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  • (Merder)

    -This is part of a on going story on ff.net, the first couple chapter are kind of shitty but the length and quality gets better as you go along. I will include the link to the story below, :)

    “Yeah, we’re settling in fine Mom… No, we haven’t… I will…Yes, I promise. Ok bye.” Meredith rolled her eyes and hung up.

    Ellis didn’t even bother to drive her and Lexie to their campus, she ordered them a driver instead. She wasn’t surprised.

    “Woah! Mer you got to come to look at the rooms!” Lexie shouted breaking Meredith from her thoughts and she smiled She was really about to start on her first steps to becoming a real surgeon.

    She had to admit, there were pretty nice rooms for a college dorm.

    “I wonder who are roommates will be?” She pondered out loud, she hoped they could just live their separate ways, no need to get close. No distractions. However, as if on cue the sound of the door opening and people shuffling inside filled the dorm.

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  • (a.k.a merder fanfiction)

    Meredith glanced at the time, 6:37 pm it read. Crap! Derek would be here in twenty minutes! She still couldn’t believe he convinced her to finally go on a date, they only just met a couple of days ago in the biology class they shared.

    It’s fine, it’s just one date, a couple of hours and then I can come home again, she reasoned with herself as she put the final touches on her sandy blonde curls. She decided on a nice pair of jeans and her favourite lavender sweater, hopefully, the restaurant wasn’t too fancy she thought.

    The doorbell rang and broke her from her thoughts and she glanced at the time again. She rolled her eyes, of course, he’s early she grabbed her flats and took one last look in the mirror.

    “You look stunning Mer,” He said as soon as she opened the door, and she couldn’t help the faint blush that crept up on her cheeks.

    “Thanks, uh so do you”

    He smiled “thanks, shall we?” she nodded and he led he out the door.

    she smiled shyly back at him before turning back in the house and yelling “Bye Mom! I’ll be home later!” No response as usual.

    She shook it off and left the house linking arms with Derek.

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  • Hey… long time no write. I have been spending a little but more time on tumblr and I noticed that there seems to be a serious lack in new Omelia fanfiction. So, I am going to try and fix that. 

    All my life I have heard people gush about how cute babies are especially when they are other people’s babies, but as it turns out if it is your boyfriend’s baby they aren’t cute so cute anymore. Well I don’t mean that, I mean how could anyone look at Leo in his adorable hats and outfits and not have their hearts melt instantly. However, Owen and I decided to give us or rather this family thing a real go. We both want the strings, which scares the life out of me, but it is worth it.

    Or so I thought, two weeks ago Owen and I were standing outside of the hospital, and we both agreed to the strings. So, we went home to celebrate… but, oh, wait now there is a baby in the house, which means ‘celebrating’ is somewhat of a challenge. And it is like Leo has some kind of alarm system that goes off anytime Owen and I get anywhere close to having sex. He cries, which after a while seems more like a scream, and of course then we have to go tend to him. Then on the odd times Leo isn’t crying we are either too exhausted from getting him to stop crying, or we have to work, or Betty is around. I don’t know how my parents managed to have five kids, Owen and I can’t even find time with two.

    Finally, after what seemed like a century we found time alone to do all kinds of ‘unstopping’ as Owen puts it, of what we are so so good at. Which was great until Owen’s alarm goes off, I don’t even know why he set it, it is not like we have gotten to sleep in any day since Leo arrived. I quickly tell Owen, “Shut it off. Don’t wake the baby!” My breath catches in my throat as Owen leans over me to hit the alarm off. The whole ‘don’t wake the baby’ thing still feels so weird and foreign to me, but I am trying to be less weary and doing good so far.

    “Well we have to go, Betty’s got school.” Owen says, which also feels weird to hear. And while I know he means it, he makes no effort to get out of bed, so of course, neither do I. Within seconds we are back at it, and just as Owen pulls the sheet over us, I hear the loud thump of what can only be Betty upstairs. That is the other thing about these strings in this relationship, it isn’t just the baby, there is Betty too. Who while not as bad Leo, she still manages to put quite a dent in Owen and I’s sex life.

    Owen pulls back and pulls the blanket back down, sending a rush of cool air across my bare shoulders. He looks up at the ceiling where Betty’s room is, “Guess we really have to get up now.”

    “Or we could not.” I say draping my legs across his and cuddling up to keep the chill of the air off me. However, before either of us says anything else we hear Betty jump down the final step landing rather loudly for someone who barely weighs 100 pounds. This noise is immediately followed by the familiar sound of Leo’s screams coming through the baby monitor.

    “Game time.” Owen smiles at me as he reaches for his pants that are on his side of the bed, while I get up in search of clothes to pull on. I’m just pulling a shirt over my head as Owen reaches the door, as he turns the handle he asks, “Boy or girl?”

    It has become our system, he always asks who I want to take care of in the morning, Betty or Leo. Depending on the day and if it sounds like someone is cranky, I sometimes take Leo or if he has kept Owen up all night, I will take care of morning Leo duties to give Owen a break. But not this morning as it is his fault I got no sleep last night, so I walk past him through the now open door and simply reply, “Girl.”

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