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  • robinfrinjs
    14.05.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Sandra van der Sloot & Charlie Martin, Drivers for Driverse Racing in ADAC GT4 Germany

    #sandra van der sloot #charlie martin #adac gt 4 #racing #women in motorsport
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  • shortmarcy
    14.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Imma just say this, I feel like part of me used to not want g/t to be mainstream in fear of being ostracized but now noticing the community has grown so much and a LOT of people be like low key liking g/t tropes (I see you fairycore) is like damn have half of us been thinking this as a cute concept but not saying anything till now?!

    I love the boost in people casually being like "yeah being tiny would be cool" because fuck yeah let's all get some giant cake together and share it! That's fun and cute as heck!

    #giant/tiny#gt/tiny#giant#tiny#wholesome g/t#giants#tinycore#food#fairycore #been in this community since i was 12 #so it feels wholesome a good chunk of us grew up and said yeah being tiny is ok and understandable #seeing casual mentions from celebs to friends say g/t stuff but positively is just so nice #thinking i would grow out of it #20 yr old me now laughing at the thought of completely dropping this #i do have phases where im not on here for months tho and not really coping with it #but ye i jump back into this rabbit hole and just get the seratonin from enjoying this again
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  • random-tinies
    14.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #random asks#random writings #tiny!karl #giant!sapnap #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#dsmp g/t#karlnap#g/t#g/t writing#g/t fanfiction #tooth rotting fluff #no editing #i'm too sleepy to edit uwu #have a good night all #hope you enjoyed anon! #i've never written karlnap before so i apologize if it's a little ooc #1k words#my posts
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  • driverland
    14.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    2021 McLaren GT

    with a carbon fibre chassis

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  • chasing-starlights
    14.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Libraries Aren’t Safe Places

    A/N: So this comes from an rp I did with @dreams-in-daylight and her oc Jol. This story follows Jol’s first encounter with my oc, Clemin. It was really fun to do so I thought turning it into a story would be fun! 

    It was sorta long, so I split it into two, this is part one! I might make this series, but no promises since I’m so...chaotic these days. :)

    Characters: Jol a self–taught sorcerer who relies on external sources of magic, originally a jack-o-lantern. Clemin a powerful mage whose wanted in her dimension by a corrupt government.


    “What the fuck?” Jol all but growled out the words, staring down at the tiny being he held in his hands. What the hell was he looking at? He wondered if he was hallucinating for a moment, fingers tightening on the small human in his grip. 

    She was rather peculiar looking–dressed in what seemed to be a uniform of sorts, satchel swung across her chest. She didn’t appear to be as shocked as the larger being was, pinning him with an unimpressed glare.

    “If you could please not squeeze me to death giant...orange man...? That would be stellar.” She struggled as she spoke, eyes full of frustration. The giant didn’t bother to process the request, however, bringing the tiny closer to his face.

    “What the fuck…?” The words were drawn out almost comically, the giant trying to examine exactly what he held in his hands. Jol had never seen such a creature, briefly wondering if she had fairy wings–a tad bit disappointed when she didn’t.

    “Okay, you’re not listening and I’m quite busy.” The tiny flicked her finger, small luminescent lights springing from her hand. They softly hovered around the giant’s hand, and Jol’s eyes widened in disbelief. Slowly his hand relaxed against his will, until the tiny was sitting comfortably in his hands, rubbing her sore limbs.

    “What are you, deaf? Certainly rude already…” At this Jol snapped out of his shock–though he almost dropped the tiny in the process. 

    “Rude? You're in my library, you little freak! The fuck are you doing here?” He harshly spoke the words, eyes full of fury. He had just been minding his business when she had practically burst through some sort of bright light–he had every right to be hostile! 

    “First of all meanie-head, name calling is rude! So yes, rude. Secondly...I’m sort of on the run. I walked through the first portal I saw–I’m not here on purpose.” Jol raised an eyebrow at the childish insult, becoming more attentive as she spoke. 

    “Portal?” The question made the tiny human paused, appearing as if...continuing was somewhat of a hassle. 

    “It’s...ugh, I don’t even know if this dimension uses magic… It’s like a door to other places. Only some people can access them–obviously me being one of them.” The tiny explained slowly, flicking some of her braids back behind her as she did, expression clearly smug.

    “So there’s not going to be an infestation of little freaks in my lab?” The boasting words did nothing to phase Jol, the human instead focusing on the upside of what she said–no more unexpected visitors. At the insult the little human glared again, tsking before answering. 

    “No, and I’m not a freak. My guy, you’re quite literally orange.” The tiny glanced away, voice low and she whispered the rest, “...hypocrite.”

    At this the soft orange tone of Jol’s cheeks flushed darker, becoming almost summerset. He scowled in unwanted embarrassment then, a slight growl escaping his lips. Slowly, however, his expression darkened, a wicked grin spreading across his face. The reaction made the tiny freeze, panic bubbling up in her at the villainous gaze.

    “Woah, hey–that’s not a nice look. Don’t tell me you can’t take criticism–!” The smaller being was cut off, gasping in pain as Jol tightened his grip on her body once again. She struggled fruitlessly, the twisted smile on Jol’s face only widening as she did.

    “Something like you should fetch a hefty price in the underground markets...hell maybe even a potent element for rituals…” At this the tiny’s eyes widened, staring up at Jol in disbelief.

    “Really? One single, miniscule insult and you lose your mind?” Jol ignored the little human’s squeak of protest, heading towards a nearby cabinet. He searched around a bit with his free hand, letting out a short laugh when he pulled out a glass jar.  At this the tiny’s wiggling increased, only momentarily pausing to pin Jol with a murderous glare.

    “Fuck. No.”

    “Hey, when an opportunity falls in your lap–ow, shit!”  The giant hissed as the little human proceeded to bite his arm. The little bastard was going for blood, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. Jol unceremoniously tossed the tiny into the jar, sealing the jar with a hissed out spell. Setting the jar down he stepped back, cradling his bitten hand to his chest.

    “Little pest.”

    “You..you ugly fucker!” The tiny sputtered out the insult, wiping blood off her face with the back of her hand. Gross, why the hell did his blood taste like pumpkin? 

    Wait–she had his blood...oh, this piece of shit is going down. She smirked, discreetly casting a spell while the larger being was distracted. All she needed was a little blood to at least form a (terribly weak) blood pact, she’d figure out the rest later.

    Meanwhile, Jol had been examining the little bite–wary of the tiny carrying some sort of disease–when the spell hit. The giant began to feel lightheaded, placing a hand on the counter in order to steady himself. What was going on? It was as if his strength was leaving him, eyes struggling to stay open. 

    “Hn, what the–?”

    “You might be horribly rude, but you’re mine now. Hurt me, and you hurt yourself as well.” Jol snapped his eyes to look at the tiny in the jar, a smug expression on her face. What was she going on about...was she the cause of this? The giant faltered, legs wobbling as he struggled to stay upright. Jol tried to resist the force overtaking him, glaring at the smaller being in anger.

    “You fucking little–!”

    “Aw, is orange boy feeling light headed? Sorry, side effects of the spell...it’ll wear off. Do try not to hurt yourself, we’re bound together now–if I die, you die as well. So...good luck trying to sell me, jackass.”  The tiny openly teased the giant from the confines of her jar, a crooked grin on her face.

    “Oh? Then maybe I’ll just have to keep you for myself!” Jol snarled the words, still struggling against the force. He breathed heavily, and with a burst of frustration angrily knocked the jar over. 

    It rolled a bit aways from the giant, and the little human cursed as she unwillingly jostled about. At the tiny’s sounds of protest Jol let out a breathless chuckle, flicking the jar once again and watching it roll. It made him feel a tad superior, watching the tiny spin against her will.

    “Fucking hell–if this breaks and I get hurt, you’re getting hurt too you know!” At that Jol raised an eyebrow, head tilted before responding.

    “Is that so? Does that work both ways?” The tiny pinned him with a deadpan glare, only receiving an impish grin in return. She let out a huff of frustration, grumbling the answer. 

    “Haha...sort of. I would feel it on a much smaller degree–size difference  you know? Don’t tell me you’re going to...hurt yourself? This a twisted cry for help?” At her words Jol only laughed, the sound eerie and hollow.

    “I’ve never needed anybody's help.” The words were said with a dangerous tone, making the tiny stiffen. Jol picked up the jar, carrying it to a study desk littered with thick, worn leather books.

    “Um...w-what now?” The tiny’s voice was slightly wavering, uncertain of Jol’s next intentions.

    “Now, which was it again?” Jol ignored the little human’s words, rummaging through the piles of literature before him.

    “I don’t know what you’re planning...but it won’t work. Why don’t you just take the L on this one, yea?” 

    “Not sure yet...so many possibilities.” Jol continued to ignore her words, tapping on the jar hard enough to knock the smaller person down. The little human gasped in shock then, tumbling before she looked up with a toxic glare.

    “Rude! All this because of one comment...” At that Jol finally looked at her, chuckling softly.

    “You think this is about what you said? I could care less.” He leaned closer to the glass jar, noting how the tiny shrank back, though her eyes never wavered–taking his devastatingly sinister expression head on.

    “I’m just having fun, pipsqueak.” The tiny bristled, eyes hardening with wariness.

    “Your idea of fun is...quite odd isn’t it.” The little human chuckled nervously, thinking that this man was tragically insane, deciding she needed a spell to escape as soon as possible.

    “That seems to be the consensus.” Jol responded to the statement lightly, as though it was more of a fact rather than opinion. He flipped through one book after another, pausing to consider possible courses of action.

    “Great...jumping from one group of people who want to torture me to another. Splendid Clemin, really…” Jol reverted back to ignoring the tiny, silence falling between them for a moment. Finally Jol perked up, finding a part of a book that seemed promising.

    “Oh! I wonder how transfiguration would affect this bond of ours...that sounds fun. You ever wanted to be a turtle?” Jol jeered, expecting the tiny to look at him in horror. So it was a surprise when he received nothing but an unimpressed stare instead.

    “Been one before, not that cool, next.” This gave Jol pause, blinking down at the small person.

    “What, really? A turtle?” Clemin rolled her eyes, as if irritated by the mere repetition of her words, sighing as she spoke. 

    “Yes, magician remember? I can do quite a bit of things.” Jol raised an eyebrow at that, unable to ignore the irony of her words...as she stood trapped in a jar. 

    “Sure...bummer. I figured you would kick around for a little longer then.” At that Clemin groaned, swiping a hand through her braids.

    “I literally just escaped the entirety of an evil government that was trying to skin me alive. You think I can’t get out of this jar? I’m tired, not incompetent.” The words made Jol stiffen, she had managed to control his hand for a moment, it was best not to take any chances with her.

    “Then I guess I’ll have to act fast...oh, this sounds very promising.” Jol grinned, an ominous smile that irked the little being. She frowned then, having already devised a plan if the giant went too far–deciding that she’d rather not wait at all.

    “Alright, no. I don’t like that look.” Clemin flicked her hand once again, this time pointing her fingers as if they were a gun. Across from her, the area of the jar in front of the finger began to melt, quickly burning until there was a hole large enough for her to pass through. She pointed the same finger at Jol once she was out, expression dark and stony.

    “Unlike you, I can stand the pain you experience. So I can and I will harm you if I must.” The giant didn’t listen, however, gasping in shock before reaching for the tiny once more.

    “You little–!” He ground out the words, cursing as Clemin dodged out of the way. She pointed at the massive orange hand near her, muttering a few words under her breath with a wicked smile.

    “Let’s see, slight burning sensations should begin in three...two...one!” 

    “Gah!” On cue, Jol hissed, hot burning pain blossoming in his hand. It was excruciating, causing the giant to rapidly shake his hand in an attempt to fade away the feeling.  

    “Oh, stop complaining. It’s not that bad–ah! Okay, it is, it most certainly is.” Clemin gasped, doubling over as she felt the pain as well. She couldn’t help but grin however, aware that she was so strong...she couldn’t gauge how much magic was too much.  Jol, on the other hand, wasn’t feeling such perverse pride. He slammed his other free hand down on the table, a fisted bang hard enough to make the tiny tumble and fall, yelping in surprise.

    “That’s it, wear yourself out some more. I’ve only just started!” Jol practically yelled the words, rumbling voice causing Clemin to flinch instinctively.

    “Shit–give me a warning next time, will you? I’m only doing this because you’re the one trying to torture me!” At this Jol seethed, giving Clemin a droll stare.

    “Can you blame me? A little magical fool blunders into my private library...I can’t pass up such an opportunity. Spirits are so finicky–a hassle to control–but you, my little pet...” Jol smiled then, a dark coyness that made Clemin swallow nervously, “Your power will be mine.”

    He grabbed the tiny then, eyes sparkling as she pointlessly struggled against his hand. Clemin gasped–his grip was much stronger than before–pressing into her skin and making it a struggle for the tiny to breath. Regardless of the stinging pain, she smirked, giving Jol an incredulous look.

    “You think you’re the first to want my power? Try me, pumpkin.” Clemin let the energy of her magic flow through her, calling upon the blood pact she’d formed only moments prior. It was fairly weak, but enough to make Jol waver, eyes fresh with anger.

    “Blood pacts are rather devastatingly useful you know? If I don’t want you to do something...let’s just say you don’t really have a say. So...who’s really the pet here?” She was bluffing, their bond not at all strong enough for mind control, at least not yet. She hoped Jol would take the bait–though honestly, she should have known him better by now. 

    “I’d like to see you try pipsqueak.” Clemin chuckled at that, hiding how her nerves increased at the words. Would it even come close? Clemin needed more blood...perhaps a display of power would deter the giant from prying further.

    “Aha, I’m sure you will, eventually. For now...put me down.” She used her magic, allowing her eyes to glow with power. She hoped it was enough to scare the giant, dismayed when he only scoffed in response. His grip only increased, causing Cleming to cry out in pain, tears welling up at the corners of her eyes.

    “Oh, glowy, scary eyes! How intimidating.” He spoke in a teasing tone, a lopsided smile as he went back to gazing at the book before him, “such a feisty little lucky charm…” 

    “Usually this works–too bad you’re already unhinged. Oh well, I suppose I’ll just go with plan B...blood time!” Clemin bite down on Jol’s hand once again, making sure she drew more blood this time. Quickly she let go once she was certain–casting a stronger bond–a smirk on her bloody face.

    Jol struggled against the familiar force, but it was now much stronger than before. It was suffocating and overwhelming to the giant, with the magic seeming to seep into every cell of his entire being. It left him only able to snarl at the tiny in his hand, mind blind with rage. Clemin could feel the connection become reinforced by her magic, smiling hesitantly as her plan succeeded.

    “Okay...now let me go. I command you.” She added the extra sentence just in case, she’d never cast a blood pact on another person before, confused on whether the same rules applied. She flinched when the hard grip on her body immediately loosened, shifting until Jol’s hands were carefully cradling the tiny. 

    Holy shit...it worked.

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  • rose7420
    14.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Cabins and Curiosity Part 2

    Y/n is scared of storms, who else better to help her than Loki?

    Requested by @laurenandloki

    Thanks for the request!

    The night sky swallowed the little light the world had to give. Clouds blocked the moon from sight promising a loud and thunderous night. Y/n was amazed by the similarity of Asgard’s dark sky as it looked just like what Earth, the place she called home, gave to its settlers. She laid in a bed provided by Loki that sat on his nightstand alongside Peter’s. The covers were warm and thick, pulled up to her chin to make her feel less vulnerable. Peter was sound asleep, he had the ability to fall asleep anywhere unlike her. Perhaps Peter was not plagued by the same anxiety she dealt with on a daily. Their new friend, Loki, Thor’s mischievous brother lay asleep in his own massive bed. The entirety of it was bigger than Stark tower, and to think of it Y/n believed Loki was bigger than Stark tower as well. She shivered at the thought.

    Thunder rumbled from the sky. She huddled deeper under her bedsheets, peeking an eye out waiting for the flash of lightning she dreaded to follow. She didn’t know which of the two scared her more. Looking over at Peter and Loki she saw they were unmoving except for the rhythm of their breathing.

    How could they be so peaceful?

    Y/n climbed out of bed and went to Peter’s side shaking him, “Peter!”, she whispered. He grumbled and turned away from her. She shook him again but he batted her away, nearly swiping her cheek. She backed away and looked over towards Loki. She was apprehensive to wake him or to simply be in his presence as he was quite intimidating. Sure he’d let her sleep on his chest that one time but that was when he had truly hurt her, almost killed her. This irrational fear was childish. A storm couldn’t really hurt her, she needed to woman up and go to sleep like a big girl. Padding her way quietly to her bed thunder sounded again, almost rattling her bones. She whimpered, abandoning all plans of sleeping in her own bed, and ran to the very edge of the nightstand looking down at the deadly drop below. She gulped in fear but steadied herself jumping to the mattress. Landing with an oomph, she composes herself and tries to walk on the unsteady, plushy surface of the bed.

    Loki sleeps on his back his hands resting upon his chest. She nears his form staring up at the cliff of his chest. Grabbing a handful of his soft sleepwear, she pulls herself up and digs her foot into a fold of the fabric. Loki shifts in his sleep, turning on his side and she clings to him. The movements he makes are mountainous, her heart beats fiercely.

    Loki wakes from his deep slumber to a ticklish feeling upon his side. Truly he is not in the mood for comforting anyone, so he rolls over ignoring them. The little teen still holds to him dangling off the side of his shirt, and then he hears a squeak of discomfort no longer feeling them anymore. A whimper sounds through the quiet, accompanied by hushed sobs and sniffling. He turns carefully as to not crush the little one under him and sees a tiny humanoid form curled into a ball, their head tucked between her knees. He slowly reaches to pick them up and the form is small when he makes contact with them, a delicate waist held gently between his fingertips, he knows it is Y/n. He sits up and shifts her to sit in an open palm, trying to calm her down.

    Her face, when brought into a better view is pale and dark circles mark her eyes. She clings to his middle finger which surpasses half her height looking rather pathetic but adorable.

    “What is the matter child?” Loki asks.

    Y/n opens her mouth to speak but the thunder interrupts her, sending her into a crouched position still holding tightly to his finger.

    “The thunder I presume? It’s alright child I have you. I’m right here” He presses them against his cheek tenderly, reminding her that it’s okay to be afraid. He feels her rub her cheek against his own, burying herself deeper in to his comfort.

    “Do you want to sleep with me for the rest of tonight?” He asks her softly.

    “I don’t think I can go to sleep right now Loki, I-I’m too scared.” She admits, looking down ashamed of her fear. Loki sees this and lifts her chin with the tip of his finger and reassures her that the fear is not stupid.

    “I believe I know something that will help.” Loki climbs out of his own bed holding Y/n in a cupped palm, close to his chest and walks silently to the kitchen making sure to not wake Peter. He chooses a tiny cup and fills it with milk, using his magic to warm it. Taking the cup between his fingers he hands it to Y/n who sits on his shoulder. She thanks him quietly and drinks the warm liquid relishing how relaxed it makes her feel. Loki sits in his recliner, a lamp dimly lighting the room waiting for Y/n to fall asleep. She hands the cup back to him which he sets on the table and feels her snuggle into his neck. Her movements become still as she lets sleep take her, and Loki starts to become sleepy himself as his eyelids droop. He had planned on going back to his bed but now the recliner sounds more desirable, as he is already there. His head lolls back and snores escape his lips. Thunder sounds in the distance but neither Asgardian nor mortal pay it any attention.

    The cabin is peaceful, and so are they.

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    14.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I guess I can post this here??? I drew my boys again,,,,

    #dubbyart#ssj4#dragon ball #(?) #dragon ball GT #I guess#my ocs#original characters #dragon ball ocs #this should do it I think- #LMAO I haven’t posted because idk what to post my b
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    14.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    me @ myself: can you not think about hector for 5 minutes

    #tangled the series #hector tangled#doodles #ty birb u inspired me to draw him w short hair #did i make him too pretty lmao #hc he has nightmares abt zt n the gt for months
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    14.05.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • mygaycarboys
    14.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Electric Battista Hyper GT Named "Electric Dream"

    Electric Battista Hyper GT Named “Electric Dream”

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    #battista electric hyper car #Battista hyper GT #Electrifying.com #gay battista#gay boys#gay car #gay Car News #gay car reviews #gay cars#gay life#gay lifestyle#gay men#gaycarboys#lgbti cars #what cars do gays drive
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    14.05.2021 - 9 hours ago


    The small girl is named Rose Fox. 

    Here is a post that goes more in depth about her - https://www.deviantart.com/batterysavermode/art/Rose-Fox-876831440 

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    14.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    These are The Draft Pages for Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 72.

    #dragon ball #dragon ball super #dragon ball z #anime#manga#goku#vegeta #dragon ball fighterz #granolah #dragon ball gt #dragon ball super manga
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    14.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    So, the next installment of the crossover no one asked for

    Honestly not even I know.

    Brain: Draw Aichi as a super saiyan 4.

    Me: Why?

    Brain: Because.

    Me: Understandable.

    Maybe it’s because the Link Joker arc makes me think of the Baby arc in GT? I dunno. I do tend to think of Goku’s inner monologue before he becomes a great ape and that it goes well with that arc. So, just yet another example of my brain being weird and random. This took me like 3 hours oof😂. Why did I do this? First Aichi Black now this😂. Based on his Link Joker attire. He doesn’t have a belt because I can’t see it anywhere. It’s probably fine. SSJ4 gives you magic pants anyway. Just ask GT Goku.

    #cardfight vanguard #dragon ball gt #super saiyan 4 #aichi sendou#random#why brain #dragon ball super #goku black#link joker #my crappy doodle #shitpost
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    14.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Peach...may have made a mistake deciding to nap on a sleeping Vincent. Doesn't look like she's going anywhere any time soon...

    Still getting used to my laptop's touch screen feature, but prettied up a doodle I did of Peach and naga!Vince a little bit ago bc it's been a minute and I really wanted to!!

    Peach and Vince are both mine~

    If you like this art and want to support me, feel free to ask for a commission!! https://tinascommissions.carrd.co/

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    Callum ilott British village au

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  • supersaiyantist
    13.05.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #ssj4#gogeta #dragon ball gt #dbgt#anime#my gifs #super saiyan queue
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    #anon#bitty reply #tiny!skeppy #giant!bad #mcyt gt#minicraft
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