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    19.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Plot Prompt #50

    While pursing the shelves of a thrift store, you find an old hardback book for a dollar. It’s missing its dust jacket, if it ever had one, but the title looks interesting so you buy it. 

    While reading it, you find a fifty year old note inside. On a whim, you write a note back only to have someone from fifty years ago reply.

    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Word of The Day  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    Haecceity (n. Latin, mid 17th century): The property of being a unique and individual thing.

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    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    ❝ medieval philosophers called it haecceity. it’s a term for uniqueness, the individuality of a particular thing that separates it from the thing’s concept. like... oh, here. i’m elizabeth. a specific person, among many. my haecceity makes me elizabeth, rather than just a person. just like this chair’s haecceity makes it this particular chair: the one with that little scratch on the side, that was built on that day, by that builder. ❞

    #* IN. #* OPEN TO MUTUALS. #{ lmao i learned a new word today and so elizabeth is here to be cute and excited about etymology. }
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    19.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    @writerscreed prompt 258: coddiwomple


    I wrote the word “coddiwomple” on the back of a postcard of the Eiffel Tower. I mailed it to my friend Debra in St. Louis.

    Debra covered the postcard in pink spray paint. She attached a label of the word “haecceity” to one side. She mailed the final product back to me in a pale blue envelope decorated with pen-drawn flowers.

    I put the postcard and envelope on the shelf above my desk. I look at them often for inspiration.

    #writerscreedchallenge#coddiwomple#writtenconsiderations #writers on tumblr #not sure how to tag my own posts at this point
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    07.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Becoming is to emit particles that take on certain relations of movement and rest because they enter a particular zone of proximity. Or, it is to emit particles that enter that zone because they take on those relations. A haecceity is inseparable from the fog and mist that depend on a molecular zone, a corpuscular space. Proximity is a notion, at once topological and quantal, that marks a belonging to the same molecule, independently of the subjects considered and the forms determined.

    D&G, Becoming-Intense, Becoming-Catgirl

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    03.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Word of the Day - Haecceity

    Word of the Day – Haecceity

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    15.08.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #meme ; panem et circenses #danieljamesmolloy
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    04.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Ambivalence - Chapter 2

    Pairing: Christian Yu x reader x Im Hyunsik

    Genre: college AU, slice of life, fluff

    Warnings: swearing (like always); there’s a lot of smiles in this chapter, you smile a lot and the people around you smile too

    Word Count: ~5.1k

    a/n: It’s a warning because you may get annoyed with the word “smile” quite a bit… It’s a happy fucking day in this chapter. I also love platonic love and friendship so much and a majority of this series has it. Majority of this chapter is with Hyunsik. Battle of the bands concept should be up in the next chapter. ALSO, I AM SO SORRY WITH HOW LONG THIS TOOK TO COME OUT. MY GOD.

    Preview | Prologue I | Prologue II | 1 | 2 | 3 | (will add links when they come)


    Haecceity Apartments Friday, 11:53 AM

    You awoke Friday morning, though very close to afternoon, to a drunk voicemail message from your friends, filled with muffled background sounds, drunken laughter, and loud voices saying they love you and miss you.

    Typical, you thought with a roll of your eyes and a smile on your face, listening to Serine and Jackson fighting over who loves you more and who you may love more, seemingly forgetting that they were on the phone.


    Serine: “She is MY best-best friend. She loves ME the most!”


    Mark: “SHUT UP! She loves *mumbling* … the most…”

    Serine: “Shhh!! Shut up!”

    Jackson: “But doesn’t (Y/N) also have a thing for … *mumbling*??”

    Serine: “That doesn’t mean she loves ME any lessss… GOD! JACKSON!! UGH!”


    You snorted out a small laugh and shook your head, only to let out a small wince due to the minor hangover from last night’s antics. You let one more giggle slip out before hanging up your voicemail.

    There were also two text conversations unread from while you slept. You opened the most recent one, which was from Hyunsik, and responded accordingly.

    You grinned at the small convo, striding out of your bedroom to head to the bathroom. While doing so, you opened the second text message, which was from Serine, clearly drunk at the time…

    Taking your time to wash up and get ready to go out, you responded to Serine’s messages, drank some juice, and walked around your apartment in an attempt to wake yourself up a little more. After a few more steps from the living room to the kitchen and one more glass of juice, you went to your closet, picking out a simple but cute tee and a pair of comfortable jeans. You began to make your way out of your apartment, grabbing your purse, wallet, and keys, while also frantically trying to put your hair up into a messy bun. When you were out the door, you carefully checked your belongings once more.

    Phone in pocket… Wallet in purse… Keys in hand… All good… you thought with a smile and proceeded to lock the door to your apartment. As soon as you did, you heard a pitter-patter sound, along with a small barking noise.

    You turned your head and absolutely beamed at the sight of a brown and black, mini pinscher dog sprinting towards you, yapping and wagging her tail once she was at your feet.

     “Lori!” you squealed happily as you kneeled down to pet the eager pup. She continued to wag her tail as she tried to snuggle her way into your arms, which you happily accepted and scooped her up, receiving some sloppy kisses in return.

    “She immediately ran when she saw you come out your door,” Christian said with a bright smile while approaching you. You noticed he had a to-go coffee cup in one hand and a bunched up leash in the other.

    Your lips curled into a smile of your own. “Aww, really?” you said and snuggled your face into Lori and gave her head some smooches. “That makes me soooo happy,” you giggled.

    Christian chuckled as he watched you place Lori down, back on her feet.

    “How are you feeling?” he asked.

    “Oh, I’m good. Had a small hangover earlier, but I pretty much recovered,” you responded. “How about you?”

    “I’m good as well. Had a little walk with Lori and got myself a matcha latte,” he said with a small shake of his cup.

    “In… your pajamas?” you snickered a bit, eyeing his current attire.

    Christian shrugged. “Yeah. Why not?” He took a sip of his drink and raised an eyebrow.

    “Well, I guess not all of us can look as good as you in just our PJ’s and messy hair,” you said with a shrug of your own, feeling heat rising to your cheeks at the sudden realization of your remark as you pressed your lips together to fight back a nervous laugh.

    Christian let out a small laugh, with a hint of a tiny snort coming out, which made you blush harder.

    “So, you think I look good?” he asked. And he couldn’t help but give you a wink and a wiggle of his eyebrows.

    “I- uh-” you stuttered over your words before you scrunched up your face and mumbled, just loud enough for Christian to hear, “Yes…”

    A surprised look flashed on his face, as he was not expecting that response, then it was quickly replaced with a wide and toothy grin. Your gaze fell to the floor once he let out a soft chuckle.

    Clearing your throat, you began to awkwardly make your way around Christian, avoiding eye contact as much as possible. “Well, I… um, gotta go. Having lunch with someone,” you stuttered.

    “Oh! Speaking of lunch,” Christian spoke, catching your attention and forcing you to look at his face. With that cute smile plastered on his face, you couldn’t help but smile back. “Are we still on for that late lunch-early dinner tomorrow?”

    You nodded your head. “Yes, definitely.”

    Christian's smile grew as he muttered out an “Awesome!” He then flashed you a finger gun and another wink and said, “I’ll see you then.”

    You let out a small giggle and gave him a smile and nod before turning away, making your way to the end of the hall where the elevator was. Christian watched your figure, a hand on the knob of his apartment door, twisting it open after he saw you turn around, smile, and give him a wave before the elevator doors closed.

    Christian couldn’t stop smiling once he and Lori were back in their apartment. A content sigh escaped from his lips, causing the pup at his feet to tilt her head in curiosity. Christian only chuckled and then continued on with his day.


    When the elevator doors opened to the first and main floor of your apartment complex, you saw Hyunsik through the glass doors. He looked as if he was preoccupied with admiring the new pottery plants and flowers that the apartment management had put out recently. Once you stepped out of the elevator, as if sensing your presence, your best friend looked up from the greenery to meet your gaze. Hyunsik practically, almost instantly, beamed brightly, his little eye smiles ever-so-present when he saw you.

    A giggle escaped your lips as you gave him a small wave. You happily trotted to the glass doors, being engulfed into a hug from behind almost as soon as you opened them.

    “Oh my god, don’t lift me!!” you squealed when you felt Hyunsik’s grip tighten around your waist and your feet no longer touching the ground. You squirmed and giggled while in his embrace until he placed you back down. Once you were steady on your feet, you turned around and let out a huff, a teasingly angry look on your face as you puffed out your cheeks.

    Hyunsik took one look at your face and let out a small laugh, which almost broke you, but you kept your “mad” face on. He continued to smile at you and bit his lip, as if he was contemplating something. This only lasted for a second or two before he brought his hands up to your cheeks, attempting to squish your face. He succeeded, only to have you blow a puff of air into his face.

    The slightly displeased look on his face made you say, “That’s what you get.” You then proceeded to stick out your tongue and blow a raspberry in his face.

    “Aish…” he breathed out and proceeded to place an arm around your shoulder, which had you leaning in towards his body more, getting comfortable… until Hyunsik pinched your cheek with the hand that was holding you close. This caused you to let out a surprised squeak, which then caused Hyunsik to let out a snicker. You gave him a pout and your eyes narrowed once he made eye contact with you.

    “And that’s what you get, my lovely (Y/N),” Hyunsik said while poking at your cheek.

    You kept your eyes narrowed, continuing to look annoyed; Hyunsik mimicked your expression and the two of you had a tiny stare down before you said, “You’re lucky you're my best friend.”

    As the two of you strolled over to his car, Hyunsik adjusted himself to drape his arm over your shoulder and, simply out of habit, you held his hand. Once you guys settled into the car, a thought popped into your head.

    “Hey… Where’s Xuan Yi? Didn’t you guys spend the night together~?” you said, speaking the last part in a singsong voice while poking Hyunsik’s arm.

    Hyunsik started the car and began to pull out of your apartment complex before responding. “Well… we did spend the night together… I literally dropped her off back at the dorms before I came to pick you up.”

    You let out a small gasp. “Well, why didn’t you invite her to come along!? I don’t mind!”

    “Well, that is because this is quality best friend time we’re spending,” he explained. And as the car came to a stop at a traffic light, he turned to face you. “We haven’t spent time together, just you and me, since I came back from Shanghai. And… well… I miss it. I miss hanging out with just you.” He gave you a grin before turning back to face the road as the light had turned to green.

    “Oh…” you mumbled as you straightened up in your seat, a small smile forming on your lips. After a few seconds of silence, you quietly said, “I’ve missed you, too.” You fiddled with the hem of your shirt and let out a breath. “I just figured with you in this new relationship, you wouldn’t need time for lil ol’ me.”

    Hyunsik scoffed. “I’ll always have time for you, (Y/N). You should know that.”

    “I guess. But… I don’t want Xuan Yi or any other potential significant other of yours to get the wrong idea or let our friendship get in the way of any relationship you may pursue. And I only say ‘potential significant other’ due to the fact that you and Xuan Yi refuse to make ANYTHING OFFICIAL!” you huffed.

    “I told you,” Hyunsik began to say, giving your shoulder a poke with each word while still focusing on the road. “We don’t want to make anything serious as she is going back to China after summer break. Besides,” he paused in his speech, taking a deep breath, “even if we were to be ‘official’, you know she has nothing to worry about! I mean, we are friends after all. BEST friends. And nothing is ever gonna come between that, right?”

    “Of course! Well, technically ONE OF my best friends, as Serine would kill me if I claimed you as my best-best friend…” you said jokingly with a laugh and Hyunsik laughed along as well.

    “You think she’d kill me if I claimed you as my best-best friend?” Hyunsik snickered.

    “Well… wanna find out?” you asked with a smirk as you held up your cell phone.

    “Uh… well… not really…” he said with unease as he tried to reach over to steal your phone in order to prevent you from texting Serine.

    You retaliated by swatting away his hand and arm and holding your phone out so he was unable to reach it. “Focus on the road!” you retorted.

    “Gimme your phone so you don’t tell Serine!” Hyunsik laughed.

    “Tell Serine what exactly? That I am your best-best friend? Hmm? Hmm??” you teased. You then proceeded to text your other best friend anyway.

    “(Y/N)...” he said in a warning tone. When you glanced over at him, he had a pout on his face and a glare in his eyes, all the while he pulled into a parking garage.

    “She said she’ll fight you,” you said with a chuckle as you and Hyunsik got out of the car.

    Hyunsik let out a big sigh as he strode to your side, putting an arm around you. “I… will lose,” he said, looking straight ahead as the two of you began to walk out into the city.

    Frowning a bit, you snaked your arms around Hyunsik’s torso, catching his attention and causing the two of you to stop in your tracks. It was your turn to give him a pout when he looked down at you.

    “You wouldn’t fight for our best friendship?” you said in an obvious fake sad voice, your eyes big and wide.

    Hyunsik gave you a hum and a small smile before wrapping both his arms around your shoulders, the two of you awkwardly locked in each other’s embraces. He leaned in close to your face that your noses almost touched. Almost.

    “I didn’t say I wouldn’t fight… I said I would lose said fight,” he said with a chuckle. “I will always fight to be your best friend. Even if it means going up and losing to your other best friend.”

    He then leaned his forehead against yours. “You will always be one of my best friends, (Y/N). Always.”

    In response, you giggled and pulled your head back slightly, foreheads no longer touching, so you could engulf him in another hug, resting your head against his chest. You felt his chest vibrate when he gave out another laugh causing your smile to grow and your cheeks to blush.

    Hyunsik gave you a squeeze back, placing a kiss atop your head. Strangers onlooking would only assume you two were a couple. But, alas, you weren’t. You were just the best of friends.

    Best friends… We’ll always be best friends… Only best friends… were the thoughts in the back of your mind as the two of you walked side-by-side to your lunch destination of tacos.


    Lunch Friday, 1:23 PM

    It was like old times. As in, it had been nearly a year since you and Hyunsik had hung out, just the two of you together. It was nostalgic and almost felt as if he had never gone to Shanghai.

    “When was the last time it was just the two of us?” Hyunsik asked before taking a sip of his soda.

    “Just you and me?” you inquired while gesturing between the two of you, receiving a nod from your friend. “Mm… If I recall correctly… two days before you left for Shanghai. We had a movie night together at the house while the guys went out.”

    “Ah, yes. And you ended up spending the night because of your terrible roommate,” he said with a chuckle.

    You rolled your eyes. “Ugh. Please don’t remind me. She was the worst. And she got mad at ME when I would bring you or anyone else to the dorm because we were being ‘too loud’, but she had the fucking nerve to come back to the dorms super late at night, drunk, and with who knows how many people at times,” you ranted a bit and let out a groan.

    Hyunsik laughed in response.

    “I was so thankful that you and the guys would let me crash at the house every now and then.”

    “You practically lived with us,” he said and then paused to take a bite of his taco. “You excited for tomorrow?”

    Your eyes widened as you smiled and nodded your head. “Yes! I can’t wait! Did you guys decide on the set list yet?”

    Hyunsik hummed and nodded as he took out his phone, pulled up his notes, and presented them to you. You looked over the list, smiling at the chosen songs. One particular song caught your eye, which was the last song of the set.

    “Haven’t heard you guys play this song in a while,” you commented.

    “Hmm? Which one?” he asked as he leaned over the table a little bit.

    “This one~” you said in a singsong voice, holding his phone screen towards him and pointing to the last song. Hyunsik immediately grinned and let out a chuckle.

    “Midnight Daydream… The first song you and I wrote and the first official Blue Lemniscate song,” Hyunsik said with a big smile and (day)dreamy eyes.

    “Remember you had the melody composed already because of your one instrumental class?” you commented with a smile.

    “Oh, for sure! And then we spent all night thinking of lyrics to go with it, just for fun.” He then glanced up at you, a certain look in his eyes as he gave you a smirk.

    You grinned back, practically reading his mind.

    “You are always in my midnight daydreams~” the two of you sang the first few lyrics of the song that came to mind, sharing a laugh when you finished.

    “The first of many great songs by you and me,” Hyunsik said with a big grin. He then let out a sigh, leaning his head against the palm of his hand. “I miss that…”

    “Hmm? Miss what?” you questioned as you took a sip of your drink.

    “Writing songs with you. Don’t get me wrong, writing songs with the guys is fun and all, but… I like it when we collaborate. We’ve always bounced ideas around and I feel like I come up with the best lyrics when I’m with you. You always challenge me. Always asking me, ‘Well, what kind of song are you going for? What’s the general feel for it?’ I owe you a lot of credit for the songs that I just write, all because of your consultation.”

    You grinned and gave a shrug. “You’re the one who deserves all the credit. Your songs always come out beautifully, even when you panic text or call me about them.”

    “But your feedback and input means the most to me!”

    You were touched as Hyunsik just beamed at you, a shy grin and a faint of rosiness appearing on your face. Then you puffed out your cheeks.

    “Stop making me all flustered!! Yeesh...” you huffed as you looked away at the man, the heat in your cheeks never fading. You could see from the corners of your eye that he was still looking and smiling at you, and his smile grew wider and a laugh was let out when you puffed out your cheeks a bit again.

    “What are you doing for the rest of the day?” Hyunsik asked, finishing the last of his tacos.

    You shrugged. “Nothing planned.”

    “Wanna hang out more?”

    You tilted your head. “Hmm… can we go to the park?”

    Hyunsik smiled and nodded. “Sure.”

    You smiled back. Then, you looked down at your food and slightly frowned. You had half-a-taco left and had already felt full.

    As if reading your mind, Hyunsik asked, “Want me to finish that for you?”

    “...yes please,” you responded as you pushed your plate towards your friend. And he happily scarfed down the rest of your taco.


    Yeouido Hangang Park Friday, 2:58 PM

    "It's so warm out today," you said once you stepped out of the car and stretched your arms overhead. You took a breath in and let it out as you turned to Hyunsik with a smile. "I love it."

    And, of course, he gave you a bright smile back. “Really missed spring here…” he said as he admired the flowering trees and the two of you walked over to each other, eventually getting into a stride together.

    The two of you walked a particularly shaded path and talked about everything and nothing; you both reminisced about the old days and explained events that occurred in Shanghai for Hyunsik and South Korea for you to missed convos and events of what happened last week. Inside jokes were made. And a tiny chase in the middle of your walk ensued, due to non-stop poking and tickling.

    "Hey…" Hyunsik said softly as he stopped in his tracks. You did a 180° to face him, head tilting in curiosity. He smiled and took a tiny step toward you. "I've really missed you, (Y/N)...” he sighed, a small blush on his cheeks.

    You smiled back and held out your hand, which he took in his own. You gave his hand a squeeze. "I missed you, too. I missed you a lot, Hyunsik. It was really weird not having you around. A bit lonely at times…” you trailed off, saying the last part a bit quieter than normal.

    Hyunsik's expression immediately softened. He brushed his thumb over the back of your hand, soothing your nerves a bit. “I’m here now. And I'm not going anywhere anytime soon,” he reassured.

    You slowly slipped your hand out of his, taking small steps backwards to still face your best friend.

    "Let's write a song together soon,” you said, clasping your hands behind your back. “And you can help me with the guitar again, too.”

    Hyunsik smiled brightly and nodded. “Absolutely,” he responded.

    You let out a small chuckle, stretching your arms out to gesture a hug, which Hyunsik gladly took, and proceeded to lift you off the ground and spin you around lightly. The two of you held onto each other tightly and kept holding onto one another for a few seconds once he set you back down on your feet.

    Hyunsik sighed against your ear and squeezed you just a tiny bit tighter. “I’ve missed this…”

    You pulled back and looked at him with kind eyes and a smile.

    “...well, you’re here now, and I certainly hope you’re not leaving the country again any time soon,” you said with a grin.


    The House Friday, 4:43 PM

    After your little park escapades, which consisted of more and more talking, walking, and teasing, and a sudden craving of frozen yogurt, Hyunsik asked if you wanted to go over to the house and watch the band rehearse a bit. And, being their biggest fan, of course you said yes. It had been almost a year since Blue Lemniscate had played a show and you were super excited for your friends.

    Upon arriving at the house, Changsub frowned at the two of you.

    “No yogurt for Changsubbie?” he asked with a pout.

    You rolled your eyes and scooped up some yogurt with a piece of strawberry, presenting it to Changsub, who gave you a cute, dorky smile and happily scarfed it down.

    “Thank you, (Y/N)-ah~ I love you~” Changsub mumbled with his mouthful of yogurt as he gave you an awkward side hug.

    You let out a small laugh and gave his cheek a few pats. “You’re welcome, Changsubbie~”

    “Oh, Hyunsik-ah! Done with your date with (Y/N)-ah?” Eunkwang called out, not realizing that you were also in the house as he was preoccupied setting up his, what it looked to be, new keyboard.

    “Not exactly, Eunkwangie,” you responded, causing Eunkwang to jump in his spot as he was not expecting to hear your voice. Hyunsik and Changsub snickered behind you.

    “(Y/N)-ah!” Eunkwang said, an embarrassed blush on his cheeks as he rubbed the back of his neck.

    “New keyboard?” you asked, gesturing to the instrument in front of Eunkwang.

    The older man instantly beamed and nodded his head. “Yeah! It just came in!! Was hoping to have it in time for the concert.” He then finished assembling the final piece and plugged it in, pressing the on button and the keys lit up. Eunkwang let out a breath as he placed his hands on his hips. “Isn’t she a beaut?”

    “Sure is,” you agreed, trotting over to take a peek at it.

    Eunkwang then started to play a small warm-up, getting a feel for the keys. He then pulled up the cushioned stool and took a seat, starting to play a familiar melody. One of the band’s songs.

    “Fire in your veins, ice in your stare… You got me in a standstill,” Eunkwang began to sing.

    You then joined him along in the next line, using your yogurt spoon as a pretend microphone, singing your heart out accompanied with some dramatic hand movements, eventually turning and gesturing to Hyunsik and Changsub. Changsub was the first to move, doing some stupid dance moves moving closer to you as you began to side-step closer to him, you, Changsub, and Eunkwang still singing out loud.

    Hyunsik chuckled at the sight, finishing up his frozen yogurt before slowly walking towards your little group. It was at the build up of the song, that dramatic key change right after the bridge. A small break in the instrumental, and the three of you turned to Hyunsik, and then he suddenly belted out a note.

    “Don’t wanna ever let you go~” he sang aloud, and you smiled and cheered him on.

    “Yeah!” Eunkwang screamed, suddenly standing up and resumed the instrumental.

    All of you continued to sing as Eunkwang bopped along with his keyboard playing, and you, Hyunsik, and Changsub danced around the living room space until the song was nearly finished, when, suddenly, Minhyuk came rushing down the stairs and belted out the last lyrics.

    “Forever youuuuu!!” Minhyuk’s voice rang throughout the house as the rest of you hollered and whooped and Eunkwang did the keyboard finish.

    “Yay!” you said as you jumped at the last note played. Everyone began to laugh and high-fives were given around. Hyunsik placed an arm around your shoulders, giving you a bright smile. You reciprocated, wrapping your arms around his midsection and beaming back at him.

    “Weird way to wake up from a nap,” Peniel said from the staircase, rubbing his eyes and stretching his arms overhead. You all turned to him and smiled. In return, he gave back a sleepy smile and said, “Guess it’s rehearsal time?”


    Rehearsal consisted of you updating some stories to the band’s social media accounts, as well as your own; changing the set list order at least three times (the boys constantly asking your opinion about it); Changsub wondering which bass guitar to bring to tomorrow’s performance; and Minhyuk wondering what outfit he should wear and if it was too soon to invite the girl he had been seeing.

    After all the major fuss and with a small break in the rehearsal, you sat at Eunkwang’s keyboard, mindlessly playing a soft tune while the rest of the boys were scattered about the house. Hyunsik came up to your side and ruffled up your hair, to which you slapped his arm. He only chuckled in response to your actions, choosing to keep his hand atop your head and giving your scalp small strokes, easing some tension you didn’t know you had, causing you to let out a sigh.

    “What are you doing before the performance tomorrow night?” Hyunsik asked.

    “Going to Spacca Napoli for some pizza,” you said. You turned to look up at him. “Would you like a slice? I’m gonna be grabbing one for Serine.”

    “Hmm… maybe… Are you going alone?”

    You shook your head. “No. Ian invited me to come along with some of his friends,” you explained.

    “Ian… Ah, your neighbor, right?” Hyunsik said and you nodded in response. He gently combed his fingers down your hair and fiddled with some strands. “You like him, don’t you?”

    Taken by surprise, you let out a small cough. And Hyunsik only chuckled.

    “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” he said, patting your head.

    You gave him a glare. “And what makes you say that?”

    Hyunsik turned to the keyboard and began to play a bit, letting out a hum as leaned his head down next to yours. “I saw the way you looked at him. Plus, he took you home, yeah?”

    “Yeah,” you said with a shrug. “But it’s not like anything happened. Besides, he was with that other girl most of the night anyway.”

    “And yet, he took you home, (Y/N)-ah,” he said, taking a seat next to you.

    You rolled your eyes. “Nothing happened, Sik. And nothing of the sort that is most likely going on through your brain is ever going to happen,” you said and poked the side of his head a few times.

    “Well, he’d be lucky to have you.”

    You hummed and rested your head on his shoulder. “You didn’t seem too fond of him last night.”

    “And I’ll admit, I’m not too fond of him right now. But…”

    You sat up and turned more towards him. “But what?”

    Hyunsik let out a breath. “Peniel mentioned, in passing, that Ian seems to be into you.”

    You scoffed. “Yeah, right. You know the last time I heard someone say they liked me in passing, it was pretty much a sham, remember?”

    “I know,” he said as he linked an arm with yours and you rested your head on his shoulder once more. “And that’s why I’m not too fond of him, but I can tell that you have a thing for him. And now even knowing he didn’t try to do anything to you when he took you home…” He paused for a sigh. “I’m just being overprotective. Hate seeing you hurt.”

    You gave his arm a squeeze. “Thank you, Sikkie. I’ll be fine. Besides, the day I tell him I like him is the day that you make it official with Xuan Yi,” you said with slight sarcasm.

    He squeezed your arm back. “Touché,” he said.

    “What’s holding you back, Sikkie?” you asked as you felt his head lean on yours.

    Hyunsik hummed and let out a sigh. “I think… we’re just enjoying each other’s company while it lasts. I don’t think I can handle a long distance relationship.”

    “You could ask her to stay.”

    He shook his head. “No, I can’t do that.”

    “She’s lucky to have you now. And she’ll be lucky forever if you give it a chance.”

    You paused as a thought came to your mind and you let out a sigh, squeezing his arm.

    “You could always go back with her.”

    Hyunsik felt a slight pang in his heart at your words. He looked down at you, your head still resting on his shoulder.

    “You had a wonderful time in Shanghai, yeah? And you met a beautiful girl and fate had brought her back here with you for awhile.”

    Hyunsik nudged your head with his shoulder, causing you to look up at him. His hand slipped in yours and gave it a squeeze. “It sounds stupid, but my heart belongs here. My life is here. I don’t want to leave you guys for some potential relationship.”

    You squeezed his hand back, giving him a sweet smile before leaning your head back on his shoulder. “I still think you should ask her to stay, because it’s still a possible relationship.”

    Hyunsik chuckled and said, “We’ll see.”

    “More like your heart belongs to someone here,” Eunkwang muttered under his breath, only having Changsub and Minhyuk within hearing distance; the two of them snickered along.

    #ambivalence#btob#christian yu#btob fanfic #christian yu fanfic #btob scenarios#btob imagines #christian yu scenarios #christian yu imagines #kpop fanfic #this fic is honestly a mutual pining and slow burn fic #sorry for the lack of ian in this one #he'll appear more in the next one
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  • cowboydrag
    19.06.2021 - 7 monts ago

    gilles deleuze, pure immanence: essays on a life

    [ID: What is immanence? A life… No one has described what a life is better than Charles Dickens, if we take the indefinite article as an index of the transcendental. A disreputable man, a rogue, held in contempt by everyone, is found as he lies dying. Suddenly, those taking care of him manifest an eagerness, respect, even love, for his slightest sign of life. Everybody bustles about to save him, to the point where, in his deepest coma, this wicked man himself senses something soft and sweet penetrating him. But to the degree that he comes back to life, his saviors turn colder, and he becomes once again mean and crude. Between his life and his death, there is a moment that is only that of a life playing with death. The life of the individual gives way to an impersonal and yet singular life that releases a pure event freed from the accidents of internal and external life, that is, from the subjectivity and objectivity of what happens: a “Homo tantum” with whom everyone empathizes and who attains a sort of beatitude. It is a haecceity no longer of individuation but of singularization: a life of pure immanence, neutral, beyond good and evil, for it was only the subject that incarnated it in the midst of things that made it good or bad. The life of such individuality fades away in favor of the singular life immanent to a man who longer has a name, though he can be mistaken for no other. A singular essence, a life…  end ID]

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  • areaaaa51
    09.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Anna Rutter sound workshop

    - Affect theory 

    - Immediate response to things

    - sound sculpture 

    - tests and experiments

    - Quiddity - the inherent nature or essence of someone or something

    - Haecceity - that property or quality of a thing by virtue of which it is unique or describable as ‘this (one)’

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  • philosophy-uml
    06.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    [4.15.6] John Duns Scotus on Universals, Indiciduation and Haecceity

    [4.15.6] John Duns Scotus on Universals, Indiciduation and Haecceity

    John Duns Scotus (the “Subtle Doctor,” 1265/66–1308 AD), in his works “Quaestiones in librum Porphyrii Isagoge,” “Quaestiones Quodlibetales,” “Quaestiones super libros Metaphysicorum Aristotelis” and “Ordinatio” discusses the problem of universals and individuation: Universals are in the mind, and they are real because their content – the common nature is real.Common nature is a subkind of…

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    #John Duns Scotus (1265/66–1308 AD)
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  • rthstewart
    28.04.2021 - 8 monts ago

    More Narnia Spare Oom AUs

    So I’ve like actually written a lot of this.  But....  based on this lovely post by @athoughtfox and then @edmundjustking made the serious mistake of asking for me to elaborate and so I did , a little bit here .  But... I have opinions about this, OK?  And A LOT OF WORDS.   REALLY A LOT OF WORDS.

    Digory – Professor at Oxford, professor of philosophy and theology, renowned expert on the Oxford Franciscans, the Blessed Duns Scotus, and Gerard Manly Hopkins.  Professor Kirke is trying to construct an elaborate theory of environmental stewardship and haecceity based upon his Narnia experience. An excellent theologian and a very bad Christian – he’s not been to church in over 30 years.  Ace.

    Polly – Amateur zoologist and naturalist --- “maiden” aunt HA! Always accompanied by a dog, a cat, an umbrella and a carpet bag.  Drove an ambulance in France for the Red Cross in WW1 in France.  Drives an MG. World traveler.   Bisexual. Works at the Whipsnade Zoo and has a bad habit of always trying to curtsy in front of Peter.

    Peter: Private, youngest member of Ox & Bucks 2d Battalion, D Company, Glider Corps (whose insignia is Bellerophon aboard Pegasus) and sees the first action on D-Day when his Horsa Glider crashes into the Caen Canal bridge (Normandy) (which becomes known as Pegasus Bridge). He’s wounded in hedgerow battles on the march to Paris, sent home to recover and (probably) never sees more action.  (Unless he joins Captain America’s Howling Commandos and cleans up Hydra nests in former occupied Europe).  Maybe ends up with T-Force, Ox & Bucks 1st Battalion, who are rounding up German scientists and high value targets and “persuading” them to come to England or America.  

    After he’s demobbed, he enrolls at Oxford and starts an affair with a married woman.  He then drops out of Oxford as a dismal failure at the classics curriculum.  He comes into some money and finally gets Aslan’s message and begins rebuilding a country for a 3rd time -- he ends up working in construction and literally becomes a rock on which England is rebuilt, as a carpenter and bricklayer.  Ultimately he’s elected to Commons as the rep for Oxford-Cowley where his battles with Margaret Thatcher become legendary.  Bisexual, married, two children, 6 grandchildren. Knighted in 1992.  

     Susan:  Lying about her age and armed with forged identify papers, Susan begins running a spy through the British Embassy in Washington DC in the summer of 1942 to build support in the American Congress for the British war effort.  She leaves school in 1943 and enters SOE training.  She is deployed to Bénouville at a woman’s hospital to spy on the Nazi fortification of the Caen Canal which Peter’s Horsa glider crashed into on D-Day. Sometime thereafter, she is eventually able to return to England (and maybe hangs out with/has sex with Peggy Carter for a while in France on the road to Paris).  Eventually, she is recruited to MI6/SIS with her partner from Washington and they eventually marry where they built networks of spies throughout the Balkans that are blown and murdered by the Cambridge 5.  Her husband may die in Berlin in or around 1950 and/or she remarries.  One daughter; one grandchild.  COE Deaconess, international election observer, advocate for women’s pentathlon in the Olympics, always keeps wolfhounds and a really large handbag that she keeps a Little Joe crossbow in that she got during the War.  Becomes Dame Commander in or around 1980.  

     Edmund:  With forged papers, Edmund passes off as a British army private in Washington DC in 1943, becomes fluent in German and Russian, and is involved in espionage efforts in Greece and the Balkans that preceded Allied operations in the Mediterranean in 1943.   He narrowly avoids a honey trap and seduction by a man with the aim of  compromising him into becoming a Soviet agent – the Soviets are seeking information on the Venona project.  After flirting with the SIS, he decides to not join his sister in espionage.  He reads law at Oxford and works the Judges’ Trial at Nuremberg.  He becomes a successful barrister and renowned human rights activist, with a particular focus on war crimes (with Lucy) and tirelessly advocates for the Chagoss Islands.  Edmund refuses a knighthood for years because he wants Peter to get his first.  He finally relents and becomes the Right Honourable Sir Edmund Pevensie but hates being called Sir.  Sits on the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.  Bisexual, married, three children, five grandchildren, married to a Holocaust survivor. Always keeps cats.

     Lucy:  Leaves school in 1943 with forged identity papers to begin agitating for Greek famine relief and more aggressive action to stop the Holocaust and allow more Jews into England.  Joins the Red Cross.  Eventually becomes involved in smuggling food to the Channel Islands which are under Nazi occupation. After the war, Lucy advocates for families of Chinese men in the Liverpool area after the Chinese merchant sailors are secretly kidnapped and forcibly repatriated back to China.  She eventually goes back to school and becomes a doctor.  She and Edmund are involved war crimes investigations all over the world.  Through NGOs, she operates clinics and advocates for security of the whole person (income, education, home, political stability, healthcare) as universal human rights.  Short listed for a Nobel Peace prize twice.  Has arrest records in 5 countries for civil disobedience.  Bisexual. Marries an American, has three children and four grandchildren.  

     Eustace:  Becomes a world-renowned paleontologist, with a focus on trying to find fossil records that can explain the worldwide mythology of dragons. Discovers a species of flying lizard, Draco Scrubb.  Marries Jill, two children.

     Jill:  A respected artist and cook.  She sells art to sporting magazines her mother and father run in the U.S. and Caribbean and also to paleontological and naturalist publications.  Also active with her family, in the cause of Jamaican independence and politics thereafter.  She purchases a cottage on the Isle of Wright that has portals to a magical place with pink water and blue sand.  

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  • gemzstone
    11.04.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Knowledge production through sound

    Practicing artist Ana rutter

    Video and sound in gathering materials collect up things to make work from

    Sound as you collect them in digital you alter them in materials

    Hear in fact theory related to responses without thinking about it and a gut feeling

    Sculptures that sound alter through it like sand material

    Field recording anything recorded outside of a studio using equipment

    Pre existing sound

    Prompt to around us things to notice around us

    Layering of the medium of hearing the real volume and hearing in a louder way

    Becomes different as experiencing through the recording

    Details little bit of sound engaging over time or miss and by pass

    A desire to gather, make sense

    Capture them and reproduce it

    Hold and share it and make things to accumulation

    Dialog and share this piece of work

    Testing and what I’ll gather when she records as well in experience as learning through the process that you are doing

    Thinking about those small stuff that is build around us

    Haecceity the discrete qualities properties gives a common essence of the personality

    Quiddity essence of an object in its what ness what is it

    Small stuff quite a lot of stuff materials stuff derives from the same place stuff is around us all time

    Thing related to german thing sense including meeting and matter concern

    Spectacular video in recording videos and sound

    Being change cellar from the mention house

    Spaces of transformation and change in portrait of sound self portrait begin to make come together in making piece

    Play final piece of spaces to access in self portrait in the moments

    Explore mapping place to another

    Shifting time

    Field recording trips collecting sound for design or extend it in short sound effects

    Sound and 3 dimensionality

    Forward and back

    Left and right

    Up and down

    Kind of tell about the sound of distance it is

    Brain solving about the sound we can hear

    Sleep most of the sense go off but not sound

    Claim of how it informs us about visual from the video

    Microphone work like ears sound moves in the air monocles in a electric signal in reverse that creates a sound

    Basic principals of making sound

    Mono of two microphones that have facial qualities of time and hear and play in the speakers is better than the other

    Stereo of collection of time of the whole environment of complex of recordings of kind of practice and simplified

    360 audio

    One collect all the noise all around

    More directly in front of them shotgun mics

    Mono track put in sound piece in any space position it in where i want

    Stereo microphones when you record gives space full sound

    Can record under water to hear sound through the water

    Building a sound collage give the space studio a background of the piece

    Higher piece of sound of tracks you can control of the volume to put them together

    Build up to make a collage texture of the real details clearly when listening

    Gathering closer of the background track layers of not specific pieces

    Appear in softly

    Background to make it noticeable to what happening in the sound

    Sounds works collaging

    Recording the doing layers of sound five audio on each other in fading out specific sounds in it.

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  • lockdownworld
    10.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    ☆ Sound workshop

    knowledge production through doing

    ‘gathered materials’

    sound and video are material things

    ‘gut instinct’

    ‘sound sculpture’- the environment - 3D space

    affect theory - immediate response to things

    field recording - recorded outside a studio

    why do we make work? ‘Desiring Production’ book, social history of photography

    share work with others

    listen to others, see other povs

    ‘texts and experiments’ - ‘out of experience’ - learning through experience

    ‘haecceity’: ‘thisness’ the individuality, what’s particular

    ‘quiddidity’: ‘whatness’ what makes this thing, this thing? the commonality

    - aid understanding

    how memories are made and triggered

    ‘stuff’ - around us all the time

    ‘thing’ - ‘meeting’ ‘matter’ ‘concern’

    collection of the world around you

    make new moments out of old things

    - forward and back

    - left and right

    - up and down

    mono - one pov/stereo - 2 povs/360 audio

    sound collage

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  • rowanwhittington
    10.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Anna Rutter Sound Workshop

    - Knowledge production through doing - the knowledge is achieved through the practice of making artworks

    - Works with video and sound

    - Affect theory - immediate response to things

    - Sound sculpture - sounds are the environment, occupy a 3D space

    - Field recording - recorded outside the recording studio

    - A desire to gather, make sense; not to tell, but to share

    - Tests and experiments - learning through experience

    - Quiddity - the essence of an object, its 'whatness' - describes properties that a particularly substance (eg a person) shares with others of its kind

    - Haecceity - a person or objects 'thisness' - the individualising difference between the concept 'a man' and the concept 'socrates' (ie a specific person)

    - Mapping of one space to another

    Anna’s work

    Sound and three dimensionality:

    - forward and back

    - left and right

    - up and down

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  • oneweekoneband
    02.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    To Leave Or Die In Long Island

    Of course, BTMI! was just getting started. Less than a year after the release of the debut, Jeff came out with a second album (well, at 8 songs, it’s more of an EP, or mini-album, or, in Jeff’s words, a digital “10-inch”). Though To Leave Or Die In Long Island is shorter in length than Album Minus Band, that only seems to have helped to focus the sound and songwriting on it. In some ways, it’s more conceptually ambitious, too – the album begins and ends with the same melody in a kind of parallel structure. Almost everything that was great on Album Minus Band is honed to a finer point here. (Strangely, according to this interview, this is apparently Jeff’s least favourite BTMI! album; while I understand his reasoning why, it easily ranks as one of my favourites.) As on that album, for example, Jeff continues to criticize the state of the 2000s punk scene. But instead of simply lashing out at obnoxious trend-chasers, his targets get more specific and his lyrics more potent as a result: opener “Happy Anterrabae Day!!!” takes aim at the overly-violent culture that can still be observed at hardcore shows. Between the first verse to the second, Jeff moves from jeering at the guys who threaten “some fourteen-year-old” to suggesting ways to improve the situation: “If I kissed you on the nose or offered you a hug, / How could you possibly still wanna fight?” He ends with a reminder of the positive possibilities of punk rock: “Think about the reason you went to shows at twelve years old, / We all felt alone, it was not to kick my ass!”

    Whether it’s the inside-joke about a bandmate’s ladder-climbing career offer to join a more successful band (that didn’t work out in the end) on “Congratulations, John, On Joining Every Time I Die!” or the under-a-minute hardcore punchline of “Showerbeers!!!”, the album really shines on the lyrical front even when it feels like Jeff isn’t trying (which he admits he wasn’t on “Showerbeers!!!”). Then there’s the more serious stuff: “Dude, Get With The Program” is one of Jeff’s best songs about the paper-thin quality of that bullshit facade upper-management types put on when trying to soothe class antagonisms in their workplaces. Inspired by an experience he had at a job in which a company’s managers started lecturing workers on being part of their “family” right before the paycuts and firings began, he vents his frustrations: “You’re working on your first million, / I’m on my first thousand, / And bills are due tomorrow.” There’s the emptiness of the rhetoric fed to those who get the short end of the stick under capitalism: “You didn’t get fired, you’re ‘laid off.’” The chorus clears it all up: “You could have figured out a way to help us out, / But you just said: / ‘Hey, go ahead and get fucked!’”

    By contrast, the less-oppositional “Stand There Until Your Sober” has been a long-running fan favourite possibly due to its confessional quality. It’s a song about drinking too much, feeling like you’ve fallen behind in life, like you’ve missed your chance to grow up, and being generally miserable with nothing to look forward to except the awesome party you have planned for your friends at your funeral (because “mourning is for suckers!”). Over a relatively sparse 3/4 groove with some nice musical flourishes (those backmasked acoustic guitar chords that open the song always get me), Jeff sings about the city’s ambient lights blocking out the stars, making out with a stranger on a boat, and earning only “a hundred and ten bucks for twenty hours” while watching his friends achieve a comfortable stability in life that always seems out of reach for him. It’s the ultimate loser’s anthem, and maybe some of the most poetic stuff to come out of BTMI! Even in the midst of the despair, a ray of positivity breaks through near the end of the song: “You’ll finally know that life’s okay, / Even when the bad things happen.”

    The music, too, takes a giant step forward on To Leave Or Die. Though Album Minus Band already showed signs of breaking free from the confines of ska-punk, Jeff signals his ambitions to fuck with the formula as much as possible right off the bat with the cheesy fake-out synth-rock intro to “Happy Anterrabae Day!!!”, gradually revving up the tempo until it reaches the hardcore intensity that kicks off its first verse. Remember what I said about Jeff’s harmonies on Album Minus Band? Here’s the thing: he might not be a great singer (something he’d address directly on the band’s final album), but he sure knows how to layer his voice in his wall-of-sound production to trick you into thinking he is. Of course, he pulls back the curtain at the end and mutes all instruments for the final chorus’s last couple “na-na-na” sections, revealing a chorus of Jeffs screaming vague harmonies and polyphonies at the top of their lungs, barely staying in time with each other, let alone in tune. He knows exactly how absurd it sounds and works that to his advantage perfectly – it never fails to make me laugh out loud. I actually first got my sister into this band by showing her this part of the song, which she couldn’t believe would be left in an actual studio recording. It’s both incredibly funny and incredibly punk; what could be more so than a guy going “Yeah, I can’t sing, but how about I make a whole goddamn choral arrangement out of my voice anyway?”

    The peak of the album’s musical ambition arrives at its climax and final song, “Syke! Life Is Awesome!” A tour-de-force of multi-section songwriting, Jeff describes it relatively accurately on Quote Unquote as being composed of “20-second blasts of different genres whether it be alt-country, post-punk, reggae or synth pop.” What that description doesn’t quite capture is the progression of the song, from an acoustic-strummed folk-punk intro into a kind of freak-folk chorus strung out on its own silliness, from there to a classic hardcore punk tempo interspersed with a couple bars of ska, building to an unstoppable outro with a horn section that sounds like a Motown track’s backing dialed up to light-speed. That excellent “na-na-na” vocal melody from “Happy Anterrabae Day!!!” is reprised here through the horns at the end of the song, a motif for the observant listener to enjoy. Lyrically, too, this might be one of my favourite BTMI! songs; Jeff says this one was about a time he got to talk with the lead singer of Squeeze and realized how cool it was that his life had turned out in a way that such a thing could happen. It’s the end of the song that really gets me: sprinting across the album’s final stretch, Jeff begins a long, uninterrupted phrase following an instrumental break that details all the weird things that happened in his life in the chain of events that got him to where he was at the time of writing that song. It evokes a sense of wonder at the simple mechanism of cause-and-effect: “And if I knew how to throw a football, / I would have never played any music, / And if never got my heart broken, / I would sing ‘blah blah fucking nothing.’” It’s a celebration of the uniqueness of the timeline that makes your life unequivocally yours, as it could never be any other way. In philosophy, we might call that a “haecceity.”

    #Bomb The Music Industry! #BTMI! #Punk#Punk rock #To Leave Or Die In Long Island
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  • whiskyhorse
    13.04.2019 - 2 years ago


    It is often said that poetry uses lies to reveal the truth.  If haecceity is a kind of truth, then poetry can wrap it.  Poets can excel at this, like Ted Hughes’ badger “bobbing along in the dawn-dew/with the sack of himself bouncing on his gallop/just like a sack of loot” in the tellingly titled What is the Truth?

    Some magicians claim that spoken words are more powerful than shaped will alone.  I have some argument with this because it’s not my experience and I think it’s grossly reductive.  However it is true that words are symbols that shape meaning.  They may be delivered straight from the shape of what is at that moment.

    Gerard Manley Hopkins believed that true poetry was not ‘spoken on and from the level of the poets mind’ (Gardner, 1975).  I think he was correct.  A poem made from the mind will work, the parts will spin, but the truth is often lost.  That’s suboptimal for magic.  And what is inspiration?  A state of being?  Can a state be induced?

    Pretty obviously, yes, a state can be induced.  That’s the whole of what we’re doing: inducing states of being.  Shifting to a point where you occupy or sense the shape of haecceity and channelling that immediacy - perhaps through poetry, or glossolalia.  

    Perhaps through dance and movement.  Perhaps through a sigil.

    Gardner, W. (ed.) (1975) Gerald Manley Hopkins. Penguin.  p.154

    Hughes, T. (1984) What is the Truth?

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  • heteroglossia
    19.02.2019 - 2 years ago
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