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  • choxlbun
    18.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Some gritty younger Gremlin Gus content! It's all based on the original Gremlins lore with my own twist, friends!

    He was a war captain and led the gremlins in a war against planes and pilots in the 1940s! He had a separate war captain uniform which was duller in colour palette, but used the red uniform when fighting to not be targeted.

    When he was a younger leader, let's just say... He was not known for being the nice man he is today.

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  • alittlebitcreativelyinsane
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    ya boy gus drinking his tea, getting prepped for a day of work

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  • wasteland-unused
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • thenamesellen
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I wanted to draw Gus since my last drawing of him was a little while ago. He’s still my baby. 🥰

    Deviantart post: https://www.deviantart.com/thenamesellen/art/Lovin-Him-894994981

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  • preciouslittletoonette
    12.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I am an idiot.

    An absolute idiot.

    You know that one scene in Epic Mickey when the Blot escapes The Jug and gets Mickey’s heart, where Mickey, Gus and Oswald are staring at it in dread and Mickey says:

    It’s even bigger than I remembered

    For 8 YEARS I was under the impression the Blot just grew in size


    The Blot’s not big, Wasteland is just really small and the toons are just extremely fricking tiny.

    (I know the size proportion in the game is wack but bare with me here).

    You wanna know what clued me in on this personal revelation of mine:

    I finally looked at Mickeyjunk Mountain with logic. And questioned why the Mickey Mouse merchandise were THAT big in the first place. And now I’m here, feeling like 8 years worth of my life was a complete lie.

    I completely forgot that Wasteland compared to the Real World (or at least Yen Sid’s workshop) is about the size of an average diorama. This magical diorama that acts as an anchor/tether for forgotten toons and the toons probably get shrunken down or something to accommodate for Wasteland being so small. Wasteland was specifically made and catered for toons, both forgotten and remembered if Mickey is anything to go by.

    But foreign objects, like the lost merchandise and the Blot, wouldn’t be shrunken down because they’re not toon.

    Which means the Blot as it was at the end of the game is possibly the same size as it was in the opening scene when Mickey created it.

    Which means in the Real World, it’s probably not even that tall. It’s likely still shorter than Goofy. (Which is kind of funny to think about and I’d laugh if I wasn’t  feeling tired)

    TL;DR: The Blot’s not big, Wasteland just doesn’t accommodate for non-toon entities so it didn’t get shrunken down like Mickey or the other toons when it fell in. It’s size has been the same since the very beginning and I’ve been oblivious to it for 8 years

    #unless this is not it and i am still dumb for thinking this regardless #epic mickey#mickey mouse #oswald the lucky rabbit #epic mickey gremlins #gremlin gus #the shadow blot #the phantom blot #there's probably some context i've been missing too #since i didn't read the book comic or graphic novel #do i file this under headcanon or theory?...
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  • neverscored
    27.09.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    This is my desktop background KDBBDSJSN

    #and yes that’s my last night feel free to doxx me #or add me on Facebook ig #oh yeah and the icon is my lil gremlin named Gus #he’s crusty but we love him #this guy does everything by himself — ooc #last night?? last name
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  • thenamesellen
    23.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Love these boys! 😄 Especially Gremlin Gus! 🥰

    Got the idea from @aerathezoltan.

    (None of these pics were made by me.)

    #marvin the martian #sanford madness combat #madness combat deimos #hank madness combat #madness combat #sonic the hedgehog #gremlin gus #quirrel hollow knight #happy tree friends flippy #mappy#shifty look
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  • thenamesellen
    18.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Spice is sleeping with my baby boy. ❤️😍

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  • thenamesellen
    18.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Aww! ❤️

    He’s looking submissive and br— 🤭

    Deviantart post: https://www.deviantart.com/thenamesellen/art/Shy-Gusie-892254939

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  • sunnysstuffs
    13.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Gremlin Gus (AU Version) [Re-make]

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  • choxlbun
    13.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Sketches of a retired Gremlin Gus, because my computer broke

    He's just,, old mechanic grandpa!!! No longer on huge adventures, now just enjoying retirement without a helmet.

    #gremlin gus#epic mickey#disney gremlins #epic mickey gremlins #the gremlins #great gremlin quest au
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  • sunnysstuffs
    13.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Chapter six is now available!

    #epic mickey au #epic mickey #epic mickey 2 #gremlin prescott#gremlin jamface#gremlin markus #epic mickey oc #oc x canon #epic mickey au out of control #gremlin gus
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  • daybreak-academy-fanfic
    10.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Lost Lights: Chapter 15

    The Final Pieces

    Summary: In which both reunions and goodbyes are held. Word Count: 3,281 First | Previous ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆

    She woke up the next morning in the most worst possible position. A leg was on the throne, the other was off, her arms were tangled around her body, her head was at a weird angle, and she was pretty sure her shoulder was still asleep. There was no hiding the groan she made as she got up. Hearing everyone apparently awake and laughing in the control room made her grimace. How could everyone be in such good spirits after what happened yesterday?

    Then again, they would be leaving soon. They didn't have to care.

    Sabrina worked her aching body into a stretch or two before going to see what all the merriment was about. She wasn't at all pleased at everyone enjoying themselves in the control room. Gus had been telling an old story to Terra, Aqua, and Ventus that was apparently a real funny one too. Standing by a glass case that held her tiara, Oswald was quickly trying to make corrections to Gus's story- less embarrassing corrections that only seemed like a desperate attempt to cover his tracks.



    "Daddy!" Sabrina suddenly proclaimed before going in to give Oswald a tight hug. Everyone suddenly turned their attention to her. She had already barrel hugged Oswald before they really understood it had been her, though. The most surprised of all was Oswald himself.

    "Daddy?" the rabbit repeated in bemusement. "That's a new one."

    "I didn't say it if you didn't hear it." came the sharp reply. Oswald just laughed as he held her tight.

    "I can keep a secret if the other four can."

    It took a moment for the other four to realize Oswald had been talking to them, and not long after that they all respectively looked away. A few in particular even innocently whistling as if nothing were amiss. It didn't matter to Sabrina- she was just glad that her dream from last night had been reality. She only pulled away from her caretaker because she didn't want the others to think she suddenly gained a heart.

    But she was relieved. Too much has happened these last four days that she was grateful for some semblance of normal.

    "Aqua told me that you sealed the keyhole all by yourself." Oswald said. "Couldn't be more proud of ya, princess."

    Sabrina gave him a boastful grin in return, but then she thought of something.

    "Did you mean it?" she asked. "Did you mean what you said last night that leaving Wasteland is my choice?"

    Oswald nodded, then just as easily scratched the back of his head.

    "Of course I meant it." he told her. "You've proven time and time again that you can take care of yourself. Even if I'm the hesitant one, it's wrong to keep trying to hide you. I'll follow you this time."

    A part of her thought she'd have a sense of satisfaction from hearing him say this. Not that the same sentiment hasn't been repeated three different ways since yesterday. This time, now that things really were alright, his assurance felt like it was the last thing she wanted to hear right now.

    "We should probably start our way down Mickeyjunk again." Terra spoke up. "Aqua, Ven, and I still have a mission."

    "Do you guys take anything slow?" Sabrina complained. "Crash a coronation, gotta find a keyhole, watch a girl go through emotional trauma, watch a world's king fall to his death, seal the keyhole; and now you gotta leave? What even is this big mission you keep wanting to run off to?"

    Almost immediately, the three friends stiffened. The shift had been so odd that Oswald, Sabrina, and Gus gave each other confused glances. It was Terra who stepped forward to explain. His voice was low and nearly toneless.

    "There's this boy named Sora. He may not look like much, but he is the bravest, kindest, most selfless Keyblade wielder there ever was. Not long ago, he sacrificed himself to save someone he loved the most. We -along with many others- are on a mission to find him again. To bring him back home."

    "You make it sound like it's actually possible to bring him back." Sabrina scoffed, folding her arms in bemusement.

    Terra, Aqua, and Ven looked at each other before giving her the same melancholy look. She studied them for a moment before it hit her.

    "That special, huh?" she quietly mumbled.

    "You have no idea." Ven agreed.

    Sabrina gave them a careful nod. Seeing as there was no good way to continue this conversation, she started to head on out. Everyone understood the hint and so they all followed. The trek down the mountain was a bit simpler than coming up. There were areas where the group could grab a flat piece of mickeyjunk, and then race down the mountain on makeshift sleds. They took breaks at the more wider areas to regroup.

    Along the way, there was something that Gremlin Gus couldn't shake. It didn't seem very satisfying for the three wielder friends to just leave once they got back. No, something needed to happen first. But what? The gremlin racked his brain as they traveled. It came to him as they reached the base of the mountain.

    "Before you three go..." Gus spoke up while Oswald opened the door into Ostown, "There's still one little matter that could use your help."

    "What's that?" Aqua asked with a curious tilt of her head.

    "Yeah Gus." Oswald agreed. "What else do we need them for?"

    "Your majesty, if I may," Gus said as he floated beside his old friend, entering Ostown together, "With the likelihood that Sabrina is going to depart for other worlds soon, would it not be the time to assign some knights to watch over her? Perhaps even a do-over for the very coronation they crashed to begin with?"

    "I don't need-" Sabrina started to argue before she realized what he was doing. "You know- Gus is right."

    "He is?" came the even more confused wondering from Oswald. He looked between the two of them as if it could give him some hint on what they were after.

    "Think about it old chap," Gus casually said, even placing a hand on Oswald's shoulder. "The wielders have brought you and Sabrina closer, along with connecting our world back to the others. But what did they do first ? Just how did we meet these delightful felons?"

    "I don't think I like where this is going." Ven whispered to his friends.

    "No," Aqua carefully mused, "I think I know what's happening."

    "You do?" the teen wondered. Aqua nodded. She stepped forward more to walk beside Oswald.

    "Sir," she said to him, "There was a mistake we made when we came here, and now is our opportunity to fix it. We may even be able to do it this afternoon. What do you say?"

    Oswald still didn't look very sure. He looked from Gus, to Aqua, and back again. Finally, despite still being confused, he agreed, "Let's do it."

    . . .

    The moment the group touched foot back on Mean Street, Aqua took her boys by the hand and forced them to follow her. Sabrina went to go locate Gremlin Markus, while Gus fussed around Oswald to make sure that he was ready for what was about to happen. In four hour's time, all of Wasteland was crowded onto Mean Street with a new parade underway. There would only be one float -one that would feature Sabrina, of course- but it would be led by marching bands, and large balloons. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus would be leading Sabrina's float, and it was even agreed that Terra and Aqua would help her off so the princess could earn her crown.

    All this activity in such a short amount of time had placed a good measure of anxiety into Ven. He felt like an imposter in his Keyblade armor. For now, the helmet would be off until he and his friends were about to leave. Ven hung near Sabrina's float as he waited for the parade to start. He had never done this before. What if he messed up? Or tripped? Or even-

    "You nervous?"

    Shocked out of his wits, Ven whirled around to see Sabrina casually leaning on the railing protecting the front of her float. She was giving him a rather teasing grin- almost malicious if he looked at it from a certain way. Ven sheepishly laughed at her as he absently scratched the back of his head.

    "Is it obvious?"

    Sabrina smirked at him. "Come here, I'll tell you a secret."

    Ven looked at her for a moment, unsure if he wanted to take any advice she could give him. The glare she was giving him wasn't helping matters much. She beckoned him close in a way that denoted some measure of impatience- almost like she just wanted to get it over with without someone noticing. His feet felt like lead as he moved forward. He made sure to get just close enough to be well within touching distance. In a smooth motion that didn't last nearly long enough, Sabrina bent down to give Ven a kiss on the cheek. Sabrina laughed as Ven's face lit up a scarlet red.

    "I... I think that made it worse." he sheepishly mumbled.

    "Then I guess you're hopeless." she mused, placing a hand under her chin with a gleam of amusement in her eye. Ven just looked at her. His heart was pounding in his ears. If he could get a bit closer, tilt his chin up a bit more... Maybe, just maybe, he could...

    "Sabrina!" Gremlin Markus spoke up, perfectly flitting between the teenagers, holding Sabrina's crown out for her. "It's almost time! Your crown- you need your crown!"

    "Right." Sabrina agreed with a nod. Any hint of anything other than being in control was lost as she took her crown. Ven almost pouted. But for now he had to take his position.

    With the sound of a whistle, the parade began. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus walked with their heads high as they made the slow trip to the train station. They waved at several citizens as they passed. Some Ven noticed had looked at him before turning to their friend and giggling. Sometimes he swore that they looked from him to Sabrina before laughing, but he might have been imagining it. The walk seemed to take forever, while likewise not being long enough. Sabrina's float stopped moving long enough for Aqua and Terra to each take one of her hands. She gave each of them a formal nod once she was off, then she offered her hand to Ventus, who was meant to lead her up to Oswald.

    If it wasn't for him already wearing his Keyblade armor, Ven was sure Sabrina would be able to feel how clammy his hands were. He had a good inkling that she could feel him shake. But her attention was so focused on the path ahead, that it likely didn't register. Ven let go of Sabrina's hand a few feet away from where Oswald stood. The king looked so proud. Sabrina gave her adoptive father a formal bow before turning her attention to Wasteland's citizens.

    "Citizens of Wasteland!" Sabrina announced, her voice demanding an air of authority and supreme clarity. "Many of you recall the day I came to Wasteland. I know many of you didn't trust me, let alone know what to think of me. To be far, I'm sure many of you still feel that way. Today I stand among you as your princess. While the title means nothing in this world, it does carry something more important; hope. Light. Miracles. There are still many things I need to learn to be a royal that you can depend on. But I will do it. We will do it. Thank you, Wasteland. For everything."

    "Three cheers for Princess Sabrina!" Ven found himself shouting before he could stop himself. He shied away a bit at feeling everyone's gaze on him. Thankfully, Oswald spoke up to rouse the crowd.

    "Hip, hip!" he shouted.

    "Hooray!" the crowd proclaimed back with joy.

    "Hip, hip!"


    "Hip, hip!"

    "Hooray!" the crowd declared before going into a round of cheers. A genuine smile crossed Sabrina's lips. Humble pride welling up in her, and of how the citizens saw her in this moment. She waited for their cheers to die down a bit before gesturing for Terra, Aqua, and Ven to come closer to her.

    "To help guide me on my new path," Sabrina then said, "Please welcome three new knights into our kingdom. The Keyblade wielders, Terra and Ventus, along with Keyblade Master Aqua."

    The trio gave humble bows as the crowd once more roared for them. Each of them had a face that was hot from embarrassment. As agreed, Aqua stepped forward when the crowd died down again.

    "Thank you for the honor." she said to the crowd- hoping her voice wasn't too loud. "When we're able, we'll come back to pick Sabrina up so she can start training. We will do all in our power to protect her so that she may be able to protect all of you in kind. That is our most sincere promise."

    "Yeah, see, there's something about that I've been meaning to tell everyone." Sabrina decided to tell them.

    Confused, Aqua turned to Sabrina. All she could get out was a small "What?" in confusion. This hadn't been discussed...

    "I'm not leaving Wasteland." the princess said with a callous roll of her shoulder.

    Almost in unison, there was an equal question of "What?!" between the crowd, the wielder trio, and even Oswald. It was actually kinda funny- too bad the only one laughing was Sabrina.

    "Let me finish." she then told them. "I'm not leaving Wasteland, yet . I still have a duty here. However, I would still like to train under Master Aqua. If she's able, I'd rather learn most of what I need to know here. Unless it's absolutely necessary for me to travel to other worlds. Dark Beauty has an old training room- we can use that if you're not against it. It would be a lot safer than hiding out in the Caverns, at least."

    "There are portions of Keyblade training that aren't entirely physical." Aqua agreed in thought. "The history of wielders and Keyblades themselves, for example. It could work. I'll discuss it with Yen Sid when we meet with him again."

    "So, is it official?" Sabrina asked, standing tall with a grin on her face. Aqua thought over it a bit more before looking to Oswald.

    "Is it alright with you, your majesty?" she asked.

    "Sure." the old rabbit agreed. "I have no idea what's going on anymore, but as long as Sabrina's sure of it, then so am I."

    "Well then," Aqua laughed. She turned back to Sabrina to give her a formal bow. "It would be an honor, princess, to train you remotely so that you may still attend to the citizens of this world."

    "Perfect." was all Sabrina could say through her pleased grin. She tried to shake some of it away into a more authoritative air. Standing tall again, she then proclaimed, "With that decided; go, three knights of Wasteland, fulfil your duties to other worlds before making your return. Wasteland will always welcome you will open arms."

    "Right." the three agreed before putting their helmets on. In unison, they summoned their Keyblades, then tossed them into the air to transform into their Keyblade Gliders. It gave the crowd a nice show. Sabrina drew her own Keyblade to open the path to the Lanes Between for them. The crowd once more cheered and gave their goodbyes as the Keyblade trio disappeared into the portal. Sabrina closed the portal with a sense of satisfaction she hadn't felt in a long time. For once, her heart was at absolute peace.

    . . .

    Chirithy fussed around Sabrina's room, making sure that everything was just right. This was going to be their first real meeting in years. Everything had to be perfect. Well, not perfect perfect, but perfect enough. The Dream Eater froze when it heard voices coming from the other side of Sabrina's door. It relaxed a bit when it heard Oswald, but was just as nervous again in realizing that he had Sabrina with him. It was do or die time! Well, hopefully more 'do' than 'die'. They had quite a ways before that happened.


    Oswald tried to hide it, but he was rather nervous too.

    "Sabrina... there are a lot of things I kept from you." he said. "But I want to change that. There's someone you need to meet."

    Sabrina cocked an eyebrow at him. She took a glance at her door before looking back at him. Earlier today he said he needed to do something for her, and now that they were in front of her bedroom door, he wanted her to meet someone? Who on earth would want to meet her in her own bedroom? (For a fleeting moment, she wondered if it would be Ven, but quickly shook the thought away.) At this point, she wondered if she had a choice on who she was meeting.

    "Alright, I'll bite." she finally decided. "Who?"

    Oswald still didn't tell her directly. Instead he opened her bedroom door, and gestured for her to enter. Unsure of how she was supposed to feel about this, Sabrina still gave him a funny glare as she entered her room. She wasn't sure if he meant to assure her by closing the door behind her, but it sure as heck didn't work.

    "Hello Sabrina." a new voice said to her. Sabrina blinked. It kinda sounded familiar, but from where? She looked down to see a rather familiar creature not far from her.


    "I know what you're thinking," the Dream Eater said, "But I'm not Ven's Chirithy. I'm yours."

    Sabrina was sure her jaw nearly hit the ground. "My-? How?"

    At first, Chirithy just gave an awkward chuckle. "We Chirithy were given to exceptional Keyblade wielders in a time long forgotten. Ven was one of them, and so are you."

    "Why did Oswald keep you from me?" she asked, getting down to her knees to be at a more equal height.

    "I can't really speak for him." Chirithy admitted. "Just know that I agreed to it as well. We really tried to keep your best interests- honest. I just... I just didn't anticipate it would take this long for us to meet again. Oswald might be an old soul, but he's just as scared as the rest of us. He loves you, you know. Never forget that."

    "To be fair, I don't think anyone is every going to let me." Sabrina retorted. Even Chirithy let out a small chortle.

    "Okay!" Chirithy happily decided. "Since Oswald is letting you train to be a real Keyblade wielder, then I want us to have a new, proper introduction as well. Are you ready? Good!" Chirithy cleared their throat a bit before declaring, "Congratulations, Sabrina! Your pursuit of light made you the perfect candidate for a Keyblade wielder. I was assigned by a certain someone to watch over a new Keyblade wielder- you! I'm Chirithy! I'll be supporting you the whole way- maybe even just as much as Oswald. We'll see. I can be very competitive."

    Despite herself, Sabrina gave a light laugh.

    "Hello Chirithy." she said, even holding her hand out for the creature to take- and it did so with eagerness. "My name is Sabrina, and I am this world's princess."

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  • daybreak-academy-fanfic
    08.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Lost Lights: Chapter 14


    Summary: In which Wasteland is once more connected to the Lanes Between. Word Count: 2,746 First | Previous | Next ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆

    The four of them looked up at the Storm Blot with their Keyblades ready. The face of the storm taking on a sinister simile of Oswald's face, ink dripping from its supposed eyes and mouth. At the moment, the creature had yet to actually attack them. The face slithered in and out of the main cloud overhang. It eventually found its way close to Sabrina. She gave it a noise of disgust before taking a swing at it to make it go away. Although her swing had missed, it served as the leading choice on whether the Storm Blot was going to attack or not.

    Everyone geared up for a fight as the creature let out a sickening roar. From its command, several tendrils came down from the overhead cloud. Some planted themselves in the ground, furthering to destabilize the area, while the rest tried to swat at the four wielders. Aqua led them in focusing their efforts on the tendrils. The wielders did their best to try to fend them off, but it didn't seem to be working very well. The tendrils didn't seem to be phased by any physical attack. It even became apparent that it was immune to certain types of magic; gravity was one of them, much to Sabrina's annoyed discovery. Aqua had been the one to deduce that it was also immune to ice magic, and Ven easily affirmed not long after that wind magic did nothing as well.

    In her increasing annoyance at the monster, Sabrina came to notice something. Among the tendrils were protrusions that looked a lot like boils. When any one of them hit these boils enough, they popped (for lack of a better term- it disgusted her just thinking about it) and the tendril would quiver before another boil rose. She had a theory, and so she took it upon herself to get rid of all the boils that came up on a nearby tendril. She would be the first to admit that her handiwork was a bit sloppy. But her theory had proven to be correct; destroying the boils that came up on a tendril was a weak point. Terra -who had noticed her being reckless and was about to correct her for it- realized what she had done, and relayed the information to Aqua.

    Their fight became a lot easier from there. Everyone took to a different tendril as it came down. After enough were taken care of, the face of the Storm Blot was stunned. Aqua and Terra were quick to wail on the creature before it work up. The Storm Blot once more let out a furious roar before sending down more tendrils. At this point, the Keyblade wielders knew what to expect. They followed their pattern two more times to bring the creature down- Aqua and Terra lending their expertise whenever the Storm Blot was stunned, while Sabrina and Ventus offered crowd control for lingering tendrils.

    When it was all over, the Storm Blot let out one last cry. Its face took one last look at Sabrina, something that resembled a great sadness. As the clouds around them cleared, the Storm Blot said to her in a low, pained voice, "Your heart is... always connected... to ours..."

    Sabrina remained on guard even when the sky around them was nothing but blue. It took a few moments for the realization to sink in before she sunk to her knees.

    "Sabrina!" Aqua quickly exclaimed, with Ventus being the first to rush over to Sabrina. He got down beside her, but knew better to touch her at this point. Instead, he just waited.

    He wasn't going to lie, it looked like Sabrina really wanted to throw up.

    Every muscle in Sabrina's body was tense. She had one hand on the ground to steady herself, while her other was placed on her stomach. Her fingers dug into the loose stone with agency. She didn't even acknowledge that Ven was there. A few minutes of still silence felt like hours before Sabrina started to get up. Her knees were shaking, but didn't take Ven's hand to steady herself. She couldn't risk it.

    She did almost fall back down when Gus appeared beside them. Ven made a tentative movement to catch her, but she was able to recover without his help.

    "The path to the bottle is a straight shot now!" Gus happily told her.

    "Why are you telling me?" Sabrina questioned, her tone trying to sound like her standard annoyance. It only sounded broken.

    Gus faltered for a moment. Seeing as he couldn't dance around it, he carefully admitted, "I was able to see what happened to the king..." He moved a bit closer to her to place a calm hand on her shoulder. "Sabrina dear, are you alright?"

    Sabrina grimaced, stepped out of his touch, and refused to look Gus in the eye.

    "I'll be fine," she muttered to him regardless. She gave a small shake of her head before telling everyone, "When we get back down to Oswald's hideout, we'll rest for the night before heading down the mountain proper."

    "Of course." Gus agreed with a little nod. "We can take the news to the citizens slowly. Give time for all of us to think with clear heads." He then turned to tell the others, "You three agree, don't you?" without a hint of making it a suggestion.

    It took Terra, Aqua, and Ventus a few moments to get the hint. They didn't hesitate to voice their agreements right after though. Sabrina just stared at them. She was too exhausted now to feign any kind of emotion, leading her stare to simply be blank. Gus feared that the poor girl had aged 10 years these past three days alone.

    "Let's go, then." Gus offered, this time placing his hand on her back. Even with him barely touching her, Sabrina swayed a bit at the gesture.

    "Quickly." she agreed with a nod.

    Gus nodded, disappearing for a moment before reappearing near Terra and Aqua. He politely bowed as he gestured for them to move along. Aqua was a bit charmed at this, Terra still seemed to be at an unease. Regardless of any lingering thoughts, the five of them started to make their way to the bridge connecting the ledge to the glass jug on the other end.

    Aqua, alongside Gus, was the first to reach the jug. Terra was not far behind, just in case she accidentally tripped on something. Ven did not drift far away from Sabrina- to whom was a good three paces ahead of him, but never within arm's reach of Terra. Her eyes were trained to the jug the entire time.

    "And here we are!" Gus cheerfully proclaimed. In seeing Sabrina's face, he refrained a bit with a sigh. "It's a terrible site, really, as so much has happened here, and to keep morale we really don't-"

    "Gus..." Sabrina spoke up. "Just stop."

    Gus immediately moved over a bit, even mimicking the action of zipping his lips closed. Sabrina gave a tired eye roll before moving past Terra and Aqua to the bottle itself. She looked over it for a long time. No one said a thing out of respect.

    "This cork is getting too old." Sabrina finally noted, running her hand across said cork. "Someone could tap dance across it, and it would burst like nothing."

    "What's even sealed in that thing?" Ven ventured to ask. The jug itself wasn't at all impressive up close. Sure, something about it was off- but everything in Wasteland was off. At first glance, this was just a really large green glass bottle of thinner. At first, all Sabrina could do was grimace.

    "Pure evil." she told them, looking back at them with a hard expression.

    "I believe it." Terra murmured under his breath.

    The first emotion Sabrina gave after defeating the Storm Blot, and it was a hard glare at Terra. She didn't have the opportunity to call him out. The place where Sabrina had rested her hand on the cork had started to glow. She noticed the growing light out of the corner of her eye, immediately removing her hand to reveal a small keyhole.

    "This is it." Aqua said, affirming what everyone was suspecting as the small keyhole became large enough to nearly cover the entire surface of the cork.

    "Oh my...!" Gus marveled. "It's quite... bright, don't you think?"

    "What do we do with it?" Sabrina questioned.

    "Well," Aqua offered as she walked closer to Sabrina. "Since this is your world, I think you should be the one to seal it."

    Sabrina cocked an eyebrow at the Keyblade master. "Annnd, how do I do that?"

    "Just listen to your heart."


    Aqua simply gave her a sheepish laugh in response. Considering it was going to be the only thing she was going to tell Sabrina, the rest would just have to be improvised. Not that there hasn't been enough of that this week...

    Sabrina took another look at the revealed keyhole, then let out a defeated sigh. She closed her eyes before calling her Keyblade. Letting out another, more relaxed sigh, the teen held her Keyblade with both hands. The tip of the Keyblade felt like it moved on its own to face the keyhole. In a breath, the sounds around her disappeared, leaving nothing but the pound of her own heartbeat. A light resonated from the Keyblade tip to the keyhole- confirmation of its connection not a second after with a faint click.

    Not long after this, three different ringtones went off at once. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus each reached into their pockets to pull out their Gummiphones. The trio answered their phones at the same time, and were all greeted to a view of Chip and Dale on the small screens.

    "We finally got through to you guys!" Chip happily proclaimed. "We've been trying to reach ya for the past few days!"

    "Yeah! What happened to you?" Dale chimed in. "Ienzo tried to locate ya, while Ansem and Even are still going through Kairi's memories. We thought we lost you for good!"

    Sabrina carefully stepped forward, placing her hand on Ven's shoulder for support. She looked into the Gummiphone with a rather disinterested raise of her eyebrow before her face softened slightly. She didn't even bother to notice that Ven's face had flushed at having her so close. Instead, all her attention was on the two chipmunks as they likewise looked back at her in shock. Sabrina gave them a little smirk before saying;

    "Hey Chip and Dale. Remember me?"

    Chip and Dale each moved closer to the Gummiphone screen at breakneck speed. At the same time, they both exclaimed, "Sabrina!"

    "You know each other?" Terra wondered, glancing from the chipmunks to Sabrina with skepticism.

    "'Course we do!" Dale agreed.

    "Didn't she ever tell ya?" Chip asked, shoving Dale out of the way. "Back in the day, Disney Castle and Wasteland were connected. Travel between the two worlds was a piece of cake!"

    "But then somethin' happened." Dale chimed in, pushing Chip away in retribution. "We lost contact and thought Wasteland was lost for good. The king tried everything back then!"

    "Oh!" Chip realized, once again shoving Dale out of frame- this time with enough force to make Dale go flying off the desk. "It's been so excitin' seeing you again Sabrina, I forgot to ask. How's King Oswald?"

    Sabrina's face immediately fell. She refused to say a word as she left the conversation. Chip tilted his head at the oddity.

    "Is something wrong with his other majesty?"

    "We'll explain the details later." Aqua quickly told them. "What about you guys? Anything new on where Sora is?"

    "Unfortunately, no." Chip sighed. Without looking, he dodged Dale as his brother tried to ram him off the desk. The only thing it did was land Dale back on the floor again. "Just Even and Ansem going through Kairi's memories in Radiant Garden. Riku and the king are still trying to reconnect to the worlds Sora visited in the past two years. It's not easy, and there's so little to go off of still..."

    "We'll find something." Aqua told them.

    "We have to." Ven agreed, giving a small fist pump.

    "Once we're done here, we'll return to the Realm of Darkness to continue our search there as well." Terra added in.

    "You better!" Chip said, ending the call just as Dale rammed him from behind with a furious shout. The three friends laughed as they put away their Gummiphones. Just the smallest of distant lights from Disney Castle was enough to alleviate some of the gloom of Wasteland. That is, until the three wielders looked back to Sabrina.

    "We can't just leave her here." Ven softly told his friends.

    "She's the only light this world has left." Terra countered. "She has to stay here now."


    "But it's still her choice." Aqua spoke up. The boys looked at her like she had gained another head. At their doubt, she stood taller and carried a more firm tone as she clarified, "The keyhole for this world has been sealed. This means that the world has been connected to the Lanes Between again, as proven by Chip and Dale reaching us on the Gummiphone. Wasteland now has a connection to Yen Sid and Disney Castle, who can offer far more help than we can. More than Sabrina can. Do you boys see where I'm going with this?"

    Terra and Ven averted their eyes as they equally mumbled, "Yes ma'am."

    Aqua let off a rather smug grin but thought of Sabrina again.

    "Let's start the trip down the mountain." she told them. "A night's rest will do us the most good now."

    The boys agreed, all of them turning their attention to Sabrina. Gus was talking to her, but she didn't seem very present in the conversation. Of anyone that needed a good sleep, it was her.

    Unfortunately, sleeping was the last thing Sabrina wanted to do. As Terra, Aqua, Ven, and Gus got ready to sleep in Oswald's control room, Sabrina sat on his makeshift throne going through the Mickeyjunk security footage. The cameras did not cover the entirety of the tip- just the cork in the event something decided to get out. Even as her eyes burned and begged to close, she wouldn't let them. The footage wasn't the best but something felt off. It didn't matter how many times she rewound the footage to when the Storm Blot was defeated, there was something odd.

    "Keep staring at that screen, and we'll have to get a spatula to peel your eyes off."

    The voice made her heart stop for a moment. Sabrina glanced around the area before seeing Oswald entering the sanctuary. She grimaced as she rubbed her eyes. Apparently she was at the point where she was seeing things. Great. Just great . The Guardians surrounding him were not helping much either.

    "Oh!" she suddenly realized before quickly checking the footage again.

    "Oh?" Oswald mused as he came closer. The Guardians started to disperse from around him, instead going to Sabrina herself. Their presence made her acutely aware of her own exhaustion; her vision was doubling as her thoughts were confirmed.

    "When you fell, the Guardians went after you." Sabrina told him, not caring at this point if he was actually there or not. "But not all of them came up after."

    "Yeah, they're not the best cushion. Helped me get to a lower ledge though without breaking a bone. That's always nice."

    Sabrina let out a snort. She reclined a bit on the throne, and may or may not have given a very long blink. By the time she opened her eyes again, Oswald had placed a hand on hers.

    "I doubt what you're able to do way too often, princess."

    Sabrina offered a light hum and a drowsy smirk. "Always will..."

    "Maybe," he softly laughed. "But it's your choice to stay or go, Sabrina. It always will be."

    "Is it though?" the poor girl yawned.

    "Without a doubt." the old rabbit agreed, carefully getting up into her lap to hug her. "I'm proud of you, princess. Never forget that."

    Sabrina gave a small hum as she held Oswald even closer. The rabbit likewise returned the gesture as they two of them fell asleep in each other's arms. Neither were aware that Sabrina had shed several tears of grief.

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  • daybreak-academy-fanfic
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    Lost Lights: Chapter 13

    Osmore, No More

    Summary: In which a very unlucky thing happens. Word Count: 3,302 First | Previous | Next | Last ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆

    "We need to teach you how to summon a Keyblade glider." Terra grumbled as the group moved further up the mountain again. Mickeyjunk Mountain was hard to traverse without the projectors. There were areas of ridges with enough room to catch your breath- but in between, you were essentially rock climbing until you reached the next ridge. Rock climbing would be a lot easier if there were actual rocks, and not mounds of trash and forgotten memorabilia.

    "Naw, do you want the easy way out? We're already halfway up. Are your muscles really for show, then?" Sabrina teased as she continued to move. "Figures."

    "No." Terra quickly objected. "That is not at all-"

    He wasn't able to finish his sentence because his hand had slipped. Everyone paused for a precarious moment as Gus rushed to help Terra keep his footing. When Terra had readjusted, both hands firmly grasping a more stable hold, that was when everyone let out a collective sigh of relief. This hadn't been the first close call, and they all knew by now that it wouldn't be the last either.

    "If only we had a better way to get your four up to the top." Gus noted. He was more cautious of wielders now, flitting near them more often to make sure they were secure. "Ski lifts, or something."

    "But then we'd have to readjust them way too often." Sabrina countered. "Assuming we don't get a sudden influx of rejected merch. Any upset in what little balance there is could knock out everything. At least we can easily move the projectors where they're needed. Even repair one on the spot if it's not too bad."

    "But we can't use the projectors." Aqua reminded them.

    Sabrina grimaced. "Yeah. What an inconvenience." Then, under her breath, she grumbled, "Good excuse to keep some people away too."

    Terra, Aqua, and Ven shared an equal look. It didn't take much to surmise that she was talking about Oswald. Was it really a surprise that the projectors were put in use for the expressed purpose of keeping Sabrina in one place? It sounded mean, but not out of the question either.

    "How much further until we get to the next ridge?" Sabrina then asked Gus.

    "Roughly a meter and a half, if my calculations are correct."

    "Good." she huffed. "All this whining and emotional drama is making me exhausted. Can't get out of this world soon enough."

    Ven gave Sabrina a curious tilt of his head. He supposed he could understand a part of where she was coming from. She had been told to stay in one place for as long as she could remember. With the opportunity to leave coming up close, the taste of something new was overwhelming. But didn't she have some fear of what could happen? She was tied to the natural spirits of Wasteland. Wouldn't that have an effect on this world if she left? Didn't she want to say goodbye to anyone? She must have had some friends around here that would have been upset that she was going away...

    "Made it." Sabrina said as she climbed on top of the next ledge. After unhooking some of her climbing gear, she then turned around to watch the others climb up as well.

    Terra and Aqua came up without a problem. Ven was a little behind, and was honestly pretty eager to stop climbing. In his eagerness, he looked up to figure out how much longer he could go before reaching the ledge, and instead he looked straight at Sabrina. Even sitting, she stood tall and holding an air of authority. It was amazing, considering all that she’s been through. Spare for that one vulnerable moment on the train, you could hardly tell that she was upset over her relationship with Oswald. Ven wasn’t paying much attention when his hand slipped on a hold.

    It wasn’t even until Sabrina called out his name in surprise before he realized that he was falling over. His mind was too focused on her hand in his. That was when it kicked in that he was now dangling for his life.

    "Gus!" Sabrina quickly called out, grunting as she had to use both hands to keep Ven up. "A little help!"

    "Right away!" the gremlin agreed the moment he saw their predicament. He quickly disappeared, then reappeared behind Ven. Gus took a firm hold of Ven's clothes as he helped Sabrina hoist Ven up. Terra and Aqua had turned around, but by the time they could have helped, Gus and Sabrina had already gotten Ven on the ledge proper.

    “What were you thinking?” Sabrina snapped at Ven. The young man just blinked at her. Instead, he looked back down the ledge. The idea that he almost fell down just seconds before seemed like a fever dream.

    "That's a long way down." Ven noted in a small voice.

    Sabrina looked at him, then also looked down the ledge.

    "Yeah..." she agreed, her voice also a bit subdued. But then she gave a quick shake of her head before turning back to him. “If you fall over the edge again, I’m not saving you. You’re as good as dead.”

    Ven looked over at Sabrina just to study her. She looked mad. But there was a tiny flicker of something else in her eyes. He wanted to get closer, to see just what that tiny something was, before his thoughts were caught off by Gus.

    “A fall from this height would be particularly nasty indeed.” the gremlin told them. “You might get lucky and hit one of the previous ledges, but I wouldn’t bet on it.”

    The gremlin gave a little shutter at the idea.

    “Righto, then.” he then proposed. “Oswald’s sanctuary is only a hop, skip, and a jump from here. Let’s get going away from the, uh, ledge. Shall we?”

    Sabrina and Ventus exchanged a look before looking back at Gus.

    "Let's get going." Sabrina decided as she got up. Gus gave her a firm nod before going on back to where Terra and Aqua were. Sabrina dusted herself off for a moment, then looked over at Ven. He was carefully getting up as well. The corner of her mouth snarled but she said nothing. Instead, she left him there- looking far more tense than what she had been when he slipped.

    . . .

    The door to Oswald's liar stood tall and rather intimidating along the mountain's side. It took Terra, Ventus, and Gus to get it open. The door opened to a large room with a long winding staircase, not unlike the one in Yen Sid's tower. With their only option to go up, that was exactly what the group did. The staircase led up to a large room with its center point being a throne outfitted with some sort of viewing screen on the right armrest. Behind the throne and on the ramps leading up to it where open doors to another, much smaller room that also looked to have various televisions and control panels inside of it.

    Gus was the first to lead them on, Sabrina lingered near the back.

    Oswald had been waiting for them in the smaller room. Seeing him nearly gave everyone a start.

    "Nice to know no one fell off the mountain." the rabbit sheepishly chuckled. "That would have been bad."

    "You think?" Sabrina immediately retorted. Oswald flinched. The rabbit carefully moved closer to her- something that Terra, Aqua, Ventus, and Gus easily got out of the way for.

    "Look, Sabrina, I need to apologize." he said to her. Sabrina just raised an eyebrow at him, folding her arms in defiance.

    "You think?" she spat.

    "Well, if you keep that attitude up, I might just change my mind again."

    The teen and the rabbit glared at each other for a moment before an equal grin etched onto their faces. Gus also had a small smile on his face. He leaned over to Terra, Ventus, and Aqua and whispered to them, "He can never really stay mad at her. She is his first child, after all."

    "Sounds a lot like how our master used to treat Terra." Aqua whispered back, even giving Terra a nudge.

    "That's not how I remember it." Terra hissed- although his face was starting to heat up. "It was Ven he went easy on."

    "Nu-uh!" the teen joined in. The three gave each other hard, accusatory glares before erupting into small laughters.

    Gus tried to stifle a laugh of his own before looking back over at Oswald and Sabrina. The duo really had seemed to make up rather easily. Sabrina had gotten down to her knees to be at Oswald's height. The rabbit didn't waste any time in giving her a quick hug. In a small, subtle moment, Sabrina held him just as tight.

    "Everything I do is to protect you, you know." he said, quietly, as if he knew it was a weak excuse for everything that had happened. "There's so much we don't know about you. What you're able to do..."

    "You know as well as I do that I'm not going to figure it out here." she just as easily pointed out, moving away a bit so they could look each other in the eye. "Let me train with Master Aqua. Maybe for a year or something. If something goes wrong here, we're not going to know until it happens. I need to learn, we need to take risks. Just give me that much."

    But Oswald's mirth was still easily broken.

    "Princess..." he tried to say, but faltered.

    "If I can interject for a moment," Aqua suggested, carefully making her way to the duo as Ven and Terra went into some argument on who Master Eraqus had been tougher on. "She'll be safe in the Land of Departure, Oswald. We won't let anything bad happen to her while she's still learning. We can even avoid contact with King Mickey regarding her, if you'd like. He doesn't have to know that she's related to you."

    Oswald looked at Aqua for a moment- simply studying her for some kind of lie. It was her genuine sincerity that made him give in.

    "Let's seal the keyhole first." he decided. "We still have a lot to discuss about it."

    "Of course." Aqua agreed. She gave him a smile before returning to her friends and the gremlin.

    Oswald watched her leave, but was easily distracted when Sabrina gave him another tight hug.

    "Thank you." she quietly mumbled.

    "I haven't made up my mind yet." he told her, stepping out of their hug. "We still have things to do."

    Sabrina gave him a silent nod as she got to her feet. They joined the others and got ready to climb that last leg of the mountain.

    . . .

    From this height, they could almost see the entirety of Wasteland. Assuming they could see through the dark clouds, of course. The top of the mountain contained a sturdy, but not very thick, ledge that led way to a platform guiding one to a rather large glass jug.

    "Everyone here?" Gus asked, making a preemptive head count regardless. No one could disagree otherwise. The gremlin gave a rather proud smile at the little fact. "Good." he then said. "We should make haste to the bottle, then. Unless anyone has any other objections?"

    "I think we're all good, Gus." Terra smiled.

    "I wouldn't be so sure about that," Oswald told the both of them before directing everyone's attention to something.

    Close to the path leading to the jug, a puddle of darkness was starting to take form. The Keyblade wielders all got ready for a fight as the darkness grew in size. The darkness took the form of a Darkside, its empty eyes looking down at everyone before starting to raise its hand.

    "Get cover, quickly!" Aqua managed to tell everyone before the Darkside slammed its hand on the ground. The ledge shook a little, but it did not stop the Darkside from pulling out a large ball of darkness, ready to attack them.

    "Gus, go make sure the seal on the jug remains in tact." Oswald quickly told the gremlin. "I'll stay here with the kids."

    "Righto, your majesty!" the gremlin agreed with a salute.

    "You should go too." Sabrina argued. "We don't know how Wasteland as a world will react when I leave, but the people will be expecting you."

    Oswald laughed. "This old rabbit still has a few tricks, princess. Just watch."

    Sabrina gave her caretaker a rather bemused half smirk before the two of them went into battle. They quickly fell in line with the instructions Aqua gave to subdue the Darkside. She tried to keep Terra and Ventus on the offensive, while she, Sabrina, and Oswald were more defensive. It worked well as they quickly beat down the Darkside.

    "This guy's not so tough!" Oswald declared as they had the Darkside on its last legs. He spoke too soon, as the Darkside lazily lulled its head to his direction. It started to lift its hand, then slammed it close to where Oswald was. The shock knocked Oswald back quite a bit.

    "Oswald!" Sabrina exclaimed, immediately going over to him.

    "I'm fine." he told her as he got up again. "Don't let your guard down."

    She gave him a quick nod before their attention returned to the Darkside. It was still looking at them with a dulled interest. The creature once more thrust its hand into the ground, withdrawing another ball of darkness. Instead of raising the condensed darkness in the air, it instead directed it to the side- roughly the same direction to where Sabrina and Oswald was standing.

    "Aqua, what is it doing?" Terra questioned. But the Keyblade master had never seen a Darkside do this before.

    "I'm not sure," she admitted, tightening the grip on her Keyblade, "But stand ready for anything."

    Both Terra and Ventus gave her a firm nod, also adjusting their hold on their Keyblades. The Darkside continued with its plan, using the concentrated darkness to spawn a row of Shadows between the two groups. Sabrina did her best to fight off what she could, but multiple Shadows were able to swipe at her. She flinched at each blow and took several steps back to avoid more. Oswald hung close to her- serving quite a few kicks for defense. Aqua gave a half glance at them before an idea came to her. She studied just where the Shadows were leading Oswald and Sabrina, and nearly gasped.

    "It's trying to force them off the ledge." Aqua realized in horror. She turned to Terra and Ventus to quickly tell them, "Take out the Darkside now! I'll cover for the other two!"

    The boys didn't need to be told twice, working even faster to subdue the Darkside. The creature of darkness had no intent on stopping its attack. Even with Aqua helping to take out the Shadows, more just appeared to further force Sabrina and Oswald toward the end of the ledge. The Shadows were able to lure the duo very close to the edge. They were also starting to cluster more together- a trait that made Oswald realize something with a start.

    "Sabrina, look out!" Oswald shouted. After that, several things happened at once.

    The Shadows lunged for the Keyblade wielder, but Oswald forced her down in time. Unfortunately, it meant that he was instead barreled by the Heartless. They all fell over the edge as Terra and Ventus dealt the last blow on the Darkside. Every Heartless in the area disappeared in a puff of smoke, but Oswald was left to fall. Sabrina let out a horrified shout of "Dad!" as Oswald fell too far out of reach. She almost fell herself had Aqua not pulled her back over. At the same time, a mass of Guardians appeared and seemed to follow after Oswald, but they were all lost in the cloud cover. After a few dreadful seconds, the Guardians came back up, empty handed.

    "No..." Sabrina whimpered, falling to her knees. "No, no, no, no, no!"

    "Sabrina..." Aqua carefully said, reaching out to her. Sabrina quickly got out of the way of her touch. She didn't want to be touched right now. She didn't want anyone else to be around right now. She wanted to be alone. She wanted to cry.

    The Guardians tried to surround her -to distract her from her misery as they always did- but she refused their aid.

    "Go away!" she screamed at the Guardians. For a moment, it looked like they had flinched. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus had. "This is all your fault! You didn't... You didn't save him! Now... now he's gone... Wasteland has no one..."

    "They still have you." Aqua carefully told her.

    Sabrina immediately turned around just to give Aqua a nasty glare of contempt. But she couldn't hold it. She looked back down at the ground, shaking her head in grief.

    "I was a princess in name, not in practice." she spat, although the fire within was all but diminished. "They have no hope now."

    "Sabrina," Aqua carefully said, even taking a seat next to her, "You are Wasteland's hope. Have you never saw it? It was why Oswald wanted you to have the title of princess to begin with. It was why he was so protective of you. You are part of the light that guides this world, don't extinguish it just yet."

    Sabrina's face scrunched into absolute disgust. However, she knew that Aqua was right. She carefully got to her feet (rather annoyed at how lightheaded she was from grief) before looking between Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. What they did next depended all on her now.

    "We're still going to seal the keyhole." she decided. "After that...? I guess Gus and I are going to have a town meeting, or something. Preferably before the Mad Doctor or some other loon gets any ideas."

    "Good plan." Aqua agreed, standing up as well. Terra gave a nod to show he was in agreement, but Ven was still a bit hesitant. For now, it was all the votes of confidence Sabrina needed to keep going.

    The four of them started to move out with this new plan in mind. They did not get very far as a shadow came over the ledge. Terra, Aqua, Sabrina, and Ventus turned back to where Oswald had fallen to see a large mass of something that no one could fully describe. What was for certain was that it started to hang over the area like a large cloud, and coming down from that cloud was what appeared to be Oswald's own distorted face. Parts of his face almost looked like they were melting off; like paint that was still wet, or blotted ink.

    "Is it a Heartless?" Terra questioned, readying his Keyblade.

    "It looks like it's made out of ink." Aqua thought out loud, also preparing herself for a battle.

    "What are we going to do?" Ventus then wondered. He summoned his Keyblade, but was hesitant to use it. "If it's Oswald's Heartless, then..."

    "Then we're going to beat it back."

    The trio looked back at the fourth Keyblade wielder. She too had summoned her Keyblade.

    "Sabrina?" Ven was first to question. Sabrina only got into her battle stance- albeit a bit hesitantly.

    "I don't know what that thing is," she said, "But I know this; it's not him. If that monster is the only thing stopping us from doing the one thing we've set out to do since you three arrived, then it must die."

    "Sabrina..." Aqua also noted in lament.

    The teen only tightened her battle stance. Her only advice to the others was a small, "Don't hold back."

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    An explanation: imagine the entire gremlins lore, but gremlins are dogs and pilots are their owners. This is what you'll get.

    ... I'm slowly going insane.

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  • choxlbun
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    GGQ Au Gremlin Gus in epic mickey, REAL???

    (I love this version of him, don't mind me)

    #gremlin gus#epic mickey#disney gremlins #epic mickey gremlins #the gremlins #great gremlin quest au
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  • jokesitos-art
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    I got into a new interest bc a friend.

    So i did a quick fan art

    #gremlin gus#the gremlins#doodle#my art#cartoon#i tried#fan art#digital art #GUS MY BELOVED 🥺🥺🥺🥺💓💕💙💖💖💙💕💗💓💗💕💙💕💙💓💕💙💕💙💓💗💗 #disney gremlins
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    Lost Lights: Chapter 12

    A Town in Shadow

    Summary: In which Sabrina is 100% done with plot related roadblocks, and Chirithy bullies Oswald. Word Count: 3,125 First | Previous | Next | Last ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆ ⚬ ☆

    Sabrina sat as far away as she could from the others on the train ride. Terra and Aqua pretended not to notice. Ven, on the other hand, was stuck in a memory. He remembered when he, Terra, and Aqua had met up in Radiant Garden when Xehanort had played them all like a fiddle. He remembered how he felt after the three of them took down the Trinity Armor. There was enough distrust between them then that Terra demanded to go his own way, and Aqua pushed Ven to go back home. It felt like his friends had abandoned him while still standing right there. The feeling was awful.

    He wondered if Sabrina was feeling the same way.

    "One of us has to talk to her." he finally said, just loud enough for just Terra and Aqua to hear. To his annoyance, Aqua shook her head.

    "She needs time to sort things out on her own. Just give her some space."

    "But-" the teen found himself arguing. "I can't let her be alone. She needs to know she's not alone."

    "I agree with Aqua on this." Terra affirmed, putting a hand on Ven's shoulder. "Our goal is the find the keyhole so we can continue to look for Sora. Any lingering problems between Oswald and Sabrina are out of our control."

    Ven shook himself out of Terra's grip and stood firm. "But you heard her!" he went on, his voice getting a bit too loud, but he wasn't in the mood to care. "She's not going to stay in this world just because Oswald's worried about her. She'll find a way out, even if we don't bring her along. Can't we at least make sure that the path she does take is the safer one?"

    Considering this, Terra and Aqua just gave each other an equally conflicted glance. Once more, it was Aqua who relented first.

    "Just... let her know that we need Oswald's permission to train her. The world order still needs to be kept."

    Ven was so relieved to hear this, that he almost hugged Aqua.

    "Thank you." he gratefully said to her before going over to Sabrina. His grateful attitude started to diminish a bit the closer he got to the conflicted teen. Sabrina noticed him approach out of the corner of her eye, and her body immediately stiffened.

    "If you hug me, I'll give you a black eye." she told him once he was close enough. Ven just as quickly threw his hands up in defense.

    "I'm not. I just wanted to sit next to you, if you'll let me."

    She gave him a hard glare as she looked him over.

    "Fine." she grumbled before scooting over a bit for him to sit. Ven beamed at the acceptance, and took a careful seat next to her. He still gave plenty of room between them though- he knew his luck was limited. Starting to draw little circles with his foot, he then carefully tried to make conversation.

    "Aqua will make sure to have your caretakers' permission before you leave this world. It would affect the world order if we just plucked Keyblade wielders from their homes all willy-nilly."

    "He'll let me go." she hissed at him. "He knows I hate it here now."

    "What about the Guardians? Would they let you leave?"

    Sabrina's brow furrowed. "Why should they matter?" she questioned.

    "They protect you." the other teen pointed out. "They surrounded you when you were found, signifying that you are important to them. You said yourself that you believe your heart was once tied with Wasteland. I think it's why the Guardians protect you. Your hearts are connected."

    "In that case, they would know more than anyone that it's my time to go. Dunno how Wasteland itself will deal with it, but you know? Not my problem anymore."

    Ven curiously looked her over. She wasn't believing a word she was saying- or, at the very least, a good portion of what she was saying. She was worried about how Wasteland as a world would react to her absence. Her fingers dug into the seat of the bench as she thought it over. From this angle, Ven could just barely see her eyes become a bit more glossy. Her stubborn refusal to blink made it slightly more obvious as well.

    "You're allowed to cry." he gently pointed out to her.

    "I'm not going to cry." she indignantly spat. She averted her eyes for a moment before going on to mumble, "Not in front of you three, anyway."

    Ven gave her a small nod of understanding. Still, he felt like he needed to say something to her. But what ...?

    "Now entering Ostown station!" the announcer over the train's intercom announced.

    "Let's just get this over with." Sabrina mumbled to herself before getting up. Ven did not bother to stop her. Then he thought of something that sent a shock through his body.

    "Sabrina," he said, standing up as well, as his thought came to him. Sabrina stopped for a moment to look back at him. He gave her enough time to raise a skeptic eyebrow before telling her, "You can have a strong heart and still be vulnerable. No one would think any less of you for it."

    She just looked at him for a moment. When she turned away, she made sure he couldn't see her angrily brush away a tear that managed to run down her face.

    . . .

    Something about Ostown tried to be cheerful, but something else just wouldn't allow it to. It might have been because of the smaller area- only consisting of four or five houses with a shop on the opposite side. Looking up, it became quick to see that the snowcapped mountain was the true ominous force behind the town's attempt at peace. Far enough away that only the tip could be seen, but close enough that the reminder of what transpired there carried deep shadows. Aqua almost went back into the train station. Darkness was prominent here. How could no one else feel it?

    "Oswald's lucky," Sabrina carefully said, stepping next to Aqua, "He gets to use the projectors to head straight his hideout. We have to go past her house."

    Maybe Aqua wasn't the only one aware of the looming shadows here...

    "Her?" the Keyblade master repeated. Sabrina only answered by pointing in a certain direction. Aqua looked to where she was pointing and noticed a pink house. It was a charming little abode with red heart patterned flower boxes on the windows and a matching trim. Aqua took notice of a few bunny children sitting in the front lawn. Their faces were that of mourning. Admittedly, it took Aqua a few seconds longer to put two and two together. Her reaction came out in a soft, "Oh."

    "We're actually very close to where the caverns are located here." Sabrina then said, speaking more of a thought than addressing Aqua proper. "We could have used the D.E.C. here instead of the one on Mean Street. Probably would have been faster, too."

    "I understand why we didn't." Aqua agreed. She looked to where the tip of Mickeyjunk could be seen before going on. "This part of Wasteland is... different than the others. The shadows cast here are long and cold. I can only assume this is why so few others are here unlike on Mean Street. There, between the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy to forget the scars of this world. But here? They're practically at arm's reach."

    "Yeah..." Sabrina carefully admitted. But then she shook her head, getting them back on track. Sabrina gave the trio the motion to follow her before leading them to the other end of the area.

    The shadows became more prominent the closer the four of them got to Mickeyjunk's entrance. The large archway, blocked with a metal door that must have operated as a drawbridge, suddenly made Aqua realize that the high wall surrounding the little town served a second purpose. It wasn't just to hide the shadow of the mountain over them, it was to protect them from anything that tried to leave the mountain. Sabrina took one look at the closed pathway and nearly kicked the door.

    "You have got to be kidding me!" she shouted in outright annoyance.

    It was Terra who gave the door a curious side glance before looking back to Sabrina to ask, "What's wrong?"

    Sabrina glared at him. She gestured to the door with enough force to almost sprain a muscle before questioning, "What do you think is wrong? The drawbridge is closed! We can't get in!" She then spun on her heel for face the door again with enough contempt to kill. Letting out a frustrated scream, the trio laid witness to Sabrina punching the metal door with every force in her body. She didn't immediately recoil from the impact, but when she did withdraw her hand, she gave it a few hard shakes as if it would help the throbbing.

    "Did that help?" Terra asked, trying to hold back his hypocritical amusement.

    "No." came the annoyed reply. "But if there's going to be more roadblocks, I'll make a way whether the world likes it or not."

    "Is there a way to do it before you crush your hand?" Ven then carefully asked.

    Slightly rubbing her hand now, Sabrina motioned her head to the only store in the area. "The Gag Factory has an emergency kill switch that can only be activated by members of the royal family." She grimaced for a moment before adding, "Assuming no one's changed the permissions yet, I should be able to activate it."

    "Then let's go!" Ven decided, pumping his fist with determination.

    Sabrina shook her head. "The Gag Factory's been closed for years. Unless you snatch a gremlin to unlock the doors for you, no one's getting in."

    "Maybe Gus could help?" Aqua suggested. "He's the leader of the gremlins, right? And he seems like he would lend a hand if we asked."

    "Maybe." the teen agreed in a small grumble. "Let's go find out."

    The four of them walked over to the Gag Factory before Sabrina called for Gus. There was a moment's delay before the gremlin appeared before them, but he was still kind as he offered his help.

    "What can I help you four with?" he asked quite honorably.

    "We need to get into the Gag Factory." Sabrina shortly informed him.

    "Oh?" the gremlin mused, taken aback. "For what reason?"

    "The keyhole is at Mickeyjunk Mountain," Aqua explained before Sabrina could snap at him again, "The bridge is up, so we need to use the emergency switch in this store to bring it down again."

    Gus gave a nod of understanding. "Allow me to open this door for you, then." he agreed. Aqua gave her thanks before the gremlin pulled out his trusty wrench and beat away at the front door. It took a few moments for a small clunk to be heard, then the door to the Gag Factory opened.

    "The switch should be in one of the backrooms," Sabrina told no one in particular as she headed on in. "Don't wait up."

    Terra was the first to follow after her, then Ven. Aqua was a bit reluctant to follow, but did so to make sure no one did anything reckless. This left Gus all by his lonesome outside still. The gremlin considered something before letting out a bewildered, "Wait a minute!" as he followed the four inside.

    "What's wrong Gus?" Aqua asked, still following the others, but slowing her pace so the gremlin could float beside her.

    "It's just..." the gremlin said, "The mountain is hardly safe enough for a single person to traverse. Let alone four. Why would you want to go up without a guide?"

    "I know my way up the mountain, Gus." Sabrina snapped as she moved a box out of the way.

    "Not all the way." Gus carefully pointed out. The slamming of another box Sabrina had to move was the indicator that the wrong cord had been struck. Gus had flinched- however unaware he was of Sabrina's current situation with Oswald, Mickeyjunk had always been a sore spot between the two of them. Arguments that things could have been different if other people had come along, the insistence that one's life could replace another's. It was rather heartbreaking, honestly.

    "Is this the switch we're looking for?" Terra asked, distracting everyone to what he had found. It was an odd looking device, colored all in red with a keypad next to the switch (fashioned a lot like a light switch) itself.

    "Yeah." Sabrina agreed as she came over. She gestured for Terra to move so she could look at the device better. Sabrina grimaced as she entered a code on the keypad. A confirming beep let her know that she could flip the switch- something she did without a moment's hesitation. A silence filled the Gag Factory as the five of them waiting for some sort of signal that it worked. There was a light shake, and the sound of something heavy landing outside, that gave them the confirmation they needed.

    "Let's not waste any more time." Sabrina decided. "The faster we get this over with, the faster we can leave."

    "Wait," Gus spoke up, purposely placing himself toward the exit so she couldn't go far. "I will not let you go up the mountain alone. You need a guide. I can inform Oswald that you're going to-"

    "Oswald already knows." Sabrina snapped at him. She took a controlled breath in before adding, "I don't belong in this world anymore, Gus. I need to leave. Because of that, I'm not Wasteland's princess anymore. I'm just a mean girl with a weird key. And if you think that you can stop me, then you don't know me very well."

    "I wasn't going to stop you." the gremlin informed her. For a moment, he looked rather amused at the idea. But his expression softened as he moved a bit closer to her. "But I do want you to be safe. I will be your guide up the mountain, if you'll allow me. You will always be this world's princess, my dear. It's etched into the depths of your heart."

    Sabrina looked at him with a scowl of disgust. She turned to Aqua, Terra, and Ventus with this glare before asking them, "Do you three have any oppositions?"

    It was a small comfort when the three friends shook their heads.

    . . .

    Oswald was already at Mickeyjunk Mountain. His little hideout was located very close to the top, and was outfitted with enough television monitors to look like a surveillance room. In some essence, it was. Mickeyjunk itself had several hidden cameras at various locations. It had originally been as a security measure to keep what was bottled at the top of the mountain under watch. After Ortensia was lost, it became a reason to keep watch on Sabrina should she dare to exact revenge. Oswald had to grimace at the thought- he and her were too similar sometimes. That was why he had to keep her at Dark Beauty. Never mind her connection to the Guardians, however deep that went, he couldn't let her become him .

    "If you continue to do nothing more than lock her away, you'll only be encouraging her to become the very thing you despise."

    Surprised, Oswald immediately swung his chair around to find two Chirithy standing there. He looked between the two of them. One, he knew, belonged to Sabrina, but he could not easily tell which.

    "You're supposed to be at the fire station." he told them, regardless. "You disobeyed my orders."

    "And it's about time someone did!" Chirithy on the left declared, then just as easily recoiled at its own words. Chirithy took a step back before mumbling, "Why didn't you ever tell me that she's almost an adult now? You made me miss so much..."

    So the Chirithy on the left was Sabrina's. A twinge of guilt hit Oswald's heart.

    "We agreed to that, Chirithy." he said. "Because we didn't know how she would react to her old memories."

    Chirithy recoiled again. "Yes, but..."

    "But Chirithy were made to watch over the wielder." the Chirithy on the right spoke up. It placed a gentle hand on its friend's shoulder before stepping forward. "What you did to Chirithy was horrifying. Forcing us to just sit in a room while our wielder grew up? What kind of monster would do that?! And , considering you did this before the Thinner Disaster, it just goes to prove that you never cared Sabrina! You always wanted to hold her back because she had a Keyblade like King Mickey!"

    Oswald immediately got out of his chair to demand, "Now wait a minute!" while Sabrina's Chirithy also looked appalled at the idea. But Ven's Chirithy wasn't going to back down. It knew a thing or two about being left behind, and it wasn't going to let it happen to another on purpose.

    "Am I wrong?" Chirithy challenged. "You've done nothing but hold her back, keep secrets from her, because you thought she was dangerous!"

    "Of course that's not true!" Oswald thundered back. "Sure, at the beginning it was suspicious that the Guardians protected her. But she was just a kid! She barely knew who she was! Sabrina is my first child, and I'll keep her safe until it kills me!"

    "But have you considered that you're killing her instead?"

    Oswald gave a hard look at the unrelenting Chirithy. When the truth finally came to him, he slumped back into his chair with a groan.

    "I'm a horrible leader." the rabbit mumbled as he buried his head in his hands. "Can't lead my own people, can't lead my kids..."

    The Chirithy looked at each other for a moment before giving each other a nod. Sabrina's Chirithy bounded over to Oswald and placed a hand on his lap.

    "You know more than anyone that she's ready to let her heart lead." it quietly told him. "You helped fuel the light in her heart for this long- now it's time to let her shine on her own. She's a lot stronger than you think."

    Oswald carefully put his hands down. The calm smile on Chirithy's face brought a small one of his own.

    "You'll still be watching over her, right?" he asked, giving the Dream Eater a little scratch near its ear. Chirithy nodded.

    "It's our only job." it agreed.

    "Guess I should go apologize, huh?" the old rabbit sheepishly laughed. Chirithy only gave him a warm smile in agreement.

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