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  • dylanscrystal
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    IMANI ELOI in ‘IN MY HEAD’ — [kira yukimura fanfiction coming soon on my wattpad]

    The Eloi family were in dire need of cash. And a lot of it. With a deadbeat father, and a mother who switched jobs more often than she could buy a new pair of shoes, Imani Eloi knew from a painfully young age that calling her family ‘financially unstable’ was an understatement.
    Beacon Hills was a supernatural hotspot… now, with a supernatural hit list. Once word got out that millions of dollars would be awarded to those who killed anyone whose name was on the list, Imani’s mother made it her mission to move to Beacon Hills and hunt down every last one of them, alongside her daughter.
    Fortunately, a portion of them was a group of friends who were about Imani’s age, who stuck together like glue. So, the teenager did what any person-on-a-killing-quest would do in her situation. She joined their group.
    Everything was running smoothly; Imani was victorious in gaining their trust (despite the few odd suspicions from a certain sceptical, overly-analytic, pale, brunette boy). She successfully earned her spot in the group, and remained on Scott McCall’s good side. All that she had left to do was the hard part: wait for the pack to get to a weak point, allowing her to kill them all with no hassle, claim her money, and get the hell out of Beacon Hills.
    What the girl didn’t expect was to find herself drawn to the sweet Kitsune of the group, who — much to her dismay — happened to be worth six million dollars. And as if that wasn’t frustrating enough, Kira was dating the Alpha, who was originally Imani’s number one target, given that he was worth a whopping twenty-five million. Imani knew that not only Scott, but everybody in the pack meant a lot to Kira, and that ending the life of any one of them would rip her poor heart into shreds.
    And when Imani Eloi’s little crush on Kira Yukimura blossomed into something much bigger, she truly was questioning where her loyalties lied. 
    #IM SO EXCITED #they are my babies and i love them #i was searching for kira fics and there were literally like zero?? so i took it as my sign #also i’m v v new to gif making and i am aware that these are shitty!! however it took TIME so pls show some love <33333 #btw i am very much a scira shipper so this does hurt my feelings… but whatever #my ocs#my fics #oc: imani eloi #fic: in my head #my wattpad fics #kira yukimura #kira yukimura x oc #teen wolf x oc #kira yukimura fanfiction #kira yukimura fanfic #teen wolf fanfiction #teen wolf fanfic #wattpad#wlw#gxg#scott mccall#stiles stilinski#peter hale #imani x kira
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  • silky-v
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Bro one of my favourite wattpad gxg books dissappeared nooo😭😭😭

    This is terrible how am I supposed to get my daily dose of serotonin💔

    #Wattpad#gxg #St. Ambrose academy #Plz I need to find it i can't do this #I wanted to reread it again😭😭
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  • natashas-wh0r3
    21.09.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Hey guys, Im really happy to say one of my posts have reached 100 likes. Thank you all. I am going to start taking requests so let me know what u would like me to post :)

    - Sincerely, the slutty author <3

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  • naiahluv
    20.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    After shower selfies🥰

    #wanna be friends? #gxg#heyyyyy #add me lol #tumblr friends#lonewolf#girlfriends
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  • naiahluv
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Heyy loves❣️🥰

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  • djts-arts
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    A doodle redraw from a 2016 drawing I made cause I miss these wonderlandians

    I may have did a little redesigning


    A comparison from my 2016 art and now

    #ever after high #ever after high fanart #kitty cheshire#Lizzie Hearts#Kitzie #me for gxg from eah #Dj's doodles
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  • natashas-wh0r3
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    WandaxReader, Top!Wanda, Professor!Wanda, CollegeStudent!Reader

    Legal age gap, strap on, spanking, hair pulling, degrading, praise, mommy kink, choking

    Zara = Your roommate, detka = baby, Moya krasavitsa = my beautiful girl

    “Y/N GET TF UP” i hear Zara yell in my ear. “what what WHAT” i scream in response trying to cover my head with a pillow. “YOUR LATE” oh fuck i thought. I have History this morning and that means Ms. Maximoff. She’s a great teacher but very strict. Not to mention very attractive. She often will motivate me when we’re going assignments “Good job detka” or “you’ve got this moya krasavitsa”. It would always make my cheeks go red and my legs cross. I sprung up out of bed and threw on my outfit before grabbing all my necessities and bolting to class. I practically throw myself through the door. “i’m so sorry Ms. Maximoff i accidentally slept in” i was definitely a bit sweaty and panting. Ms. Maximoff turned to look at me. “go to your seat but you will be staying after class” “yes Ms.Maximoff”. i went to my seat and began trying to listen to the lecture however my mind kept drifting to Ms. Maximoff. she wore a black dress that had a v cut down the middle showing her breasts a little her hair was pulled back in a loose bun. God did she look hot. “Ms. Y/n” i hear my teacher call. “I asked what year was the first world war” my brain was all sputtered out. I tried to say something but when I opened my mouth nothing came out. “Okay guys i’m dismissing class early, Y/n u stay in your seat” uh oh, i’m fucked. Everyone starts packing up and i can hear whispers of students as they leave “Y/n’s definitely in trouble” one of them says. Soon everyone is gone besides me and Ms. Maximoff. “y/n, care to explain why you were zoned out during my lecture”. “i- uh no thank you”. i try to sound polite. “it better have been worth it” she says stalking up to me. “because ur cheeks we’re definitely a bit pink, thinking about someone in particular y/n” she says my voice in a deep sultry tone. she leans onto my desk right infront of me. giving me a perfect view of her pale, freckled boobs. i clearly was eyeing them too long because when i looked up Ms. Maximoff was smirking at me. “something u want to tell me detka?” she says, “or do you need motivation”. i was very puzzled and then surprised and she begins to unzip her dress. “holy fucking hell”  you thought to yourself. her dress slowly falls off her shoulders and pools down by her feet. underneath she’s wearing a lace bra and underwear set. i was drooling over the sight infront of me. she grabs my chin and tilts my head up “do you want me y/n” she says with a growl of dominance. “yes Ms. Maximoff” she smirks “it’s Wanda but call me Mommy for now” “yes mommy” i respond. “good girl” she walks forward and puts her lips on mine, the taste of her vanilla chapstick now in my mouth. she pulls back and looks at me “can you strip for mommy?” I don’t even answer i pull my shirt over my head and i clasp my bra letting my boobs fall out. “oh detka, look at you so gorgeous, such a whore for mommy”  she grabs my face and pulls me into another kiss, slowly leading me to her desk. she faces my front towards the desk and bends me over it. “mommy but i thought you wanted me nak-“ i try to say before she cuts me off “shh, i’ll take them off” she un buttons my pants and pulls them down to my ankles. my dark green thong being the only thing left. “fuck, green is definitely your color” she says clearly turned on. she walks around her desk, unlocking a drawer and pulling out a green 7 inch strap. “and this will match” she says smirking. she walks back behind me and i can hear her fastening the strap. she then hooks her fingers around my panties pulling them down by my pants. she leans over me her now unclothed boobs pressing into my back and the tip of the strap prodding at my entrance. “Mommy, please fuck me, please” “okay detka as you wish” she slowly pushes the strap in to my soaked pussy, making me feel full. she pulls all the way out before slamming back in. i throw my head back releasing a moan. “that’s it keep making those pretty noises” she picks up the pace a little, reaching one hand around and pinching my nipples “Mommy harder, please i wanna feel u in my stomach” i beg desperately, i’ve never been this

    much of a bottom for a woman but this woman drives me crazy. “okay Moya krasavitsa” she leans forward slamming into me. The slapping sounds in the room increase as she grabs my hair and pulls my head back “OH MOMMY” i yell out. she pushes even harder moving a bit to hit my g-spot perfectly “YES YES IM GONNA CUM” i push my hips back awaiting my orgasm before feeling a strong slap across my ass. “oh fuck” i moan. “wait detka” she says to me going even faster than i thought she could. “MOMMY PLEASE” that earned me another hard spank. “I SAID WAIT WHORE” she wraps her arm around my front wrapping her hand around my throat. “cum do it” she whispers in my ear. “AAAHH MOMMY” i scream as i came all over the strap. the white fluid leaking down my thighs. “oh detka what a big mess you made” she says slowly pulling out of me. I slowly turn around to see my cum dropping off the strap and onto the floor. Wanda unbuckles the strap pulling it off. She brings the strap to her mouth and licks it up and down removing every last drop of my cum. “mmm i love how you taste moya krasavitsa” she squats licking the cum off of my thighs as well. “get dressed and clean up i’ve got another class in 20 minutes, but meet me after school” she says winking at me. i get dressed and turn to her. “goodbye mommy” “bye detka” she blows me a little kiss before i step out the door

    #wanda maximoff smut #marvel mcu#gxg smut#wanda maximoff #teacher x student #x reader #wanda x reader #lgbtq
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  • fictionalwh0ree
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    are you drunk?- emily prentiss

    requests are open!!
    summary: after a particularly hard case, you joined the team at a local bar. you find yourself in an uncomfortable encounter that you can't get out of, that is, until emily comes to help you.
    warnings: creepy guy, a little violence?
    word count: 1,218
    prompt: are you drunk?
    pairing: emily prentiss x reader

    working at the bau had been your dream job ever since you hit grade 7. you always had a fascination with the criminal mind. you worked hard and got the job a couple years back. it had been everything you wanted and more.

    it was all good until a new agent joined, emily prentiss. you didn’t have anything against her or anything, you were just slightly distracted by her. she was gorgeous and a great agent. you often found yourself staring at her when you weren’t working.

    of course, the only logical way to push down your feelings was to, a) ignore her and, b) act like a total bitch towards her. you drew the line at spreading rumours or saying bad things about her, though. at first, you just never spoke to her if you didn't have to, but eventually, you began making passive-aggressive comments towards her whenever you could. hotch ended up partnering the two of you together for casework. the rides in the suv were all silent and tense. emily reciprocated the behaviour. you two had a little feud going on and everyone on the team knew it. as long as it didn't affect your work, hotch wouldn't say anything.

    the case you had just finished had hit hard, you noticed it seemed to hit emily pretty hard, too. when you got back, you went straight home. you sulked in your apartment, watching movies and eating ice cream to try and distract yourself from the images that clouded your mind every time you closed your eyes.

    around 9 pm, you received a text from morgan asking you to come to the bar. he had said that the rest of the team was there. at first, you turned down his offer, but after many many texts of him begging, you gave in. you put on a small amount of make-up and changed into a less appropriate outfit. you didn't put too much effort into your appearance, considering soon you'd be sweating it all away on the dance floor while alcohol clouded your brain.

    you took a cab to the bar near the office and walked in. immediately, you spotted the team. derek waved you over.

    "hey y/n," they greeted.

    "hey guys," you smiled.

    emily was nowhere to be seen and it made you a little sad. you sat and spoke for a bit before you decided to get a drink. you sat at the bar and ordered a shot. you downed it quickly, ordering another. and another. aaaand another. you kept going until you couldn't form proper thoughts. you saw derek approaching you.

    "derek!" you shrieked, leaning forward to hug him, almost falling over.

    "i think you've had enough to drink tonight, y/l/n," he said.

    "i think so too," you agreed, hiccuping at the end of your sentence. your words were extremely slurred.

    "how much?" he asked the bartender.

    "$15," the bartender answered.

    derek began to pull out his wallet, but you stopped him. you fumbled with the zipper of your bag but successfully pulled out your wallet. you pulled out a $20 and a couple ones.

    "is this enough?" you not so subtly whispered to derek.

    "yeah," he laughed.

    you placed the money on the counter and abruptly got up from your seat, making your head spin. derek grabbed your upper arms to stabilize you.

    "i think you should go home," he said.

    "aww, don't be ridiculous. i haven't even gone on the dance floor yet," you reasoned.

    "i don't even think you can stand," he said.

    "i can too," you pouted.

    he let you go and you struggled a little but stood straight, a triumphant smile painting your face. you sat back down on your chair and derek looked at you skeptically. you took of your high heels and handed them to him. he scoffed and rolled his eyes playfully. he held his hand out to help you stand and you took it. you proudly walked to the dance floor while derek walked back to the table.

    the music was loud and the dance floor was packed. you were too far gone to feel embarrassed. you let the music take over and danced like no one was watching. you were enjoying your time when a man began to speak to you.

    "hey," he greeted.

    you didn't answer, but instead, stepped back and refused to make eye contact. he stepped closer, until he was only towering over you, your bodies touching. you felt uncomfortable and small.

    "what do you say i buy you a drink?" he whispered in your ear, leaning down. he put his arm on your bicep.

    "i'm okay, thanks," you said, attempting to move back. his grip on your arm tightened.

    "aw, come on, don't be boring. you can come back to my hotel room after," he smirked.

    "i really shouldn't. i have work in the morning," you said, looking down. if you hadn't been drunk, you probably would've been able to get out of that situation.

    "oh, yeah? what do you do?" he asked, his evil smirk still plastered on his face. he squeezed your arm tighter, his nails digging into it. it was bound to leave some small cuts. you whimpered so low, only you could hear. you again, tried to step back, hitting the front of someone who was standing behind you.

    "she's a fbi agent," emily spoke, stepping between the man and you. he let go of your arm.

    "yeah, right," he rolled his eyes.

    emily lifted her shirt to reveal the holster that held her badge and gun. she raised her eyebrows at him and he threw his arms up in surrender, backing off into the crowd of people. she put her hand on your lower arm and pulled you to the bathroom.

    "are you okay?" she asked.

    "yeah. thanks. i don't know what would've happened if you weren't there," you answered.

    "i'd rather not think about it," she laughed slightly.

    you smiled back.

    "man, he had a pretty tight grip on you, huh?" she said, looking at the red mark where his hand used to be.

    "yeah, i guess so," you sighed.

    emily moved closer and leaned down to inspect your arm. her hand gently held just under where the soon-to-be bruise was. she spun your arm around slightly, wincing lightly at the five little cuts left behind from his nails. when she stood up straight again, your faces were just centimetres away. she let out a small laugh, smirking.

    "you look really pretty tonight, em," you complimented. if it weren't for that bit of alcohol left in your system, you wouldn't have had the courage to tell her.

    "are you drunk?" she asked, still smirking.

    "maybe a little," you confessed, licking your bottom lip.

    she scoffed before leaning in to connect your lips. her hands grabbed your cheeks, deepening the kiss. when you pulled away, she didn't move back and her smile remained.

    "you have no idea how long i've been wanting to do that," you admitted.

    "uh-huh. so, all this time you've been faking your hate for me because you liked me," she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

    "okay, so i handled my feelings like a fifth-grade boy," you smiled.

    "you're ridiculous," she laughed, before reconnecting your lips for another kiss.

    #meganskane’s bookclub 📚 #meganskane’s bookclub📚 #emily prentiss imagine #emily prentiss #emily prentiss x female reader #emily prentiss x you #emily prentiss x reader #emily prentiss x y/n #gxg imagine#gxg#criminal minds #criminal minds imagine #emily prentiss fluff
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  • secretdesireimgns
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #smut#lesbian #teen wolf imagine #teen wolf smut #gxg smut #allison argent smut #allison argent imagine #gxg imagine#gif warning #teen wolf x reader #teen wolf x you #teen wolf x y/n #smut blog#have fun#bisexual
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  • ariadragonfly
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Mommy Dearest - Ocean’s 8

    Wattpad: ariadragonfly - ‘Mommy Dearest - Ocean’s 8’

    1. How it all began

    It’s been a year and a half since Debbie Ocean, and the other seven, robbed the Met Gala. During this time, more or less happened in their lives. Some of them had big changes, the others almost none. But the biggest thing that happened was the wedding of Debbie Ocean and her partner in crime Lou Miller.

    Before and during the time of Claude Becker and Debbie’s relationship, Lou and Debbie had some nights together. However, both agreed that they only wanted friendship, although both felt something for the other.

    Debbie and Lou, however, never admitted it. Whenever someone asked if they were in a romantic relationship, they both denied it, saying they were just very good friends, best friends.

    About 20 years ago they both met, a year later they were partners in crime and inseparable. Both got along well with each other from the beginning.

    In the beginning, they both loved each other, as friends love each other. Both did not know at that time that it was more than just friendly love.

    13 years later, when Debbie met her then-boyfriend Claude Becker, the two criminals drifted apart. Debbie didn’t do as much with Lou anymore. Both saw each other only less often. Their daily meetings became weekly, then monthly.

    Debbie and Lou lived together in Lou’s loft until Debbie moved in with Claude. Their heists were also no longer together, but with Claude. At that time, Lou also opened her current club and started watering down her Vodka.

    Lou stopped robbing to focus more on her club. In contrast to Lou, Debbie robbed more and more casinos, bars and clubs.

    The Ocean woman planned her robberies, also no longer by herself, but with Claude. She trusted her former boyfriend blindly. However, this was her undoing, which then also sent her to prison for five years.

    After these five years, when Debbie got out of prison, she had planned an ingenious heist. This should not only go down in history, but also be the revenge on her ex boyfriend Claude. The robbery was pulled off by eight strong woman

    These women were Debbie, of course, she had devised the whole plan. Five years in prison is a long time, there she could think about many things.

    Debbie has changed over the years, she is less careless, and more conscientious. She is no longer as selfish, and thinks more about her fellow man.

    Now she is a 45 year old woman, with the same long brown hair and brown eyes. She is still a little shorter than Lou.

    Debbie knows she had hurt her partner and best friend very much. She knows she shouldn’t have shut Lou out like that. She is almost embarrassed that she favoured Claude over Lou. She didn’t even love him as much as she loved Lou.

    The Blonde was also involved in the heist. The brunette was happy that Lou forgave her and that they were a team again.

    Lou couldn’t stay mad at Debbie. She thought the years in jail were punishment enough. Besides, she missed Debbie a lot, but she didn’t want to admit that at the time.

    She has also changed a bit, becoming more down to earth over the years. Externally, she was still the same, shoulder-length blonde hair with her fringed bangs and bright blue eyes.

    Besides Lou and Debbie, the other women were Tammy, 9ball, Constance, Amita, Daphne and Rose.

    Tammy is a suburban mother, she has in her garage, a kind of warehouse where she sells stolen goods. She, Debbie and Lou already knew each other. At first, Tammy didn’t want to participate because she now has children and is married. But she then changed her mind.

    9ball is the best hacker on the East Coast. Her job was to get the women in and out of the Met Gala without being seen.

    Constance is a pickpocket, she was found by Debbie and Lou on the streets of New York City, trying to steal people’s valuables. She is the youngest of the group, being only 23.

    Amita is actually a jeweler, she knows diamonds, rubies and sapphires very well. Her job was to costume a fake necklace, which they could replace with the real one.

    Daphne was a total surprise to the others, as she only really got to know the whole team at the end. She was the hidden eighth member. Daphne wore the necklace around her neck at the gala, which was then stolen by Constance.

    Rose was a designer, when Debbie and Lou found her, her business was practically at an end. But she recovered and designed the Met Gala outfits for them.

    These eight robbed the necklace and some other jewellery, with an approximate total value of 240 million dollars, of which thus each got about 30 million dollars.

    Since the day of Debbie’s liberation, until today, Debbie and Lou have been official lovers. They also got married a year ago, which makes them a criminal couple. The group sometimes pokes fun at them when they call them Bonnie and Clyde.

    The wedding was nothing big, and not very elaborate, in fact there were only the two brides, the registrar and the other six present. But their honeymoon was beautiful, they flew to Italy for 2 weeks.

    Today is the day after their first wedding anniversary. It’s a rainy Monday evening in New York City. All eight women are sitting in Debbie and Lou’s loft, enjoying time together.

    But what almost no one knows is that 17 years ago, Lou had to make a difficult decision. Exactly 17 years ago Lou gave birth to a girl. She got pregnant during a drunken one night stand.

    Actually she’s not interested in a men, because she simply prefers women, but at that moment she was just too drunk. She didn’t even know the name of the man, she can’t remember anything. The only thing she knows is that she woke up naked next to a blond guy, she quickly made a run for it.

    8 weeks later she found out she was pregnant. She told Debbie of course. They both then racked their brains as to what to do now. Lou didn’t want to abort her baby, and she couldn’t keep it either. Therefore, she came to the decision to give it up for adoption.

    9 months later, when she was visiting Australia, she went into labor. Debbie was not present at the birth because she stayed in the United States. After she gave birth to the baby girl, she was allowed to hold her for a few minutes.

    Lou named the baby, Juliana. She just thought the name was so beautiful, and it also fit the baby. Lou also gave her a middle name, Deborah, as a gift to her friend. Since Debbie had been supporting Lou for the last 9 months. Although the overprotective Debbie got on her nerves at bit, and she couldn’t hear the sentences ‘Do you need an extra pillow’ or ‘Have you taken your vitamins yet’ anymore.

    The only people who know about Juliana are Lou, Debbie, 9ball and Danny, Debbie’s older brother.

    Lou can’t stop thinking about her. She thinks about her daughter every single day. She wonders to this day, if it was really the best thing she could do for Juliana. The blonde wonders to this day what happened to her baby.

    Lou was here with Debbie, both sitting isolated from the other six at the kitchen table. She couldn’t suppress thoughts of her daughter, what she might be doing, where she was, and whether she was celebrating her birthday.

    Lou sipped her drink, “You know, exactly 17 years ago I gave her away, today is her seventeenth birthday”, she said in a soft voice.

    Debbie nodded slightly, "I know."

    "I've been wondering since that day, what if I had kept her? What would her life be like? With me? You, me and her, we'd be a family. I wonder if it was the right decision...She was still so small and petite, but so beautiful. And yet I couldn't keep her, I wasn't ready to be a mother. I had nothing to offer her, she deserved better. Hell, she deserved better than me. She was so pure and innocent, she looked at me with those big blue eyes, she had my eyes. Debbie, if only you could have seen her, she was so little," Lou looked up. to stifle her tears. But in the process, a single one ran down her cheek.

    As I said, Debbie knew Lou had a daughter at 26. She was there for Lou the last couple of years.

    Debbie was not present at the birth, however, she held and comforted Lou when she came back to New York without a baby. She comforted her every year on the same day, even when she met Claude, Debbie took time for Lou, on that special day. She regrets not being able to comfort her best friend and partner, in prison. That was the hardest thing for her, knowing her partner is alone in the world, with no one to hold on to.

    She was also there for Debbie when they both found out, with the help of 9ball, that Lou's daughter had been missing for about 3 years. This was a real shock to both of them. To this day, neither knows if Juliana is still alive and well. Debbie comforted Lou when they both heard about the news.

    This was a year ago just before the wedding, Lou wanted to know what happened to her child, where she lived and if she was adopted. That's why they asked 9ball for help, she was supposed to track down the girl by her name, date of birth and place of birth. They found out that Juliana was adopted by a French businessman and his wife in London.

    But besides this information, they also found out that the girl was missing since her fourteenth birthday.

    Debbie held Lou that night as she sobbed over her daughter. She couldn't bear to see her usually strong partner, fall into a hundred pieces.

    From the thoughts of her missing daughter, Lou had to pull herself together even more, she didn't want to start crying now.

    "Hey, hey, it's okay. You couldn't do anything about it Lou, you just wanted the best for her, it was the best", Debbie reassured her, taking Lou's face in both hands, "Lou, look at me!", she brushed the tears away with her thumbs, and looked deep into her eyes, making sure Lou heard every word clearly.

    "You heard what 9ball said, her adoptive parents are rich, the best search parties and private agents are looking for her. They will find her soon enough. She wouldn't want you to blame yourself for her disappearance. She'll turn up soon," Debbie smiled and gave her wife an encouraging look. Lou smiled back slightly and nodded her head up and down, "Okay, thanks. I really needed that," she said, laughing lightly.

    Debbie laughed lightly too, mumbled a soft, "You're welcome," and wrapped Lou in her arms.

    "Hey yo, lovebirds, stop feeling each other up in here and come on over. We want to get this movie started," 9Ball's voice sounded from the living room.

    This was followed with, "Shh, 9Ball give them a break," a light slap from Tammy and 9Ball's quiet grumble, "Ouch, chill, chill, no need to get violent."

    Lou and Debbie looked into each other's eyes briefly at that moment, and then laughed lightly at their two friends.

    Both women went into the living room together to watch 'Catch me if you canˋ, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, with the other six.

    It was about shortly after 7:00 p.m., and they were almost through with the movie when there was a knock at the door.

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  • natashas-wh0r3
    19.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Milf!Nat, Top!Reader, Natashaxreader, Businesswoman!Nat

    Natasha comes home from work needing a stress reliever but her kids are in bed so she has to quiet down.

    Degrading, slapping, mommy and daddy kink, bondage, roughness

    you close the door to Natashas kids room before turning around and making your way upstairs. You soon find a exhausted looking Natasha. “All tired out from work huh, mommy” you whispered into Nats ear, earning a soft groan from Natasha. “you want me to touch you honey?” Nat whimpered “yes please” you tugged slightly on her blouses silently instructing her to remove her work clothes. if only her colleagues knew that Ms. Business woman Natasha Romanoff, with two kids and a nice house was a nasty slut. You returned from your thoughts to a naked sprawled out Natasha with the handcuffs beside her. “looks like somebody is ready” you stalk over to her peeling off all your clothes in the process before hovering over her and tying her to the bed. you kiss down her perfectly sculpted figure. Her pale skin soft like silk. “fuck hurry up” Nat moans. “oh snarky are we, i was gonna play nice but too late” with that u grope her left tit. pulling her nipple causing her to arch her back. you pin her back down and push her legs open. “you’ll take everything I give you, got it whore” before she can respond u push your tongue through her soaked folds. Tasting the tangy flavor of her arousal. You reach up and grope her tits again before pushing your tongue into her entrance. Natasha let’s out a moan. You pull away from her and slap her soaked cunt. “shhh, you don’t wanna wake the kids now do you”. she nods her head in response “good” you let your teeth graze her clit before pushing a finger into her. curling your finger to hit the spot that makes her go wild. Her breathing picks up immediately as she bites her lip to silences all the whorish noises attempting to leave her mouth. You push yet another finger in and suck on her clit. Her taste becoming addictive as you continue. “f-fuck can i cum” you pound your fingers faster. “do you deserve that, did you work hard enough at work” you questioned “YES fuck fuck i did Daddy i did”. She’s never said that before but wow did it get you going. It lit a fire in you making u go even faster and harder, the sounds of her sopping cunt filling the room. “cum, do it now” you growled at her. “FUCK DADDY” she screams before coating your face in her cum. you let her ride out her orgasm. You loved seeing Natasha like this, all fucked out. Before you could take it all in a noise interrupts. “MOMMMM” you hear Natasha’s son Nikolai call out. You un-cuff Natasha before getting up and throwing her robe at her. “looks like someone needs you mommy” You say in that sultry tone yet again, slapping her ass as she leaves the bedroom.

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    girls with tattoos >

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    Stoned as fuck and missing your ex is a bad combination

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  • butterbeers394
    16.09.2021 - 5 days ago


    Being roommates with Ginny after Hogwarts


    #harry potter x reader #harry potter imagine #harry potter imagines #ginny weasley#GxG #female x female #requests#requested#request
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    Te quieres morir, ya lo sé. No te importa dejarme aquí sin ti, ya lo sé. No se trata de mi, también lo sé. Lo sé bien, no estás bien. Está muy dificil, ese dolor insufrible. No tienes que repetirlo, ya lo sé. También lo he sentido.

    No espero persuadirte, entiende. No quiero comprometerte, ni que me jures que estaremos hasta la muerte. No cambiarás de opinión, lo tengo muy presente. Pero no puedo evitar quererte, aunque ya no haga más planes de verte.

    Lo he aceptado, aunque extrañaré tenerte, no pretendo retenerte. Me he resignado a seguir a pesar de que duele. Y solo pasaba a pedirte que me dejes estar mientras te quedes.

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    Love Me Fast And Kills Me Slow | Olivia Rodrigo

    PAIRING: Olivia Rodrigo x Female Reader WARNING: angst WORD COUNT: 1,734 NOTE: This is a sad one-shot... feel free to request if you have any! 


    You knew it was going to happen, but you held onto her as long as you can, hoping she'll stay. But you could tell from her behavior that the two of you are only slowly drifting further away. Closing your eyes tightly, the first tear slid down your face.

    Staring down at the picture of you and your ex-girlfriend Olivia, you throw it down on the floor, face down. The two of you look so happy together, but now it was all gone. Curling up in your bed in Olivia's sweater, it still smells like her. It only made you miss her more, memories flooding your mind.


    "I missed you so much," Olivia admitted when the two of you facetimed while she was on set. "I wish you were here with me."

    "I wish I was there too," you agreed, propping your phone on your desk as you reply to some emails on the computer. "Just a few more weeks and I'll hold you and cuddle you as long as you want."

    A smile broke through on Olivia's face. "I would love that. You owe me a lot of kisses and cuddle time."

    You laughed, nodding your head in agreement. "It's been too long. My bed is so empty without you. Anyways, how is shooting going?"

    "It's going great!" Her face lit up as she started rambling on about her day and the things that had happened on set. You listened with interest, staring lovingly at her face, your eyes drifting toward her lips every now and then. "Y/n? Y/n!"

    "Huh?" You suddenly looked up, seeing the smirk on Olivia's lips, making your cheek heat up. "What?"

    "Thinking about someone?" She asked, wiggling her eyebrow.

    "Keep dreaming," you muttered, trying to hide your blushing cheek. "If you must know, I was thinking about what I should eat for breakfast."

    Olivia looked at you knowingly. "Of course, of course."


    "Do you believe in soulmates?" Olivia asked, glancing at you from the corner of her eyes. You bring your eyes away from the TV, focusing on your girlfriend instead. You thought for a moment before replying.

    "I guess I do. Why?"

    "I feel like you're mine," she smiled lovingly, stroking your cheek with her thumb before bringing her lips to yours. You smiled into the kiss, pulling away with a laugh as you punched her arms playfully.

    "Stop being so cheesy, Liv."

    "You know you love it," she rolled her eyes, leaning forward and capturing your lips in hers again.


    Olivia shook her head as the two of you chuckle. You pressed your lips against hers once more, feeling more loved than you had ever been loved in your life.


    "Liv?" you looked up sleepily, watching as your girlfriend slipped under the cover and draping her arms over your shoulder, hugging you close to her protectively. She kissed your nose, stroking your hair slowly.

    "Sorry I woke you, go back to sleep," Olivia whispered quietly, gently kissing your forehead. But you looked up, noticing how she seems to be worlds away, her eyes still wide open as she stared up at the ceiling. You stared at her worryingly, reaching up and wiping a tear away with your thumb. Liv looked down at you, her eyes filled with unshed tears. "I don't know what to do, it feels like we're only drifting apart."

    You kissed her cheek, unable to form any word, just snuggling up closer to her and hoping if you close your eyes, you'll open back your eyes up to a world where the two of you are still together. "I don't want to lose you," you whispered, your voice breaking in the end. "I love you so much."

    Liv slowly uncurled herself from you. "Maybe we rushed into things too quickly. And now everything seems to be slowing down. Maybe we are never meant to be."

    "What are you saying?" You asked quietly, desperately holding back your tears and hoping it was just a nightmare. She didn't mean it, this is just a nightmare. You don't want to hear it come out of her mouth, you never wanted to hear it come out of her mouth when the two of you started dating.

    "Maybe we should break up," she muttered quietly, grabbing your face and pulling you into a kiss. You felt her lips on yours, the salty taste of the tears that are running down your lips was the only thing you taste. "I love you. I truly do Y/n. But I can't stay in a relationship that's no longer moving forward, only backward. It makes me feel stuck in life. I'm sorry..."

    Olivia slipped quietly out of bed, your bed. Grabbing her purse that she had put on the bedside table, she gave you a weak smile before closing the door to the master bedroom in your apartment. "I love you," you whispered to the empty room, the loneliness sinking in slowly.

    You couldn't believe this was real. This was a nightmare. A nightmare you won't be waking up from anytime soon.


    It was too much. Too much to handle. The tears never seem to stop, only soaking your pillowcase. But you barely noticed, sobbing quietly.

    You thought she loved you, you thought she was the one. She said she was your soulmate, she said she believed in the two of you. But then she dropped you as if it means nothing to her. Maybe it doesn't mean anything to her but to you, she was your whole world.

    It wasn't after she left that you realized maybe she was right. The two of you had fallen too quickly that there was barely any time for the relationship to be completely stable. But that doesn't mean it didn't hurt any less. Love hurts.

    You didn't go out of your apartment for the next two weeks, surviving on fast food and leftovers in the fridge. You don't feel like doing anything until your best friend dragged you out of your apartment, demanding you do something.

    "I hate seeing you like this," Megan sighed, sitting across from you in a cafe. You pushed around the chocolate croissant she got you, not feeling like eating and pushing the plate away. Megan eyed you before pushing it back. "You have to eat something other than take-outs. Those are super unhealthy."

    "Yes mom," you rolled your eyes, taking a bite of the croissant. "And chocolate is healthy."

    Megan ignored your comment, her eyes focused on something behind you. You crank your neck, trying to get a look but Megan pulled you down. You stared at her questioningly. "What?"

    "She's here."

    Your eyes widened, glancing briefly behind you. And there she was, sitting in all of her glory, looking as flawless as she always does. But the thing that caught your attention is the way she was laughing with a boy, brushing her hands over his in a flirtatious manner. She looked so happy that you found yourself breaking even more.

    "Who's the guy?" Megan asked, distaste evident in her voice. She was about to stand up and march over there, demanding an answer when you pulled her down.

    "Are you fucking crazy? What are you doing?"

    Megan shrugged. "Maybe she was cheating on you. Seriously, there is no way one could move on in two weeks."

    "It's fine. If she's happy, I'm happy," you swallow the lump in your throat, hoping you won't burst into tears in the middle of a cafe. Megan gave you a pointed look.

    "That's complete bullshit. And you and I both know I can sense bullshit from miles away."

    "I don't want to be that girl who ruins her happiness," you protest, standing up hastily and started dragging a reluctantly Megan out of the cafe. But just as you were about to make it out of the door, your eyes met Olivia's. She looked shocked to see you and you wouldn't be surprised. You know you look like crap right now in a black legging and Olivia's sweater. It was already smelling less like her. But Megan dragged your out before she could say anything.

    "She ruined your happiness first," Megan stated, the two of you walking through the streets. "So I don't give a fuck if her happiness is ruined. I would fight her if I need to."

    You sighed. "You're overreacting."

    "Overreacting?!" Megan exclaimed. "She's the girl who broke my best friend's heart and made her a huge mess. I'm allowed to fight her. She made you hide in your apartment for two weeks! TWO FUCKING WEEKS! I think she deserves a punch to the face."


    "Don't be afraid to give me her phone number," she rambled on. "Or maybe her address. I really need to teach that girl a lesson from breaking your heart."


    "Think you can help me hide a dead body?" Megan turned toward you with a serious look on her face. You stared at her in disbelief.


    "What?" She questioned. "Don't you dare tell me the idea don't sound even the slightly tempting."

    "It's not tempting at all," you deadpanned. "That's my ex-girlfriend you're talking about. And I don't want to wake up to the news 'International Popstar Olivia Rodrigo was murdered in her house by crazy ex's best friend.'"

    "I can see it now," Megan agreed, putting her arms around you. "Be ready to defend me in court."

    "I'm not bailing you out of jail if that's what you're asking," you shook her arms off your shoulder.

    "Your loss," Megan shrugged carelessly. You laughed in disbelief. But it was the first time you had laugh ever since the breakup. Shaking your head at your best friend, you followed her as she continued to try and persuade you to give her Olivia's address. The hurt still weighted heavily on your mind and you know you won't be dating anybody soon. But maybe with time, this wound would heal.

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    The Movie Set | Olivia Rodrigo

    PAIRING: Olivia Rodrigo x Female Reader WARNING: none WORD COUNT: 2,090 NOTE: Request are open if you want to request any female character/celebrity x fem!reader imagines <3 Hope you enjoy!!

    You looked around the set, playing with your necklace as you try not to show how nervous you were. This was the first movie you'll ever be part of and you don't want to mess anything up. You smiled politely at other crew members as you made your way to the other actors and actresses. Lines ran through your mind and you know you are comfortable enough for the first scene.

    "Hey!" A voice brought you out of your thoughts. You looked up, seeing a girl with familiar dark brown hair and warm brown eyes. "Y/n y/l/n, right?"

    "That's me," you smiled nervously, brushing a strand of your h/c behind your ear. There was something about her posture that tells you she had done this before. You studied the girl in front of you before recognizing her face. "Aren't you Olivia Rodrigo?"

    Olivia laughed and nodded, a slight brush on her face. But you shook it off, blaming it on the trick of light. "I guess we both know each other then."

    You laughed along, grinning widely. "I guess so. I don't recall seeing your name in the cast list."

    "It was a last-minute change," Olivia explained, the smile on her face never wavering. "I auditioned but I guess I was their second choice."

    You frowned, wondering how on earth anyone put Olivia as a second choice. She has an amazing voice and you have watched the tv show she was starring in, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and you have no doubt about her ability to act. "I guess they're just looking for a different vibe."

    "Possible," Olivia hummed, gesturing toward the rest of the casts, who seems like they all already know each other. "Do you know any of them?"

    "No," you shook your head, biting your lips. "They seem like they all did this before..."

    Olivia gave you a reassuring smile, patting your back. "Don't worry, you got this y/n."

    Her words made you feel more confident than you were before. There was another unfamiliar feeling in the depth of your stomach but you're not sure what it is. Another thought quickly crossed your mind and you voiced it out. "Umm... I was wondering, how did you know my name?"

    Olivia blushed, looking away quickly. "I might have been watching your audition...? Your voice is so beautiful, I can listen to you sing all day."

    You gasped, your eyes filled with mirth. "You did not."

    "I did," she angle her face away so you couldn't see it. But you could still tell she's blushing, which makes you nudged her shoulder teasingly. You couldn't believe how easily you were getting along with Olivia.

    "Though I'm not kidding when I say your voice is even more amazing," you waved her compliment away. "And your debut album SOUR is so beautifully written I lost count of the amount of time I cried."

    Olivia finally looked you in the eyes, and for a second, it was just the two of you. The voices of other crew members faded into the back of your mind and it was as if something was pulling you in. But you broke eye contact a while later, coughing awkwardly to try to clear the air. Olivia spoke up first. "I'm glad you like my music."

    "I love it," you corrected. Remembering her earlier question, you directed it back at her. "Do you know any of the casts?"

    Olivia shook her head as well. "No. I mean maybe I know some of them since some of them are like impossibly famous, but I don't personally know them."

    "Are you talking about yourself?" You smiled teasingly. "Impossibly famous?"

    "I'm not that famous," Olivia rolled her eyes.

    "Gather round!" The director shouted from the other side of the room before you have a chance to respond. You let out a disappointed sigh. It was a really nice talk that ended a little too soon.

    "We better go," Olivia gestured toward the others walking toward the director and you nodded, following everyone.


    "Can I join you?" Olivia's familiar voice rang out and you looked up in surprise. She was looking absolutely gorgeous today and you didn't trust yourself to speak, nodding instead. You started moving your scripts and sheet music so she has space to put her stuff.

    She sat down across from you and you went back to highlighting your parts. You were playing the best friend of the main character and the director had instructed you to build a friendship with Olivia, who was playing the main character. You were starting to highlight the second scene when you feel a pair of eyes on you.

    You looked up, seeing Olivia quickly looked down at her script. Was she... staring at you? You weren't sure of the answer.

    "You look stunning today," Olivia said out of the blue and you could feel a small blush creeping up your face.

    "T-thank you," you managed to stutter out, caught off guard by her blunt statement. "And you look absolutely gorgeous as well."

    Now it was Olivia's turn to blush. The two of you stared at each other, and you noticed how her brown eyes seem to be sparkling at the angle the light is shining on them. You know you're staring but you couldn't seem to bring yourself to stop.

    "Y/n?" Olivia snapped her fingers in front of your face, a smirk on her face but a blush was visible as well. "Are you okay?"

    "Yeah," you shook it off. "Just lost in my thought for a moment."

    "Care to share?" The smirk on Olivia's face only becomes bigger when you shook your head. She pushed you further, wiggling her eyebrow suggestively. "Is it about anyone special?"

    "No, why would you think that?" You lied, knowing that Olivia wasn't buying it.

    "You have this dreamy look in your eyes and you wouldn't stop staring at me," she emphasized on 'me', making your face flushed bright red. "Is there something on my face?"

    You quickly shook your head, can't believe that she caught you staring at her. "No, you look as amazing as ever."

    "Then why are you staring?" Olivia questioned, leaning across the table, bringer her face closer to yours.

    And cue the gay panic.

    You looked at her helplessly, not wanting to admit that you're staring in hopes of not embarrassing yourself or losing a friend. For all you know, Olivia is straight and has no interest in you whatsoever. Just when you are about to make a mess out of everything and admit that you have a tiny crush on her, your fellow castmate, David tapped you on the shoulder.

    He smiled apologizing at Olivia, who slumped back into her seat defeated. You frowned at her reaction but smile up at David. "Hey, what can I help you with?"

    "Can you run some lines with me?" He asked. He was playing the best friend's love interest.

    "Of course!" You immediately reply, standing up quickly and gathering your scripts. You glanced over at Olivia, who looks like she was ready to kill someone. "I'll see you later?"

    "Yeah," Olivia forced a smile, gritting her teeth. "See you later, y/n/n."

    You frowned once more before you lost sight of Olivia due to the sudden crowd that walked through the cafe on set. You have no idea what made Olivia acted the way she did and you can't stop a part of you that thinks she's jealous.


    You were curled up against Olivia, a blanket draped over the two of you as The Notebook plays on the TV. The movie you two were filming was almost done and you two have built a strong friendship during the time. You two were truly best friends, not just in the movie, but in real life as well. But a part of you still wishes for something more.

    The feeling was there and you've come to accept that fact that you love Olivia, maybe a little more than best friends should. Olivia has her arms wrapped around you, never failing to make your heart do award-winning flips.

    Near the end of the movie, you were burying your face in Olivia's chest as you cried, small sobs escaping your lips. You were always really in tune with the movie and you can't help but cry at almost every movie you watch. Unless it's a comedy.

    "Why?" You sobbed quietly as Olivia rubbed your back, bringing you comfort. There were tears in Olivia's eyes as well and you know you have to give the movie the award of "Saddest Movie Ever".

    "I hope you don't cry while we're watching our movie," Olivia joked lightly, earning a half-smile from you. "I was trying not to laugh in many scenes."

    You sniffled, looking up at Olivia, who brushed your tears away with her thumb. "I make no promise."

    Olivia laughed quietly. "But I hope they'll be happy tears."

    "Happy tears," you nodded in agreement. You fell into a comfortable silence for a while. You looked at the screen once more, seeing the end credit rolls in. You laid your head back on Olivia's chest, feeling her runs her hand through your hair. You sighed at the feeling, your eyes growing heavy.

    Your eyes were closed soon after and you felt yourself slowly drifting off to sleep. But before you were completely gone, you heard Olivia whispered softly. "I love you."

    A smile was plastered on your lips before you fell asleep.


    "Hey, y/n/n, are you coming over for dinner tonight?" Olivia asked as the two of you stood backstage, watching the scene unfold in front of you.

    "Wouldn't miss your cooking for the world," you smiled teasingly, making Olivia gasped in offense.

    "So you only come for my cooking?" She exclaimed, earning her dirty looks from some people in the camera crew. She smiled apologetically.

    You shook your head with a smile, leaning over and kissing her cheek. A blush was noticeable on her face. "I was kidding, I came to see you as well."

    David glanced over, his eyes full of mirth. "I swear, for best friends, you two act more like lovers."

    "Mind your only business," you flipped him off. He only chuckles and shook his head amusingly.

    "I'm serious," David complained. Olivia wrapped her arms around you, laying her head laying on your shoulder.

    "Well, Serious, mind your own business," you rolled your eyes, trying not to gasp when you felt Olivia's lips on your cheek. But it was gone as soon as it appeared. But the feeling of her lips lingers.

    "How do you explain that then?" David gestured to the kiss.

    Olivia spoke up, annoyance cleared in her voice. "So what if we say we're lovers?"

    "Then I request the spot to be your number one shipper," David grinned. "You two are too cute for your own good."

    Olivia turned over to you, a grin on her face. "Did you hear that, babe? He thinks we're cute."

    Your heart fluttered when she called you 'babe' but you played along, kissing her cheek once more. "I did." With a sudden surge of confidence, you leaned forward and whispered in her ears, so only the two of you can hear it. "And I think you look incredibly sexy in this dress."

    Olivia blushed, unable to form out any words. You watched as her eyes flickered down to your lips. And without any warning, her lips were on yours. You could see David's eyes widened beside you but you were too focused on Olivia to care. You kissed her back, feeling her surprise.

    The kiss ended too soon, and you were craving her lips again. But it was surely something magical. Olivia whispered into your ears. "Go on a date with me?"

    "Yes," you responded without hesitation, pressing your lips to hers once more.

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