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  • Part 4: Resident Services Gets Sexy, Kicking Out Villagers, and The Able Sisters


    Resident Services Upgrade:

    • Once your 5th villager moves in, Tom Nook will let you know that the tent is closing down. For the entire next day you will be unable to access the ATM and the plaza will feature construction scaffolding.
    • The day AFTER that though, you’ll finally reach the end of what I call the “Tutorial Phase” of the game.
    • You’ll have a large brick plaza, and morning announcements will now be the domain of the perky and fun-loving poodle Isabelle!
    • You also get a host of new things you can do!

    Tom Nook:

    • Tom handles all things housing.
    • For 5,000 bells, you can customize your home. There are multiple house expansions you buy from Tom Nook as you pay off the previous loan. Each expansion adds something you can customize or adds onto the existing catalogue of options. Mailboxes, doors, roof, and siding are customizable at different stages of expansion.
    • For 10,000 bells, he will give you a plot marker so you can invite new villagers to your island. They will move in with their SPECIAL CUSTOM HOME, no more defaults.
    • For 50,000 bells, you can move any villagers home, Nooks Cranny, or the Museum. The next morning they will appear where you place the marker.
    • For 50,000 bells you can move YOUR home anywhere you want. It’s alright if your current loan isn’t paid off, you can move it all the same.
    • You can also order the construction of one incline or bridge at a time. You choose from a small catalogue of styles (they will NOT match most of the permanent paths you can later build, just FYI), and place the bridge or incline marker kit where you’d like it to go.
    • A small orange creature appears with the scaffolding. The bridge or incline will be built the DAY AFTER you pay off the entire project.
    • You can go to Tom Nook to erase a bridge or incline- EVEN IF IT HASN’T BEEN BUILT YET.


    • Isabelle handles all things non-construction.
    • You can now submit one of the designs in your Designer App to replace the current flag (look online for patterns to recreate or wait until you unlock the clothing store and can download other user-created patterns).
    • You can create a custom tune for the town song. This is the little whistle pattern you hear every time you enter a building or initiate a conversation.
    • Isabelle also mediates disputes you have with other villagers. What this means is if you talk to her about a villager and say you’re having problems, she will say she will “speak with them”.
    • All this does is re-sets their personality marker. Nothing more.
    • Isabelle CANNOT help you get rid of villagers (more on that later).

    Island Rating

    • Tom Nook informs you that he needs to speak with you about the next phase of the plan! He wants you to make the island nicer.
    • Once your island reaches a 3-star rating (Talk to Isabelle for your current rating and hints on how to improve it), musician KK Slider will visit. Consider this somewhat “Winning the game”. But not really.
    • Your island rating will probably be around 1-2 stars at this point.
    • Raise the rating by building fences, planting multiple species of fruit and flower, placing objects around your island (such as making little cafe areas), picking up weeds, not leaving dropped items (such as crafting materials or items in the little leaf icon form), crafting DIY recipes and placing them around the island, and building bridges and inclines.
    • You also need at least 7 villagers to reach 3 stars.
    • Up to now vacant plots have been “if you build it, he will come”, meaning they are sold by the next morning.
    • Now, however, your island rating matters. Plots might sit vacant for multiple days if your island rating is low.

    The Campsite for Passive Aggressive Magicians

    • At this point, Tom Nook will give you a kit to build a campsite.
    • Once it is built, Isabelle will tell you in the daily announcement if there is a visitor at the campsite.
    • You can chat with visitors to the campsite and hopefully convince them to move to your island.
    • They will reject staying, then give you a challenge. You have to guess either the color of a playing card or the suite (heart, diamond, spade, club). 
    • They’ll also give you this challenge in exchange for clothes or other items.
    • If they reject moving to your island, just keep asking them. They’ll say they admire how you don’t listen to them or respect their opinion, then give you another attempt to guess the card right.
    • If you don’t have a plot of land available, just go set one up and they’ll offer to check with Tom again.
    • The first campsite visitor is special though. Your first villager is one you *have* to invite to live on the island.
    • They will move in with their special custom house design.
    • If you’re lucky it’s a cool villager and not a douche (fucking Julian).

    Villagers (and how to get rid of the old ones)!

    • The rule from before holds- if you have an available plot of land (no matter your star rating), you will find random villagers on Mystery Islands. If you have enough miles to buy a bunch of Nook Miles Tickets (or *cough* buy a pack of nook miles on Amazon), you can be picky and shop around as much as you’d like.
    • Getting rid of the old ones is a game of luck. 
    • Each day you talk to a villager they get a point, giving them gifts that align with their style or favorite colors also gives points (you can find online guides to help you in this or download the ACNH.Guide phone app).
    • NOT talking to a villager removes a point.
    • Ignore a villager- sometimes it takes a couple weeks- until you see them pacing the island deep in thought with a little thought bubble above their head.
    • Talk to them and they will say they were thinking about exploring other islands. Encourage them to leave.
    • The next day Isabelle will announce they are leaving. Their house will be “in boxes”, so everything in moving boxes.
    • There is an opportunity at this point:: If someone else wants that villager, they can visit your island and chat with them while their house is in boxes. They will be able to invite the villager to move to THEIR island instead.
    • Likewise, if you have a free plot you can visit a villager on a friend’s island who is “in boxes” and invite them to live with you.
    • There are online forums devoted to letting people grab in-boxes villagers from one another.
    • The day after a villager is in-boxes their house will return to the scaffolding form and you can hunt down new villagers on Mystery Islands.

    The Able Sisters

    • Each day you will have a different visitor to the island, and some of them will appear in your plaza.
    • The most important visitor at this point in the game is Mable- a blue hedgehog.
    • Every time you see her, buy as much of her wares as you can afford, even if you don’t like it.
    • Once you’ve bought 5,000 bells worth of items, she’ll say she and her sister were thinking of moving to the island and setting up a shop.
    • She will give you the  building kit for the Able Sisters shop.
    • When the shop opens, every single day there will be new clothing items available. Don’t rely on the mannequins and displays in the shop- go into the fitting room to try on things in many different colors!
    • At the back of the shop is a kiosk. Players who design their own clothes upload them to the Nintendo servers. Using the kiosk and typing in those codes (or now there is a keyword search) will give you outfits that others have designed! Save the outfits to your DesignPro phone app (on your in-game phone).
    • Open your phone app (in game phone) to select the outfit to wear!
    • At the back of the store is Sable- a red hedgehog.
    • She is unfriendly when you first visit.
    • Talk to her every single day and she will slowly- over a week or two- become friendlier.
    • Once Able is fully unlocked as a friend, she will give you patterns to customize the fabrics of your DIY projects.
    • Visit her daily still to get more patterns at random.
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  • Part 3: Preparing For Villagers 3, 4, and 5 & Mystery Islands Get More Mystery


    Prepping for Villagers

    • Once Nooks Cranny 1.0 opens, Tom Nook will give you a mission: To put out 3 more plot markers.
    • He will also give you DIY recipes for a number of items.
    • Space these 3 plot markers out, it will be a while before you can move any buildings on your island.
    • Every plot will have 6 items you need to craft from your DIY recipes. 
    • 3 outdoor items per plot that must be placed against the sides of the building. Don’t worry if you hate the items- you can get rid of them as soon as someone moves in.
    • 3 indoor items.
    • Once you confirm that you’ve placed every required item, the plot becomes “vacant”.

    How Move In Works AT THIS POINT ONLY

    • Plots that have all 6 items will remain vacant for a single day.
    • The next day you will see a “sold” sign on it. The day after that a Villager will move in.
    • No matter how many vacant plots you have- again at this stage- if you’ve finished the exterior and interior recipes they will ALL  be sold by the next day.
    • Only one villager will move in per day though, so it will still take a few days to complete this challenge.
    • The houses that will be built will not be the special custom form for that specific villager. Instead, it will be generic defaults for that personality type.
    • In the future, Move-In will be different (and no more preparing items). More on that in another guide.

    Picking The Villagers AT THIS POINT ONLY

    • As I said, if you get all 18 items finished in a single day (very do-able), the next morning every single plot will be sold to a random villager.
    • Before the next day, something new will happen when you go to a Mystery Island– you will see a bonfire with a character walking around.
    • Talk to the character twice and you will get the option to invite them to move to your island.
    • Also as I said above- you’ll get generic forms of houses for villagers. I recommend picking 3 villagers you don’t especially like the looks of (they’re all fairly generic in their greeting and personality at this point).
    • You will find a different villager per Mystery Island.
    • Once you invite a villager to move in, a plot will be marked with their name immediately.
    • After you’ve invited as many villagers as you have available plots, you will no longer find any on Mystery Island visits.

    Just to give you an example: Here is the default house for a Cute-Type villager:

    (I gave Bluebear the fish, an insect, and an umbrella, so those items are unique)


    Here is Bluebear’s actual custom house design:

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  • Part 2: Blathers 1.0, Nooks Cranny 1.0, Airport, & Mystery Islands


    Blathers & The Shovel

    • Once Blathers- a very long-winded owl- arrives in his tent he will give you a mission: Bring him 10 unique items. 
    • The 5 you gave to Tom Nook don’t count towards the 10, and you can’t give Blathers a copy of any of those 5 items.
    • If you saved all those extra fish and bugs on your island as I recommended, start with those.
    • Blathers will also give you the recipe for a shovel. Any time you see a crack in the earth, dig there to find a fossil. Blathers will have to appraise fossils before he accepts them.
    • In this initial phase, Blathers does everything a single item at a time. Later on you can do large groups of items all at once).

    Use the Shovel to Hit Rocks

    • When you strike rocks with the shovel, items fall out.
    • Your island has 6 rocks (You won’t have access to your whole island yet, but they’re there).
    • Each rock puts out 8 crafting items per day– stone, clay, iron, or gold (rare).
    • Especially right now, SAVE EVERYTHING. Avoid using it on recipes as much as possible at this phase of the game.
    • One rock each day will put out sacks of bells instead of crafting items.
    • You have to hit the “A” button rapidly throughout the hitting process, as any delay reduces the number of items you’ll get. 
    • Make sure the area immediately around the rock is clear. Any objects at all (weeds, flowers, etc.) will count as an occupied space and you won’t get any more items out of that rock once the available space is full (where you are standing doesn’t count).
    • Every time you hit the rock you will be pushed back a little. Dig two pits behind you at diagonals in order to prevent you from rocking back. Only if you do this will you be able to hit the rock fast enough to get all 8 items.

    The Glory Hole

    • Once per day, you will find an area of your island where there is a small dot of gold light shining out of the ground.
    • Dig there and you will dig up 1,000 bells, but the hole you dig will glow gold still.
    • Either go into your inventory and select that bag of 1,000 bells, or click your own cash and take out a bag of 10,000 bells.
    • Click the bag of gold to get the option to bury it in the hole.
    • A tree will sprout where you buried the gold.
    • Wait while the tree grows. Once it is fully grown, it will sprout not fruit, but 3 bags of gold.
    • If you planted 1,000 bells; you will get 3,000.
    • If you planted 10,000 bells; you will get 30,000.
    • Other money amounts may or may not yield triple. It is a dice roll unless you select one of those two amounts (1,000 or 10,000).
    • After you’ve harvested once, the tree becomes a normal hardwood tree. It will never drop money again.

    Blathers finished, pay off your loan!

    • After you’ve given Blathers his 10 items, he will stop accepting anything for the rest of the day. The next morning you will have a full museum and the ability to donate things en masse instead of just one at a time.
    • Spend the rest of your time fishing, catching bugs, and building up your Nook Miles so you can pay off your travel expenses.
    • Once you’ve reached 5,000 miles, tell Tom Nook you want to build a house. The money isn’t due immediately, you can pay off whenever you want. Just get that house built!
    • After you’ve paid off, I recommend saving your miles (you keep earning them forever) and buy the pocket upgrades so you can hold more items :)

    A House & Nooks Cranny 1.0

    • Once your tent is paid off and you have a house, Timmy & Tommy will want to speak to you.
    • They would like to open their own store and stop operating out of the tent, but they need you to give them materials (you will get these from Mystery Islands largely, info below).
    • As soon as possible, get Timmy and Tommy their materials!
    • At this point you’ll get the DIY recipe for a Flimsy Ax. Make it!
    • 30 each of Softwood, Hardwood, and Wood. Hit trees 3 times per day with the Flimsy Ax to get 3 random wood pieces per tree.
    • If you hit a tree with fruit on it, the fruit will drop at the same time as you get the wood.
    • Shake the trees first for wasps!!
    • If you purchase the Nook Miles Tool Upgrade, do not hit a tree 3 times with a metal ax. It will cut the tree down entirely and you will have to re-grow from a sapling or plant a piece of fruit.
    • Also do not hit a tree or rock if you’ve eaten a piece of fruit. The tree will automatically be chopped down and the rock will explode.
    • Rocks that are destroyed will randomly respawn somewhere else on your island.
    • If you want to remove trees or move rocks, swing away.
    • From hitting rocks, you will need 30 iron nuggets.
    • Once you give all supplies to Timmy and Tommy, they will give you a kit to choose a location for their store.
    • Just like with Blathers’ tent, pick where you’d like it to go.
    • The next morning Nooks Cranny 1.0 will be there!


    • The day after you start the game your airport will open.
    • You can now visit friends and invite people to your island! If you have a friend who is further along in the game, you can visit their island and get non-fugly clothing!

    Understand Your Island

    • On the part of your island you can’t reach yet, there are flowers growing. That type of flower- and the fruit on your island- are called your “Native fruit” and “Native flowers”.
    • You can’t sell those fruits and flowers to Timmy or Tommy for many bells.
    • Check your mail each day- you will get 3 non-native fruits from “mom”. These are your “Sister-Fruits”. There are also “Sister Flowers”.
    • Dig holes on your island with your shovel and you can plant a fruit in the hole. After 4 days a fruit tree will grow.
    • Each day the planted tree shape will change. If it does not, you planted 2 trees to close together, or somewhere trees shouldn’t grow (immediately next to water for example).
    • Once the trees are fully grown however, you can move them to within 1 space of one another. While they are growing you cannot.
    • To move a tree, eat a single fruit. Then use your shovel to hit the tree. You will scoop it up into your inventory and can plant it somewhere else. It will reappear fully grown (and if it had fruits on it, they will still be on it).

    Mystery Islands

    • On your 2nd day playing the game, when the airport opens, Tom Nook will give you a Nook Miles Ticket.
    • These usually cost 2,000 Nook Miles each.
    • The tickets take you to randomized, uninhabited* islands. They are created by the game when you use a ticket, no 2 will ever be identical, and there are an unlimited number of possibilities.
    • You can find guides online that give you basic rundowns of the generic form of the islands, but tree placement and such is random.
    • When you get to the island, you can talk to your pilot to trade Nook Miles for tools such as an ax, if you don’t have the DIY recipe for one yet. 
    • One tree per mystery island will have a wasp nest in it.
    • One tree per mystery island, when you shake it, will have an item fall out.
    • Shake all trees before chopping at them (more on that in a moment).
    • Mystery Islands will typically have your native fruit and flower.
    • Every Mystery Island will have 4 coconut trees (8 coconuts in total). Shake the trees and collect the fruit to plant back on your island.
    • Some Mystery Islands have your sister-fruit and sister-flowers. Dig up the flowers normally to put them in your inventory and transport them to your island for planting.
    • You only need to eat fruit to transplant fully grown trees, not for flowers.
    • Since Mystery Islands are never repeated, go nuts chopping down trees and bashing the rocks. Farm materials from every mystery island.
    • There are a ton of forms of mystery islands, you can google all of them, but there are 3 major noteworthy ones::
    • 6am - 7pm:: Bamboo Island. The only way to get bamboo in the game is to dig up bamboo shoots from the ground on bamboo islands. Chop down the bamboo stocks with your axe.
    • 7pm - 6am:: Tarantula or Scorpion Island. Dump every single thing from your inventory except for your net and catch as many Tarantulas or Scorpions as you can carry (you’ll be stung and pass out a LOT). You make BANK on these islands.
    • Time Unknown:: Bell Island. A large lake with an island at the center that can only be accessed by breaking a bolder and using a pole to vault across the water. Successfully hit every rock on the island 8 times (remember to put 2 holes behind you to help pin you!) and you’ll get 82,000 bells.
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  • So I guess I’ll start this off with a quick disclaimer that I really dont have the research background exploring tribal societies, whether that be in the Americas, or in Africa or Asia or Australia. But if this applies then great and if not, that’s okay, I will never pretend to know everything there is to know about the world.

    So let’s start with the basics, what is government made of? Well, people, yes. But more than that it’s made of rules. Those rules define how the people in that political unit, nation, state, city, village, what have you, behave and live their lives. So what are the three components of government that define the rules of the sovereign state? Well, we have the people who make the rules (legislature, if you’re American), the people who enforce the rules (executives), and the people who deem when a rule is broken (the judiciary). 

    (There’s a secret fourth branch, especially in the US, called the Bureaucracy, which helps to define rules, determine consequences, and demonstrably turns the rule into action. These guys I can sum up to be the paperwork/red tape guys. They’re the ones you’re dealing with when you’re trying to abide by the regulations the rules create, for example the Motor Vehicle Administration.)

    These three branches, obviously are separated in the US. But they don’t have to be, and the structure of the government is entirely up to you. But when building your world, keep in mind these three aspects to government. They can be the same person, they can be a counsel, they can be anything you want, but your government generally should serve all three functions.

    I’ll leave the economics guides to the economists out there writing books. :P I’m not as well educated in how economies work. Feel free to DM with questions or send an ask!

    #talking to the void #guide#writing tips#governmental structure #this is very Western-centric so FEEL FREE to add on with what yall know about historical societies #writeblr#writing#story writing #I have a master's in public policy in case anyone is wondering #may make a post talking about a bureaucracy in the future
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  • Today, Elaine dives back into Unison League’s archer class with her advanced class guide! She picks up right where she left off with the beginner guide with some ability set suggestions for each of the latter three archer rings. What does she think you should be equipping later in the game? Let’s find out! 

    Video Links: 

    Astrolabe & Feather Rain Ability Comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZEk9…

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  • What is Shifting? (realities) 

    Shifting realities is basically projecting your consciousness or your mind to another world. (marvel universe, harry potter, twilight). It’s a way of making your fanfictions come true. If you shift to any universe it’s your own world. YOU can make the changes. You can have powers, be immortal, date draco malfoy , be a part of the avengers, help them defeat thanos. ANYTHING. You can be anything and everything, date anyone, be famous, do magic, etc. Its your own world. And millions like this one exist. You just have to believe 

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    ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏welcome to kiko’s menu! ꒷꒦◟̽ 𖤐


    ᵎ╰► kiko’s random writings!

    the courtesan. 

    ᵎ╰► orders!

    ᵎ╰► original characters!

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  • image

    Addiction is something in my family and something I’ve seen in friends as well. It’s very serious to me.

    Please reach out to your loved ones or your sponsor or whoever is in your life. You matter. Even when you relapse or make a mistake you still matter. And I’m sure they’d rather you reach out when you fall down then lose you. I would certainly prefer that with the people in my life.

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  • Check out my video guide! This will walk you through the Selen Vinland side-quest for the Ring of Devout Prayer!

    Demon’s Souls (PS5) - Selen Vinland Sidequest (Ring of Devout Prayer, Ki…

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  • Follow The Above Instrucitions To Rectify Samsung xpress M2060 Not Printing Issue.

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  • Todays time laps ❄️🌨️@orvis @peuxflyfishing
    #costasunglasses #slovenia #orvis #flyfishingeurope #flyfishing#kranj #fishing #fishingguide #guideslife #guide #travel #radovljica #flyfishingslovenia #sava #flyfishing (at Slovenia)

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  • Frisco - Red Card ft Skepta, JME | Exercise to Music #2

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