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  • sothischickshe
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #Fanfiction#Writing#Tropes#👥 #I'm having a lot of fun haha #I went to go edit in a joke #And found that I'd already edited in the absolute funniest nonsense 😂 #🌟🌟🌟 #This has GOT to be the most self indulgent thing I've ever written #Although there is stiff competition 😂 #Ofc my crackfics would have to be weird for crackfics lol 🤷‍♀️ #Idk I always think my angst fics are angsty #But I guess they turn out funny #Bc the characters are such fucking idiots 😂
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  • halotacon
    08.05.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #its all either sappy or angsty wheres the funny haha meme in that. wheres the silly and wheres the insane #its just lacking in that #mundanesalad#answered #oh yeah and btw! johnlock tweet still funny
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  • skylessnights
    07.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Eddie watched as the handsome stranger continued to drink his sorrows away with another glass of beer. Ricky was right, if the person he was waiting for was coming, then they would be here by now. 

    Eddie twisted his lips, he hadn’t done this in a while, did he even have the charm to speak to guys like him? 

    #decided to do a fluffy AU this time since I'm always doing angsty ones haha xD #buddie#buddieedit #buck x eddie #evan buckley#eddie diaz #911 on fox #AU #just want to say I'm really happy that you're all loving my AUs #I see your reblogs and tags and it makes me happy :)))
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  • katierosefun
    06.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    if you thought you saw me write a fic about anakin learning korean with padmé for a diplomatic mission and obi-wan hearing anakin confidently say “i love you” to padmé because he thinks obi-wan can’t understand...yeah you did

    #caroline talks #if you thought you saw me writing in a lot of angst from obi-wan’s side because he suddenly remembers #learning a new language and saying sweet words to someone who is now no longer in his life #yeah i guess you did #i need to write my papers but k started this fic two days ago #and now i’m listening to my disaster lineage feelings but make it korean songs and now i’m feeling a lot haha #it’s so weird writing like......korean in this fic though #it’s so odd writing this fic lmao #but it’s making me feel a lot #also idk I have this whole angsty conversation prepared between obi-wan and anakin too haha help #so we shall see what happens but it’s.....this is interesting
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  • hufflepuffhermione
    06.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #anonymous#asks #would be a good break from writing my very angsty wip haha
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  • bazpitchs-violin
    05.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    i was good. i was really good.

    haha vent poetry/ramble thing because thats what we feelin

    uhhh tw implication of unaliving, general mean anxiety thoughts, gun mention,,

    nobody noticed the way "gotta do more gotta be more" stuck in my throat today

    or if they did they chalked it up to the crying

    and the crying they chalked up to the stress

    and the stress was chalked up to the test

    maybe the test unlocked something i'd done a good job of suppressing

    maybe the test is what they want to blame it on

    but this inferno has been eating me up from the inside

    they tell me neil would be proud and she says he wouldn't want me doing this alone

    they tell me he'd see a little him when he looked at me

    he says we'd get along

    but i tell myself he'd hate me

    i could never be someone neil loved, i echo the thought often

    i'm messy, i'm pathetic

    and nothing but a goddamned attention whore

    who cares if i couldn't breathe with that booklet in front of me and the pen almost fell from my fingers

    all i did was learn to cry on command, did i not?

    i don't care how real it felt to me, how much i want to rip myself apart

    i'm faking i'm faking i'm faking i'm faking

    i'm falling apart but none of you fucking see

    because i say i'm fine and because i'm so good at lying you believe me

    i let him back in because i wanted to be torn apart again. because i know we're bad for each other and i assumed he'd hurt me again, and i wanted him to because i deserve that

    i'm shaking and cowering in the corner of the dark room, resisting the pull to the window, ignoring the call of the snow, how pretty it is.

    the crown of sticks is uneven on my brow, and i set it down, tired of the weight

    the weight

    the weight of a hundred worlds

    my mother's, one group of friends, another, a third, my father's, myself

    all different me's. because i'm not palatable to anyone

    i try to resist the call of the study, the comfort of the desk chair, somehow both worn and not

    and somewhere in my mind neil pulls me into a hug, and lowers the gun from my head

    but he isn't real and he isn't here

    and i can't help but feel

    i'm better off dead.

    it's him that should be alive. he's so much better than i.

    even as a fictional character, he adds so much more to the world than i could hope to.

    we should trade endings, neil and i

    he gets the bookstore in new york

    the records and the friends who stubbornly refuse to leave him and help him through any pain he might encounter

    that's what he deserves, not what he got

    i'm the one that deserves that.

    #dead poets society #neil perry#haha angsty #i'll probably delete this later lol
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  • behindthestrings
    04.05.2021 - 5 days ago
    #haha#angsty #thanks! #ryusxnka #threads of the tapestry (headcanons)
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  • shadowtheif117
    03.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    I was going through some old notes and I found this..


    Guys, I was so close but still in the right direction hhhhhhh 😢😢

    #rwby theory #rwby vol 8 #rwby#hazel reinhart #haha dang man... #i ramble incoherently both vocally and while typing it seems #not to mention i had to make it ✨angsty✨ at that end
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  • windswept-stars
    03.05.2021 - 6 days ago


    #I'M SO EXCITED #adam parrish light of my life you'd better be back in this one #and answer your damn phone your boyfriend is worried abt you #SUPER excited to see more jordan content she is a QUEEN #and i gotta say i wasn't sure what to make of carmen at the start but i love her now so excited to see her too #and ofc declan we can't forget our angsty businessman wannabe #haha schoolwork who? i only know reading mister impossible
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  • vanillawaiver
    01.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    every sunrise will be his, and only his.

    #tommyinnit #friend the sheep #dream smp#dsmpblr#dsmp #wilbur was revived haha how about ir #the blue stuff is not blood! it is actual blue #i really like this piece i hope you do as well #cjscribbles #haha! i made the sunrise thing selfish and angsty!
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  • paynomindtomyidiocy
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Some of yall have never been told u have a 30% chance of developing cancer at any given point in the future and it shows

    #swyer syndrome#or #xy gonadal dysgenesis #which is a much nicer name than #poi #don’t u agree #cancer #some of yall #lol #me tho hahahahahelp #i’m fine#not depressed#swear #probably would be if I was anybody but me tho #haha not to be all #angsty #but also I hate my body it doesn’t fucking wooork why #like ok I would be able to overlook how much I hate my physical appearance #if it at least fucking worked properly #like come on if I’m gonna be broken or whatever #at least make me pretty?? #bruh#*screams*#anyway
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  • callhimpxco
    25.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    @ask-purple-psychic liked for a starter

    Pico glared at Alucard as he pointed the uzi to Alucard's forehead; finger on the trigger, Pico looked like he was about to shoot the other at any time. Perhaps it was stupid to do this to a psychic of all people, but Pico 'defeated' him once, he'd do it again..if he could, he would shoot every last single one of those filthy emo kids. Shooting them wasn't all he wanted to do, he wanted to shout at them as loud as he could, he wanted to yell until their ears started bleeding and they cried like the little pussies they were.

    He wouldn't shoot Alucard, yet. Not until he got answers..

    "..What the hell are you doing here? Come for a round 2? I'm not afraid.." not anymore. "I shot you back then and I'll shoot you again, this time dead."

    #ask purple psychic #HANDS YOU AN ANGSTY BABY;; #crack Pico @ Alucard: haha what up shawty #main Pico @ Alucard: prepare to die mfer #tag; ic#verse; main #trigger warning violence
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  • fireflier
    24.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #🌕 anon#🙂🍀#💣📙 #id be totally up for angsty shit if that's what's on your brain at the moment though! #it just feels nicer to request nice stuff lol like i dont wanna *force* you to think about sad stuff if you dont want to #but if you DO #idk im just rambling now LMAO im just saying write whatever ya want haha!!!
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  • katsukisu
    22.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    what is the meaning of life? that’s a question I always ask myself from time to time. what is the meaning of life? the more I say it to myself, the more stupid and childish it sounds. 

    is the meaning of life to cut our hair when we get bored with ourselves? is it to achieve letter grades to satisfy others? or is it to hide ourselves and our true desires from the world because we can never truly be who we want to be, who we feel like being? 

    I'm sure there are many answers, as you know as well, but please don’t let any of the above be even a somewhat relative answer. don’t let it be what dictates who you are and who you want to be, who you pursue to be because it’ll ruin you.

    maybe a little haircut is nice every now and then, maybe those letter grades not only satisfy others but satisfy yourself, and maybe you’re not hiding yourself from the world. but this message isn’t for those who do, it’s for those who can’t find it in themselves to do what you do. 

    it’s for people like me.

    #not x reader #chalkboard—:kate #wow. look at my angsty self :') #I wrote this a while ago when I was in ma feels but now its taking up room in my drafts haha #n e ways enjoy this random piece of angst
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  • twohornycannibals
    20.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #yes#and no#i mean #it's a comedy #but it's a lot more meaningful than that? #i think there's funny and stupid and angsty undertones #and i think it was intentional that hannibal was this heartbroken looser #like after he put will in jail and then after he stabbed him #like he inflicted that pain onto himself if u think abt it #it can be haha cannibal man sad #but also like. fuck man cannibal man is sad and his coping mechanisms r wild #idk#hannibal #all my real thoughts in the tags asmr #moth deals w anons
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  • stitch1830
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #ask game#taangstweek2021#Taang#WIPS #oh man I have a lot of wips #These probably aren't as angsty than I think #but that's comfy's area of expertise #this'll be a learning experience haha
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  • jwilliambyers
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #eddie kaspbrak#richie tozier#reddie #this got so extra i'm sorry lol #but simple ideas like this are so fun to explore #i tried to deviate from op's original post #but i love theirs so much bc angsty sexy museum times haha :) #it#Anonymous
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  • embermc
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    There's a lot of hidden angst potential with that one ongoing bit with c!Wilbur being extremely against Techno putting up railings in Pogtopia to prevent falling but y'all aren't ready for that discussion yet

    Yes this post was mainly created because I was listening to Jubilee Line and realized that, when people in the fanbase apply this song to c!Wilbur, the idea of using the railings bit in Pogtopia for the "There's a reason that London puts barriers on the rails" part is a criminally underused idea considering the amount of heartbreak that narrative callback could cause-

    #dream smp#dsmp#wilbur soot #c!wilbur soot #c!wilbur #alivebur#pogtopia #tw implied suicidal ideation #/rp #but anyways here my analysis brain goes again making something probably lighthearted and funny angsty because Yes thank you very much #but seriously #like the thing is it could have either been a purposeful in-character subtle narrative choice that Wilbur made #or it could have legitimately been a funny haha bit #but the fact that given c!Wilbur's mental state at the time it could DEFINITELY been interpreted as either is pretty interesting tbh
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  • foxmagpie
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    At the first opportunity, she slips away into the house.

    It’s his gap-toothed niece that she asks. Bella, the one that shrieked when Rio threw her over his shoulder, pretending that she hated it—only not ten minutes later, she was tugging on the sleeve of his jacket, begging him to do it again (Rio had said no, teasing her for her terrified squawk. Her little face fell—and then the second she turned around, he scooped her up again until she was screeching with laughter and flailing tiny fists. Beth had watched it all, wide-eyed and dumbfounded, which meant she’d spotted the moment when Rio grimaced, dropping her down to rub absentmindedly at his shoulder. Beth had turned sharply away before he caught her looking.)

    It’s a good plan, Beth reassures herself when Bella leads her through the sliding glass door and points to the first door in a long hallway, directing Beth to the bathroom. Beth wasn’t exactly the center of attention—she’d been on the periphery most of the afternoon, a shy observer—but it was the perfect moment to briefly disappear. The adults were all distracted—his sister with the baby, his mother with finding and tossing abandoned cups and paper plates, his brother settling an argument between the kids, and Rio himself with a phone call, hovering at the edge of the yard, body tight with tension.

    If anyone asked after Beth, she knew that Bella would announce that she’d shown her inside. And she also knew that kids have only the loosest grasp on the concept of time, so as long as nobody noticed immediately, it left Beth with enough leeway to do—something.

    She doesn’t know what, exactly.

    (She just knows she needs a minute to breathe. To shake off the sight of Rio kneading at the knot of scar tissue, to forget the way his name sounded so soft in his mother’s mouth, to erase the knowledge that Marcus never went more than a few minutes without zeroing in on his dad, wearing naked relief on his face when he’d find that Rio hadn’t disappeared in a puff of smoke while he hadn’t been looking.)

    And for a moment, that’s what she does in the bathroom. She breathes, hands gripped on the sink, staring at her reflection in the mirror, looking at herself through their eyes.

    If they knew who she really was, they’d hate her.

    Friend, is what Rio had called her. Not the term she would’ve used, but clearly one his family was familiar with judging by the tight smiles and casual indifference to her presence.

    (How many other women had he brought home to them?

    Fitzpatrick had said—)

    She closes her eyes. Inhales.

    Not important.

    Slipping her fingers down the front of her dress, Beth scratches around the wire taped between her breasts. It’s been irritating her the whole time, a constant reminder of what she’s doing here.

    But god, it’s a question as much as it’s an answer because what is she doing here?

    Rio had made it seem like something important, something she’d been convinced was worthy of Phoebe and Dave’s time, and then it’d just been—this. A family barbecue in his mother’s backyard, the table filled with tamales, grilled chicken, roasted poblanos, zucchini salad, elote. Kids wrestling on the lawn, adults chatting in flimsy plastic chairs. No boss in sight.

    #i won't finish my sexy angsty wire fic prior to the ep #but i wanted to offer a lil sneak peek #so hopefully i'm still motivated to finish it even after the ep haha #six sentence sunday #my writing
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  • ohlovebug
    18.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I'll always love you and make you happy, If you will only say the same

    @itsaship-literally He's trying after her heart, at least.

    #beetlejuice#lydia deetz#beetlebabes#beetlelyds#my art#beetz-n-deetz week#beetlebabes week #didnt mean to make this angsty but listen its a sad song-- #haha musicaljuice is crying #i sorta want to make really angsty art now #is this what emotions feel like?? get them off me
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