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    I’m bored. Send me some requests for old videos.

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    #grayson dolan #grayson dolan blurb #grayson x reader #grayson dolan fic #grayson dolan smut #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan imagine #grayson fic #dolan twins blurb #dolan twins#my writing
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    love me

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    Masterlist Update

    Started- July 1st, 2019

    Last Updated - June 22nd, 2021

    Total Works - 45 works


    S W A Y B O Y S

    Bryce Hall pt. 1 [01] Mild smut

    Bryce Hall pt. 2 [02]

    Jaden Hossler [01] + Bryce Hall [03]

    Jaden Hossler pt. 1 [02]

    Jaden Hossler [03]

    Jaden Hossler pt. 2 [04]

    Noah Beck [01]

    Noah Beck [02] + Blake Gray [01]

    Noah Beck [03] + Blake Gray [03}

    Noah Beck [04]

    Anthony Reeves [01]

    Anthony Reeves [02]

    Anthony Reeves [03] + Jaden Hossler [05]

    Josh Richards pt.1 [01]

    Blake Gray [02]

    Blake Gray [04]

    Kio Cyr [01]

    Griffin Johnson [01]

    H Y P E H O U S E

    Ryland Storms [01]

    Chase Hudson [01]

    Chase Hudson [02]

    Chase Hudson pt. 1 [04]

    Chase Hudson [05]

    Patrick Hutson [01]

    Patrick Hutson [02]

    Calvin Goldby [01]

    Nick Austin [01]

    Nick Austin [02]

    Vinnie Hacker [01]

    Vinnie Hacker [02]

    Y O U T U B E R S

    Mikey Barone [01]

    David Dobrik [01]

    David Dobrik [02]

    Zach Clayton [01]

    Diego Martir [01]

    Nessa Barrett [01]

    Kian lawley [01]

    D O L A N T W I N S

    Grayson Dolan [01]

    Ethan Dolan [01]

    J E R S E Y T R I O

    Mattia Polibio [01]

    Mattia Polibio [02]

    Mattia Polibio [03]

    Mattia Polibio [04]

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    can you pay the bills ???

    #grayson dolan #i’m begging you to send requests
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    one night: chapter twelve

    g.d x virgin/older ofc | new jersey au | chapter themes: angst | warnings: 18+ situations, suggestive dialogue, drinking, drugs | words: 2.9k + | One Night Masterlist | just wanna preface that I am sorry, and that at the end everything will work out! ~ Ever

    Alex always thought by her mid/late twenties she would be married and probably have one kid. But sadly that seems to not be the way her life is going, especially with the way her dating life is going. With starting a new life in New Jersey, she hopes that this will be the new start she needs. But there is just one thing she wants to take care of before her twenty-seventh birthday. Lose her virginity

    Grayson pushed through the crowd as he walked towards the kitchen. The music seemed to vibrate through the entire house and causing his head to pulse with a new headache. His chest seemed to tighten from the amount of smoke that was coming from the living room. He knew that the Kappa Fi party was going to be fully blown out, and if you'd asked him last week, he would've been excited. But it seemed right in that moment the last place he wanted to be was standing in a frat house kitchen with the smoke of weed and beer in the air.

    Grayson grabbed two more beer bottles from the cooler and walked back to where his brother was waiting for him. He and Mando were deep in a game of beer pong and were shockingly winning.

    "Fuck yeah!" Ethan cheered, throwing his hands in the air and nearly missing his brother. Grayson passed him the newly opened bottle and noticed a few more cups were missing from the other end of the table. 

    "Holy fuck, you're kicking their asses." Grayson chuckled. 

    "I know, gonna have to start taking shots to get our buzz back," Ethan spoke, before taking a swig of his beer. 

    Grayson looked down towards his phone and saw another text from Alex, enough to make a smile start to turn up at his lips. Ethan looked over and rolled his eyes, snatching the phone from his brother's hand. 

    "Hey! What the fuck!" Grayson glared up towards him, reaching to grab his phone back. But Ethan moved quicker and slipped it into his pocket. "Come on, Ethan, this isn't funny."

    "No. You've been on your phone most of the night. Now you're going to drink your beer, take some shots, and fucking dance with some chicks." Ethan spoke loudly. Ethan moved to grab the tequila bottle from the table and poured a shot before handing it to Grayson. "Now take a shot, come on, we're supposed to be having fun."

    Grayson sighed heavily, nodding his head, before taking the shot that Ethan passed to him. He grimaced at the burn that went down this throat and settled into his chest. "Alright, alright. No more phone."

    "That's what I'm talking about. Now finish this game off for me."

    Ethan took a few more shots before Grayson finished the ping pong game for him. Throughout the night it seemed the moment Grayson was done with a drink, two more shots were waiting for him from either Mando or Ethan. 

    The room seemed to spin around him as alcohol coursed through his veins and made him feel like he was floating. 

    "Hey Grayson," a voice spoke from his side. The girl standing in front of him was in his Econ class.

    "Dana! Hey," He smiled, swaying slightly where he stood. "W-what are you d-doing here?"

    "Wanna come dance with me?" She asked ignoring his question.

    Grayson felt like he didn't have much control over his body as Dana pulled him towards the dancefloor. The loud music only got louder as he was pulled to the living room, Dana's body pressing against his against the beat of the song.

    Grayson's arm wrapped around Dana's body and held her closer as she pressed her ass back against him. It wasn't a stretch to say that Dana resembled Alex. He nuzzled his face into her neck and moaned as he felt himself harden within his jeans. But it wasn't caused by Dana, it was more so that her dark hair brought Alex back to his mind.

    "Come on, baby," Dana spoke

    Ethan smirked and watched as his brother moved across the living room of the party, Dana holding tightly to Grayson's hand as they walked up the stairs. 

    Everything is falling into place, Ethan thought to himself, grabbing the blunt as Mando passed it back to him. 

    Ethan couldn't ignore the feeling that he was having over the last few weeks. Any time he wanted to spend time with his brother, it seemed he was with Alex. Call it jealousy, or whatever, but Ethan hated not having his brother around. So he knew that he was going to have to bring the Grayson he knew back out. The old Grayson. He knew the Kappa Fi party would be the perfect scenario. 

    Step One: Get Grayson to the party

    Step Two: Get Grayson drunk, really drunk

    Step Three; Have a girl flirt/dance with him

    Step Four: Let everything else fall into place

    Ethan knew his brother well enough to know that when he got to a certain point of drinking, he wanted to sleep with any girl that was within his radius. He just needed to place a pretty girl in front of him and everything else would happen. 

    Dana closed the door behind her of the bathroom on the second floor, the sounds of the party beneath muffled. Grayson pulled her closer to him and moaned before kissing her lips, her hands moving quickly to unbuckle his jeans. 

    "All I want is you in my mouth," Dana moaned, before dropping to her knees. It wasn't long before her lips were wrapped around his hard cock. 

    Grayson groaned slightly as the sun began to peek through the curtains that barely covered his window. As his brain slowly began to wake, he could hear the sounds of the town outside, along with soft breathing beside him. The rhythmic thump of a headache was the next thing he took notice of, making him squeeze his eyes tightly as if to relieve the pain. But it was no use.

    Grayson deep down knew he pushed himself too much last night at the party. It was like any time Ethan got a hold of tequila, he knew it was over. Spotty memories of the night before started to play, but the headache made his memory spotty.

    Grayson felt the bed move and opened his eyes to see dark curls over his pillows. His lips turned up slightly at the memory that did come to mind, seeing Alex. He remembered talking of her coming over. Grayson moved closer towards the warm body beside him and wrapped his arms around her middle, nuzzling his face into her neck.

    But the moment his nose nuzzled into her, something felt off.

    She wearing a different perfume?, Grayson thought to himself.

    But as the thought entered Grayson’s mind, the loud banging at his front door vibrates through the small loft. He groaned and pulled away from her, before sitting up and grabbing the sheet. The banging continued as he tried to cover himself, before throwing a blanket over the nude body in his sheets.

    The last thing I need is Ethan seeing Alex naked, Grayson groaned to himself

    The banging continued till he grabbed the chain off the door, and swinging it open. But Ethan wasn’t standing at the other side of the door like the thought. Instead, staring up towards him with wide brown eyes, was Alex. Her hand was still raised like she was gonna knock on the door again. Her hand holding to go gray holding two cups and a brown bag between them.

    “Alex?” Grayson whispered, confusion and dread sinking into his thoughts as he thought of the person in his bed.

    “Hey, am I…early?” Her eyes scanned over his body, seeing the disheveled hair, the hickeys on his neck, and the sheet barely covering him.

    “Early?” Grayson questioned, his heart thudding wildly in his chest. “For?”

    “I was gonna help you with your English final. Remember?”

    But before either of them could speak, a soft voice came from behind Grayson, sending a chill through Alex’s body like ice.

    “Grayson? Who's there? Come back to bed!”

    The mischievous giggle that followed was enough for Grayson to fight back nausea that threatened to come back up.

    Alex felt her heart drop into her stomach at the sound of the voice that was beyond the door of his loft. She felt frozen as she stared up towards Grayson, silently praying that she was hallucinating.

    "Grayson?" The voice spoke again, only sounding closer. Grayson pulled away and looked over his shoulder to see Dana standing in his living room, naked. 

    "Fuck," He muttered

    But Grayson moved to the side giving  Alex a better view of who was in his apartment. Nearly instantly tears came to her eyes as the pieces started to form together.  Alex bent down and placed the coffee and food on the floor right outside the loft, before turning and leaving.

    "Alex! Wait!" Grayson called after her, moving quickly back to his apartment to find pants. A panic like he'd never had before filled his entire body, making him feel like he was going to throw up.

    Alex pressed on the button to take the elevator, his vision blurry from the tears, trying to get the elevator to her soon. Just as she was about to take the stairs instead, Grayson came out of his apartment, nearly tripping over himself as he stumbled into the hallway.

    "Alex! Please! Let me explain,"

    Alex chuckled darkly, keeping her eyes focused on the closed elevator doors. "You don't have to explain anything, I clearly can see what's going on."

    "N-No...I-I..." Grayson stood the moment she turned towards him and saw the tears streaming down his face.

    "I thought you'd be different," Alex spoke softly, "But you're just like every other asshole guy."

    "What?" He suddenly felt defensive, the next sentence leaving his mouth before he could stop it. "I don't understand why you're getting upset. It's not like your my girlfriend or something."

    The look that came over Alex's face was enough for him to feel sick with himself. It was like he reached into her chest and pulled out her heart. He regretted it the moment the words left his mouth, but it didn't matter. Grayson said it, and he watched as Alex's heart shattered right in front of him. 

    "Wow, Grayson." Alex scoffed, just as the elevator door opened, she stepped inside. 

    He moved to stand in front of the elevator, intending to follow after her, but it closed. The image of Alex's tear-stricken face is embedded in his memory. The anger started to pent up inside of him. Grayson let out a scream as he moved to punch the frame of the elevator, the metal causing a loud bang noise throughout the hall. 

    He stood there for a moment before he felt the anger turn to pain again, slowly sinking to his knees as a cry slipped past his lips. Deep down Grayson knows that the only person he can blame is himself. But he also knew that the person meant for him just walked out of his life. 

    Alex had never felt a pain like this before as she cried and walked back to her apartment. She regretted taking advantage of the nice weather and walking to Grayson's apartment. She could tell people were shooting her worried and weird looks as she passed them. Black streaks from her massacre streaking down her cheeks. She truly felt like someone has ripped her heart out and stomped on it, along with her lungs. She felt like she couldn't breathe from the heartache. 

    Alex barely made it through her front door before she fell to her knees and cried. She curled up into a ball on the floor in front of her front door, Lucy meowing softly, before cuddling into her chest. Alex held her tightly and buried her face into her black fur, her sobs turning into soft whimpers as she slowly fell asleep on the floor. 

    I wanna dedicate this chapter to my soulmate @bubsdolan​. She has been the biggest support for this story and have pushed me to keep going and make it what it is today. I know she is going to hate this chapter because, like me, she’s grown to love Alexandrina and Grayson. Thank you for standing by me as an amazing friend from the start Bubba, I adore you!

    Tag list: let me know if you ever wanna be added to the taglist!











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    #one night minis #grayson dolan x ofc #grayson dolan x reader #grayson dolan concept #grayson dolan blurb #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan fanfiction #grayson dolan imagine #grayson dolan fluff
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    don’t cover your bulge 🥵🥵

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    #one night minis #grayson dolan concept #grayson dolan blurb #grayson dolan imagine #grayson dolan au #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan fanfiction #grayson dolan x ofc #grayson dolan x oc
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    #grayson dolan concept #grayson dolan blurb #grayson dolan imagine #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan fanfiction #grayson dolan au #grayson dolan x ofc #grayson dolan x oc #one night minis
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    Send me concepts for Ethan or Grayson please I want something to do tonight and tomorrow OR. just talk to me😌

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