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  • cyberangeldust
    19.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    how can u be 57 years old and be completely unable to wash a dish correctly

    #lawrence.txt #apparently she's been washing dishes this way her whole life #like.. dude how #how do u not regularly get food poisoning #all the grease and food scraps she leaves on 'clean' dishes #like what?? are you doing??? #she doesn't use dish soap #i'm going freaking nuts over here
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  • trulymadlysydney
    19.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #I will make French fries out of his grease next question! #DHSKDHSKSJ
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  • funnybutobscurereference
    18.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    THANK YOU ;;;A;;;

    #i put thought and elbow grease into that silly text mrme T~~~T
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  • grease-daddy
    18.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    This was just sent to me in a group chat, idk who you are but whatever drama has went on this site with this account was Bo being harassed by lusty dms then it was people making big deals out of a fictional character’s portrayal. All in which we’ve avoided, ignored and tried solving through private DMs and those same people have ignored us, ghosted us, and continued to harass our mutuals for whatever reason. We were being sent screenshot after screenshot for a month straight about these guys going out of their way to make multiple accounts and spread misinformation about this roleplay account that were totally false. Meanwhile we kept our heads down so as to not spoil everyone’s fun. Y’all have too much time on your hands. This was a group project for fun. If something that was purely taken out of context and has already been resolved is bothering you this bad that’s your fault. Go offline, take a break. Don’t cause us unnecessary online drama. There’s nothing on our page that remotely is offensive or worth you dming people or pressuring our mutuals into unfollowing this account. We’re not even that active anymore and it’s unfair to our mutuals for you to dictate whose content they’re “allowed” to enjoy. It's childish. We won't be posting about this again.

    #bo sinclair #house of wax #ask grease daddy #slasher roleplay#lester sinclair#vincent sinclair#how 2005 #we have personal lives #this was supposed to be fun
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  • purantan
    18.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Just started to work on an au which is mostly based on the ,,Grease" movive. 💖🧡💙

    I just love to draw them together. 🥺

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  • grease-daddy
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Psyche Evaluation:Beauregard Sinclair

    #bo sinclair #house of wax #ask grease daddy #slasher roleplay#lester sinclair#vincent sinclair#slashers#how 2005#slasher#my content#bo writes#grease daddy #wrote up a psyche Evaluation for my boy #yes I was in a batman mood
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  • tinderbox210
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago
    #teen wolf#dydia #derek x lydia #lydia martin#derek hale#dydiaedit#twedit#Dydia AU#old edit#my edit #i'm pretty sure there was a story behind this too apart from just putting beautiful pics of them together #some 50's 60's Grease AU maybe?
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  • greasemebaby
    18.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Grease baby.

    Danny Zuko🖤

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  • murphyscesspoolsepticservice
    18.01.2022 - 22 hours ago
    #Grease Trap Pumping
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  • electricdreams
    18.01.2022 - 22 hours ago


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  • amygdalan-arm
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    My gamer chair squealing at me

    #gotta figure out if it needs greasing or tightening or what
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  • toto-home
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Olivia Newton John. John Travolta - GREASE / グリース 1978(메이저사이트)

    ♪ You're The One That I Want John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John / Grease 1978

    You're The One That I Want (From “Grease”)

    #You're The One That I Want #Grease
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  • gimmemar
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago


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  • suppenzeit
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    electra: hey can we go hang out outside?

    joule: sure but why

    electra, fully aware that greaseball works shirtless on hot days: oh, no reason

    #my art#stex#starlight express #electra the electric engine #greased lightning #electra needs his components so he doesnt feel weird sitting outside on his own #i WILL draw shirtless gb but i have to be asleep in like 30 mins so its a task for tomorrow
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  • mattmurdocksthighs
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    hot take:

    aaron tveit is who matthew morrison thinks he is

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  • sunshinescorpiusmalfoy
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #bonus: harry potter and the cursed child #great musical #this was really sweet #thank you so much for taking the time to send this to me #and i hope you love these musicals too! #some other great ones: blood brothers; miss saigon; frozen #grease was really fun live #i also saw chitty chitty bang bang which was incredible
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  • greasemebaby
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Grease baby.

    Sandy & Danny.❤️

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  • poonamcmi
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

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    Read More @ https://cmiinfopiece.blogspot.com/2022/01/in-terms-of-revenue-global-industrial.html

    #Industrial Greases Market
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  • poonamcmi
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #Industrial Greases Market
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  • tripthelight-fanfic
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Under the Dock (Danny Wagner Fluff)

    Taglist: @flowervanfleet @weightofdreams-gvf @sierraahhhh @jakekiszska @amourleger @theweightofstardust @samkiszkabreakmyback @prettyintopeerpressure @greta-flanveet @fosterkidwiththebrokenjaw @the-chaotic-cow @ghostly-luck @mywaysooon @tlexx @screechesincoherently @garagebandvanfleet @gretavanhoney @stardustdanny @joshysgf @cowboysamkiszka and potentially you, just lmk!

    Request:  Your tags on a Danny picture said “hot camp counselor vibes” AND I AM BEGGING FOR THAT FIC. PLEASE. He’s sweet and funny kinda hunky guy everyone likes. With campfire talks and skinny dipping 😩✋

    (A/N): Had to celebrate my new icon with some Danny fluff. Okay, this is a request I got back in December based off some tags I left on this picture of Danny. I put off writing it until now because I wasn’t sure how completely out-of-season I wanted to go. But I’m impatient and tired of waiting, plus I know a couple other writers have camp counselor ideas so I figured I’d get this one out ASAP so that we all don’t accidentally write about the same camp-like things. However, I absolutely DO NOT own the concept of the boys as camp counselors so even if there are similarities I won’t be mad. Who ever read a fanfiction and thought to themselves “wow that was awesome I hope nobody has ever written anything else remotely like this?”  Like, when I read a cool trope I like I immediately look for other writer’s interpretation of said trope. 

    This is a request I’ve been particularly excited about because I actually worked as a camp counselor at a Girl Scout day camp in high school. Not only that, I frequented several sleepaway summer camps as a child. So this is a vibe I am absolutely familiar with and excited to share this cold January evening. 

    I hope you enjoy!


    Under the Dock

    It was your third summer working at Camp Huntington. You had attended the sleepaway camp as a child and couldn’t resist the stable seasonal employment when you went off to college and found yourself needing to make money on your breaks. 

    Camp Huntington is a youth summer camp on one of the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York. Every July, it housed hundreds of children and preteens along with several dozen counselors. Including yourself. And him.

    Danny Wagner was indisputably the kids favorite counselor. There was always one, and everyone knew. And since he started here last summer, he basically had all the kids at his beck and call. The little girls all had adorable crushes on him, and the little boys thought he was the coolest guy they’d ever seen. Either way, he constantly had children eager to please and impress him. 

    And honestly, he deserved it. Even outside of the kids attention, when other counselors would take breaks to moan and gripe about their little assholes of the day, Danny had nothing but cheery disposition and positivity to relay about his kids. And why wouldn’t he? They would never give him a hard time. 

    That first summer, you two hardly even talked. You didn’t really get to know him. But all the little girls in your cabin certainly made sure you knew who this tall man with the pretty hair was. Occasionally, he would come staggering up to you with two of your campers dangling from his biceps, only to plant them on the ground in front of you with a smile, “I believe these belong to you.” Or during his famous campfire sing-a-longs with his friend Sam and their two guitars, you would occasionally find him glancing over at you from across the fire, admiring the way you softly stroked the head of the younger camper sleeping with her head resting on your thigh. 

    This summer, however, has been different. Even the kids can tell.

    You showed up to counselor orientation a few days before camp was set to start. There were hardly any new counselors this summer for TJ (the head counselor) to train, so pretty soon you and everybody else were busy hauling cheap bunker mattresses into the dusty old cabins on the other side of the grounds. 

    You and a few of the other counselors were tending to this one particularly musty cabin when you heard a squeak and felt something scurry across your sneakers. All three of you turned to look at each other before screaming and running out of the cabin, shaking your limbs to try and rid yourselves of the icky feeling.

    As you kept backing up, your back collided with something solid. You turned around and suddenly found yourself nose to nose with Danny. “What happened?” His eyes were slightly widened with concern, and you tried not to chuckle at how ridiculous you were about to sound.

    “There’s, uh, either the world’s biggest mouse or the world’s smallest rat living in that cabin. Just ran right across my foot.” You shuddered again at the thought, only to freeze when Danny placed his hand on your shoulder. 

    “Ok. I’m on it.” He patted you a few times with a determined look and a sly grin on his face, before bounding over into the cabin, exaggeratedly whipping the flashlight keychain from his pocket like a gun from a holster as he disappeared into the darkness.

    Your fellow counselors appeared next to you, “What was that about?” One asked, wiggling her eyebrows.

    You fought the blush heading toward your cheeks. “What? He’s just being nice.”

    From inside the cabin, you hear a muffled, “Oh SHIT, you weren’t kidding!”

    It was at this moment you remembered that Danny walked in there empty-handed. You couldn’t help but yell back, “What’s your plan here? Pick it up with your bare hands?”

    You and the other counselors chuckled at the idea, but were all knocked into stunned silence when Danny emerged moments later shirtless, holding his shirt like a sack in his left hand. He smirked over at you.

    “C’mon now, Y/N. Have a little more faith in me.” He jeered teasingly as he brushed past you. You couldn’t resist turning around to watch him leave, eyes tracing over the toned muscles on his back. 

    You were brought back to reality by one of the other counselors nudging you, “Hey. Let’s get back to work before you flood the place with your drool.” You rolled your eyes and playfully shoved her back before returning into your cabin.

    After a few days of passing flirtations over the course of orientation, it was finally the first day of camp. Excited campers were flooding in from the entrance gates with bags and parents in tow. You and all the other counselors were ready on standby as you guided individual campers and their families to the cabin where they would be spending their month. You watched as they said their goodbyes, some more emotional than others, and you thought back wistfully to your own time as a camper. 

    This place had been your home away from home. As a child whose parents both worked full time and could never take off for your summer break, this camp was a welcome relief from being tossed back and forth between aunts and uncles or really whoever else was free to watch you. You knew the grounds like the back of your hand, and you had really come to love being a part of creating those same core memories for the children in front of you. 

    Even though you knew perfectly well that little kids can be an absolute nightmare sometimes.

    There was one time in particular, about a week or so into the season, when everybody was supposed to be leading their assigned group of campers in an outdoor cookout at one of the many camp grills stationed around the grounds. You were supplied with charcoal and lighters and the ingredients for whatever meal your group decided they wanted to make. 

    The way Camp Huntington operated was such that you had a new group of campers every week, and this week you had been blessed with the opportunity to take care of the youngest group. They had picked an easy enough meal, just hamburgers and corn on the cob, but when you struggled to get the charcoal lit, all hell broke loose. Children were screaming and wailing over their grumbling tummies, getting antsy and trying to run off to do something else while you slaved over their meal in vain. Finally, you turned to your co-counselor and declared that you were going into the stock shed to find some newspaper to kindle the flame. They agreed to hold down the fort, understanding your absence was for the greater good as they continued trying to corral in the feisty 7 year-olds. 

    As you started walking toward the shed, tears pricked against your eyes. It was all so overwhelming. You were disappointed in yourself for not being able to provide fire for your campers, and for holding up their meal. But kids this little don’t really have much empathy yet, so they couldn’t possibly understand how their screams and groans were chipping away at you. By the time you got to the shed, you had given up on wiping away your tears and instead just pressed your forehead against the warm tin exterior and let out a long shaky breath.

    You jumped when the door flung open and... oh of course it has to be him. Danny walked out with a jug of lighter fluid, whistling a happy-go-lucky tune you didn’t recognize. He looked perfect as ever, in a camp shirt he cut the sleeves off of and his long hair pulled up into a messy bun on top of his head. However, his face fell and he quickly placed the jug on the ground when he took in your state. “Oh, Y/N, what happened?”

    He didn’t waste a second before pulling you against his slightly-sweaty chest, arms wrapping tightly around you and rubbing soothingly against your back. 

    “Kids are assholes.” You mumbled, sniffling. You could feel Danny’s chest shake a bit with laughter as you felt some of the stress leave your body. “I can’t get this charcoal to light for my goddamn life and these kids are losing their minds. And I know it’s just because they’re hungry but it’s so overwhelming and I should be able to do this if I’m a decent counselor and I don’t know why-”

    Danny pulled back a bit to place a finger over your lips. As his face meets yours again, he stifles a chuckle before speaking. “First of all, you are an amazing counselor. Your kids love you even if it doesn’t seem that way all the time. Second of all, I just got note from TJ that half of the charcoal they got today isn’t instant-light. You probably got the kind that needs the lighter fluid I’m getting now.”

    You let out a breath at Danny’s words, relaxing at the logical explanation for your incompetence. But Danny hasn’t let you go yet. He reaches up to wipe the wetness from your cheeks. “And thirdly, you have charcoal dust all over your face right now. Here.” He couldn’t help but free the chuckle he was suppressing as he used his thumbs to wipe your cheeks and forehead clean while you blushed furiously.

    “Oh good, so I truly did look like a mess when you found me.” You mumbled as you separated from his body. 

    Danny shrugged, “Not a mess, just in need of a little help. C’mon, lets get that grill going and those campers fed.” He reached for your hand and you hesitantly took it. He reached down and grabbed the jug of lighter fluid in his other hand and the two of you headed back to your group.

    You really should’ve known better than to approach a group of 7 year-olds holding hands with a boy. Much less the boy they were all obsessed with.

    As soon as they all saw you approaching with him, the glum and annoyed looks melted right off of their faces as they started bounding toward him. “DANNY!!” they screamed.

    He stayed with you until you got your grill ignited at last, relishing in the victorious smile that graced your face, before scratching the back of his head and announcing to the group. “Alright ladies, I’ve got at least four more grills having this same problem across camp so I need to get going. Promise me you’ll be nice and say thank you to your counselors, okay?”

    The little girls all nodded aggressively up at Danny, stars in their eyes. He flashed a smile and a quick wink over at you before picking back up his jug and heading down the trail at the end of the field. 

    It took about two seconds for one of your campers to ask, “Is Danny your boyfriend?”

    And pretty soon, seemingly the entire camper population was speculating on yours and Danny’s (nonexistent) relationship.

    By the late-afternoon counselor meeting, while all the campers were at the waterfront, Danny was sliding into the empty chair next to yours with a smirk, “So... have you heard we’re dating now?”

    You choked on the sip of water you were taking, leaning down to let out a few coughs and feeling his hand gently pat your back a few times. You were really getting tired of immediately humiliating yourself every time you saw him. 

    Once you’d finally regained your composure, you looked back over at him, “Wow, that was fast. Dating already, huh?”

    “Yeah, apparently our romantic stroll from the shed to your grill was enough to convince every camper I’ve seen today. All afternoon I’ve been asked about you.”

    You looked down sheepishly at the thought, before lifting your head back up again to meet his eyes, “And?”

    Danny shrugged with a small smile, “I don’t know, it’s kinda fun to just humor them. Give super vague answers and let their little minds speculate. Keeps things interesting. Why, you got someone you’re trying to appear single for?”

    You, you thought. But obviously that didn’t matter in this situation.

    “No,” You responded pointedly, “But you do realize we’re about to get harassed about this all summer and it’s not even true. Plus, what if someone says something to TJ?”

    Danny rolled his eyes, “TJ doesn’t care. As long as we’re not literally making out in front of campers he couldn’t care less what they’re talking about.” 

    You couldn’t keep your mouth from opening slightly in surprise at his words, cheeks flushing. Before you could respond, TJ himself approached the front of the room to begin the meeting and all conversation came to a screeching halt. 

    A few more days passed and you were starting to see what Danny was talking about. You had campers of all ages approaching you under the guise of starting their boondoggle keychain for them, only to then sit down next to you and interrogate you over your supposed boyfriend. You could only laugh off the comments and, like Danny said, offer vague answers about how he’s a “really nice guy” and a “great counselor.” 

    It was worse with your cabin. This week, you had girls on the older side of the camp’s age spectrum, topping out at 12. These girls were absolutely determined to catch you and Danny canoodling somewhere. You felt like you always had eyes on you and, since you had naturally been avoiding Danny as a result, you wondered if he was experiencing the same. 

    You didn’t get a chance to ask until another campfire night. Sam and Danny were winding down the sing-a-long while you had a steady queue of campers waiting in line for you to braid their hair. Your hands were getting tired but you couldn’t bring yourself to say no to their cute little faces. 

    However, once the s’mores supplies were brought out by TJ, your line seemingly vanished and the girl you were working on urged you to finish up so she could claim her own stick and marshmallow. You laughed as you tied up the braid and helped her up, watching her bound over to the nearby pavilion where all the other campers were. 

    You were slightly startled to feel someone new sit at your feet, leaning their weight against your legs. You looked down to see Danny looking up at you, head tilted back onto your lap and hair cascading down your legs. “Me next?” He asked with a smile.

    You couldn’t help but chuckle as you gently tilted his head forward to begin. “Oh, they’ll get a kick out of this, that’s for sure.” You mumbled, so that only Danny would hear. At this point, the other counselors were in on the speculation too. Seemingly everyone was convinced that something was going on between you two. And honestly, you were starting to consider it too with the way Danny acted around you.

    Sure enough, you were about halfway through Danny’s braid when the campers came streaming back to the fire, marshmallows on sticks. You watched them giggle and whisper to themselves as they watched you work dutifully on Danny’s head. Danny beckoned one of his campers over, one of the younger boys, and whispered into his ear. The camper ran back over to the pavilion and returned with another stick and marshmallow, handing it over to Danny.

    You smiled as the little boy climbed into his lap and the two roasted their marshmallows together. He really did just have this magic way with kids. With everyone, it seemed. But especially with the campers, it made your heart swell. 

    By the time both marshmallows were properly toasted, you were tying off the end of his braid. The camper squirmed out of his lap and sprinted off to the pavilion again, while Danny held both of their sticks. You expected him to get up after you were done, but he remained firmly planted on the ground against your legs until the camper returned, with graham crackers and chocolate for two s’mores. You watched as the two of them perfectly crafted their s’mores, the little boy absolutely beaming at the opportunity to do this with Danny. You were so distracted by the scene before you, but you were somehow surprised by Danny taking the s’more he made in his hand and leaning back to meet your eyes again, holding it out for you. 

    You could hear the campers cooing around the fire as he grinned up at you, “For your services, m’lady.”

    You smirked down at him, taking the s’more in your hand and thanking him softly before playfully pushing his head back down toward the fire in attempt to hide your blush. But unfortunately for you, even if he missed it, the dozens of pairs of eyes around the fire most certainly did not.

    Things finally came to a head near the end of the month, when it was time for the camp-wide game of counselor manhunt. All of the counselors were instructed to hide throughout the grounds, some in easier places than others, so that once they were found they could assist the kids in helping find the rest.

    You were tucked away behind a tree on a trail when a group of 10 year-olds found you, shouting victoriously.

    “I bet you know where Danny is too, then!” One exclaimed.

    You laughed, “I don’t know where anybody is but lets go look!”

    You and your new squad of 10 year-old boys were able to track down a few more counselors before reaching the waterfront. You studied the dock curiously as you took in the muddy footprints leading up to the end of the dock, only to disappear a few feet before the ledge.

    You stepped closer to the edge of the dock, humming to yourself curiously. “Well that’s suspicious...” You said out loud, already having an idea of who would be crazy enough to fully jump into the lake for a game of manhunt.

    Just when you were about to crouch down and test your theory, you felt something from below push the dock upwards, making you lose your balance and fall right into the lake yourself.

    Your 10 year-olds took their time laughing before coming up to see if you were okay, and in that time you were able to emerge from the water and look under the dock to see exactly who you thought you would. The only person who wouldn’t immediately be in for a beating for pulling that stunt. You didn’t have time to glare at him before another voice pulled your attention.

    “Are you okay Y/N?!” One of the other counselors you’d found asked, bounding up to the edge of the dock. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Danny press further away from the edge of the dock, clearly trying to preserve his hiding space. But you could feel his eyes on you.

    You had a decision to make. Give away Danny’s hiding spot and put up with these little boys not only fawning over him but making fun of you for falling in, or make up an excuse for the group to leave you. Alone with him.

    “I’m fine, just slipped I guess. Don’t come too close to the edge.” The other counselor stepped back warily at your instruction. You sighed and ran a hand through your soaked hair. “I’m gonna get out and go get changed. I’ll need new sunscreen after this too. You guys just go on without me, I’ll explain to TJ later but let them all know I’m found.”

    The other counselor nodded and turned the group around until everyone was back in the woods as you slowly made your way to the edge of the dock, now mere feet away from Danny. When the coast was fully clear, you didn’t waste a moment to use your hands to splash lakewater into Danny’s face.

    “You dick!” You laughed, “What if that wasn’t me? Also who the hell jumps into the lake during manhunt, isn’t that against the rules?”

    Danny chuckled back at you and half-heartedly sent another splash your way. “I knew it was you. Also technically, as long as I’m still on the dock it’s not cheating.”

    You rolled your eyes, “Oh okay, for sure. I should’ve given you away for that alone.”

    Danny moved closer to you. “But you didn’t.”

    You opened your mouth to protest, but he got you there. You took a moment in your close proximity to get lost in his eyes. They were different down here under the dock. In the sunlight, his eyes looked like pools of gold. But under the shadows, they looked darker. Deeper. More hypnotic. It was like he was staring right inside of you.

    “Well what kind of a camp girlfriend would I be if I ratted you out?” You responded softly, turning down to look at the murky water beneath you when his gaze became too much.

    “You know, camp’s almost over. You busy for the rest of the summer?” You saw his hands fiddling with the water, making little ripples on the top.

    You shrugged. “I mean, not really. I go back to school at the end of August but until then I kinda set the time aside to enjoy a bit of the summer. Have some fun.” It sounded so lame, you cringed as it came out of your mouth.

    But when you looked back up at Danny again, he was also looking down at his fingers in the water. “Well, if you were looking for someone to have fun with, we could always do something together. Go out and make some memories outside this camp before you’re off to the books again.” He smirked down at the water.

    Your eyes widened at his words. “You mean like a date?”

    Danny turned his head back up to look at you with a smile. That damn smile.

    “Yeah, like a date.”

    “You wanna take me on a date?”

    He knit his brows for a moment before letting out a chuckle. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I? You know I would’ve shut down those dating rumors at the start if they were with someone I wouldn’t actually mind dating. I actually feel like at this point I owe you one.”

    You couldn’t help but giggle as you looked back down at the water, cheeks flushing red as you too began to fidget with the water to ease your nerves. “Well you don’t owe me anything. But yeah, I’d like that.”

    Danny’s hands slipped back into the water and you had to hold back from jumping when you felt his course fingertips brush against yours, not even visible from the mere inches below the surface where they hovered.

    Both of his hands hesitantly interlocked with yours as you turned your head back up to his. You suddenly felt like the two of you were much closer than before. You watched as he licked his lips, staring down at you. “It’s a date, then.”

    You smiled up at him, shrugging your shoulders as nonchalantly as you could as you found yourself once again lost in his eyes. “It’s a date.”

    There was a brief moment of silence between the two of you, waist deep under the docks, holding hands below the surface, staring into each others eyes.

    You watched as his eyes briefly darted down to your lips, which only made yours instinctually dart down to his. You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t been thinking about them for majority of the summer. You almost didn’t even notice him leaning in, until suddenly you were nose to nose. His eyes were still boring into yours, putting the ball in your court as he patiently waited for you to make a move.

    You used your hands in his to will him that extra bit forward, guiding his hands behind you as your lips landed onto his. You gently freed your hands from his to bring them up to his jawline as he kissed you tenderly. His hands, in the absence of yours, joined together at the small of your back as his mouth moved softly against yours. You could feel your heart ramming against your chest as you finally relieved the tension that had been building all month long.

    Suddenly, you heard voices approaching. Small, squeaky child voices.

    And suddenly you remembered exactly where you were.

    You pulled back from Danny with wide eyes, opening your mouth to gasp. Before you could, Danny reached his hand up and clamped it over yours.

    You both froze in place as you heard little footsteps approach the dock. The only thing that could be heard was the water drifting onto the shore, Danny’s breathing, the creaking of the wood- wait.

    Danny was still catching his breath from the kiss. But with no other noise around, this could still give away your precarious position. So, you took it upon yourself to clamp your own hand over his mouth.

    He raised his eyebrows at you and you were glad his hand was over your mouth to stifle the laugh that fought to escape you.

    Unfortunately all this did was start a chain of you and Danny staring at each other and trying not to laugh.

    When you heard the campers finally make their way out, you moved your hand from his mouth and he moved his.

    “You really think those kids were looking for the sound of me breathing?” He asked teasingly.

    “Oh and me gasping would’ve given us away?” You fired back, laughing through your words.

    After a moment you turned to look back out onto the summer day continuing on outside of the dock’s shade. You sighed. “Alright, well I guess I should go get changed. Both of us can’t show up to dinner soaked.”

    Danny nodded in agreement, but as you turned around to leave, he caught your arm and pulled you back close to him. You couldn’t help the smile that graced your face before he reached his hand up to cup your cheek and place one more shorter kiss onto your lips.

    He pulled back with a small smile of his own. “Couldn’t help myself. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and who knows if we’ll even get another moment before camp’s over.”

    You beamed up at him, reaching a hand up to experimentally fiddle with the drenched ends of his raven hair. “Well, there’s always next month.”

    You winked at him before back-stepping away, still holding his hand that pulled you back before the distance became too great and the connection broke.

    As you emerged from the water and started to wring out your hair and shirt, you couldn’t help the butterflies running rampant in your stomach and the blush you’re sure was coloring your cheeks.

    You couldn’t resist turning to look back one last time at the dock, and sure enough you could just barely make out Danny’s head poking out from underneath, watching you leave.

    You smiled and turned back around, heading for your cabin feeling a bit like one of your giddy preteenage campers.

    Who knew your summer love would find you under the dock?

    #I was originally gonna make this a smut but after writing about all these kids I feel weird about it now #maybe one day I'll have the balls to write a full danny smut #homeboy gets me FLUSTERED I just cant bring myself to write about his dick #NOT AROUND THE CHILDREN #also yes this title is a grease reference #danny wagner #danny wagner x reader #danny wagner x y/n #danny wagner fluff #Danny Wagner fan fiction #gvf imagine #danny wagner imagine #gvf fluff#gvf fanfiction
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