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  • Are you sure?

    Prompt: I posted this earlier, but incorrectly. Basically Link and owen go out for drinks and it doesn’t end well.


    Link was sitting in a meeting with most of the department heads, regarding budget and resources. Though he had been to meetings like this every month, this month felt a little different. The reasoning for that was- this month was when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant.

    She was sitting across from Link on her phone, meanwhile owen was sitting directly next to him. It’s not like they had issues with each other, but they weren’t exactly best buds.

    After Bailey finally came and addressed everything, giving everyone the lay of the land, The meeting finished leaving Amelia who was talking with Bailey, and Owen and Link alone in that room. Being polite waiting for Amelia, link started a conversation with Owen.

    It started talking about work, but quickly descended with talking about hanging out, outside of work. Owen suggested they’d meet at a bar and have a couple of drinks, since it seemed link was going to be in Leo’s life and Link being Link accepted.

    It didn’t seem to be that big of a deal, but he wasn’t so excited about it. He honestly just didn’t know what they would have to talk about.


    “Let me get this straight…” She started, pointing her finger at him. “You said yes to having drinks with my ex- husband, who clearly isn’t your best friend.” She went on giggling at Link’s predicament.

    “It sounded like a good idea at the time!” He admitted, opening the door to another corridor. They walk on, laughing and joking about how this evening is going to go until link asks an honest question.

    “How do you think this is gonna go?” He voices his concern, beginning to get a little nervous. Not because he’s intimidated by Owen, but because he doesn’t know how he’s going to react if Owen gets too drunk and out of hand.

    “I- I don’t know. I think it’ll be what you make it.” Amelia honestly acquired, not sure what to believe.

    “I think that if he wants to act professional- which that is what Owen is, then it’ll be OK. Just try to relax and have fun, even though I know it will be hard.” She kissed his cheek as he watched her off to her next consult.


    later that day at about 8:30 at night, link pulled up to the bar waiting for Owens car to pull in.

    Link was laying against the back of his car, as he saw Owen Drive by in a parking space close to him.

    “Hey.” Link smiled, weirdly shaking his hand.

    Owen reciprocated the handshake, and they walked into the bar together.

    Link decided on his usual beer as Owen settled for Vodka.

    The conversation went on a little bit like it did at the hospital, formally talking about work and nothing else.

    they shared a few laughs, actually got along together, but that was until Owen was on his fifth round of shots.

    He started to become a different person, acting like a douche bag.

    “Link, you’re lucky.” Owen stated, trying to grab his jacket. “Thank you? What are you doing Owen, you can’t leave.” Link took the jacket back, trying be a god man.

    “Hey, what if I order you a cab. It’s the safer option, and tomorrow you can pick up your car.” He suggested. He didn’t want Owen to do anything dumb and he also didn’t want to feel bad if he let him drive, especially in the current state that he was in.

    Luckily Owen cooperated, and link called him a cab that would arrive in about 30 minutes.

    He didn’t want to be awkward so Link started more conversation, which was a big mistake on his part.

    “So, how have you been? I’ve been seeing you surgeries on the board, they’re big.” Link modestly admitted, being nice.

    Owen wanted to talk, but not necessarily about what Link wanted to talk about.

    “H-hey Link… When I was s-seeing Am-elia, She was Wild. S-She would make me feel a- and do things I didn’t even know I could… L-like in bed.” Owen smirked, not aware of his drunken state.

    “Stop buddy, you’re drunk and this isn’t the conversation we should be having.” Link tried, but Owen wouldn’t stop.

    “I mean it, n-no wonder you got her p- pr-pregnant. Even if it was a mistake, you still screwed her brains out.” Owen laughed, and this time Link wasn’t too nice.

    “You really wanna stop now.” He spoke in a dangerously low tone, but Owen had already gotten his coat, and walked outside. Link followed him to make sure he didn’t try to get in his car, even though he was upset.

    He grabbed Owens arm to try to hold him back from getting his keys, but Owen retaliated.

    It was a quick hard punch to link’s face, which ended in his nose bleeding.

    Suddenly they were fighting, and Link ended up blacking out after hitting him back three times harder.

    The next thing he knew he was picked up by his furious girlfriend, And he was taken to his own apartment.


    “It hurts.” Link squinted his eyes, his head pounding as his girlfriend held a cold rag to his head.

    He wouldn’t stay still- squirming as the rag was too cold when it was placed on the open wound.

    They were lying on the bed, Amelia right next to him, leaning over with the necessary tools to help him.

    “don’t move, they hit your head really hard.” She whispered, not sure if loud noises were going to affect how he felt.

    She also didn’t wanna say Owen’s name directly, because she didn’t know how he would feel.

    Especially after he had just been in a fight with him.

    “you know you can say his name… Owen. Owen hit me hard, Amelia and I retaliated.”

    He drowsily grabbed her hand, moving it off his head to kiss the top of her hand.

    “I’m sorry.” Link kissed her once more, Wincing as Amelia used her other hand to lay ointment on all of his wounds, blowing to give him a bit of pain release.

    “You don’t have anything to be sorry about.” She assured him noticing as he placed his hands on her waist.

    “you don’t have to tell me what the fight was about if you don’t want to. I’m just here to clean you up, We can really just- try to rest.”

    She put the medical gear to the side, lifting his arms up to get his shirt off.

    She didn’t know if he needed help, but she was going to give it to him anyway. He looked pretty upset and annoyed and she didn’t want to push him, because he would never push her.

    He let her take his shirt off, as he stripped down to his boxers. He then lay down dragging the covers over his body, while Amelia did the same.

    She dressed in her nightgown and laid close to him, putting an arm around his waist.

    they started to rest in silence, until link broke it.“We started drinks normally, and I actually had fun with the guy. Then as he started to get drunk he started talking about you and your performance in bed, and I didn’t appreciate it.” He paused trying to gather more of his thoughts.

    “I stayed kind and polite until he threw a punch at me for trying to help him back inside the bar until he got a cab. The guy punched me, so I punched him back harder, then we started fighting.” Link looked in her eyes waiting to see a trace of disappointment, but he couldn’t find it. She just stayed there listening to him like he would’ve listened to her.“Ok.” Amelia sighed, kissing his temple.

    “Ok?” He asked, waiting for her to say more.

    “Yeah, Ok.” She sighed, entangling herself in him. “I’m sure you’re sleepy, so let’s just rest, babe.”

    She said those words rarely as they started dating, but they always made him feel safe and loved.

    “You sure?” He questioned, already half sleep.

    “Goodnight.” She gave her last words, snuggling against him.


    I apologize for screwing up.

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  • I just looked it up . It’s a sky TV show from the UK that aired earlier this year that they’re airing on the CW during the fall Because none of their normal fall lineup can come back till January because of Covid . And it stars Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy. I might check it out #devilscw #patrickdempsey #greysanatomy (at Henderson, Nevada)

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  • I really don’t mind the occasional crossover with station 19. I really don’t. I get it’s the thing now, and while I’m not super into station 19, the characters are nice, and I’ll watch them every once in a while. However, at the rate they are going, I’m going to need an ‘exclude crossovers’ button in my Netflix browser. 

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  • terrifying

    tw: cancer

    i know it’s a little early for halloween fics, but the idea of halloween coming up is really keeping me going

    “Oh my god, have you ever seen a baby this cute?” Amelia asked her boyfriend as she stepped back to admire her son, who was dressed as a scarecrow for Halloween.

    “Can’t say that I have.” Link agreed as he was taking out his phone to snap a picture of their son.

    “Okay, we got to go do rounds, then meet your parents for lunch, then we have to go to Mer’s.”

    “Busy day it seems.” Link smirked.

    “Very.” Amelia distractingly said as she grabbed her purse, and picking up her son. “And happy cancer-versary.”

    “Why thank you.” The orthosurgeon smirked leaning down to kiss his girlfriend.


    “Dr Lincoln I’m very sorry, but your osteosarcoma is back. It’s definitely treatable, especially since we’ve caught it early.” The oncologist informed the fellow doctor, passing his scans into his hands.

    “Uh, um thank you.” Stuttered Link.

    “This is a lot to take in, how about we continue our discussion tomorrow. Tell your support system and come back with them. We can start talking about treatment plans and such then.” Link only nodded and quickly left the office before his doctor could say anymore. Regretting picking up his results on a day where his family was celebrating the fact he is, or more like was, cancer free. He quickly shook it off, and went to catch up on his rounds, but not before shoving the results in the back of his cubby.

    “Oh hey, we were just coming to find you. Are you ready?” His girlfriend asked with their son on her hip, as she entered the attendings lounge.

    “I’ve got to just go check to see if my patients were rounded on correctly.” Link answered trying to quickly exit the room.

    “Wait why weren’t you at rounds?” Amelia asked turning around to face him.

    “Trauma. I’ll see you guys in a couple minutes.” He placed a kiss on their sons head.

    “Babe, are you okay?” Amelia asked, noticing something was off with him.

    “Yeah, I’m super duper!” Collecting all of the enthusiasm he had in him.

    “Super duper?” Amelia whispered to her self as he left the room. She made her way over to the couch to feed their son before they left the hospital. She was racking her brain, trying to figure out what could’ve happened between leaving the house and their most recent conversation that changed his demeanor so drastically.

    “Hey you ready?” Link asked, once he came back into the room, and into the bathroom to change out of his scrubs.

    “Yeah.” She adjusted her shirt, and hoisted her son onto her shoulder to burp him. “Everything okay? You seem a little off.”

    “Yeah everything’s great.” Link answered through the bathroom door.

    “Ooookay. Whatever you say!” Amelia made her way to his cubby, where their sons bag was, once she hoisted it onto her other shoulder when she noticed, a yellow envelope that she hadn’t seen before. She looked over her shoulder to make sure her boyfriend was in the bathroom and quickly opened it. Once she identified the contents she immediately regretted it, she shoved it back into the envelope and shoved it to the very back and covered it with his lab coat. She quickly paced the room, trying to calm herself down. This couldn’t be happening everything was absolutely picture perfect, and now it felt like the picture was being torn up and burned.

    “Ready?” Link asked once he emerged with an obvious fake smile plastered across his face.

    “Yep!” Amelia retuned the fake smile, he gave to her.


    “Aren’t you just the most handsome little boy out there.” Maureen gushed over her grandson, as Amelia passed him to her. “Can’t say that any birds would be scared of you, if anything you’d be welcoming birds to come eat your crops.”

    “Most definitely.” Amelia agreed, then greeted the couple.

    “You catch any of the games, Link?” Eric asked his son once they’d settled, whenever they’d get together they’d debate and rave over whatever sport was in season.

    “Uhh, y-yeah a little bit.” Link forcefully smiled.

    “Eric, I’m sure he’s been busy with Scout and work.” Maureen reminded her husband.

    “I understand but there is always time to look at the scores after a game.” Eric chuckled, link agreed with his father and engaged in distracted conversation about the most recent game.

    “Honey, are you okay you seem off.” Maureen noted, worried about her son.

    “Yeah I’m great!” Link unconvincingly said, Amelia put her hand on his thigh to try to give him some comfort but only for him to shake her off of him aggressively. The rest of lunch was tense, Link snapping at everyone and every question asking if he was alright.

    “I guess we’ll see you guys thanksgiving. I’m excited to meet your mother.” Maureen smiled after hugging Amelia and returning her grandson to her.

    “Yeah, hopefully it’ll be nice.” Amelia smiled back, holding onto her son tightly for comfort.

    “Happy cancer-versary, Link.” Maureen said whilst pulling her son into a hug, Link not responding to her. Once she released him from the hug he directed his family to their car.

    “Why the hell did you go through my stuff Amelia?” Link accused her once she got into the passengers seat, he’d connected the dots realizing she must have known.

    “Link, I didn’t know what it was. But I’m here for you, your not alone. You could’ve told me, I could’ve gone to the appointment with you.”

    “Whatever.” Link scoffed, Amelia usually would’ve been pissed with how he was talking to her and how he was talking to his parents, but she knew his mind was racing and she better let him be.


    “Happy Halloween!” Meredith greeted once the couple came in the house with their baby. “Aren’t you the cutest little scarecrow!”

    “Everyone seems to think that.” Amelia smiled admiring the small child. “And I can’t blame them”

    “Is he okay?” Meredith ask gesturing towards Link who made his way into the kitchen for a beer not bothering to greet her.

    “I hope so.” Amelia sadly smiled.

    “Well we’re about to leave are you guys going to come trick or treat with us?” Meredith asked as her kids came into the foyer.

    “I think we’ll stay and pass out candy.” Meredith could sense something more was going on and offered to take the small boy which Amelia begrudgingly allowed. “Take lots of pictures.”

    “Will do mama.” Maggie answered as she caught up to everyone in the foyer.

    “Thanks.” Amelia sadly smiled before she walked into the kitchen to see link already on his second beer of the night. “Can we talk?”

    “About what, Amelia?!” Link snapped, he hated how he was treating her but he couldn’t seem to get himself to stop.

    “Link, they’ve caught it early. It’s going to be okay.”

    “You don’t know that Amelia!”

    “I don’t.” Amelia honestly admitted as tears stung in her eyes. “I know I’ll be here for you. I know Scout will be there. I know your parents will be here for you, our friends. This is absolutely terrifying for me, so I can’t even imagine how you’re feeling. But this isn’t going to be like when you were a kid.”

    “We need to finalize our wills.” Link stated.

    “Okay we’ll do that. But honestly how are you feeling.”

    “I’m terrified, it’s not just me and my parents anymore I have you and Scout. I don’t want him to grow up without a dad.”

    “You’ll get through this. Scouts going to have his dad, and I’m going to have the love of my life.”

    “I’m the love of your life?” Link asked taken aback.

    “Most definitely, so don’t go dying on me now.” Amelia chuckled despite the tears rolling down her face.

    “I’ll try my very best.”

    “I know you will.”

    “This is the most terrifying Halloween of my life.” Link chuckled trying to be funny despite the seriousness.

    “Me too.” Link got up from his chair and moved across to his girlfriend to kiss her only for her to push away. “Ew you’ll taste like beer. I’ll settle for a hug though.”

    “Hug it is.” Link agreed as he tightly held his girlfriend.

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  • TEASER PROMO November 12th premieres of #Station19 and #GreysAnatomy with crossover! Mark your calendars 📺📅

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  • Some people have to work on the weekend 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️ #GreysAnatomy ▪ #KimRaver #JesseWilliams #CamillaLuddington #KellyMcCreary #LindaKlein #TeddyAltman
    #JacksonAvery #JoWilson #MaggiePierce #NurseLinda

    📽 @KimRaver

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  • “Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we’re wired that way. Because without it, I don’t know; maybe we just wouldn’t feel real. What’s that saying? Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.”

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  • PROMO TRAILER #GreysAnatomy season 17 returns Thursday * November 12 with a 2-hour premiere + it’s also crossing over with #Station19, so 3 FULL HOURS OF TV GOODNESS! Mark your calendars!

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  • Sometimes…we all need saving. #GreysAnatomy returns Thursday, November 12 on ABC!

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  • Would you like to see #MeganHunt return?

    Repost from @greyscenez Season 14 Episode 5 🎶 #GreysAnatomy #OwenHunt #KevinMcKidd #AbigailSpencer

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  • Sweet tunes from the lovely @thebokheean 🎵🎶 Make the most of your week.

    #Bokhee #GreysAnatomy

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  • Grey’s Anatomy partir de 15/09 na Globoplay 😍 já com a 16ª temporada.

    #greysanatomy #anatomiadagrey #elenpompeo #meredithgrey

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  • scrapbook

    “Amelia? Are you home?” Link shouted as he entered their newly shared apartment. When he didn’t hear a response he made his way towards their room. It was just as they left it this morning, he then went into the study which was supposedly going to be the baby’s room, but neither of them had begun to actually making any progress.

    “Hey, how was the rest of your shift?” Amelia asked spinning around in the rolling chair to face him, trying to block something she was working on.

    “Quiet. Nothing too crazy, I’m happy to be home with you. It feels like forever since we’ve been home together at a reasonable hour.” Link responded, trying to see what his girlfriend was working on.

    “Can you go make me some mac and cheese?” The neurosurgeon smiled cheekily, in attempt to distract her boyfriend from what she was doing.

    “Of course.” He returned the smile she gave him. Once he was out of the doorway and onto the kitchen, she put what she was working on in the bottom drawer of the desk.


    “Dinners ready, you coming?” Link announced as he placed the two bowls at their table.

    “Oh, can we eat on the couch?” Amelia asked from her comfortable position on the couch.

    “You don’t want to eat at the table?” Link chuckled.

    “Hmm, not necessarily.”

    “Okay then.” He complied sticking the spoons in the bowls and bringing them over to the couch.

    “Oh thank you so so so much.” Amelia thanked holding her arms out for the bowl.

    “Anytime.” He shoved a spoonful of Mac and cheese in his mouth before his response. “Soooo, what’s the thing your hiding in the study?”

    “Shh.” He was surprised at first how aggressively she shushed him until he realized the reality tv show she’d come to be emotionally attached to was on.

    “I’ll never understand what’s so compelling about this tv show to you.” Link sniggered as he took their empty bowls into the kitchen.

    “They’re like my friends, I feel like I’ve come to know them and their problems.”

    “That’s sick, I’m not gonna lie kinda concerned. What are you going to do when it ends.”

    “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Amelia honestly answered, burrowing her body into her boyfriends once he sat down next to her.

    “Wait I’m confused, so is that girl, her sister in law or accountant?” Link questioned gesturing towards the tv screen.

    “Ugh.” Amelia sighed with annoyance. “We go over this every week, and if your not going to pay attention so be it. Just don’t distract me.”

    “Okay okay.” Link kissed the top of her forehead, signaling he was going to let her watch in peace. He moved his hand down to her growing abdomen to try to feel their son moving. As his hand was resting there he felt a rhythmic jolt every couple of seconds. It didn’t feel like a normal kick, so he decided to ask his girlfriend about it. “What’s that?”

    “What’s what?” She asked not moving her eyes from the screen.

    “It doesn’t feel like a kick, what is that?” He asked feeling his nerves rise slightly.

    “Oh.” She looked down to where his hand was laying. “The baby just has the hiccups.”

    “Really? That’s so adorable.” Link gasped, he didn’t realize that was a thing. But now he thought it was the cutest thing he’d experienced in his life so far.

    “They always leave it on a cliffhanger.” Amelia exaggeratedly sighed, reaching for the remote to switch on ESPN for her boyfriend.

    “When are you going to tell me about your top secret project?” Link asked with his begging face, in hope to get done information.

    “Hmm, I’m not sure yet.” Amelia pretended to be in contemplative thought.

    “Come on please?” Link badgered on.

    “You really can’t handle not knowing everything can you?”

    “Nope not really.”

    “Okay come on.” Amelia hoisted herself up using the arm of the chair and her boyfriends shoulder. Once she was up she made her way to the study. She turned around to make sure Link was still behind her, and sat down in the rolling chair.

    “What’s this?” Link ran his hand across the book that Amelia took out from the drawer.

    “I’m making him a scrapbook, I don’t really have anything yet. Just kind of putting what I do have and kind of organizing my ideas so once we have pictures we just gotta put them in no extra planning.

    “This is so sweet. Mels.” He lifted the book up and flipped through the pages, most of them were blank all she’d put in there so far was the pregnancy test and his ultrasound picture. “Our son is so lucky to have you as their mother.”

    “I can’t wait to meet him.” Amelia smiled, leaning into kiss her boyfriend.

    a/n: sorry this is kinda lame, i hope everyone is staying safe and well though

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