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  • depressedandasian
    27.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I like Omniverse's idea that Kevin some where some how figured out how to have a smidgen of control when transformed into the designated McDonald's tie-in toy of the season.

    Therefore, I like to believe that he's gone back to energy absorption bit by bit with Gwen's help.

    Like imagine he absorbed Galvan DNA and for a few days or weeks, is a tiny frog man who calmly sits on the couch watching TV in Gwen's dorm room with Zed.

    #ben 10 #ben 10 omniverse #headcanon#kevin levin#gwen tennyson #ben 10 zed #zed #he slowly transforms back into a human and is a 6'3 galvin hybrid #drives his car looking like that not giving a fuck
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  • ibrithir-was-here
    27.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    If I had a nickel for each time I've mistakenly identified Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin as Mairon and Melkor while scrolling past them on my dash I'd have far too many nickels. 🙃

    #tolkien#angbang #snarky petite red head #muscular brunet bad boy #it shouldnt mix so well! #ben 10#kevin levin#gwen tennyson
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  • pluagemask042
    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Gwen 10 Aliens - Gigantua

    The Omnitrix’s sample of a To'kustar

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  • pinktwinkiezoppo
    26.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Gwen has the voice of Terra, the colors of Starfire and the powers of Raven (with just a hint of Jinx)

    #seriously #shes like all the Teen Titans girls combined #though she has more similarities with Starfire she still has similarities with all of them #the red hair/the green eyes/alien/family member who looks and sounds exactly like her but with a purple color schem #that’s Starfire #same voice and also dated a guy who was voiced by Greg Cipes that’s Terra #and uses magic to fight that’s Raven and the pink comes from Jinx #ben 10 #ben 10 alien force #ben 10 ultimate alien #ben 10 uaf #ben 10 omniverse #gwen tennyson#teen titans #og teen titans #teen titans 2003 #raven#starfire#koriand'r#terra#tara markov
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  • depressedandasian
    26.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Ben and Gwen's banter was more realistic in the OS and their equal footing squabbling seemed more like mutual petty disagreements than one side pissing off the other by being the explicit instigator.

    UAF and Omniverse all tried to recreate said dynamic (despite them being 15-16 and close friends) here and there but it felt like Ben was constantly either purposefully or accidentally, by being shockingly insensitive, pissing Gwen off. Sometimes Gwen was just mad because of reasons, but rarely is Ben shown snapping at her, or Gwen doing something to antagonize him willingly or not.

    I hate the tsundere archetype and it's obvious that's what they were turning Gwen into despite the original series portraying both cousins as equally volatile and quarrelsome.

    It's a weird dynamic to try with them so late in the game, especially since early AF eps were trying to establish them as more mature and in tune teens who know when to stfu and stand with one another.

    #ben 10 #ben 10 original series #ben 10 uaf #ben 10 alien force #ben 10 omniverse #ben tennyson#gwen tennyson #banter is good but gwen slapping ben for being rude during a lecture? #i'd uninvite him to family gatherings after that
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  • theangrycomet
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Gwen And Ben look so similar because Carl is biologically both their dad.

    Frank’d gone infertile after Ken was born. However, both he and Natalie wanted a second baby and for it to be partially related to him, so he asked his brother if he’d donate. How he convinced Natalie this was a good idea I don’t know

    Hence, how Ben and Gwen are nearly identical in looks, not that either of them were informed of this.

    #There! #A nice non-angsty explanation #Carl’s genes just FLEX #Ben 10#Ben Tennyson#Gwen TennysoN#Frank Tennyson#Carl Tennyson#Headcannons#AngryComet Rambles
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  • depressedandasian
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Is the reboot over or are we going to get some more seasons/specials/movies? There's a lot left unexplored and unexplained, such as why Max was hiding the plumbers from Ben and Gwen.

    Where did Kevin go at the end of the film?

    What is Charmcaster and Hex's homeworld like if it even exists?

    When will we be getting a Ben 10,000 show Cartoon Network?

    #ben 10 #ben 10 reboot #ben tennyson#charmcaster#max tennyson#gwen tennyson#hex #ben 10 hex #kevin levin#kevin 11#ben 10000 #no seriously where did kevin get the aliem dna from? #why can't gwen do magic? #who is ben and gwen's grandma then in this universe?
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  • depressedandasian
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    A Gwen, Sunny, Lucy, and Charmcaster series where Gwen is taught how to utilize her anodite powers, plumber training, and magic better by the other three women.

    Kevin's there for transportation and emotional support with Zed.

    #ben 10#gwen tennyson #ben 10 sunny #sunny#charmcaster#lucy mann#kevin levin #ben 10 zed #zed #i haaate how they made gwen into an angry jealous dumbass around other women #this series needs to pay me back for suffering through gwen's increasingly derailing of her character #the sisterhood of the galaxy traveling spaceship
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  • fureliselost
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hit 'Em Where They Live was literally made to show Ben being stressed and Gwen being a bad bitch and I appreciate that

    #ben 10 #ben 10 uaf #ben 10 ultimate alien #ben tennyson#gwen tennyson
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  • digicombo
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Gwen sketch :D

    Omniverse design ^-^

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  • depressedandasian
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    It's still funny how much Kevin's "If you fuck with me I will kill you until you're dead!" philosophy clashes soooo hard with Ben and Gwen's "Yeah you tried to kill us more than once and almost succeeded, want to get smoothies?" attitudes.

    #ben 10 #ben 10 alien force #ben 10 ultimate alien #ben 10 uaf #kevin levin#gwen tennyson#ben tennyson #he is constantly on the brink of just murdering every villain they come across #he needs to be allowed to curse too
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  • the-ben10team-said-what
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Kevin [ nervous at their first date] : I like your name

    Gwen[ also really nervous] : thanks, I got it for my birthday.

    #source :tumblr#ben 10#kevin levin#gwen tennyson#gwevin #ben 10 omniverse #ben 10 ultimate alien #ben 10 uaf #ben 10 alien force #incorrect ben 10 #incorrect quotes#incorrect sayings #ben 10 classic
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  • entity9silvergen
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Kevin: Do you ever stick your head out the window of a moving car?

    Rook: I am catlike, not a cat and certainly not a dog.

    Kevin: Zed does it.

    Rook: I just said I am not a dog.

    Kevin: So?

    Gwen: Kevin used to do it until he hit his head on a mailbox.

    #ben 10 omniverse #ben 10 #ben 10 series #ben 10 incorrect quotes #rook blonko#kevin levin#gwen tennyson
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  • depressedandasian
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I'm still not sure why Gwen was shunted in Omniverse. I cannot wrap my head around it. I can see Kevin getting the shaft *I wouldn't like it but I'd get it) but Gwen seems like too much of an important character to just discard.

    #ben 10 #ben 10 omniverse #omniverse#gwen tennyson #she's central to ben's character #if she weren't a girl and his cousin rook and kevin's claims to being ben's bff would pale in comparison to her contribution to ben
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  • animalgirl2018
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Halloween Special Week 3: Ben 10 Omniverse

    It was almost Halloween in Bellwood and everyone was getting into the spirit, although some aliens were confused by the holiday.

    Rook: What is the meaning of this 'Halloween'?

    Ben: Well, Halloween is meant to be a day to have fun, dress up, and get free candy. Although, I don't really need to buy a costume.

    *Ben points to his Omnitrix*

    Rook: I don't think you should be using your Omnitrix for personal reasons.

    Ben: Tell that to Albedo.

    Rook ignored Ben's comment and the duo continued to walk around Bellwood. As they walked, they saw people setting up decorations, lights, pumpkins, and buying candy.

    Ben: So, is there anywhere you want to see?

    Rook: I think I overheard something about Mr.Smoothy hosting some event.

    Ben: Well what are we waiting for! Let's go!

    Ben ran off towards the nearest Mr.Smoothy with Rook following close behind. After Ben made it to Mr.Smoothy Rook followed close behind only to see a stand with a line of people.

    Rook: So, what exactly is happening here?

    Ben: Well, Mr.Smoothy is hosting a Halloween-themed competition. I think that each event will give people points based on what place they got. The first-place prize is a smoothie cup, where if you show it they fill it up for free and a pack of coupons for 50% off chili fries. I think there are supposed to be about 10 of them.

    Rook: Ah. I see why you would be interested.

    Ben: Come on, let's see if we can nag a spot in the competition.

    Ben grabbed Rook's hand and they made their way to the line. Once the duo make it to the front and signed up, they were stopped by an employee.

    Employee: H-hey. I have been told to tell you about something. First, Ben is not allowed to use his Omnitrix at all, and if you do use it you will be eliminated. Also, no one is allowed to bring any items to the competition.

    Rook: That does make sense.

    Ben: Yeah, wouldn't be much of a competition if we have a huge advantage.

    Gewn: Surprising to see you giving everyone a fair chance.

    Ben: GWEN! What are you doing here? I thought that you were in college.

    Gewn: With Halloween coming up I thought that I would come back.

    Ben: So, is Kevin here as well?

    Gwen: Yeah, he went to go to the car shop while I go sign us up for the competition. Speaking of that, I better go do that.

    Ben: See ya.

    Rook: Have a good day.

    Gwen: You too, see you at the competition.

    The competition was set to happen at 6:30 PM. So while Ben and Rook took care of a few crimes around Bellwood Gwen and Kevin were helping out with other crimes that Ben and Rook couldn't get to in time. Grampa Max said that they could go enjoy the competition while he and the other plumbers handle whatever happens in Bellwood.

    Ben: So, what kind of challenges do you think there will be?

    Kevin: Pumpkin carving. If there is no pumpkin carving contest I will call blasphemy.

    Rook: What is 'pumpkin carving'?

    Gwen: Well, it's where you take a pumpkin that you like, carve the top of, take the insides out and carve a picture on one side of it. Once you are done you put a candle or some other light source, put the top back on, and put it on display.

    Rook: So what do you do with the pumpkin's insides?

    Ben: I think you can use it in cooking or fertilizer.

    Rook: Oh, that does make sense.

    Announcer: Ok, everyone we are about to start the first challenge in 10 minutes. Please stand by.

    Kevin: So, guess we should be getting ready.

    Gwen: I don't think so.

    Rook: Why not?

    Gwen: Well, it's just the first round so they might be easy and as they go on the challenges get harder and harder.

    *After 10 minutes*

    Announcer: It is time to start the first event. The first event is a mummy race! One person will wrap their partner in these white sheets. Then the person who is warped will be racing while the other person will be waiting by the front. 1st place will get 20 points, 2nd place will get 15 points, 3rd place will get 10 points and any place after that will get 5 points.

    Rook and Gwen chose to be wrapped up in the white sheets while Ben and Kevin waited at the finish line.

    Ben: So, we are supposed to just wait here until everyone comes back?

    Kevin: Think so.

    Announcer: So while your partners are racing the rest of you get to participate in another challenge to get more points. Here you have to find hidden pumpkin stickers taped all over the area. Each sticker is worth two points and a golden sticker is worth 4 points. This part ends once someone goes through the finish line. Now BEGIN!

    At that moment everyone scattered around to find these stickers while their partners raced to the finish line. By the time the race was over Rook had gotten second while Gwen got first place. Ben found 5 stickers and Kevin found 5 as well. Meaning that Ben and Rook had 25 points while Gwen and Kevin had 30 points. The next game was a simple Halloween-style bingo where points will be decided by how close they were to a bingo. If the card is 1/4th completed the team gets 5 points, 2/4th completed gets the team 10 points, 3/4th completed gets the team 15 points, completely completed gets the team 20 points. Ben and Rook get bingo and get 20 points and Gwen and Kevin's card is 3/4th completed meaning they get 15 points. Now Ben and Rook have 45 points while Gwen and Kevin have 45 points. By this point, it was already 7:30.

    Rook: This is more fun than I had expected.

    Ben: Glad that you are having fun.

    Gwen: I think that the next game is the last one.

    Kevin: What? I thought that there would be more challenges.

    Ben: Yeah, I thought that there would be more.

    Rook: What's so different?

    Gwen: Well, the last time that they held a competition was around the time Ben had broken his leg so he could not compete.

    Ben: I am still peeved about that.

    Kevin: What happened?

    Gwne: Well, the last competition had around 6 challenges and some people passed out since they didn't have breaks. Thankfully they were fine.

    Kevin: Yikes.

    Announcer: The next and last game is a pumpkin carving competition. One of you will be removing the insides and the other will be making the picture. Points work the same as every other round. First place gets 20 points, 2nd gets 15, 3rd gets 10, and every other place gets 5 points. You have two hours so get to your stations and get ready.

    Ben: I am not that good at carving so I will get the pumpkin ready for carving and you can carve the image. Ok?

    Rook: Sure.

    Gwen: Good luck.

    Kevin: You'll need it.

    And so the challenge was on. The way points are distributed was how good the pumpkin was gutted and how good the carving looks.

    Announcer: Time is up! Everyone, put your tools down and get your pumpkin ready for presentation.

    Rook: Ben, I'm a bit worried.

    Ben: Hey, don't worry about it. I think that your carving looks great.

    Rook had drawn a Muroid, which was a rodent that was from his homeland. Gwen drew the Charm of Luck and Probability which granted the user insane good luck.

    Judge 1: We have observed each of the pumpkins, inside and outside, and we are now ready to announce the winners.

    Judge 3: In third is Cash and J.T.

    Judge 2: In second is Gwen and Kevin.

    Judge 1: And in first place is Ben and Rook!

    Judge 3: We will now tally the scores and will be back in a few minutes. Take a break and have some water.

    Gwen: Great job you two!

    Kevin: Yeah. Rook, you really did a good job.

    Rook: Thank you very much.

    Ben: I have to agree, I think that the only reason we won was because of your carving skills.

    Judge 1: We are back, and the winner of this year's competition is Ben and Rook.

    Ben: YES!

    Kevin: Man, no surprise there.

    Everyone got their prizes and went to Ben's home to have a scary movie marathon. Overall, it was a very fun day.

    Author's Note: Sorry that this one took a while, I was busy with other stuff. Also, week 4 will be out tomorrow night. Lastly, my ask box is open all October and will close on the night of November 1. Have a good day/night everyone.

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  • e-isha
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    quiero que te quedes

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  • cartoonnz
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    In case anyone is wondering why I am the way I am... it’s because of Ben.

    Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 (2005) S1E6 “Tourist Trap″
    #I idolized this kid #thought he was the coolest #I wanted to be him so bad #ben 10#ben ten#cartoon#Cartoons#Cartoon network#ben tennyson#gwen tennyson#grandpa max #ben 10 season one #ben 10 season one episode six #tourist trap
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  • depressedandasian
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Where is my season of Gwen 10 and anodite Ben? Where is it Cartoon Network?

    #ben 10#gwen 10#anodite ben#ben tennyson#gwen tennyson #don't care if ben doesn't have the spark he does to me #at least let him do some magic #just a few episodes? #cartoon network #you see what I have to deal with?
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