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  • robandaaronsoulmates
    08.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    Teen Robert mb

    #robert sugden#jack sugden#andy Sugden#Katie Addyman#emmerdale#Robert moodboard #a study in Robert #which is basically the relationship w his father #and then with the village itself #the photo on top right is of Cain and Abel (so his relationship w Andy) #and so forth #anyway#sorry #hahaa I’ve been seeing so many moodbords on here lately #and I’m so happy they’re coming back
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  • theguywhodidntlikestimboards
    04.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    🔭Emperor Palpetine🔭




    #// knives // #stim#stimboard#starkid#starkid stim #ani : a parody #papy ani#nick lang#black#white#grey#miniature#slime#caligraphy#knife tricks#☁️mod wiggly #queue morrow will come #im SO SORRY for all of the spam but atleast im feeding you today hahaa
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  • beautyofthend
    02.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    You see, the last thing organised crime would want is Operation Lighthouse coming knocking on their door. So they had to put in a new SIO to suppress that line of inquiry in favour of a random act of violence perpetrated by a disturbed individual acting alone. A frame that neatly fits Terry Boyle.

    #line of duty #lod#jo davidson#patricia carmichael#steve arnott#ted hastings #oh poor jo :( #she's a good person at heart #and she tried to fight against them in the best way she could #she's not bent at all #also yes another interview gifset #there'll be more lmao sorry #but yanno #30 minutes worth of footage hahaa #line of duty spoilers #lod spoilers#lineofdutyedit#lodedit#gifs#kelly macdonald #once again gracing us with her talent #anna maxwell martin #martin compston#adrian dunbar
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  • bl00doodle
    18.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Found out thru a friend tht u actually follow and reply to stuff with ur main tumblr...... me, being a dummy,, made this a secondary acc,, so uh HAHA just letting yall kno i follow and reply thru my main: isda-just-swimming-by 😭

    #i just rb whatever i feel like there tho #half of em r just quizzes or smthn #rlly no sonic anything on tht acc hahaa #😭 sorry for the inconvenience im a rlly big dummy #no one has to follow it btw!! im just vibing there lol...
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  • ouat-in-spare-oom-of-rivendell
    04.04.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #oops i got carried away #hahaa sorry#TFPoaBE#TFPoaBE ask#TFPoaBE headcanons#amixedwitch#answered #thanks for sending an ask!
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  • melonmelona
    26.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    these are objectively correct and you can’t change my mind

    #sorry nanami but this is what i see HAHAA #gojou satoru#gojo satoru#nanami kento #jujutsu kaisen fanart #jujutsu kaisen#jjk#jjk fanart#digital art #my art ;) #procreate#fanart#anime#art#doodle#sans#minions #dang throwback to my undertale days... #shitpost #< i guess #squirtle
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  • robandaaronsoulmates
    24.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I don’t watch mcu or like superhero stuff, but i love Sebastian Stan Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie and like their dynamic, idk that to me has always been very fun to watch personally? I know this sounds VERY weird (though i have seen a lot of their non superhero films and have always followed their careers in that sense). But yah, hahaa. (also one more thing i don’t know is if Anthony and Seb actually dislike Tom Holland or if it’s just this ongoing gag of sorts lol).

    #Amy.txt #hahaa sorry just seen an interview of Anthony and Seb so
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  • wanderingchocolateeclair
    23.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hhhhhahhhhhhh I wanna draw Ryukyu-

    #mmmrnndhhshgggg#I’m sorry#I what #I haven’t drawn ryukyu yet this is a crIME #she’s a sexy dragon lady why have I not drawn her I love her so much what #ienskjsjsks #but it’s late and I’m really tired so I know I won’t get anything done #and when I have the time I’ll not wanna do it #and I also have a fantasy power loader that I haven’t finished for the fantasy au that I said I would draw more of 😳 #and the greatest showman au argh duck #haha ‘duck’ #autocorrect somehow managed to turn argshjfkdd into argh duck hahaa #....and I have yet to write out part 3 of A Frayed Thread of Hope.....eurgh that names really long I’m sorrry #also....can someone please tell me why my first thought for shipping Ryukyu is Uwabami? #there’s no canon interaction I don’t think and I have no idea where it came from. #but #I just like the idea of Ryukyu panicking around her cuz she’s a sexy snake woman. #lmao #idk man my first thought is just that and then Miruko and then emptiness #because I’d probably ship her with anyone tbf like ryushots pretty cute too #I’m. rambling again. sorry it is actually kinda late #idek what my initial point was...but anyway dragon and snakes yknow cute lmao
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  • arlenianchronicles
    22.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Day 1 for Diverse Tolkien Week: Women of Colour

    Elrond’s Diary: The Ones Across the Sea

    Last night I dreamed of Naneth fair.

    She danced upon the shore

    While all around the sea-sprayed air

    The seagulls’ sad cry tore.

    I called to her; she did not hear,

    And thus did I awake.

    I wept to think of Nana sweet;

    Of what Adar did take.

    He found me on a balustrade,

    My face turned to the West.

    “I needed air,” I said, “for I

    “Was feeling not my best.”

    He did not leave, but knelt and said,

    “What can I do for you?

    “To see you so unhappy makes

    “Me feel displeasure too.”

    And so I told him of my dream.

    I shed more tears throughout

    While Adar listened carefully,

    All quiet through my bout.

    “My nana wore a white cloth dress,”

    I said, “And as she danced,

    “Her hair like shadow followed close

    “And near her feet there pranced

    “A-many fishes leaping up

    “Above the waters fair;

    “The sea-foam fell upon her feet

    “Like glitter in the air.”

    “She used to dance when I was young,

    “A little bit, at least;

    “But after Ada left, ‘twas when

    “Her dancing she then ceased.”

    “And now I’ll see her nevermore!

    “She lives across the Sea

    “With Eärendil, so far away;

    “Apart we’ll always be.”

    Maedros held me close and said,

    “I do not have foresight,

    “Yet my heart trusts that you’ll see her

    “Again in old lands bright.”

    “But you said once that you would not

    “See your naneth again,”

    I pointed out. “It seems to me

    “That you now choose to feign.”

    “I speak no lie,” Maedros replied

    “My fate remains in dark;

    “But as for you, there is still hope.

    “If you can bear it, hark!”

    “My naneth lives in Valinor

    “Among her works and tools.

    “Her hair burns red and in her face

    “Shines light above all jewels.”

    “She moves with grace and in her hands

    “Lies all the strength that one

    “Can bear. Her might is greater than

    “The brilliance of the Sun.”

    “A-many things she’d craft from stone.

    “With just her hands she’d breathe

    “Such life into those stoic shapes,

    “And love around them wreathe.”

    “I loved her dear, and still I do,

    “But in our folly dire,

    “We tore away from her and now

    “Must face our Doom’s great ire.”

    “Yet you are not beholden to

    “The Doom that follows us.

    “There may come time when you will go

    “And find your naneth thus.”


    Given my Maedros+Elrond theme for this Week, I wanted all the days to be focused on them as best I could. Since this day is about women, the obvious route for me was to look to the mothers! So here we have Elwing and Nerdanel! :DDD

    Part of me feels that it’d be easy for Elrond to talk to Maedros about missing his parents, given that Maedros has lost his and would understand the pain. I say “part of me” because Maedros is also the reason why Elwing is gone and Elrond’s home destroyed. So I’d imagine a conversation like the one in the poem to take place some time after Elrond’s trust in Maedros has really developed and strengthened.

    #i included closeups of the ladies cuz the full image makes them look small loll #i want y'all to be able to see the golden freckles on nerdanel's face! #and hands!! #also no blobrond in today's painting loll sorry guys #the next entry will have some blobs tho! #three to be exact hahaa #art#my art#diversetolkienweek#dvtw21#tolkien#silmarillion#fanart#elves#elwing#nerdanel#maedhros#elrond#family#platonic love#kidnap fam #originally i was going to add blobrond and young maedros #have them stand beside their mums #but it made sense to leave them out cuz this entry's theme is for the women #also i initially got elrond's mom mixed up #and sketched nimloth first #with little blobwing beside her XDD
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  • lampsandclovers
    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ......oscar but he’s... but he’s gold!

    #hahaa i got this donee!! #you can tell i got tired on the shoes. #...and the pose. whoops #but!!!! #yeah a lad! i offer on this fine day #Fun fact! this piece was originally going to be purple!! #...you can tell where i went wrong on that haha whoops #i might use this as my.. pfp... #...here you go! #Lampposts#RWBY#RWBY Oscar#Oscar Pine#RWBY Art#My art #gold is the funnest color to draw with it's so pretty #.....let me know if you want to see the moth one #if you know you know #....sorry for going off in the tags by the way.. sorry...
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  • t0sshii
    15.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Call me It because I’m a CLOWN :’L

    #ok I recognize when I’m being pushed away #and it’s becoming a pattern where we get close and then they push me away and it hurts the same #and it’s like— I ALREADY KNOW? because it happens with the same person all the time hahaaaa #and then like they come back into my life and I just let it happennnnn #and I tell myself to not catch feelings every time because that ship sailed a long time ago but then I doooooooo #like literally all it takes is for them to say sorry and I’m just like they’re a changed person now!!!! #and am I just that lonely that I just keep letting it happen? #anyway someone smack me and tell me I’m being a clown because I’m being a god damn clown #smh anjo #I’ll delete this later I’m just annoyed at myself #I’d rather simp over a fake man than a real man because real men never work out for me HAHAA #u ever tell urself not to get in ur feelings because of a man but then.... U Get iN UR FEELINGS BECAUSE OF A MAN
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  • dsu2014
    13.03.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #HAHAA #Thats crazy tho 😳 #im so sorry actually. #2016 omg nooo #Hope u r well! <3
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  • robandaaronsoulmates
    28.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    i wanna know about Robert’s time away from the village SO BAD i want it so bad. Like we know he worked at the garage as a teen and we know he saved up enough to be able to live in a decent flat, and therefore able to probably get a minimum wage job at some fast food place, or maybe as a chef or something at a little restaurant. Maybe ending up catering for Lawrences firm or w/e and that’s how he gets hired, and meets Chrissie. I mean but also how did that affect him psychologically you know? Being shunned away from this village that was once home, and now estranged from this brother and father that he once had this unbreakable bond with. Coming back just briefly for that same fathers funeral? Like he never got to grieve normally like his siblings did????? i mean that DOES something to a person. He literally didn’t get to say goodbye to like, either of his parents! Meeting Chrissie, and i mean yeah he may have loved her in a way, but he probably loved the comfort and the financial stability she could give him more. It was that sense of needing someone and wanting to be wanted and needed by someone that’s always played in the back of his head. Like how did he deal with all of that grief and turmoil on his own? How did they make the decision to come back to the village and what was Robert’s first initial reaction? Did he wonder the reception of his return? Did he anticipate what it would be like to see Katie again? GOD. There’s just this WHOLE other life he had that we just, don’t even know about. Like there are SO MANY loose ends that i HAVE to know, and Emmerdale just decided to just. NOT visit any of that?????? JAIL. 

    #Emmerdale#Robert Sugden#Chrissie White #Like WHERE DID HE LIVE #anyways anywayssss #sorry i'm emmerdale rambling today i'm actually done now hahaa #just #i wish we knew about his time away in like #full detail you know? #ignore me
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  • robandaaronsoulmates
    20.02.2021 - 2 monts ago


    #I keep losing followers #idk is it me posting all the time that’s making ppl unfollow me? #anyways #hahaa sorry ignore m #me*
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  • robandaaronsoulmates
    17.02.2021 - 2 monts ago


    #anyways i sometimes feel like everyone in the fandom hates me which. yah i get it #but also it can be super cliquey and any time you post something if a more popular blog posts the same thing their post gets more attention #and ppl interact w it more #while u posted literally the same thing and urs only gets like a select few notes #not just cause ur not popular but also bc most of the fandom just doesn't wanna be known interacting w u or any of ur posts #so ppl literally just don't really acknowledge my existence in the fandom #and it gets super lonely #and sometimes i just wanna leave #but then i remember kayla is still here #anyways #sorry hahaa feeling sorry for myself ignore me #Amy.txt #personal
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  • robandaaronsoulmates
    09.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    oh no im thinking about affair era and how soft the hotel scene was. Aaron waking up in the morning, covered in white and Robert’s skin against his own. Despite himself, smiling even though he knows what this is. He knows, but he’s falling and falling down this rabbit hole, and it’s soft and gentle, nothing like how they started. It’s normal. The same when they spent an entire week in home farm, just the both of them, being normal. Like they both were able to put their guard down for that moment in time. Robert being this chocolate maniac, “You’re meant to live on sugar!” Aaron thanking Robert for talking him down from pulling out of the business during the hotel scenes. It was all so much softer than what we’d seen during the affair era, and it really makes me believe that Robert did love him from the minute he laid eyes on Aaron yk? I dunno, i just have such a soft place in my heart for both the hotel, and the home farm week. 

    #robron#robert sugden#aaron dingle#emmerdale #im thinking about just how soft they both were and how intimate and gentle everything was around their little bubble :'( #anyway#sorry hahaa
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  • robandaaronsoulmates
    09.02.2021 - 3 monts ago
    “You’re all I could think about...”
    #robron#robert sugden#aaron dingle#emmerdale #robron affair era #I fixed it hahaa #sorry #just experimenting lol #ignore this
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  • robandaaronsoulmates
    08.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Also like. They both needed that breakup to grow individually as people. They needed that space, to be between friend and best friends. To be there for each other in ways they haven’t before. That was the ultimate growth though, is that when they got back together, they talked. They communicated. They weren’t afraid, Robert wasn’t afraid of Aaron not forgiving him anymore, and Aaron wasn’t afraid of Robert leaving him! They both came on top of their insecurities as people, and became stronger than ever as a couple.

    #robron#robert sugden#aaron dingle#emmerdale#Robron reunion #just many thoughts about it #hahaa sorry for my rambling #but those eps mean a whole lot to me
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  • robandaaronsoulmates
    30.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Anyways, Robert and Sarah mean a whole lot to me 🥺

    #Robert Sugden#Sarah Sugden#Emmerdale #okay now im done spamming you guys hahaa #sorry #just this last thing i had to put out there if u havent already guessed
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  • cornsarts
    30.01.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #like..... crazier shit has happened in a star war #if shmi can get pregnant without a man then kanan and hera can make do #i do think the whole shmi thing set a precident in my mind hahaa #im sorry if this isnt the most succinct explaination but also im very grateful that you were so kind anon! #bc honestly i was expecting to get hate for that art #i also do hc hera as trans too but thats still something i have a Lot to think abt #at the end of the day im just having a good time and depicting characters i love like me bc i love these characters and i love being trans #sorry for rambling in the tags #also feel free to drop the han solo thats not how the force works gif #mail time
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