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  • baraidotcom
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You know how you can tell the OG MandoxReader writers?

    Their old fics used Dyn Jarren instead of Din Djarin.

    #the mandalorian#pedro pascal#din djarin#grogu djarin#dyn jarren #thats how it was spelled before any of us knew how it was spelled #good times
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  • sithzuko
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    darth grogu my beloved cutie

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  • sithzuko
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • darthskys
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sobbing over Leia interacting with Grogu in fanfiction oh my god sometimes I get so mad at the sequel trilogy ughghgggg

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  • joshuaadamgloverdesigns
    17.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Blue Red Kyber Crystal with Abby etched into it in Aurebesh with Kyber deluxe keychain and tin box. J.A.G #grogu #themandalorian #ashoka #Starwarscosplay #ashokatano #lightsaber #lightsabercrystal #aurebesh #starwarsday #rebelalliance #starwarsfan #mtfbwy #kybercrystal #starwars #theforce #Jedi #Sith #kybercrystalnecklace #starwarsjewelry #kyber #mandalorian #starwarswedding #vader #skywalker (at Joshua Adam Glover designs) https://www.instagram.com/p/CT6gswGLtfo/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • kiwi-the-first
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    [T] and <••>

    #hehehehehehehehehe #I'm so proud rn #actually i made this on insta last year on Halloween #so#i mean #yeah still proud #the mandalorian#din djarin#grogu djarin#pedro pascal
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  • mightywolves23
    17.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    September 17th... Din

    Word Count: 300

    Characters: Din Djarin (Mando), Grogu (Baby Yoda)

    Went for something a little different today. Or maybe not all that different. Who knows. I hope you like it.


    Din knew something was wrong with his... the kid. He wouldn’t play like he normally would. All he did was cry and, when Din put him down, scream until Din picked him back up.

    The ad’ika would press his face to Din’s chest plate and whimper.

    Din knew his beskar was cold but when he tried to remove the plate to keep him warm, the kid would screech.

    Din was tired and frustrated and worn out. He had no clue what was wrong with him and he couldn’t put him down to feed him or something.

    Din ended up pacing from one end of the Crest to the other. The kid just kept on crying.

    Din wasn’t the best at talking. He cleared his throat and hesitantly began murmuring to the kid.

    “Hey, what’s wrong, ad’ika?” Din smoothed his hand over one ear. “Do you want to eat? Are you hungry?”

    The kid screwed his face up and tried to get closer to him. Six tiny claws hooked into his flight suit.

    Din checked the time and saw he had been walking for an hour. “Do you want your ball?”

    A negative shake of the head. The kid breathed against the cold beskar.

    What Din heard next made his heart stop in his chest. The smallest of coughs came from the adiik in his arms.

    Din ripped off his glove and pressed his hand to the kid’s face. He cursed sharply. The ad’ika felt hot. He had a fever.

    Din cursed himself an idiot under his breath. The ad’ika was sick. He had a fever. How bad was it? All Din did was hold him and pace back and forth. The kid needed a medic.

    Din climbed the ladder to the cockpit. “Ni ceta, ad’ika. I’ll get you help soon.”

    #star wars#stories#fanfic#drabble#the mandalorian#din djarin#grogu #mandalorian and grogu #baby yoda #dad din djarin #but he doesn't know it #good dad#comfort #tired space dad
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  • sadiebwrites
    17.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Chasing the Dawn - Chapter 5

    Late once again, but better late than never! Read it here!

    "The Darksaber," Luke whispered. Din felt him shiver beside him. "I--I dreamed about it, too. Well, it wasn't a dream. It was the same vision I had in the temple." 
    Din opened his eyes and watched Luke's expression draw tight. 
    "Cere suggested we let Quinlan look at it," he said slowly. "He has the same gift Cal has. When Cal picked up my father's saber--"
    "I remember," Din said gruffly. "It's not a gift." 
    Luke nodded, staring at his lap. "Not usually, no. But Quin--"
    "No." Din was already shaking his head. "No good will come of it." 
    Luke blinked up at him. "And what of your dream? My vision?" Luke chewed on his lip for a moment, hesitating. "You know, Cere thinks it means that you--"
    "Nope," Din shook his head again and carefully slid down to lay back on the pillow, tucking Grogu at his side. "Nuh-uh. I've had my fill of the crazy magic stuff for a lifetime, thanks."
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  • din-djarins-riduur
    17.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    These gifs don’t have anything to do with what i want to say, but they’re pretty to look at and bring comfort.

    In the kind of culture that the U.S. has i can’t help but feel isolated. i’m all for feminism and letting a woman choose with what she wants to do in her life, but gosh i can’t help but feel shunned and looked down on by society for wanting to be a stay-at-home-wife (STAHW). Believe me, i have nothing against having a career, and a part of me wishes to become an asset to the film industry and story telling (preferably for Lucasfilm or Disney), but when someone asks me what i want in life? That isn’t my first answer. It never is. For a long time, my first answer has always been to be a mother and a wife. And it’s been that was since i was sixteen.

    i’ve spent a lot of my life fending for myself emotionally and mentally and had to grow up pretty quickly. i’ve been dealing with depression and loneliness as far back as i can remember. i never had a stable life (grew up in a military family). And i have this deep desire to help people and be there for them and that longing has shifted into wanting to take care of my husband and my children. idk where this is going but i just have to say it: i ache to have kids and i ache to have my own family. i want my own safe place and to be at peace and to give love.

    And although it is nearly impossible and hard, i so wish i could do that by staying home. However, California is just impossibly expensive and that isn’t reality. i’m gonna have to work and i hope and pray that i can be home even for a little bit. The very idea of leaving my kids at a daycare or having to depend on other women to raise my kids makes me unbelievably sad. i have to be the one to raise them and take care of them. i have to be the one they see as a mom.

    Idk my hope in this post is that for women who desire this lifestyle too know that you are not alone. Society and modern feminism constantly shoves it down our throats that we have to be like a man and that career comes first before marriage or family. That isn’t true. Not at All. Society is crumbling because family is being put last. Our population is dying, men are becoming womanish and women are becoming masculine. That isn’t the way it should be. People are more alone and miserable than ever because as a society we have engrained it in ourselves that it’s a weakness to want a family. Everyone is so quick to look out for themselves and to not “catch feelings” and “live life”. Having a family and being married is seen as being tied down.

    And that couldn’t be further from the truth. To be married and to be in love with a person and have a family is one of life’s biggest blessings.

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  • squidsponge
    17.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    This dressing down from Commander Colt nails the fundamental difference between clone relationships in The Clone Wars vs The Bad Batch being centered around a group of manchildren with zero loyalty or sense of brotherhood.

    Hunter is a failure of a leader and being the only clone who wears a wig with a killer hairline doesn't make up for it.

    TBB could do with taking a page from the 'regs' they think are disposable and constantly shit on. It's not lost on me that Rex and Howzer were the only real adults. Echo gets a pass because the writers may as well have forgotten his entire backstory.

    Omega is cute and all, but there's this great Star Wars show concurrently airing that people may have seen called The Mandalorian about a merc dad and his insanely cute adopted child vs the galaxy, so making a show about clones and the immediate post-republic era focus on that for pulled heartstrings and episode filler is a huge misfire.

    #commander colt has the slickest armor #that color combo #Omega doesn't give hunter a pass #because mando and grogu did it better #we don't need two shows with that theme #particularly running at the same time #i would like to see the cody #or echo as leader #filoni isn't even writing this show #commander colt#arc troopers#clone wars #the bad batch #tbb critical#star wars#prequel era#clone troopers#captain rex#crosshair#Youtube
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  • ngrogu
    17.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    doting parents

    #dinluke#din djarin#luke skywalker#grogu #grogu: okay so there's my scary looking dad and my actually scary dad but both of them are nice
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  • queen-breha-organa
    17.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    When are we gonna talk about the fact that The Mandalorian is just Star War’s version of “Lone Wolf and Cub” the incredibly popular Manga series that was adapted into an iconic set of films…like..l

    When are we gonna talk about it…..

    Like,,,,baby carriage,,, weapons,,,a wandering man from a warrior group,,,,,

    Like come on.

    #my grandmother loves this show #and when I first watched the Mando I was like #wait #I’ve seen this before #star wars#the mandalorian#din djarin#grogu
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  • grogusmum
    17.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    In Which, I Get To Ride Seamus In The Halloween Parade and Oops I Let A Cat Out of A Bag, But Not A Real Cat or Bag

    A Galaxy Far Far Away Story, As Told By Grogu

    WORD COUNT 2300ish

    A/N and SUMMARY: this little Grogu story is a follow up to In Which, I Become An Expert Pumpkin Picker and I Am Confused With A Costume Accessory It is basically what happens at the Parade mentioned in Halloween at Juniper Cottage: Trick or Treat part 6.5 from Grogus pov. (He will be chronicling his first time Trick or Treating hang tight!)

    WARNINGS: as usual sassy Grogu is always hungry and talking about food. If I missed something please hit me up in my DMs and let me know

    Donuts are the best food!! It is coze and spice and sweet and yummy. We ate and ate, and had warm cider, which is also like a hug. While watching a thing like a holovid, you call it tee-vee and a guy called Charlie Brown and blanket guy Linus, and some meanie kids and meanie grownups you never see… hmmm. I would think maybe they are mandadalorians, but Dad did not like those grown-ups giving that guy rocks! Cuz mean! Plus, also honor your deals, people! That is NOT the Way. After blanket guy Linus did lots of hollering that a really good pumpkin would be there, flying around and I don’t know what all, the tee-vee was over and Dad was swooping me to bed even though I was not tired, at all. Well, I wasn’t until I was tricked to sleep. The tricking was very sneaky and it was bringing me into our room and it was dark and quiet. And I got wrapped in my blue blanket. It is like trapping, I tell you! A. Trap. But you know. This is my life.

    This was also a very busy time! We had to walk down the street while people cheered, which is understandable… mmm okay I guess I should say more words about this.

    After Pumpkin Picking Day… which seems like Dad’s favorite, you explained about the Halloween Parade Day, you said, “we need to make a costume for Seamus! So Grogu can ride him, like a horse."

    WHAT?! OH BOY! I took your face in my hands at this news, “Kind lady, thank you. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

    You asked what someone might ride on, on one of the planets we’ve visited. That would make for a great costume. I agreed! Molly the horse is wonderful. But Banthas or Blurggs or Tauntauns!! Wowie Wow! So I was telling you ALL about it. And then Dad said, maybe a Bantha. It’s four-legged like Seamus, here. Which is true, the others I was thinking about had two legs which would be hard for Seamus.

    So you asked me and Dad to draw one and we did, we sat at the kitchen table and you gave us crayons and paper. After you looked over our pictures, you went to your BIG WALL of STUFF! So much stuff, in boxes and jars and things. And you pulled out something that looked like a brown furry blanket and what people must make bags out of and wires and all kinds of things! Then you called Seamus and he stood very still while you pull some of the stuff on him. You started marking things with a sharpie. I am not allowed to use the sharpies anymore, for reasons we do not agree about. You said you were just getting an idea, and then you’d work on it after bedtime. You winked and said I’d have a Bantha by morning! I made my eyes big at that news and I made sure you knew how shocked I was, by making my ears go up up. It worked cuz you and Dad laughed, and Dad patted me and said I am excited. I am excited Father. I. Am.

    Because you needed our room to be the art room again, you said we could sleep in your room. Dad got mumbly about not wanting to kick you out of your own bed, at this suggestion. And then you got all warm and you said, it’s okay if he didn’t want to and he said it was fine.

    Blah Blah Blah… I rolled my eyes at Seamus, cuz he knew. Both your auras were going cuckoo. And I know it’s cuz you both have big feelings that you keep inside, but I do not know why… and what is the big deal!?

    ANYWAYS we got into your bed, which was very comfy and smelled like you. Then Dad did a weird thing, Dad smelled the pillow and then got very still and sighed his I need to collect myself sigh or was it his this is nice sigh... I think it was a little of both. They are hard ones to figure out. He does not do them too often. I’ve heard them most, here on Earth. After the sighing, we fell asleep.

    SO! The big day of the parade FINALLY came, you had Seamus all dressed when we came out of the bedroom. He was shaggy and had BIG horns! He was so Bantha-y!

    And you said wanna ride, bub?

    I DID want a ride, bub, I did!!! So you put me on a little saddle that had a strap to help me stay on him, and you gave me a handle to hold. And then Seamus walked around and around the room. Then you took Seamus’ leash and clicked it on him and walked him to the bedroom and showed us what we looked like together in the mirror!

    Dad said all low, you look, great pal, which I know cuz I AM LOOKING, SIR! I AM LOOKING!! Seamus liked it too, he barked happy at the mirror.

    You let us stay like that while you made breakfast, but we had to take off Seamus’ costume to eat. To keep the costume clean for tonight you said. I did a sigh at this; it was an I know you are right, but I don’t like it sigh. I don’t remember if it is mine or Dad’s, we both do it, but like the sigh says we do not like it.

    You went out to the market, while I was napping… I am not going into it. You know. Let’s just say you know what you did.

    Dad came and got me, and he was excited. Apparently, he was doing a chore for you in the little house that is for the speeder car, but the speeder car is never in there soo… whatever THAT’S about. ANYWAYS Dad found a little seat, just right for me, and it had these ropes… He told me he looked and looked at that thing. And when you got home you showed him that it hangs in a tree!! So, he went right up into that tree because seats on ropes that go in trees are Excitement! He put me in the seat, it was yellow, which is sunny, and it had a blue thing that clicks in front, to keep me in, you said. A-huh, anyways. This was very good, and I liked it, but I was kind of waiting to see what would happen. And then Dad gave the seat a little push, and then another, and soon I was swinging high, high in the tree!! You laughed and said you’d be right back. And you put your bags from the market in the house and let all the fluffies outside to play.

    After you put away the Supply Run supplies, you came and took holographs of me flying way high up in the tree with your comm and told us it was time to get ready for the parade. Yippie!! We all went in to get ready, I helped you help Seamus and then you put your white princess dress on and after Dad came out in his beskar, he showed me what he was doing in the speeder car house. He made a harness for the wagon so Seamus could pull it!

    I must say, I was confused by this information, so I put my ears up and then down and told him I am riding Bantha Seamus, Father! So, what is this for? You could see I was worried I wouldn’t get to ride Seamus, so you took a big bag turned it over into the wagon, and said Look Grogu, so I did look ma’am because explain yourself! And it was CANDY all kinds of sweet candy that is not for breakfast or lunch or dinner!! It’s for treat! My eyes got so big at all that candy, you laughed and gave me and Dad and you a piece each, then you reminded me we gotta throw the candy to all the people watching the parade. As that Charlie Brown says, RATS. You seemed to know what I said, and told me not to worry, when we Trick or Treat, we’d have lots of candy! That news cheered me right up.

    ANYWAYS, we ate up our yummy candy. Dad just lifted his helmet since it was just small, he could pop it in his mouth. You saw a little of his face and you got all funny in your aura and stutter in your talking when you said we should get everything in the car. I do not know what was all flustery about Dad’s mouth and whisker chin! So, we got everything in the speeder car then Dad buckled me in.

    You took us down the long windy hill to The Main Street, lots of peoples were waiting around and they all looked like they had costumes on, like on Pumpkin Picking Day. You stopped the speeder car and turned around to me, smiling big, and told me everyone is gonna love me. Of course, they are! We got out and got all set with Seamus and the wagon and me on Seamus! And all the candy! I was so excited, I tell you! I saw people like the lady who thinks I’m a puppet and The Farmers. I thought maybe Meanie Guy Kyle might be here, which I would not care for that at all. But I couldn’t see him or his yucky aura. So that’s good.

    You talked to a guy, and he told you some rules I guess, and gave us numbers that we stuck on us. You said there was a costume contest, and the numbers are for that. I did a shrug, Okay.

    Everyone got ready to walk on the street, so many people were on the sides ready to watch us… walk? It must be the candy. Dad was thinking the same thing I was. And he asked you why people want to watch everyone else walk. And you laughed and did a shrug. Everyone likes to see all the great costumes, you said and pointed to some. And I had mostly been looking at the kids I guess cuz when I looked where you were pointing, I got a surprise I tell you!!

    At first, Dad did a there-is-a-danger stillness. But you put a hand on his elbow and said that they were not droids, but people in costumes so Dad could stop being all Dad about them. They were big and looked really real! There were creatures of all kinds, with tentacles and hats and boots, and giants mouses, people with wings, and there was lots of people in capes like Dad, but no beskar.

    ANYWAYS it was time to do the walking and everyone cheered and had their comms out to take holographs… of us walking down the road. I tried to remember what you said. But really people. Then you gave me a handful of candy to throw. And I did! And kids ran to get it and waved. So I waved right back because that is friendly! Well now it makes sense. We threw candy and people cheered. But they did seem to like Seamus and me, even without the candy, which is right.

    Then I saw this one kid ahead of us. They weren’t getting any candy, everyone ran in front of them, cuz they weren’t fast. Maybe they had little legs like me or something. But they missed every piece. It made me sad for them and mad at the kids just getting right in front and pushing like meanies. I keeped watching as we got closer, I think you noticed too because you called them and tried to throw some right to them, but some big kid got right in their way! Dad shaked his head at that meanie.

    So, I thought it was time for a Jedi trick!

    The next handful of candy I threw, I didn’t throw AT ALL! I force lifted it over and as the meanie big kid went for it, I swooped it up. Dad looked over at me, shaking his head and saying, no kid. But I wasn’t gonna let that kid not get any candy, after spending all this time watching people just walk. No matter how good their costumes are!

    ANYWAYS the handful of candy swooped up over meanie guys grabby greed hands and went straight down zip right into the other kid's hands. You looked at me and then the kid and then at Din then at me again... oop. Then you put your hand on my head and told me good job. And you need to hide the sharpies better. And I laughed at first, then I realized no sharpies. But that’s okay! We were having so much fun. Dad said, just don’t be so obvious. So I force pushed candy all over the place, and you and Dad just threw them, like regular.

    So that is the cat and the bag, you knew I could use the force, On the way home from the Parade, you told us you have so many questions! Dad explained about the Force and about sensitives like me and becoming Jedi everything. I jumped in a few times when he was being all Dad about it. But really, he seemed proud of me, and you were very proud of me too making sure everyone got their candy, you said so.

    Then everyone got quiet in the car. I just want to say, I was not tired or anything, I did not need to sleep, but I did use the force AND it was dark AND warm in the car and… TRICKED!

    To be continued…


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  • jspookywolf
    17.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    📌 Crafts? 📌

    Little Grogu craft requested by my mom’s coworker (who’s a huge fan of Star Wars like seriously you all have to see his collection)

    And a Mythosaur for my phone case just because after 4 years with the same phone and case it was a needed change (also, we’ll see how long this lasts cuz my nails keep bumping into the paint)

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  • the-anastasia
    17.09.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #I spent half an hour putting a string through a macaroon tonight #snak#grogu#baby yoda#star wars#the mandalorian#macaroons
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  • lukeishope
    17.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    tbh luke skywalker might just be the prettiest person in the whole galaxy

    #din djarin ghost wrote this post #luke skywalker#star wars #luke is pretty #luke skywalker is pretty #luke is the sun #leia organa#han solo#chewbacca #a new hope #empire strikes back #return of the jedi #din djarin#the mandalorian#grogu#jedi
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  • tiefighters
    16.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    The Mandalorian @ Unknown Planet

    Art by Oliver Wetter || IG

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  • earthtogrogu
    16.09.2021 - 11 hours ago


    Not a single soul...

    Literally no one...

    Grogu: I am Luke Skywalker. 

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  • thechaospilot
    16.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    The hellchild got his first lightsaber. It went just about as well as could be expected.

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  • himboba-fett
    16.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Started a thing now I’m going sleep - enjoy the first thing in many months - I’m saying his first proper word in Basic is gonna be Boba.

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