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  • fngameoficial
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • vampire-on-main
    28.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #agent 14 #agent 14 gtav #gtav #grand theft auto #grand theft auto v #online protagonist#gta online #im doodling here
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  • photog-crafty
    27.09.2021 - 12 hours ago
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  • msknight10
    27.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Just comparrison between Nicole and Ozzy. Think about this too, Nicky in my HC is 1.90 meters tall and Ozzy is 1.85 meters tall. Juan is at around 1.78 meters. Those two A-holes i call my precious boy and Crime Queen is two tall criminals compared to Juan.

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  • msknight10
    27.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Meet Oswald Hunter, yes he took his wife's lastname, during his Cayo Perico adventure.

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  • death-in-tight-pants
    27.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Franklin Clinton my beloved 💚

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  • msknight10
    27.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Some pics i took with my phone as i did Cayo Perico with Nicole.

    #gtav#gtao#cayo perico#gta online#el rubio#english dave#gta v #el rubio gta #grand theft auto online #grand theft auto 5 #gta#oc#online
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  • kcgamer3991
    27.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    This photo speaks volumes Rockstars needs to give what the people want. We shouldn't have to wait this long for a new GTA.

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  • trevorphilipsapologist
    27.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    trevor philips fancam? trevor philips fancam.

    #spent 5 hours on a fancam of my favourite fictional psychopath i can't believe this #gta v trevor #trevor philips#gta 5#gta v#my edits#gta online
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  • minalqalb2019
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    GTA Vice City تحميل لعبة

    #gta vice city #grand theft auto #gta san andreas #grand theft auto online #جراند ثفت أوتو: فايس سيتي #تحميل لعبة GTA Vice City النسخة الاصلية #تحميل لعبة GTA Vice City على هواتف الاندرويد
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  • sailor-gin
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    He's just so handsome 😍🥰❤❤

    My gifs.

    #pavel#gta pavel#daddy pavel#gta 5#gta v#gta online #grand theft auto 5 #grand theft auto v #rockstar
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  • gta52take1
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    GTA5外挂, QQ122865952

    #gta 5 mods #gta 5 pc #gta online#gta v#gta5 #gta 5 update #gta 5 gratis #gta 5 telecharger #游戏#Youtube
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  • photog-crafty
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #grand theft auto #grand theft auto online #gta#gta online
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  • anxiegetic
    26.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    okay... TIME TO DOUBLE UP


    NSFW El Rubio headcanons pt. 2

    Calls you "papi/mami".

    Likes it when you call him papi.

    Can deepthroat, but not for long.

    "Ay, dios mio..."

    He's a little bit of a sado/masochist.

    Likes to fuck your throat when you're sucking.

    He wants to see your face covered in come afterwards.

    Unless he wants you to swallow, which is rare.

    Makes a lot of noises, like grunting, growling, etc.

    Likes to get straight to the fucking.

    Will bend you over.

    Likes to bite the shell of your ear while he fucks you.

    He'll start off with slow movements, but gradually increase the speed and intensity.

    Starts panting like a dog when he goes faster.

    Can, and will, push your limits.

    "You like that, don't you?" And don't try to lie to him. He knows.

    Likes to squeeze/slap your ass.

    Also likes to squeeze your thighs/tits/etc.


    "Good boy/good girl..."

    Likes it when you're rough with him.

    Choke him, but not super hard. It scares him.

    Touch all over his chest and shoulders, it drives him insane.

    Never tried pegging, but is willing to give it a shot - though he is a little nervous about it.

    After finishing, he'll cuddle the hell out of you.

    Turns into the biggest softie ever.

    NSFW Pavel headcanons pt. 1


    Calls you "baby/darling/my love"

    Likes to be very affectionate.

    Wants to be as close to you as possible.

    Not very kinky, but is willing to try new things.

    Likes a little bit of roleplaying.

    Not super interested in toys.

    Will not hurt you, even if you ask him to.

    This also includes degrading, he will not say anything that is hurtful to you.

    Likes it when you dress up sexy for him.

    Also likes when you put on little shows, like dancing/stripteasing.

    Likes feeling around your body.

    To warm you up, he'll go down on you.

    He'll either use his fingers or mouth, or both, whatever gets you going.

    If you're ready, he'll move on to the fucking.

    Will be gentle at first.

    But he can get rough, only if you want him to.

    Likes to leave a lot of love bites, if you don't mind.

    He'll leave some marks on your neck, shoulder, chest, etc.

    One hell of a praiser.

    Has sensitive nipples.

    He doesn't mind of you're rough with him.

    Likes to run his fingers through your hair when you suck him off.

    Likes a little bit of overstimulation.

    He can be very vocal.

    His accent thickens when he's close to finishing.

    Strong aftercare.

    Will shower you with kisses, cuddles, and everything wonderful.

    I, uh, may have spent a little too much time on this lmao

    Enjoy, you heathens >:))

    #grand theft auto #grand theft auto online #gta#gta online#gtav #grand theft auto 5 #el rubio #el rubio gta #juan strickler#daddy pavel#pavel#gta pavel#headcanons
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    09.11.2017 - 3 years ago



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  • waelstyleshop
    26.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Did you remember varios Los Aztecas Gang from gta San Andreas?! ✨🔥👕

    #gta san andreas #tshirt#shopping online
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  • death-in-tight-pants
    26.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    this aint no mothafuckin PG shit- this shit rated PORN

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