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  • Random guy in the hall to his girlfriend: am I grounded again?

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  • I’ll tell you a secret🙈

    I don’t actually overthink that much anymore and the reason why may sound simple but I think simplicity is genius✅

    I don’t really have time to overthink anymore because I’m in alignment with where I want to be in the future and I’m using my time to invest in my dreams💪🏽

    I used to overthink A LOT but that was back when I was living a life that was scripted for me by others😅

    Living out of alignment with my values made me ill mentally and physically but since I corrected this behaviour those illnesses disappeared🥳

    Nothing else will end your obsessive overthinking except realigning your focus and choosing which thoughts you want to invest your energy into😁

    Overthinking is a choice so choose to create thoughts that serve you😊

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  • @gibsonguitar 1979 Les Paul Standard rewire luthier #50’s #grounded (at Guitars United)

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  • @flowermaguss


    YOU ARE THROWING WHAT?! Please stop that before you make a mess or anger someone!”

    #GROUNDED MERLIN#GROUNDED #just another Chaldea day : dash commentary #flowermaguss
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  • “Hey! Uh, you’re the–
    Yeah, the girl with the two tons of SAT books.
    No, you were so much more than just that. You were the girl in the killer jacket.”
    Manifest. Grounded, 2x02

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  • Woke up in the night terrified the Ghost Of Supreme Leaders Past had paid me a visit.

    Turned out, what really scared me was K8-T3 at the foot of my bed making spooky noises while wearing a sheet over her head.

    She’s grounded now. She has to spend the rest of the day in the shop and I put password-protected parental controls on all the digital books she downloaded to her brain so she has to spend her time sitting in the corner and thinking about what she did.

    #ST-3V3#star wars #the rise of skywalker #stormtrooper#kylo ren #ghost of supreme leaders past #k8-t3#grounded
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  • me: you don’t want to ground me.

    my mom: i don’t want to ground you…

    also my mom: I WANT TO FREAKING KILL YOU!!!

    #jedi mind tricks #gone wrong#mom#grounded #that kills people #brought me into this world #not afraid to take me out #its just a joke #i think
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  • Do you sometimes feel like it’s not Friday anymore if you’re grounded for the weekend?

    #grounded #i yelled swears at school so ya i f*cked up my weekend
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  • It’s so nice when I finally have time to get back in touch with myself again ♥ I must have alone time to feel recharged, centered, and back in my power ☽✪☾★☽♥☾❤`•.¸¸.•´´¯`••❀★ ☆ ✮ ✯ `•.¸¸.•´´¯`•• ✯

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  • A granite of force.

    For I am always grounded.

    None will bring me down.

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  • i used to think it was really cliche how people wrote in books and stuff that when someone they liked grabbed them it kept them grounded and shit but then i was having a panic attack and i went outside to get some fresh air and then i regretted it because it felt like i was floating away and i couldn’t breathe and then she grabbed me. my feet were back on the floor again and she looked at our friends and went ‘she’s shaking’ and one of them took my phone that was in my hand so i wouldn’t drop it but all i could think about were her hands that weren’t letting go. i can’t remember if i was holding her back or not but she was grabbing me and that’s all that mattered and it took a few times and i could breathe again.

    anyways, turns out i still have a fat crush on the girl i used to have a crush on

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  • From Happiness to Dust.

    #grounded #swallow the sun #take me away
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  • Can We Keep Him- part 6

    It was freezing. Jonah was perched on the edge of the roof of a building across from black masks so-called ‘base,’ and he was pretty sure the concrete had frozen to his knees. He knew he shouldn’t be there, saying but he needed to take the opportunity. Not long ago another thief showed up, ruining their plans to stop the shipment by blowing it all the kingdom come. No, he didn’t know this person, but the news was into it quick, they codenamed them Trojan after hearing from a notable source that it was one of the insiders from the government or something. They were wrong. Or so he thought, he had been trying to catch them in the act but his body temperature was telling him to call it a night.

    He had forgotten how frigid Gotham could really get, and now that it was night there was not an ounce of warmth anywhere, only him and the freezing concrete swallowing everything else. He slipped down the roofs and back to the streets, walking along the sidewalks. He wasn’t Kid tonight, not after the stunt he pulled about a week ago at the gala. Marinette was upset, and to make matters worse they had it published on Gotham City News Network, which was just lovely. He only managed to slip out because it was so late, he knew they were sleeping, so he crept out his window and went on his way. Of course, if he got caught he’d be grounded again but they weren’t his parents, to begin with. When he slipped back inside he didn’t think anyone had heard him but maybe he forgot he was living with Ladybug and Red Hood. 

    “Wanna tell us where you’ve been, Jonah?” 


    Bruce looked at the news with a frown, Damian sat rigidly next to him easily picking up his father’s dismay and anger.

    “You’re grounded, ” he started. Damian frowned, “He started it, father.”

    Bruce looked to him, “You certainly didn’t end it, Damian.” Damian looked down. The floor had been polished recently. “I’m aware, father. How long?” There was no use fighting it.

    “A couple of weeks at best, ” Bruce began, shutting off the tv, he turned to face his son. “You’ll apologize to Jonah as soon as you see him.”

    Damian sighed deeply, he walked out of the room without a word. He entered the dining room and found Tim sitting there, eyes glued to the computer screen as usual.

    “How bad was it?” He asked, still typing in a dedicated fashion that was almost scary. Damian looked him over with a glare, “A few weeks.”

    “Hah, you wish. Why’d you fight the kid anyway?” Tim continued to prod at him, only stopping to drink his coffee. Damian regarded him for a moment, “Because the peasant needed to be corrected.”

    Tim paused his typing, he sent Damian a flat look. “Really? Aren’t we over this Assassin Baby Honor thing?”

    “Not because of my honor, you simpleton. Besides, you should be apologizing to Rivers, having forced her to converse with you is worse than Graysons attempts with her.” Damian scrunched his nose, fingers absently tracing the wood of the dining table.

    “Damian, Cas is actually really nice and we’ve known each other before you arrived?? Yeah she’s a bit snarky but her sarcasm is enjoyable and unlike you, she isn’t always out for everyone’s head, ” Tim said, finally looking at him. Titus had sniffed at Damian’s hands earning a quick pat.

    Damian blinked, “I’m assuming you were going to tell me you knew her? Since when?”

    “Well, you got here at 10 years old, so 4 years ago now, she’s your age, I met her when she was 8 I was 10,” Tim stalled for a moment, Damian reminded himself to never end up like Drake. “Oh, so, 6 years ago, I met her.”

    “You’ve known her for 6 years?” Damian said slightly appalled. “Uh, yes?”

    “How horrifying for her, ” Damian said.

    Tim scoffed, “Uh, she danced with me. Talked to me. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that bad, besides she’s curious about tech.”

    “Bravo for you, ” Damian drawled, leaving Tim alone. Wandering through the manor was boring, thankfully he had Titus. Damian had gone through every room before, he knew every inch, from the mahogany floors to the paneled high vaulted ceilings. Small things, hidden doorways, and paths, like how the east wing held the ballroom, and there was a panel behind an old tapestry that opened up, leading to the library. He knew the people that wandered through these walls, his family, he had come to call them after being taught what that word truly meant.

    But he didn’t expect to find Cassiopeia Rivers wandering these same halls, intently looking at a portrait of Bruce’s parents. Her gaze fell on his at the sound of his footsteps, then landing on the dog that followed him. Titus rushed to the child, he must have faintly remembered her scent from years ago. Cassie smiled, murmuring sweet words into his ear, Damian watched as Titus tried to jump at her, licking at her face. She resisted a laugh, firmly but kindly telling him down.

    “You’re not as small as you used to be, Titus,” Cassie sighed, looking up to Damian. “I came to return a suit, and I believe I am done. Now, if I am correct, and I’m never wrong, you’re grounded, aren’t you?”

    “Perhaps, ” Damian replied with an ever-present scowl, “Why are you here again?”

    “Tim let me borrow a suit.”

    “Curiously enough, he was telling me about how you’ve known him for six years.” Damian kept his eyes on her, Cassie stared back.

    “Yes. And?” She didn’t know why he seemed so… Fidgety about it. Titus kept nudging her hand, another sign of how long it had taken him to reply.

    “I was curious. I have known you for a while, as you know-" 

    "Three and a half years.” She stated, cutting him off. “And we aren’t friends at all. If you’re trying to state that.”

    “I know, ” Damian’s nose twitched but it hardly gave her the pleasure of his discomfort. Her eyes swept over him, she hadn’t seen him in something so casual, a black turtleneck and jeans. 

    “Comfy, Wayne? I’ll be going now, ” she tried to get past Titus, but the dog nudged her stomach with all his force. Cassie tripped backward, but she felt his hand on the small of her back before she could anticipate the impact of the ground. The silence finally weighed on them, the only sound was the rapid and increasingly annoying pounding in her ears. Again, his eyes were searching and searching for what they could never find, but still, they dug deeper, burrowing into her soul.

    “Can’t even walk?” He asked with a twitch of his lips. Cassie glared at him and tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but he was holding her in a way where she couldn’t pull herself up. She rolled out of his arms, dusting herself off as she gracefully stood up. 

    “Titus, ” she called him with the same tone she often used on her own dog. The large dog tried to shrink behind his owner, but he was too big to hide. She sighed, “It’s okay. You know you’re lucky Wayne can actually catch, good boy, ” she cooed, giving him a scratch under his neck.

    Damian chewed the inside of his cheek, it was a dangerous game to play but he made a move anyway. “Would you like to stay for lunch? I’m sure Drake would benefit from social interaction, ” he deftly added the last bit, not wanting to sound too pushy.

    Cassie’s eyes shot up to his, the game was set, but she wouldn’t walk into his trap. “Lunch? Didn’t we have this conversation the other day, Damian?”

    There it was. Years and years of knowing her, or close enough to that, and she finally said his name. He wondered if she was in a better mood, or merely dropped formalities for once.

    “I believe we have, but this isn’t for my sake, Cassiopeia.” Her eyebrow quirked, so we’re playing the name game?

    “Look, I don’t feel like lunch. Tim and I have had a coffee date, so I’ll see him then. Besides I was talking to him earlier, ” She said, brushing her hands on her jeans. 

    “Afraid, Rivers?”

    She lingered in her stance, in the back of her mind she knew he was testing her, messing with her pride. But she wouldn’t let him tell her anything. She walked right into his trap, swiveling around on her heel to face him.

    No, in fact, I’ll stay for lunch, only because Alfred cooks the best food.” She states firmly, walking past him. Damian turned with a devilish smirk, round one, begin.


    “You got any fours?" 

    "Go fish.”

    “Why am I doing this again?” Jonah groaned it had already been a week into grounding and the whole thing was disturbing.

    “Because you decided to sneak out, and then lie to us, ” Jason said. Jonah went to retort but closed his mouth. No point in lying. “Yeah, I thought so, got any Kings?”

    Jason kept smirking till Jonah sighed, handing over a king of spades. Marinette leaned against Jason, but he hid his cards, “No sneaking a peek.”

    “I wasn’t! You’re comfy, ” she snuggled up to him, pressing a brief kiss to his jaw. “Got any fours?”

    “You did look.”

    “Did not, ” she giggled wildly as he started to attack her with his hands, quickly dancing up her sides. A tickle fight. Jonah watched them, feeling a small smirk grow on his features. He fought the urge to smile, realizing maybe it wasn’t so bad, having a family again. But it hurt to know that if he did he could lose them too like he lost his mother and father. So he let the smile go, buckling his heart down, and forcing his feelings away, he wouldn’t get attached. He couldn’t. It only stung a little when he walked into his room, and they didn’t stop him. 

    Jason sighed, “I love you.” Marinette structured before launching his shoulder weakly, “I love you more, mon tout.”

    “C'est trop mignon quand tu parles français, tu sais ça?” He murmured into her hair, his breath trailing down her neck. “Mm, non je ne savais pas, ” she hummed.


    “So, Cassie, I hope you weren’t too upset with Damian choking your date, ” Tim began, poking at his food. Cassie nudged him with her foot, and he rolled his eyes, biting into his omelet. “No, I wasn’t. He wasn’t even my date.”

    “Oh really?” Tim asked. 

    “Yes, ” she replied casually. Damian’s gaze locked onto hers, Cassie avoided it with a broad smirk. “So, how’s work, mister CEO?”

    Tim rolled his eyes, “Fine I guess? How do you describe running one of the largest companies in the world?”

    “Ah, peer pressure get to you yet? I worry for you, you know?” She began, biting into her salad, Tim laughed nervously. “You don’t sleep, don’t eat right, Timothy, your gonna end up like a fucking corpse and you expect me to sit and watch?”

    “No? I ate half a sandwich.” He argued. Cassie rolled her eyes, he never used to be this self-destructive. “Oh good god, and that’s your first meal in what, a week?”

    Damian watched them argue, he could easily see the years of banter passed between the two. It opened a new side of Cassie to him, an equally angry, yet caring side. It almost annoyed him, how nice she was to Drake, the most reckless and incredibly foolish person he knew. Yes, he had his noble moments. That’s all, and here he was, getting this girl to smile. It was infuriating. She was infuriating, she was different from her ways, not like most girls who ignored him entirely or drooled over him, but a balance on her own terms.

    “Damian?” He was staring very intently at the pair. Tim knew what was happening, he either found a new puzzle or he was blanking out.

    He shook his head softly, a barely-there shift in his demeanor. Cassie swallowed a breath, “I should be going now.”

    Tim got up, “Aw, really? Well you know you’re welcome here anytime, alright?” He held her shoulder and there was some secret passed between them. A secret Damian didn’t know. A secret that was going to irk him till he figured it out for himself.

    Cassie softened, he knew what Tim meant but it was almost pointless to offer any sort of comfort. She merely hugged him, whispering “I know. Have fun with demon spawn, ” she joked quietly, pulling away.

    Tim didn’t dare glance at Damian, no doubt the boy was burning a hole through Tim’s head. Tim almost dreaded the moment Cassie walked out the door, expecting Damian to tie him up and question him. But no, the teen was nowhere to be found, having suddenly evaporated into nothing Tim felt even more uncomfortable in the silence. 


    People liked to talk. Damian figured this out from the start, and once he realized everyone had seen the video of him fighting Jonah, he was slightly paranoid. But what he heard was not quite what he expected. People had thought they were bickering because they liked each other. So he went to find Jonah, preparing to give some sort of apology. He found them in the library.

    “Redfield, ” Damian began, “I am going to make this very clear. I am not sorry. But I do regret having caused unrest. Shall we call it square?”

    Jonah raised his eyebrows, looking at Damian like he had grown another head. “You’re apologizing?”

    “No. Merely settling a stupid fault." 

    Her laugh was abrupt and pretentious, both teens stared at the girl who was trying to hide her amusement at their expense. "It seems like an apology to me, Wayne." 

    The name was there again. Damian could see his fault at making that move, but he easily countered it. "Maybe it is.”

    “Hm, alright, ” She returned to her studies, and Damian sat watching the two quietly. Maybe this would be the start of something new.

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  • And we just want to feel grounded

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  • I love reading books because im grounded and then ending up sobbing in my room at 9 in the evening because I’m mourning a fictional celebrity from a book that i got because i thought it would be cute and funny. Yes ive been crying for 2 hours. No I’m not ok.

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