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  • grey’s rewatch update question:

    do you think they made callie so gross and insufferable with the sofia thing as a way to punish sara for wanting to leave (kinda like they did with katherine heigl and izzy)?

    what i wouldn’t give to have an uncensored sara ramirez dissertation on that storyline.

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  • Meredith: so? I drowned. What’s the big deal? I died. Fine.

    Ellis: I died too.

    Meredith: I cannot be in the afterlife together with my mom. Guess I’ll just be alive then.

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  • You want to call me Dr. Model? That’s fine. Just remember that while you’re sitting on 200 grand of student loans… I’m out of debt.

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  • moodboard: stephanie x leah

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  • I’ve been binge watching Grey’s Anatomy and I just want to say I’m having a good time

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  • Remember when I said I was taking a two day writing break? Well that didn’t happen and this is the second mini fic that I’ve written today (the other is part of that Winter prompt series so ye won’t see it for awhile) I love Maggie as a character and thought it was about time that I showed her some love, I’m predicting that Winston is going to be an interesting addition to the cast and this is just a lil something about how his and Maggie’s relationship might have panned out it there was no pandemic…enjoy…

    “Go on a date with me, I know you’re crazy busy but one hour, that’s all I need to prove to you that something more than friendship exists here”

    Maggie had her reservations about going on a date with Winston, yes she liked him and she couldn’t deny that she found him incredibly sexy but any man who would move just over 3000 miles just to pursue a woman seemed insane. When she spotted him being shown around Grey Sloan by Bailey, she’d ducked down behind the nurses station which had confused Meredith and Amelia who’d crouched down to question why their sister was hiding from such a good looking stranger. Once Maggie revealed to her sisters what had happened between her and Winston at the medical conference and how he’d asked her to move to Boston or to say yes to him moving to Seattle, his sisters had very different opinions on the situation. Meredith who was jaded by her breakup with DeLuca agreed with Maggie that it seemed pretty crazy that he’d move to Seattle on a whim after a one night stand but Amelia who was floating on cloud nine as she and Link fell more and more in love with their baby and each other, thought that Winston’s gesture was romantic and meant that he obviously thought Maggie was something special.

    Despite her sisters’ varying takes on the situation, they both agreed that the best thing would be for Maggie to confront Winston and let him know where they stood, something she was pretty embarrassed about when he chuckled upon hearing the accusation that he’d moved there for her. Winston swore that he had been recommended for the job by a doctor at Tufts and due to the significant pay rise and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital’s stellar reputation that it would’ve been foolish not to take it, he’d revelled in her embarrassment for a moment before plastering on a flirtatious smirk and telling her that the fact she worked there was just a benefit that he’d get to enjoy every day. Maggie believed him, after secretly fact checking with Catherine that he had indeed been hired after a recommendation from Tufts, and they fell into a routine of flirting and teasing that led them to be mistaken for a couple more than once. Maggie knew that Winston had romantic feelings for her and she’d have been lying if she said that she didn’t have similar ones for him but she’d been burned before and with the knowledge that dating co-workers always got complicated so after talking everything through, she and Winston decided on friendship.

    It took a total of three weeks for them to decide being just friends was overrated and they spent the night together, when she told her sisters about it Meredith had clearly thought that sleeping with Winston was a mistake while Amelia had cheered so loudly she woke her son, this time around Maggie found herself leaning to more towards agreeing more with Amelia’s enthusiasm than Meredith’s cautious attitude. She and Winston realized that friends with benefits would be a mutually satisfying arrangement and deluded themselves into believing that it wouldn’t get complicated despite the fact they were both harboring deep feelings for the other.

    One night, a month later when they were laying in bed together, sweat coating their bodies and the feelings of pure ecstasy running through them, Winston declared his feelings for Maggie and when she voiced her reservations, downplaying her feelings for him because of how scared she was of how deep they were, he told her all it would take to prove that more than friendship existed between them was one hour and she found herself agreeing.

    “I know another spot if your down”

    To ensure that their dinner date only lasted an hour, they didn’t order starters or desserts and began a timer of Winston’s phone that would chime once the 60 minutes were over. Maggie was wearing a yellow dress that she and Amelia had bought just that morning when they’d gone shopping for more baby onesies for Amelia’s son and found themselves in a boutique instead, her hair was braided in the way she loved and when Winston told her that she looked breathtakingly beautiful, she grew bashful. While people had complimented her looks in the past and numerous boyfriends had told her that certain parts of her body were attractive, Maggie had never really believed them but when Winston complimented her, she accepted the compliment already knowing that he could never be less than sincere.

    It seemed to good to be true, the restaurant that Winston had picked had an electric atmosphere, the flavors of the food danced on her tongue and the awkward lulls in conversation that often occurred on first dates were non-existent, the hour passed by in what felt like mere minutes and when they stepped out of the restaurant and huddled together under Winston’s umbrella, instead of letting Winston call her a cab like he offered to do, Maggie found herself asking him if he wanted to spend another hour with her. He’d agreed and she’d guided him to a bar that she and her sisters often drank in on their nights off, this time no countdown clock was set and they found themselves sitting across from one another at a table at the back of the bar sipping on drinks and talking about everything and nothing. They were playing footsie under the table and both laughed in shock when last orders were called at 2AM. They had spent nearly five hours talking and drinking but neither felt the slightest bit tipsy as they left the bar and stepped out into the rain and shared a passionate kiss, feeling raindrops drench their them as Winston’s umbrella sat discarded in a bucket by the entrance of the door. Both Maggie and Winston found themselves feeling thankful that they weren’t working the next day as they went on the search for somewhere to spend another hour after deciding they weren’t ready to part just yet.

    “What time did you get in last night?”

    Winston had made a lot of friends in Seattle and he and Maggie found themselves making out in the back of an Uber as they headed to a house party one of his friends were having to celebrate their birthday. The music was thumping and Maggie who would only dance when Meredith would force her to, found herself dragging Winston to the makeshift dance floor, their bodies moved in sync and when Winston twirled her around Maggie threw her head back laughing louder than she ever had before. The next few hours were a blur of dances, drinks and being introduced to a number of different people as Winston’s date, every time he introduced her as such, Maggie found herself smiling, she loved how it sounded and wondered if there’d be a day that Winston would proudly introduce her as his girlfriend. If life was predictable, she and Winston would’ve ended their perfect date spending yet another hour or so together back in the privacy of his apartment but as the party dispersed, Maggie found her body was aching with exhaustion and Winston escorted her home, sharing a chaste goodnight kiss at the door before taking the Uber back to his own place.

    When Maggie tiredly entered the kitchen the next morning, she was greeted by the sight of an exhausted Meredith sipping coffee and Amelia rocking her baby in her arms as she stared at Maggie knowingly. After Maggie admitted that she returned home around 5 or 6AM, she found herself apologizing after Meredith explained that her drunken trek up the stairs hadn’t been as quiet as she’d thought, and she’d basically woken the whole house. Meredith didn’t stay mad for long as Maggie filled her sisters in on the rest of her night because she could finally see the shining glint in Maggie’s eyes that Amelia had been talking about since the day Winston had arrived in Seattle. It was clear that Maggie was in love with Winston and as they helped Maggie comprise the perfect text to send him, both Meredith and Amelia found themselves hoping that Maggie and Winston would spent a lot more hours together as something more than friends.

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