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    another nct drabble, short story, one shot, scenario? 

    genre: fluff probs

    tw: none

    pairing: Renjun & reader

    a/n: idk bro read at ur own risk, i used google translate for a thing but im hoping it makes sense in the context, feel free to interact :)) 


    "Renjun-ah it’s fine. You, of all people, know how forgiving she is.”

    “Ya! Haechan, don’t say it like that. Renjun-ah it looks really nice she’ll love it.”

    Haechan and Jeno were gathered in Renjun and Jisung’s shared bedroom attempting to calm the nerves of the older Dream member. He had just finished a painting he had been working on for the last month in prepation for Valentine’s Day. He knew you weren’t expecting anything as in Korea, the traditional practice was for the girl in the relationship to give the guy chocolates, but neither of you were big on the specifics of things like that. You both shared the sentiment of holidays but were also practical in the ways you gave gifts to each other. Last Christmas, Renjun had given you a new winter coat since the one you’ve been using since your teenager years had begun to literally tear at the seam. You often brushed off his nagging of buying a new coat with protests of the coat still doing its job. 

    “Renjun, the coat is fine. I’m still perfectly warm” 

    “Y/n, I can see the thread that’s keeping the arm sleeve attached to the rest of it hanging off. I bet if I pull it the whole thing would fall apart. Here let me show you.” 

    He reached down and pretended to yank the thread which prompted you to gasp in amused disbelief.

    “Ya! Don’t you dare! Did you really pull it off?”

    You looked down at your arm trying to assess if in fact the fabric on your body was still a piece of wearable clothing.  

    He laughed and just embraced you in a hug.

    He had followed up the new winter coat with a flower plushie you had commented that was cute a week ago in a shop, his favorite scented candle so you could be reminded of him when he was away on a schedule, a neck massager because he thought you spent too much time at your desk, an insulated bottle so you would drink more water and not coffee, a polaroid camera for the memories and random Chinese snacks you really liked. He was very practical yet considerate, and it made your heart swell. You almost cried thinking all of it was too much and he had to hold your face in is hands and make you look at him so he could tell you that you were worth it. 

    What you didn’t know that he also wanted to gift you with a necklace but second guessed himself too much to the point where he took the small box out of the pile of gifts only minutes before he gave you the heap of presents. Mark was the only member he told about the necklace beforehand but Renjun unfortunately had forgotten to inform his loveable hyung of his inaction, a problem that presented itself the morning after Christmas.

    “Y/n! Merry-day-after-Christmas! How was Christmas with Renjunnie? Did you like the necklace?”

    You, Mark, and Renjun had been sitting at the Dream dorm kitchen table eating leftovers from the small dinner Jaemin had made at 3am. Thankfully the rest of the boys were still asleep so the damage could still be contained. Renjun choked on the green tea he had been drinking but quickly recoverd.

    “Neck massager hyung. The Korean word for neck massager is 목 마사지기. Ahhh, it’s because he’s a foreigner.”

    Renjun laughed a little too forcibly and tried to signal to Mark as much as humanly possible without bursting a vein that the necklace gift was aborted. By some Christmas miracle, Mark had somehow picked up on the hint and quickly corrected himself. He even added a white lie to support the neck massager fib, quickly sputtering that he had helped Renjun pick out a neck massager with the recommnedations from his mom, his aunt, his grandmother, and his cousin who was some sort of professional massager. You answered honestly that you had yet to put it to use as you forgot to charge it last night. You weren’t sure if it was the happiness hangover or lack of sleep after Christmas Day that made you think Mark and Renjun were acting strange, but you became distracted from dwelling on their behavior as Haechan and Jisung came into the kitchen. The mood quickly shifted and Renjun felt like he could breathe for the first time in what felt like an hour. You had become preoccupied in helping Jisung follow a recipe on how to make American style pancakes and scolding Haechan for handing the gullible maknae wrong ingredients. After a few minutes Renjun had excused himself to check on Jaemin and Jeno, and Mark announced he had to use the bathroom. Once out of earshot from the mess in the kitchen Mark turned to Renjun,

    “You didn’t give it to her?”

    “No, hyung, honestly I got too scared. What if she didn’t want it? What if she thinks I’m going too far? What if it’s too serious all of a sudden?”

    “Well, don’t you want to be serious with y/n?”

    “Of course. More than anything. I just don’t know what I’m doing.”

    “Renjunnie,” Mark placed his hands on his shoulders, “you are doing great. Do whatever feels right to you. But if you’re only doubting yourself I think it’s still a good idea to give her the necklace.” 

    Renjun still looked conflicted and mindlessly opened the door to Jaemin room then Jeno’s. 

    The four proceeded back to the suspiciously quiet kitchen to find Jisung sat at the table and Haechan and you making the rest of the pancakes. When Jaemin asked what happened, Haechan responded,

    “We wanted to make sure you guys still had a place to live.”

    The necklace matter had been dropped and about a month later all those repressed emotions Renjun had came back. It was two nights before Valentine’s Day and both just wanted a quiet evening. Renjun planned to cook a dinner at your apartment and the whole thing felt innocent until he thought about how you guys hadn’t even been officially together for more than a year. He suddenly felt the pressure, the implications, the underlying tone of something like giving you a piece of jewelry. His plan was to just give you a painting. He had carefully recreated the scene of the park where he first saw you. You had been pushing children on the swings. He had thought you were a babysitter of some sort until you waved to the kids goodbye and saw the nearby adults scoop them in their arms and walk away. Then he saw you swinging by yourself. He never revealed this to you during your first official encounter as he didn’t think it would be smooth to open up with, “I’ve been watching you swing by yourself at the children’s park.” He also hadn’t been initially sure if you were the same girl he had wistfully observed, but you had once planned a park date at your favorite spot.

    “It’s actually quite near your dorm, we could walk there if you’re up to it? Sometimes I play with the kids. It’s gotten to the point where some of the mothers have recognized me.”

    Renjun immediately knew you had been that girl he had observed in what felt like a lifetime ago. He knew that one day he would really have to treat Chenle to a meal for introducing you both. Renjun also knew if he had admitted this to Chenle now he would never let it go and it would somehow inflate the size of that kid’s head even more, but he added it to the list of things he loved about his younger member. 

    Renjun had carefully recreated the details from his memories of those days, paying particular attention to that coat you refused to give up on and he had just finished the painting when Haechan decided to burst into his room.

    “Renjunnie! Have you ate? Let’s eat.” 

    Renjun had been so absorbed with his doubts that the sudden interruption almost made him fall off his chair. Renjun almost gets as easily startled as Jisung, but the magnitude of his reaction made Haechan take a step back and immediately set off his signature mischief.

    “Ya, is the innocent and pure boy doing something naughty? You know you should really lock your doors Renjun-ah”

    Renjun scrammbled to find something to cover the painting. His tidy desk space provided no aid and his next move was to flip the whole thing over deciding to deal with the consquences of the still wet paint later, but Haechan moved quickly and pulled Renjun’s arms up away from the canvas.

    “Ya, what’s this?”

    “Nothing. Heachan, please.”

    Renjun sighed. He had no problem in any other situation to fight the boy who always tested his limits, but with the awkward sitting position he was in, Renjun knew that there was no logistically sound way to physically fight Haechan at the moment. 

    “Oh, it’s just another painting. Why were you so freaked out- YA! Is that y/n?!”

    Haechan dropped Renjun’s arms, his first mistake, as Renjun took the opportunity to lunge towards the painting. Haechan proceeded to yank the back of the wooden chair -- his second mistake -- and he called out for reinforcements.


    Jeno was not surprised that the bickering quickly took place, but was also concerned with the intensity of Haechan’s scream. Jeno regretfully entered the space of what would ultimately disrupt the otherwise peaceful morning and listened to the chorus of Renjun’s mild curses and death threats and Haechan’s shameless happy teasing although he was the one in the headlock.

    “Ya, you two. Can we just go eat?”

    “Jeno-ah, grab that. QUICKLY.”

    Curiosity took over and Jeno obeyed. Renjun knew that although Jeno lacked in the desire of fighting members, he made up for with his physcial strengh. Renjun was quite aware that Jeno could quite literally pick him and Haechan up to stop the sqaubble. Renjun gave a frustrated sigh of defeat and sat back down at his desk while Jeno and Haechan sat on the nearby bed to fully observe the art piece.

    “Is this y/n? It’s really good.”

    “Our Renjunnie is growing up so fast. It’s cute to see you in love.”

    The casualness of Haechan’s sentiment in dropping the L word set off alarms in Renjun’s brain but curiously not his heart. He quickly pushed off whatever deer in headlights reaction he showed and calmy took the painting back from Jeno. He decided to just tell the two that it was for Valentine’s Day and mumbled that he wasn’t sure if you were gonna like it. 

    "Renjun-ah it’s fine. You, of all people, know how forgiving she is.”

    “Ya! Haechan, don’t say it like that. Renjun-ah it looks really nice she’ll love it.”

    Haechan sensed it was the right time to get serious. 

    “Renjun-ah. Honestly. It’s a really good painting. She’ll love it. That girl loves everything you do.”

    Jeno hummed in agreement.

    “Injunnie, it will be okayyy.”

    Jeno’s speciality in dorm-only aegyo gave Renjun comfort. It almost brought back a sense of normalcy in Renjun’s emotions. He was also grateful to Haechan although no matter how much the boy made it a sport to annoy him, he could still be mature when it counted. He thanked God that the necklace had been safely hidden in a drawer and considered the many ways the situation could have escalated if the two boys saw that the painting gift was not the main source of his anxiety.

    Renjun thought it would be best to change the subject from his insecurities about his love life. Love, he thought, there was that word again. 


    hi i have a tendency to not end my fics well, lemme know what yall think

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    [Peach Tea] by @d-nghy-ck ♡

    EEEEEEEEEHHHH today my favorite fic, written by my favorite author, who also happens to be my absolute favorite person turns one year old!!!

    I can't believe it's been so long already;; it doesn't feel that way. Maybe because even now, when I read this, it still feels just as warm and refreshing.

    It's beautifully written, of course. It's full of vivid imagery and descriptions, and the nervous exciting emotions are so well infused in the words. Butterflies in my stomach EVERY time I read it.

    But also, you know how special this fic is for me❤️. It always makes me smile, it takes me back to very fond memories :') I love it so much!!! I love you so much❤️ thank you thank you thank you!! For all the times I've dumb smiled reading Peach Tea, it's the best, you are the best :< MWAH!

    Now everyone seeing this go read Peach Tea >:(

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    so maybe this has been what’s happening for the last few months...

    fluff, angst and all in between, ladies and gents.

    entirely based on a favourite novel of mine, i am in love with it.

    all it needs is a proof read, a few tweaks and a title and it’ll finally be complete so it should be done in one-two days

    so, who’s up for a 61k haechan au?

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    Lee Jeno, I want you.

    I think you’re breathtaking.

    A simple smile from you leaves me breathless—but I only want that smile to appear for me and not anyone else. My heart drops when I see you send the same grin to someone else.

    You’re being friendly.

    That’s what I tell myself but I can’t help but hear the cracking of my heart getting louder every time. I want that smile to just be for me, to just be mine.

    You’re mine.

    My mind is clouded with thoughts of you—my body is addicted to your touch, from the soft brushes agaisnt my skin to the rough grip on my wrist as you push me down the bed, I am addicted to you. It’s a sickness in the head but I wouldn’t want anything else to cloud my mind.

    Feed me your thoughts.

    Let the swirl in my stomach be the darkest of your theories, the things you’re scared to say out loud and the bad things you’d hide from others.

    Hide me in your arms.

    I want you to hold me tight with your fingerprints engraving on my waist. Hold me so tight I feel suffocated when you let go. I want you.

    I want you.

    Lee Jeno, I want you.

    #nct#nct dream#haechan#jaemin#chenle#jisung#renjun#angst#jeno#smut#flufff #nct dream fluff #nct dream angst #nct dream obsession #jeno obsession #nct dream slight smut #lee jeno x reader #jeno x reader #jeno x reader obsession #nct jeno x reader #nct jeno x reader angst #nct jeno ff #jeno ff #nct jeno imagines #nct jeno slight smut #nct dream jeno x reader obessession #nct fanfiction #nct dream fanfiction #nct dream jeno fanfiction
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    nct dream as little things they'd do

    ⊰ — listen to ⊰ hello by solar
    ⊰ — author’s note: this was so fun to write about! although I couldn’t think of many ‘cute’ things people can do for their s.o haha :)) I don’t know the boys personally, nor am I in a relationship with them so yeah this is just for fun! this is gender neutral!

    ⊰ mark

    letting you listen to his raps before anyone else; playing with your hair, running his fingers through it or loving how it smells of your shampoo; sleeping so that you’re both facing each other; or him always being the big spoon (I feel like he would like to be the little spoon at least once but that’s a story for another time); gazing silently at your hand and fingers, always wondering how can a person have such soft and pretty looking features.

    ⊰ renjun

    never once breaking his promises he's made to you; fingers laying across your bare stomach as you both sleep; draping his coat over your shivering shoulders; not even comprehending his act of kissing the back of your hand; winning a stuffed animal at one of those claw games and nonchalantly giving it to you; leaving little endearing notes for you on your pillow;

    ⊰ jeno

    sitting next to him or passing by as he grabs you and shifts you to his lap; always starts your mornings together with a “good morning” or “I hope you have a good day, my love,” in person or in texts; playing on his phone and reaching to take a sip of your drink as if it's his; resting his head on his hand as he watches lovingly as you sleep.

    ⊰ haechan

    either leaving a few or a thousand tiny little kisses on the tips of your fingers; reaching for your hand instinctively, even when your holding something, he expects you to hold his hand as well or let go of whatever your holding; nibbling on your ear as he hugs you from the back; having a lot of "ugly" pics of you in his storage, occasionally showing his other members or his fans and he laughs, but if others laugh or say something about it no doubt he’ll defend you.

    ⊰ jaemin

    taking thousands of pictures of you everyday and never deleting any of them; ending each kiss with a "mwah!"; staring at your lips a lot; poking your cheeks a lot; giving you so many articles of his clothing that he's dying to see you in; complimenting you then when you turn your head away he tries to continue eye contact because he loves that little sparkle in your eyes when you get embarrassed by something he does.

    ⊰ chenle

    closing of his eyes whenever he hugs you; sending you song recommendations he thinks you want to hear; combing, ever so gently, out your hair when your getting ready for the day; bringing you closer when he stirs in his sleep; having a lot of "ugly" pics of you in his storage, but the thing with this one is that he never shows them to anybody, although once in a while he wonders how he found someone so special.

    ⊰ jisung

    playing with your hair, reaching for it instinctively; buying you every little and big thing he could find that he’ll think you’ll like whenever he visits another country or city; smiling so big that it hurts whenever you try to dance like him; praising you for your dancing, even though you might suck; kissing you so lightly, it makes you think he does it so he doesn't break you.

    #nct#nct dream#nct 127#nct blurbs #nct soft hours #nct dream soft hours #nct dream blurbs #mark#renjun#jeno#haechan#jaemin#chenle#jisung #nct 127 blurbs #nct scenarios#nct reactions #nct dream scenarios #nct dream reactions
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    Patience Is A Virtue

    Mark/Haechan, Johnny/Haechan, Mark/Johnny, Johnny/Haechan/Mark

    Genre: College/Yandere AU

    Warning: Abuse, Manipulation, Yandere, Anxiety, Drugs, Needles

    Words: 1.4K


    One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven |Twelve (Coming Soon)

    Prompt: Haechan and Mark had been friends for years, and things were good that way. For almost a year they had been apart and when they come back together Haechan can’t help but think there could be more between them. One thing leads to another and a nice dinner date at Mark’s house becomes the start of Haechan’s worst nightmare coming true.

        There was no exit, well, technically there was one, but it just taunted him. Across the room, far out of Haechan’s reach, was a door. He had grown tired of pulling on the chains, knowing very well he couldn’t break them. Now all he could do was sit in silence and wallow in his despair. After everything, after all this time, he just wound up back in Johnny’s grasp. 

        There was no way to get help, and no one knew where he was. When the door opened he curled up and instinctively hid his face. Every step made him tremble, and he didn’t want to look at his nightmare. Something was set down in front of him and when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He flinched, feeling the tears coming.

    “Haechan… you gotta eat.”

        Heachan’s head shot up when he heard Mark’s voice. He was still confused, but in the moment he just let his mouth run.

    “Mark, what’s going on? What are you doing? Please, just let me go.”

    “Easy, easy, Johnny’s doing this for your own good. I know it’s rough right now, but things will get better.”

    “What’s wrong with you? What did he do to you, Mark!”

    “He’s just helping.”

    “With what?”

    “You should eat.”

        Mark ruffled Haechan’s hair and left. The boy tried to follow him, but was once again held back by his chains. He felt lost, abandoned, and his situation felt hopeless on a whole new level. He was starving so he ate, no care if the food was tainted in some way. With some more energy he began to look around thoroughly, trying to find some weak point. Although what he found was worse. He noticed some dried blood on the floor and screamed. He had never been down there before, but someone surely had, and it didn’t go well.

        A while later Mark came back, but it was just to grab the empty dishes. Now that he wasn’t too panicked he could see how different Mark was. He was quiet and reserved, completely different to the person he had been hanging out with just the other day. It made him realize that everything they had done together was probably a lie, and just a way to get him back to Johnny, he wanted to cry and scream, but he held himself together as best he could.

    “Where’s Johnny?”

    “He’ll be by later. Just be patient, it’ll be a good reunion.”


        It seemed that hours went by, and Haechan spent a good amount of it just crying. Anything good about the last few days was a lie. This whole time he thought he was finally moving on, be in a better place, but instead he was right back where he started, and it was worse. All the memories of the past that he had been trying to bury were now resurfacing. He didn’t know what he could do, so he just hugged his knees to his chest and waited.

        When the door opened he perked up a bit, preparing himself for Johnny but it was just Mark again. Neither of them spoke a word as Mark removed the big chains, but made sure his hands were restrained. The idea of leaving the cell was exciting but scary all the same. Although when he stepped out of the room and went up the stairs he found that he was just in the basement of the house he thought was Mark’s. Despite his situation this information gave him hope. He wasn’t so far from help and freedom.

        Mark took him to the dinner table, cuffing one of his hands to the chair, leaving the other free. He sat quietly as the other set the table, and he could smell the food from the kitchen. His stomach growled and he bit his lip, hoping Mark hadn’t heard, but either way there was no comment. Since he was upstairs he knew it was only a matter of time before he came face to face with a monster. When he heard the door open he closed his eyes, feeling the first tears fall.


        The arms that embraced him from behind were strong, holding him tight like a loved one. Haechan screamed, no longer holding his sobs back.

    “Oh dear, did you miss me that much?”Johnny wiped away the tears, and kissed his cheek. “It’s all okay, you’re home now. It’s been so long hasn’t it?”

    “Please… please let me go… I won’t… I won’t report this… please… Johnny… please…”

    “We both know that’s not true. There’s a lot of bad blood between us, and we need to fix it. So I thought we could start with dinner.”

        Johnny takes his seat near Haechan, Mark bringing out the food and then sitting down. He felt scared enough to beg, but deep down he knew that wouldn’t do him any good. He didn’t make contact with Johnny, so his eyes were naturally on Mark. The boy had been so quiet lately, and now he was seeing a new side of him. As far as Haechan knew, this wasn’t Mark, no the one he remembered.

    “What… what did you do to him?” Haechan mumbled. “To Mark…”

    “What is that supposed to mean?”

    “He’d never… be on your side…”

    “Why can’t we all be happy together?” Mark whispered. 

    “Haechan, dear, did you know Mark had feelings for you?”

    “I… I…”

    “You did, right? But you never did anything about it, just tugged him along. I didn’t know you could be so cruel.”

    “That’s not true! I didn’t lead him on or anything.”

    “I’m alright.” Mark added. “I was just happy to be around you.”

    “See, heartache is the worst kind of pain, Haechan.” Johnny said. “But things can be different now. I’ve gotten to know Mark, and I think this is the best. We can all be happy together. No more pain, no more heartache, and no more feeling lonely, right?”


    “I understand that this will take some time to get used to, but as long as we’re together, anything can happen.”

    “I hate you.” Haechan found some courage in this mess. “You did things… to me… that no one… you ruined everything!”

    “If that’s how you really feel, it’s all the more reason to make amends.”

    “I don’t want to make amends…”

    “You say that now, but just give it some time. Eat, Mark worked very hard to make dinner, he’s become a decent-”

    “What did you do to him!” Haechan was trying to hold himself together. “If you wanted me so bad why did you involve him! He had nothing-”

    “He has everything to do with this. He left you when he went abroad, and you were so sad. I wanted to pick you and heal you, I did, but the pain he left you remained.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “We had our good moments, but did you ever really love me?”


    “Or did Mark always linger in your mind? Your heart? You dare call me a monster when you played with both of us.”

    “I didn-”

    “Sh, just eat, before the food gets cold. We have a lot of work to do after this and-”

    “You fucken psycho!”

    Johnny sighed. “And here I thought you could only be a brat in bed. Mark, hold him.”


        Johnny got up and went off into the kitchen, Mark stood behind Haechan, hand on his shoulder. When the oldest returned, needle in hand, Mark grabbed Haechan’s head and exposed his neck. Haechan tried to struggle, but he was being held tightly.

    “Mark! Mark please, don’t do this, don’t!”

    “It’s for your own good.”

    “I didn’t… I’m sorry if you felt like-”

    “It’s not about that.”


    “Ya, don’t be so loud.” Johnny snapped. “Your voice is gonna go hoarse.”

        Haechan tried to stop him with his free hand, but Mark made sure he wasn’t flailing it around. He felt the prick of a needle as some more tears fell. He kept up his struggle until he felt his strength leaving him. Johnny kissed his head, ruffling Mark’s hair. The two sat back down, continuing as if nothing had happened. Johnny proceeded to help Haechan with dinner, giving him a childish smile as he fed him.

    “I know this is gonna be hard, but we’ll get back to the good old times, just be patient.”

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    — SUN & MOON

    — “You don’t need to go out looking for love. Love has power, it will find you when the time comes.”

    "watch out!"

    that was the last thing you heard before you see something flying towards you, resulting in all your belongings, and you, falling down.

    "why does this only happen to me?" you mentally cursed at yourself for not paying attention to the surroundings and for being in your own little bubble.

    you fix your clothes and dust your hands, and start picking up the books that fell down from your hands. suddenly, you hear footsteps coming towards where you were. "Hey! I'm so sorry about that, I was just teaching my niece how to play basketball, but she might've thrown the ball out of anger," he let out a chuckle as he recalled the scene.

    His laughter was so free and pure, so childish despite his adult years. It came to your ears as a tickle and bounce - and only a rocky heart could do anything but join in such generous mirth.

    "wait, let me help you with that," he crouched down to help with picking up the books.

    "no, it's fine I can do it—" you tried to politely decline him, but while doing so, you felt your hands partially brush with his.

    you felt a shooting pain on your wrist which almost felt as if it was burning. you look at your wrist and see that you now had a tattoo of the moon imprinted on your skin. shock-like waves surrounding the tattoo and carefully outlining it.

    you look up to see the young male in front of you, in the same position as you, looking at his wrist with the most confused expression on his face. the symbol of a sun adorning his wrist as the same sparkling waves outlined the tattoo.

    it was like you were watching the fireworks right now, the two waves then joined with each other into the air. you and the male in front of you, were now left with the imprints of a sun and moon respectively. this experience left you both astounded.

    "you're my–"


    p: soulmate!haechan × gn!reader wc: 0.337k g: fluff (➷) «@bluejaem»

    a/n: it's 12 am rn and idk wtf I just wrote so exCusE mE

    TAG LIST: @intokook @cosplay-snow-white @whiteprincessofnohr @multi--kpop--fanfics @thatonemultistan @bluejaem-rbs @thats-a-jen-no-no @stayctday @kpopsnowball @kvydence @lyshoonn @kyuwoyo @jaeminpeachy @moon-jun @w6young @hxneyy-latte @vera-liscious @oifelixcmerebrou @kisshim @ncttboo @cupidluvstarrz @kunrengui @berrysungie @mark-lees-world @em--ilysm @najatheangel @peachyyjaes-main ​@dreamquisite @m4rshm4llow @dolphin-chenle @qianinterprises

    [send an ask/dm if you'd like to be added!]

    © BLUEJAEM, 2021

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    Doesn't Haechan look like how the whole Nostalgia album by Chase Atlantic sounds

    #thoughts have been thunk #because he does #im right i really am #haechan#nct#nct dream#nct 127#loml haechan
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    #nct hard hours #haechan
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    NCT127 Cherry Bomb scan ⑩


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    NCT127 Cherry Bomb scan ⑨


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    NCT127 Cherry Bomb scan ⑧


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    NCT127 Cherry Bomb scan ⑦


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