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  • My Tuesday. Wouldn’t say it was exactly what I needed, but it was definitely nice to be one with natures voice. 🎶

    #kayaking #nature #outside #grounding #water #thinking #inmyhead #selfcare #needmoreselfcare #needmoreselflove

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  • ive noticed that trying to ground myself through physical touch, especially when im going through a bout of any form of dissociation, makes me nauseous and i almost immediately feel the need to stop. im not sure if that is a common occurrence and is something i can learn to work through, or if im just making something up in my head.

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  • So, I did an oops. For the first 3 days of protests where I’m from, I channeled energy to the protesters nonstop to keep them safe. Well, I had to drop the channel yesterday when I woke up feeling completely drained and physically hurting. I spent yesterday resting up, and I feel much better today. But I’m still not completely back to normal. I want to be 100% normal again by Friday, so I can channel as much energy into binding white supremacists as possible. But I also need to be able to channel energy to my protesters again. Last night, 105 people were arrested. It was the first night I was unable to channel, and the first night anyone was arrested.

    Long story short, does anyone have any tips on how to replenish energy? I’ve been resting and drinking water as much as possible, and I made sure to ground myself yesterday. If anyone has any other tips, feel free to let me know.

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  • Panic Attack Tea

    My brother makes this for me when I have a panic attack or a bad nightmare, and it really helps. It’s a pretty easy and simple spell, and it helps so much.

    He’s pagan too, he follows the Norse path, and he’s a blessing.

    So, what you need is:

    2 tablespoons of moon water,

    2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon (ground mixed spice or nutmeg works too),

    Sugar (I use 2/3 teaspoons, the sugar helps with energy levels),

    Dried hibiscus flowers, but you can use chai tea if you don’t have them.


    1. Put the hibiscus flowers/chai tea in your favourite mug.

    2. Add the spices and the sugar (hibiscus has a sour taste, cranberry-like, also another reason for the sugar).

    3. Boil the kettle, take this time to make a snack if you want. My brother usually gets me fruit because it’s easier to stomach.

    4. When the kettle finishes boiling, pour water into the mug, stir the contents 3 times counter clockwise, then 6 times clockwise. While you’re stirring, say the words you associate with the ingredients (my brother says “peace, nourishment, clarity”), they serve as indicators to what the spell will do for you.

    5. Add your 2 tablespoons of moon water at the end, stir another 3 times counterclockwise.

    6. Breathe, enjoy the tea, ground yourself. Eat your snack, notice your surroundings.

    Be safe, and I hope this helps!!

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  • Such a beautiful day to be out in my element ☀️🌿

    Have you ever had one of those irresistible moments where you just felt the elements calling for you to join them? I just had to be outside. I sat in the grass and soaked in the sun, let the wind whip through my hair, and felt the dewy grass and dirt beneath me. I even took a crystal out to be grounded in the soil, and it was just a beautiful, much needed experience ❤️

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  • image

    New listing! Rainbow Aura Titanium properties:

    ♡ grounding

    ♡ healing on all levels

    ♡ opens the third eye

    Etsy.* ♡

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  • Late night water bending..don’t mind me..thanks @nepal_tibet_handicrafts for this 🥣 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    Shot by me ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    #photography #tibetansingingbowl #nepaltibet #waterdance #dancingwater #soundtherapy #healing #chakra #singingbowl #vibes #healingvibrations #peace #grounding (at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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  • I spent 4 hours with my feet in the dirt and grass today, sitting in the shade of a tree, lovely late spring breeze blowing and the sun overhead. Recharging the battery that is my body.

    My immediate family was all together for the first time since February, keeping social distance but able to finally be a unit. It almost felt like a normal get-together.

    But, I’ll take what I can get. Enjoy the good with the sad and be thankful for the beautiful blessing that today was. Because with all of the anger, sadness, rage and hurt I’ve been feeling due to the state of the world, there are still rays of sunlight.

    Recharging my energy to the earth and spending time with the people closest to me was amazing. But I still long for the day when I can go back to what my life was like before March 16th.

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  • god this show makes you sing like a trumpet

    #marin mazzie#ragtime #and this context is... #grounding #the song for me for the first time
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  • Learn to Become Mentally and Emotionally Grounded 13 6 Powerful Actions you can Take NowIn our ever-changing society, it gets harder and harder to remain grounded. Keeping yourself emotionally grounded is vital because it reduces stress and improves your life quality. Anyone can learn to stay grounded with the right mindset and determination.
    Effective grounding techniques are also needed. Never forget that sincere abundance begins within ourselves before manifesting in the material world around us. Being grounded means remaining humble and living in harmony with the world around you.
    Having a willingness to take calculated risks indicates a strong character. Having the courage to own your mistakes indicates an even stronger character. We must never attempt to hide our mistakes.
    Instead, admit them right away and learn from the lessons they teach.

    #grounded #how to be more grounded #be more grounded #how to become more grounded #how to feel more grounded #how to be grounded #being grounded#grounding #become more grounded #how to feel grounded #having grounded energy #be more grounded and happier with energy healing; how to #how to be grounded with women #how to ground yourself #become grounded #how to be present #xbox grounded#becoming grounded
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  • Not related to anything recent.

    A lot of young people have no idea what it was like to be “grounded” a generation and a half ago. There’s social media, and cell phones, and it’s basically like house arrest lockdown, right?


    Nobody had cell phones, and there was probably no Internet at home. If there was, 1990 or so, it was for your parents reading work e-mails on very slow dial-up. You didn’t have access and there was no Facebook or Twitter or whatever anyway. If you weren’t allowed outside, couldn’t invite friends over, and weren’t allowed to call someone on the corded land line, you had no contact with anyone outside the family.

    Granted, we were used to not being connected 24/7, so it wasn’t like breakfast was any different, but it was still much more isolating than it sounds like. It was a lot more than missing a birthday party and being sad when you see someone post pictures of it. You didn’t even know there was a party until two weeks later unless your sister found out and told you, because you weren’t allowed to communicate with your friends at all.

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  • Burning lavender is a simple yet effective way to open your third eye and increase awareness within yourself and also to the energies around you ✨ it is very grounding and soothing to me.

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  • have any of you used Earthing/Grounding mats? tell me what your experience has been? please :) 

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  • Something came out how you didn’t expect it so now you have crippling anxiety VIBE cHeeeeeeCk:

    A segment on how to deal with it:

    Your day starts out pretty normal, things are going well, then BAM everything starts happening at once then all of a sudden you’re overwhelmed and canNOT calm DA fUq down. What. Do. You. Do?

    Disclaimer: I only went through behavioral therapy and looked at Pins on Pinterest to help me cope with my anxiety. I’m not a licensed professional nor a seasoned veteran of dealing with anxiety since I’ve only developed this mental illness three years ago and am only starting to find ways to cope with it now.

    Practice grounding techniques:

    • Find 1 thing you can taste, 2 things you can hear, 3 things you can smell, 4 things you can touch, 5 things you can see. Once you’ve gone through these steps you’ll be so distracted to complete this task you forget about your anxiety. It also helps you to bring yourself back into a state of getting yourself together to become present in the moment again.

    Figure out your triggers:

    • What were you thinking about that caused this to happen? Were you thinking of things you do or don’t have control over? List these thoughts down a piece of paper and identify things you can and cannot control. If you can control these things, what can you do to solve them? If you can’t, then repeatedly recite “I cannot always be in control, but it will all work itself out.” Or something that’s easy for you to remember.


    • Sometimes when you’re trying to get your ducks in a row by completing step 2 , you may feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety that’s imminent to crash. Stop what you’re doing, and BREATHE- inhale 5 seconds, hold for 3, exhale for 5. Once you get a grip of yourself keep listing everything down until you are done.

    Identify solutions:

    • Once you identify things within your control, set small goals to accomplish the thing you are feeling anxious about. Baby steps are key to accomplishing a goal- it makes it seem like that big task wasn’t so huge after all! A mountain can become a rock from a miner chipping it down to small pieces.
    • If you are anxious about something you can’t control (I.e. reactions of other people than yourself, decisions not up to you): LET THAT SHIT GOOOOO. Ask Elsa. She turned out just fine. You can’t make everyone happy, and everyone will have their own opinion so you might as well do whatever you want and live yo life, fam.
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  • Full here https://youtu.be/V5QYya9Jn9I
    This is just a fragment of “You are home” (Forest Incantation) that represents me going back to Nature after lockdown #grounding and #reconnecting. Song is 2 minutes (available on bandcamp, patreon and soundcloud) as part of the #outsidecompetition of music inspired by Nature 🐭 Find the rat in this fragment. All 3 #Fufunchis in the full youtube video that is the song + A Forest Sounds Meditation at 🌿Youtube.com/yidneth (Link in bio)
    Leave feedback there if you can, thanks ❤

    It belongs to my series “incantations” In which I usually wear my witchy hat by @costureroreal

    Song lasts only two minutes + forest sounds to breathe and meditate
    #newsingle #incantations #witchylife #relaxingmusic #meditationmusic #mantra #hedgewitch #natureisamazing #inthewoods #backtonature #greenfairy #motherearth #naturesounds #singersofinstagram #composersofinstagram #koshichimes

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  • Acid trip: a period of time where I am able to reflect upon and with myself openly and non-judgementally

    #acid#drugs #beautiful acid thoughts #lsd#personal growth #working on my inner peace #working on my mental health #self alignment #nonjudgemental self reflection #self reflection#psychedelic#psychedelics #acid trip taking me on a journey of myself #grounding #break the stigma #break the stereotypes
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