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    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    alright quick question to my 14 followers. Is this dark??

    my dad thought it was but I don't think so. I see it more as tragic

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    07.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    R.I.P to Adam Benali. Such a sweet, loving husband and father. You’ll be missed! 😭

    If you missed yesterday’s episode of Eevee Legacy, you can watch here.

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    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #grim adventures of billy and mandy #mandy#zombiecatart #billy and mandy #grim reaper#grim mandy
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    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Icon Pack: Grim the Reaper (Part Two)

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    07.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Monsters (Pt. 2)

    The boys looked around the forest, hearing something unfamiliar.

    "Human..." Jungkook mumbled, his eyes turning blue again as his lust for blood took over. Namjoon grabbed Jungkook's collar, pulling him back. His nine tails swung from side to side and his ears high in the ear as he searched for sounds. Taehyung's teeth were bared as well as he sniffed the air, scrunching up his nose.

    "Yep and a guy." He said with a smirk, looking at the others.

    "Are you guys that hungry? Control yourselves." Hoseok snapped, his eyes pitch black as he looked up.

    "Yoongi-hyung! Come down, will ya!" He then shouted and Yoongi landed next to him, folding his giant wings. They were about 7 feet big, dragging over the ground as the feathers went from white to dark brown. He glared at Hoseok.

    "I was flying." He snapped and Hoseok shrugged.

    "Human... Hide your wings." Jin said and Yoongi groaned. He put on his sweater and hissed in pain as his wings disappeared into his back, leaving to large scars where the base of his wings should be.

    "Let's greet him, shall we~" Jungkook said, looking at Namjoon hopefully. Namjoon sighed and let go of the maknae, who smiled and ran off at lightning speed. Taehyung looked at Namjoon for permission and Namjoon nodded again. Taehyung transformed into his wolf form and followed Jungkook quickly.

    Taehyung stopped when he saw Jungkook pressing a man to a tree, his teeth sank into the neck of his victim. He growled and Jungkook pulled his teeth out of the male's neck, letting the body drop to the ground. Blood was dripping down from his fangs to his chin and neck as his blue eyes connected with Tae's golden ones. Taehyung sniffed and made his way towards the male on the ground, only to make Jungkook growl.

    "Mine!" Jungkook playfully growled and Taehyung growled back, continuing his way to the body.

    "You're no fun when you're hungry." Kook said as Taehyung started ripping parts of the body and chewing on it.

    "That's utterly disgusting..." Hoseok mumbled and Jimin looked at him in confusion.

    "You torture people..." He mumbled and Hoseok rolled his eyes.

    "Don't eat 'em, do I? And it's kinda expected from the prince of Hell." He said with a smirk, making Yoongi frown.

    "You're so proud of being one of the 7 princes of Hell..." "Aren't you to be one of the 7 archangels?" Hoseok asked and Yoongi shrugged.

    "Not really..." He said and Jimin scoffed.

    "You 2 done?" "Oh, is the hellhound mad?" Hoseok teased and Jimin growled loudly.

    "Don't piss me off, hyung. You may be my boss, but I'll still kill you." Jimin snarled and Hoseok chuckled.

    "I'll come back as long as it's not a demon or angel knife." He shrugged and Jimin growled again, leaning against a tree.

    "No killing. Also, make sure to burn those bones later on, but not before I reap the soul." Jin said to Hoseok, who nodded and waited for the reap. Jin nodded and made his ring turn into his scythe before walking to the soul.

    "I'm I dead?" The soul asked and Jin smiled.

    "No, your going to Disneyland..." "Oh, shush!" Jin yelled, turning back to the soul.

    "Yes, you are." "Is it because of those two?!" The soul yelled, pointing at Tae and Jungkook.

    "Well, you would've been killed anyway. There are bears in these woods that would've killed you much more painfully, so be glad that I did it." Jungkook said nonchalantly to the soul and the soul looked confused.

    "We can all see you, yes." Jungkook then continued and the soul still looked confused.

    "Okay, time to go." Jin said before swinging the scythe through the soul's body. The form disappeared and turned into a dark ball of light.

    "Hoseok, it's one for you." Jin said as the soul went down to Hell. Hoseok smiled and did a ridiculous dance.


    You made your way through the streets, the night cold and dark. Only the streetlights lighted your way as you held your jacket tightly to your body, the smell of cigarettes surrounding you. You scrunched up your nose in disgust, but kept walking.

    "Hello, pretty lady." A drunk sounding man said to you as he stumbled towards you, stretching his arm to touch you. You walked faster to avoid the man, only making the elder man angrier.

    "Ya!" He exclaimed, grabbing your arm harshly. Your jaw clenched and you tried to get out of his grip.

    "Please let go." You said and the man chuckled, pulling you closer. You could smell the smoke and alcohol on him and turned away.

    "Or wh-what?" He stuttered and you scoffed. You kicked the man in the stomach before punching his face. The man stumbled back and you dusted your hands off on your pants. You shrugged off the fact that you had just punched someone unconscious and kept walking towards your destination. That was until you were pulled into an alley, your mouth covered almost immediately. You could see about 6 men, all staring at you and all clearly drunk. You tried to get out of their grip, but 1 against 6 wasn't exactly fair.

    "Why don't we have a little fun?" One slurred and you let out a yelp when you felt a cold hand on your waist. You let out a scream when you felt two other hands pull at your jeans. They tried to get your clothes off and you kept moving to try and get out of their grips while yelling for them to stop. You closed your eyes as your shirt was lifted, but suddenly the force was pulled away from you. You fell to the ground and opened your eyes to see 2 men standing in front of you.

    "Jimin, you mind?" One with brown hair said to the other one, who had pinkish hair.

    "Gladly." The Jimin guy said and the brown haired guy turned to face me.

    'Shit, he's hot...' You thought as you looked at the guy.

    "Hello, are you okay?" He asked and you nodded, your voice completely gone as you stared at his features. He smirked and helped you up before walking out of the alley. You looked back to see the pink haired man fighting all the other men. Suddenly, he turned and gave you a smirk.

    'Fuck, what's with these hot guys?!' You thought again, turning around again as you were dragged away from the alley. The brunette turned you around and gave you a sweet smile.

    "You hurt anywhere?" He asked sincerely and you shook your head, jumping when you suddenly heard a loud scream.

    "Don't worry, that's not Jimin." The guy said and you frowned.

    "He probably punched one of them... Maybe even punched their teeth out." The guy said and you frowned. You opened your mouth to say something, but you couldn't think of anything to say.

    "All done, Hobi-hyung." You could hear the other guy say and you looked to the side. The pink haired dude's clothes were covered in blood as well as his hands. When he walked closer, you noticed blood on his cheek as he gave you a smirk.

    "Let's go, hyung!" He said and the man before you smirked at you one last time before walking away. You stared at the retreating forms of the men in confusion. You swear you recognized them from somewhere...

    "I should go to my job now..." You mumbled, pushing yourself off the wall and making  your way to the bar. Yep, you were a part-time bartender. Since it was to far from where you lived, you stayed their with a friend. When you finally made it to the bar/nightclub, you walked in and to the bar. You greeted your friend and looked at the first costumer.

    "Hello, again." Jimin said and you sighed.

    "What do you want? It's on the house." "Really?" He raised an eyebrow before giving you his order. You nodded and started making the beverage before putting it down in front of the guy with a napkin.

    "You still have blood on your cheek." You pointed out and he smirked, taking the napkin and holding it out to you.

    "Would you mind?" He asked and you rolled your eyes, scoffing.

    "Do it yourself." You snapped, walking away to the other side of the bar.


    Jimin watched you walk away with a smirk before wiping the blood off his cheek. He walked off with his drink and sat down again.

    "Another free drink?" "Yep, from her." He said, pointing at you while sipping his drink.

    "Is that the girl?" Jin asked and Jimin nodded. The boys smirked and Hoseok frowned. He looked you up and down, noticing that you had dried blood on your hip. He shrugged it off and looked back at his friends. Namjoon sighed as the saw another girl squad make their way to them, obviously trying to impress them and mumbled a small "girls coming". One, which seemed like the leader of the gang, leaned forward and leaned on her arms. She practically pushed her boobs in Yoongi's face, since he sat at the front and opposite of Jimin. Next to Yoongi sat Namjoon, then Jin, then Taehyung, the Jungkook, then Hoseok and then Jimin. (It's a U-table) The girl said hi and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

    "I'm not even going to bother..." He mumbled and the girl smirked.

    "What do you mean, babe?" She asked in a flirty tone. Yoongi looked at her, his face emotionless as he stared at the girl.

    "Piss off, whore." He snapped and the girl stood up in anger. She was about to say something, but got interrupted when you walked by. Yoongi smirked and held up his hand, catching your attention and you walked towards them.

    "Could we get 7 beers please? Also, could you take out the trash." He said, pointing at the girls. You let out a short laugh before nodding and walking away to get the beers. When you had the beers, you walked back to them and put the bottles on the table. The girls were still there.

    "I think these men want you to leave." You said and the group scoffed at you before "the leader" raised her hand to slap you. You grabbed her wrist just before she hit you and twisted it to the side, kicking the back of her knee. She fell to her knees and looked up at you.

    "You want me to call security?" You asked and she shook her head. You have her a fake smile and let go, brushing your hands off. The girl and her squad ran off and you let your smile drop.

    "Anything else?" You asked and one of them gave you a smirk. He had sliver hair and his dimples on full display. He wore the same outfit as in the café (chapter 1).

    "Your number." He said and you scoffed. Without answering, you simply left and  went back to bartending.

    When your shift was over, you messaged your friend that you were coming to her house since she left half an hour ago. You took your jacket and left the club.

    "You shouldn't walk all alone this late, you know." You heard someone comment and you turned around. A guy with blonde hair that reached around his shoulders and dressed into full black. His friends stood behind him, hands in their pockets as they stared at you.

    "I think I'll be fine." You snapped, turning back around. You barely took two steps before you were pulled in an alleyway again and pushed against the wall. You looked at the brown haired male, his blue eyes seemingly shining as he stared at you. You swore he had brown eyes before... Your eyes shifted from his face and you noticed something else. He had fangs...

    "Jk... Don't." Another one said and another male stepped forward. He, too, had brown hair that was held back by a black bandana. He pulled the boy that was pinning me to the wall back and looked at you before pulling the boy away from you.

    "You have fangs..." You mumbled and the bandana guy looked at you before looking at the blue-eyes boy.

    "Dammit... Yoongi." He said and another boy came towards you. He wore a hoodie and had blonde hair that was pushed back slightly, showing part of his forehead. He wasn't as tall as the rest, but still taller than you. He raised his hand and touched your forehead with two fingers and you suddenly blacked out.


    "Good job, Kook." Namjoon snapped sarcastically, giving the maknae a small glare. The younger looked down in shame and Taehyung patted his back.

    "Could happen to anyone. Look at my eyes, they changed too..." Taehyung admitted and Jungkook looked up to see that Taehyung's eyes had indeed turned golden. He gave Taehyung a small smile as thanks and looked back at the girl.

    "I'll take her to ours..." Hoseok said, taking the girl in his arms before disappearing. The rest of the boys looked at each other before also making their way to the house. They walked into the woods and made sure no one followed them. Taehyung smirked at Jungkook and Jimin before changing and starting to run. Jimin turned to and quickly followed and Jungkook after that.

    "They never grow, do they... You'd expect that at least Jimin be more adult like sometimes since he's 650 years old." Jin mumbled and Namjoon laughed.

    "We may all be over a hundred years old, but we're all still children on the inside, hyung." Namjoon said before looking at Yoongi.

    "Even Yoongi-hyung." He continued and the angel looked at him before shrugging. He took of his sweater and stretched his wings. He hated that he had to hide his wings. Why couldn't the supernatural be free like the normal humans... What was so different about them? Why couldn't humans just accept something that was different than them? Yoongi shook his head and flew up a little. He flew the rest of the way as Namjoon changed into his fox from.

    Jin just walked behind the two, watching as Namjoon jumped from tree to tree and ran through the plants. His tails got full of little sticks and leaves, his ears laid back as he went faster. Namjoon barely changed and when he did, he was basically a happy-bomb. Yoongi was also looking at Namjoon with a smirk.

    "Yah! Namjoon-ah!" Yoongi exclaimed and Namjoon paused, looking up to Yoongi and his tails moving rapidly from side to side. The leaves and sticks started to fall to the ground as he did so.

    "Flip!" He yelled and Namjoon jumped to a tree, pushing himself off and turning in the air. Yoongi let out a laugh when Namjoon crashed to a smaller tree, breaking it. Namjoon scrambled up and glared at Yoongi before running and jumping again. Jin stuffed his hands in his front pockets, rolling his eyes at Yoongi.

    "He's 15.842 years old..." Jin mumbled, sighing as he heard something in his head. He sighed and excused himself, disappearing so he could reap.

    He came across his victim. A young girl, barely 9 years old, on the ground. Her body twisted in weird ways, another figure above the body. Jin felt anger surge through his body as he knew he could do nothing about the murderer. Well, he could... but he'd lose everything. It was against the rules for grim reapers. Yes, there were rules. Jin still remembered becoming a grim reaper.

    Jin was 27 and it would be around the 10th century. His parents had sent him off and he was merely strolling through the woods. Trees surrounded him, animals jumping from tree to plants and trees again. Butterflies flew past Jin's eyes, making the young man smile brightly as he turned. He let out a scream when he saw someone stood behind him (scream from the school skit) and stumbled back, falling on his butt. He stared at the man in shock. The man was dressed in a black suit, a sword like something in his hand. Jin then realized that it was indeed a sword. Two in fact... Two swords connected by a large chain.
    Jin's eyes widen as he started crawling back, afraid of what was going to happen. The man didn't move as he held the swords in his left hand, staring down at Jin's form. Jin gulped as he stopped with crawling back once his back hit the tree behind him.
    "W-Who are you?" He asked with a slight stutter and the man let out a dark chuckle. He said nothing and just smirked at Jin. He took something from behind his book and threw it at Jin with a smirk.
    "You're selected." "Selected..?" Jin stuttered as the man held out his hand to help him. Jin took the mystery man's hand and got pulled up easily. He looked at the object that laid in front of his feet, picking it up. It was a simple green with black ring. It looked expensive to say the least.
    "That's yours now." The man said and Jin looked up.
    "What..?" "You're the next Grim Reaper." The man said and Jin frowned.
    "Grim... Okay what?" Jin asked, looking at the man in pure confusion.
    "A grim reaper. You'll help souls move on to Heaven or Hell." The man said and Jin looked back at the ring.
    "That would be your scythe. Think of a scythe and it will change into that." The man explained and Jin looked back up.
    "Good luck and don't lose the ring. Rules will be explained later." The man said before disappearing. Jin just stared at the place where the man that stood before him not mere seconds ago. He looked back at the ring before placing it on his middle finger.
    ~Flashback over~

    Jin smiled at the memory and sighed. He couldn't do anything about murders, but technically he could send someone else. He never did that anyway... The people who murdered, raped or anything in that line; would eventually get what they deserved in the worst way possible. Mostly because Hoseok always knew about these people and lets say that you did not want to see Hoseok's torture methods. Lots of limb losing and skinning. Moving on!

    He looked back at the child only to see the soul already standing there, staring at her own body.

    "Kiddo?" Jin said and the kid turned. Her eyes were dull as he stared at Jin. Then they moved to Jin's scythe.

    "You're here to help me, right?" The girl asked and Jin crouched down to the girl's height. He gave her a sweet smile and held out his hand. The girl looked at him and suddenly lunged forward, hugging Jin tightly. She looked up and smiled at him again.

    "Are you an angel?" She asked and he shook his head.

    "Do you want to meet one?" Jin asked and the girl nodded rapidly. Jin took one last look at the person above the child's body before disappearing. He appeared back in the house and made him and the little girl visible, scaring most of the members with his suddenness. The girl's eyes landed on Yoongi's wings and she gasped, looking back at Jin in shock.

    "He's an angel!!!" The girl exclaimed and Jin chuckled while Yoongi looked rather annoyed. He got up and crouched in front of the girl, patting her head.

    "Hello, kiddo." Yoongi mumbled before looking at Jin.

    "Girl's still sleeping and is in your room." He dryly said and Jin nodded before looking at the girl.

    "Ready?" He asked and the girl looked at him before nodding. Jin let his scythe slam through the little girl's body, the form of the girl gone and replaced by a whit ball of light. It flew up and Jin let his scythe form into a ring again. He went upstairs and to his room, opening it and walking in his room to see you sleeping on his bed. He moved closer to you and leaned down to look at you some closer.

    Your (s/c) skin was littered with very small scratches and scars, your forehead covered by your (h/l) (h/c) hair. Jin had to admit that you were really pretty...

    Suddenly, your eyes shot open and you looked straight into Jin's brown eyes. Your eyes widen as Jin shot up, couching awkwardly. You stared at him and crawled back until your back was against the headboard.

    "W-Who a-are you? Where am I?" You asked and Jin held up his hands as he came closer.

    "I'm not going to hurt you... I'll explain everything, I promise. I'm Jin, by the way." Jin said and you pulled your knees up to your chest.

    "Okay... I'll listen." You said and Jin looked rather surprised before shaking his head and sitting at the end of the bed.

    "Well... It's kinda complicated... You see, everyone in this house is, uh... Well, supernatural." He stated bluntly and you stared at him before bursting into laughter. Jin let you laugh for a few minutes before speaking up again.

    "You saw Jk's fangs didn't you?" He questioned and you slowly stopped laughing as realization hit you.

    "That was a dream..." You mumbled, but Jin shook his head. You stared at him in shock.

    "Oh, god..." "You want to be alone?" He asked and you sighed, shaking your head.

    "I just need to go home..." "Yeah, I can't let you." Jin said and you looked up. You scoffed and got up, ready to leave. Jin grabbed your arm rather harshly, pulling you back and basically pinning you the bed as you kept struggling.

    "Just stop moving will you!" Jin yelled and you stopped moving, looking at him with a glare.

    "Just... Let go, please." You mumbled and Jin nodded, letting you go. You simply sat up and stared at him for a few seconds.

    "I'll need to leave eventually... I have a family to take care off..." You mumbled and Jin nodded.

    "I'm aware... Just... Stay for a little while until we know we can trust you." Jin said and you looked away.

    "F-Fine..." You mumbled, pulling your knees back up to your chest. You weren't comfortable at all... You barely even noticed that you had pulled the pillow in your grasp as well. Jin frowned as he looked at you before getting up.

    "Come to meet the rest then." He said, holding out his hand to help you up. You took it and let him lead you outside of the room. You were still clutching the pillow in your grasp, your chin pushed into the pillow. You hated meeting people... You'd rather hang out with a hungry tiger than spend your time making new friends (<-- me). You were dragged to the living by Jin and could see 6 other figures. Well... 2 human figures, a man with horns and a long tail, a  giant dog, someone with giant wings and someone with giant fox ears on his head. You looked at Jin before looking back at the 6.

    "This is fake... I'm being pranked." You mumbled to yourself and Jin cleared his throat. All of them turned around and one immediately jumped up.

    "Hello!" The guy exclaimed, running towards you and almost falling down as he did so.

    "This is Taehyung and he's a werewolf." Jin introduced the boy, who giggled as he gave you a boxy smile. He suddenly hugged you and you froze and just let him. When he let go, you could see all of the people were looking at you. The hound was gone and instead you could see a boy with pink hair. Next to him stood another familiar face.

    "You two?!" You exclaimed, dropping the pillow and pointing at them.

    "Yes, us. Hoseok and Jimin, but I guess you remember that." Hoseok said with a smirk and you nodded before looking at the others. Hoseok wore a black T-shirt and black, ripped jeans. He smirked at you, taking your hand and kissing it. You pulled it back almost immediately, but he still smirked as his eyes flashing black. His tail wrapped around his leg and his horns attracted your attention almost immediately.

    'Demon...' You thought again.

    Jimin on the other side, wore a simple white t-shirt and black pants.m

    'Has to be the giant hellhound...'

    "I'm Namjoon." The man with fox ears and nine tails said. He had silvery hair and wore a white shirt with sweatpants. He gave you a sweet smile as he held out his hand. You awkwardly took it and shook his hand.

    'He has to be a Kumiho...' You thought.

    "Yoongi." A blonde haired man said. He wore a white shirt as well, two huge wings behind him that went from white to brown.  He just nodded at you. You just went with the guess that he was an angel.

    There was one man left, but he was just staring at you. His eyes were an icy blue as his gaze lingered on your neck.

    "That's Jungkook. If you're wondering why he's staring at you like that, it's because he's hungry. He's fairly young, so he's not really in control." Jin explained, dragging you a little back. Then Jungkook just shook his head and his eyes were now brown instead of blue. He swallowed and looked back at you.

    "Sorry if I scared you." He said with a bow and you stared at him for a few seconds.

    "You're a vampire then..." You mumbled and he looked up from his bow. He showed you a smile, looking more like a bunny than a dangerous vampire. A cute bunny at that anyway...

    "This is..." And black.

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    Guess who played Death and Taxes?

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    #jack daniels#whiskey#harley davidson #harley davidson motorcycles #outlaw motorcycle club #mayans fx#mayans mc #sons of anarchy #motorcycle club#motorcycle#youtube#soa#grim reaper
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    I've been watching clips of the grim reaper K-drama, Goblin, and this was one of my main takeaways (besides Death being a fashion icon).

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    i’d like to consider one of my redeeming qualities to be knowing the lyrics to the creeper rap

    #🌧— [chats with marz] #pls- its just too #good #im a creeper minecrafts grim reaper
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    The Grim reaper visited the Benali family. You know what that means. 😭

    Watch here!

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    Azrael and Grim Reaper be like:

    #art#my art#myart#grim reaper#azrael #lil' lucifer au #lil lucifer au
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    "The Grim Reaper."

    "Not The Grim Reaper Shinichi-kun. A grim reaper," Yusaku corrects his son, taking a sip from his tea.

    "I..." Shinichi fumbled trying to make sense.

    He could never believe in the supernatural.

    But no matter what, he always believed in dad's words.

    At the end of the day, if nothing else, he always believed in his family.

    "If you are a grim reaper-"


    "Were a grim reaper why are you... You gave the position up?"


    "What does this mean for me?"

    "Nothing, really. I've been a simple mortal ever since I had resigned, and there is no responsibility of a grim reaper awaiting you. You and I, are simply mortal beings leading mortal lives....though I still have that scythe left from my ex-job, as you had previously witnessed."

    "...Was it because of mom?" Shinichi asked, but it was a rhetorical question. There was a shine in his eye that was clearly coming from his romantic side.

    "It was."

    Shinichi leaned forward, clearly intent on hearing this romantic story, and Yusaku can't help but let his amusement show.

    For all that his son gagged at novels, he showed quite the interest the in the love lives of others.

    He thinks it must be a trait from Yukiko.

    He begins his story telling.

    "Well, you see, I had just finished a task of mine when I had locked eyes with your mother, and I have been helplessly enamoured ever since, coming across her again and again whenever I was on earth...."

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    Icon Pack: Grim the Reaper (Part One)

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    Welcome to the Land of the Ghost Reaper!

    Also known as the Grim World, a version of Earth where everything ssssuuuuuuuckssss.

    There's monsters everywhere, political corruption leaves innocent families to starve in the streets, and corporate overlords charge them their actual arms and legs for basic services. All of it seems to come from the same source: a shadowy organization that hoards magic like your grandparents hoard tea cups and small wooden owls - obsessively.

    Luckily, there's a plucky, sarcastic, and perceptive hero with just the means to stop them: basic common sense, thoughtful strategy, and complex problem-solving skills. Also, Ancient Supernatural Powers! When they aren't battling hostile mystical forces, they're working against an insidious social order that punishes sensitivity and diversity through mechanisms untouched and unquestioned by the nervous, huddling masses.

    Join us as we uncover the secrets behind the world's conspiracies and evil mysteries, the ones that probably directly affect you as well!

    Take a deep dive down the memories, trials and tribulations of a Grim Reaper in-training, who's forced to contend with every paranormal threat in the book, and then some.

    Along the way, maybe, you can even discover what hidden powers you never knew you had, and tell us a story of your own.

    Will you grasp your paper bills for warmth in the night, praying to a deaf Empire and their greedy council, or will you bare your chest in the starlight and become your truest self?

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    Art of: Grim the Reaper

    #ghost reaper #grim the reaper #concept art
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