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    Subtext - Ch 6

    AO3 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

    A/N: The morning after. And the LMA fallout continues. Strap in for some angst!


    Alina awoke having forgotten where she was for a moment. Her eyes still focusing, she blinked several times to clear the sleep. The sun was streaming in the gauzy semi-transparent curtains and she could hear the ocean.


    She turned to her left and saw Aleks, still sleeping. His face was a peaceful calm, rarely seen in waking hours. His arm still draped over her waist from the night before. Her moving around must have woken him because he started to stir.

    “Morning.” He breathed, black pools glittering into focus as the seam of his mouth stretched into a half asleep smile.

    She didn’t know if it was the light or the surroundings but everything seemed to be in slow motion, running at half pace.. He slowly lifted his arm from her side, reaching up to brush the hair out of her face. His wide hand was warm and soft, staying cupped on her cheek, fingers threaded into her hair.

    She smiled back, “Hi yourself.”

    His hand slid back to her hair, cupping her head as he leaned in. A slow and steady kiss. No tongue but lips working softly to envelope her own, nibbling lightly at her lower lip. Alina pulled a bit closer, arm wrapping around searching for purchase and Aleks took advantage to pull himself up. He was on top of her now, hand on the nape of her neck guiding her towards him as his kiss deepened.

    Unlike the previous night, this was less frantic. It was slowed and deliberate. No hurry now - no urgency. His kisses moved down her neck in a trail, each one a stamp of claim - making her his. Time was frozen, as if they were the only two people in the world. She felt every single sensation from his touch. Alina arched her back as the heat rushed to her core, all the sensations from last night quickly returning, locking up in anticipation. He pulled her closer, desperate now, just for their bodies to touch. To be as close as possible, melding into one entity.

    His hard length slipped into her, Alina gasping lightly at the stretch. Her core already starting to seize on its own, anticipating what was coming. The memory of the previous night on the very cusp of her mind. He moved slowly and purposefully, hips slowly moving, connecting with hers. His hand moved up to her breast, thumb flicking over her nipple, sending fresh shudders down her spine.

    She was close, could feel the slow tension building into something more frenetic. Their mouths connected again, foreheads touching, sharing the same heated air.

    He reached his hand down, trailing lazily down her hourglass shape to slip between her thighs. Finding the bundle of nerves, pressing deliberately to ease her to that completion her body was craving. As if a flip of a switch, she broke instantly from that gentle touch, eyes squeezing shut, as tight as her core, as the ripples of pleasure swelled like a wave flooding her body. She rolled her hips into him, the only way to stay afloat. To not completely lose herself with the tremors.

    Seconds later, she felt his release, spilling into her. Aleks’ body relaxed, his head dropping onto her shoulder leaving another open kiss, right there on her collarbone before laying to rest. She could feel the slick between her legs, a mingling of them both.

    “I’d love to start every morning this way…” his fiery breath bloomed on her neck, sending spikes of pleasure through her.

    Alina laughed. The satisfaction in her afterglow releasing her euphoria so easily. So openly.


    After her shower, she stepped out to find a clean t-shirt and shorts folded neatly, waiting for her on the already made bed. She changed quickly and went downstairs, her hair still wet.

    “There you are. Did you find everything ok? Come sit down. Breakfast is almost ready.” Aleks motioned to the stools under the kitchen island. He was busy at the stove and Alina could smell the bacon.

    She sat and looked around properly. Last night was such a blur that she barely had time to register the rest of the house, The kitchen was large and bright and, at this hour, the sun streamed in from the large windows and skylights bathing the entire room in clean sunlight.

    “You take milk, right?” Aleks asked, bringing Alina’s attention back from her observations.

    “Yes, thanks.” Alina said as Aleks set down a steaming LeCreuset mug of coffee in front of her. Matte black to go along with the rest of the decor.

    She held it in both hands taking a sip. The hot beverage was a tonic. Strong and hot. She was already relaxed but it was like adding a cozy sweater wrapped around her.

    “The weather is amazing today - do you want to eat on the terrace?” Aleks asked. “I usually try to on the weekends when it’s nice.”

    “That sounds perfect. What can I help with?” Alina quickly started to get up to help.

    “Nothing. But if you must, can you bring these to the table outside? He came over handing her two sets of silverware and a pair of dove gray herringbone cloth napkins. He paused, kissing her on her head, breathing in her hair before returning back to the stove.

    The fresh air hit her like a ton of bricks. But in a good way. So different to the smoggy city air in Weho. It was still early so there was a slight breeze that cut through the already warm sun - in other words, the weather was perfect. The sky was cloudless and the waves were lapping up to the beach in a ASMR lull - mere feet from where the patio ended. The salt tinged the air and Alina breathed it in deeply, feeling like she was on vacation.

    Looking through the patio door, she studied his face. Intently cooking and so focused, but also so telling. It was so different from the face she knew from work. This one was carefree and light. As if there was an invisible string incessantly tugging at the corners of his mouth, his eyes. The joy threatening to overflow at any time.

    Seeing this filled her with her own happiness that she, herself, couldn’t fathom. She wanted to scream it from the cliffs.

    Alina’s ease was only threatened by the tiny something that pestered her, tugging at the back of her mind. It grew louder,  unrelenting, refusing to be tuned out. Last night was incredible and so was this morning. She didn’t want to ruin the mood but she knew she had to bring up Heleen. She would wait till after they finished eating, she convinced herself.

    She set the table and then went back inside, continuing past the kitchen back to the living room. She fished out her phone and saw 7 messages waiting for her from the group chat.

    Hey. Don’t worry, I’m alive. Will fill you in later - be back later today.

    She responded without reading the other messages. She knew they’d be worried about her from last night so she just needed a quick reply. She could fill them in properly later. She threw the phone back in her bag and went up the couple steps to the kitchen.

    “Everything ok?” Aleks asked, looking up with a quizzical concern.

    “Yep, was just checking my phone.”

    “Ok, great. Let’s eat. Can you get the door?” he asked, holding two steaming plates.

    “Wow, I didn’t know you could cook.” Aleks had made mushroom and avocado French-style omelettes with a side of bacon.

    “Yeah, I have lived by myself for so long, I’ve had to learn or otherwise subsist on cup noodles.”

    They ate in silence awhile, nourishing their bodies and simply enjoying each other’s company and the company of the majestic nature around them.

    “This is delicious, Aleks. Thanks for this…and for last night. I had so much fun.”

    Aleks put down his fork and gazed over at her, suddenly serious. “I wasn’t kidding about anything I said. I’m crazy about you and I want to be with you. It wasn’t a one time thing for me.”

    Alina met his eye, nodding slowly but unable to form words as his own profession rolled over here. Instead, she looked out to the ocean, fixating on a tiny surfer way out in the distance further along the beach. Letting the full impact of his declaration sink in.

    She knew it felt right. In such a short while, it already felt so different from any other relationship she’d ever had. It was already so comfortable. So easy.

    But starting a new relationship was always so scary - to put yourself out there. Completely vulnerable. And with the complexity of him being her coworker, and superior, it added another layer.

    “It’s a bit complicated with the work situation but I think we just don’t have to tell anyone yet. You don’t technically work for me and you probably won’t be there long considering your script - which incidentally, we have yet to talk about.” Aleks continued wrily, as if reading her mind.

    Alina pushed back her empty plate and took a sip of coffee as if it was alcohol, fortifying her and giving her strength. Now was as good an opportunity as any to talk about Heleen. She had to get it off her chest and unfortunately, he provided a near perfect segway.

    “So…speaking of work, I need to talk to you about something.”

    As if sensing a serious turn in the conversation, Aleks, too, pushed his plate away and leaned back, giving her his full attention. “Go on.”

    “Did anything happen with Heleen yesterday? I mean at work?” Alina looked down into her coffee, hardly able to meet his eye.

    “What do you mean? Did you hear something?” he replied, rather sharply.

    “Well…I actually spoke to her this week and she told me about her plans….her plans to leave the agency.”

    Aleks inhaled. “Wait, so she told you? Why would she tell you this. Do you even know her? I saw her talking to you at the premiere but I didn’t realize you were friendly.”

    “Well, we aren’t. Not really. I think Magnus told her about my script-writing and she’s been offering to help. And then, this week…she, um, asked me to, um, sign with her at her new agency.”

    A loud noise of the china shaking as Aleks made a sudden movement and knocked the table with his knee. Alina looked up cautiously now, hardly daring to breathe. But she had to gauge his reaction.

    This was the the work Aleks she was very familar with. He looked completely incensed, his face darkened. Alina paled. Although she had seen him dishing out his brand of ice cold attitude, she had never been on the receiving end herself.

    He must have noticed the reaction on her face as his features instantly softened.

    “Alina.” He said softly, cradling her name gently. “I’m sorry. It isn’t you. But Heleen has no business talking to you about your work let alone trying to sign you. I’ve known her a long time and she always has an agenda. And I don’t know what she was getting at coming to you like this before she even let us know she was leaving. It’s highly unorthodox.”

    He paused to top up his coffee and her own with the cafetiere he had brought out. “She sprung it on us just a few hours before I met you on Friday and Magnus is beside himself, as you can imagine. He’s taken it as a personal afront.”

    Alina’s worry over Aleks’ reaction quickly pivoted to indignation. “What do you mean trusting me? And why couldn’t she have talked to me? I am trying to make it in this industry and no one, including you, so far has offered me even half a chance.”

    “Alina, sweetheart. That’s not what I meant. You know I care about your future and I want you to succeed. Of course I do. And you know I meant every word when I said your script was good. But Heleen always has an ulterior motive. Trust me on this - I know her.”

    “Why can’t she just want me because I am good? If you already say that I am?” Alina could feel her anger bubbling up.

    She knew she was jumping off the handle a bit - Aleks would clearly know Heleen’s motives better but when it came to her career, her emotions were always on sleeve’s edge. She also knew how Aleks operated at work and doubted he would risk his career or make any uncalculated moves.  She continued on, louder than before, emotion carrying her fully now. “Well, if you think I’m good too, then why don’t you show me and sign me right now?” Alina looked up forcefully, as if daring him to reply.

    Aleks sighed, leaning back in resignation, as if propelled back by her challenge. “Alina,” he murmured in resignation. “I can’t do that right now. It’s not that easy to just sign a new person and this is bringing personal matters into it.”

    He got up and pulled his chair around to her. His knees right up to hers, straddling them, a hand wrapping around her tightly wound fists in her lap. One hand he tilted her chin up to force the eye contact.

    “Please try to understand. Your writing is good. Really good. I swear to you that I will help you make this happen. Please just trust me. Let’s keeping working on your script, keep meeting people and you will get signed. I will sign you. We have one good shot so we just need your script to be perfect and the cards in place so I can justify the signing to Magnus and our board. Please. Alina. Trust me.”

    His eyes were swirling, the black pits full of emotion. They were genuine and they exuded everything he had said to her the past evening. Alina could feel the fire in her settle, reducing to embers as she calmed a little. Still mad but she knew there was nothing she could do about it right now. And there was so much turmoil. It was tearing her into pieces, pulling in opposite directions. Her heart saying to let it go, her mind refusing to relent.

    “I don’t know. I have to think about it. It’s my career, you know?”

    She turned away from him and looked out to the ocean, trying to keep down the tears that threatened to expose how shaky she was. How actually not confident she was in her writing and herself. The day was beautiful but it was diminished from this conversation. Their magical evening was now colored by this conversation. Like an ink stain on a beautiful dress. The damage was done and it was forever tarnished.

    She suspected he knew it too. She could see the pain on his face. He didn’t try to push further and while they weren’t exactly breaking up but it would hang over them till it was resolved.

    “I’d like to go home now.” Alina said after awhile. Not in a mean way, but neutral. All emotion completely spent.

    “I’ll drive you.” He said and she nodded, hearing the force in this. That it was not up for negotiation and it was to salvage the weekend. They had gotten so far, this Heleen business could not set them back to zero.

    The drive was quiet. But a different quiet. A completely opposite version of the very same route they took just less than 24 hours ago. It was equally beautiful and tranquil, salt air kissing their faces but tonally so much more somber.

    Pulling up in front of her place, he parked to the side and turned to her. About to say something. Alina went first, too scared to hold it in - in case he was saying something else.

    “Thanks for the weekend. I had an incredible time. And…and I’ll think about what you said. I just…I just need time to think.” She couldn’t bring herself to mention the rest of it out loud.

    She almost didn’t dare look up, unsure what he would say.

    “Alina. I told you. I’m all in. Take all the time you need. Just know that I care about you and I will always want you to succeed. Please trust me.”

    He leaned over, hesitating a moment, and gave her a peck. Lips pressed almost on her temple. Alina felt it - it lingered, tingling, as if saying all the other unspoken things that he couldn’t say to her. She didn’t look at him again or say anything else as she opened the door and left the car.


    Alina woke up Monday still feeling unsettled from her conversation with Aleks. Staring up at the bland off-white popcorn ceiling, her thoughts could freely wander. Aleks’ face wandered into view. Then her body shuddered involuntarily, remembering the thrill as the flashback of his touches entered her mind.

    She had talked it through with her friends when she got home and they agreed it was a tough situation. It was hard mixing business and pleasure.

    “Just trust him, Lin. He’s a good guy and if he said he would help, he will. I honestly don’t know much about Heleen so wouldn’t put it past her to be shady.” Nikolai reasoned.

    “I don’t know. It’s like, what is that saying - a bird in hand is worth two in the bush, no? Why continue slaving away as an assistant when a real opportunity is here?” Zoya retorted.

    “He basically poured his heart out to you. I think you can trust him now. Unless he is a total sociopath…but Nikolai seems to vouch for him. And Mr. Lantsov can’t also be wrong, can he?” Genya mused.

    While all her friends had valid points that she considered, it led her no closer to an answer. She did trust Aleks but how could she miss such an opportunity for her writing? The thing they had was new and, true, it could be something real, something great. But her writing was her life. Since the beginning. She couldn’t abandon it now. And she would have to face him today at work.

    When she walked in to the office, it was as unsettled as she was. Heleen’s announcement had finally made it around the ranks and the staff she took with her had essentially disappeared overnight. Everyone was still trying to piece together who was still around and then the mad scramble to pick up the work. In the meantime, agents were on edge trying to reassure existing clients and make the rounds with all of them that everything was fine with LMA.

    An impromptu all-staff was called in the morning to address the situation. It was there that Alina fully saw the impact of this coup. Almost a quarter of the whole team was gone. Heleen had taken 4 assistants, 5 agents and their corresponding support teams. They had taken a lot of the acting clients with them, but Magnus had managed to minimize the fallout with a lot of calls over the weekend.

    The meeting was to reassure the remaining employees and both Magnus and Aleks spoke - encouraging the morale for existing staff and pressing on the importance of team loyalty. Once or twice, Alina made eye contact with Aleks but as it was such a large group and mid-speech, she couldn’t gain anything from it.

    However, it also happened to be the Fedyor monthly planning meeting that Monday. There was an instant weight to the room as everyone immediately clocked that Natasha, one of the main leads, was one of Heleen’s biggest clients. Of course no one would say anything, but it hung heavy in the air. Any mention of her was skirted around and there were several awkward pauses.

    During one of these, she could feel Alek’s eyes looking at her from over the laptop. It was passive and didn’t betray anything particularly that he could be feeling but of course, they were in a meeting full of people.

    “Alina, can you stay back for a moment please?” Aleks asked briskly as the meeting adjourned.

    Alina swallowed and nodded. She really didn’t want to try to hash anything out at work.

    He approached and she could smell his aftershave, the scent memory from their tryst flooding back. She forced those feelings down.

    Aleks turned and waited till every single person had left the room, a false smile to Fedyor as the director patted his back on the way out. Finally, he turned back to her.

    “Look, I don’t want to say too much at work but I know you’ll be speaking to Heleen later. I just have to say one more time - please don’t do this. I promise I will help you. Heleen won’t be able to like I can and she doesn’t have your best interests at heart.” His raised his hand as if to touch her arm but then retracted it, as if thinking better of it.

    Alina’s anger flared up again. How could he just be so arrogant in his approach.

    “I’m going to do it. I actually was on the fence but this clearly shows that you just don’t want me to go with her. And if you can’t give me an explanation, then I have no reason not to.” She seethed.

    And then louder, “Anything else, Aleksander? I have to go back and do some things for Vasily.” She started packing.

    “No, that’s it.” he said quietly.

    He grabbed her wrist, forcing her to turn and face him. “Just know that while I will be disappointed, it won’t change anything or how I feel about you.”

    Without another word, she walked out, pushing open the glass door a little too violently - her adrenaline coursing through her like fire.


    At her desk, an email popped up as she sat down, hands still shaking.

    [Van Houden, Heleen] Hi Alina. Have you considered my offer? Can you meet me at La Colombe at 4pm?

    She replied immediately. Her previous emotion turning to resolute ambition, which somehow steadied her.

    Hi Heleen. Yes, I can chat then. See you.

    “Alina. Hi. How’s it all going? I can imagine the office is quite in an uproar today.” Heleen gave a sly smile, standing up from the round table in the warm sun. The tall woman was her usual impeccable self. Today, black DVF wrap dress with giant Celine cat-eye sunglasses and hair curled around her face, in a sort of Old Hollywood elegance. It wasn’t clear if it was from the recent move but she also looked lighter, more confident.

    “I think it took people by surprise.” Alina was hesitant to say more. They were sitting outside the small coffee place in an area frequented by many, if not all her colleagues.

    And deep down inside, despite why she was sitting there now and what she was about to say, she still didn’t fully trust this woman that she barely knew. She had to push forward for her career, but she could keep her guard up.

    “So have you had time to think about my offer?”

    “I have…” Alina said shakily. There was no going back now.

    “And?” Heleen said, sipping her draft oat cold brew.

    “Let’s do it.” she blurted out before she could chicken out. Almost incoherent in one long string.

    “Can you send over the contract and particulars and I can have a look over it. I need to see that before I formally accept anything.” Alina gritted her teeth, determined. A tiny spark fluttered in her mind. A passing thought of Aleksander. But she dismissed it.

    The ongoing tennis match in her head between her personal feelings and her career was over. In her heart of hearts, she knew her career came first. She still really liked Aleks, perhaps even loved him, and hope he would be fine with this but she couldn’t let this opportunity go.

    “Oh lovely.” Heleen broke into one of her genuine smiles.

    “I would like to do it soon - while my leaving is still fresh, keep the momentum of it, you know. I expect you’ll want to let Magnus and Aleksander know yourself?” she continued.

    Alina wrapped her hands in her lap to keep herself from shaking. “Yes, I’ll wait till I see the contract if that’s ok.”

    “That’s all fine. I’ll have it with you by this weekend. I expect you will be very pleased with my terms.” she replied smugly, trying but failing to contain her giant grin.

    She got up and removed an invisible speck from her outfit before reaching out her hand to Alina.

    “Well, this was a pleasure. I look forward to working with you, Alina. I expect you’ll have to get back now. I will be in touch soon.” She walked away in a flurry of Black Orchid leaving Alina to sit in its stifling wake.


    Alina didn’t have to tell her roommates her decision when she got home. They could see it written on her face before she even spoke up. She should be happy and excited for the opportunity but somehow she just felt shitty.

    She didn’t really feel like talking much, which her friends could tell. They nodded quietly and lent a few supportive words but didn’t fully comment or discuss, knowing she wasn’t ready. Alina ate a quick dinner and then retired early to her room to lay down.

    She plopped onto the bed, unable to even change into sweats. Turning, she stared back up facing the same endless dots on the ceiling, their monotony the only comfort from her turmoil of emotions.

    She started drifting off, then suddenly her phone started buzzing.

    It was Aleks.

    She starred at it, studying the curve of every letter, every serif. Looking so closely, she could almost see the pixels. She picked it up, waiting for him to speak first.

    “Hi Alina.”


    Although there was the massive weight on her shoulders, hearing from him, the way he said her name lifted her.

    “How are…Are you free for dinner tomorrow?”

    There was a pause and a pivot. Alina heard him swallow on the other end of the line and could picture his Adam’s apple bobbing on his long neck, leading to his chiseled jaw line.

    Before she could speak up, he continued, ripping her back to the present. Away from that carefree flashback that seemed a distant fantasy.

    “Let’s talk.”

    Her heart dropped to the floor.

    “Hello? Alina?”

    “Yes, ok.” she managed to let out. She hung up and threw the phone to the foot of the bed.

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    Okay but I have decided Jesper’s pokemon partner is a mimikyu

    #grishaverse #grishaverse Pokémon au
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    I started (and finished) the Netiflix TV series Darkness and Bones, all the while I did nothing but picture them in a Grisha!AU. Surely it would be Darkling!Obito and Sunsummoner!Naruto ... I want draw about it T_T too many AUs

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    !soc college au!

    kaz hasn't looked up from his books until inej forces him to smile for the photo. for a full minute, he stares at her with an unreadable expression until he looks at the camera with an annoyed huff.

    wylan has been done with his chemistry homework for an hour now. he thought of making something to eat but he isn't sure if nina and inej will be okay with him burning down their kitchen again.

    jesper was concentrating for 15 minutes and has given up in favour of reading wylan some of his homework and watching his lips pout in concentration as he solves it .

    nina has half-assed her psychology essay and is now throwing eraser bits on mathias's face. he looks up each time with a glare resembling a wolf and she laughs and he softens immediately.

    mathias is almost through with his presentation prep. he's working hard but it is difficult to concentrate when his girlfriend keeps bumping her feet against his. he would ask her to stop but her smile every time he looks up is worth it.

    inej is as quiet as she is in her everyday life. jesper and nina would try to disturb her but something about kaz's glare when they even think about it (how does he even know?) stops them each time.

    (mathias and inej are study-partners. they are going to meet sometime later to actually get some work done.)

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    *kingdom dance intensifies*

    #malina#malyen oretsev#alina starkov#grishaverse #shadow and bone #the grisha trilogy #leigh bardugo#tangled au #huge thanks to the person who reaaally wanted me to finish this #because i wouldnt have looked at the sketch again otherwise lol #x
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    Some more of the Wizard Au, but as screencaps from various fandoms

    #murdoc niccals#original character #ace d copular #gorillaz au#art #the fandoms are Shameless; Merlin; The Grishaverse; and Supernatural #in that order #i dont know a lot about these fandoms with the exception of some basic knowledge #but my irl best friend loves these fandoms #so im starting to gain an interest in them through osmosis #i forgot to tag that stuart pot was also a character sjdbsudj im sorry
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    #grishaverse#grishaverse au#zoya nazyalensky#nikolai lantsov#zoyalai#grishaverse spoilers#nikolai duology #nikolai duology spoilers #king of scars #king of scars spoilers #rule of wolves #rule of wolves spoilers #nikolai x zoya #zoya x nikolai #text fic#textfic #pictures and prose #new chapter#grishaverse fandom#grishaverse fanfic#grishaverse fanfiction
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    grishaverse characters in tma au what crimes would they commit?

    #grishaverse in tma au #gonna keep thinking about this a lot tbh #there are so many possibilities #and archivist alina who ultimately fails to stop the ritual that she's been put in the center of #that she knows about and has been trying so desperately to prevent... #it is GOOD #tma#grishaverse
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    Modern grishaverse!au

    Alina: You know that Fahey guy was really a character , can't believe he freaked out at the party because he forgot his goat pet at home. I mean,good thing it was not a child.Can you believe being so irresponsible to forget something you are supposed to love?

    Mal: Can't relate




    Mal: Alina, where is Oncat? i can't hear it

    Alina : Oh no! tell me we didn't leave him there!

    Mal: I don't know, i am the one driving!

    Alina: Oh wait, no. She is sleeping

    Mal: Phew,i got scared

    Alina: Yeah, it is because is so quiet in the back

    Mal: I know




    Mal slaming the breaks hard: MISHA!!!

    #grishaverse incorrect quotes #grishaverse shit post #grishaverse modern au! #like yes aww Alina and Mal are taking care of misha #but also shit! alina and mal are looking after Misha #alina starkov#mal oretsev #misha shadow and bone #malina #mal x alina #misha grishaverse
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    I have this idea about Grishaverse/Shadow and Bone superhero AU.

    Alina and her group are like, government employed superheroes, basically a branch of police for superpowered crime.

    And Darkling and his group are an independent group of superheroes, vigilantes, technically. The Darkling used to work for the government, but went independant after years of being prevented from doing the right thing by red tape and shit. Alina got his old job temporarily, because she is the most powerful, even if she is way less experienced than other people involved.

    The Tzar in this universe is basically a Trump-type figure, super rich bussines man turned politician, down to having a (ex)model for a wife, who is now overseeing the superpowered police.

    Nikolai is his step-son, who works for the superpowered police as a tech guy, but he’s also helping the vigilante group on the side, because the Darkling is kinda right and his “dad” is a cunt. He may or may not have helped leak the court documents about his step-father’s sexual misconduct, that got swept under the rug.

    Genya is a celebrity stylist/make-up artist, who moonlights with the vigilante group. She’s also the founder of a major local charity helping sexual abuse and domestic violence victims. Her husband, David, is an inventor and is considered to be something of a mad genius.

    The Darkling is still an incredibly old immortal. While everyone else dresses like standart superheroes, he dresses exactly as he does in the show. There are rumors that he’s a vampire. I’m thinking that he and his mother came from ancient Judea, and he’s definitelly fluent in several dead languages.

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  • ravenyenn19
    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago


    -He pumps Inej’s gas for her. Out in the country, his father raised him to always do things like that. It’s not because he believes Inej incapable or anything ridiculous, but rather he was taught that was manners in a relationship. He may not always be able to touch her, but he’ll always show her how he feels, through things like this.

    -Inej hated it at first, but then it was snowing one day and Kaz just looked over at her and said “can you let me do it now, darling?” And that’s when she realized it was important to him. She hasn’t said a word about it since, and most weeks, her car is magically filled up before she even gets in on Monday morning. Just like how whenever it rains, Kaz finds a heating pad on his nightstand for his knee, without ever having moved.

    #six of crows #crooked kingdom#kanej#kaz brekker#inej ghafa #shadow and bone #kaz x inej #soc#grishaverse#leigh bardugo #dealing with our demons #dwod#modern au#ao3 fanfic#ao3#ao3 author#kanej fanfic #six of crows fanfic
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  • grishaverse-incorrectquotes
    18.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Genya: Yeah, so he broke up with me.

    Alina: Why are you looking up?


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  • disregardcanon
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    still thinking about grishaverse! leverage crew and here’s my backstories

    elliot was a member of an elite ravkan first army unit that did a LOT of damage to people on the border of shu han. he go disillusioned with his military and started working jobs as the hard hitter for different operations in shu han. he’s pretty much the hardest hitting known otkazat'sya in the known world. he used to run with damian moreau, a man who has an entire island nation off the coast of the southern colonies in a stranglehold. he’s not a man to trifle with, especially since he sealed his heart off a long time ago.

    hardison’s family are zemenyi and he learned how to be a fabrikator at a young age with teachers on the west end of the country. when he came back in his mid-teens for a year, he realized that the family farm was heading into ruin and his grandmother and cousins needed MONEY, not him to get more training when he can learn on the job. the job might be forging documents and crafting false items and conning people, but hey, they can’t complain right? he’s sending money home. he’s blended together fabrikator techniques from novyi zem and ravka and both their orders, and more. he’s changing the game. he’s the guy you call when you need something done.

    parker is fjerdan. with a druskelle for a father and a battered but angry traditional fjerdan for a mother, parker was inundated with propaganda from a young age. but she also thought it was dumb. if these people were really evil monsters, wouldn’t they JUST be monsters all the time? why would they heal other people if they were just monsters? that’s dumb. she lives in a smaller village further north than the capitol, and one day when she’s sick of it, she runs away and stows away on a ship south. she starts a pirate gang with a few other kids, and she’s the one who gets turned in when she’s at djerholm and has to spend a few months in juvie, where they’re just like BE GOOD FJERDAN WOMAN and parker’s trying to figure out how to pick all the locks and climb everything in the building 

    she vows never to set foot in fjerda again after she gets out, and spends most of her time running jobs in ravka and shu han.

    sophie is a mystery. no one’s really sure where she’s from. some days she claims to be from os alta, raised among the richest of the ravkans. sometimes she claims to be from the southern colonies, or the southern isles, or a small family who settled on the zemeni coast- or. well. kerch, sometimes. but she doesn’t claim that much. it’s not very glamorous when you base your operations in ketterdam. she doesn’t ever play a brothel girl. it seems to be a bit of a sore spot. she can play a character from just about everywhere. and she does. she’ll play whichever role will get the job done, and she’s grifted so many different suckers across the nations of the world and stuffed away so much of their wonderful art. 

    nate ford IS from the barrel in ketterdam. his father is a notorious crime boss who’s finally been sealed away in hellgate, and he managed to claw his way over to the side of law and order by the grace of ghezen. he’s not a mercher himself, exactly, but he works for one who’s peddling “insurance”. it’s a fairly novel concept, but the idea is that if his clients pay this merchant, then he will spot the bill for large transactions in certain areas. home repair, ship repair, farm repair, crops, health- you name it. nate just makes sure that the claims are legitimate. they aren’t always.

    but when nate’s son falls deathly ill and it seems the only way that he might survive is a trip across the sea to visit a grisha healer in novyi zem or ravka... well. the merchant who he works for AND pays for insurance won’t have it, and his son... well. that kid DIES.

    and when one of merchant council’s former allies comes offering a job to retrieve “plans” that he “created” as a way to bite the merchant who killed nate’s son in the ass... well. he’s not about to turn that down. he gets a team together, fucks over both the mercher who fucked him over AND the one that used them, and then they start... running jobs only on the worst of the worst.

    watch out, scum of the grishaverse. your slaving is getting revealed. your quack remedies and fake relics are getting revealed. your jurda fields are getting burned. your indentures are getting unionized. your grisha are getting freed.

    and there’s nothing you can do about it

    #grishaverse#leverage #might actually write a series where each of the crows gets adopted by grishaverse leverage Just Because TM #like.. can you even imagine tiny little kaz with sophie.... i scream #leverage aus
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  • soldatsolya
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    This   blog   contains   possibly   triggering   material   and   nsfw   material.   This   blog   is   low   activity,   it   will   tend   to   be   based   on   muse   as   well   as   if   I'm   paying   attention   to   my   other   blogs.   My   discord   is   available   upon   request.   This   blog   is   ran   by   Mercy,   I   am   29   years   old,   and   my   pronouns   are   she/her/they.    This   blog   is   written   in   first   person.

    carrd/doc (to be done) ; other blogs: x x

    PLEASE NOTE : I write in the first person on this blog. It's something I have tested out on another blog, and something I will do on here and my two other blogs. I will not write in any other form. This is what is most comfortable for me & easiest for me to write in. I don't expect anyone to change their writing style for me and I shouldn't be asked to or feel the need to change how I write to keep a follower. If you are uncomfortable with how I write, please unfollow me & softblock me.

    do not interact with me if you take a POC in a show and use a white fc for them — for example; Alina Starkov, Mal Oretsev, Bonnie Bennett (McCullough) — because they are white in the novels. They are no longer white as soon as they are portrayed by a POC actor or actress. I will also not interact with genderswapped/genderbent/rule!63 muses, this is transphobic. I will also not rp with anyone who makes canon LGBTQIA characters and rps them as straight. If I don’t follow you back right away, please don’t keep re-following me until I follow you, I will block you if you do so.

    #pinned #alaric does have a grishaverse au & there are other grishaverse muses on my multi
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  • jesperseptumring
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    somebody said Pete Davidson dresses like Jesper would in a modern day AU and I can't unsee it

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  • littleprinceuniverse
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    1920s / Peaky Blinder Au

    “Past the square, past the bridge Past the mills, past the stacks On a gathering storm Comes a tall handsome man In a dusty black coat with A red right hand.” - Red right hand by Nick Cave and Bad seeds

    England 1919: Kaz Brekker has returned to his gang in Birmingham and is ready to do whatever it takes to regain his position and power in the city. With horse races, illegal bets, trading on black market and the strangest crew, he wants to get the wealth and prestige back to the dregs that they once had. 

    (Not my pictures just the mood board)

    Little note: -I couldn’t help myself, they would fit in too well… -Since this Au takes place in a different world, things about the characters will change like their age and backstories. I will try my best to keep them as true to the original as possible and are open for ideas or suggestions. -I will probably post whatever comes to my mind about this Au and tell more about the characters soon.

    Hope you will enjoy this!

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  • ohh-deary-me
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    i can already tell that jack is to wylan as kit is to jesper and i just think that's beautiful

    #whoever cast the two of them I LOVE YOU #kit and jack are just wesper modern au #jack van sunshine <3 #grishaverse#jack wolfe#kit young #shadow and bone #shadow and bone s2
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