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  • Greek Alexis Stavroulakis will forever be my faceclaim for Zeus! (Here he plays Papaflessas on Προδομένος Λαός (Μαντώ Μαυρογένους))

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  • Netflix (or Hulu) announces a new mini TV series on Greek mythology. But this time, it comes with a twist:

    1. Greek people get on board. Both on the creative team, the casting, and the crew.
    2. It is produced by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, aka Greece’s favourite adopted Hollywood stars and freaking Hollywood legends.
    3. The cast is 100% Greek. Enough with the wholly American, totally-not-Greek-cause-Greeks-are-whities-too-so-who-cares kind of crap. I mean, Greece has actors? Surely? And actresses? And they’re all gorgeous? And damn good at what they do? And some (if not most) of them also have ancient Greek drama experience? So give ‘em a chance maybe?
    4. Picture this: The Greek gods speaking in their own language, because the screenwriters employed are Greek. Fun fact: modern Greek is the sole language in the world to be the direct descendant of ancient Greek. So let’s surprise the world with our amazing language, shall we?
    5. The shooting location is Greece. Need a majestic shot of Olympus amidst the clouds in all of its pride and glory? The cave in Crete where Zeus had been born into? The 2,000-year-old tree Hera cut in half after catching Zeus cheating on her? The island Poseidon met Amphitrite? The freaking goddamned Parthenon? Come to Greece! We have the real thing!
    6. The costumes are created by Greek costume designers. Every single summer, there were tons of ancient Greek dramas produced for the stage. We have an enormous amount of people who have done their research on these costumes and who can create some extraordinary and beautiful creations if given the right budget who will actually do each Greek God damn justice (here’s looking at you, Diana Cilliers)
    7. The soundtrack is composed by a Greek. Gimme an epic OST which is inspired both by ancient and modern Greek music and a theme sang by one (or more) Greek singers. For those of you who think that Greek music doesn’t stretch further than Zorba and everything involving the bouzouki, I have quite the few surprises for you: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Alternatively, we can always get Marina Diamandis on board :P    
    8. The director is also Greek. For obvious reasons.
    9. Most importantly, the Greeks are pleased for once. Because, at long last,  their culture would have gotten the representation it deserves - INTERNATIONALLY.
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  • Thid Greek (or half Greek) is cracking me up lately

    Σ'αγαπώ is “suck a paw” now xD

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  • Greek myth pairings & Greek songs meme [3/?] - Ares & Aphrodite

    (Song: Έτσι Είν’ Η Φάση (That’s How It Goes) - Helena Paparizou & Sakis Rouvas)

    There we go again, the days keep going by
    The words you said keep hurting like bullets
    There we go again, sorrow in the eyes
    My love, you cannot build palaces in the sand

    But I will always be yours
    You’ll show the way for us to become one
    But I will always be yours
    And I’ll never let you go
    For anyone, ever

    #i don't like sakis rouvas #but this song has such a lovely music and the lyrics are incredible #(i'm also a big helena paparizou fan) #greek mythology#greekmythedit #greek mythology edit #mythology#mythologyedit#greek#greek people#greek music#myedit#ares#aphrodite
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  • Probably my favourite display of intercultural solidarity so far: a bunch of famous Greek singers gathered together to sing a song dedicated to the people of Italy as well as the Italian doctors and nurses. All revenues from the song will be donated to Circolo Hospital and Macchi Foundation in Lombardy, Italia.

    The subtitles in the video are in Italian but here is the English translation:

    A warm sea separates us / a sweet journey from Patras to Ancona / holding each other’s hands / we walk through a hard fight.

    We’d get drunk with big dreams / and a crazy bunch of our friends at the Greek islands / We’d stay up all night and sing Lucio Dallas’s songs / and the mornings found us in each other’s arms.

    CHORUS: This sun that unites us / and with hearts like welcoming ports / Keep strong / we love you / fratelli amici italiani 

    But now that we hear / the sirens and silence / a prayer is keeping guard / so that we will all meet again / at the famed Fontana Di Trevi

    In the streets, the squares and the lights / we’ll become a big embrace / Europe, don’t keep the door locked / a new world is taking the baton

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  • I just realized I have never posted the Greek classic song about feta and bread! I am here to make things right. 

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  • Greeks sing “Από ξένο τόπο” - “Uskudara gideriken” in Greek.

    The arrangement sounds angelic!

    Singers: Eva Karkafiri, Ifigenia Papouli, Sofia Lioliopoulou, Nikol Koundenidaki, Elisso Davli, Marissa Bili, Maria Kondylidou, Pelagia Xatzinikita, Eleftherios Kalpaktsidis, Evangelos Papadimitriou, Alexandros Pourloukakis, Thomas Chatziprodromou, Nikos Goulekas, Kostika Çollaku

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  • Yesterday a British POC called Greeks white because we don’t use bidets. Today a white Norwegian called Greeks breeds of Arab invasion because “the original Greeks came from Scandinavia”.

    Reality is truly fascinating.

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  • Partisan Niki, officer of Greek People’s Liberation Army in Rentina .

    via reddit

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  • image

    One of the best comedians of Greek cinema and one of the very few remaining actors from its Golden Era, Kostas Voutsas, passed away early this morning from a lung infection, aged 88. He was active in theater and living life to the full till the very end. RIP or should I say…

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  • image

    True gems. From front to back: 

    Manos Katrakis (1908 - 1984): Theatrical and film actor, poet, sketch artist, director. Protagonist in the first ever Greek movie (1928).  Member of EAM, the main movement of the Greek Resistance against the Axis Occupation, fought against the Nazis, later exiled and tortured for being a Communist. 

    Mikis Theodorakis ( 1925 -  ): Arguably the best Greek composer of all time, politician, former minister and activist. Fought in the Civil War, repeatedly tortured and exiled in the past for being an important member of the Greek Communist Party. Songs of his have been performed amongst others by the Beatles, Edith Piaf, Joan Baez and Shirley Bassey. He has been involved with all music genres but he’s mostly renowned for setting poetry to music. Although in my humble opinion it’s nowhere near his best, his most widely recognized music piece is Syrtaki, the theme of Zorba the Greek, considered by foreigners as the archetype of Greek music. Voted 11th amongst the Greatest Greeks of All Time by the public, the highest place achieved by a living man. 

    Yiannis Ritsos (1909 - 1990): Poet and author with more than 100 poetic collections amongst many other works such as novels, theatrical plays, chronographies, publications and translations. Despite his frail health, he was a member of the Greek Resistance against the Axis Occupation. A Marxist, he was later also exiled and tortured for his beliefs. Most of his work has been translated in many languages. Winner of the Lenin Peace Prize.

    Odysseus Elytis (1911 - 1996): Poet, author, prominent member of the European art critics and translator. Probably the most important reformer of modern Greek poetry. He was a lieutant during the war against the Axis powers. His work has been translated in many languages. Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. 

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  • This one goes to the tumblr idiot that said that our ancient culture will die with us if we don’t let people fuck it up. And it also goes to all those who say that polytheism isn’t a thing in Greece anymore so they can do whatever they want with our pantheon and greeks should be thankful for it.

    I think the fuck not

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  • Nymphe Rhode | Νύμφη Ρόδη

    Daughter of Poseidon and Amphitrite, Rhode was the goddess-nymph and eponym of the Aegean island of Rhodes. She was the wife of Helios the Sun - the island’s patron god.

    Greek model and images found in the music video of Yorgos Sambanis (X)

    #byme#greek mythology#greek people#rhode #thank you greek-mythologies !! #greek mythology edit
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  • << Aphrodite >>

    Inspired by the music video by the Greek Stella Kali (X)

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  • >

    This edit is from a music video of the Greek singer Andromache (X)

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  • clarke  griffin  visuals     (  3 / ∞  )

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    #big m/odern vibe #・。*   photoshop shenanigans   ›   edits. #・。*   heavens in your eyes like one of those old greek tragedies   ›   eliza t. #・。*   some people may be artists but some are art itself   ›   aesthetic.  (  iii  )
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  • we have a little silkie hen named juno (margaret’s sister!). and now the neighbors have gotten a new puppy also named juno. and I’m wondering if naming your pet after the queen of the gods, wife of jupiter, and patron goddess of the roman empire is a normal thing?

    #i mean we have had lots of chickens named after greek/roman mythological or historical ppl. #but i didn't think OTHER people did that quite as much #(i call juno junie or junie b. and i hope She is okay with that.) #chickens
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