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  • ragingbookdragon
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Light Ball, Dark Ball, Dodge Ball

    Demon!Batfamily AU One-Shot

    Word Count: 1.4K Warnings: Explicit Language

    Author's Note: Based on @bunnvoid's awesome Batfamily Demon!AU! Enjoy the light-heartedness while it lasts! Angst comes next! Enjoy! -Thorne


    He’d taken one step into the cave and immediately stopped, a frown growing on his face; even his wings drew nearer to his body as if to protect him from the overwhelming presence in the cavern. “Why do I feel a disturbance in the force?”

    A snort sounded near him, and he looked over, seeing Dick and Tim sitting in the middle of the floor, preening brushes in their hands. “Timmy made the horrible decision of showing Bruce his newest diagram he’s been working so hard on.”

    Jason turned his eyes onto his younger brother, asking, “What’d you do, Tim?”

    “I showed him how he and Hal Jordan are similar in their transitions to demons through the loss of their parental figures.” He held up a posterboard, their father on one side of the Venn diagram, Hal on the other. “Wanna look?”

    “Why?” Jason sighed. “Why would you do that?”

    “It’s educational! Similarities between the transition of humans into demon-folk are common! I mean, look at all of us!” Tim said, gesturing to them. “Are we not all products of our traumas?”

    Dick turned to him and retorted, “We, Cass, and Dami are the only ones who were born demons.”

    “Are you saying I didn’t experience any trauma growing up?”

    “I never said that.”

    “You implied it.”

    “No, I didn’t.”

    “Yes, you did.”

    “I’m surrounded by children,” Jason muttered to himself and griped, “Will you two shove a cork in it? You argue like fucking ten-year-olds over a who gets player one.” he looked around. “Where is the old man? I can feel him in here, but I can’t see him?” the shadows seemed to shift around the cave, distorting the already dim light from the ceiling above them.

    Tim thrust his thumb back towards the computer systems. “He’s been hunched over his desk with his head in his hands for a solid hour just staring into the expanse of darkness in eternal despair.”

    His brother glanced over, took one look, and deadpanned, “Tim, you broke our dad.” Jason looked back at Tim. “Congratulations. Of all the shit we’ve been through, it only took being compared to Hal Jordan to break our dad.”

    Tim took a mock bow. “I aim to please,” he chirped, wings fluttering a tad with the twinge of humor in his voice.

    Jason waved it off as he walked over to Bruce and squatted down so he could peer into his eyes; sure enough, his father was just staring off into the distance, expression that of a broken man. “Hey, B…you okay?”

    “I’m a broken man,” Bruce whispered, and his son barely managed to turn his snort into a cough.

    “C’mon, Bruce, it’s not that bad. It’s just Tim being an idiot.”

    “I heard that!”

    Jason smirked, turning his attention back to Bruce. “Sure, there are similarities, but you and Uncle Hal are fundamentally different. You went dark, he went light, you’re super smart, he’s an idiot…” he nudged Bruce. “See, you’re not all the same?”

    Bruce’s eyes turned to Jason’s, the very look of doubt. “Sure?”

    Before Jason could even speak, Tim blurted out, “Oh, I missed something on the diagram. Bruce, you and Uncle Hal are also really similar in the ways that you both use your abilities to bring justice! You through darkness and Hal through light!” he paused. “So actually, it’s more of in the middle then. You’re two sides of the same coin!”

    Bruce let out a pitiful sound that sounded a lot like that of a wounded and dying animal and dropped his head onto the desk; the shadows flickered around him, growing and shrinking, fluctuating with his emotion.

    “Will you stop doing that!” Jason turned to glare at Tim. “You’re not helping!”

    “I’m not trying to help. I’m experimenting on B’s abili—mpf!”

    Dick threw a thumbs up as he cocked his legs around Tim’s waist and put one of his hands over his brother’s mouth; it effectively kept the boy from moving, especially when the bright blue wings wrapped around him, but honestly, Tim didn’t look all that bothered. Wing hugs, as the demon-folk had coined them millennia before, were the highest forms of affection between family—it was also the easiest way to deescalate fighting by providing love.

    He turned his head back towards Bruce. “Old man, c’mon, you know you and Unc’Hal aren’t the same coin.”

    “We are,” he bemoaned. “I’m the dark-version of him.”

    Jason rolled his eyes. “I swear, besides Alfred, I’m the only adult here.” He inhaled and exhaled. “Get a grip. Or I’ll call Cass and have her kick your ass out of this.”

    A hum sounded above them, and Jason’s head shot up as his heart rate jumped, a flicker of green heat fluttering at his chest. “Here,” a soft voice called, and the shadows shifted, like blankets opening and there was his younger sister, legs curled around the metal beam as she stared upside down at them. “Felt the pull of darkness.”

    “You scared the shit outta me, Cass,” Jason breathed, the way her lips curved upwards not going unnoticed to him.

    “Sorry.” She didn’t sound too sorry.

    He looked between the few siblings in the cave and his father, ultimately sighing, “I can’t believe I have to be the adult. Okay! Everyone get up! We have to go do something!”

    “Don’t wanna,” Bruce sighed, and Jason glared as he pulled Bruce to his feet.

    “Well, ‘tough titty,’ said the kitty, ‘the milk’s run out.’” He tugged his father along. “I don’t care what you don’t wanna do. You’re acting like a child.”

    As he tugged Bruce along, Cass dropped down, gliding like she was on ice behind them, and he reached out a hand to Dick, hauling his brother to his feet, Tim coming with him. They climbed the stairs and Jason gazed at Cass. “Cass, go get Damian, Duke, and Stephanie.”

    Her eyes went wide and she all but bounced as she asked excitedly, “Light ball?”

    He smiled. “We’re gonna play some light ball.”

    “Okay!” she disappeared, enveloped in shrouds of shadows, only to reappear in a few moments, Damian hanging on her back and Duke and Stephanie blinking dazedly at their surroundings.

    “I hate it when you do that without telling me,” Stephanie grunted. “It makes me sick.”

    Cass wasn’t bothered as she bounced on the balls of her feet. “Light ball!”

    “Wait, we’re playing light ball?” Duke asked. “What are the teams?”

    Jason didn’t respond as he continued towards the gym room. “Find out when we get to the gym, bud.”

    They followed curiously, buzzing with anticipation of the coming game, into the home gym and Jason flicked on the first set of lights, enough to illuminate the area, but not enough to completely devoid the room of shadows—those were needed in Cass’ case.

    He hauled Bruce into the center and announced, “Bruce here, everyone else over there.” They all moved to their appropriate places, Jason in the center, Dick and Cass at his left and right, Tim on Dick’s right and Stephanie on Tim’s right, Damian on Cass’ left and Duke on Damian’s left. “First team to have all players eliminated loses. Tag-back-in’s are allowed, no head-shots, no crotch-shots.”

    Jason looked between the teams. “Bruce and Cass are the only ones allowed to use dark energy, everyone else uses light. Any questions?”

    “One!” Cass chirped and he looked over to see her smiling evilly. “What do I get if I win?”

    “You get to be Batman.”

    Everyone’s faces dropped in shock, even Bruce’s eyes went wide for a split second; Cass’ grin turned downright sinister, and she raised her hand, a ball of swirling darkness forming there. “Ready,” she smiled.

    He glanced at Duke. “You?”

    Duke smirked and multiple balls of glowing golden light appeared in front of everyone but Bruce—he still hadn’t formed his energy.

    Jason looked between them, sunk into position, and let a beat pass before shouting, “Go!”

    No one even had a moment to breathe when Cass threw hers with a fierce power, straight at Bruce. He merely raised his arm and caught it, gazing at them with narrowed eyes; his face showed no emotion, then he shifted his body and brought his free hand up, making the motion of ‘bring it on,’ and everyone’s faces split with sharp toothed grins as they let the energy fly between them.

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  • dick-nightwing-grayson
    22.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    You guys, I am home from work sick. I got sucked into AO3.

    I just read this and forgot all of my misery. I canNOT recommend it enough!

    Edit: fixed link and posted in comments

    #fic recs #baby dick grayson #dick as robin #this gives me more life than the lazarus pit #sometimes bruce can be a good dad #my heart #too pure for this world #fluff
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    21.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #dick Grayson #dick Grayson x reader #dick Grayson fluff #dick Grayson Headcannon #titans#titan headcannons
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  • sleepyparker
    21.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    who i write for!

    mostly fluff/angst


    Peter Parker

    Tony Stark

    Bucky Barnes

    Steve Rodgers



    Natasha Romanoff


    Bruce Wayne

    Jason Todd

    Richard Grayson

    Tim Drake





    Ben Solo/ Kylo Ren

    The 100;

    John Murphy

    Octavia Blake

    Bellamy Blake

    Clarke Griffin

    Lexa kom trikru

    Raven Reyes

    im new to writing on tumblr, i usually stuck to ao3 and wattpad but i thought that i would try! i mostly write fluff and angst x readers, oneshots/blurbs might do a series!

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  • jillys-feral-fandoms
    20.09.2021 - 4 days ago
    #scenairo Sunday #scenario Sunday school #dick Grayson#mermaid anon #dick Grayson fluff #titans #dick Grayson x reader
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  • writing-fanics
    19.09.2021 - 4 days ago
    #fanfic#x reader#headcanons#fluff#invincible imagine #invincible x reader #mark grayson x reader #mark grayson#omni man#Debbie #Mark Grayson imagines #request#comic
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  • jillys-feral-fandoms
    19.09.2021 - 4 days ago
    #Scenairo Sunday #scenario Sunday school #dick Grayson#titans #dick Grayson fluff #dick Grayson x reader
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  • jillys-feral-fandoms
    19.09.2021 - 4 days ago
    #scenario Sunday #scenario Sunday school #dick Grayson #dick Grayson x reader #dick Grayson fluff
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  • wowjay
    19.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    🎥Titans Scene Rewrite 🎬🍿

    S3 ep 8 : Dickkory

    First of all … Did yall catch the way Dick pronounced the word chicken. LMFAO why he said it like that? 😂

    Now I feel that this scene was great Dickkory crumbs in the sense that I’m glad it exists, but it was also quite lack luster, almost as if the writers just threw it in there to shut us up. Especially with how abrupt the end cut was.

    Now if the writers REALLY wanted to kick it up a notch and add a lil spice to it, Dick should’ve been the one to have Kory take a bite from his sandwhich, like a truly domestic couple. HE also should’ve been the one wiping her lips for HER dammit! Imagine this narration :

    As Dick swiftly unraveled the pale white napkin by his side, he gently reached over the counter to swipe the neglected dab of mayonnaise off of his wife Kory’s plump, succulent lips. A sly smirk playing about the edge of his lip, he chuckled below a light whisper at Kory’s exaggerated puckered mouth. As he inched closer in proximity, his eyes narrowed, glistening timidly in the dim lights. He could not believe that he was in the presence of one of the most beautiful woman in the world. It took almost every muscle in his body to contain his eagerness for her. He wished for her to allow his irrationality, if just for a second - allowing him to slightly glide his tongue over her top lip, entrapping it between his virtually perfect teeth and sucking ravenously - indulging in the slight taste of the mayonnaise from her royalty brown skin.

    Kory revealed a wide grin, resting her head between her hands with her eyes scanning ever so slightly over Dick’s ensemble. She loved it when he lost himself in her gaze. His trance passionate and curious to become familiar with her scapes. Her body yearned for his touch, the heat between her legs was evidence enough that she craved for him - now.

    There they were, trapped in the silence of the room, while solely fixated on one another. Dick knew that Kory wanted him - shit, he wanted her too! Right there on that kitchen counter! However despite his conflicting thoughts, Dick had a date to attend with Barbara - the woman who had stolen his heart long ago.

    ATLEAST that’s what he thought.


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  • writing-fanics
    19.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    [Invincible MasterList]

    Mark Grayson x Reader

    [When Needed The Most] (TW: assault/rape)

    (Mark’s Secret Talent) (requested)

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  • writing-fanics
    19.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    • ( Mark Grayson x Reader ) •

    (So I watched Invincible finally already new the finally battle but damn I was still surprised currently rewatching)

    • ( Trigger Warning: mentions sexual assault/ mentions rape/ nudity/ angst/ fluff ending ) •

    Note I haven’t read the full volume of when this happened only read on wiki. I’m welcome to critique and corrections for this just don’t be rude.

    this happened in the comics and idk with Robert Kirkman will put this into the show who knows. If anyone or any of you have gone through something like this you’re not alone and you have people to support you through this.

    (Y/n) was at home waiting for Mark’s return home and as time went by, their stomach turned as they began to feel uneasy. A feeling of guilt, fear, and terror swept over them.

    They were an empath and having connected with Mark on a physical level, they were able to feel what he was feeling at times. The emotions Mark was feeling were unbearable, and they’ve immediately flew out the window towards where their lover was.

    When they saw him there sitting in that crater alone, and terrified of what had just happened. (Y/n) immediately slowly walked towards his naked body, kneeling down already knowing what had happened to him and already knew the words they needed to say.

    “Oh god,” He mumbled, shaking trembling.

    “Mark, what happened isn’t your fault.” Their voice, calming soothing welcoming something he need to hear way them.

    He was traumatized and didn’t know what to do, “I wish I could take your pain away.. If I had come sooner I-..” They said, tears brimming their eyes seeing their boyfriend’s traumatized form.

    They knew it take time for him to fully recover, and all they could do was be there for him. To comfort him right now in his time of need and so they, grabbed some clothes from the nearby farmer.

    Taking Mark home and helping him wash, any evidence off of him. After that getting him comfortable in bed, they went and got his favorite food hoping that might help him feel a bit better. And just comforted him that night as they slept, holding him in their arms.

    Cause when the ones you love the most need you. You don’t give up on them.

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  • kindaangelic
    18.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Batbros Showing Affection - Yet Another Series Because I Won't Stop

    Jason Todd Edition

    Jason will never, ever admit it to any living being (unless he's about to shoot them, of course), but he secretly loves being a little brother. Just as much as Dick loves being Jason's big brother.

    Before Jason's tragic demise (that he mentions at every possible opportunity) Dick had been a distant character. Sure, he had smiled at Jason, and gave him brotherly advice, even allowing him to stay over when Bruce got too Bruce-y.

    Now, Jason has a brother who is a fully fledged hero, peacekeeper, man, and mother (because Damian) in his own right, and he's found that they exist better together as adults.

    Now, with the clarity of adulthood, Jason can relate to Dick, can talk to him, reason with him, train with him, no holds barred. Jason doesn't need to smooth out his rough edges with Dick, because his brother remembers, he knows Jason for his past and present, and he accepts it all with a kissy and a hug.

    Jason would take a beer over the kisses, but whatever.


    Jason grew into his friendship with Tim. Over time, after Tim's scars faded, and they were able to establish a new baseline.

    Truth be told, he was dragged into it by Dick, in the beginning. Forced dates over froyo and coffee, with the background noise of Damian simmering in the background, squished into Dick's side like a growth.

    Jason and Tim bonded a shared love of weaponry, and a shared hatred for the Joker.

    He had taken Tim. He had nearly broken Tim.

    Dick had killed the clown for what he did to his brothers. In his weaker moments, Dick wished that he had stayed dead. Jason, under no unrealistic moral code, wished for it loudly and on a bi-weekly basis.

    It had changed the previously innocent, idealistic boy Tim existed in the shadows now, flitting around his brothers until Jason caught him and sat on him.

    Slowly, they bonded during Jason's sitting sessions. They now indulge their mutual destructive streak together, blowing up villains lairs and warehouses and giving rogues wedgies after a battle.


    Unlike Jason's other two brothers, Damian is a can of evil worms.

    Damian remembers Jason from when he was in the League, and was Damian's official babysitter. Jason took his responsibility seriously and would sit on Damian to subdue the tiny, murderous, blob of porridge.

    Damian remembers that when Todd was antagonistic to the family, Grayson cried over him, agonizing over Jason's harsh - and truthful - words.

    Damian only saw that Grayson was sad, and so Todd would have to die.

    It took several months to convince Damian not to kill Jason, and now they get along and bond over their shared love of weaponry and debate over the use of poisons.

    Jason doesn't like poison, he doesn't think it allows for a fair fight.

    Damian doesn't care.

    They reach a compromise when Tim makes a non-lethal acute laxative poison dart.

    Gotham's villains have never smelled worse.

    But Jason sees the smallest bat brat bouncing happily on the balls of his feet as Scarecrow shots his pants and cries, and he can't help but cackle along with his baby brother.

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  • poguesholland
    16.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #grayson dolan #grayson dolan blurb #grayson dolan imagine #grayson dolan one shot #grayson dolan concept #grayson dolan request #grayson dolan drabble #grayson dolan angst #grayson dolan hot #grayson dolan cute #grayson dolan fluff #grayson dolan smut #grayson dolan soft #grayson dolan au #grayson dolan x reader #grayson dolan x y/n #grayson dolan series #grayson dolan fanfic #grayson dolan fanfiction #ethan dolan #ethan dolan blurb #ethan dolan fluff #ethan dolan imagine #dolan twins #dolan twins imagine #dolan twins blurb #dolan twins fluff #dolan twins one shot #dolan twins concept #dolan twins soft
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    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #viceturtle#ask game#dick grayson#jason todd #ayy guess what?? a side of angst AND fluff #i am on a roll with the fluff stuff
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  • vloggerparker
    13.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    #this is my first time writing for mark sooo #I only watched it once #I’m currently rewatching rn #but I’m just so soft for himmm #take care of your body #tw self harm #tw self inflicted injuries #tw self deprecation #tw self destructive behavior #mark grayson fluff #mark grayson invincible #mark grayson x reader fluff #mark grayson #mark grayson x reader #invincible 2021#invincible fic#invincible imagine #invincible x reader
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  • sarasapen
    09.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    okay so I live under a rock yes so imagine my absolute delight to find out that Timmers, our boy, our little babie, timtam Timmy man was officially canonly bi!!!!

    Bisexual representation yes please!

    but hes not gay for Kon and I’m SO MAD. SO MAD. WHERE IS THE TIMKON CONTENT.

    But anyways Timothy Jackson Drake is bisexual and I am Here For It

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  • kindaangelic
    07.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Batbros Showing Affection - Yet Another Series

    Dick Grayson Edition

    The first time Jason fell prey to the full extent of Dick's affections was when he woke up from a bullet to the side. He was fourteen, he had just seen Bruce cry, and Alfred's mustache had trembled, and he almost didn't register Dick's fingers carding through his hair and his mumbling words that he had never heard over Jason.

    He's praying, Jason realized belatedly. He's praying for me.

    Dick prayed again, every year on Jason's death anniversary, but he wouldn't know that.

    The next time Jason heard Dick praying again was when the older man was trying to kiss him through the helmet- “Oh my God, get off, people are looking-”

    But Jason was back, he was alive again, and Dick would never have to take his brother's name with his beloved parents' again, he would never again pray for Jason's soul to have peace.

    Dick would now only pray for him to live.


    It was easy to love Tim - after all, he was a small, fae, lad who was unerringly good, in the harshness of Gotham.

    Bruce tried to resist. He failed.

    Dick didn't bother resisting. He loved Tim with his whole heart, smiling at him, hugging him, defending him, and helping smuggle him out of the manor to meet Kon when Bruce had declared a Purity Lockdown.

    They fell out, as brothers do. They never stopped loving each other, and found their way back to each other.

    Dick and Tim loved each other, held together in the belief that their relationship was the one slice of a normal life they could ever have.

    Dick could love Jason with an intensity brought only by a complete loss could bring. Their love was painful, and even when they smiled, Dick could feel the tears stinging the back of his eyes.

    Dick could love Damian with the fierceness of a lioness, because no one else would, and no matter what anyone else said, Damian needed that, yearned for it, and it was only through divine intervention that he had found it.

    But Tim was Dick's brother. And Dick was Tim's. And there was nothing complicated about that.


    It took a while for Damian to understand Dick's seemingly instantaneous affection for him.

    From the very first warm, strong hug, Dick's cheek squished to Damian's, to the occasional head pats and the smoothing of Damian's spiky, evil, hair, Dick was completely in love-

    And Damian was completely confused.

    When Bruce was gone, and it was only him and Dick, Damian waited for the hammer to drop - for the renunciation and the scorn that was sure to come.

    He waited every night as Dick put on a show of smoothing Damian's hair back and turning out the bedside lamp, but he waited in vain.

    Dick's soft sighs and head pats turned into lingering presences with soft lullabies, and gentle kisses on his tiny, thorny, forehead.

    The first night Dick had given him a goodnight kissy, Damian had laid awake the whole night, his mind racing with thoughts what and how and why-

    Only for Dick to repeat the kissy with a gentle, “Good morning, Dami,” the next morning.

    Slowly, Damian began to realize that he was getting hugs and kissies, simply for being, existing as he did.

    It made him unbelievably smug, and he smiled like a frog which had the whole pond to itself.

    Drake laughed at him, but what did he know? It's not like anyone kissed him, ever.

    “Shows what you know! Nothing will ever compare to Kon's tender touch upon my skin-”


    “Nothing, Bruce!”

    Disgusting as that revelation was, Damian still came out on top, or so he felt.

    Grayson's smile was all the confirmation that he needed.

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  • astrum-naut
    07.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Yandere Aesthetics ll Yandere Dick Grayson

    Y'all so thirsty over Dick here. I came to abide by your wishes

    #yandere dick grayson #yandere dick grayson x reader #yandere dick grayson x reader fluff #yandere dick grayson x reader angst #yandere aesthetics
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