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  • atsumwaah
    19.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    hq boys accompanying and pulling an all nighter with you

    ft. oikawa, akaashi, bokuto, matsukawa

    oikawa would be beside you watching a movie while you study/work. he'll watch with his earphones ofc but the moment you ask something from him or you just want to take a break, he won't hesitate to pull you into his arms and take your break with you. he'll cuddle you and continue his movie or just hold you until you're ready to work again.

    akaashi would study/work with you. even if its not in his forte, he'll always find a way to help you. whether it's reading flash cards with you or helping you research something, this man is ready to give it his all. plus he was to make sure you take a break so you don't overwork yourself so much

    bokuto would be falling asleep next to you but refuses to go to sleep. he's not going to leave his baby awake and all alone through out the night. he's probably going to scroll through his phone or make coffee at ungodly hours just so he can accompany you. you'd insist he sleeps but he just pouts and chugs down the coffee pot before sitting himself next to you again.

    matsukawa would have no problem staying up. he's immune to an all nighter. he'll accompany you with the condition of having you in his lap at all times. he'll watch you study/work from behind, maybe style up your hair if he feels like it too. he refuses to let you go no matter what. if he's staying up then you have to be with him at all times.

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  • iheartkuroorin
    19.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Drunken Night


    a/n: you (y/n Kageyama, yes youre related to tobio) and Iwaizumi go out for drinks one night and you run off. Where to? To get railed in a car :) Come to find out your friends know your mystery man.

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    taglist 🏷

    @underratedmage @kac-chowsballs @sakusasimpbot @lilith412426 @drown-in-your-smile

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  • countryshimas
    19.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    how to ride a bike ! - with hinata shoyou

    cws: tooth-rotting fluff !
    summary: in which you’re not sure how to ride a bike, and your neighbor helps you learn ! headcanons
    a/n: commission for @808zombie !
    commission info !

    ✩ living in japan means getting around by foot or by bike.

    ✩ it’s a very bicycle-centric place when you live out in the country, where the roads are too small for cars to fit and local stores are close enough to walk to.

    ✩ you had previously lived in an area so small thay bikes were barely even necessary.

    ✩ so, you never learned how to ride a bike.

    ✩ which is why your husband, one of the best volleyball players in the country right now, was staring at you with wide eyes and a slack jaw.


    ✩ you had to shake your head and tell him that no, you weren’t lying. yes, you swore on your life. no, this wasn’t an early april fool’s day joke.

    ✩ it was only after a VERY thorough convincing that he got to his feet and grabbed your hand tight in his own:

    ✩ “bike riding is a very important skill! you need to learn and i’m going to teach you!”

    ✩ “right… right now?”


    ✩ he had tugged you out that very same afternoon, pulling his old bike out from around the back of your shared home.

    ✩ he didn’t ride all that often anymore. your little city was small, and you both preferred to walk when he was home to spend time together.

    ✩ but he had a bi-week this week, which is why he had so much time on his hands to force you to ride a bike.

    ✩ (not that you minded. you loved the way his eyes were glittering.)

    ✩ he… was actually a very good teacher. you knew the basics, the idea of riding a bike, you just didn’t know how to put it in practice, and he showed you how!

    ✩ he didn’t have training wheels, which made him pout, but it also gave him an excuse to settle his hands on your sides and let you practice your balance.

    ✩ he was encouraging! never once did he put you down for not knowing how to ride a bike at your age. not once.

    ✩ when you were riding on your own for the very first time, you didn’t know how the brakes worked and you hit a curb, making you scrape your knees.

    ✩ he felt the absolute need to carry you inside and press kisses to the road rash, even at your distress.

    ✩ but then he was taking you right back out.

    ✩ he took a video of you riding smoothly on your own as the sun set in front of you. he uses a gif of it as an animated lock screen for when he’s away.

    #hinata shoyou #hinata shoyou x reader #hq hinata x reader #hinata shoyou headcanons #haikyu x reader #haikyuu imagines#hq stables
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  • ace-tiny
    19.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago


    #tbh i dont rlly actively hc a lot fo characters as trans #like i wont think about it #but if i see a trans hc for a character im all for that shit yk #haikyuu #haikyu!! #hq #haikyuu!! #haikyuu sakusa#transphobia#referenced transphobia#tw transphobia
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  • nothingbuthaikyuu
    19.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Baby Fever

    Reader: F Character: Osamu Miya Rating: E Summary:  “Did you hear.” You said as you stirred your morning coffee, “Atsumu and his partner are trying for a baby.” You brought the cup to your lips, “I found that quite interesting.”  Warning: Baby Fever, Mirror Sex, Doggy Style, Smut, Breeding Kink, Bathroom Sex, Post Time Skip Ask Box: Open | Commission Me! | Join me on Patreon 

     “Did you hear.” You said as you stirred your morning coffee, “Atsumu and his partner are trying for a baby.” You brought the cup to your lips, “I found that quite interesting.” 

    You and Osamu never really talked about having kids, it was something that never came up. You honestly thought that Osamu had an aversion to snot nosed brats. But the idea of his brother having kids before him made the restaurant owner’s skin crawl.

      “I see.” He said as he took a sip of his own coffee.

    This started a chain of events where every night your husband bent you over on the bed and took you from behind with a passion you hadn’t seen since you two started dating. It was light he was a high schooler all over again and wanted nothing more than to get in your pants. 

    His favourite spot was the bed, but where you were right now was far from your shared bedroom. You two had just finished a round, two orgasms for each of you, you were cleaning up yourself, but you didn’t get too far into it before Osamu came in, wrapped his strong arms around you and looked at you in the reflection of the mirror with lustful eyes. 

      “My little rice ball.” he said in a low tone. His hands went up to your breasts and started to knead them roughly, “What’s one more round gonna do? Huh?”

      “Samu, I’m dead tired.” You said as you rubbed the wet washcloth up against your sex that was caked with your wetness and his cum. 

    He growled in your ear, “Didn’t you say today was your ovulation day? Shouldn’t we be tryin’ extra hard? Make sure every last drop is inside of you.” He pulled away and carefully bent you over the bathroom sink. Your ass slightly elevated for him to just slip in between your legs once more. You only got one shot a month and he wanted to make sure that it took this time. That’ll show his brother. Even though he’s the younger twin, he still wanted to show off to his brother. Plus the idea of you two starting a family really got him going. 

    He jerked off his cock a few times to get fully hard and looked at the previous round’s cum stuck to your pussy lips. He did that. Only he could do that to you, as husband and wife you two were bonded together. 

    You were practically biologically a Miya with how many times he had cum inside of you.

    He carefully slid his cock inside of you, pushing past the loosen muscles and getting himself deep inside of you from this angle, bent over the kitchen sink, far away from the bedroom. But it was your house, you could fuck in every room tonight and no one would make a peep. 

    You gripped onto the counter as you felt his cock enter you. You moaned a little bit, letting the noises run free as he started to move his hips against you. You moaned, “Samu, I love you.”

      “And I love you.” He smiled in return, looking at you in your reflection, “Look at us, baby. Acting like we’re two new lovers. You’re a dirty girl.”

    You looked at your reflection and saw both of your flushed expressions as Osamu fucked you against the counter. You clutched further and held on for the ride as your husband picked up the pace. 

      “That’s it, that’s a good girl. Get pregnant for me, c’mon. I know you want to. I see how you handle babies, you’d look so cute with one or maybe two. Or maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll end up with three.” He grunted as he moved back and forth against you. 

    You moaned, following along with his groans as your bodies moved together. You held on and let him fucked you up against the sink. You knew your hips would sore in the morning as they bumped against the counter surrounding the sink. 

      “I fucking adore you.” He grunted, “All mine. No one else can have you. I love you so much, you mean the world to me. Fuck, baby. Give me some babies.” He panted as he started to move faster, pushing you further and further against the sink. He gripped onto your hips from behind and pushed his cock as deep as it would go inside of you.

    Tonight was the night, he was going to get you pregnant. You were going to have his babies and the idea of that made him painfully hard. What husband didn’t want kids? Especially kids with such a beautiful woman. 

    You bounced against the sink top with every thrust, your breasts rested against the cold porcelain which made your nipples painfully hard and it wasn’t long before you felt the tide of orgasm start to wash over you. 

      “Fuck, Osamu! I love you, fuck I love you.” You moaned as he moved, your pussy felt overstimulated but the feeling felt so good. You already had two orgasms prior, and now you were ready for a third.

    No one could top your husband’s ability to make you cum. As you moved, you felt your knees shake and your pussy clench tightly around his cock. Your breathing was in sharp pants and you look disheveled in the mirror.  

    As you were partially moved back and forth against the counter you gripped onto the sink tightly and with one hard thrust against you g-spot you loudly moaned and threw your head back. 

      “Fuck!” He yelped as your pussy clenched around his cock. He gripped onto you tightly that his nails created indents in your skin. His eyes rolled back a little bit as yours did too.

    You came with a moan and your breathing became laboured with pleasure. Even more slickness stuck to your pussy lips as Osamu continued to fuck you from behind. He was determined to get you pregnant tonight. 

    Your orgasm only encouraged him further to go faster and with that he moved as fast as he could. You were bouncing on his cock, he watched your reflections in the mirror and loved your sweaty, worn out body.  

      “Fuck baby.” He groaned, “Fucking take me. Get pregnant, I want you.” He pounded into you, over the kitchen sink. He couldn’t help himself, he was obsessed with you.

    You whimpered as you legs shook and let him take you as hard as he needed to. You knew in the morning he’d tend to your bruises, but tonight was time to get wild. 

    He finally finished inside of you, giving a few more heavy thrusts with his orgasm to make sure that every little cell took. He was hoping you’d have twins by next year. Two little bouncing Miya babies, he hoped they took after you though. 

    Osamu then pulled out and stagger back to sit on the toilet seat. His face was flushed to his neck and the top of his ears. His breathing was heavy as his cock softened against his thigh. He let out a sharp exhale as he watched you slump against the sink. 

    He tilted his head back for a moment and exhaled deeply. That felt good. After a few moments as you two regained your breath, he watched globs of cum drip out of your abused pussy. That was a sight that aroused and angered him. But there was no time for that. You were too done for to do much else. 

    He got up and patted you on the back before he gave you a kiss on the cheek. He washed you down with the wash cloth once more, letting you rest against the sink. Then he carefully brought you to bed. He knew his baby fever wouldn’t cease until he got you pregnant, could be this month, could be months from now. But until it took, you better expected to be taken more often over the sink. 

    #osamu x reader #osamu miya #osamu miya x reader #osamu smut#haikyuu smut#haikyuu thirsts #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu #haikyū!! #haikyuu scenarios#haikyuu imagines #hq x y/n #hq x reader #hq smut#hq osamu
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    19.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    KAGEYAMA icons

    feel free to use with credits!

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    19.06.2021 - 19 minutes ago
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  • rockkcityboy
    19.06.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Sports animes that feature a brutal death:

    Wave: Let's go Surfing!



    #i am only joking about one of these. #free! iwatobi swim club #haikyuu #wave: surfin' yappe!!
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  • seakicker
    19.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    #before you ask the haikyuu blog has been deleted and i fr don’t remember the username anymore #but i did have over 1k followers at one point
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  • undobutton
    19.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    hello loves!

    remember when i mentioned adding a new fandom to my writing list?

    well i have decided to leave it up to all of you which one i add.

    here are your options:

    The Arcana

    Mystic Messenger

    haikyuu, but only karasuno, Nekoma, and a few other characters.

    you can send in which one you want via ask or message. I'll count all of them next Friday and decide based on who got the most requests. I won't be responding to the asks though. but i will count them up.

    and please know that even though I'll be adding whichever fandom wins to my rules requests won't be open for a while.


    even after Friday it will take a while before im ready to write for them. I just want to know which one I'll be researching and I want the choice to be up to all of you.


    #idv x reader #idv #identity v x reader #identity v #the arcana x reader #the arcana#mystic messenger #mystic messenger x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu#information 🌺#button rambles🌺
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  • elfiore
    19.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    msby boi 

    working on a new illustration and I just can’t wait to share it woot woot 

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  • haik-yyuu
    19.06.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    here are some more anime playlists because i said so:

    miya atsumu

    shin soukoku




    death note

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    19.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago
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  • bkfics
    19.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago


    After parking his car near your parents’ house and exiting it, you notice that Kiyoomi stops midway, you can feel how tense and nervous he is, so you stop and look at him, softening your gaze ‘hey.. don’t be nervous, they’re still your children, I’m sure they will accept that you’re their real father, don’t worry, maybe not that fast, but I’m sure they’ll love you.’ you finish your sentence with a smile and see that he calmed down a little. 

    ‘Thank you Y/N. Let’s go inside now, shall we?’ you nod at him, and make your way inside with him following you behind. 

    After ringing on the doorbell and your father opening the door and welcoming you two, you and Kiyoomi take your shoes off and walk to the living room. 

    As you were about to speak, your daughter suddenly start to yell ‘KAASANNN IT’S HIM!! THE COOL OJISAN!’ she then starts running towards Kiyoomi ‘OJISAN CAN YOU PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO PLAY VOLLEYBALL! PWEASEEE’. 

    Kiyoomi looks at you shocked, not knowing what to do and what to say, but then he goes down at Kisara’s height and gives her a smile and pats her head ‘yes of course little one’. 

    Kisara starts running happily around the living room, and just then Kazuhiko starts running toward you opening his arms, letting you know that he wants to be picked up. 

    ‘Okaasan what took you so long, I wanted to go in the treehouse and play with you.’ He gives you a pout and hugs you, but as soon as he hugs you he notices Kiyoomi behind you and gets all shy and tights his grip onto you. Your eyes get wide, your boy never acted this way, you feel bad because he always let Kisara get your attention more, knowing that she is someone that wants affection and attention, so you hug him too and pat his back. 

    ‘I’m really sorry my baby boy that I took so long, but before playing I want you and your sister to meet someone. I promise that after that we’ll play together ok?’ He nods at you. 

    You call Kisara telling her to come in the treehouse with you tree, so rans towards you expecting her to take your hand, but instead she opens her arms towards Kiyoomi and he picks her up, you turn to look at him and giggle ‘see, she loves you already.’ He also giggles and then smiles at Kisara. 

    You all go on the backyard and then inside the treehouse, you take a seat on the sofa with Kazuhiko on your lap, and Kiyoomi follows your moves, also sitting down with Kisara on his lap. 

    You’re nervous and scared, you don’t know how to start this conversation, you keep assuring Kiyoomi that they will accept him, but what if they don’t? what if they really think that Ryota is their father? Will they get confused ideas or maybe even worse, will tthey get mad at you?.. 

    ‘Kaasan?’ you hear Kazuhiko call you with a confused tone.

    ‘Ah yes… sorry… hmm…’ 

    You take a deep breath and look into Kiyoomi’s eyes, he must have noticed how nervous you are, so he gives you a reassuring smile and mouths to you ‘stay calm, you can do it.’

    You also smile at him and start speaking. 

    ‘Kazuhiko… Kisara… he is Sakusa Kiyoomi’.

    The kids turn to look at Kiyoomi. 

    ‘He’s your true father.’

    ‘Hi’ Kiyoomi says looking at the twins, waving and smiling at them. 

    The kids go silent and you start to panic, wondering what is going on inside their head. 

    But suddenly, they get off your and Kiyoomi’s lap and start hugging and jumping around screaming ‘DID YOU HEAR THAT KISA? WE FINALLY FOUND HIM!’ ‘YEHEYYY, AND WE ALSO WON’T HEAR MOM CRYING EVERY NIGHT ANYMORE’.

    You two wide your eyes at the scene in front of you, and none of you can’t process this, but you see that Kiyoomi is smiling at the two kids in front of him, he gets up and go to them and start hugging them. 

    You also see them hugging their true father, finally your little family is complete, and you can’t help but cry at the scene. 

    After some time they turn to you and see you cry, they start running towards you and embrace you in a group hug. 

    ‘Why are you crying kaasan?’ Kisara asks you. 

    ‘Because I’m really happy right now.’

    ‘I won’t leave you ever again. I promise. I’m sorry that I was a fool and left your mother. I’ll stay by your side from now on.’ Kiyoomi says, kissing the kids on their forehead and then proceed to kiss you on the cheek making you red like a tomato.

    masterpost | VI. | VIII.

    hi guys! how have you been? I’m sorry i took so long to come back🥺 i’m glad i have my summer break rn so i can write more, i missed you guys and i also missed wring, i know this chapter is short but please enjoy! ilovey’all<3 

    also if you have discord, you can join this server i just made for this blog and let’s all be friends!❤️ 


    @rrroadkill @samwise-though @lola2001 @velociraptorenthusiast @mjade1321 @farmertoshi @kurosiee @googiembul @hohoshiumi @floralkawa @miwtze @crapimahuman @setsukobb @drymayonnaise @iwawhorree

    #msby#msby sakusa#sakusa kiyoomi #sakusa kiyoomi x reader #sakusa kiyoomi x you #sakusa x you #sakusa#sakusa fic #sakusa x y/n #sakusa x reader #sakusa imagines#hq#hq sakusa #hq x y/n #hq x reader #hq imagines#hq fanfic #hq x you #haikyuu fanfiction #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x you #haikyuu imagines #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu sakusa #haikyuu sakusa kiyoomi
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    19.06.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    look how cute my man’s is 😌😌 yes i have him the same sun tattoo i have on my ribcage

    follow me on tik tok and instagram @cassandra_creative for more shit like this lol

    #shit#personal#lol#art#fanart#naruto fanart#kakashi hatake#art tiktok#rant#aizawa shōta #my hero academia #my hero fanart #saturo gojo #jujutsu kaisen fanart #ukai keishin#haikyuu fanart#levi ackerman #attack on titan fanart #kakashi #tik tok artist
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  • ladysunamireads
    19.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    One Way or Another

    One Way Or Another by hemlockyy

    "Shoyou my boy..." His grandfather tried speaking, and Hinata made his very best attempt to not cry, "I have something for you, I might as well give it now just to be sure..." The man reached for a box inside the side table and pulled a letter with a purple wax seal of a crow embedded in it, he handed it to Hinata with a shaky smile.

    Hinata eyed the envelope in his hands, shifting from the sick bedridden man to it, back and forth. But when he made a move t open it his grandfather rested a hand on top of his, halting his movements all together.

    "No, not yet, be patient my boy. Now listen close" Hinata leaned forward, "There will come a day where you will feel crushed by the burden of modern life... And your bright spirit will fade before a growing emptiness... When that happens, my boy, you will be ready for this gift."

    Hinata never thought the day would come, but it did, just like his grandfather said. And now he left his old life behind, his house, his job, his barely present so called friends and his old self in order to find that happiness again in his grandfathers old farm.

    Words: 1406, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: Haikyuu!!

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Hinata Shouyou, And Everyone, tba

    Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio, Hinata Shouyou & Everyone, TBA

    Additional Tags: Very Stardew Valley based, like I renamed the characters and thats it, tags will be added gradually, Farmer Hinata Shoyou, Hinata Shouyou is Sunshine, Strangers to Friends to Lovers, will this be considered slow burn?, more like oblivious Hinata, and everyones in love with him, like in the game, very unrealistic things happen so please don't pick on me, oh yeah and everyones gay here, that's the one thing that is realistic lesbionest

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/32050843

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  • catzula
    19.06.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    In honor of me buying a new motorcycle, here's suna. with a motorcycle.

    oh my god this was in my wips for so long I just never got to finish, I hope you like it!

    i am kindly asking you to reblog if you liked this!! thank you thank you

    《Synopsis: when someone asks you how you started dating suna rintarou, your childhood crush, it's a little awkward to tell them it only happened because your brother's got arrested.》

    "I'm not riding with Atsumu."

    "I'm not riding with Atsu- fuck!" Osamu curses when Suna beats him to it with a second of difference, grinning at the grey-haired twins' defeated face.

    "Fucking loser." Suna mocks him, "now you have to listen to him nagging you about how he doesn't like how the wind smells."

    It has you bursting out with laughter, your gaze unconsciously finding the green-eyed boy as you laugh. Your smile only grows as you notice he's looking at you as well.

    "Hey- what the hell, you two?" Atsumu finally chimes in, looking utterly betrayed by his brothers' and best friends' words. "Riding with me is an honor, I'll have you know."

    "Oh, yeah, what an honor it is." Osamu mutters under his breath.

    "What was that?"

    "I said what an honor it is to have you bitching about every little thing we spend on and off the road."

    "It's better than riding with you and fearing for life whenever you take a turn." Atsumu shots back at his twin, but Osamu has an answer ready.

    "I'm the one with the license, aren't I?"

    A moment of silence ensues; it only breaks with your soft snort when you can't hide your laugh. "Stol fucking laughing," Atsumu glares at you, "Its not funny."

    "It is, though." You grin at your brother, hiding behind Suna when Atsumu takes a step forward to you.

    It's funny because all three of them applied and took the license exam for a motorcycle when they all turned 16, but as both Osamu and Suna passed, Atsumu couldn't.

    He even "secretly" (everyone knew about it) applied for the exam again a few weeks later, only to fail again.

    "The license examiner was looking at me funny," he explains, "I did amazing but he just had to be an ass because he was jealous."

    "You dropped the motorcycle, Atsumu." You raise your brows.

    "And couldn't get it back up," Suna snickers, both of you start laughing.

    "Shut yer traps!" Atsumu shouts, turning to you with a frown, "and why are you forming an alliance with him, huh? Against your favorite brother, too."

    "I'm riding with him." You shrug. "Have to be on my best behavior, you see."

    Even thinking about spending the next few hours on a motorcycle ride with Suna has you all giddy.

    Your brothers had decided to spend the weekend at your parents' winter house, which was somewhere in the outer city, and had decided to go with their motorcycles.

    "Keep the best behavior up," Suna laughs, hand coming up to ruffle your hair. "As long as you aren't like your brother here, you have nothing to worry about."

    You sit next to Atsumu as Suna and Osamu try to find the place on their GPS, doing their last checks on their motorcycles.

    "Are you okay with riding with Suna?"

    The question catches you off guard as you raise your head from Atsumu's shoulder. "You can ride with 'Samu. Can't guarantee he's safer, though."

    Atsumu knows you don't like being alone with people you don't know well, and he worries even when it's someone you've grew up with.

    "It's okay," you laugh. "Suna is nice, I'll be fine."

    The worried glint in his brown eyes remind you of the one of your childhood, whenever you fell and had a wound on your knee, Atsumu would be the one to carry you all the way back home, not letting you up from the couch he placed you even when it was just a few scrapes.

    He still sees you as the little girl from back then. You wonder if Suna feels the same way.

    You discard the thought immediately as it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. You've always been fond of Suna; even as a kid, you wanted to be near him, talk to him, have his attention.

    He wasn't nice or anything; he would always make fun of you when you were little, he still sometimes did, too, but the way he spoke the words would never hurt you; if anything, they'd turned into soft memories that made you smile.

    You always hoped this fondness would go away as you grew older.

    It never did.

    The roar of an engine pulls you from your thoughts, causing you to jump in your place as you glare at the boy sitting on his motorcycle. He snorts.

    "Did I scare ya?" Suna gives you a lopsided grin, one he has mastered over the years. "You looked like something was troubling you."

    "I was sitting next to Atsumu." You say as if it answers him, making the boy in question jump on his legs to shout an angry "hey!"

    Suna's smile grows wider at that; you notice how the corners of his eyes crinkle a little, and it's one of those smiles that make your heart beat twice as fast in your chest.

    Your eyes stay connected for a second or more; you wish he wouldn't look away as Suna turns his gaze to the helmet he has in his hands. "Here you go," he unfastens it for you, pulling it back when you reach for it to do it yourself, "gotta stay safe."

    You don't speak as Suna pushes the helmet down your head for you, tilting your head up with two fingers pressuring under your chin to fasten it. You don't know why his hands brush against your face so much, why his fingers caress your jaw instead of letting go when you push your face up, you don't know why he's looking at you like he's about to kiss you.

    Suna stands so close, mental images of him leaning in to press a kiss despite the helmet has you blinking it away rapidly; when he smiles, you think you can almost smell the strawberry scent of the gum he's chewing.

    "There you go," Suna's fingers hook on the tie beneath your chin, pulling slightly. "Is that good? Comfortable?" Suna laughs as you open the shield to stick your tongue at him. "It's good. Could have done it myself, you know."

    "Can't even be charitable," Suna rolls his eyes playfully, "what's so bad about that?" Suna gives your helmet a slight pat before wearing his own, the weight of the helmet causing your head to fall forward. You hear a snicker coming from him and have to hold yourself back from head bumping his chest.

    You really want to tell him that you aren't that little girl he used to know anymore, but you bite your tongue.

    "Ready to go?" He asks when you climb his motorcycle, arms wrapping gingerly around his narrow waist. The moment your fingers meet in front of his abdomen, the engine beneath you roars alive. "Ready." You confirm, muttering so close to his ear, missing the blush that sits on them.


    "Ah, they aren't here yet." You stretch as you get off the motorcycle, inspecting the empty garage. Suna's brows pinch together; he had driven especially slow for your comfort, and it made no sense the adrenaline sucker Osamu hadn't beaten you into it.

    "Huh," he only answers your statement, shaking his leather jacket off of his body. "I'm coming in a sec, alright? You should go in." Suna tells you, eyes falling onto his phone.

    You shrug, wanting nothing more but to go in the place and take a nice shower. You go in, take your shower and even blow dry your hair; when Suna finally decides to enter the place, there's an unreadable expression on his face.

    "So," he plops down on the couch, eyes narrowed and brows quirked. "I just talked to your mother."

    "My mo- wait what?"

    "Yeah," he looks as surprised as you are. You stay quiet as he pinches the bridge of his nose. "So did you know Atsumu and Osamu weren't allowed in this state?"

    "They wha- oh shit." Your eyes widen when you finally kind of understand what's going on.

    "Yeah," Suna narrows his eyes at you. "They got arrested."

    They got arrested.

    If that didn't mean you were going to be stuck in the same house with your childhood crush for probably the rest of the weekend, you know both of you would've been in teary laughter already.

    But you weren't.

    Instead, you stare at each other in all awkwardness of the situation, hoping either of you would say something already.

    "Whew," you say finally with a light chuckle, "glad we didn't get pulled over, too, then."

    Suna quirks a brow at you, mouth opening to ask, but he decides he can do that later. You have the whole weekend in front of you to talk, after all.

    His eyes fall on the smile that graces your lips, it looks awfully similar to the adoring one he has.

    Huh, Suna thinks, maybe this won't be as bad as he thinks it is.

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    Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. - Mod @fryingsausage

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  • v4mptsuki
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    soft!suna headcanons

    suna <3

    he's not the most verbally affectionate, but he shows how much he loves you through his actions and his touches

    and he loves you so much

    he likes to take naps with his head on your shoulder or in your lap, and when he does you can always smell his shampoo (he uses 2-1 but it's old spice so it smells pretty good)

    you have a collaborative playlist on spotify that you both add songs to for when you're together

    it's like 25 hours long, and every song has at least one memory together tied to it

    sometimes a song that hasn't played in awhile will come on shuffle and you'll end up reminiscing about old times together

    his sister adores you, and it makes him so so happy

    his sister is his favorite person in the world (tied with you) so seeing you two get along always makes him smile

    he likes to style your hair, and he'll say it's so he can practice for his sister, and while that is true, he also just likes playing with your hair

    you have duplicates of some of your things at suna's house (toothbrush, hairbrush, makeup remover, mascara, etc.) for last minute sleepovers and he loves it because it feels like you live together

    he likes to go on walks, because he really enjoys being outside, so bringing you with him is a bonus

    you have the best adventures on your walks, like the time you stumbled on a neighborhood market with produce stands and craft booths and food stalls

    suna bought you a pretty woven bracelet with beads that matched your favorite color at one of the booths, and you still wear it everyday

    he's not the best cook, but he really enjoys cleaning

    especially when he's overwhelmed, taking on a small task like wiping down the counters or vacuuming the rugs makes him feel a lot calmer

    he's not the worst cook ever though, so sometimes you guys will work together to make meals

    sometimes food ends up burnt if you leave suna on watch duty, so usually you have to micromanage the cooking

    his favorite part is seeing you all focused on whatever task your doing, and he'll often give you a kiss on your cheek as a reminder that he loves you

    suna is very observant, and often times when you're talking his eyes wander, but he's always listening

    if you're walking around outside, whenever he sees a pretty flower he'll pick it and place it behind your ear

    then he just carries on with whatever conversation you were having, without acknowledging the flower

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    this is so funny to me, suga is adorable and look how confused asahi is !

    and daichi's just standing there with a drink like he's use to suga being his adorable self. 🤍

    remember to stay hydrated.

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