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  • Prioritized love • Jackson Avery

    Warnings: none

    Word Count: 1092


    Working 24/7 was a bad habit of yours. You could say that although that saving people was one of your favorite things to do.

    Day or night. It didn’t matter to you. If you could save a person’s life by performing a 12-hour surgery, you would put everything aside and save the person’s life.

    Being a surgeon wasn’t just a thing you wanted to do. It was the thing that kept your heart beating. Kept you smiling every day. Kept going after losing people. Or after a bad day.

    Although people didn’t like it, no they hated the moments where you were looking exhausted, and you wouldn’t go home.

    Especially your colleagues they hated it with a passion. And you knew they meant it in a good way. But you were stubborn, and there was nothing you could do about it.

    Neither did Jackson like it when you were working on finding a diagnosis until 2 or 3 AM. No, he’d rather have you home.

    “Doctor Y/L/N, you have to let me in on the 6-hour surgery.” You were walking through the hall as you saw Dahlia Qadri walking next to you.

    “Give me one reason why Qadri.” The focused tone in your voice made her look at you.

    “Have you seen how I placed my religion aside and removed my hijab? How much I’m alike with you, that I keep working to save people?” She rambled to you, a small smile playing on her lips, looking you in the eyes.

    “You and I are not alike, let’s leave it at that.” You stated, watching her smile leave her lips. “Dr. Kepner has surgery in an hour, be there on time.”

    “Dr. Kepner? What if I prefer to learn from you?” Dahlia placed an arm as the both of you stopped. “You and Doctor Grey are the reasons that I’m here.”

    You released a sigh, watching the girl give you her best pair of puppy eyes and a kind smile which made you release a snort. “Meredith has a surgery going on now actually.”

    “Like now, now.” The girl frowned, pointing her fingers to the ground in question.

    “Now, now.” You nodded your head with a heartfelt laugh, placing a hand on Dahlia’s shoulder. “O.R 2, Qadri.”

    Nodding at your words the girl ran away and hoped she was in time for the surgery she’d wanted to be a part of for this one time.

    Laughing to yourself, you strolled over to the coffee machine, filling yourself a cup before going to your office.

    Taking a hold of the two documents that were laying across your desk, you rubbed your forehead in a slightly tired state, but you weren’t going to go home just yet.

    Closing your eyes for a few seconds, a faint knock was heard across the room.

    “Come in.” Noticing April walking through the door you smiled at the woman. “Oh, it’s you.”

    “Yeah, just wanted to check in with you, if you were doing okay.” April shrugged, holding her coat in her hands, ready to go home.

    Giving her a knowing look the ginger female avoided your glances, acknowledging that you knew the truth.

    “Okay, okay, Jackson sent me here, because he’s worried,” April admitted, holding her hands up in guilt. “And you know he is.”

    “You know what it is? Yeah, I love my job. I love seeing people smile when I saved their loved ones. But when I’m home and he is here? I feel lonely.” You babbled to your friend who was listening to the words that left your mouth.

    “You know what would make you feel less lonely?” April questioned, leaning her hands on your desk. “A baby, something that’s from the two of you.”

    A laugh escaped from your lips before noticing April’s serious face. “There’s Harriet to take care of?”

    April rolled her eyes at you, pointing behind her. “He wants that, although I wasn’t supposed to say that.”

    “I don’t know if I’d be a good mother.” You muttered when placing the files into your bag.

    “Neither did I, but look at me now,” April spoke as she grabbed your hands in hers. “Think about it.”

    A knock interrupted the conversation when you noticed Jackson walking in frowning at April who was still holding your hands.

    Following his glance April released your hands, grabbing her coat and bag before smiling one more time at you as she walked out of your office, closing the door.

    Sinking back in your chair a sigh was sounded through your nose, staring at Jackson who was now staring through your office windows.

    Smiling to yourself you got up from your chair, walking up behind him and wrapping your arms around his waist then placing your head on his back.

    “Why was April here?” He asked, still staring out the window.

    “Checking in on me, not because you asked her at all.” You mused, feeling him turn around. “What?”

    “I did it because you never listen, you work 48 hours without stopping, you never rest,” Jackson said, noticing you were frustrated at this point, avoiding his eyes. “Don’t do that.”

    “I’m not doing anything, I just love my job?” you mumbled when removing your coat and stethoscope. “Can you blame me?”

    It was a known fact that you loved your job, everyone knew that and it wasn’t a lie. Although somewhere you knew that making time for your relationship was also something you needed to do.

    “I’m not blaming you, but sometimes you need to prioritize other things.” Jackson smiled softly when you stared up in his eyes, placing your hand on his cheek.

    “What kind of things?” You noticed Dahlia behind the glass, she was waving at you with the biggest smile which meant she was in time for the surgery. “Tell me.”

    “We’ve been together for almost two and a half years, don’t you want something more?” He asked, staring down at you with a slight frown.

    “What is more?” You questioned when placing both of your arms around his neck.

    “Starting a family together?” The plastic surgeon shrugged, noticing you freeze somehow.

    “What makes you think I’ll be a good mom?” You asked, walking back to your desk but his hand pulling you back to him.

    “Because you act like my daughter is yours, that’s what,” Jackson whispered to you, placing two fingers under your chin, making you look at him. “So?”

    “So, I guess I’ll need to work less if that’s what you want.” You answered, smiling.

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  • GREYS ANATOMY: S3E3 “I Am a Tree”

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  • Please send Halloween Requests. or Christmas ones. I need something to do. I need some cute halloween imagines. Also thank you people who have already sent in requests. <3

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  • this isn’t a greys anatomy blog at all but george o’malley in season 4 episode 10 fixing up swastika guy while casually saying how he would’ve let him die in the o.r and believed that the world would’ve been a better place if swastika guy died will never not be iconic

    #george o’malley#greys anatomy#greys #it was wild #in like the best way
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  • image

    Callie is talented, insecure and compassionate. She works hard in her specialty and wants to forge her own path away from the standards of her strict parents.

    At her best, Callie becomes more certain of herself and begins to stop relying on the approval of others. She starts to see that she is can be independent and can manage whatever comes her way. Callie is a really friendly person and she is a pleasure to be around, as we see in her relationship with Arizona.

    At her worst, Callie becomes more frazzled and overwhelmed by her growing responsibilities and insecurities. When she is the chief resident and having her marital problems with George, it is evident that she feels like she can’t handle any other problems. She becomes more despondent and at first doesn’t even want to hear the truth from George as she is too emotionally drained and doesn’t want to deal with a failed marriage. Callie also has a tendency to overreact to situations that she feels are out of her control or when she feels betrayed.

    Callie strongly desires a relationship and throughout the show is looking for love. She doesn’t like being alone and wants to be with someone who she believes will support her and care for her. She is unsure of her own wants and grapples with being bisexual until ultimately telling her family and feeling like she has made the right decision for herself. When she begins her relationship with Arizona she has self doubt due to her lack of experience, but soon finds herself falling in love with her. They go through many ups and downs but Callie is very loyal, dependable and stands by Arizona through a lot of issues.


    Originally posted by seriestvandmovies

    Callie has a strong friendship with Mark and the two get along very well. She trusts Mark and he becomes her confidant about her relationship concerns and worries. When she finds out that she is pregnant with Sofia and Mark is the father, she is quite happy as she knows that Mark will be a good co-parent as they have such a mutual respect for each other. She trusts Mark and when he lets her know that he wants to be part of Sofia’s life, Callie is supportive of giving her child the most stable upbringing possible. This does lead to tension with Arizona as she doesn’t see eye to eye with Mark on a majority of issues, but ultimately they put aside their differences.

    Callie ha a wing 7 as she is more extroverted, emotional and people oriented than a wing 5 might be.

    Tri-type: 6w7 - 2w3 - 8w7

    Some quotes to describe Callie’s motivations:

    “There comes a point where you have to suck it up and stop whining and start living.”

    “Oh, I’m not done. If we’re gonna do this whole “everybody get a vote” thing, there’s gonna be a new system. We’ll still each get one vote, but also, the baby gets a vote. As I house the baby, I’ll be speaking for him-slash-her. And since I’ll be pushing this baby out of a very small hole in my body, I’ll also get an extra-special vagina vote. So that’s, uh, three votes for us, two votes for you guys. Oh, we get the final say. Now I’ll be using my many votes to say once a day, I will have one cup of regular coffee, which is perfectly fine according to the studies I’ve read, at least until I begin breast-feeding. Now anybody want to argue with my extra-special vagina vote?”

    “You can’t pray away the gay!”

    “You didn’t love her! You just didn’t want to be alone. Or maybe, maybe she was good for your ego. Or, or maybe she made you feel better about your miserable life, but you didn’t love her, because you don’t destroy the person that you love!”

    “No! Don’t say my name. Do not. I am too big a star for you to say my name. I build arms out of nothing, and legs, like God. And when I win the Harper Avery and every other prize there is, you will rue this day, Chief Webber. That’s right. I said “rue”.”

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  • By Chance • Part 2 • Jackson Avery

    Notes: a part two was requested and i absolutely appreciate that 🥺❤️

    warnings: none

    Word count: 1031


    Going out with your ex, no let’s say the father of your son was something you never thought you’d do. No matter how big your feelings were.

    You weren’t going to come down the parade and ruin everything good he had with Vic. Although it wasn’t what he thought when she did what she did.

    But that didn’t stop you from saying yes a few weeks ago when you were still laying in a hospital bed.

    Standing in front of the mirror you closed your eyes, placing your hands on the sink, knowing you had to stop stressing over the smallest things. Things that wouldn’t change you.

    “Mom, are you leaving?” A small boyish voice spoke up from behind you. “Where are you going?”

    Turning around you were met by your son who was fiddling with a toy car, staring at you.

    “Grandma is coming to watch you when im gone.” You replied, kneeling down in front of him as you ran a hand over his curls. “She’ll be here soon, okay?”

    The boy threw his arms around your neck before releasing you and walking back to the living room.

    Noticing your phone lighting up the screen showed Meredith’s picture as you accepted the call.

    “April? Is something wrong?” You questioned, pulling on your heels as you held your phone in one hand.

    “No, i- i just wanted to say that you need yourself to be happy, like unbelievable happy. The kind of happy i am right now with Matthew. Please don’t hide yourself behind your feelings. That’s all.” April rambled at the other side of the phone.

    “Why are you rambling?” Taking a hold of Miles his dirty shirt on the bathroom floor, you heard April sigh.

    “Because i know how you feel, how Miles feels. Just don’t push yourself away.” April answered with a tone of sincerity.

    “I will, dont worry, good night?” You replied, placing your hand on your hip, waiting for her to answer you.

    “Good night, and remember, have fun.” April said before ending the call.

    Leaving you standing there watching your son play with his cars before you heard a door bell.

    Walking towards the door you saw a female form behind the glass as you opened the door, Catherine Avery was already smiling.

    “Oh my dear god, i’ve been wanting to do this since forever.” Catherine whispered when wrapping her arms around you.

    “Grandma!” Hearing the voice, the both of you let out a laugh, watching the boy wrap his hand around Catherine’s. “Are we gonna play together?”

    “How about you take one of your nicest cars and after i said something your mom, we can play as long as you want to?” Catherine raised her eyebrow at the boy, placing her hand on his cheek.

    “The grey one is so cool!” Miles piped up, running back to his toys who were laying all over the carpet. “Just like dad’s.”

    “About that, can you two just try to give it one more chance?” Catherine sighed at you.

    “Because?” You frowned, taking your jacket of the clothing hanger before shrugging it on.

    “Because you love him, he loves you, you have a son together, that’s why.” Your ex mother in law stated, placing her jacket on the clothing hanger as well.

    “Feelings aren’t that easy, Catherine, i should go, take care, both of you.” You said when kissing Miles head and Catherine’s cheek, before walking out of your house.

    You would be lying if you said that you weren’t scared of opening up once again.

    You knew that your son was also confused abour you and Jackson not living in the same house anymore.

    It all made the boy confused and not aware of the real situation.

    Noticing a blond head, a brown haired man and a dark skinned curly woman sitting at a table next to him as you walked to the four of them.

    “Hey.” You spoke up, noticing Meredith her eyes moving towards you.

    “Oh you and Jacks- Alex we should go.” Meredith grabbed her jacket when shoving Alex in the shoulder who spilled some of his beer.

    “Why? My bottle is still full, and i want to finish it.” Alex pouted when noticing Meredith’s stern glare. “Oh.”

    “Maggie come on.” The blonde general surgeon touched her sister’s card house with a finger as it fell in.

    “I was almost done with that!” Maggie snapped in frustration as she took a hold of her handbag, following Alex who was already heading for the door.

    “Have fun you two.” Meredith laughed before following her sister out of the door, with a Alex giving you two thumbs up from behind the window which made you laugh.

    “So, please don’t make this awkward, and talk to me?” You were fiddling with a card that was still laying on the bar, raising an eyebrow at your ex-boyfriend.

    “I’m glad you’re here, like really glad, just ask me anything you want to know, i’ll answer.” Jackson replied, watching you place the card down and look at him.

    “Why?” You asked, tilting your head at him.

    “Why what?” He frowned, turning his frame all to your side.

    “Why did you ask me out when you just broke up with Vic?” Accepting the glass of white wine Joe handed you, you placed your eyes back on his blue ones.

    “Because she did whatever she wanted to. Never made time for me nor for Miles although he wasn’t her son, she wasn’t hardheaded like you and my mom could never stop comparing you to her plus we have a son together.” He explained as he noticed your concentrated face.

    “Makes sense, also makes sense why i never took this off.” You replied, spinning the silver ring on your finger.

    “You didn’t? I expected you to actually.” He replied with a chuckle, as he noticed your serious face he stopped chuckling.

    “Things you care about, you don’t erase them.” You whisper them to yourself but when you noticed a tanned hand placed on yours.

    “Who says you have to erase them?” He whispered back, finishing the last bit of his beer and grabbing your hand, walking out of Joe’s.

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  • Inktober 2020 - Day Sixteen - Rocket

    I was briefly indecisive For today’s prompt, rocket. Then I realized the rocket didn’t have to be in space. From there, I played with astronauts landing on a desolate lunar environment while monstrous aliens watched behind rocks. After that, I asked myself, if this was the alien’s planet. If it was the alien’s planet, why would it be a vacuum? This led to the astronaut’s finding themselves in an alien version of Levittown.

    This is not an original idea, but it is one that I think deserves better execution.

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  • this was so messy ahhh.

    but also?we were robbed of a friendship betwen these two. ROBBED!

    #the way she says mutual! hmmm #this was insane like they arent even friends #irl hr would be on the WAY lmaoo #carina deluca#amelia shepherd#greys anatomy#greys
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  • when cristina tells owen that she ‘doesnt come around’… a queen.

    #also i forgot he was like. fully a prolifer. #everyone cristina dated hated women sm ? #greysanatomy#greys
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  • #🎱 anon#greys #ratings are so much fun to do!
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  • #🎱 anon #this is all i got rn but i will definitely try to think of more because I love them?? #they are HOT #greys
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