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  • laughable-illusions
    08.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Random dumb Brahms Heelshire HCs I have because I am dumb and cringe:

    This fucking guy…

    No shoes fit him :(- when this dude was growing up he literally shot up like a beanstalk and actually outgrew his dad’s shoes…his feet are super calloused and scarred tho he’s like a hobbit :)

    Naps frequently- Look at him and tell me that this man doesn’t sleep 16 hours a day…what else can he do??? Honestly he would just take depression nap after depression nap and wake up at 3am like “where tf am I?” Also he doesn’t eat well and probably needs a multivitamin or smth, also he’s more active at night anyway.

    Not a morning person- sort of ties in with the sleeping thing. He’s accepted that the schedule is for the doll only, however it throws him off when they don’t follow the schedule. He has it memorized ofc and them not following means that he can’t follow his usual routine

    Has body dysphoria- not to be confused with dysmorphia, Brahms more so doesn’t quite understand or really connect to the adult body he has. Mostly because he had hardly any guidance trying to operate through puberty and still needed to be his mother’s “little boy.” He many times will get confused when he can’t enter small spaces or look in the mirror because part of him will always expect a little boy looking back.

    His mom gelled his curls down when he was a kid- no wonder he looks so fucking miserable…

    The doll is for communication and manipulation- Brahms had learned that his parents would only accept him/respond to him if he continued to act as a child. It’s the only way he knows how to talk to people (or his parents), if he would reveal himself, you would notice an extreme difference between the way he speaks and what he does.

    Lives around the doll’s routine- One if the reasons he is dependent on the schedule is because he has built and curated his own daily routine around it. The predictability of it lets him bathe, change clothes, sleep, and eat at certain times when the nanny is doing other things with the doll. He can be at one side of the house while the nanny is at the other…it’s a very precise routine.

    Cleans up the manor- at first it was an attempt to please his parents but it sort of became a habit, while the nanny is expected to do most of the cleaning themself. But on his own Brahms will probably periodically keep the house in order.

    Bathes when he can- it’s hard to get a good shower/bath in when you have to hide away from the person living in the house, it’s part of why he needs to have the rules/routine. While the nanny is with the doll doing other things, he can eat, bathe, change his clothes, grab books/things without them noticing. He sort of lives around the schedule…and becomes upset when it’s threatened.

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  • mashkwi
    08.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    My academic results in law school are about the same as they were throughout grade school. Usually get between 80-90%. Pretty good, but not the best.

    #personal #law school life #academia #just like in high school there are some better than me #but they are a lot more stressed and lose more sleep over it than I am #I keep getting the same criticisms from the different professors too which is #I understand the subject matter but the way I put it on paper is a bit disjointed #I'm trying to get better at organization but I feel like that guy from that TV show with the maps and the red strings #in all aspects of my life really lol
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  • cipher-fresh
    08.12.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    people who watch succession are like "i want to grab cousin greg by the suit collar and use him as a rag to clean up the weird green sludge oozing from the refrigerator"

    #succession #what a collection of guys #cousin greg #still havent watched this show. i think i will after finals
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  • the-valianter-valkyriest
    08.12.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    fun fact inbound: wenzel and wigfrid share the same favorite food; turkey dinner. though in general wenzel just likes turkey a lot

    off his goop a little bit

    #Wenzel (the Luckless) #muse musings #now that the holidays are almost here i've been thinking about them eating delicious turkey dinner like funny little guys #i made wenzel like turkey long before the concept of canonical favorite foods existed so this really was just. completely on accident bfhsd
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  • gameboi-glitchedskies
    08.12.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    I posted 12,073 times in 2021

    204 posts created (2%)

    11869 posts reblogged (98%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 58.2 posts.

    I added 481 tags in 2021

    #reblog - 148 posts

    #skie’s rambles - 72 posts

    #ranboo - 48 posts

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    #liveblogging - 44 posts

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    #ranboo live - 25 posts

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    #/lh - 23 posts

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    Longest Tag: 114 characters

    #also i’m aware that the elections got reset but i’m going to talk to the rest of the cabinet and see what they say

    My Top Posts in 2021


    Something that just happened

    My family and I: *Driving back home while I’m half asleep in the backseat*

    The radio: *Starts playing Heatwaves*

    Me: *Immediately sits up*

    My family: *doesn’t notice*


    Me: holy shit

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    *slides into your askboxs*

    hey,,,,, any eret headcanons👀

    Anon you have single-handedly made my day

    I do have some Eret hcs!

    Eret’s pupils do the thing that cats/dogs pupils do when in low light/flashlight light(there’s probably a better way to explain this but oh well)

    Herobrine is actually Eret’s uncle and they’ve hung out on several occasions

    When Eret and Foolish fought the wither cult, Eret got a bad wither injury just underneath where their heart was. She still has no recollection of getting it, but Foolish does remember. Vividly

    She used several things to cover their eyes before sunglasses existed

    He’s been around for a while, but not as long as Philza Minecraft

    They’re pretty good with a sword, and she’s trying to learn crossbow

    Fundy got ahold of Eret’s crown one time so now there’s “Fundy was here :D” In faded sharpie on the inside of his crown

    Because of their wither injury, sometimes it gets hard for her to breathe, but he usually recovers quickly

    I don’t really watch/write Eret, but I still have a good amount of headcannons for them :D

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    *taps mic* are we on? Yes? Okay

    Girlbosses, Gentlethems, Malewives, and all other configurations of being. In these dark and uncertain times of mcytblr, we need a strong leader with a cabinet that’ll make sure we get what is promised to us. Enter: BLUETNT2021

    (Flag designed by ultraviolet-cumblast)

    I, gameboi-glitchedskies, want to be your president of mcytblr. My promises are as followed:

    More underrated duo content! Have a duo you think goes good together? More content for it!

    T H E R A P Y (we need this for all the characters I swear to DreamXD-)

    More tnt duo getting along/rivalry content!

    Everyone gets some blue :D

    If we win I will write my first crackfic with a prompt from the people no matter what it is (I feel like I might regret this later, but fuck it. Why not)

    Now, you may be asking, who’s your cabinet. Well I’m happy to introduce you to them!

    Vice President: @the-fridge-is-on-fire

    Secretary of State: @ultraviolet-cumblast

    Secretary of Treasury: @emotion-spiking-anon

    Head executioner: @andromedas-sorrow

    Grenade Supplier: @hsulp

    We promise to listen to the people and make sure to provide what is promised to them.

    If you like the sound of that, vote for Bluetnt2021!

    Copyright©️bluetntcampaign 2021. All rights reserved

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    So Ranboo is having his 6 month anniversary of creating content, right?

    He logs off of the Dream SMP

    Goes into a Minecraft realm

    Spawns in, no explanation

    He moves to the left

    There’s Technoblade


    And chat has no clue what’s going on

    And now they’re gonna beat Minecraft together

    Happy 6th month anniversary Ranboo!

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    Chat just got Ranboo to 75,000 subs on twitch out of spite

    Welcome to the 21st century

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    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #holy fucking shit #that’s a lot #Thanks for making this a good year guys! #skie’s rambles
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  • nominalnebula
    08.12.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    it is 8:05 wednesday morning, I’ve already had two melt downs and I would like to go back to bed now.

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  • thegenderblender
    08.12.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Okay, I may or may not be simping just a little too hard for this guy


    #i may or may not have a type #mainly dilf #or just this guy #im a simp #simping#true education
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  • bybdolan
    08.12.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Sam Fender tickets: received :)

    #thank u dustyyyyy #i am so hyped #going with my bf bc sam has connected us in the beginning #(i rec'd him hypersonic missiles n we kept seeing a guy around our dorm that looked like sam fender) #tbd
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  • minicoffeeccino
    08.12.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Dropping nature/characteristics of my in game ocs

    ❤️= my absolute faves

    ❤️ Kai: mild/hates to lose

    Ava: docile/good endurance

    Zetta: docile/mischievous

    ❤️ Tulip: timid/likes to run

    ❤️ Escargot: bold/capable of taking hits

    Pepper: gentle/somewhat vain

    ❤️ Conchshell: adamant/often lost in thought

    Astor: timid/hates to lose

    Maveric: quirky/loves to eat

    ❤️ Avery: naive/often lost in thought

    Roxas: brave/impetuous and silly

    ❤️ Octavi: naive/likes to relax

    ❤️ Soleil: relaxed/loves to eat

    Tusc: brave/good perseverance

    Polaris: modest/likes to thrash about

    Maguey: mild/throughly cunning

    ❤️ Zorro: hasty/proud of its power

    Jemma: hasty/highly curious

    Yorke: mild/often dozes off

    Orion: lonely/strong willed

    ❤️ Virgo: quiet/often lost in thought

    Leona: rash/somewhat vain

    ❤️ Bellatrix: careful/scatters things often

    Syri: calm/likes to run

    ❤️ Vega: naughty/likes to fight

    Altair: jolly/strong willed

    Axis: sassy/sturdy body

    Minerva: hasty/highly curious

    Terabyte: jolly/likes to relax

    Rhea: modest/good perseverance

    Zircon: jolly/likes to fight( prolly my fave out of this team yet she still don’t have my attention. poor golduck girl. Feels bad man.)

    ❤️ Celeste: quirky/good endurance

    Joule: docile/good perseverance

    Snowcone: relaxed/very finicky

    Mariana: brave/somewhat vain

    ❤️ Umbra: careful/mishievious

    Lilac: lonely/sturdy body

    ❤️ Honeynut: lax/takes plenty of siestas

    Compass: bold/somewhat vain(note: this is my other magnezone. He just isn’t talked about much and isn’t as cool as Polaris lmao sorry.)

    ❤️ Almira: docile/alert to sounds

    Searah: brave/loves to eat( since she’s a talonflame there may be incoming bravest bird jokes *sigh*)

    ❤️ Permafrost: modest/somewhat vain( I have a design for him and he wound up looking babey. he…… too bad the natures the absolute worst for an alolan sandslash..)

    Cavala: Sassy/likes to relax

    Johto and Galar teams TBD

    #Poor hoenn not having my attention #sorry guys your region got too much water for me lol #pokemon gijinka#My ocs #all my ocs #all of them #rambles #morrie.txt #gijinka oc
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  • smokeywhalee
    08.12.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    A fluffy and smutty Tony Stark drabble because I'm craving for Tony

    It's been a while since I last wrote abt Tony, so I thought it'll be a great opportunity to write a fluffy fic of him since I LOOVE domestic fluff in fics. 🥺💖👉🏻👈🏻

    Warning: Suggestiveness/some smut, Soft!Tony, Wife!Reader, full on domestic soft fluff, nothing else

    Reader pronouns: She/her

    Word count: 624

    You smiled up at your Tony, your now husband as he positioned your tip at the entrance of your cunt. Both of his hands found yours and he intertwined his fingers with yours, before pinning them down gently on the mattress with a massive smile on his face.

    Sex with Tony Stark would most likely be a rough and passionate one filled with pure need and carnal lust, thanks to his experience as a playboy, but ever since he dated you - it's all changed. Making love with him could happen at any time, but he mostly preferred the classic way until he proposed to you. For you to be his one and only Mrs. Stark. The woman he'd cherish, protect, and love no matter what. To you, your imperfections made you look worse. But for him? He thinks they're just as perfect as how you are, because he accepts your flaws unconditionally.

    He let out a lighthearted chuckle before tilting his head, letting himself admire your beauty from above.

    "You're as beautiful as ever." he whispered. "In fact, I think you've turned more beautiful from the day we married each other."

    "Not more than you, Mr. Stark."

    His darkened eyes bore into yours as he wordlessly accepted your returned compliment. It was just a simple act of him being the affectionate lover you had known, and you could clearly tell that he's enjoying this moment as much as you do from the way he took his time with the foreplay and how he made sure to prioritize your needs before his in bed.

    "Would you mind if you share some secrets on how did you manage to be this stunning, my love? As much as I want to make love with you, let's hear about each other's secrets first before starting the main activity for the night." Tony winked.

    You stopped him from teasing you even more by putting your hand on his lips. "A lady never tells her secret, Tones."

    "Looks like someone's trying to outsmart me with teasing me back."

    "I can't hear you..." you mocked, pretending to be oblivious of what's happening.

    Before you knew it, Tony slid his cock inside your dripping cunt, making you let out a breathy moan as soon as he filled you up to the brim. Having sex with Tony was an experience a lot of girls wanted because of his infamous reputation as a former playboy, but for you, you liked it better if he slowed down and made love.

    "God, Y/N. You feel so fucking good." he started bucking his hips, burying his head in the crook of your neck.

    "Don't stop, Tony. Don't stop." you moaned.

    The sex tonight was definitely the best sex you'd ever had with your husband, and the fact that he soon took care of you in the aftercare made it even better. There's nothing better than the aftercare and pillowtalk when it comes to the sex. You then ended up in Tony's warm embrace, resting your head on his toned chest, still in the post-sex bliss. He gently traced patterns on your bare back, and you snuggled closer into his chest.

    A comfortable silence enveloped the entire room, the only sounds heard being the pitter-patter of the raindrops outside and your exhausted breaths. Your eyes became heavy with drowsiness, all from the activities and from the gentle thump of Tony's heart beating. Not to mention - his arc reactor illuminated the room with a soft blue glow and you pretty much used it as your personal nightlight.

    "I love you lots, Mr. Stark." you yawned.

    "Love you too, Mrs. Stark. Now get some rest because we're going to make the next day as amazing as possible."

    A/N: Do you guys wanna be part of my Tony Stark/Marvel taglist? So far I'm only writing for Tony but if I want to, I can write for more characters so hit me up in the DMs or replies if you wanna be part of it!

    #tony stark#iron man #tony stark fluff #tony stark fanfic #tony stark x reader #tony stark x you #wife!reader #wife!reader x husband!tony #mcu fanfic#mcu#marvel fanfic #marvel cinematic universe #marvel#smokeywrites #sorry if this is bad guys #i can't think of a good honeymoon location and i got lazy so i didn't mention it XD #but you can say that they're in somewhere luxurious that had lots of sightseeing spots like in bali or smth like that #as a indonesian. yes. bali is the first location i had in mind when it comes to vacation spots that's popular among foreigners #fluffy domestic tony ftw 🥺
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  • ursfur
    08.12.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    URSFUR Winter Mens Trapper Hat Real Leather and Fox Fur Russian Ushanka Cap

    15%Leather 15%Cotton 70%Fox Fur


    Tie closure

    Material: Real Leather & Genuine America Raccoon Furlong and lush, Feed on Farm, Not Wild.

    Size:Different Size,S:fits for 53-55cm;M:fits for 56-57cm;L:fits for 58-60cm.You can choose the size according to your headsize.

    Exterior: With Warm Cotton Lining, Warm and comfortable, you can tie the Ear Flap on the top.

    Classic Leather & mink fur Russian Ushanka Trapper Hats Styling.A perfect Christmas Gift for your lovers!


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  • im-not-a-monster
    08.12.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    people simping so hard for Sony Pictures is embarrassing. Spiderverse looks very good! Sony is getting money from MCU spiderman also. Because they own spiderman. Also I hate to break it to you all but the multiverse storyline existed for a very long time. Sony didn't dunk on MCU hard-core by being better at it. They both selected a storyline that. Already existed. From the vast repertoire of the comics. And went from there.

    #when you dislike [major corporation] so you start sucking [major corporation] off #like ??? Sony is huge you guys arent out here cheering for the little guy lmfao
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  • ask-the-purple-genius
    08.12.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    It was my first time drawing you sideways.

    Wow! Looks amazing!💜🐢

    #submission #yall the TALENT you guys posess #give it to me /j #no but seriously this is awesome
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  • shapa-likes-art
    08.12.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    I don't consider myself much of a bookworm or avid reader but-

    Reading my beloved 💞

    #like its so good to just get lost in the pages and the story #its so wonderful #reading#books #fanfics count but at the moment im feeling this way with the book my teacher is making us read #im so glad hes not making us read Shakespeare. honestly this book is more intersting and insightful than that old ass guy #(we're reading The Hate U Give btw)
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  • generalsoots
    08.12.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    he’s completely hinged and normal btw

    #sera art#dream smp #wilbur soot art #twisted little guy #i have like a billion jack wips i cant bring myself to finish so i drew this quickly so i didn’t get art block
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