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  • paperd0llz
    18.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    there is something that tells me kuroo has a great singing voice, like he randomly sings to you in the middle of the night when you can't sleep while you're in his arms sometimes he plays with your hair. he keeps singing until you fall asleep and he joins you after.

    #🍇.chatter #haikyuu fluff#hq fluff#kuroo fluff #kuroo x reader #bonus points if it's those old romantic songs too
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  • love-amihan
    18.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    ✧ masterlists ✧


    "hindi naman siya sobrang gwapo, ngunit siya ang type na type ko" (he's not that good-looking but at least he's my type)

    amihan's note: thank u for suggesting the charas bby maia <3 ngl this feels a bit rushed 😭 happy reading!

    mentioned charas: iwaizumi hajime, miya atsumu, tetsurou kuroo

    -iwaizumi hajime

    hajime is peacefully lounging in the living room when the sound from your phone bounces off the confined four walls. at first he didn't make a big deal out of it but after hearing the sound; his eyes immediately moved to where you're standing, a prominent frown on his face.

    "do you mean that?" his lips forming into a cute little pout. you face him after finishing the video, "what?" he huffs and turns his back to you, "nothing." you can't help the teasing smile that creeps up your face, you stride closer to him and drape yourself on his broad back.

    "you know that was just for content, you are the prettiest boy i've ever laid eyes on," you leave a kiss on his cheek, going as far as making a loud smacking sound. hajime being hajime, he didn't show how he quickly melts after you did the most adorable thing. putting up a tough act, he just hums and continues to scroll through his phone. i guess you have something to do for the rest of the day now.

    -miya atsumu

    atsumu would get all pouty. if anything, he would ignore you for a whole day but let's be real here, he's too weak for his significant other. "that was not nice," he mumbles and turns his head to the side after seeing you look at him with your best puppy eyes. "nope, not gonna work" he says to you, well more like to himself.

    "but it was funny seeing it from the video i watched! i didn't know it would genuinely hurt you," you reason out while clinging onto him. atsumu pretty much struggles in grasp which in return just tightens around his frame, you didn't dare to let go, wanting his full attention on you and to make up with your slight mishap. "what can i do for my ever so loving boyfriend to forgive me?" your eyes analyzing every facial movement he makes meanwhile the blond's cheeks are now dusted in pink feeling your eyes on him.

    it's always the other way around, his inside is now raging with the flutter of countless butterflies as he imagines how you're looking at him, afraid that he'll fall apart as soon as he gets a glimpse of you. putting up a tough facade, atsumu keeps his head turned to the side, "no." this continues for a good minute with atsumu clearly enjoying the attention and you knowing him well, letting him bask in your undivided attention.

    -tetsurou kuroo

    this guy would get back at you. kuroo immediately pulls out his phone and makes his own version, he even made it his own sound. the video ended up going viral. "kuroo!" your voice echoes your shared apartment as you stomp your way towards him, the man in question blinks up to you, feigning innocence.

    "what's up, love?" he asks with a smile, you playfully glare at him and mock his voice, "don't what's up love me, you know what i'm gonna say," you cross your arms and squint your eyes at him. to which, kuroo merely shrugs to, "dunno, maybe tell me that you love me and you have the most handsome partner in the world?" the raven-haired holds back a snicker seeing you falter with the act you're also putting up.

    "damn it, how come yours has gotten more views," you finally crack and whine to him while flopping on top of him. kuroo catches you in his arms with ease and replies, "guess you don't have the charisma, better luck next time," he taunts you while scrolling back to his phone. you lightly hit him in the chest with a huff, kuroo's hand gives you a light squeeze as an apology.

    copyright © 2021 by love-amihan all rights reserved. do not repost in other platforms. reblogs are welcome and highly appreciated! <33

    #fandom;hq#aobajohsai;iwaizumi#inarizaki;atsumu#nekoma;kuroo #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #haikyuu drabbles #iwaizumi hajime x reader #iwaizumi x reader #tetsurou kuroo x reader #kuroo x reader #miya atsumu x reader #atsumu x reader #amihans;fluff
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  • fairyoomi
    18.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    stop cause kiyoomi definitely listens to kendrick lamar

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  • uccmd
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    lev: cat got your tongue, kenma?

    kenma: well if by cat you mean kuroo..

    lev: huh?!

    kenma: then yeah, he did. any other questions?

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  • sugasfanfics
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Atsumu Comfort Fic

    Desc: Atsumu comforts you after a long day

    With open arms Atsumu stands by his car door, ready and patiently waiting to more than willingly care for the deep mental scars left after what seemed to be the longest day ever. His only explanation of the events so far being the one that you’d rushed to describe to him in a breathy whisper over the phone whilst he scrambled to grab his keys and get to you as soon as possible, an overwhelming need to kiss the pain away taking over his body.

    “Baby” he calls out softly, his voice barely rising over the buzz of your mind as you tumble your way over to him, your body all but collapsing into his as he cradles you into his chest, Atsumu’s body curves to your height as tender hands adjust in order to lay across the back of your head. This simple movement prompts you to sink further into his embrace, your heavy breaths filtering through his shirt as tears leave tiny reminders upon the material.

    “Baby I’ve got you, I’m here and I’ve got you and it’ll be okay, we’re going to be okay, I promise” Atsumu assures with a quiet determination that you can hear in his tone of voice as he murmurs softly into your ear and the gentle touch of his skin as he runs a placid thumb over your tear-stained cheek. For a few seconds, or minutes, or hours he holds you like this, allowing the strain to run from your body and bones in a trickle of tears and a few more gasping whispers of explanation, frustration, and overbearing upset. When your breathing, if even slightly eases back to a calmer, familiar pace Atsumu pulls back, his hands slipping down to attach into yours after easing them from the tight grip around his jacket’s warmth that had kept you anchored to him. Carefully, he begins to smooth small shapes across your skin, his eyes meanwhile meeting yours, gentle gaze watching over you like the moon watching over the earth before he opens the car door and ushers you both inside, giving you an affectionate smile before leaving and making for home where he would be able to give you all his love once again.

    Silently, Atsumu opens the car door in the driveway to your home, his affectionate hand extending out toward you which you take gladly and let him lead you into the house and to a seat where you fall into the reassuring cushioning. This sudden comfort and the sensitivity of Atsumu’s actions as he dips down to relieve the shoes from your feet before gifting you an encouraging grin ekes a weak smile from you, almost as a thank you for Atsumu’s care. As a small meaningful thank you for the drink he makes you after putting away your shoes, and the fact that he then brings you a pair of your comfiest clothes to put on, and eventually for the love you feel from him as he once again swaddles you in the sturdy support of his arms and supportive embrace.

    From your side Atsumu moves into the most comforting position, one where your legs lay across his lap therefore allowing you to bend into his shoulder, your hands clenched around the neckline of his shirt as you press closer into his warmth. You don’t want another round of tears, nor do you want to think about what they had said and done to you, so you turn to Atsumu, wide imploring eyes staring up at Atsumu with a desperation like no other situation than this. Quickly Atsumu sees you and turns his touch from running circles over your hand to instead laying calm fingertips to your cheek, which he smooths over with his thumb, the subtle contented feeling blooming over your face managing to comfort you – or perhaps it was the way he looked at you with such significant compassion and love. The next thing you know is the plush kiss of Atsumu’s lips, it’s not wanting, rather it’s soft and filled with meaning, the gentle shine that fills your body being an indicator without words that Atsumu is there for you, through everything, no matter what. He’ll stay by your side, whispering consoling words and letting his skin be to yours as you do for him for as long as you’ll need him.

    My Masterlist

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu#haikyu #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x self insert #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #haikyuu comfort fic #haikyuu comfort#haikyuu fanfiction#haikyuu oneshot#haikyuu drabbles#haikyuu hcs#haikyuu atsumu#haikyuu anime#miya atsumu#atsumu#haikyuu fluff#atsumu imagines#haikyuu imagines #atsumu x gender neutral reader #atsumu x reader #atsumu fluff#atsumu fanfic #atsumu x y/n #haikyuu miya atsumu #hq x reader #hq atsumu#hq fanfic#hq imagines
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  • shinomiis
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    best interest - jealousy jealousy

    summary: atsumu is the biggest school heartthrob, so when he claims he’s settling down for you, you push him aside in disbelief. determined to prove his point, atsumu continues to chase after you. unfortunately for him, it seems someone’s already gotten to you first.

    warnings/contains: high school setting, angst, fluff, cheating, foul language, slight enemies to lovers, suggestive. contains texts & written portions

    masterlist // previous // next part

    “tsumu, ya gotta stop glaring at them like that.” osamu’s hand reaches up to pat atsumu on the back while atsumu continues to ignore osamu’s advice, narrowing his eyes at you and kaito during lunch.

    with your eyes wrinkling at the sides and your head thrown back, atsumu’s heart flutters. he’s sure he’s never seen a sight more beautiful, but kaito’s smirking seems to irk atsumu in all the wrong ways. what makes kaito think he can make you laugh like that?

    “dude,” at the sound of suna’s voice laced with irritation atsumu averts his eyes at the sickening view, “you done?”

    suna looks even more bored then normal, having to listen to atsumu complain about you all week.

    you sigh, you’ve never felt so emotionally drained. it didn’t make sense as to why atsumu was avoiding you, you thought you were finally getting along.

    just as you were about to lock your phone to take a power nap, you received a notification from none other than atsumu. he tagged you in his instagram story; furrowing your brows, you tap on the notification banner. it was the picture you told atsumu to delete with the song, ‘soft core’ by the neighborhood. deciding to toss the lyrics to the side, you slide up with a ‘:).’

    atsumu, on the other hand, was fighting back punching his wall. he’s beyond furious with himself, disappointed, even. he doesn’t understand why he took his frustration out on you, he didn’t mean for it to escalate to this. but truly, what did kaito have that he didn’t? and why did aoi give him side looks during lunch. atsumu could feel his stomach twisting with suspicion, there was something going on and he was sure you were planted in the middle of it.

    fun facts

    -> atsumu did not in fact delete the picture

    -> the lyrics were, “sharin’ my heart, it’s tearin’ me apart..”

    -> kaito saw atsumu’s story but didn’t care

    -> aoi is giving atsumu bad vibes

    notes: sorry this is a little bland :( but only theee more chapters if i’m not wrong?

    taglist: @keijee @faetarou @szeonn @sunkeiji @whorefornoodles @ntimacy @the-kodzuken @mitskitadori @rintarovibes @gojoussunglasses @luvmikage @cykss @okgaby7 @fsrintaro @ahnneyong @imuziawi

    #queued post#athenas works #atsumu miya x yn #atsumu x you #atsumu x yn #atsumu x reader #atsumu fics#atsumu texts#atsumu smau#atsumu series#atsumu fluff#atsumu angst #atsumu miya x reader #atsumu miya x you #atsumu miya fic #hq atsumu#hq fic#hq smau#hq texts #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x you #haikyuu texts#haikyuu imagines#atsumu imagine
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  • uccmd
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    timeskip!bokuto headcanons

    when he eats crackers with salt he always nibbles it first, and only then eats the cracker itself

    there is a dictionary on bokuto's bedside table. every free evening before going to bed, he learns new complex and "cool" words so that his fans will admire not only his strength, but also his mind

    he likes to cook different onigiri and sushi for his friends and team every weekend

    bokuto love to play animal crossing

    bokuto's favourite fizzy drink with strawberry flavour

    after each match his sisters and akaashi are waiting for him at home. they organize a movie night with their favorite food and watching old school matches. when the team has already planned their own evening, their gatherings are postponed to the next day

    he carries stickers in his bag - everyone who asks for an autograph gets them

    bokuto loves spiders and uses them as a symbol of good luck before matches. a golden spider is embroidered on the scarf that he have with him on every game

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  • shikidrawingarchievething
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #yeah#Sakuatsu#hq#haikyuu #hq!! #haikyuu!! #ive decided to give up on hands #thats a lie #sakuatsu fluff#2021#digitalshiki
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  • sans-paroles
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    oh to be undecided between wanting to aggressively hold Wakatoshi’s hand, seeing him blush when you interlock your fingers and brush your thumb over his soft and sturdy skin and wanting to drop on your knees and worship his cock, watching as he tries to hide the pleasure and closes his eyes, clenches his fists but cannot suppress the moan that pushes out of his lips

    #I am going to write smth along this lines soon but boy just the imaginary moodboard of this #haikyuu headcanons #hq!! #haikyuu!! #haikyuu!! x reader #haikyuu!! imagines #hq!! x reader #haikyuu smut#haikyuu fluff#haikyuu scenarios #haikyuu!! x you #haikyuu!! x y/n #hq!! smut #hq!! x you #hq!! x y/n #ushijima wakatoshi #ushijima wakatoshi smut #ushijima wakatoshi fluff #ushijima thirst #ushijima wakatoshi x reader #ushijima wakatoshi x you #ushijima x you #ushijima headcanons #ushijima x reader #ushijima hcs#ushijima scenarios#ushijima fluff#ushijima smut
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  • livinghostly
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    cat’s out of the bag

    kei tsukishima x fem!reader

    words: 1.6k

    pronouns: she/her

    a/n: first tsukishima fic! first haikyuu fic! open to requests and also criticism!

    tsukishima narrowed his eyes at his teammates on the other side of the net, their practice match had been going on for thirty minutes and they were still neck and neck for the first set. his fingers were becoming red and strained from being hit by the ball so much– but that meant he was doing good, so he really couldn't complain. well, he could. and he had no issue doing so.

    "all these spikes, and are you getting any better short stack?" he taunted, looking down at the ginger. "really, if this keeps up, i'm going to have bruises on my hands by tomorrow. you could at least try aiming for an opening."

    "what?" hinata stomped towards the net, his offense nearly loud enough to echo through the gym. "practice is supposed to be helping us get better, what are you complaining for?"

    "if it were an actual challenge, i would be getting better," he let out a dramatic sigh.

    from behind him, tanaka called out. "stop arguing and get back into position so asahi can serve the ball!"

    the boys did as they were told, tsukishima falling back into line with kageyama and tanaka. the ball went straight over their heads, though nishinoya provided a perfect receive, squaring out his body. then, tanaka was the one to spike it– or attempt. suga shot it back down with his block.

    "come on, man!"

    the next round started up again, the served ball slapping against tadashi's forearm before being saved by noya. to their right, the gym doors opened and closed with a thunk, though most of the boys were too caught up in the game to spare a slight glance in the direction.

    sugawara noticed. his desperate curiosity tore his head that way, eyebrows drawing upward at an unfamiliar face. "who's that?"

    plenty of people wandered in their gym during practice, primarily first years that get lost on the way to their club meetings. they almost immediately back out with apologies under the inquisitive stares of the third years— but this person didn't. instead, offered a small smile and stayed quiet. just watching.

    daichi received the ball, hitting it up in the air towards their setter's direction. kageyama raised his hands and kept his eye on the ball, waiting for his signal. the ginger propelled forward, eyes barely open as the air from his jump hit him in the face.

    tsukishima jumped, limbs straightened out to be as tall as he could be.

    "hey, kei."

    he faltered, the structure in his arms going weak, bending at the elbows. confusion flashed in his face at the voice, although familiar, unexpected. he looked to his right, eyes locking in with the proud grin you presented.

    hinata's spike tore through tsukishima's now slack fingers. nishinoya didn't try to save it as it bounced against the hardwood floor. instead of lurching forward, his feet brought him to tanaka.

    "woah!" "did she say kei?" "can i call you kei?"

    the voices of his teammates all spoke up at once, two of the second years, along with hinata, crowding around tsukishima with wonder. he took in a deep breath

    tanaka patted him on the back with heavy, unexpected force. "woah, tsukishima! how'd you get a pretty girl like that to come to practice?"

    "yeah, what are you, some secret casanova?" nishinoya barked out laughter at his own joke.

    tsukishima sighed, pushing up his glasses after they slid down from tanaka's hit. he straightened his posture, now towering over the boys more than before.

    "she's my girlfriend, you idiots."

    his teammates froze, bodies becoming stiff as sticks as they stared. as he pushed past the suffocating crowd that had formed around him, their eyes followed. mouths dropped open, and eyebrows were brought together in an expression that could only be described as horror.

    as he made his way over to you, the third years tried to console the frightened boys. you could hear suga in the distance, "come on, guys. what are you freaking out for?" the only response he got was wordless babbles.

    each step brought a larger grin to your face, despite his stoic expression. he blocked the view of his teammates once he came to a stop in front of you, with minimal space left between the two of you.

    "you did that on purpose," tsukishima said, as matter-of-fact. he wasn't wrong.

    "i could see the scoreboard. they deserved a point."

    "no wonder you're not in any sports clubs, you're too soft for competition." he straightened up, glancing to the caged clock adorning the wall next to them. it wasn't even 4:00. "speaking of, what are you doing here? aren't you supposed to be in—"

    "meeting ended early," you answered, then tilted your head. a small smirk ghosted over your lips. "don't act like this isn't a pleasant surprise, pretty boy."

    at the mention of your pet name for him, a slow blush blossomed at the tip of his ears. soon enough it would be spreading to his cheeks.

    from the benches, the boys looked on. they couldn't seem to break their gaze, eyes following each movement in analysis. the way he turned his head away slightly when he spoke, and despite his blank expression your smile never left your face, you adored him— was he standing taller?

    your fingers subtly, or it would have been subtle, if not for the onlookers, delicately reached out and toyed with his fingertips. he didn't stop you, didn't bother to glance down either. there was a brief moment where his thumb swept over the back of your hand before falling slack in your grip again, letting you do as you pleased.

    a question lingered in the back of tsukishima's mind, he trained his eyes on you and tried to figure out the answer before he'd ever ask.

    "tsukishima!" the tone was almost angry.

    it was then that your smile was wiped away, eyebrows raised in surprise as you looked over to the benches. small doubt pressed on your stomach, wondering if you broke some rule by interrupting practice.

    "are you gonna introduce us to your girlfriend, or what?"

    the blond's head rolled over his shoulder to look at them, regretting his decision as he met their giddy expressions.

    as you reached them, tadashi waved excitedly. "hey, y/n!"

    "you knew about them, tadashi?" hinata questioned, straining his neck next to the green-haired boy as if to intimidate. seeing him stand on his tippy toes, you stifled a laugh.

    "well, yeah-"

    "why didn't you tell us?" tanaka cut him off, mirroring the ginger on tadashi's opposite side and leaning in dangerously close to his face. "what, are we keeping secrets from each other now?"

    "i wouldn't mind," tsukishima muttered. if he still had the attention, they would've watched as he side-stepped slightly in your direction. you bumped his arm with a playful glare.

    tadashi babbled off an answer, a half-assed one at that. he faltered under the looming shadows of his teammates, betrayal prominent in their faces. as he slouched and brought his hands up to his chest in fear, you shook your head and looked up to your boyfriend.

    he looked as if he'd rather be dead.

    a new face jumped in front of you, his proximity catching you by surprise. he had his hands on his hips and puffed his chest proudly. you furrowed your eyebrows, racking your brain for a name blonde tuft of hair at the forefront of his brunette cone and a devilish grin that took up most of his face.

    "it's nishinoya, right?"

    his eyes lit up and the inquisitive demeanor dropped. he looked from tsukishima, to you, back to tsukishima. he swelled with pride and you could've sworn that he'd fallen in love with the blond.

    "tsukki," he sang in adoration, "you talk about us?"

    "woah, i didn't expect that," daichi laughed, placing a hand on the back of his neck to clamp down on the slight nervousness.

    kageyama rolled his eyes, looking off to the court. "we all know it's nothing good anyway."

    you smirked, looking up at tsukishima. you had the opportunity to throw him to the wolves, which would undoubtedly bestow a lifetimes worth of teasing. he met your gaze, and a part of you expected a nonverbal plead to keep quiet. instead, his eyes were cold and daring. do it, he challenged.

    but you wouldn't. and he knew that. for as long as the teammates would hold the compliments against him, no matter how backhanded they were, he would hold his grudge against you for letting it out in the first place.

    "it's nice to meet you, y/n!" sugawara finally stepped forward, waiting his turn.

    "you're suga?"

    "yeah, that's me. the hair was a giveaway, right?" he chuckled nervously, blushing.

    the boys had you guessing their names as they welcomed you to the court, tanaka laughing loudly at his own jokes toward tsukishima. you giggled along until daichi slapped his back as a warning to play nice.

    they tried to pry information out of you, anything that could be damaging to tsukishima's reputation. fortunately for him, you kept your mouth shut, instead opting to talk about the team.

    "we should go."

    tsukishima's voice cut through the bouncing energy of the group.

    "what? kei, you still have practice—" you started,

    "how can i practice when these idiots are giving me a headache?" he drawled. he looked at you with his eyebrows drawn upward and together. his way of saying please when he couldn't force the word out of his mouth.

    grinning, you prompted, "ice cream?"


    he turned away and walked towards the gym doors leading outside, and you picked up speed to catch up with him. a chorus of mocking "aw"'s were called out from behind.

    you waved goodbye to the team, making sure to say how nice it was to meet them. even your goodbye's were cut short, your boyfriend speeding up to reach outside and you scrambled to follow.

    once away from the crowd, he linked his hand with yours.

    "that wasn't so bad, was it?"

    "i'm never hearing the end of it."

    #tsukishima x reader #tsukishima fluff#kei tsukishima#tsukishima #kei tsukishima x reader #tsukishima fic #kei tsukishima fic #haikyuu x reader #karasuno #hq x reader #spleen writes #reader x tsukishima #reader x kei tsukishima
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  • yutari
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago


    loving bokuto kōtarō is possibly the easiest thing you’ve ever done, right next to breathing and allowing the beat of your heart. the sun falls over him, casting sweet shadows that twirl in his hair, the almost evening breeze passing your curtains and landing somewhere upon the exposed skin of his chest. he hasn’t buttoned up his shirt yet, letting it hang open as he stands in front of you, watching the way your hands drift over your own clothes.

    “i can’t stand these fundraising events,” you say, the words a mere mumble of syllables across your lips, but he laughs anyways, dipping his fingers down the black satin that hangs off of you, lingering his touch on the zipper that hangs off your back.

    “you like them more than you’d admit,” he replies, and you laugh, a little shake of your head as you gaze up at him. you don’t have to say anything back to him, because he’s already beating you, a quirk to his lips and a smile pulling at his cheeks. “you’ll have fun, trust me.”

    “i’ll trust you just this once, kou,” you say, and he beams, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he pulls you into him, a kiss that feels more like the press of his smile making its way onto your lips.

    “that’s enough for me,” he whispers, his breath fanning over you. he pulls away just a moment too soon for you, his hands going down to the buttons of his shirt, fingers fluttering over the cloth before you move to them, wrapping your own fingers around his wrists to still any movement.

    “let me,” you say, and it feels more intimate than it’s meant to be, feels more like you’re asking to live something like this forever, but it doesn’t seem to bother bokuto. not by the way he moves his hands away from his buttons, not by the way he smiles down at you like you’re something to be admired. in fact, if you were to be sure of something, you would be sure that he’s looking at you like he knows those two words were the beginning of a hopeful promise.

    “i’m all yours,” he says as you fiddle with his shirt, and both of you know it means more.

    and so you button up his shirt for him, letting your hands drift over the seams for only a moment. you’re sure you’re making the two of you run late with the time you’re taking, with the way you’re savoring his skin and the touch of his shirt against your fingertips. you let your fingers slip beneath the material for just a moment, feeling the rise and fall of his skin—the stretch marks that cast over his shoulders and his chest and the scars that seem to mix in the expanse of flesh there.

    bokuto is a lot like a journal, the marks that live on him acting as a retelling of his life. and as you love him—as loving him is one of the easiest things you’ve ever done—as is loving all of him.

    you loop the last button through the hole, but you don’t dare move away, not when you’re so close that you can lean your head forward just an inch and meet his chest. but it’s not you who moves first, no it’s bokuto, his hand finding your jaw and gently guiding your gaze back up to his.

    “do me a favor,” he whispers, a little tremor resting somewhere in his voice, “promise me this is something that’ll last.”

    and bokuto, sweet bokuto, who kisses you with the rise of the morning sun and with the light of the moon. bokuto, sweet bokuto, who traces your skin as though it’s something to be cherished, who paints the world in his love just as the world has painted him in his stories.

    bokuto, sweet bokuto, is asking you to promise the easiest thing in the world.

    “that’s a promise i won’t ever break,” you reply. “trust me, kou.”

    “just this once.”

    reblogs and interaction are super appreciated!! ❤︎ also this is a birthday gift to my lovely wife @torusaki im sorry this is so late but i hope you know that i love you so so so much and bokuto would love you even more :)

    #bokuto fluff #bokuto x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff #hq x reader #haikyuu#haikyuu angst#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu scenarios#haikyuu headcanons#bokuto imagines#bokuto scenarios#bokuto headcannons#bokuto koutaro #bokuto koutaro x reader #I DON'T KNOW IF I LIKE THIS #BUT UHHHHH HERE YOU GO GUYS!!
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  • lord-of-anarchy
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Haikyuu!!: Types Of Kisses (1/2)

    Characters: Hinata, Kageyama x gn!reader; fluff

    Read 2/2 here (coming soon)

    Hinata Shoyo:

    Stomach Kisses;

    you're lying between the boy's legs, your head comfortably on his stomach

    he's watching some volleyball matches on his phone while you're just vibing, soon getting a little bored, though

    you look up at Shoyo, who's paying 0 attention to you

    hm, what to do...

    you lift his shirt, feeling the warmth of his skin under your cheek as you return to your initial position

    yeah, this is a little better

    his tummy is so soft :(

    so soft.....

    without even noticing you lifted your head again

    mindlessly, your lips touch the space just above his navel, leaving a short but sweet kiss in their wake

    Shoyo finally looks down, a small smile on his lips, eyes twinkling

    he doesn't say anything, simply looking

    you flash him a soft grin before laying down again, pretending as nothing happened

    once Hinata returned to his video, you strike again

    haha no, it's not that serious

    you give his tummy a few more kisses this time, noticing how the boy is starting to shift under you a little

    is he ticklish?


    Kageyama Tobio:

    Goodbye Kisses;

    Kageyama is pissed

    he's leaving for a two-week training camp and you're not awake to say goodbye

    wat kinda partner are you huh????

    ((yes, it is 4 am but he's awake so you can be too!))

    aggressively wakes you up

    you're half dead, probably not even knowing what century it is

    and upon asking what's happening you hear "I'm leaving" from your boyfriend

    gave you a whole heart attack

    until he explained that he's leaving for training camp, you idiot

    now you're pissed 'cause it's 4 am and he called you an idiot

    you're both sulking in silence and it's a little awkward

    until you ask why the heck he even woke you up

    "to say goodbye??"

    "Ok... bye?"

    ok now he's not just pissed but a little hurt too

    so he storms out the room, cursing under his breath

    and you just sit there ???

    maybe you should go after him, considering he'll be gone for two weeks

    tired as hell you get out of bed and stop him from opening the front door

    quick little sorry and a hug will calm him down a bit

    but he still didn't get what he wants

    and you finally realize as he keeps staring at your lips

    ((don't tease him, though, he'll get annoyed again (and super embarrassed)))

    ok time to seriously make up

    so you take his chin and tilt his head a little, waiting for his eyes to meet yours, and you finally close the distance

    the kiss is deep, long-lasting, and meaningful

    it leaves Tobio a little dizzy, but he won't admit it

    his lips still feel tingly as he gets on the bus with the rest of his team

    #haikyu fluff #haikyuu x you #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu headcanons #haikyu x reader #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x reader #kageyama headcanons#kageyama fluff #kageyama x reader #hinata x you #hinata fluff #hinata x reader #hinata x y/n #tobio x y/n #tobio x reader #tobio x you #tobio fluff#hinata headcanons#tobio headcanons
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  • red-queen-bebe
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    featuring: sugawara koushi x afab!reader

    wc: 427

    summary: Suga confesses his love to y/n, with the stars as his witness

    warnings: none

    a/n: I wrote this for a friend a few months ago, I just changed out her name for y/n. I hope y'all enjoy <3

    Laying under the stars with Suga was not how y/n thought her night would go. Not that she was complaining. Her plans had originally consisted of staying at home and playing video games. Anything to keep herself busy really.

    But when Suga had busted through her front door how could she resist the promise of adventure? Exactly. She couldn't. So grabbing a jacket and anything else she would need, they were off.

    They drove for a long time to escape the light pollution of the city. But it didn't seem like very long. Not to y/n. Not when they were having so much fun. Y/n and Suga talked about many things. Things of the past, things of the present. Things of the future.

    When they finally made it out to the country they were speechless. Sure they had seen stars before, but they were so used to the light pollution from the city. No matter how many times you really see stars it's always amazing.

    They got out a blanket and laid it on the hood of the car. Because who wants to lay on the ground, even with a blanket? Or that's how Suga felt, at least.

    As they laid there, Suga was trying to think of words to describe how he was feeling. The girl he has loved for years, laying under the stars with him. How could he ever have gotten so lucky. "You look breathtaking in the moonlight."

    Y/n tilted her head to look at Suga. Before she could speak he continued, "I hope you know I'll always be here for you. Even though we both get busy and we seem to lead completely different lives I promise to always be there when it counts. You've helped hold me together when I didn't think there was anything left to be held together. Knowing you're always there for me gives me something to believe in. You're my love and I couldn't live without you." Y/n had known Suga for years, and loved him for years. Been with him through all of the ups and downs, yet she had never seen him look so content.

    "I'll love you forever Suga. You're my special one," y/n said. She was smiling. Of course she was. The man she loves loves her back. And what better time and place to confess than with just the stars as their witness.

    They stayed there under the stars for hours, letting time pass as though it didn't exist. All that existed in that moment was them, and the stars of course.

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    #az.100 #m.hq #m.kuroo #haikyuu x reader #hq x reader #kuroo x reader #kuroo tetsuro drabble #kuroo tetsuro x reader #kuroo x y/n #kuroo x you #haikyuu fluff #haikyuu!! x reader #haikyuu!! x you #kuroo tetsurou x you #tetsuro kuroo x y/n #haikyuu drabbles#kuroo drabble#kuroo fluff#kuroo headcanons#haikyuu headcanons
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    xxxxiv. right in front of my salad?

    previous | series m.list | next


    fun facts<3

    y/n kinda salty that kei switched her as his favorite for kenma

    ken, sho, bo, akane, nd lev were the ones spamming the gc w chuu memes. how they had a full blown convo w just chuu was absolutely amazing

    kaashi loves chuu, she's his bias wrecker. he asked them not to start it up again bc he can't handle how cute she is

    akane nd y/n started using that meme after they sent the message three times in a row in one conversation

    bunnii's notes:

    also had so much fun writing this one hehe

    inspo kicked in yesterday nd i was able to thoroughly outline the next few chapters ND quite a bit of dialogue hehe everyone send head pats nd tell me m a good girl bc i do believe that i deserve it<3333

    once again m so sorry for the long wait<333 thank u sososososo much for bearing w me

    side note!! my blog is now an 18+ blog. i will make an exception for this smau since ik some of ooee's readers are like 16-17, but bc i am posting a lot more nsfw content, i ask that u don't follow me<333 also!!! if u are of age nd wish to follow me, pls have ur age in bio or i will block u<333

    taglist: open<3 sign up here

    taglist: @jesslovesyouu @weyheyavengers @tenkomurasaki @its-the-aerieljeane @senpaii-samm @glowbc @sunatooru @Fucktheworlddude @fairybnha3 @fandomsgotmefucked @whorefornoodles @succulentmom @atrashsith @renhold-nightspear @kamalymaly @cloudsinthecosmos @faithfulferns @tripleoyaa @jiminslajibolala @gogogoharu @missloser @alt3ra @nanagonzo @charmingkuroo @qualitygiantshoepsychic @tia827 @yes-i-simp-for-2d-men

    #ooee#outofeveryoneelse #out of everyone else #haikyuu#haikyuu smau#haikyuu fluff#haikyuu fanfic#haikyuu scenarios#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu fanfiction #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x y/n #kenma x reader #kenma fluff#kenma smau#kenma imagines#kenma scenarios#kozume kenma #kozume kenma smau #kozume kenma x reader #kozume kenma fluff #kozume kenma scenarios #kozume kenma imagines #hq x reader #hq smau#hq fluff #hq x y/n #hq fanfic#hq imagines#hq scenarios
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    xxxxiii. the kenma flair

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    fun facts<3

    y/n makes kenma memes in her free time. she has an album full of them in her photos

    ken finds the memes amusing nd secretly hopes she makes more

    ken's mom absolutely adores snickers, she loves mochi as well but snickers holds a special place in her heart

    bunnii’s notes:

    this chapter was so much fun to do

    inspo kicked in yesterday nd i was able to thoroughly outline the next few chapters ND quite a bit of dialouge hehe everyone send head pats nd tell me m a good girl bc i do believe that i deserve it<3333

    m delivering a double upload to u guys for the long wait MWAH i really really am sorry for the delay

    side note!! my blog is now an 18+ blog. i will make an exception for this smau since ik some of ooee's readers are like 16-17, but bc i am posting a lot more nsfw content so i ask that u don't follow me<333 also!!! if u are of age nd wish to follow me, pls have ur age in bio or i will block u<333

    taglist: @jesslovesyouu @weyheyavengers @tenkomurasaki @its-the-aerieljeane @senpaii-samm @glowbc @sunatooru @fucktheworlddude @fairybnha3 @fandomsgotmefucked @whorefornoodles @succulentmom @atrashsith @renhold-nightspear @kamalymaly @cloudsinthecosmos @faithfulferns @tripleoyaa @jiminslajibolala @gogogoharu @missloser @alt3ra @nanagonzo @charmingkuroo @qualitygiantshoepsychic @tia827 @yes-i-simp-for-2d-men

    #ooee#outofeveryoneelse #out of everyone else #haikyuu#haikyuu smau #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu scenarios#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu drabbles#haikyuu fanfic #haikyuu x you #hq smau #hq x reader #hq scenarios#hq imagines #kenma x reader #kenma fluff#kenma smau #kenma x y/n #kenma scenarios#kenma imagines#kozume kenma #kozume kenma x reader #kozume kenma smau #kozume kenma fluff #kozume kenma x y/n #kozume kenma imagines #kozume kenma scenarios
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    A/N : I saw this HC about Sakusa picking the bad habit of smoke during college. But I can't stop thinking of how he gets this. So here some rambling :)

    Warnings: Use o cigarettes, Angst.

    BAD HABITS - Sakusa Kiyoomi

    It has this person aka you that he had been really into for the past years of college. He knew you enough to know about your kindness, the way you always greet people early in the morning even tho, you, by yourself weren't in a good morning, the way you laugh at his "frowning face" whenever something bothered his morning routine, and how you'd steal his skincare products just to mess up with him early I the morning, but he also knew your bad habits. The one you picked up from the very first time things ruin down completely. And now whenever your head was too cloudy and you didn't wanna bother someone to share your problems, he knew he will be able to find you at the balcony, smoking. At some point in your friendship, he'd be more comfortable to express his opinions and feeling, so beyond just frowning and say you're killing yourself and him as well, passively, in the process of destroying the air of his special spot, as he likes to say, he'd take the cigarette from your lips and swallow up himself. And when you started to protest how that was a bad habit and he shouldn't do it, he'd just smirk and say "now we're even". And that's how your habits start to change. The first time you kissed him, your mind was cloudy and things seem like they're about to get ruined completely but instead of the bitterness of a cigarette, the flavor that was waltzing in your mouth was the one of fresh mint from Sakusa's kiss. For him on another hand, your smell always has been stared at his soul, your soft essence mixed with the roasted smoke of your cigarette plagued his mind in the most unusual moments. And that's why he was here, surrounded by a cold smoke, but you weren't there, just him. Drowned in the only thing he could keep from you. Bad habits

    #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu scenarios #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu angst #sakusa x y/n #sakusa fluff#sakusa scenarios#sakusa headcanons #sakusa x reader #sakusa angst #sakusa kyoomi x reader #sakusa kiyoomi scenarios #sakusa kiyoomi fluff #sakusa kiyoomi angst #manager gossip
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    love life with haikyuu boys portrayed by songs

    characters included ; atsumu miya, oikawa tooru, kozume kenma, tendou satori

    a/n’s note: this is fun to write! most of these songs are at my liked songs so I hope you guys enjoy! !

    warnings: lil bit of angst, fluffy as hell, slight cussing

    genres : romance, fluff, angst

    atsumu miya + sucker by the jonas brothers

    He’s like a stalker really, and it’s pretty obvious! “Where are you going this weekend, babe?” He often asks, and when you answer he writes it down on his phone then proceeds to follow you there. A big drinker, he loves getting drunk to the point he can’t even recognize his own girlfriend anymore.

    “Pretty girl all alone here? ‘m sorry but I have a girlfriend, she’s probably lookin’ f’me.” He slurs, shaking his head and looking around the dancing crowd after asking him to come home. Often gets into fights with random people that he thought laid their dirty and grimy hands on you, mega yuck.

    Really loves kissing you, like he’s drinking water. Asks you to kiss him whenever he has bruises and injuries, you’re like his medicine, and sometimes he doesn’t actually stop consuming this special medicine of his.

    Looks like you like you’re a goddess, your insecurities wash away because of his compliments and whenever you feel uncomfortable or sad about something he tries to make you feel better, and you share secrets to him that he never shares with anyone, but once in a while teases you about them in private.

    He’s extra grumpy when you attend his matches, because in his eyes, you’re his special and number one fan. Keeps his eyes on the entrance instead of the ball and ends up getting lectured by the coach which never happened before, now he spends time waiting for his special girl to come whenever you don’t attend.

    oikawa tooru + still the one by one direction

    He actually dumped you, making you sob so bad for months. Now he’s back and he’s more guilty than ever. Misses you so much and tries to make conversations with you, you kept ignoring him till he arrived at your house one day, parents looking apprehensively at him.

    “You’re still the one babe, you know that.” He pleaded, bouquet in hand. You looked at him then sighed, letting him come inside. He kept apologizing while he sat beside you, hand intertwined with yours.

    Iwaizumi actually was the one who made him regret leaving you, his bestfriend telling him how much you missed him, and he couldn’t forget the face he made when you saw him stand at your front door. As bad as it might sound, you took him back, as long as he treated you a bit better, and not get too stressed with his volleyball, since he always look so stressed.

    Wish granted, you two hung out a lot more and you loved it, even though you got dirty glares from his fan club of sorts. You two moved in together in a apartment you rented that was a share of yours and his money. Adores waking up next to you in case you decided to leave and insists that you hold his hand while you sleep and he holds it so tight, it’s turning purple most of the time.

    kenma kozume + sweater weather by the neighborhood.

    His sweaters are so damn comfy, you never ever remove them but when you two go out for a short walk to the beach, he hisses and protests and proceeds to mutter that it’s too hot and he might get sunburnt while playing on his switch and sitting in a air-conditioned room.

    Likes to tie his hair up so his hair won’t get in his eyes whenever he’s streaming or just playing one of his video games. Lets you borrow his card and buy whatever you want so you go on a full on shopping spree but he’s okay with its since he has so much money.

    As much as he likes wearing oversized jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters, he sleeps with only his boxers on and asks if you could do the same on a nightly basis since he doesn’t like getting hot while sleeping. Gets really into shows that involves a family, asks if you and him can be a family too out of nowhere, makes you spit out the coke and he looks unbothered.

    Plays and streams with you on his lap, numerous comments asking about you two, proudly yet sleepily answering, his head on your chest whenever he takes a break and naps right there and then.

    Got a cat for the two of you and he absolutely adores it, mostly because it has the same colors of his long and pretty hair. Carries the cat, named Tetsu, all around the house and bottlefeeds him warm milk. And when you complain about the cat’s lack of training he gasps and covers the cats ears but proceeds to try and train him before giving up after a few minutes.

    tendou satori + more than a woman by the bee gees

    You two were childhood friends, he never considered you a possible love interest but now he’s absolutely smitten. Works super hard to support you both, comes home so tired and plops himself on top of you, hugs you tightly and hums like he’s in so much bliss to be back in your arms.

    He never does anything alone, tries to make sure you’re always there beside him. “My beautiful paradise” He calls you, like a special nickname just for you. He treats you like you’re a rare piece of a gem! Sings to you after fighting to make up with you after a fight and you immediately give up trying to get angry at him.

    Looks a bit sad whenever you leave for a trip, texts you at least a hundred things that happened to him each day. Makes you special chocolates whenever you finally come home, a mix of milk and dark chocolate in a heart-shaped box. You thank him and he says it’s all for his you, the woman he loves.

    Gets absolutely offended in your stand when someone insults you, lists all the things that he loves about you which is everything. “Excuse me, she’s more than just a woman, she’s my everything now take that back or I’ll kill you.“ He hissed at a guy who was insulting you for the way you dress then immediately showers you with kisses and compliments, “You’re perfect love, don’t let anyone tell you different.”

    @tetsunmilky 2021

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    (Nothing much actually 🧍🏻‍♀️hopefully gonna fill this post soon)

    🏐 Haikyuu

    Aoba Johsai


    Msby Black Jackals

    Influencer (A Meian Shuugo Love Story)

    Schweiden Adlers

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