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  • apguitarsindonesia
    17.07.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Welcome to Ap Guitars Indonesia

    Welcome to our world, Our name is Ap Guitars Indonesia from Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. We make electric guitars and acoustic guitars. We serve handwork or use computer controlled machines and make guitars in very limited numbers, Therefore the correct instruments – Truly unique, the result of basic carpentry and the art of playing guitar becomes research and reflects our passion and dedication for Ap guitars Indonesia !

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  • kamaboko-team
    06.02.2020 - 1 year ago


    so I've got a modern au for y'all where the upper moon demons are a fucking rock band.

    With Kokushibo/Michikatsu (whatevs u wanna call him) as the leader and the bass player, Akaza as the drummer and we'll have Kaigaku play on an electrick guitar. (I still have to think about the rest) oh and maybe Gyokko for vocals cuz he seems like a kinda guy that would sing.

    About Kaigaku... Idk how he joined iin yet. I was thinking that maybe through Daki. He reallyyyy wanted to b cool and Daki was in his class and she told him once that she pkayed in a band...and Kaigaku decided to join in. Daki introduced him to Kokushibo and he joined in. (I also really like the idea of Daki and Kokushibo being close friends). And at first Kaigaku was like...really scared of Michikatsu but after a while they got close amd became friends.

    And Muzan would be their producer. And I know that in the canon they all really respected him but I feel like in this au he'll be really irritating as fuck.

    Like he would always argue with them on their albums or just tell them that their songs are not good.

    And they couldn't find anybody else that was willing to help them at first so they ended up with Muzan.

    And one day Muzan'll just yeet Douma into their team saying sth like ,,you guys need somebody that'll show you how to play''

    And at first everybody hated Douma.

    He was shit

    But with time he would grow closer to them and they to him.

    And.....(get ready for that).....Douma would have feelings in this au!!!

    And well I just want all of them to be happy in this one.

    I want Michikatsu to have a good realtionship with his brother.

    I want Kaigaku to live with Zenitsu and their grandpa and I want him to get along with Zenitsu (still they would throw insults at each other but in a bro kinda way)

    And I want Akaza to have a great life and just.... be happy. And get a hug from Rengoku at least once.

    The only person here that does not deserve that happiness is Muzan. Cuz fuck him.

    To the name of the band.

    Well at first I thought of sth like ,,the demons'' but that did not sound original enough.

    Sooo i came up with the idea:

    Once Muzan on one of their meetings said sth like ,,jesus you guys play like grandpas''

    And that is where the idea was born.

    They named themselves ,,The Fucking Grandpas'' and ruled the fucking world.

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