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  • Signs from heaven and an affirmation


    For the rest of the week I would like to share something especially pleasant.

    More than anything, with the combination of 2 cards here, I see a happy heads-up from spirit in your direction. Not only do the angels/your god/deity/guide know you are a kind being who can spread joy, but that you are worthy the same kind generosity and encouragement.

    Look out for signs - this could be in ways such as these:

    + Receiving kindness from strangers, or having people plain be friendly/polite when you least expect (eg. a local greeting you)

    + Hearing people express joy, laughter

    + Seeing feathers, coins

    + Seeing butterflies

    + Animals being around you more, or behaving in a noticeable way

    + Getting chills, or seeing flickers of light in the corner of your eye

    + If relaxed, you might even feel like you’re receiving a big hug! (something really insisted on saying that)

    I’m hearing also about something you have been praying for, or wishing for. Definite confirmation for that. Rest, knowing you are being looked out for, and what you want/need is coming to you. Most of all, enjoy yourself today, and rest that weary head. Something is coming to cheer you up, which is beautiful because I feel someone here may have been having a difficult bout of anxiety, or feeling down.

    Times aren’t always easy, and it’s hard to stay perky and cheerful, of course. However, I have care towards you, and the desire that you experience some sort of friendship, bond or some kind of comfort. Really, a comfort such as when you lie down, ready to sleep - knowing you are looked after, tucked in and so very safe.

    Until next week, for these cards.

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  • So after talking to @agniavateira​ last night, I ended up writing a follow up to I Would Die For You with the idea of August’s love being his guardian angel and trying to get him to stop in his pursuit of destruction - @fuckoffbard​ thank you for the original request!

    Let me know what you guys think!!

    Word Count: 416

    Warnings: Mentions of death, violence, world ending consequences

    If you like this check out my masterlists – General Masterlist // Male Reader and feel free to send me prompts/requests


    Originally posted by henry-cavlll

    “August, don’t do this”

    Her pleading voice rang out in his head but he tried to ignore it. Avenging his love - burning everything to the ground - was the only thing he could think of that would give him peace. 

    That would stop the ache gnawing at him in his soul.

    But he couldn’t help but wonder if he was doing the right thing. 

    He had no clue that his angel watched on - calling out to him in her own way, trying to change his mind. Reaching out to him, only to fall short.

    Would she want this, he wondered to himself, as he wrestled Ethan Hunt to the ground. 

    “August, don’t do this”

    Her voice, clear as day, filled his mind. He assumed it was the last dregs of whatever conscience he’d once had. 

    Ethan only made things worse for himself, calling out to August, “You don’t have to do this! Is this really what she died for? So you could follow through with some anarchist manifest, August? Did you really let her die for this?”

    Those last words made him snap.

    “Let her die?” August spat the words toward Hunt, kicking him in the ribs and closer to the edge of the cliff. 

    “You. Think. I. Let. Her. Die?” August asked, every word punctuated by another kick in Hunt’s ribs.

    Hunt rolled closer to the edge, slipping over. August watched on in frustration as Hunt held on to the edge, not letting go.

    Like a fucking cockroach, he thought, I can’t rid myself of him.

    August moved closer to Hunt, watching him struggle at the edge as he picked up the detonator and held it tenderly.

    Hunt called out to him again, “August - please - you know this isn’t what she wanted. She wanted more for you!”

    August stared down at Hunt, the rage that filled him about to boil over, “Well, it’s too bad that she isn’t here to tell me that herself” he said through gritted teeth.

    With those words, he pressed his steel-toed boot down onto Hunt’s fingers until he had no choice but to let go. 

    August watched with a sick smile on his face as Hunt fell from the cliff, plummeting certainly to his death. 

    He stared down at the detonator in his hand, watching the time tick down. 

    His angel moved closer to him, whispering:

    “August, please”

    But hearing her voice, he misunderstood. 

    Feeling her presence, he was confused.

    “Anything for you” he whispered, he thought only to himself, as he watched time run out.

    Finally - as the timer ticked down to zero - August felt his angel envelop him and finally he had the peace he was searching for.


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    A rosary with a Guardian Angel one side and the Archangel ST. Michael on the other! I bought this last year when I visited Rome and the Vatican.

    ©️ christoffersphotos

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    An encouragement message

    The Angels today would like to let you know, that even if things might be complicated or tied up, there is still enjoyment available for you.

    Take whatever chance you can to take a nature walk - maybe even feeling the ground beneath your feet, or have 5 minutes of peace on your own, or to even have a luxurious drink. Doing this will also enable you to better notice or listen to signs of guidance, or your intuition.

    This is showing how far you’ve come, and maybe even how long you have had to strongly endure something. Even if you may not feel quite out of the woods, or free of something, this is showing there is a sense of freedom and enjoyment available in your mind. Enjoy yourself, and the small things today.

    This is reassurance for you also that what you need, will be coming in to you. There could be worries about money especially, but the angels want to remind you here that abundance is available in so many ways for us.

    When we think of money coming in, we imagine a wage, or winning the lottery. But there are a multitude of ways money can make it’s way into our lives. Ask for their help today, to meet your needs and you may be surprised!

    No matter what, the 9 of pentacles is here to say: you have done a lot of work on yourself as a person, and in your life. You have come a long way and there is much to be proud of! You grow stronger every day.

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    There is a place where the guardian angels that failed to protect their humans go.

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  • And here we have a SUPER cheesy line that I just couldn’t resist putting together, no matter how dorky and Ow the Edge it looks. This is something I mentioned in my post two days ago when I talked about my Borderlands OC. Originally, I was going to have Troy and my OC shunted back in time by the Traveler’s powers from Tales reaching out through time. This was because, originally, Troy wasn’t in the story, and it was going to be a reform story for AI Jack. Then 3 came out, with Troy and the Handsome Jackhammer gun, and my priorities on the story shifted.

    So, I’m toying with the idea of an alternate Angel who turned evil. In her story, she absorbed the Destroyer successfully, unlike when Tyreen tried, and became the Devourer of Worlds. She went mad with power, and with the hunger for more power, and started reaching out to other universes. The best way she figured to make another Devourer to play with was to make another Angel escape from Jack. The fastest timeline to do that with was one where Troy was sent back in time. She didn’t count on my Zoe getting snagged in the time rift as collateral, and this led to our Angel getting rescued, her powers taken away by Troy, and living a happy life. The Angel on the left above is the happy one, the Angel on the right is the Devourer. The Devourer is wearing her Siren Color–white–with her tattoo colors–blue–as tribute to herself.

    In this case, after Troy and Zoe live through 2, they use the new timeline of 3 to find Tyreen and have Troy absorb her powers, making her a normal person. That’s Troy’s big goal, is to save Tyreen from herself. Angel, meanwhile, has been adopted by Brick and Mordecai as Tina’s sister, and the Devourer is not happy. The Devourer is bored and hungry, and if our Angel won’t join her, she’ll just eat everything instead. So, the final boss, instead of Tyreen, is the Devourer. Our Angel ends up having to use the Handsome Jackhammer to fight because McGuffin, which means she gets Big Closure because the Devourer has become worse than her dad, and AI Jack is trapped in the gun and forced to realize how absolutely crappy he is. I wanted a big circle of healing for our Angel, and I guess now that means she has to destroy her alternate self, so that’s happening now.

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  • A Whisper

    He spoke to me once
     a whisper
    faint from nowhere
     Nirvana, he said

    © Wolfstuff

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  • Imagine instead of a normal guardian angel you have a giant angel.

    And whenever you’re in danger, like when you want to cross a busy street and almost get hit by a car - a giant hand shots down out of nowhere, holds you by the back of your shirt and pulls you back. And the only thing you hear is a gentle “Be more careful next time!..~”.

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  • Music can be healing for the soul.


    Your heart may have felt empty lately, or perhaps you are struggling with self love and esteem. Personally, it saddens me to see the cruel words that we utter to ourselves in our minds, away from sight.

    We would not wish it on our friends, so why ourselves?

    It is time to fine tune your heart, and energy.

    It is more difficult to connect with angels, and reunite with joy when your energy or mind is thick with negativity. This can happen subconsciously, as a pattern, or it can be holding on to past hurts. Even by being sceptical of the good in the world.

    The angels are always here, wanting to connect with you lovingly. In general, and today specifically, they ask that you get as cosy as possible and let yourself relax with music, or by making music. They will help you find or create music that speaks for, and to your soul. The more you let it out, the more you recognise the way you have been feeling, the clearer your heart can become, and the more you can feel the love of the universe as it is.

    To feel understood is divine, and I honestly believe finding the right song, or musician can help achieve this. If you come across a song that you heavily relate to, know that the angels/your guide/deity have brought you to it.

    Speaking/singing/listening to positive media is of utmost importance - it can lighten our mood and yes, inspire. Sadly while some music, or creations can be beautiful, they also influence us emotionally, and energetically in a way that can bring us down. This is a call to take in things that make you feel more positive, excited or at peace. Suggestions could be songs with hopeful lyrics, peaceful beach sounds, comedy that doesn’t offend, affirmations for background sounds, music with an energetic vibe.

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  • It seems so easy to delay or postpone doing what is important today. Excuses as to why not flow easily and effortlessly and in a strange way you notice an absence of tension and worry in why you left theses chores undone. That is until the Angel of Wisdom comes with a gift that awakens and reclaims our inner spirit of resilience that these chores can and will get done today.

    #Guardian Angel Reading Cards #Debbie Malone#guardian angel #guardian angel reading #guardian angel reader #divination#fortune telling#fortune teller
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  • Self care moment:

    Tune in. Take a deep breath. How do you feel?

    Sometimes it’s important just to acknowledge.

    Allow it.

    Breathe in deeply healing, loving energy.

    Breathe out. You’re healing.

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  • This message is appropriate for whenever you have found this.


    Archangel Michael is here with a strong message, I feel.

    Fulfilling your purpose starts with fulfilling your needs. What healthy food, action, behaviour or attitude are you denying yourself at this time?

    We all have an important and divine life mission, that we ourselves as souls are excited to take part in. We arrive, full of verve and passion. The cloak of our heavy bodies can cloud our clarity, making it harder to see what the appropriate actions for our true health (in all ways) are.

    We are best suited to be a positive influence on the world when we start with ourselves. The angels are here always, to help us clear our bodies of toxins, heal our emotional wounds and receive clarity to make us feel lighter and more able to connect with our truth, and our source energy.

    If you feel you have fallen into a negative state or pattern, archangel Michael wants you to remember (because in truth you always knew) that divine energy is always available to you. I got the word “surrendering” - take that as you will. My impression of that is the idea of surrendering ego thoughts, self protective thoughts or fears to God/source/your deity.

    If you have been feeling afraid, anxious, or having issues that stem from needing to feel in control, it is the most important now, to allow yourself the faith and surrender and let go these thoughts. Reconnect with your faith and trust the universe is working for your well being.

    Despite possibly being in a negative surrounding, the angels want you to know that they are here, helping you make the best decisions for your health and well being. However quirky it might look, it is for your highest good and needs no judgement. Please remember to ask and invite your angels in to help you, with whatever may be troubling you.

    If you have been taking up yoga, meditation, or trying to think more positively, well done! You are being encouraged to continue. If you have had the idea to improve your life or well being in some way, and it keeps popping up, take this as confirmation it would truly be of benefit to you.

    Side note: Archangel Michael works with those who need to “cut cords”. Past relationships of all kinds can create energetic connections that drain us of our energy and vitality in the now. The reason often being, the connection was emotionally negative quite often in this case. Working with archangel Michael to remove these would be a wonderful way to clean up your energetic field, help your energy stay with you, and disallow anyone to connect like that again. There are guided youtube meditations that work with this archangel to remove, heal and shield you from any others.

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    ❤️ I miss you everyday but I’m lucky to call you my guardian angel!

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  • Pause for a moment.

    How do you feel?

    Take 3 deep breaths, however long you can.

    Know that your angel/guide/deity is with you.

    Welcome the peace.

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    The angels are suggesting now is a wonderful time to look back on how things have been going, and change our plan if it hasnt been to our liking. (How very mercury retrograde indeed).

    Now is the time to make happy changes. Our higher selves and inner wisdom have much to share at this moment.

    For a strange reason I’m getting ’beauty and the beast’ - one thing that stands out to me about that story is how beauty let’s down her judgement and allows herself to see the beast in a new, kinder light. Perhaps it means letting the past rest in the past about another, or choosing to see yourself in a new light. Regardless, whatever comes to mind for you will likely hold meaning.

    There might be a lot going on mentally but it is a wonderful chance to remove old thoughts, ways, habits etc. That are not bringing you towards what you really want. This could also mean healing and releasing old emotions that no longer serve you.

    Not only that, this is a classic decision making card. After all that you have been through and experienced, what do you now want?

    In the guidebook, archangel Jeremiel asks you to sit down with a pad and a pen and call on them to help you write what might need to be healed, released or transformed. Let it all out, without thinking too much on it.

    This card can also hold extra assurance and confidence to those hoping to finish a project, qualification or to pass an exam.

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  • La Muerte del Justo, Emiliano Villa, 1893.

    [T]he prayers for the dead invoke the assistance of the angels. These prayers present a twofold aspect. On the one hand, the guardian angel of the soul is asked to accompany it during its voyage to heaven [… a]nd during its voyage toward heaven, the angels scatter demons who try to bar the soul’s advance.

    Secondly, the angels of heaven, the guardians of Paradise, are asked to permit the soul to enter there. Here again we find that there are two groups, the angels of the earth and the angels of heaven. […] This twofold aspect of the relation between death and the angels is expressed in the prayer which an early apocryphal writer puts into the mouth of Saint Joseph at his death [in The History of Joseph the Carpenter, fifth century]:

    “But now, O My Lord, let Your holy angel keep close to my soul and my body until they separate from each other without pain. Do not permit that angel who was attached to me since the day You formed me up to now should turn toward me, his countenance smouldering with anger, when we are on our way along the road that leads to You. Do not allow my soul to be stopped by the keepers of the gate and do not put me to shame before Your fearful tribunal. Do not loose against me the floods of the river of fire in which all souls are purified before they see the glory of Your divinity, O God, You who judge each one in truth and justice.”

    - Father Jean Daniélou (The Angels and their Mission According to the Fathers of the Church, pages 96-97, 97, 98-99)

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