded her head and moved around the kitchen to make something for breakfast. The two women talked casually till moments after Alex was done cooking and was eating across from Dehlila that Vanessa came downstairs. Her blonde hair on top of her head in a messy bun, dressed in a simple black t-shirt dress and Doc Martens.

    She walked towards Dehlila and cupped the back of her head before bending down and kissing her lips softly. Alex smiled slightly and ducked her head down to give them some sort of privacy.

    "Morning," Vanessa spoke, Alex repeating the greetings, "We still doing dinner with Vance and Scout tonight?"

    "Uh, I'm pretty sure yeah. I can double-check with them when I go into the shop later tonight."

    "Levi coming?" Vanessa asked, giving Alex a look that she was all too familiar with. To say that Vanessa didn't like Levi was putting it lightly.

    "I'm not sure," Alex spoke slowly, the guilt from before returning. "He's got a new project starting at work so I haven't talked to him."

    "Well, let's have a good night and not have him come," Vanessa winked before walking towards the kitchen. Dehlila shook her head and chuckled softly before turning her eyes to Alex.

    "She doesn't mean that,"

    "Yes, I do. I mean it so much." Vanessa spoke, the sounds of cabinets opening and closing coming from behind Alex. "That guy is as stuck up and stiff as they come, and I don't wanna have to monitor what I'm saying cause he doesn't like it."

    Alex paused for a moment, "I'll make sure it's just us...don't worry. But you gotta give him a real chance at some point 'Nessa. We're together."

    "And I don't know why you are." Vanessa spoke quickly, "I love you, Alex. I do. But you are too fucking good for him."

    Alex frowned and looked down towards her empty mug, "What if I'm not?"

    "You're fucking kidding me right?" Dehlila spoke up, "I don't fully agree with my girlfriend, but even I can say you're too good for him. I don't like how he talks to you sometimes."

    "Thank you," Vanessa replied "Also...Grayson is back so..."

    "I'm not going down that road," Alex said quickly, grabbing her plate and mug to clean up her breakfast. "I haven't even seen him outside of the grocery store. Not to mention just cause he's back doesn't mean the two of us are going to get right back together. Since I'm with Levi."

    Vanessa groaned and twisted her face up in slight disgust. But it was Dehlila that spoke up, "Grayson the sexy hot ex from last year."

    "He's my ex's twin brother...that's gross you just called him sexy." Vanessa looked towards her girlfriend, but Dehlila just shrugged.

    "They might be twins but they totally carry themselves in different ways." Dehlila smirked, "I saw the photos...I can tell a difference."

    "Babe still feels wrong," Vanessa spoke as she moved towards the table to eat her food.

    "I appreciate you looking out for me, Vanessa, I do." Alex spoke "But I'll figure it out. Levi and I are still sorta...new, and still figuring stuff out."

    "Alright, I'll back off." Vanessa smiled towards Alex.

    Alex moved out of the kitchen giving the two of them goodbye before heading back to her room, needing to get ready for her day. Alex showered quickly, styled her hair, and slipped on one of her favorite dresses. Loving how the flowy skirt moved along her thighs when she walked with the soft lace trim along under her bust. She slipped on her favorite boots before grabbing her bag and heading out the door. The reply of her morning going through her head, and wondering if Vanessa's words held a little more weight than she initially thought.

    Grayson got out of his truck and sighed as he started up towards the familiar building. It felt good to know that even with being gone for a year, he had a place at his old job. Grant always looked at Grayson as a son, son when told he was leaving, he immediately let him know he could come back whenever he was ready.

    Grayson was ready to get rid of some of the tension that seemed to be building up within his body with building a few things once again. When he walked back into the building everyone welcomed him back with open arms.

    "Oh feels good to have you back, son," Grant spoke, his steel-blue eyes staring down towards him,  the burly man wrapping his arms around Grayson's broad frame. "Been struggling since you left."

    "Couldn't have been struggling that bad." Grayson smiled and patted the man's back as hugged him.

    "Well let's get you settled in, got a new project we're working on. New restaurant starting up in the harbor and we're doing the custom work."

    "Awesome," Grayson spoke as he followed Grant down the hall, back towards the familiar office and workshops.

    "We got a new project manager since Carey went and moved to New York to work there. But I think you're gonna like 'em...good kid." Grant spoke, walking up to a slightly closed office door.

    Grant's larger fist reached up to the door and knocked twice, a voice answering moments later. When Grant pushed the door open the last person he expected to see standing on the other side looking just as surprised.

    "Grayson I want you to meet Levi Wright, new project manager. Levi, this is Grayson. He's the carpenter I told you was coming back to us." Grant spoke with a sense of pride in his voice, "I think you two boys are going to get along great."

    Grayson covered the expression that was on his face quickly when Grant looked towards him. Plastering a smile on his face and nodding his head slightly.

    "Levi, would you get Grayson caught up on the Harbor Wine's project?"

    "Of course," Levi spoke, standing from his desk and moving around to walk towards the two men more. "I would be more than happy to."

    As Levi's eyes landed on Grayson, he couldn't help but feel a ball of rage settle into his stomach.

    Later that night Alex moved down the steps from the second floor of the bookshop and headed towards the back. The shop was busy with customers, the smell of fresh coffee in the air, it was a good day. As she moved through the store making sure to check on the staff as she moved about, Alex froze for a moment when he got to the café.

    Standing in line, his back turned towards her, was Grayson.

    She stood there for a moment in shock, thinking she was hallucinating things, but it didn't take long for her to realize he was actually there.

    The once that came into her mind, the flashes of the fantasy she created in her mind that morning flashed before her eyes. She was going to turn and walk away and slip to the other side of the store, till Vance's voice called her name. She cursed below her breath as she turned back around. Grayson's head popped up from his phone the moment he heard her name. He knew that he was tempting fate when he walked into the bookstore for a cup of coffee.

    The guys are the shop wouldn't stop talking about how good it was when he mentioned he was leaving for a coffee. So as he left for his lunch break, his feet led him towards the bookstore. When he walked in, Grayson's eyes searched through the two-story building for any sight of her but didn't see any. Till her heard her name.

    His head snapped around and quickly saw her walking towards the counter of the cafe. His eyes scanned up her body, loving how the white dress just made her skin look tanner. Her hair was down around her face but the moment his eyes saw the low dip of the dress, Grayson felt his cock harden. Alex's eyes met his and a soft smile came to her lips.

    "Fuck, fuck," He cursed within his mind.

    "Hey," Alex spoke when she stood beside him as he waited in line, "What are you doing here?"

    "The coffee here is a little popular at work, thought I would come and get a cup on my break," Grayson answered, a slight smile on his face.

    "Vance is amazing with his drinks, so that's not shocking to hear." Alex darted her eyes towards the man she spoke of, before going back to Grayson.

    But as her eyes moved back towards him, she saw that his gaze was a little lower towards her chest, a soft blush moving up and settling on her chest and cheeks. She cleared her throat causing his hazel eyes to snap up towards her.

    "Well, I've g-gotta get back to work...but it was nice seeing you."

    "Y-Yea, you too." He smiled, his eyes following her as she continued walking towards the café.

    He closed his eyes and internally cursed himself as he moved his eyes away from her. Reminding himself that even though he was in love with her - her boyfriend was currently his boss.

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    RP rambles

    Co-written with @inhumanshadows

    Inspired by this post and this post

    ● Grayson went out to a gay club and ended up giving a blow job in the bathroom to a mystery guy 

    ● He later subscribes to your onlyfans and the first video he watches he goes "Oh my God I sucked that dick in a gloryhole!"

    ● And he messages you about it

    ● "Holy shit I got sucked off by a Dolan??"

    ● he's just like "wanna come over so I can suck you off again?" 

    ● “Sure.” Cause you’re like “do I wanna ask about dinner?” But are nervous.

    ● And then there’s ethan: “you were at a gloryhole?”

    ● He just stares at Ethan "and?"

    ● Ethan: nothing

    ● you and Grayson start dating after that

    ● Ethan: “hey dude I’m ahh! Bare cheeks!” And he covers his eyes and runs into a wall. “I’ll be upstairs!”

    ● "And once again we traumatize your brother" 

    ● "Hey it's his fault he doesn't knock now are you gonna eat me out or not"

    ● “Don’t mind if I do… does E still have construction grade earmuffs?”

    ● “I’ll text him.”

    ● Two minutes later.

    ● “Thank you for the warning!!”

    ● And E posts “I’m in hell at home rn…."

    ● After 2 hours Ethan thinks it's safe to take his earmuffs off but the second he does he can still hear you pounding Grayson 

    ● "seriously! You're still having sex!"

    ● “Yeah what of it?” Gray shouts “fuck yes! Pound me!”

    ● Ethan gags and puts the muffs back on, and puts his pillow and blanket over his head to block out any possible sound of hearing you rearranging Graysons guts

    ● “Make it stop!!!” He shouts. Somehow you guys got louder and he swears he can hear you.

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    grayson turned off his tags on instagram :(

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    I believe they're 15 in here and so hot. || dilvdols on ig

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    Sneaky Peek ;)

    A/n: I got something special in the works for y’all :))

    June’s kissed boys before. Kissing a man is so different. Grayson’s lips are pillow-soft against hers and she’s not sure if they’re actually touching hers for a moment. Grayson’s hands are hesitant, one landing on her hip and the other going to the side of her neck. She can feel his hesitance, wanting him to give her more, June moves her hands to his neck, pulling him closer. The hand on her hip tightens and she smiles lightly into the kissing, getting the reaction she wanted. He uses his grip on her neck to tilt her head up more, angling it so he can slip his tongue into her mouth. The whimper she lets out can only be described as sinful, the sound going straight to his groin. One of her hands moved from his neck down his torso, feeling the solid wall of muscle through his shirt. A low-groan rumbles through his throat at the feel of her hands on him.

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    hi, first post. follow my ig @intimategrant to see more edits i make. please do not steal and if you do repost tag me for credit please.

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