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  • holliano
    15.06.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Line weight is your friend hahaha.

    #I feel like those posts where they delete the sketch layer and it’s just some pupils and a leg hahaha
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  • ratt-selfships
    15.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    The day that changed it all

    Heehee it's 4am which means it's time to write the incident
    Warnings: it gets a bit graphic when it comes to describing Mal's burn, character death, explosion, lots of angst near the end

    Mal was wrist deep in dirt, they were digging up the genetically engineered plants that Dr. P had been growing outside. The sun shone bright directly on him making beads of sweat form on his face and under their rubber gloves. Quickly they put a large Venus Flytrap the size of a pitcher plant and with spiked vines into a pot and made their way back into the lab to escape the heat.

    As he walked into the lab, a fellow coworker ran over to him making them almost drop the plant, "Doc wants to talk to you, put that Venus Spiketrap down and she'll be in her office!" Quickly they dashed back off probably getting back to their assignment. Mal quickly placed the giant plant down in the botany department and jogged over to the office of Dr. P. Mal had been working under the doctor for years doing everything asked without questions and tried to complete all tasks with the highest quality they could produce, had they finally seen all the hard work they had put into science? Or was this meeting about something less positive. Mal shook his head and walked into the office.

    Dr. P looked up from a large binder on her desk when Mal entered a flashed them a smile, "ah! Mr. Practice! Please sit sit! This is very exciting news!" Mal could practically feel the excitement radiating off of the doctor, they sat down almost immediately. The doctor shut the binder and had a giddy look in her eyes, "Mr. Practice, have you heard about our latest tests?" "The genetic plants or the universe theory?" Dr. P chuckled, "forgot about those plants, but no, the multiple universes experiment!" Mal purked up a bit at the topic, "how would you feel about being my second in command in today's experiment? Just think about it! You and me on the front of a newspaper for answering one of humanities biggest questions! What do you say?" An ear to ear smile found it's way onto Mal, "Oh of course! I'd love to help you!" Dr. P stood out of her chair and stuck her hand out to Mal, "Well then! The test starts in an hour! In the mean time, show me how those plants are doing would ya?"

    An hour had long passed and Dr. P had been to distracted by the giant plants to notice that the testing hour had almost passed. The two scientists rushed down the halls to the testing room. As the doctor busted through the door the other scientists in the room jumped, "well there you to are! The test was supposed to start 30 minutes ago!" "I know I know! I just got distracted by our plants and all that, did you see the size of that Venus?" Dr. P ruffled her hair, "anyways! Let the test begin! Mal, you'll be on the platform with me, the rest of the crew here knows what they need to do!" Mal rushed over to a large concrete platform in the middle of the testing room and stood beside Dr. P, "everyone ready? Then start flipping those switches!" The 4 other scientists slammed down 4 large switches, the middle of the platform sputtered blue sparks every now and again forming an arch of energy, "doctor, are you sure we should go on? These calculations aren't exactly adding up." Dr. P waved away the question, "Don't worry about it! What's one extra zero going to do?" The scientist hesitated before pushing a few buttons. The sparking became much more aggressive in the center making Mal uneasy. Before Mal could get a word out a large spark ran through their body quickly followed by an explosion sending them crashing into the wall.

    Mal couldn't focus on anything, their vision was fuzzy and all they could hear was a constant loud beeping and the yelling of the fellow scientists. What is going on? What happened? Where's Dr. P? Mal's thoughts were racing and they couldn't focus on anything. They curled into the corner and tried to block out all the noise before things went black.

    When Mal came back to the testing lab was abandoned, dark scortch marks covered the walls and the platform, all the technology that was once sparking with life was dull and powerless, Mal's left side flared in pain as they tried to get up making them fall right back down, they looked down to see their skin was bubbled and torn in places, it was red and burned like hell making Mal unable to move, stunned by the pain. As they looked around the room from their corner they spotted the familiar orange curls of Dr. P, she was slumped over with her back facing Mal, "Doctor? Doctor!" Mal got no reaction, slowly they hulled themself up and used the wall to prop himself up, biting their tough at the pain they limped over to Dr. P. Once they were in arms length they flopped back down and put a hand on the doctor. Her skin was cold, to cold. Mal shook her once again getting no response, "Doctor! Come on just get up! We have so much to work on you can't die now! We'll never find out the answer to this test if we don't try again!" Dr. P gave no reaction, "doctor...?" Tears pricked Mal's eyes as they shook the doctor more aggressively, "come on get up! You have so many experiments and tests you were so excited to try! Just get up!.... please?" Mal took their hand away and threw himself over Dr. P as sobs racked their body, "please doctor! We need you! I needed you...."

    #HAHAHA YOU GET NO HAPPY ENDING!!!!! #self ship community #self shipper#self shipping#self ship#self insert #the madness of professors!!! (dr. mal practice) #long may she reign (Dr. P) #ratt writes
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  • vogelmeister
    15.06.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    even if I know nothing walking into my exam tomorrow- I will always remember the fact that once something is remembered you can’t forget it, that is, once you think you have forgotten something something can easily trigger that knowledge and it becomes easier to remember than new knowledge.

    And the reason I know that, my friends, is thanks to the fact that when it was explained to me, all I could think of was the fact that I was spoiled of who the season 15 mol was through and old mol mention in the society of old mols in s16. At first I was huh I’ll forget that. I kinda did until I tried to watch s15 and saw them in the title card and I was trying to ignore that but my brain was going hmmmm I’m connecting dots. So the knowledge was triggered but I was like haha nah. Anyways then I watched s19 and Rik was like THE LOWEST POT DEFEATING SEASON 15 and I’m like welp.

    #curses of my memory #but hey I also forgot s13 and I was spoiled there too. #hahaha#anyways #maybe that will help me tomorrow but I’m fucked #Wie is de mol #widm
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  • dingoat
    15.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Uhhhhhh @queen-scribbles I might have been doing some snooping and realised that a birthday or something happened recently idk... >.>

    #I'm weak for him ok? #Any excuse hahaha #I think this is my favourite I've ever done with him??? #anyway happy birthday #swtor #other people's ocs #dingoat does art
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  • dokvhana
    15.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    *squints @ tik.tok*

    #i follow one (1) guy for their lovely voice and suddenly i have k*nk.tik all over my 4you page #HA like i would EVER admit my kinks anywhere #y'all can die wondering hahaha #All aboard the Gem Train;; OOC
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  • magical-kitty-dani
    15.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    its so weird how. im listening to wtnv at all the times i should be doing literally anything else. its like. damn i should do work. lets listen to wtnv! i should be asleep. lets listen to wtnv! but then every time i have actual free time to do Whatever,, im like,, im so bored what could i possibly do?? and then i end up playing genshin impact all afternoon (literally why do i play so much genshin impact?? ill be like "im just gonna play for like an hour" but then suddenly its 6 pm)

    then its 10 pm and its like. wtnv time baby!! until like 1 am

    #yea no i dont really have a life #all day. at any time is leisure time #but also i got stuff to do. man i have so many things i need to do but #somehow my brain is like hahaha gay podcast guy go brrr #and im all ugh ok then ill listen to cecil say his funky lil words
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  • pasttell
    15.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    15 Jun 2021

    Mej ngayon lang nakapag linis ng desk since ipamana sa akin ni Gleng etong pwesto niya last March. Bali hati kami dito ni Anj dahil lumalaki na Nutrigenomics fam.

    Hindi ko na tinanggal yung "Words to live by" ni Gleng.

    nag re-pot ako Aloe Vera, na peste kasi yung Bacularis na talagang nakalagay dito; also tinamad na ako mag dagdag ng soil.

    desktop na bihirang gamitin kasi lappy naman ginagamit ko for ease of transport. NPA talaga ako sa unit- sa lab ko mas gusto pumwesto kahit documents ginagawa ko, pero kapag may analysis sina Mae at Erwin nadiscover ko na okay ang pwesto sa table ni Mikko.

    office supplies and ICC booklets drawer

    pets- Chloe at si Sir GAL. photo op lang jan. sa ibabaw ng CPU talaga pwesto nila.

    suggest names kaya sa pets? original names pa kasi nila yan. yung cat from Life of Pets, yung dog from a toy collection- Feisty Pets

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  • cripple66man
    15.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • xxlightsaberxx
    15.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    peep the new hair + delete latur lol

    HAHHAHAHA what fo yall think?? do i keep it blond?? i was thinking of dying it red or imma just go all out white hahahaha cruella feels HAHAH

    #vv random#HELLO #kinda back ig?? #i dunno yet #but #MISS U HUHUU #filtered ou kase my make up looks meh hahaha
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  • cardinal-carvings
    15.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Anyways, I'd like to talk about Archex and whether or not he'd be able to go through with killing Phasma.

    I think that if he had won the fight, like blatantly won... obviously had her at his mercy... I think he'd have choked. I genuinely— I genuinely believe he doesn't have it in him to take someone's life of his own accord in a situation like that, no matter how terrible they are. Now I can't say whether or not programming would play a part to it but I do know he'd hesitate and that would be it. He'd lose then and there.

    The best situation for an outcome where he does go through with it would have to be anger induced and heat of the moment. Like how he'd nearly pulled it had she not blocked the knife... but it'd fuck him up mentally after realization dawns on him.

    #ooc — 🔪 menace #headcanons#hahaha #also like if he was protecting someone in that moment he'd follow thru w/o hesitation bUT— #it'd still fuck him up mentally thank u #he's not a killer
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  • felishiqq
    15.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    haha dancing elyrhie test go brr

    the hair physics were weird so please just imagine it being really windy 😂✨

    elyrhie is actually quite anxious to do this in public, so have her secret little dance with her ideal singing voice claim (//∇//)💦

    this was made in a day so it’s rushed askfjfn

    also this isn’t the song’s real dance, so it may look weird esp the lip sync, there weren’t other fitting dances so this is all i could do (´༎ຶོv༎ຶོ`)💦

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  • spaarklees
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I just remembered that the first time I gave a bj my bf asked me to spat on that d to get it wet, but I didn't wanted to because I thought that would be rude 😝😆

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  • for-sungchan
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #personal#anon #i don't want to think about marriage yet 🥺 #i'm planning to spend most of my young adulthood studying law hahaha
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  • espooky
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Nicolo di genova has done more for my self esteem about being autistic than any mental health professional in the last 5 years

    #my psychiatrist: nooo let the system treat you like you're 10 even thoigh you're an employed adult with a profession #me: hahaha 900 year old italian aspie go brrrrrr
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  • artpiaz
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    are they…you know…

    #gay #elena of avalor #disney#elenaomi#naomi turner #elena castillo flores #princess elena#lgbtq disney#lgbtq#lgbtq characters#lgbtq representation#lgbt#lgbt disney#spongebob meme #YES theyre gay #i like how naomi does the hand thing hahaha
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  • latibulx
    15.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #( namhee: answer. ) #( namhee: text. ) #etherealve #( thank you for sending this! ) #( gotta love these two tbh hahaha )
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  • rainia
    15.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Tragic and Real announcement: I have run out of funny. From now on this blog will be dedicated to recounting my dreams in minute detail. I hardly ever dream, so you can expect posts every idk, two weeks so. Hopefully you can all participate in your little “analysis essays” and unpack my deeper psyche and long suppressed secrets, making me seem cooler when I go on dates.

    #sfsgdhfjgjjgkh /j#rain rambles #I’m begging you not to unfollow LMAOOO #please just ignore me I had very little sleep #HAHAHA
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  • grocerytote
    15.06.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #HAHAHA I KNOW WHO THIS IS thx 4 the hint I LOVE U!!! love the pun its very . 🤭🌞💞 collab roadtrip playlist when
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  • always-anxious-skychild
    15.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The schedule of Skyblr posts are for only either lore or shtposting, there's no in between.

    #(pipping) #skyblr said too much lore today time to shitpost about bones hahaha #if i don't pin important news i will pin this
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  • nordic-language-love
    15.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Det er ei skjære som kommer og står på gjerdet i bakhagen like utenfor kjøkkenvinduet og prater høyt hver eneste morgen, og hver eneste morgen sitter katten min ved vinduet og skravler tilbake. Det ser/høres ut nesten som om de er venner som snakker sammen!

    #samtalen går sannsynligvis slik: #'kom deg nærmere jeg vil drepe deg og leke med liket' #'hahaha kom og prøv din feite pelskledde tosk jeg skal stikke klørne rett i øynene dine' #rettelser velkomne
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