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    27.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I’ve got a lot of thoughts about this particular moment in the song…..

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  • whereistradel
    19.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    trade l masterlist


    summary: reader and seung-hoon broke up a week before high school rapper 4 started. reader gets asked to feature in one of the semi-final songs, leading her to meet seung-hoon again.


    summary: reader surprises seung-hoon in his studio for his birthday because he’s busy working on his upcoming album.

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    #trade l imagine #trade l scenarios #lee seunghoon #trade l masterlist #khiphop#khiphop imagine#highrmusic #highr music imagine #highr music scenarios #jay park imagines #jay park fanficition #highr music#h1ghr music#h1ghrmusic imagines#h1ghrmusic#khh imagine#khh scenarios#khh masterlist#khh#khh scenario#khh imagines#khh request #d.ark #jay park#trade l #jay park imagine #jay park scenarios #jay park x reader #aomg#khh fanfiction
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  • whereistradel
    19.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    jay park masterlist


    summary: reader starts to fall for jay while they work on songs together but a misunderstanding drives the reader away from jay. will jay fix everything?

    exes can makeout, right?

    summary: reader breaks up with jay because he never makes time for her anymore. she avoids jay and believes that he had already started moving on. some thoughts are changed when someone comes to visit and reader goes to seong-hwa's birthday party.

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    #highr music#h1ghr music#h1ghrmusic imagines#h1ghrmusic#khh imagine#khh scenarios#khh masterlist#khh#khh scenario#khh imagines#khh request #d.ark #jay park#big naughty#trade l #jay park imagine #jay park scenarios #jay park x reader #jay park aomg #aomg#aomg imagine#aomg imagines #d.ark imagine #big naughty imagine #d.ark fanfiction #big naughty fanfiction #khh fanfiction
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  • whereistradel
    19.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    big naughty masterlist

    it all started with an interview (part one)

    summary: in an interview, reader reveals that the one person she wants to make a song with is dong-hyun. what she didn’t know was that dong-hyun watched her interview and wants to work with her.

    it all started with an interview (part two)

    summary: dong-hyun makes a song with the reader and it is finally a few hours until her album releases. dong-hyun invites the reader to his studio for a mini album launch party.

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    #highr music#h1ghr music#h1ghrmusic imagines#h1ghrmusic#khh imagine#khh scenarios#khh masterlist#khh#khh scenario#khh imagines#khh request #d.ark #jay park#big naughty#trade l #jay park imagine #jay park scenarios #jay park x reader #jay park aomg #aomg#aomg imagine#aomg imagines #d.ark imagine #big naughty imagine #d.ark fanfiction #big naughty fanfiction #khh fanfiction
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  • pastelpastryblog
    16.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    I’m tired of this, it’s over 💔 - Woo / Woo Wonjae scenario pt.42

    Julie finally shows a glimpse of Brian and people have a mixed reaction. They're confused as to why it took Julie so long to show Brian and they're also confused on why she's not showing his full face. BM is thinking of proposing to Y/N after being with her for almost a year, so he asks for advice to J.seph and he gives him some advice but he also thinks that his advice isn't good enough, so he makes a group chat. Whilst making the group chat, J.seph accidentally added Y/N in the group that they're discussing the proposal. Out of shock, Y/N decides to exit the group chat which then alerted everyone that she saw everything. Panicking at the fact the Y/N left the chat without a word, BM decides to contact her to see if she's okay but she doesn't reply. Y/N is panicking that BM has actually proposed to her as she thinks that she isn't good enough for him. She asks Gina for advice and she gives it to her. Y/N then tells BM that she can't talk at that moment so she'll call him tomorrow. They finally are able to talk on the phone the next day. Julie tries to "expose" Emma as she is not on friendly terms with her, but Emma decides to finally speak out and says that if Julie says anything about her again, she will not hold her tongue as she has secrets that can ruin Julie. Alina is preparing for her solo debut but fans are confused by the concept as she's normally into alternative R&B.

    Why doesn't Julie ever show baby Brian's face? Will she ever expose his face to the world? Was J.Seph's mistake a blessing in disguise? Will BM and Y/N's phone conversation go well? Will Julie and Emma ever go back to how they used to be? How will Alina's solo debut be taken?

    Next chapter coming soon! 💗

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  • whereistradel
    07.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    it all started with an interview (part two)

    pairing: big naughty (seo dong-hyun) x (h1ghr music member, female) reader

    warnings: none

    summary: dong-hyun makes a song with the reader and it is finally a few hours until her album releases. dong-hyun invites the reader to his studio for a mini album launch party.

    requested: yes

    note: fluff, acquaintance to lovers.

    read part one here

    It was almost six in the evening, the time that Dong-hyun and you agreed to meet. He was coming over to your studio and let's just say you haven't seen this place cleaned up in a while.

    You sat down, placing your headphones on, and turned on the music software. Attempting to waste some time before Dong-hyun arrived, you played around with the keyboard in front of you.

    You just didn't hear the boy open the studio and be greeted with some of the coolest beats he's ever heard before. He slowly tiptoed to your chair and touched your back to scare you.

    "Oh my God,"  You exclaimed jumping out of your chair and looking behind you, "You scared me Dong-hyun." You were trying to relax your heart rate while taking off your headphones as Dong-hyun laughed at your reaction.

    Noticing the frown on your face, Dong-hyun quickly stopped laughing, "I was just joking, sorry (Y/n)" He had a big smile on his face and you immediately couldn't be mad anymore.

    "So are we starting?" You motioned for him to sit on the couch behind you as you sat back down on your chair. "These are a few of the beats that I prepared."

    You pressed the first one from the saved files you had while moving to the speakers to raise the volume.

    You didn't want to look back to Dong-hyun because you were nervous about his reaction to your music.

    What if he doesn't like any of the beats? He might decide to not feature at all

    After awkwardly listening to all the beats, you finally turned your back and saw Dong-hyun nodding his head to himself. It was like he was thinking of lyrics in his head.

    "So, which one do you prefer out of the four?" You tried not to show any emotion as you asked, even if you were hoping he had a favorite in mind.

    Dong-hyun looked at you with a grin, "I like the third one. Can we do that one?"

    You nodded your head before turning to play the third beat so both of you can start writing lyrics.

    "I think we do a chorus first, then a verse and a chorus. Then you go in with your verse, and we end it with the last chorus."

    Dong-hyun just agreed to your song order ideas because he was trying to make sure you had a great time making this song. It was your first album, after all. To him, his first album was memorable, and he hoped yours would be too.

    It was about nine in the evening when you finally began to record.

    "You got this!" You cheered Dong-hyun as he went inside your recording room. He wanted to make sure he didn't mess up a lot so he didn't embarrass himself in front of you.

    "Can you hear me?" You asked while pressing the mic for the recording room.

    "Yeah, everything's good." You turned on the beat and he started to say the lines he had written down. You observed him, amazed to hear his voice live.

    Dong-hyun finished his recording part with the exceptions of a few re-tries. He walked out of the recording room and jumped to your couch to rest.

    You laughed at his actions and glanced at your computer time. It read about ten in the evening, making you start to yawn.

    "You could lay down on my couch while I record since it'll take a while." Dong-hyun nodded, sitting up to watch you record.

    Nervous to rap in front of him, you tried to walk slowly to your recording room.

    There was no point since the recording room window would let him see you anyways.

    Dong-hyun watched you rap your lines before taking photos of you to post on his story. He convinced himself that it was for helping promote the song in the future and turned to lay down on your couch.

    You messed up a few of your lines and wanted to keep recording that you didn't notice the way Dong-hyun's eyes began to close slowly. He had stayed up the other night listening to your old music in case you ever asked him if he had.

    Leaving the recording room, you didn't expect to see Dong-hyun asleep on your studio couch.

    The time was midnight and you saved the recordings before walking over to your studio closet and taking out two blankets. After turning off the studio lights, you draped one blanket over Dong-hyun and walked over to the other couch to lay down.

    You couldn't leave your studio because then Dong-hyun would be left alone, probably not appreciate leaving him too. Besides, your eyes started to flutter closed too.

    With a smile on your face, you went to sleep, not knowing what your future holds with Dong-hyun.

    "Your album launches today at midnight, right after this releases. How do you feel?" You sat on the same chair as a few months ago, this time not so scared of being interviewed.

    This Dingo Freestyle interview was live, so you had about five hours until your album released.

    "I am excited. I had a lot of fun making this album, and I hope that people will love it."

    "Some rumors were going around that the featuring of one of the songs would be, Big Naughty. Is it true that you got him to feature?"

    You nodded with a smile, "Yes, I am so thankful that Dong-hyun watched my video and reached out that he was interested. After making the song together, we are good friends."

    You suddenly remembered your first encounter, “The first time I met him, he scared me while I was listening to music with my headphones. What a comedian he is” You playfully rolled your eyes thinking of Dong-hyun.

    You obviously thought of him as more than friends, but you wouldn't dare to confess your feelings during an interview. He didn't seem to share the same feelings as you which made you hurt a little, but at least you two were friends.

    The woman ahead of you kept asking you questions, but you were more excited about tonight. Dong-hyun invited you to his studio for your album launch saying he wanted to be there when your album gets released.

    “That’s all (Y/n). Thanks for coming!” You got up and thanked all the staff members before departing.

    (Y/n): What food do you want me to buy?

    Three bubbles popped up on the conversation and a message soon delivered.

    Dong-hyun: Chicken and soda. Come quickly your album releases in two hours.

    Chuckling at his food choice, you quickly stopped by to buy them before starting to go to his studio.

    As you rode the elevator, you noticed there was one hour left.

    “I’m here!” You announced as you walked through the door. Dong-hyun was sitting on his phone, waiting for you on his couch.

    You settled down the chicken on the table in front of him, before joining him on the couch.

    “Hey (Y/n), I watched your Dingo interview earlier. How could you say such nice things about me then expose my pranks.” You laughed at his comment and started unwrapping the food to start eating.

    “Oh wait, I have t post on my story about my album countdown.” You quickly grabbed your phone from your side and opened Instagram. Snapping a photo of Dong-hyun, you made a countdown and posted it.

    “Can we watch some movies while we wait?” He nodded, “Sure, turn anything on. Give me one minute, I have to do something.”  Dong-hyun looked focused for something on his phone, so you didn’t bother him. Instead, you turned to the television and turned on one of the new K-drama episodes that came out recently.

    You opened the chicken box and took out a bite, until Dong-hyun finally joined you. There was an alert on your phone but you ignored it, trying to not worry about social media when you were already nervous about the reactions to your album.

    “(Y/n), do you plan on doing anything this weekend?” You took a bite from your chicken and looked away from the screen. “I don't think so, why?”

    “Are you free to go to the movies with me?”

    You couldn’t believe you ears, “Like a date?”

    Dong-hyun nodded and your mouth opened in shock.

    “Sure, I mean, yes, I would love to go to the movies.”

    Dong-hyun chuckled at your current state and looked back to his phone, noticing that your album had just released that second.

    “(Y/n), it’s midnight! Go check out your social media” You placed down your chicken and wiped your hands before starting to scroll on your phone.

    A congratulations text from Seung-hoon and Harry, story mentions from Jay, Woogie, and Dong-hyun?

    You curiously pressed Dong-hyun’s story which was uploaded a few minutes ago, and you couldn’t believe your eyes.

    “My crush’s album is releasing tonight. Go check out (Y/n)’s album at midnight!”

    You put your phone down a bit and looked at Dong-hyun. First a date, now calling you his crush? You couldn’t believe anything going on right now.

    “You like me?” You blurted out, not even realizing what you’ve said.

    Dong-hyun stopped watching the K-drama to look at you and smiled, “Took you long enough to see that story. I was beginning to think you were too popular to see my confession online” He huffed and you smiled.

    “I like you too, Dong-hyun. God, this is now officially the best day of my life.”

    That night was (Y/n) and Dong-hyun’s first day as a couple.

    And it all started with an interview.

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    — written on may 7, 2021

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    05.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #big naughty #big naughty imagine #big naughty scenario #big naughty scenarios #h1ghrmusic#h1ghr music #h1ghr music scenario #h1ghr music imagine #seo dong hyun #seo dong hyun imagine #khh#khh imagine#khh scenarios#khh scenario#jay park #jay park imagine #jay park scenarios #korean rapper imagine
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  • whereistradel
    05.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    it all started with an interview (part one)

    pairing: big naughty (seo dong-hyun) x (h1ghr music member, female) reader

    warnings: none

    summary: in an interview, reader reveals that the one person she wants to make a song with is dong-hyun. what she didn’t know was that dong-hyun watched her interview and wants to work with her.

    requested: yes

    note: fluff, acquaintance to lovers.

    “Can we have (Y/n) in two for the interview?” A staff member entered the makeup room to ask while you nodded your head.

    When the staff member left, your makeup artist, Danielle, quickly sped up the process, “Are you nervous (Y/n)?” It seemed that she noticed the way your leg was bouncing up and down on the floor.

    Embarrassed that she caught on, you nodded your head and sighed, “What if I mess up during the interview? This is my first time being filmed for anything.”

    Danielle nodded, understanding why you must be a nervous wreck. 

    You joined H1ghr Music a bit after Seung-hoon had, so you were the newest and one of the youngest members (Seung-hoon being the same age as you). Not to mention, you were the first girl member.

    “It’s okay (Y/n). I remember the way Seung-hoon and Dong-hyun were so nervous about the Dingo music videos shoots we had. After enjoying the moment, they were like experts. You couldn't even tell they were nervous.” 

    Smiling at Danielle’s encouraging words, she finished up before you were bidding her goodbye and leaving the room.

    The interview room was a bit intimidating to you. There were about fifty staff members of Dingo just running around and trying to get everything set.

    Taking a deep breath, you walked more further into the filming room and towards the chair set in the middle.

    “(Y/n)! There you are!” A man approached you, and you assumed it was the director. You snapped your head to him and listened to his instructions. It all seemed simple than you thought.

    “We just need you to answer the questions honestly, and after the photo shoot, you’ll be done. If you need anything, let us know.”

    The man walked back to his chair while you stood there taking deep breaths, ‘(Y/n), you got this.'

    “Please introduce yourself.” The woman who stood behind the camera pointed at you motioned you to go on.

    “Hello, my name is (Y/n). I rap sometimes.” Some staff members chuckled and a smile formed on your face.

    The woman began to look down at her paper which was full of questions to ask you. “So, (Y/n), you are the most recent member of H1ghr Music to have joined. How did it happen?” You looked towards the camera and thought back to the best day of your life.

    “It was after I finished recording a song. I suddenly got a message from my phone stating I had a notification from Instagram. You should have seen the face I made when I read Jay Park would like to send you a message on my screen.” You laughed a bit, thinking back to how excited you were, quickly opening the text.

    “Soon, I found out it was Jay Park sending me a message that he was interested in my work, and if I would like to come over to the H1ghr Music building later. So that's how I got my contract signed.”

    The woman in front of you nodded, before continuing, “So I heard you were releasing an album soon,” You nodded in agreement, “Who is one member of H1ghr Music that you would want to feature in your album?”

    “Oh this is easy,” You already knew the answer. “Definitely Dong-hyun. I love his work. But I think he’s too busy to feature in my album,” You let out an awkward laugh. “In the future, I guess I could ask him”

    The interview went on, asking about your childhood and what made you first start rapping. Like Danielle had told you, the interview was not that bad because the staff members occasionally laughed at your jokes. Overall, they were friendlier than you thought.

    The photoshoot finished, and you were good to leave.

    “Bye, Danielle! See you next time!” You yelled and waved as big as you can while Danielle laughed at your actions. She was H1ghr Music’s official makeup artist, so you would see her soon for future works.

    With a big smile on your face, you decided to go to your studio and continue producing beats for your album.

    “How’s your album going?” Jay entered your studio and plopped on your white couch.

    You nodded and turned your chair to look at him, “Definitely fun, I think I have all my beats produced, so I just need to work on the lyrics.”

    “That’s good. Send me the song over by next week, the one I’m featuring in.”

    “Okay,” You turned to look back at your screen to open the lyrics you started writing. “Also, I was planning on asking my friends to feature for two of my songs.”

    “Sure, if you want me to help you ask anyone to be featured, let me know.” Jay gave you a thumbs up and started leaving your studio, leaving you to continue making your album.

    “Oh, before I go, the Dingo interview that you filmed today is releasing on Youtube in like four days.”

    Without looking back, you yelled, “Thank you!” before hearing your studio door close.

    You began to wonder if you should ask Dong-hyun to feature, then you deleted that thought.

    ‘Not happening anytime soon.’ You thought and resumed working.

    Oh boy, you were wrong.

    It was Saturday, the day that your Dingo Freestyle interview was releasing. 

    Many fans of yours were hyped since it was your first video other than your music works. You didn’t even know that other H1ghr Music members were posting on their social media to go watch your video releasing in five minutes. You were in your studio, as always, before you checked the time and decided to toon into the video.

    You walked over to your couch and looked for the Dingo Freestyle account on Youtube, using your television.

    As you clicked the video, it was already starting its countdown for the premiere so you nervously waited for the video to start.

    “Hello, I’m (Y/n), and this is my Dingo Freestyle interview!” You smiled a bit, thanking Danielle that her work touched your appearance and you didn’t look like you stayed at your studio for days.

    The interview started and you started recalling the questions as they played out on the screen in front of you.

    Somewhat hungry, you got up to pick up your phone from the table when you heard your past-self answering, “Definitely Dong-hyun. I love his work. But I think he’s too busy to feature in my album. In the future, I guess I could ask him”

    You stood still, glancing at the screen realizing that Dong-hyun might see the video and not even want to feature in your works. Feeling embarrassed, you resumed ordering sushi and decided to scroll through social media while keeping the video playing.

    Most of H1ghr Music's members were taking photos of them watching your interview, shouting you out to their platforms. You reposted some of their stories while writing a short thank you in all of them. It was Jay’s story that made you laugh because he was smiling widely and pointing to his television screen to take a selfie with your video.

    You looked back up to your television and saw that the video was on the final few questions.

    A ring on your phone made you look back. Assuming it was another story shoutout, you opened it without thinking much.

    Dong-hyun: Hi (Y/n)!

    You froze, reading the sender’s name again to make sure you weren’t dreaming.

    The one person you idolized, basically your celebrity crush, was sending you a dm?

    Don’t get me wrong, you were mutuals. Why wouldn’t you be? You’ve seen him around in the building since you are in the same label. You were just too shy to approach him and start any conversations with him. 

    Probably why you were close with everyone, but him.

    (Y/n): Hey! What’s up?

    ‘Nice going (Y/n), that sounded casual’ You thought sarcastically as you threw your head back on the couch. You didn’t want to seem too eager and scare the boy off.

    Quickly, your phone alerted you that he responded, and you were waiting for a congratulating message for the interview.

    Spoiler alert, you were wrong.

    Dong-hyun: I just watched your Dingo video, especially the part about wanting me to feature. I would love to feature in your song if you would like?

    The moment you finished reading that text, you jumped excitedly like a teenager just got asked out by their crush. To be fair - you were a teenager.

    (Y/n): Yes, I would love that. Could you come over to my studio tomorrow and hear some beats I have for my album?

    Dong-hyun: Okay, see you tomorrow.

    Placing your phone down, you picked yourself to see if you were dreaming or not. With a smile, you realized your food was probably downstairs.

    What you didn’t realize was that Dong-hyun was also excited to work with you tomorrow.

    read part two here

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    — written on may 5, 2021

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    03.05.2021 - 1 mont ago


    pairing: trade l (lee seung-hoon) x reader

    warnings: none

    summary: reader surprises seung-hoon in his studio for his birthday because he’s busy working on his upcoming album.

    requested: yes

    notes: fluff

    “But it’s your birthday!” I reasoned while standing up from my chair in the midst of finishing my movie.

    “I know, but I think I could finish the last two songs by tonight. Then we can hang out tomorrow and celebrate my birthday late.” I sighed while sitting back down to pick on my nails.

    Today is July 20 — my boyfriend Seung-hoon’s birthday. But today is also the day that he has decided to not celebrate to finish a few songs for his upcoming album.

    I was only upset because this was the first time we were celebrating his birthday as a couple, and I wouldn’t even see him because he was busy.

    After hearing ‘sorry’ about fifty times, I ended the call a bit abruptly even if I didn’t mean to.

    Closing my phone and staring blankly at the television screen, an idea came waltzing into my head.

    I quickly texted the one person who would tell me what Seung-hoon was doing.

    (Y/n): Hey, are you at the studio right now?

    I waited for the response hoping the answer was yes so that I could proceed with the plan.

    Jay: Yeah, why? Also, are you coming to see the birthday boy anytime soon? He’s kind of overworking these days and I don’t want him like this especially when it’s his birthday.

    Reading the text, I frowned and quickly got up to change my clothes as I texted a quick yes to Jay. Then, I left my house to pick up some cake and drove straight to the H1ghr Music building.

    “Finally, our problem solver has arrived” Jay announced to Harry, Woogie, and Haon as I greeted them.

    “I’m off to go blow candles with my boyfriend. See you guys soon!” I said waving to them while carrying the plastic bag through the halls.

    When I reached Seung-hoon’s studio, I couldn’t help but feel nervous about his reaction.

    What if he didn’t want me to distract him? Should I turn back now and eat this cake alone at home? What if Seung-hoon hates the cake?

    As I was fighting with my thoughts, footsteps started coming from behind me.

    “(Y/n)!” Jay called while walking towards me. He gave me a strange look asking why I wasn’t going inside.

    “Um, maybe I should let him finish the album. He probably doesn’t want to get distracted...” I started walking in the opposite direction of the door and towards Jay.

    Jay interrupted me quickly, “No, (Y/n). Please celebrate today with him. He has been busy right now but everyone here knows that the only person to pull him out of constantly working would be you. So just go inside and talk to him.” Jay smiled while giving me a thumbs up for encouragement as he walked into his studio a few doors down.

    “You got this (Y/n), you got thi-”

    “Babe?” The door opened and suddenly I was met with the face of my boyfriend.

    My awkward hand was still in the air from attempting to knock until he opened the door before I can.

    “Hey, Seung-hoon, I was just trying to bring you cake so we can celebrate your birthday,” I said lifting my plastic bag to show him. “And before you say you’re busy, all you have to do is blow the candles and I will go home. I just wanted you to celebrate your birthday since it’s only coming once a year”

    Seung-hoon stood at the door before smiling and opening it wider for me to come in.

    “You know, I was just about to get some food and go over to your house” I turned to him in shock.

    “But what about your album? Didn’t you say you wanted to finish it tonight?” I asked while sitting down on the couch and pulling the cake out of the box.

    As I was placing candles on it, Seung-hoon sat next to me, “I was, but you sounded upset over the phone so I was planning on finishing the song tomorrow.”

    I finished placing the candles and looked over at Seung-hoon, “Let’s sing! Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Seung-hoon. Happy birthday to you!”

    “I love you, baby,” I said while pulling Seung-hoon into a kiss. He kissed me back and I closed my eyes in happiness.

    Pulling apart slightly, he whispered to me, “Had the best birthday, because here I am getting to spend it with you,” Seung-hoon pecked me on my lips once more before saying, “I love you too (Y/n).”

    Then it hit me, the present!

    “Wait,” I signaled as I looked for my purse and quickly started digging out Seung-hoon’s birthday gift.

    “I hope you like it. I had such a hard time choosing it.” I said while pulling out the tiny blue box.

    “What is it?” Seung-hoon asked while receiving the box from me and started to open it.

    I kept quiet and watched his face to see his reaction.

    “A Dior wallet? Thank you (Y/n), I love it.” He opened the wallet and saw the photo of us at a picnic.

    “It even has a photo of us, I’m using this starting this second” He took out his current black wallet and started moving his stuff into the new blue one.

    I hugged him from the side slightly as he did this, and looked straight at him, “I am so lucky to have you as my boyfriend”

    He stopped to look at me, “And I’m so lucky to have you in my life”

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    — written on may 2, 2021

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    welcome loves!

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    numbers of cases

    pairing: d.ark (kim woo-rim) x (female) reader

    warnings: mentions spoilers for high school rapper 4

    summary: reader realizes that they have feelings for woo-rim as they go through obstacles together.

    requested: no

    note: angst (just a lil bit) and fluff, friends to lovers | (f/n) = your friend's name

    “Sometimes, I get to thinking

    About the many choices that changed my life

    As I look back on those results

    The mistakes, success, happiness, sadness, all of it”

    — Numbers of Cases by D.Ark & Baegie (feat. Changmo)

    "(Y/n), this is my friend Woo-rim” (F/n) said as Woo-rim and I shook hands awkwardly and I sat down on a couch.

    (F/n) decided it was a good idea to come to Woo-rim’s studio since we were both bored. They met through social media years ago.

    “Hey, hope we aren’t bothering you by coming here,” I said sincerely as I watched him sit down on his chair. From what (F/n) told me Woo-rim’s nice, or she’s just saying that to set us up.

    Woo-rim looked at me with a polite smile and shook his head while saying, “No, don’t worry. I was bored anyway so it’s nice you two dropped by.”

    (F/n) suddenly cleared her throat so both of us glanced at her as she picked up her phone.

    “Oh wow, uh some emergency came up. I better get going right now.” She said quickly getting up from the couch and picking up her purse to leave.

    I followed her movements to leave with her when she put her hand out to stop me, “(Y/n), no need to come with me. You could just stay here with Woo-rim since it’s alright if you don’t come.” She said persistently.

    I rose my eyebrows in confusion. Then it hit me — she is trying to set me up right now.

    Before I could say anything, (F/n) was running out of the studio which left Woo-rim and me awkwardly in the room.

    “So, you like rap?” Woo-rim asked as he tried to start a conversation.

    I nodded, “Yeah. I’m guessing you do too since,” I stated while motioning around the studio trying to emphasize that he’s a rapper.

    He laughed at my actions and added, “Have you watched Show me the money 777? I was on it.” I shook my head no.

    “I’ll watch it tonight when I get home” I promised him as he continued to talk about other things.

    That was the day I met my new best friend, Woo-rim.


    I was dialing the same phone number for what seemed like the hundredth time.

    “Sorry, this is Woo-rim. I can’t come to the phone right now so please leave me a message!”

    I groaned and stopped pacing around my living room to reread the message I received a few hours ago,

    (F/n): I think Woo-rim got eliminated in Show Me the Money 9, someone told me he messed up his lyrics while filming today.

    Woo-rim mentioned before that he messed up his lyrics during the first round of Show Me the Money 9, but I didn't know he made the mistake again.

    Brushing my hand through my hair and letting out a sigh, I walk over to grab my purse and put my shoes on.

    I hoped in my head that he was at his house and quickly make my way there.

    “Woo-rim, are you there?” I asked loudly while knocking.

    Not hearing any response, I search through my purse to look for the spare house key that he gave me a few months ago. He said I come over too much so I should just have a key to his house.

    Unlocking the big white door, I turn the knob and enter the room.

    The living room lights were dim and there’s leftover food on the kitchen table. The television in the living room was on and a peaceful-looking Woo-rim was asleep on the couch.

    Hoping that I don’t wake him up, I walked quietly to the kitchen table to throw out the garbage and leave.

    “(Y/n)?” Woo-rim asked slightly awake and rubbing his eyes, "What are you doing here?"

    I cleaned the table and replied, "You didn't pick up your calls so I thought you'd be here. Go back to sleep we can just talk tomorrow." I stated while walking towards the door to let him rest.

    Right as I was by the door, Woo-rim sat up on the couch. "Wait (Y/n), can you stay? I just want some company right now." He said not mentioning what happened today.

    Since I knew that he probably didn't want to talk about what happened, I decided to sit on the other couch and stay silent to not bother him.

    Woo-rim laid back down on the couch and looked at me with a sad smile. "Thanks for not asking about what's going on"

    "We'll talk more tomorrow, for now, go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up" I said as I tried to get comfortable on the couch and turning on my favorite k-drama on a low volume.

    A few minutes later I heard soft snores coming from next to me.

    That was the day I realized I cared about Woo-rim.


    I walked into the cafe looking for Woo-rim because we promised to meet up.

    “(Y/n)!” I heard a voice coming from the corner of the cafe.

    Looking over, I saw my best friend wearing a funny bucket hat to cover his identity. Laughing a little, I walked over to the table he saved.

    “Hey, sorry I was running late, and thanks,” I said pointing at the drink that Woo-rim already bought for me. He was sipping on his drink and nodded.

    “So what’s the big exciting news you said you’ll tell me?” I asked curiously taking a sip of my drink. Woo-rim smiled brightly before saying, “Your best friend is going on High School Rapper 4!”

    Widening my eyes, I congratulated Woo-rim before asking, “Did they contact you today?” He nodded yes and I could tell that Woo-rim was so excited.

    “Woo-rim, I’m warning you right now but don’t make any mistakes while rapping,” I said trying to talk in a serious tone but he laughed at me.

    “Of course, (Y/n). I heard every one person gets chosen from three-hundred people, so I just beat those chances” He added and I couldn’t help but be happy for him.

    After Woo-rim got eliminated from Show Me the Money 9, he was so stressed at the comments people made about him. Some said that he doesn’t rap the same anymore, and others just said his ‘hype’ is now gone. He didn’t even tell people that he auditioned for High School Rapper 4 because he wanted it to be surprising news. I mean, it was a surprise to me.

    “I know you’re going to do great. Don’t forget me after becoming successful” I joked and Woo-rim looked at me seriously. “Why would I forget you?”

    “I’m just kidding, now make sure to get me some invitation to the performances,” I said as he nodded.

    “Finish your drink so we could go to my studio and I could let you hear the rap I’m planning for the show” He stated and I tried to drink all of my drink at once as he laughed at me.

    That was the day I realized I was so proud of Woo-rim.


    I made my way towards Woo-rim’s studio since he texted me to come over. I’m hoping nothing bad happened during his filming today for High School Rapper 4.

    “Hey, Woo-rim. What are you doing?” I asked as I walked into his studio. Woo-rim was sat on his working chair and stared blankly at his desktop screen.

    I walked closer to him until I was standing next to him, “Did something happen?”

    “I got eliminated today..” I smiled sadly at him and tried to comfort him, “It’s okay, Woo-rim. They just don’t know how talented you are.”

    Woo-rim turned to look at me while meeting my eyes and I suddenly felt nervous. However, his frown turned into a smile, “I’m just kidding (Y/n), I got eliminated but they gave me a resurrection chance so I’m back in the competition!”

    I made a shocking face for a second until I realized what he said. “Did you, did you just prank me, Woo-rim?” I asked rolling my eyes and walking over to his studio couch.

    “You made me come here worried for you over nothing.” I pointed out as I let out a huff and crossed my arms. Woo-rim was still laughing while walking over to sit next to me, “Sorry (Y/n), but no need to worry about me. I was eliminated but now I’m back.”

    I looked to my side and glared at Woo-rim to let him know his prank was not funny, especially because I thought he was the same as how he was when he got eliminated for Show Me the Money 9.

    I couldn’t really keep up my straight face as Woo-rim looked genuinely happy after pranking me. Woo-rim stopped laughing but still smiled at me, “Didn’t know you cared about me that much (Y/n). Now since my prank is done, let’s go get dinner. I’m starving”

    Woo-rim got up and pulled my hand so we could leave quickly, and I felt my face getting hot because he was holding my hand.

    That was the day I realized I liked Woo-rim.


    I was at (F/n)’s house, binge-watching rom-com movies when my phone started to ring.

    “Here,” (F/n) said throwing me my phone from the other side of her bed. “I’m gonna go make some more popcorn” She added while leaving her room with the empty bowl.

    “Hello?” I asked as I paused the movie with the remote.

    “(Y/n), this is Woo-rim. I was wondering if you could meet me right now?”

    I made a confused face even if he couldn’t see me, “Yeah sure, where did you want to meet?” I asked while getting up from (F/n)’s bed and exiting the room.

    “I’m outside your house right now” Woo-rim spoke.

    “Oh, I’m over at (F/n)’s house right now,” I mentioned as I walked to her living room. (F/n) stopped making more popcorn and looked at me signaling to mute the call for a second.

    “Wait, Woo-rim, give me like one minute,” I said hoping he didn't end the call.

    I turned to (F/n) while pressing the mute button, “What’s up?”

    “(Y/n), you could go to him if he needs you. We could always finish that movie next time. Besides, the bigger chance of you two getting together if you meet up” She said like we were going to start dating today.

    I shook my head with a smile, “You know he doesn’t like me back right?”

    “We’ll see about that. Now go to your lover boy so I could watch some horror movies.” She motioned her hand to get away from her and I laughed.

    I walked over to get my stuff while unmuting the call. “Hey, sorry, I’m back. I’ll be at my house in less than ten.”

    Woo-rim gave me a quick okay and I ended the call to start going home.

    When I saw him, I could see the sadness showing all over his face. Something had gone wrong.

    “Hey,” I started as Woo-rim looked at me. “Let’s go inside,” I said as I unlocked my front door.

    “What did you want to talk about?” I asked him as I set my bag down on the table and walked to my fridge to find something to drink.

    Woo-rim walked to my couch and sprawled all over, making himself comfortable.

    “I have a dilemma, (Y/n), and I need you to listen to me completely before saying anything.” He answered and I picked up a drink before walking over to him.

    “So what’s going on?” I asked as I took a sip from my drink.

    Woo-rim let out a sigh and stared at the ceiling, not daring to look at me.

    “I like this girl,” I almost spit out my drink hearing that. Woo-rim likes another girl? “I didn’t realize it until a few hours ago, but now I don’t know how to tell her because I think she doesn’t feel the same way.”

    At this point I was confused, there was a girl that Woo-rim never mentioned to me and he likes her? I could hear my heart cracking a bit.

    I gulped my drink and glanced at him. “Maybe you should go ask her out. She probably feels the same way” I advised as I let out a fake laugh hoping it would cover the real emotions I was feeling.

    Before Woo-rim could say anything else, I decided I needed some time to deal with Woo-rim dating this other girl soon.

    “Hey, I forgot but my mom called earlier and said I should call her today for something. I should probably go call her right now so if you don’t mind..” I said asking him to leave politely.

    Woo-rim seemed a bit taken back but quickly agreed since he believed what I said to him.

    After the sound of my front door closing filled my ears, I couldn’t help but let some tears fall as I sat down on the couch.

    That was the day I realized I loved Kim Woo-rim.

    “In the end, we came together”

    (F/n) sighed looking at me as I blew into a tissue and threw out the now-empty box of tissues.

    “(Y/n), that’s like the third box you’re throwing out. This is an action movie, you can’t be crying over this” She said as the credits for the movie started rolling out on the screen.

    “You know why I’m like this,” I said throwing out the tissue. “I bet he’s got a girlfriend by now. Seeing that I talked to him last about a week ago.”

    I’ve been avoiding the texts and calls that Woo-rim sent me since our last encounter. I just couldn’t face him right now when he’s in love with another girl.

    (F/n) sighed and looked like she was about to say something, but decided against it.

    My phone ringed and I already knew who it was so I grabbed my phone from my nightstand and turned on silent mode.

    “We should watch the new High School Rapper 4 episode that came out tonight. I heard Woo-rim did a song with the Baegie guy” (F/n) said and I just silently nodded. As much as I’m sad right now, I did want to watch Woo-rim happy on the show.

    While we watched the episode, I smiled a bit looking at Woo-rim going to Baegie’s house for dinner. I got kind of sad when he mentioned that the dinner made him think about his family.

    Then the song that Woo-rim was singing, “Numbers of cases” started playing and I was so focused that I didn’t notice (F/n) on her phone with a smile.

    “Sometimes, I get to thinking

    About the many choices that changed my life

    As I look back on those results

    The mistakes, success, happiness, sadness, all of it”

    The lyrics made me think about how Woo-rim went through so much since I’ve met him through (F/n).

    I let out a sigh as I watched Woo-rim perform happily and soon the song ended.

    There was a knock on the door when another rapper was about to perform on the song so I looked over to (F/n),” Do you know who’s at my door?”

    (F/n) put her phone down and looked at me trying to hide a smile. “Yeah, I ordered some pizza earlier. Can you go pick it up?”

    I looked at her confused but agreed anyways since I was starting to get hungry.

    I exited my room and made my way to the front door.

    “Hey, are you here with the pizz-” I froze as I looked at who was on the other side of my door.

    “Woo-rim? What are you doing here?” I asked as I stepped out of my house and stepped more outside to talk to him.

    Woo-rim looked like the last time I saw him, there were some visible dark circles under his eyes but I’m assuming it’s due to recording songs.

    “I needed to talk to you, you weren’t answering my calls or texts..” Woo-rim said and I looked to the tiled floors.

    There was a silence until I asked the one question I dreaded, “Did you confess to the girl you like?”

    He was still standing in front of me and replied, “No, not yet”

    Hearing that answer I looked up at him in confusion, “I thought I told you to ask her out like last week?” Woo-rim smiled slightly and scratched the back of his neck before looking at me right in the eyes.

    “You,” He said and I looked at him more confused than ever.

    “What? What’s ‘you’?”

    Woo-rim let out a frustrated sigh and continued, “I like you, (Y/n). You’re the girl I like, I wanted to tell you last week but you kind of kicked me out of your house before I got the chance.”

    I looked at Woo-rim like he had three heads, “What? You like me?”

    “Listen if you’re going to reject me that’s okay but I just wanted to tell you” He added because to him it seemed like I didn’t reciprocate the feelings back.

    “Woo-rim, I like you too. I thought you were talking about some other girl last week,” I said sighing “That’s why I kind of ignored you this week” I showed a sad smile.

    Woo-rim widened his eyes and opened his mouth in shock. “I thought you suddenly hated me (Y/n). I finally got to contact you somehow because (F/n) told me you were home right now.”

    “Guess we better thank (F/n) later,” I said smiling.

    He nodded and said to me, “(Y/n), will you be my girlfriend? And not ignore me anymore too” I laughed and said, “Yes, I would love to” Before hugging him.

    That was the day I realized, through all the mistakes, success, happiness, and sadness, I would be there for Woo-rim.

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    — written on may 1, 2021

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    pairing: trade l (lee seung-hoon) x (h1ghr music member, female) reader

    warnings: none

    summary: reader and seung-hoon broke up a week before high school rapper 4 started. reader gets asked to feature in one of the semi-final songs, leading her to meet seung-hoon again.

    requested: no

    note: angst to fluff, exes to lovers.

    “You know (Y/n), you can’t keep staying in your studio like this. You look like an absolute mess.” Jay looked around (Y/n)’s studio with a sigh. Her takeout boxes were scattered on the table and her fluffy blankets were laid over her couch. It looked like a bear lived in here.

    “I know Jay,” (Y/n) looked back to her computer, “I swear I’ll clean my studio as soon as I finish this song” She promised as Jay looked at her with sympathy.

    “(Y/n), you know that tonight the first episode of high school rapper 4 comes out?” He handed her a USB which she quickly plugged into her computer. It was his featuring part for the album (Y/n) was trying to release in a few months.

    (Y/n) didn’t take her eyes off her computer as she talked to Jay, “I do know. I just don’t know if I should watch it since Seung-hoon’s going to show. I honestly don’t think I can handle seeing him right now.”

    Jay nodded a bit while looking at (Y/n), “Okay, I’ll leave you to editing. Also, I might need you to feature in a song for one of the contestant’s semi-final song”

    (Author’s Note: High school rapper 4 records their episodes weeks earlier than it airs. For example, they may film the first episode like February 1 while it airs on February 28. That’s why the first episode is airing but they are already close to working on their semi-final song. Sorry if that’s confusing.)

    (Y/n) stopped clicking her laptop and looked at Jay like he grew three heads. “What? Then wouldn’t I see him?”

    Jay looked at her while thinking a bit, “I mean, I doubt you’re actually going to see him in the same room or anything because we’ll be in the waiting room.”

    She thought about it for a few seconds before nodding, “Sure. I mean it’s an honor that they even want me featured” (Y/n) tried to joke and turned to her computer, clicking away.

    “(Y/n), you’re not only the youngest rapper, producer in this industry but also one of the greatest. Don’t forget that.” Jay started walking towards the door to exit. “I’ll text you when we have a beat for the song, also, clean your studio soon!”

    (Y/n) heard her door closing and placed her headphones on to edit her song better.

    A month ago, Seung-hoon and (Y/n) broke up with a mutual agreement because ‘they were both not making time for each other anymore’.

    That was it — the best year of her life just thrown away because they were stubborn to fix anything.

    Instead of trying to cry her eyes out, (Y/n) decided to throw herself into work and asked Jay if she could make an album to take my mind off things. So here she is, trying to write six more songs for her album and probably going to order more take out soon.

    (Y/n) saw some photos of Seung-hoon on social media and he looked fine. Jay, on the other hand, told her, “Don’t believe what the media says”.

    What was that supposed to mean anyway? He’s definitely moved on when she haven’t.

    “That was so good (Y/n)!” Hyeon-jin told her excitedly as they descended the backstage stairs and walked to their waiting room. They just performed for his semi-final song for the show.

    “Thanks, you did well too. I have a feeling you won’t get eliminated today” Hyeon-jin just laughed but thanked her nonetheless.

    “I’m going to wait for Jay, he’s taking off his suit, pretty sure,” Hyeon-jin nodded and kept walking to their waiting room.

    Jay wore this black vest for the performance and had to take it off in the changing room right backstage so (Y/n) turned and walked towards that area.

    While she waiting outside the room on her phone, she heard a voice saying, “Team H1ghr, Ambition Boys” and froze.

    There’s only one H1ghr Music and Ambition Musik duo in this competition.

    (Y/n) heard footsteps coming her way and looked up to see,

    “Oh, hey (Y/n)!” Changmo greeted her as she waved at him trying not to look at the person behind him.

    The staff interrupted, “Changmo, Trade L, you guys are on in two.”

    Changmo walked more backstage while Seung-hoon stopped in front of (Y/n), “Hey, can we talk later?”

    “Sure, after the filming ends?” Seung-hoon nodded.

    “Where’s Seung-hoon? Trade L?” The staff called again so he sent her a smile before walking backstage.

    (Y/n) stood there not knowing what to do.

    Why did he want to talk later? What would she even say to him later? ‘Hey, I miss you and I pushed myself into work so I don’t have to think about our breakup and start crying’? She realized how pathetic she sounded because there was no way Seung-hoon wanted to get back together.

    Sighing, (Y/n) stood there for a few more seconds until Jay walked out so that they can walk to their waiting room.

    Since Seung-hoon’s performance was last, he still didn’t perform yet.

    As (Y/n) sat down next to Harry and Jay on the couch, she heard Hyeon-jin say, “I’m excited for this. It’s Seung-hoon’s performance now.”

    (Y/n) didn’t say anything but look at the television screen.

    During the entire time of Seong-hoon’s song ‘Supernova’, she couldn’t help but be sad about the song’s lyrics.

    “I could tell he’s going through so much, especially right now” Harry said next to her but (Y/n) chose to stay silent because he was talking about their breakup.

    Woogie and Jay looked at (Y/n) before nodding at what Harry said while Hyeon-jin and Da-hyun seemed confused.

    “Why? What is Seung-hoon going through right now?” Da-hyun asked and (Y/n) decided to reply this time.

    “Seung-hoon and I broke up a few weeks ago. But I’m sure he’s over it by now so I don’t know why you guys are saying that.” She said glancing at them.

    Jay looked back at the television screen and smiled when he heard the lyrics referring to him from the song, “(Y/n), you’re not the only one sad over this breakup. Not to mention that Seung-hoon purposely doesn’t come to the studio in case he runs into you.”

    Woogie then interrupted, “Not to mention, he cried so much that day we visited him to check up on him.”

    (Y/n) was in shock at what she was hearing from them, but decided she didn’t want to talk about Seung-hoon in front of Hyeon-jin and Da-hyun. She cleared her thoughts and focused on the song.

    While watching Seung-hoon perform with Changmo, (Y/n) decided in her head that she really couldn’t face Seung-hoon right now.

    As the song ended, Woogie joked that Jay should send Seung-hoon to Ambition Musik and (Y/n) laughed, trying not to seem sad in front of them.

    Hyeon-jin and Da-hyun let out a clap complimenting Seung-hoon until a voice interrupted, “Mentors and contestants, you have to go up the stage for the semi-final results,” A staff opened the door and pointed to the direction of the stage.

    They all gave them a quick yes, and started getting up to leave the room.

    “Are you staying to watch the results, (Y/n)?” Da-hyun asked her as they left the room but she shook my head no.

    “I’m going to go back and record some songs. You both did so well today, good luck with the results!” (Y/n) told them as she walked in the opposite direction to head outside.

    “Thank you,” They yelled and (Y/n) left the building to go back to work.

    There was a knock on (Y/n)’s studio door, and she heard Jay yelling in case she was blasting music loudly, “(Y/n)? You alive?” (Y/n) laughed and walked over to unlock the door for him.

    “Yes, I’m alive and well” She joked as walked back to her chair while he sat on her couch.

    “Look’s like you actually cleaned for once,” Jay looked around her studio, “I decided I needed a cleaner workspace, or that I have people coming in and I don’t need them to know how miserable I am” That was (Y/n)’s attempt to make a joke but Jay didn’t laugh knowing she wasn’t lying.

    “Just wanted to say thanks for featuring in the song today, Hyeon-jin won the semi-final today so he’s going to finals.” (Y/n) nodded happily because Hyeon-jin made it to the finals.

    “You know, he also made it to finals too, first place in semi-finals” Jay added and (Y/n) stopped editing her song.

    Noticing her silence, Jay just continued, “By the way, why is your door locked?” Jay asked curiously and she turned my chair to face him.

    “Seung-hoon kind of asked me to talk to him after the filming today and as you know, I kind of ran out of the building before he could even talk to me. It’s silly but I’m just hoping he doesn’t show up to my studio so just in case I had it locked.” Jay only let out a sigh.

    “If he asked you for a second chance, would you give it to him?”

    (Y/n) thought about it for a moment, before looking at Jay sadly, “Jay, I’m still in love with him. I just know he’s going to talk to me about work. No way he asks to get back together.”

    “Who says I don’t want to get back with you?” A new voice answered and (Y/n) looked at Jay in shock, knowing he was at the front of her studio.

    “Jay, I hate you so much right now,” (Y/n) commented, while still not looking back at Seung-hoon.

    Jay smiled widely while getting up to leave. “That’s my cue to leave, tell me how it goes!”

    (Y/n) turned her chair back to her computer and acted like no one was with her as Jay left.

    She just told him that she’s still in love with him and now she was expecting the rejection. To be honest, it was better if she acted deaf right now.

    (Y/n) heard Seung-hoon walk towards her chair but still didn’t look back.

    “So, you’re just going to ignore me right now?” She remained quiet.

    He sighed as he stood next to her, staring into her soul almost.

    “Why did you leave early? I thought you agreed to talk to me after.”

    (Y/n) finally turned to look at him and suddenly felt like crying but held it in, “I had to work on this album so I left early.”

    She tried to look emotionless because he didn’t need to know how she was feel right now.

    “I’m a wreck right now, (Y/n). Do you even know how many days I’ve cried over the past few weeks?”

    “Seung-hoon, what do you expect me to say? We broke up because we both weren’t making time for each other. I mean you’re busy with filming and I now have an album to complete. Not to mention, look at us fighting already.”

    Despite (Y/n) raising her voice, Seung-hoon remained standing next to her.

    “I heard what you said to Jay just now,” He broke the silence and continued, “Do you still love me?”

    “Seung-hoon, that’s not important right now. If your here to talk about work, let’s do that next time.” (Y/n) sighed and started cutting the beats for her songs.

    “But I’m in love with you too” (Y/n) stopped clicking on her mouse and looked at him, “What did you just say?”

    Seung-hoon laughed at the shock on (Y/n)’s face and grabbed her hands, “I, Lee Seung-hoon, am still in love with you. I was trying to tell you that after the filming ended, but you left early”

    “I’ve missed you,” (Y/n) got up to hug him and he chuckled pulling a bit away from the hug.

    “(Y/n), will you please be my girlfriend again?” (Y/n) smiled, “Yes, I would love to”

    That moment, (Y/n)’s phone got a message so she picked it up from the table,

    “Who is it?” Seung-hoon asked as she couldn’t help but laugh while showing him her phone.

    Jay: Are you two making out yet?

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    — written on april 29, 2021

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    Jay’s insta uploads 4/08/21

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    I’m tired of this, it’s over 💔 - Woo / Woo Wonjae scenario pt.41

    Alina decides to wear an inappropriate dress to school in order to get kicked out because she does not want to teach at all. She just wants to debut but her boyfriend and CEO keeps forcing her to teach at a school before debuting as a solo artist that is better than Lee Hyori but Alina doesn't want to, she just wants to be herself. Woo's birthday came up and the staff and artists at AOMG throw him an unplanned surprise party at a nearby restaurant but Julie finds out and she isn't happy as she sees that she was not invited, even though the party was last minute. Julie sees a woman there and automatically wants to start an argument with Woo and she thinks that he may be seeing the woman but Woo clears it up but Julie is still trying to throw insults at him. Emma sees a picture of Y/N and Gina on Instagram and sends the picture to Julie just to laugh but Julie doesn't take it well and decides to take out her anger on Emma. She also goes and takes her anger out on Gina and Gina wasnt very pleased and gave Julie a second chance or she will sue her.

    Is Park Jung Won using Alina? Does he really love her? Even though it was spontaneous, was AOMG wrong for not thinking of inviting Julie? Was Julie overreacting to Woo? Is Emma really a fake friend? Should Julie forgive her? Did Gina do the right thing by responding to Julie?

    Next chapter coming soon! 💗

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    SIKK 🎱


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    I be tryna keep it gangsta and shit but u be having me on that sweet shit. U GOT MY HEART U GOT MY MIND I THINK ABT U ALL THE TIMMMME

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    Jay on IG live with Yultron, Cha Cha, and dumbfoundead to promote his new collab with Yultron.


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