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    03.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Groose and Four get along famously, and the smithy actually doesn't mind letting the man give him a lift or carry him, especially since it makes him taller than everyone else.

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  • into-the-linkverse
    02.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Link: not just a twink, THE twink!

    Groose: bitch just tell me where we are-


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  • alphagirl404
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pipit & Karane Modern AU

    *Phone rings late at night*

    Pipit: Hello?

    Recording: Greetings, friends. Do you wish to look-

    Pipt: Ugh...it's that darn recording again.

    Karane: Of course it was. It's been calling all night. Just unplug the phone.

    *Phone rings*

    Pipit: Hello?

    Recording: Greetings, friends-

    Pipit: *hangs up* Dang!

    Karane: I told you to unplug the phone.

    Pipit: But it could be my mother! *phone rings and he picks it up* Hello-

    Recording: Greetings, friends-

    Pipit: *hangs up* Shoot!

    Karane: That is it, Pipit! If you don't unplug that phone right now, you're sleeping on the lawn!

    Groose: *from next door* WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP?! PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP!

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  • thesacredtwink
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #groose #GROOSE MY BELOVED #Groose skyward sword #skyward sword #skyward sword spoilers #scarred my beloved #oops look at how long I had THIS in my ask box #ask box clean out #the sacred queue
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  • lemonlurkrr
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago
    #lemonreplyrr #GROOSE AND IMPA?? MMMMM🤌🤌🤌🤌 #also the HJMBO I- #i don't feel like he qualifies as a himbo but HDHDJDBSJ YEAH OK
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  • clubolive
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    this is what happened and u can’t change my mind

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  • recovered-from-the-slate
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    *The slate sounds like it's in bad condition. The recording is filled with static, and there's sounds of yelling in the background.*

    Don't even try to deny it, this is all your fault!


    If you hadn't tried to be a hero, the plan would've worked perfectly! But no, you had to go and try to save the day! And now look where that's got us!


    If you have something to say, speak up!

    I'm sorry.

    Sure you are, you-

    Groose! You've yelled at them enough, come on!

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  • musashi
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    the thing about loftwings is that they are, to some degree, physical manifestations of their rider’s inner souls. that’s not to say they’re not their own beings with their own feelings, but in essence the loftwing and the person are made of the same stardust at their core, which is why soulmate is a very apt term, but also it gives a lot of insight into the personality of the bird

    if you took the rider and boiled them down to their essence--the person they’d be if they were simply a beast, wild and free, with no social rules to hold them back--that’s what you get from their loftwing. the personality of your loftwing is your soul laid bare.

    anyways all this to say that the crimson loftwing breaking into the lumpy pumpkin to commit soup crimes is 100% in character

    #wordy wendy #i saw someone say 'i wish link's loftwing got a personality' and i do get that #but i think it's safe to say his personality we do get is enough to take all the above away #some things we know about link's loftwing are: #1. he's fast and adept and kind of terrifying in the sky. pipit calls him link's 'red terror' #pipit's literally an expert on birds and admits that he doesn't think he could beat link in a race #groose a person with HIGH self confidence who firmly believes he is the greatest strongest thing on farores green earth #was scared enough of that bird to wake up at the ass crack of dawn and relentlessly pursue it #for the sole purpose of locking him away and making sure he was not a threat. groose ALSO knows he couldnt win against the crimson loftwing. #2. link's loftwing is a fighter. he doesn't take anything lying down. he spends his entire time in that boarded up cave screaming #and writhing and fighting and absolutely REFUSING to back down #3. link's loftwing is recklessly brave. when zelda gets pulled into the tornado the two of them become ONE SINGLE FORCE #there is absolutely ZERO hesitation in either of them. they both DIVE directly into the storm without a single thought #link doesn't stop for a moment to instruct his loftwing and his loftwing DOES NOT WAIT for that moment to come #they literally meld into one entity and give chase even if nothing comes of it #and then his loftwing KEEPS GOING after he goes unconscious #and DRAGS LINK BACK TO SKYLOFT WHILE LINK IS PASSED OUT ON HIS BACK #AND DUMPS HIM ON GAEPORA'S DOORSTEP #like i'm sorry. but he has a personality. his personality is link's inner spirit. #tenacious and brave and an absolute spitfire #the crimson loftwing is the fire that burns beneath link's skin #he's the manifestation of all link would be if link's outward personality weren't so dreamy and quiet #the bits of that flame in link's heart that you only see in his eyes when he's fighting for what he loves #AND LIKEWISE the absolute gremlin energy he has breaking chandeliers and throwing love letters into toilets #loftwings are an AMAZING character study on all their riders dont show!!!!! #all their riders keep buried and all they dont!!!!! #THERE IS INFINITE POTENTIAL HERE #GOD#skyward sword#wendy rambles
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  • alphagirl404
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    An Impulse Decision: Chapter 10



    <-Previous Chapter Next Chapter->


    Chapter 10: Uninvited Guests

    Once everyone found a Loftwing statue after leaving the Temple of Time they all agreed that they would make a quick stop at Skyloft before going to The Old One. That way everyone can have a chance to clean up a bit, especially Karane since she was still covered in sand, and they can eat lunch since it was about that time.

    The quartet strolled by Orielle's home as they headed back to the Knight Academy. Fledge figure it would be a good opportunity to check on her after what happened yesterday.

    "I need to do something. I'll catch up with you in a bit!" He told them before running over to Orielle's house. Building up his courage, he knocked on the door. "Hello? Parrow? Orielle? Anyone of you home?"

    "Just one minute!" The door opened just moments later. Orielle stood at the doorway leaning against a crutch, and had a bandage wrapped around her head. "Fledge, hey! How are you?"

    "I'm doing fine. I just wanted to stop by to see how you're doing."

    "The good news is that my head is fine. I didn't even need stitches, and my ankle isn't sprained but the doctor said I should use a crutch for the next few days."

    "At least your injuries weren't bad."

    "Try telling that to my brother." Orielle rolled her eyes. "Every time I get sick, or even as much as scrap on my knee, he acts like every next moment is going to be my last. I love him and all but him playing nurse drives me nuts sometimes!"

    "I think I have something to keep your mind off that." Orielle looked quizzically as Fledge dug through his pouch. He pulled out the flower, or Ancient Flower as Fi informed him, that he found in Lanayru Desert. "I...I thought you might like this."

    "Fledge...It's beautiful." Orielle accepted the flower. "I have never seen this flower before. Where did you find this?"

    "I found it while I was...flying around."

    "For your special knight training? Parrow mentioned something like that."

    "Y-yes! That! I found it while doing very important training."

    "Mind sharing where this special knight training place is?"

    "It's uh...top secret."

    "Top secret?" Orielle parroted.

    "Yep. Very top-secret special knight training business."

    "Alright…" Orielle responded, though unsurely. "Anyways, I really like it. I think I have an extra flower pot to put it in."

    "I won't keep you up then."

    "Wait." Orielle gently grabbed Fledge's shoulder as he tried to walk away. "I...I wanted to ask you this. Maybe when I get better, and whenever you're free I could treat you to The Lumpy Pumpkin. As a way to say thanks for saving my life."

    "You don't have to…" Fledge trailed off before Orielle cut him off.

    "I want to. It's the least I could do." Orielle moved her hand from Fledge's shoulder to his hand. Unbeknownst to her, Fledge's heart skipped a beat. "Just you and me. If that's alright with you."

    Fledge could only stay silent. Was...Was Orielle asking him to go on a date with her?

    "Uh, Fledge?" Orielle's voice broke his thoughts.

    "I would love to!" Fledge blurted out.

    "Really? That's great! Once I'm all better we can work out when we can go."

    "That's alright with me. I would like for you to get better first."

    "You're such a sweetheart, you know that?"

    A nervous smile grew on Fledge's lips as he rubbed his neck. "I have been told that. Anyways, I need to get back to the academy."

    "I probably need to get back in bed before Parrow gets home. I'll see you later."

    The student stood as Orielle closed her door. He stood still for several minutes contemplating the conversation that just happened. His heart flutters at the idea of him and Orielle spending time together. Of course, they have before yet somehow...this felt special to Fledge.

    "I take your finish doing your 'something?'" A voice startles Fledge. The student turned to see Link leaning casually on the walls of Orielle's house.

    "Gah! Link?! How long have you been standing there?" Fledge asks.

    "Long enough," Link answered. "So...you and Orielle huh?"

    "I was just checking up on her, that's all."

    "And then she asked you out on a date."

    "She didn't-! She just wanted to repay me for saving her from the Aeralfos yesterday."

    "By taking you out to dinner with just the two of you."

    "Yeah! Friends do that! That's what Orielle and I are!"

    Link lifted his arms in defense. "Alright. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to assume things. Anyways, Henya is just finished prepping lunch. She made curry today."

    "Then we should probably hurry before they're gone."

    Fledge made a headstart for the academy, with Link trailing not too far behind.

    "And I thought Pipit's feelings towards Karane were bad. Now I've got two friends in denial and won't confess." Link thought to himself. "Granted, I'm one to talk, but I can at least ADMIT I have feelings for Zelda. I just need to bring up the courage. If I ever find her, that is..."


    Karane walked into the academy dining hall. Several tables were occupied by several students and some Skyknights.

    "Over here, Karane!" The female senior knight saw Pipit waving her down from a table, where Link and Fledge are sitting across from the yellow-clad senior knight as well. "We got you some curry, and saved you a spot." Pipit patted down to the spot next to him on the bench.

    "Thank you." Karane sat next to him.

    "Manage to get all the sand out?" Link asks.

    "I hope so." Karane took a bite of the curry. "Never thought sand could be so annoying."

    "It can't be that bad," Fledge said.

    "Easy for you to say. You didn't get submerged under piles of it by a giant killer scorpion."

    "Well, I think it's better than getting nearly crushed three times by a big boulder lava monster."

    "Touche…" Karane responded.

    "Well compared to your guys' experiences, my arm getting bit by a Deku Baba seems like a morning stroll," Pipit commented.

    "Try getting bit in the torso by those things," Link added. "Happened to me when I first encountered those things. All I can say is thank the goddesses for chainmails."

    The quartet resumed eating their lunch. Not a word uttered out of them for the next several minutes."

    "Where do you think Zelda went?" Karane spoke up after several minutes. "Do we even know if she's safe?"

    "Fi said that Ghirahim couldn't get to her...whatever that may be," Link said. "We won't find out until we get to the Sealed Grounds."

    On the other end of the dining hall, the group is being watched from another table where Cawlin & Strich sat at. With them is a large boy about Link's age with amber eyes, light brown skin, and a very large red pompadour. The person who was watching the quartet was Skyloft's resident trouble maker, Groose.

    Groose sat at his table, barely nibbling his food. Ever since Zelda vanished he had been hearing strange things surrounding the group. Link had gained access to The Surface to search for Zelda. Frankly, Groose found it stupid that Link was the one chosen to find her. Why him? He was the reason she fell in the first place! If Groose had won the Wing Ceremony like he was supposed to, he would've saved her. Or better yet they would've been doing something else besides flying out in the sky where that strange tornado struck. Link winning had led to Zelda's disappearance. And now she was down there either hurt, stuck, or worse. And seemingly, Pipit, Karane, and even Fledge had decided to join in on the search. What makes them all qualified to search for Zelda? He could see why for Pipit and maybe Karane, but Fledge? That kid was nothing but a pipsqueak who can barely lift a barrel. Yet somehow, Fledge became qualified to wear a knight's uniform all because he joined in on the search! Groose of course asked Headmaster Gaepora's permission to search for Zelda but he was turned down. The headmaster told him that it is something Link and the others have to handle.

    So what? Groose was concerned about Zelda's wellbeing just as much as they were. She's his friend...at least they were once when they were kids, but he still cared about her! He could never forget the kindness she gave him when he arrived at Skyloft all those years back. He had nothing but the clothes on his back and no family. Zelda was the first to offer her hand in friendship. Things were nice between them for a while but there was a problem.


    Zelda was always more willing to hang with Link more than him. Whenever Zelda asks to hang out with Groose he always accepts her invites. But when he gained the courage to ask her she always responded with "I love to, but I promise to hang out with Link today", or "Sorry, but I have to help Link with something", or "Thank you for inviting me but Link and I had made plans to go on a picnic. Maybe some other time?" That other time never came, all because of Link. It didn't bother him at first but after a while, it got under his skin so he started avoiding Link. Zelda tried to get him to spend time with Link but that made Groose more irritated, and more mad at Link. Groose was fully convinced that Link was trying to keep Zelda away from him. So he started lashing out at Link. It started as simple mean comments but, slowly, it turned to lash out physically. One particular day things escalated between him and Link. Since that day Zelda stopped talking to him, and now Link is a living reminder of what he lost.

    Well...at least that's how Groose sees him.

    "I can't believe they gave Fledge a knight's uniform!" Cawlin's loud voice broke Groose out of his thoughts. "What makes him so special? He didn't even participate in The Wing Ceremony!"

    "Can you keep your voice down? I prefer to enjoy my lunch without your whining," Strich said.


    "You're still going on about what happened at The Lumpy Pumpkin? That was your own damn fault for knocking down the chandelier."

    "In my defense, Pipit shouldn't have called me short. You know how sensitive I am about my height!"

    "And I prefer to lay low," Strich retorted. "We're still under hot water after what we did to Link at The Wing Ceremony."

    "They can't prove that we're the ones who kidnapped Epona. "

    "Yeah but they all suspect us. Plus we tried to cheat to help Groose win. I don't know about you guys but I rather not to risk getting expelled."

    "You worry too much. We'll be fine. Right, Groose?"

    "What? Oh yeah. We just need to lay low and the heat will be off us in no time," Groose answered before resuming eating his lunch.

    "You alright, Groose? You hardly ate the curry," Strich spoke to him.

    "Nah, I'm fine," Groose answered in his usual confident self. "I'm just thinking of plans to look for Zelda."

    "What do you have in mind? Like where to look for starters?"

    "I'll figure something out. I always do."

    "You definitely will, boss! You're the best in the academy. If anyone can do it, it's you! Much better than those guys." Cawlin pointed to Link's table. "They're all nothing but chumps. Well, all of them except for Karane. Now she's something special."

    "So you've told us dozens of times..." Strich rolled his eyes.

    "Because there's a lot of things to talk about!" Cawlin protested. "Karane's is amazing in every way possible. Those shining blue eyes. That soft hair of hers. Her lovely voice. And her curves, man…They do things to me."

    "Can you please keep your horny feelings to yourself before I lose my appetite?"

    "Whatever. I'll proclaim my love for her some way. In fact, I plan to write her a beautiful love letter. I'll sweep her off her feet with my words alone."

    "Or maybe drop her flat on her back."

    Cawlin stared at his friend with a deadpan expression. "Asshole…" All Strich could respond with is a chuckle.

    Groose stayed mostly silent through his friends' exchange. It wasn't the first time they butted heads and jab insults, but that's the charm of their little group.

    "We should get going now." Groose heard Link's voice. The buff teen saw Link's group standing up from their table and bringing their dishes to Henya who thanked them. All four left the cafeteria all in a hurry.

    Groose got himself an impulsive idea. "I have to go."

    "Where are you going?" Cawlin asked as Groose abruptly stood up.

    "Why I'm going to start looking for Zelda of course!" Groose answered.

    "Now?" Strich questioned. "Shouldn't you get some sort of weapon or supplies at least?"

    "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me, Strich ol' buddy! It's time for real professionals to get to work. Catch you guys later!"

    Groose dash out of the cafeteria. He caught a glimpse of Link's group walking out the main doors. He went over to a window nearby and look through there while also staying discreet. He Link's group standing rummaging through their pouches.

    "What are they up to?" Groose thought to himself.

    "Everyone got everything." Everyone in the group said yes to Link. "Alright. Let's get going. Hopefully, we can find where to look for Zelda next."

    "They're going back to look for Zelda. Perfect!"

    The four friends runoff. Groose was quick to follow.


    The quartet ran fast back to the plaza. They ignore the odd stares given by people passing by. The group didn't even stop at the plaza dock for a breather. They all ran straight off. They guided their Loftwings to the green light column until they were close enough to jump.

    All four made their descent to the world below. It was peaceful for the first several seconds. That is until halfway down that they heard the sound of someone screaming.

    "Do you guys hear that?" Fledge shouted.

    Link glanced up in the direction of the scream that was getting closer by the second. They were greeted by the sight of Groose falling straight towards them.

    "GROOSE?!" Link shouted.

    "WHAT?" The rest of his friends followed.

    Groose grabbed Link and Fledge's legs, causing them to fall at an even faster speed.

    "WHAT THE-" Fledge let out.

    "Link! Fledge! HEEELP" Groose begged.

    Link & Fledge manage to get their sailcloths/scarves out quickly for them to not die on impact. But they ended up crash landing just a short distance away from The Sealed Grounds.

    Pipit & Karane meanwhile made a safe landing just outside of the temple. They took several minutes to comprehend what the hell just happened.

    "Was that who I think it was?" Karane finally asked out loud.

    "There's only one person around here with that stupid pompadour," Pipit glance over to the direction the three of them landed. "I hope that idiot didn't get them killed."


    Down the road from the temple, Link, Fledge, and Groose lay on the ground. Link slowly pulled himself off from the ground. He went over to help Fledge up.

    "You okay, Fledge?" Link asks.

    "I think so." Fledge rubbed his head.

    "Ugh, rough landing." Groose utter as he slowly sat up. "I think I mighta broke something. Hey Link, Fledge, seriously...didn't anyone ever teach you guys how to land without crash-"

    Groose stopped as he caught something in his sight. Several small birds were hopping around his foot, one of which was on his boot. His jaw was so wide open a Remlit could climb in it.

    "Woah!" Groose jerked back causing the birds to fly off. "B-birds? TINY birds?! Wh-what...ARE they?! And what is that thing?!" Groose notices Gorko walking by, completely oblivious to the whole conversation. "But...how...wh-why...wh-what...WHERE AM I?!

    Both Link and Fledge gave awkward glances to each other as they watched Groose go through his mental breakdown. Groose ran over to Link.

    "What's going on here? Ever since Zelda vanished, you keep zipping in and out of town all in a hurry! Then Fledge, Pipit, and Karane are gone most of the day. And Fledge here is wearing a knight's uniform all of sudden. So I figure I tell you guys to figure out what's going on, and you might lead me to Zelda. But this is...so wild. Seriously, what IS that thing over there?! And what's with all these trees? There are so many! Just give it to me straight! I can take it. Where are we? Is Zelda here? What's the deal with this place?! If there's supposed to be nothin' below the clouds, what's all this?"

    Taking a breath Link patted Groose's arm.

    "Okay, Groose. Here's the thing. We're on The Surface. We're near a place called The Sealed Temple. And just down the road from here, there's a place called Faron Woods. One of the many lands below the clouds."

    "And there are also living things down here," Fledge spoke up. "The 'thing' is called Goron. His name is Gorko, I think. There's also an old woman in the temple who's helping us find Zelda."

    Several minutes of explanation later Groose fell on his knees. He was so still that some tiny birds landed on his shoulders.

    "Whoa…" He stared at the pair. "You guys are kinda imploding my mind right now. But, I think I get what you're saying. If I've got this right, Zelda is down here somewhere, and she's okay?"

    "Yes," Link answered.

    "She's...She's ok. Oh wow! That's so great!" Groose's lip grew a smile. Not his usual arrogant smile that the pair were accustomed to but a genuine one. "Hearing that is such a...huge weight off my mind."

    Seeing Groose in this state was rather amusing to Link, and especially Fledge. They had never seen him so genuinely happy about something. It was rather kinda heartwarming.

    "You know, guys...It's sort of alright down here. This place needs a name. Yeah, a name fitting for this rugged, adventurous wilderness. From now on, we'll call it… Grooseland."

    And there goes the moment…

    Groose stood back on both of his feet. "So, lemme see if I got this right. The old lady living in the temple down the road from here knows where Zelda is?"

    "We believe so…" Fledge answered.

    "I see…"A grin grew on Groose's lips. "Right. Link, Fledge, thanks for getting me here. You've both done a good job. You and the others can head home. Big Groose will handle the search for Zelda from here. Yup. I'll track her down, save her, and give her a lift back to Skyloft. Then when we get back, I'll ask if she wants to make our whole going-out thing official, and then the two of us will get some quality time together. Anyway, the point is that your work here is done. I got it covered from here! Now it's off to find that old lady you both were talking about. Catch you both later!"

    The pair watched Groose run down the road until he was out of their sight.

    "He's serious about this, isn't he?" Fledge wondered.

    "He is 99% percent serious. Though I detect his survival chances right around 30%," Fi spoke.

    "Uh, thank you, Fi…"

    Link could only shake his head.

    They arrived at the temple side entrance a little later. They found Pipit and Karane hanging near the entrance.

    "Link, Fledge! You're both alright!" Pipit ran up to the pair.

    "It was a tough landing but we'll live," Link said. "You wouldn't happen to see-"

    "Huh? You gotta be kidding me, Grannie!" Groose's voice echoed through the interior of the temple. Groose stood in front of The Old One in her spot.

    "That answers your question?" Karane deadpanned.

    "You're messing with me. Say it again, I dare you!" Groose shouted at The Old One.

    "I only speak the truth," The Old One spoke firmly, unfazed by the boy. "You are not the one who will save her. The spirit maiden, your Zelda, can only be saved by another. It has been his fate to do this thing, and in doing so save us. As it was decided long before you were brought crying into this world-"

    "Shut it, Grannie!" Groose cut her off rudely. An action that most certainly irked Link's group. "You obviously don't know me well, cause if you did, you'd know if anyone was going to save Zelda, it's Groose! How could it not be me? Plus, if it ain't me, why would I even be here? Pffft. If I'm not up to the job of being the hero, just who is?"

    "They are," The One One said.

    "Huh?" Groose turns to see Link walk up towards them, with Pipit, Karane, and Fledge not too far behind. "Oh… Now I getcha. Link, Grannie here has been trying to tell me you and the others are gonna be the ones to save Zelda."

    "That's because she's telling the truth," Link stated.

    "You, a hero?" Groose scoffed. "What a joke! Look, all I heard so far is a bunch of babbling about destiny, but that's a load of shit! I know you and you're no hero, shrimp!"

    "Well we also know him and we can tell you he's capable of doing this," Pipit retorted firmly.

    "And we know you well enough to know that you're not suitable to help," Karane added, glaring at Groose.

    "Like you guys are any better? Pff! Now I know that's nothing but bullshit. You're nothing but a little miss teacher's pet, and he's a goody-two-shoes."

    "Groose, you have no idea what's going on. I need to do this," Link said.

    "You need to do this!? HA! This whole mess was your fault in the first place. If you couldn't help Zelda before, what makes you think you can help her now?"

    "And what would you've done then?"

    "Certainly more than you ever did. I wouldn't get knocked back by a little wind. Why? Because I'm a hard worker! You on the other hand are the biggest slacker I know. You sleep all day. You barely do any practicing. And your head is constantly in the clouds! Sounds like a piss poor knight if you ask me. Me, I'm stronger, smarter, and a better flyer!"

    "And you're also a jerk! You think the way you act is good qualifications for being a knight?"

    "You don't get far in life by being soft. You need to command respect," Groose said.

    "Respect?!" Link exclaimed. "You call trying to sabotage me on The Wing Ceremony, or terrorizing other students, Fledge and me included, respect?"

    "Or making hurtful comments about my mother when she's having her bad days," Pipit said.

    "Big whoop! Not my fault she gets lazy some days because she misses her husband."

    "You son of a bi-" Pipit marched to Groose with his fist clenched only for Link to stop him.

    "And what do you call dumping a bucket of mud all over me in front of other students on my birthday? Is that respect?" Karane added.

    "It was just a harmless little prank! Besides, I apologized, didn't I?"

    "Only after Zelda slapped you, and Owlan threatened to have you expelled!" Karane spat back at Groose. "And I know you never meant it!"

    "Calm down! Arguing will get us nowhere," Fledge pleaded.

    "You keep it quiet, pipsqueak!" Groose shoved him. "Out of everyone, you are the least qualified to help Zelda! You're the most spineless person I know and have no right to wear that uniform."

    "Hey, you leave him alone!" Link retorted. "He's been a huge help to me throughout the past few days."

    "Like what? All he's good for is keeping quiet and being scared of everything that moves. The only thing he's good for is not crossing me, which he should be doing now!"

    Spineless...Keeping quiet...Don't cross him.

    Those are words Fledge had grown accustomed to from Groose all these years. He had always endured it and moved on. Yet, something about this time made him feel...different. After everything Fledge had been through the past few days hearing Groose's words made him ball his fists and clench his teeth. Something burns within him. It had continued to grow as he repeated Groose's words. Fledge did everything to contain this burn, yet his mind took him back to an encounter that he had to endure just days ago.


    Three days ago (Morning of The Wing Ceremony)...

    Fledge cleaned up around the kitchen back at the dining hall at the Knight Academy. Henya had left him alone as she had to pick up supplies from the market which left him alone. All was peaceful until he heard footsteps echoing. Groose, Cawlin, and Strich entered the dining hall. Fledge did his best to keep himself hidden not wanting to deal with their teasing. That is until he caught wind of their conversation.

    "I'm not so sure about this, Groose," Strich said.

    "Why not? It's a great plan! One that guarantees my victory in today's race!" Groose exclaimed.

    "Yeah but it seems risky. What if someone catches us?"

    "They won't because we'll be quick about it." Groose patted the tall blonde's shoulder. "All we have to do is corral Link's bird to the waterfall and lock him in a pen. As long as that bird remains there Link will have no choice but to sit out the race, which means victory is mine for the taking! It's full proof!"

    "How are we going to do it, boss?" Cawlin asked.

    Fledge couldn't believe it. Groose was going to kidnap Epona! This is certainly not good news. He needs to warn someone, either Link or one of the staff at the Academy. Fledge glanced over from his hiding spot. Groose and his gang didn't seem to notice him. All he needs to do was sneak out of the dining hall. He tiptoed his way towards the exit. Just as he was about to cross, he felt someone grab his arm hard and tug him back.

    "Where do you think you're going?" Groose spoke down to Fledge.

    "O-oh...G-good morning Groose! Lovely morning isn't it," Fledge spoke in an attempt to appear oblivious.

    Groose was not convinced. "Don't play dumb with me. I know you heard our entire conversation."

    "W-what are you going to do with me?"

    "What I am going to do?" Fledge gulped as Groose gave his arrogant smile. "Why, nothing."


    "Yep. I'm not going to do anything, and neither are you. You're not going to tell Link or anyone in the academy about my plan for Link's bird. Because if you do...I'll make sure that you'll never fly Yunobo ever again."

    Fledge's eyes widened with shock. "Y-you wouldn't."

    Groose then towered over the timid student, glaring down at him. "You really want to find out?"

    "I would listen to him!" Cawlin shouted.

    "Well? Do you understand me, pipsqueak?!" Groose said back.

    "I think he got the idea, Groose," Strich spoke up once Fledge didn't respond after several moments.

    "You have a good morning, Fledge," Groose said with a smirk.

    Groose left the dining hall, followed closely by his friends. Fledge just stood in the middle of the hall hyperventilating, completely paralyzed by the encounter.


    Fledge mutters something. It was indistinguishable but it was loud enough for Groose to hear.

    "You got something to say, pipsqueak? Say it to my face!" Fledge didn't say anything back. "Nothin' huh. That's what I thought. Just stay there like the little coward you are-"

    Whatever remnants containing the burning sensation within Fledge were instantly shattered. A fire within his soul let loose.


    The loud words of Fledge echoed through the inside of the temple. Link, Pipit, Karane, and even Groose were all taken aback at Fledge's sudden outburst. They had never seen Fledge react like this, even on his bad days. The timid student was usually good at containing his anger. Yet whatever usually held it back was now gone. And Fledge was not yet done.


    Fledge jabbed a finger to a still stunned Groose's chest.


    "I-I didn't know-" Groose studdered but Fledge didn't give him the chance to finished.


    Heavy pants escaped from Fledge as his friends, and Groose was too stunned to speak. Fledge calmed down after a few minutes. His face twisted with shock as he realized what he had done. He ran out the side door of the temple and straight into the woods. After running a small distance he leaned against a tree, hand on his head, as kept on recalling his outburst his head over and over again.

    "Dear Din...Did I really just do that?"

    "Fledge?" The student turned around to see Link just a few feet away, with Pipit & Karane standing behind the green-clad senior knight. "Are you okay?"

    "I-I think so...Did that actually happen?" All three of his friends nodded. "Oh Din...What have I just done?"

    "You went completely off at Groose," Pipit said.

    "I've never seen you like that before," Karane added.

    "What was that back there? That isn't like you," Link questioned.

    "I-I don't know what came over me," Fledge answered. "This intense feeling overwhelmed me like a fire. It felt so wrong saying that to him, but at the same time it felt justified."

    "I believe I may have an answer to what you're feeling." Fi's voice echoed. "Would you like to hear my analysis?"

    "Uh...sure," Fledge answered before Fi appeared before him.

    "My analysis shows that what you are feeling is similar to that of anger. Yet the level of your anger was extremely high. I detect a 90% possibility it is the result of your anger being contained for a long period."

    "That...that would make so much sense..." Fledge lowered his head. "I spent so many years taking in Groose's abuse. There were so many times where I wanted to get angry at him but couldn't because I was afraid he would hurt me. So I just took it in. I guess I never realized that instead of going away my anger was just building up. I guess now I realize it was only a matter of time."

    "Fledge…" Link uttered but the student continued.

    "What Groose was going on back in there almost felt like business as normal. But something within me just...couldn't let him get away with it this time. Thinking about it I think after everything we've been through I'm not as afraid of him as I used to be. Scaldera, Moloarch, Ghirahim, and even that Aeralfos...Groose is nothing compared to all of them. Even still I shouldn't have reacted like that. I'm sorry you all had to see me like that."

    "Don't be. While it was a bit much, we don't blame you," Link assured.

    "You don't?" Fledge said.

    "I think I speak for everyone when I say you did something that we wanted to do for a long time," Pipit said.

    "Yeah you pretty much took the words right out of our mouths," Karane added.

    "Though I'm surprised you called Groose an asshole. I think that was the first time I've ever heard you swear," Link said.

    "At that moment, I really didn't care how he would react. You don't think he's going to beat me when we get back there, do you?"

    "I would be more surprised if he did. I think your words hurt him more than any of his punches. So I don't think he'll be messing with you for a while," Pipit suggested.

    "But if he does, we'll be there," Karane proclaimed.

    "Thank you, guys."

    "I did not wish to interrupt but I must remind you all the reason we came here," Fi said.

    "Right, sorry Fi." Link apologized to the spirit before she went back into the sword.

    The quartet trek back to the Sealed Temple. The Old One had remained in her spot but Groose was nowhere to be found.

    "Welcome back. I trust everything is alright?" The Old One spoke.

    "Yeah. Sorry about that," Link apologized.

    "It seemed like you all have some tension with that Groose boy."

    "Yeah...we don't have a good history with him."

    "I'm sorry you had to see me like that," Fledge spoke to the woman.

    The Old One smiled warmly at the orange-clad student. "It is alright. It is clear that you had a high amount of pent up anger that needed to be relased. Everyone has a breaking point at some point in their lives. It seems you desperately needed to let it out.

    "I still shouldn't have acted like that."

    "There is no shame to it. Frankly, from what I can tell it seem that Groose needed to hear it. He went out front as soon as you all left. As I told Link before, sometimes, you need to be harsh to get others to understand. I would try not to worry about it to much."

    Fledge gave a small smile to the woman.

    "Anyways it is good to see you again, Link. And it is good to see you three well. It seems you went through a wardrobe change, Fledge. You look better suited than last time."

    "Thank you," Fledge beamed.

    "Now that all of you are here we must get back on track. Were you able to catch up with Zelda?"

    "We met with her at the Gate of Time in Lanayru. We didn't talk long because Ghirahim showed up. Zelda and Impa went through the gate but Impa destroyed it after they traveled through it," Link explained.

    "I see. It is good that they both manage to get through safely," The Old One said.

    "Do you know where they went?" Pipit asked.

    "And is Zelda safe from Ghirahim?" Karane added.

    "Zelda is safe I assure. Ghirahim cannot get to her," The Old One answered. "As to where they have gone, the two have traveled somewhere to accomplish the great task destiny has set before them. However, now that Impa had destroyed the gate that they used, there is only one way left to find them. You must make use of the harp Zelda has given you. Tell me, Link, have you attempted to play the harp that you received?"

    "Not really…" Link answered.

    "I've been holding onto it," Karane pulled out the harp.

    "Very well. I shall teach you how to play it. Listen well and do as I say. Karane, please give Link the harp." The redhead placed the harp into Link's hands. "First lesson, strum the harp to the rhythm my braid moves," The Old One instructed.

    Link spends several minutes strumming the harp at the same pace as the old woman's large braid. He perfected in a matter of minutes.

    "Good. you learn fast," The Old One praised. "Now for your next lesson. Go to the center of the circle below the stairs. I will activate a pulsing of the light around the circle. Focus and play in time with the pulsing of the circle of light. When your timing is right, I shall join my voice with your harp."

    Link went down to the circle pattern at the bottom of the stairs. A pulse of light soon emulated in the circle. He struggled to keep up with the timing the first few minutes but quickly move along with the pace of the light. Soon he was flawlessly playing on the harp as if he had played it many times before as the woman sang along. Once he was done, Pipit, Karane, and Fledge applauded him.

    A blue glow appeared behind Link. A large black slab of stone emerges from the ground. The stone was covered with words of a language that the students were unfamiliar with.

    "The harp that you hold is known as the Goddess's Harp. It is a divine instrument of the goddess who once watched over this land," The Old One said.

    "What?" Link gazed at the harp in shock.

    "You mean that very harp was once held by Hylia?" Karane asked.

    "Indeed. The harp once belonged to Hylia herself. The melodies it brings to life have the power to produce a variety of strange and otherworldly effects. The great slab standing before you is known as a Gate of Time. It is the last of its kind in existence, the only portal binding our world to the one where Zelda now resides. If you manage to open the gate and pass through, you will likely end up in the same palace as Zelda."

    "That shouldn't be too hard," Pipit said.

    "It is not that simple I'm afraid," The Old One stated. "You all must endure many hardships and place yourselves in great danger to awaken the gate from its dormant state."

    "Put ourselves in great danger? Is that the only way?" Fledge question.

    "I'm afraid so. But while your journey will put all of you in harm's way, you must endure, as it was fated to be-"

    The earth suddenly started to shake violently. It was so abrupt that some of the students almost lost their balance. A roar echoed from the outside.

    "What's going on?" Link wondered.

    "This shaking...I fear the seal has been broken. I expected that it would react to your summoning the gate, but I never imagined the seal would break so quickly."

    "Seal? What seal?" Karane asked.

    "There will be time to explain later. Right now, you must hurry to the bottom of the pit outside, Link."

    Link quickly ran out front, his friends were quick to follow. The shaking continued to go on outside, even harder than it did inside.

    "Whoa, what's with all the shaking?" Groose, who stood nearby, wondered. "The whole ground is heaving, I thought it was supposed to be solid down here!"

    "Go quickly, Link! Check on the sealing spike at the center of the pit," The Old One shouted once she made it outside. "There is nothing natural about these tremors. That monster could free itself at any moment. Approach the pit with caution!"

    Link quickly went straight down into the large spiral pit. His friends try to follow, but The Old One stopped them.

    "You three cannot go down there," The Old One commanded.

    "Why not?!" Pipit said.

    "This monster is not like the ones you've all faced before. This is something only Link can do."

    "How is this monster any different?" Karane wondered.

    They got their answer once Link made it to the bottom. The pillar in the center of the pit glowed with a dark aura. Just as soon Link got close the patterns surrounding the small spike glowed red. The dark magic covered the pattern. A monster, as large as The Goddess Statue, emerged from the ground. Its body was covered with large black scales and hideous large teeth. It peered down at Link, showing the pillar that was just on the ground moments before on the center of its forehead.

    Link stood still trying not to show his fear as the monster let out a roar. This is the same monster that had plagued his dreams for the weeks leading up to The Wing Ceremony. Except this time was the real thing.

    On the edge of the top of the spiral, the three students, plus Groose, looked down at the hideous monster. There were no words to describe the sheer terror they're all feeling right now.

    "Farore, Nayru, Din, and Hylia…" Pipit covered his mouth in shock.

    "What. Is. THAT?" Karane followed.

    "It's-it huge! HUGE! And it has teeth!" Fledge panicked.

    Groose didn't say anything as he watched the monster with fear in his eyes.

    "I knew it. The seal has given way," The Old One spoke as she walked next to the group. "I will explain later, but now is the time for action. We keep that beast from escaping that pit! It must not reach the temple!"

    "Just what is that thing?!" Karane asked the old woman.

    "That is an abomination known as The Imprisoned. It is a force that will destroy everything if Link does not stop it."

    "What happens if it does reach up here?" Pipit hesitantly asked.

    "A great calamity will fall upon not only this land but everyone in the sky as well."

    "You mean it can reach Skyloft?!" Fledge spoke back.

    "It will unless Link can drive the monster back."

    Link stood as he watch the monster move.

    "Give me something, Fi,"

    "This is The Imprisoned. I have insufficient data on this monster. Its enormous size and ominous aura cannot be compared with previously encountered monsters. I can confirm that the sealing spike observed at the top of its head is the same object originally found in the Sealed Grounds. I hypothesize that damage can be inflicted by driving the stone pillar into the monster's head. There are two ways to do this. You can jump from above if you time it right. Or you can attack the beast's feet to stop it from moving. The monster will probably be unable to move if you destroy all of its toes. I recommend using the air vents to move ahead of the monster instead of chasing it from behind. If you are able to get between the monster's toes, my analysis indicates you can effectively inflict great damage with a Spin Attack."

    "Let's do this," Link told himself.

    Link ran straight towards the monster's feet. Sticking out from them were its large white toes while trying not to get squashed. In no time Link sliced all its toes. The Imprisoned feel on its back, letting out labored breaths. Link quickie ran to the head where the pillar was in his reach. He sliced his sword back into the creature's head. It moved onto its belly and slithered about several feet. It rose back to its feet and the pillar slowly pulled back out as the creature let out another roar. Link went to a nearby air vent to get the level above just to get ahead.

    The Imprisoned was less than fifty feet away. Link could charge up and slice his toes but he decided to try the other options. He used another air vent to get to the path above the monster. Once the beast got close enough, Link leaped from the ledge and manage to land on top of the head. The Imprisoned attempted to shake him off but Link succeeded to strike the pillar back into its head.

    The creature started shaking. Two arms grew from the creature's sides with the fingertips being the same as the toes. The pillar once again was pushed back up from its head. It roared even louder.

    "Master," Fi spoke urgently. "I can confirm that the creature had grown limbs that function the same as arms. But the evil power of this creature has also increased. Analysis indicates that you should be able to use the same basic strategy. Its fingers can be destroyed the same as the toes, but I would not target them unless they become a top priority."

    The Imprisoned started thrashing again, more violently this time. Link was doing everything he can to stay on. Then the monster started bashing its body against the walls of the pit. It let out a strong shockwave that those watching from above almost lost their footing and barely stayed on at least one of their feet. Groose on the other hand wasn't so lucky. The shockwave was strong enough to send him tumbling over the edge. The impact of landing on the ledge below sent him almost rolling off its ledge. He manages to grab ahold of the edge of the path, leaving him dangling over.


    The sounds of his friend's horrified screams for Groose caught Link's attention. The Imprisoned used this opportunity to jerk its body which sent Link flying back. Link landed hard on the ground enough to leave him dazed. With Link off The Imprisoned started slithering its way around the pit.

    Groose was still holding on the edge for dear life. Thankfully, his strong arms made it easy to main his grip. Finding his footing to climb was the real problem. From his viewpoint, he could see a fresh cut around his bicep which was now trailing blood. No doubt he received that when he fell. Groose finally manages to get the right support to help him pull himself up. He pulled his arms over the ledge when he heard heavy breathing. A large black scaley limb with white fingers crept on one side of him, and then another on the opposite side of him. Groose peered down to the one who controls these arms.

    The Imprisoned stood right below him. It was so close that Groose could feel its putrid breath against its skin. Looking at it closer Groose could've sworn that it was...smiling at him. Groose didn't know why just didn't continue climbing. Perhaps it was the fear of the monster that paralyzed him. The Imprisoned pulled itself upwards, opening its jaw, sucking in high amounts of air. So strong that Groose could not pull away. The air was pulling him in the direction of The Imprisoned's jaw. There was only one thing Groose could do at that moment.


    This was it, Groose thought to himself. This was the end of him. He screamed as he felt himself be pulled away from the edge. He would've been pulled right into the monster's mouth were not for a hard grip wrapping around his wrist. Looking up his eyes widen with shock as he saw none other than Fledge maintaining his hold despite the air the monster was sucking in. Groose didn't know if what Fledge was doing was shockingly brave, or downright foolish. Didn't Fledge knew that he could get pulled in as well?!

    The pulling of the air seize as it was replaced by The Imprisoned let out a pain-filled screen. Taking this opportunity, Fledge helped pull Groose back to the safety of the solid ground. Turning to the side, Groose saw Pipit & Karane stabbing the thing's fingers with their swords. They barely left any marks on them yet they persisted.

    "Wha-what are you guys doing?" Groose stuttered.

    "What do you think? Saving you, idiot!" Pipit retorted.

    "You're welcome, by the way!" Karane added.

    "Y-your swords are barely piercing that thing's….fingers," Groose added.

    "We know...but we can at least buy time!" Pipit responded.

    "For who?"

    Running footsteps echoed through the air as a green blur went right by them. Letting out a shout, Link leaped from the ledge and straight onto The Imprisoned's head. He drove the pillar back into its head. The creature started howling as its body started to flash with white. It suddenly stood still as a statute for a few tensed filled seconds. A blinding white light engulfed the creature, shrinking it down before its black scales exploded into the air. They hovered in the air before flying back down at the center of the pit. The pillar came down hovering over its spot

    "Now Link! Strike the sealing spike with a Skyward Strike and restore the seal! Quickly!" The Old One shouted to him

    Link ran towards the bottom of the pit. He activate his Skyward Strike, shooting its beam at the pillar which glowed. With a swift movement of his word, Link placed the pillar back into this spot. The monster was now sealed away. Link dropped to his knees. The air was quiet save for the sounds of his heavy breathes.


    The green-clad senior knight turns his head back to see his three friends with concerned expressions.

    "Hey…" Link uttered. "You guys okay?"

    "I think we should be asking you that," Pipit stated.

    "I'll be fine," Link stood to his feet.

    "So is that thing…" Karane spoke.

    "Seems like it," Link answered. "That was nothing I've never seen before. I didn't think I could beat it."

    "But you did it. All by yourself," Fledge said.

    "Well...you guys did help out a little," Link look at them with a smile.

    Groose lingered several feet away from the group. he reached out, wanting to speak until he was interrupted.

    "Nice going, Link," The Old One spoke. "Though the Imprisoned had only just begun to awaken and break its bonds, I'm impressed you were able to restore the seal keeping it captive. And you three, despite my warning not to engage, you still went out your way to drive back the monster. I have to say, it is very commendable. Unfortunately, you have only succeeded in buying us a little more time in which to act."

    "You mean we only temporarily sealed it?" Link said.

    The One Old nodded her head. "The behemoth you beat back into confinement is a horror of unspeakable power. Judging by what I saw, I would not be surprised if the seal gave way again soon. So you are all left with precious little time to complete the task with which you have been entrusted. Come, let us all return to the Sealed Temple. There is much to discuss."

    The four knight students followed The Old One as she made her way out of the pit. None of the students pass a glance at Groose, who watches with a dejected expression as they made their way.

    Back inside the Temple, The Old One stood in front of the black stone with the four students behind her.

    "As you can see, the gate is nothing more than a slab of cold stone for now. It is sleeping. Rousing it from its slumber would require great power. Yes, I believe a shot of holy light from your Skyward Strike might just do it."

    "Okay, not a problem," Link almost draw his sword but The Old One stopped him.

    "Ah, sorry to disappoint you, boy, but for now your sword lacks the power necessary to awaken the gate. First, you and your sword must grow together."

    "Grow together? How can they do that?" Pipit question while Karane and Fledge looked at the old woman.

    "Faron Woods...Lanayru Desert...And Eldin Volcano," The Old One stated. "A sacred flame is hidden somewhere in each of these lands. Seek them out, and purify your sword in their heat. Only after your blade has been tempered by these three fires will it be fully imbued with the great power for which you search. Clues to finding the sacred flames have been woven into the lyrics of a song precious to your people, the Ballad of the Goddess. These clues are your best hope of finding your way to the flames. Return to Skyloft. Somewhere on your island is one whose knowledge of this old song will point you in the right direction."

    "Ballad of the Goddess...That's the song Zelda played on the Wing Ceremony," Link said.

    "But we can't get to her. We don't know anyone else who might the song," Fledge pointed out.

    "Actually...they might be someone," Karane spoke. "When I played the role of the Goddess in last year's Wing Ceremony, Zelda helped me learn it, but it was Headmaster Gaepora who provided me with the lyrics. He might know something."

    "It's a good start. We head straight for him once we get back."

    Footsteps echoed from behind the group. Groose stood with his arms crossed with an annoyed look. They all waited for him to make one of his snarky remarks or petty insults. Instead, he turned his back towards them.

    "I have even sayin' this but I guess you got it all figured out, Grannie," Groose spoke with a tone of hopelessness. "Me, well, there's nothing I can do to help Zelda. I'm...useless."

    "Ah. You sell yourself short, my friend. You'll see in time that you have your role to play in all of this." The Old One spoke to Groose as he stormed back out front.

    "Hey, guys…" Link spoke. "What just happened out there, well...If any of you want to back out of this, I won't blame you."

    "Are you kidding? We're not backing out. If anything, we're more determined to help!" Pipit exclaimed.

    "You really are?"

    "You're not getting rid of us that easily. Maybe this isn't how all of...this didn't intend to be but it is what is now," Karane said.

    "I agree with her, Link," The Old One spoke. "This may not have been the original plan, but the will of the Goddesses permitted your friends to help you on your journey. They all now play an important role in all this just as much as you do. Now you all must return to Skyloft. Trust in fate to guide your feet. Your mission depends on it...as does Zelda's fate."

    Link gave a nod to the woman. The group proceeded through the side entrance of the temple. However, Link notices Fledge standing near the front of the temple.

    "You guys wait near the statue. We'll catch up in a bit," Link told Pipit & Karane before walking over to Fledge. "You okay, Fledge?"

    "We should see if Groose is okay," Fledge said.

    "You sure about that?" Fledge nodded at his friend. "Alright. Let's check on him together."

    Groose stood right outside of the doors. He was fuming at himself. Then he let out a frustrated yell.

    "Awwww, c'mon! I couldn't do a thing! I'm totally useless!" Groose ran over to the outside walls of the temple, punching it as he leaned against it. "They were right...I'm just dead weight afterall. What kinda use is that to anyone?"

    "Groose?" The large teen turned his head back. He saw Link and Fledge standing nearby.

    "What do you both want? Come to gloat, have you?" Groose spat.

    "We want to make sure you're okay. And your arm...it's bleeding," Fledge said.

    "I'll be fine. Not like you care anyway. Just leave me alone."

    "We also want to let you know that there's a Loftwing statue just outside the temple. Just touch it and it'll take you back to the sky," Link said.

    "I'm in no hurry to get back. Besides, it's like you said, Fledge, everyone on Skyloft hates me. Now leave me alone!"

    Fledge lowered his head. Link placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and guided the student to the inside of the temple.

    "Is he doing alright?" The Old One spoke.

    "He won't let us talk to him. It doesn't feel right leaving him down here like this," Link said.

    "I will keep an eye on him. Do not worry about him."

    "Thank you," Link said to the old woman.

    "You know, Link...I think there's more to Groose than I thought," Fledge said as they exited through the side entrance.

    "What makes you say that?"

    "You saw how he reacted to this place. He was filled with wonder, and not the kind of wonder he gets for bullying us. I've never seen that side from him before. And seemed distraught about not helping Zelda."

    "You know, Fledge...I think you're right."

    "You do?"

    "I know me and him never got along but there's something within me that tells me that there's more to Groose than what he shows. I want to believe that, but as long as he acts the way he is nothing will get through to him."

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    So now that I finished skyward sword on the Nintendo switch. I finally understand why Ghirahim is love in @growingupgerudo character by @vigoburrito and @anewcalamity by @maldreathezora and @stylincheetah. But as for the gameplay I didn't enjoy it as much. It got me frustrated more. I like to play the Zelda games with just the basic controls. Next time I got back to playing ocarina of time.

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    Sky emerged from the door where he, Sun and Groose had excused themselves to, looking a bit antsy.

    “Ok, so -” he began, clapping his hands once to grab the attention of the few in the room: “Riveting news! I’m a girl."

    The response was a slightly stunned silence.

    “Oh!" Four finally said. “Nice.”

    A chorus of hushed kindnesses made the skydweller's face glow darker as he turned his gaze to his fingers fiddling with his sailcloth.

    “Wait, I..." Wind began, stopping himself for a moment as he tried to articulate his thoughts. "Should we, uh, should we change things when we speak about you? As in, as in should we call you a she, or, or a girl and such, or are you good with guy, brother...?"

    “Oh, right, yes, uh... He and him and his, those are - they're still good, no need to change that. But the, the guy part, if you could... Not do that, it'd be better, yeah.” Sky explained sheepishly.

    The sailor offered him an ok sign: “Alright, got it! Thank you.”

    “Thank you.”

    Sky inhaled through his nose, held his breath for a moment, and then released.

    "That went pretty good!" he exclaimed to no one but himself.

    "I mean," Warriors replied, "It's still you, we love you. You're just... A girl, now, which is not that big of a change. I mean, it is, but not..." he made a non-descript, exceptionally vague gesture. "You know?"

    "Like it is big, but more manageable than... Than you turning out to be an bokoblin or a bunch of ants in the shape of a guy- girl, for example," Twilight translated.

    "Yeah, that would be more concerning," Hyrule agreed. "But we're glad for you! That you figured that out!"

    The bird rider had been stuck mentally screaming and crying because of that 'we love you' said so casually for a while, so the traveler’s words were the last nail in the coffin for him, and he elected to only look down on his boots flustered beyond belief, hands shaking with giddiness.

    A quiet unlocking of a door shifted his attention to Legend as he groaned to keep the array of pumpkins in his arms from tumbling miserably across the floor, followed quickly by a pretty satisfied Wild in a similar situation and Skull Kid tailing after them, carrying a small gourd. The two seeing members of the trio noted the strange and suddenly awkward air in the room just as the cook was about to announce what an absolute steal they had found at the market.

    "What happened?" the veteran asked, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

    Time slapped his hand on the side of Sky's shoulders, effectively sandwiching him in his unmovable grip, and only said: "Girl," with a very proud tone.

    Wild immediately celebrated by giving a loud: "WOO!" and throwing his arms up in the air, which led to the pumpkins he was holding being carelessly sent to fly into the stratosphere and causing one of them to accidentally knock Skull Kid's confused head clean off their neck. (This was distinctly not a problem as they simply temporarily replaced it with their own pumpkin and wobbled away to fetch it.)

    Legend just blinked: "Congrats," he blurted out, realizing after a second that was a very weird response: "I mean - because they say congrats when you get a child and it's - in some way - fuck-"

    Wild put a hand on his mouth: "He means he's happy for you."

    The skydweller mumbled his thanks back, as awkward as the most prolific hero.

    "I can’t understand a word you’re saying.” the imp’s detached head commented as they finally grabbed it. They sniffed the air twice: “But if the girl is Bird’s friend then she’s behind the door.” they added before anything could be cleared to them.

    Hyrule furrowed his brow: “Why would she be behind the door?”

    “So I can make sure none of you try some crap on him!” Sun’s answer came muffled from behind the door. Sky immediately attempted to sink into the carpet.

    Things only got worse when Groose added: “But seriously, don’t try anything on the shrimp,” whilst letting his red pompadour peek through a narrow with a  goofy yet piercing glare: “We’ve got our eyes on you.”

    Time gave him a thumbs up as the skychild was held up by at least three others to keep hims from his desperate attempt to become one with the pavement.

    “Bird is not a shrimp,” Skull Kid corrected. “He doesn’t even smell like one. Is this a riddle? Are you speaking riddles?”

    “No, it’s - Loonlet, I’m a girl, I found out I’m a girl, that’s what we were talking about,” Sky explained quietly, untangling himself from his brothers despite the mortification, “And sometimes people aren’t really... Nice, about these things, so they’re - Groose is looking out for me.”

    The child tilted their head in their hands: “You’re a girl?”


    “I thought you were a boy.”

    “I thought so too, but I’m a girl.”

    “Ah... And that’s why you only like girls.”


    “Wait!” they interrupted him with an excited gasp and a beaming grin as they were hit by a sudden realization: “That means you’re the second girl who’s my friend!”

    Slamming their cranium back in place (which simultaneously knocked the pumpkin off their neck and straight to the floor at a concerning speed, landing it perilously close to Four’s foot) they punted themself directly into Sky’s gut to wrap him in a strangling hug.

    “I thought you knew already,” Wild joked.

    He regretted that as he sunk in his shoulders when several pairs of eyes locked onto him very confused, looking at him as if he had lost his mind.

    “No, it’s because... Ah, this is stupid - there’s this place I know, were another way to say girl they have is ‘bird’, and Skull Kid calls him like that -- I know it’s because he smells like a bird, but I thought it was kind of a funny thing...”

    Sky took a couple moments to process that.

    Then a couple more, as he realized the questioning of his gender had been brought about in the first place by that exhausting semi-argument regarding how Sky’s attraction towards of girls and lack thereof towards boys was weird in the imp’s eyes, where they posited that they would not find it so strange if he were either not attracted to anybody at all like Hyrule or a girl, since ‘girls know many girls usually, so it makes sense’.

    Sun gently shook his shoulder to wake him: “Is everything alright?”

    “Loonlet, are you aware of the fact that you’re the sole reason why I’m a girl?” her beloved replied adressing the small wooden grey bastard remlit-adjacent child who was currently desperately wriggling in his unsteady grasp to try and climb him like a cat tree.

    “No,” was the answer.

    #linked universe#sky lu#skullkid#Skull kid #tagging only these two bc im tired #random writing #sky: (pats sk's head) this bad boy can trans SO much gender #sky is a he/him trans lesbian and sun is omnisexual. she doesnt give a shit #you can include groose as a gnarly queerplatonic pal #the rest of the chain is like holy shit this gal trans! good for him we love him #'why is everything so abrupt and weird' bc i wrote it as fast as i could building around the dialogues and didnt know how to finish #'i dont remember a fic where sk talks abt skys non-interest in boys' its because i havent written it #also sky calls sk loonlet bc thats the nickname he chose for them! the loon is a kind of bird and the loonlet is a baby loon #sun n groose will fucking protect sky with their Life #sun will wreck shop for him #and groose will pose threateningly to scare away potential bastards #can you imagine yelling a slur at a he/him trans girl and his extremely large friend poses menacingly and goes 'listen here-' #but before he can continue the girls tiny gf demolishes you with her bare fists in ten minutes flat at most
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    Figured out how to draw Groose, am happy with sketch, will share in days to come.

    Sleep now 😴

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    Finally bought The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD on the Switch since I’ve never played it before (I never owned a Wii) and I’m enjoying it so far, but I never anticipated how deep Link’s voice is in this game. I mean, at least compared to other Zelda titles his seems deeper. Link is such a soft, smol bean that the deeper than expected “hyahs” and “hus” were a surprise 😂

    #zelda#loz #the legend of zelda #legendofzelda #legend of zelda #skyward sword#link#groose#groosenator #the groose is loose #loftwing
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    Why is Groose so hard to draw? I had less trouble drawing Ralph!

    #idiot can't draw #lu groose #oracle of ages ralph
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    And I finished playing skyward sword and for me I didn't enjoy it as much. 😑 I think I prefer Orcarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess. Along with the handheld. Which I really do need to get and finish them. 🤔

    #cwgames #the legend of zelda skyward sword #nintendo #the legend of zelda #link#groose#zelda
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    Surface Too Soon .28

    @tortilla-of-courage @emenerd @minishswords @aro-alien @kerto-p @alyss-spazz-penedo @ryssbelle @risingmoonyue

    So originally this was supposed to be the first half of one chapter, but now it is two chapters. It just worked a bit better this way. On the bright side, you get content. Enjoy as Link adjusts to his new role.


    Chapter 28: Roles To Fill

    Link woke up to Fi chiming in his ear.

    He pulled his pillow over his head and groaned. “Fiiiii,”

    “Master, it is advised you get up now to investigate the Light Tower,” Fi said, the chiming finally stopped.

    “But I’m tired,” he whined.

    “Master, you need to awaken. Her Grace, Zelda is counting on us,”

    He groaned loudly, pulling his head out from under the pillow to glare at her.

    “Fi, please,”

    Her face didn’t shift from the emotionless mask over her face. “Master, you need to wake up,”

    Link groaned again, but rolled to his feet. Fi almost smiled.

    “Fi, can I ask you something?” He asked, blinking at his room.

    “Of course, Master,” Fi said. “I am here to serve you and provide assistance in any and every way I am capable. You can feel free to ask me anything,”

    “Why is my room cleaner than I left it?”

    “Her Grace, Zelda cleaned it for you. She spent the night here before you returned to us from Kakariko,”

    He blinked. “She, spent the night here?”


    “Huh,” he looked around his room, taking that in. “Okay then,”

    He ended up actually eating breakfast with his class for the first time in forever, and found he was getting some angry glares from Cawlin and some curious ones from some of the others. Granted, he was wearing the upper class uniform without having earned it, but that was hardly his fault. He’d earn it, and the sailcloth, once the world was safe.

    Priorities, and all that.

    The first thing he did once he was finished breakfast was head for the Light Tower. That was a decent place to start, at least.

    He climbed up at the top and looked around, trying to spot anything that looked like a ‘whirling sail’.

    “Fi, do you see any whirling sails?” He asked a bit absently.

    ‘Master, perhaps we should look around the windmills visible from this location,’ Fi suggested. ‘They are the biggest sails visible from this point,’

    Link nodded and slid down the ladder to head for the closer windmill.

    There was a little fan thing on it, but it wouldn’t budge when Link tried to move it.

    “Fi, help me out here,”

    ‘I believe this fan could be moved by sufficient gusts of air,’ Fi informed him. ‘I believe Her Grace, Zelda has an item that would be able to perform this action,’

    “Awesome,” Link grinned. “Let’s go check out the other windmill and then go see Zelda about that item,”

    And so he trekked up to the other windmill.

    It was broken.

    “What’s up, Link?” A voice called out before he could get too deep in despair. Jakamar walked over to him. “So you’re curious about that windmill, eh?”

    “Yeah, something like that,” he sighed, glancing back to frown at the broken fan.

    “Pretty smart design, I gotta say,” Jakamar grinned. “See, you can turn the windmill so that it can always catch the wind no matter which way it’s blowing. But,” and now he matched Link’s frown. “Well, there used to be this little propeller attached to the windmill so that you could turn it. The thing flew off ages ago. It must have dropped down off the edge, down beneath the clouds. The windmill’s been uselessly sitting there ever since,”

    Link turned to frown at it.

    “Master,” Fi appeared, and Link took a moment to realize Jakamar didn’t seem to, see her. “I highly suggest you retrieve the windmill propeller from the land below to reorient the windmill,”

    He nodded, and she vanished back into the sword on his back. He gave Jakamar a look as he considered.

    “Hey, if I found that propeller and brought it back, could you fix the windmill?” He asked.

    Jakamar blinked at him, a bit surprised. “Well, if I had the propeller, I could probably rig something together to get it back on there, sure,”

    “Great!” Link grinned, a bit proud of himself for coming up with a solution on his own.

    “But, how would you even go looking for the propeller in the first place? Once something falls through the clouds, it’s gone for good,”

    “Like me?” He asked, grinning a bit. “I fell through the clouds,”

    Jakamar blinked at him, a bit embarrassed. “Well, that’s true I guess,” he mumbled, and then paused. “Hang on. Come to think of it, Gondo at the Scrap Shop told me that someone in his family once used a flying robot to haul junk back from beneath the clouds. But we’re talking about a tale that’s been passed down over a lot of years, so I wouldn’t put much stock in it,”

    “Really?” Link asked, now curious.

    “Dredging things up from some mystical ‘world beneath the clouds’ that doesn’t even exist? Sounds like a lot of hot air,” Jakamar shook his head. “Gondo actually bought into the whole thing, though. That’s why he’s always tinkering with that busted old robot,”

    There absolutely is a land beneath the clouds. It’s real and it’s beautiful, he thought, but didn’t say. He thanked Jakamar instead, and decided to drop by the bazaar to talk to Gondo.

    “Hey Gondo!” Link waved, leaning on the counter with a grin.

    “Hey, kid!” Gondo grinned, waving wide and grinning at him. “What’s up? You look like you need to get something off your chest. I think I know what it is. You’ve got a favour to ask me, right?”

    “Actually, yeah,” Link nodded, and briefly explained what he needed.

    “Huh? It’s about this old robot my grandpa used to tinker around with?” Gondo crossed his arms a bit defensive. “You probably just came here to make fun of the crazy junk guy for believing in his grandpa’s stupid stories, right? Well get in line. I’ve heard it before,”

    Link sighed, a bit tired. “That’s not why I’m here,”

    “Wait,” Gondo blinked. “That’s not why you’re here?”

    “No,” Link said, trying his best not to seem a bit exasperated. He knew what it was like to not be believed. The curse of having visions. “I’m literally living proof you’re right. I need to pick something up from below the clouds, and I was told you could help,”

    “So, you, you believe in my grandpa’s stories too, don’t you?!” Gondo leaned in, now excited.

    Link nodded. “I fell through the Cloud Barrier, I’ve seen for myself that they’re true. Of course I believe them,”

    “Well, I’m happy to hear that someone else believes me, but I don’t think I can help you,” Gondo sighed, and Link’s smile slipped. “You see, my grandpa’s old robot, what’s it called again,” he drummed his fingers on the counter as he thought. “Oh, hey, that’s right. I remember!” he waved Link’s eyes over to a rusted old machine, kinda like the ones he saw briefly in Lanayru. “His name is Scrapper. He may not be much to look at these days, but he was an amazing robot once! When you called him, he would go anywhere and haul anything! Sadly, as you can see now, he’s just another busted ol’ hunk of junk,”

    Gondo sounded so genuinely sad, it tugged on Link’s heart a bit too.

    “Is there a way to fix him?” Link asked.

    “Actually, yeah. Old Gramps did tell me this: you can get him working again with extract from an ancient flower. It’s like oil to this guy,” Gondo sighed. “But I’ve never even heard of, much less seen, any such thing!”

    “I’ll find you one!” Link offered.

    “You will?” Gondo blinked.

    “Sure,” Link grinned. “I think I know where to look. I’ll be back soon!”

    “Uh, great. And, thanks!” Gondo called at his retreating back.

    Link turned back to wave.

    ‘Master, are you certain you know what you are doing?’ Fi asked.

    “Sure I am!” He grinned, jogging down the paths to one of the jumping platforms. “Besides, I’m sure Zelda knows what an ancient flower is!”

    Fi seemed to sigh at him. He just laughed, flinging himself onto open air.


    Zelda wasn’t sure how she felt being used for manual labour.

    She was helping Groose nail down track for his invention, under the carefully watchful eye of Impa who hadn’t strayed far since Link left. Mostly she was sitting on wood planks so they wouldn’t move while Groose nailed them down.

    He’d probably only insisted since he’d noticed her worrying. Link hadn’t come back before nightfall, and still wasn’t back today. She was getting worried.

    She probably didn’t need to be. Skyloft was way safer than the Surface was, and Link had only been gone a day.

    He was fine.


    He was here.

    “Link!” She stood and twisted, and Groose grumbled about being glad he’d finished nailing that one down already.

    They met in a hug, laughing.

    “What are you doing here?” Link asked, looking at Groose’s rails so far.

    “It’s part of Groose’s project,” Zelda said, and then looked right at Link again. “Did you figure it out?”

    “Kind of,” Link said, shrugging. “I need to borrow your wind item,”

    “Wind item?” Zelda asked.

    “The Gust Bellows, Your Grace, Zelda,” Fi said as she appeared. “It may be useful in our attempts to solve the riddle provided by the lyrics,”

    “Also do you know what an ancient flower is?” Link asked.

    Zelda blinked at them both.

    “Why do you need those things?” She asked.

    Link filled her in on what had happened up on Skyloft, somehow either not noticing or unfazed by Impa wandering over and running one hand through his hair and looking him over. The sheikah warrior never really had to say how much she cared for Link, even if she tried to pretend otherwise.

    Zelda nodded. “Okay, I think I get it now,” she pulled a large item, the Gust Bellows, and a small purple flower out of her bag and handed them to him. “This is the Gust Bellows. Fi can walk you through using it, but the air comes out this end,” she pointed at the part she meant. “And this is an ancient flower,”

    “Thank you!” Link grinned, tucking them carefully into his bag and then reaching out to hug her. “I owe you one,”

    “You owe me more than one,” Zelda laughed. “But, what exactly was it that fell to the Surface that you’re looking for?”

    “It’s a windmill propeller,” Link explained, and gave a short description of the one still on Skyloft.

    Zelda frowned. “I think I saw that before,” she tapped her foot a few times, trying to remember where. “I think, in Eldin? Maybe? Yeah, it was in Eldin, sorta below the entrance to the Earth Temple,”

    “Wait, you’ve seen the propeller?” Link blinked at her.

    She nodded. “I think so. Fi,” she turned to the spirit, who turned to focus on her. “Do you remember, when we were looking for the key to the temple, that area where I had to knock over that scaffolding?”

    “My memory is perfect, Your Grace, Zelda,” Fi responded. “I recall that area,”

    “Was there a propeller there?” She asked.

    “There was an item that resembled the propeller in that area, yes,” Fi confirmed. “I will lead Master Link there,”

    “Are you okay to head back to the Earth Temple?” Impa asked, looking down at Link with what might have been concern.

    “Yeah?” Link blinked at her. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

    Impa made a pointed look at his wrist, and then back up to his face. “Well, just, events that happened there,”

    Link blinked, seeming to realize what she meant, and pulled his wrist up to his chest.

    Zelda then remembered the red marking around Link’s wrist, and the metal chain in the temple. A metal chain that surely would have burned him pretty badly.

    The anger from the temple bubbled up again in her chest. Part of her almost wanted to run into Ghirahim again at some point, just to stab him again. Preferably this would be without Link nearby.

    “I’ll be okay,” Link said, though he looked less sure than he sounded. “Besides, Fi will be with me, so it’s not like I’ll be alone. And I might have to go back to that area later anyways,”

    Impa looked even less fond of this idea than Zelda felt.

    “Are you certain? I can follow if you’d like,” Impa offered.

    Link shook his head, though he looked like he was having trouble committing to the action. “No, I need to be able to start doing this stuff on my own, anyways. I can’t expect you to always be there to protect me,”

    Neither Impa nor Link seemed to be fond of this idea, but Zelda couldn’t quite tell why. There was some sort of history between those two that she wasn’t privy to.

    Some part of that made her chest ache. She and Link had known each other their whole lives, always attached at the hip. There was nothing one did without the other. They knew everything about the other, always had.

    And now, now there was a gap in that bond. Link had spent well over a week, and very, very eventful week, away from her. He’d landed on the Surface, alone, and at some point ended up with Impa. He’d been stalked, kidnapped, injured. He spent many days hiding somewhere far away from here. And Zelda hadn’t been there for any of it. She didn’t know what had happened to him.

    He’d changed already. She had too. And neither really knew how they had each changed, hadn’t been there as it happened.

    And all because she hadn’t listened to him when he said he couldn’t sense his loftwing. One stupid mistake and now there was a whole part of their lives the other didn’t know.

    And yet, and yet she couldn’t quite bring herself to tell him. Every time she considered telling him and being the goddess, about her role in this whole destiny, her throat closed up and she found herself unable to speak.

    It wasn’t Hylia stopping her either. Hylia didn’t seem to care when Link learned the truth as long as nothing sent her plans off the rails. This was a Zelda problem.

    But she couldn’t linger on that right now, not with Link needing her. She’d deal with telling him later.

    She just hoped that the divide between them now didn’t get too big before she could.


    Link made it back up to Skyloft a short while later, after spending time flying around on Apple’s back and convincing himself to calm down.

    Going home to Skyloft was one thing. He could handle doing that alone. This was his home, he could handle going home.

    But Eldin? To go to Eldin, alone, without Impa to keep an eye on him, that terrified him.

    What if Ghirahim showed up? What if he ended up captured again? What would happen then? He still didn’t even know what Ghirahim wanted him for.

    And, admittedly, he was still a bit shaken up by the encounter yesterday.

    He remembered freezing up when he was grabbed, the bite of steel against his neck as the sword leveled under his chin, the press of Ghirahim’s face against his. He could still almost feel the oddly cold skin of Ghirahim’s face on his cheek.

    He reached up to rub his face roughly, trying to get the feeling to go away.

    ‘Master, are you alright?’ Fi chimed, probably picking up on his distress.

    “Hm?” Link blinked, glancing back at her. “Uh, yeah, I’m okay, Fi,”

    ‘I have picked up a level of distress from you that has not abated since leaving the Sealed Grounds. Are you certain you are alright?’

    Link nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine, Fi. It’s not something you could help me with anyways,”

    ‘I am willing to listen,’ Fi said, gently, in offer. ‘Even if that is all I can do. I am here to assist you in any way you may need,’

    “Right,” Link hummed, turning his eyes to Skyloft. “I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks, Fi,”

    Fi chimed softly again, and then fell silent.

    Link took a deep breath, and then angled Apple down towards the bazaar.

    His own worries or not, he still had a job to do.

    #skyward sword #legend of zelda #link#fi#zelda#impa#groose#kinda #he's here a bit #hylia#also kinda #skyward sword spoilers #surface too soon #so here we have link on skyloft #not everyone is pleased to see him wearing that uniform #since he hasn't earned it yet #but most people figured he'd win anyways #so it's not a big deal #link is very defensive of the surface #he has friends who live there and their home is beautiful #meanwhile zelda is feeling sad that she feels like she and link aren't as close anymore #which is fair and understandable #kids have been dealing with a lot #i mean. link probably has some shiny new trauma to deal with #things get better don't worry #but for now they're both trying to deal with some difficult things #also mama fi #fi is trying her best to be helpful #this means being link's alarm clock #and also listening
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