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  • tsunaaism
    02.12.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    𝐃𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝐒𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚.

    Hands clasped together, the wish leaves your lips. You thought asking for hot fictional characters as a Christmas gift would’ve been a funny joke, and it’s true—your friend laughed, and so did Santa.

    “You thought it was impossible, huh? Let me show you my true powers.”

    Tsunaaism’s 2021 Christmas Event. Mature content, MDNI. 

    "𝐔𝐬? 𝐎𝐡, 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐦𝐞𝐚𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐦𝐚𝐬 𝐠𝐢𝐟𝐭?"

    It’s absurd enough that two tall, attractive men resembling the most-wanted characters from jujutsu kaisen are sitting in your pantry, sipping on hot cocoa. It’s even more absurd that you feel giddy at their sight. Maybe you shouldn’t call the police, after all.

    [Toji Fushiguro x Reader x Gojo Satoru.] claim your gift here.



    Taglist is open. Send me a request here. [I’ll be tagging you in all three fics ;)]

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  • meg-gumigumi
    02.12.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    ・❥・ Seijoh 3rd years confessing to you. 

    characters: Oikawa Tooru, Iwaizumi Hajime, Issei Matsukawa. 

    a/n: requested by @exaltedvalkyrie. I hope you like it. Warning! slightly suggestive with Issei.

    Tooru: confesses when everyone else is sleeping

    it’s 2 am in the morning, the room is quite silent other than the soft steady breathing from the boys. you sigh, turning around only to meet brown orbs staring at you in the darkness. 

    “God damit, Oikawa!” you lightly punch him. He lets out a breathy laugh as you pout. he momentarily looks behind to check if the rest are still asleep before scooching closer to you. 

    “Can’t sleep?” he asks you. 

    you exhale softly, glancing up at him with a nod. gosh the way you look at him makes his heart beat uncontrollably. 

    “want to cuddle?” he suggests as you tilt your head. He has no idea where this little spurt of courage had come from but he wasn’t going to back down from it now. you shake your head as he leans closer to you.

    “don’t be ridiculous.” you say, turning your back to him. you bite your bottom lip, hearing him shuffle from behind you. he’s not being serious, is he? you question yourself. the two of you occasionally flirted with each other, having no meaning behind it. but this time his eyes looked a bit too sincere.  

    you mentally shake your head, deciding to just fall asleep instead. however, as soon as you close your eyes, you feel an arm securely wrap around your waist and pull you close. you gasp, glancing up at Oikawa as he rests his chin on your head.  

    “You know I have a crush on you, right?” he says. your heart races at this sentence. you turn around in his arms to face him. 

    “there’s no way. quit fooling around, oikawa.” you accuse, avoiding his eyes. Oikawa has been your friend for quite a while now, there wasn't a moment in time when he wasn't in your life. It hadn’t taken long for you to realise your feelings grew, yet you believed he was someone far from your reach. 

    “It’s true,” he says, tucking a strand of hair away from your face. “I want to do things, like hold your hand, kiss you, take you out to dates, be the reason for your smile.” 

    this isn’t good. his sweet words are turning you into mush. your ears flare up as he cups your cheek, “What do you say? be my girlfriend?” 


    Iwaizumi: confesses with the cliché ‘the moon is beautiful isn’t it?’


    you look to your right as Iwaizumi hands you a mug of hot chocolate. you thank him and face back up towards the night sky as he takes a seat next to you on the grass. 

    the rest of the boys were fast asleep inside, with only you, Iwa and the moon awake. the moonlight glows bright under the starry night, softly caressing the features of your face, highlighting your beauty. Iwaizumi cannot help but just stare as you take a sip. 

    you can feel his gaze on you, it’s getting hard for you to breathe, so you decide to break the silence. 

    “aren’t you going to sleep?” you ask as he shakes his head instead of answering with words. it seems like the silence doesn’t bother him as much as it did to you. time passes slowly as the two of you sit together, watching the stars glitter. your mugs set aside. your eyelids begin to feel heavy, you think to yourself that maybe it’s time to head back inside. 

    “the moon sure is beautiful tonight, isn’t it?” 

    your voice gets caught in your throat as you glance at Iwaizumi. he knew that you knew what it meant. It was a subtle way of expressing your feelings for someone. The phrase had always been in his mind, but he never intended to say it out loud, that is until now.

    he turns to you as you watch him with the stars reflecting in your eyes. he gently laces your hands together, rubbing his thumb across your knuckles. he waits in nervousness, did it come off as too cliché?

    you exhale softly, a smile stretching on your face as you look down bashfully. it was so to say unexpected coming from him. locking your eyes back to his you speak up. 

    “yeah, it really is beautiful.” 


    Issei: confesses when you’re playing truth or dare??

    “I dare you to kiss me.”

    You stare at Issei with doubtful eyes. Letting out a nervous chuckle, you turn to the other three boys as they watch in anticipation.

    “You’re being serious?” You ask as he simply tilts his head with a grin. “Guys, do something about him. It’s creeping me out.” you stress. 

    “You’ve gotta do the dare.” They shrug.

    You sigh, facing Issei once more. If this were a dream you wouldn’t hesitate to grab a hold of his shirt and smash your lips onto his, just to watch his cocky smirk crumble away, but it isn’t.

    You gulp, mouth feeling dry as you lean forwards, nearing him. He too leans closer to you, that stupid smirk never leaving his face. His eyes fleeting down at your lips as he wets his.

    He tilts his head to the side as the distance closes. You feel his warm breath tickle against you.

    “Ahhh, no, nope I can’t do this.” You sit back, face red from the intense moment. You get up from your spot and leave outside for fresh breath of air.

    After a few minutes you a hear the door click shut from behind you.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

    You shake your head, “it’s alright.”

    It’s not like you didn’t want to kiss him, no it’s the complete opposite. The urge to kiss him at this exact moment is tempting. But you decide against it, knowing to him it was just a simple kiss, but to you it meant more than that.

    “How about we try it again,”

    “Mattsun—“ you sigh but he’s quick to interrupt you.

    “But this time, without using a dare as an excuse.” He says, sliding his hand behind your neck. His fingers are slender and large as they wrap around your nape.

    Your breath hitches as he leans closer again but stops glancing up at you as if waiting for your approval. You slam your lips onto his as a response.

    Your hands travel to his hair as you tangle your fingers into it. A moan escapes your mouth as he slides his tongue across your bottom lip before shoving it in, deepening the kiss.

    You two pull away, breathless as he leans is forehead against yours. he takes a hold of your hand. your heart fluttering as he gives it a tight squeeze. you glance up at him, even with his hair tousled and lips swollen, he looks so, so attractive. its, unfair, especially with the way he can make your heart skip a beat with one look. 

    “Let’s go.” 


    “to show the boys who you belong to now.” 


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  • beann-e
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I made him a jerk , y/n a snappy, unapologetic , quick witted woman and I don’t care. Sorry not sorry. I have no one else to blame for my bad tendencies so, once again sweet men are to blame.

    I’ve always felt alone since a young age i’ve always felt that no one was truly there for me. Aside from the fake smiles and tone deaf words of approval I was given for being number in my class. I was only ever seen when I made myself the topic of discussion.

    This ideology I created of myself never changed throughout the many milestones i’d jumped over in my life.

    Middle school , high school, prom , first date that turned out to be an asshole who just wanted kisses in other places, The first and last homework assignment I decided to stop turning in, college and my stupid excuse to use birth control as a way into people’s pants.

    Nothing ever changed still no one cared

    No one ever asked me how my day went

    no one ever asked me if I ate that day knowing I struggled to stuff just one bite through my clenched teeth at dinner

    No one ever asked why I was alone why I decided to stop showing up for school

    for events

    for life

    I was just a ghost. Almost as if a sim character that ran into a wall and got stuck

    whoever was in charge of my simulation I have nothing to say but to inform you that this controller has been idle for over 24 years

    For years i’ve done nothing but watch , listen and try to understand others

    i’ve tried to understand the pain others felt behind spilled hot coffee , behind a bad breakup that left you feeling like you wanted to die , behind you

    i’ve never been able to understand you

    what’s your pain ? what’s cause you to turn into the person you are now

    from early childhood youd done nothing but stare at my back constantly wiping your eyes from all the dirt i’d thrown back at you in my full sprint to the top. You were my number two i’d never say rival because I never thought of you

    You weren’t important

    you never have been to me

    To you it felt as if I was someone of importance that I was someone that held a god like trophy that you so badly wanted.

    To me you were nothing more than a 10 year old kid that I watched piss themself in the middle of miss hagens math class.

    Conversations and whispers popping up throughout the school year about the 5th grader who pissed themselves in class that one time.

    You never told anyone that your mom got slapped in the face by her boyfriend that morning and had no choice but to rush you out the house and to the only place she knew was safe enough for you that day

    the only place she knew you wouldn’t have to see any of that again or at least for less 8 hours.

    You never told anyone how you’d been so scared the night before to get up and pee because your parents were arguing so loud your dog was left shivering and whimpering in front of you room door.

    That because of the loud argument that unfolded behind your closed door you couldn’t get up the energy to go pee in hopes that you barely breathing that night would lessen the pain your mom had to be dealt.

    No one knew about the way you’d been holding your bladder for the whole school day meaning you’d been holding in 4 juice packets and a water bottle for well over 10 hours.

    Surely no one noticed you reciting in your head almostin a mantra ‘ may I go to the restroom please I’ll make sure to come back in three minutes maam ‘

    The idea that was installed in your head from your father at an early age. Your social anxiety causing you to read a simple question as a theatre monologue in your head.

    That’s because people don’t care. I know I sure didn’t. I never did.

    As I sit and watch your inauguration of a new gaming branch in your multimillion dollar company’s china branch I still don’t.

    Fake smiles drawn across your face when you look out into the sea of people careful gaze running over me. Eyes conveying nothing but want.

    Want for me to care at least.

    But i’ve never been a liar and I won’t start now. I don’t care for you and that’s not without reason. Your just a man child who plays people as pawns. Your nothing more than a twisted child who uses your outward appearances to play games among the hire ups.

    fuck don’t smile at me

    See I hate it

    I hate it

    i hate you

    I know who you truly are

    I do

    I know your a manipulative little shit who only wants to show you’re better then everyone else here.

    You use and lure people into this false sense of security. Just like everyone else here you almost got m—

    “ having fun ? “

    “ and if i’m not “

    “ I said having fun — not that I expected you too “

    Your face screwed up in a look of distaste

    “ y’know I hate when you bite the inside of your cheek — it makes the fans come up with weird scenarios stop “

    “ why don’t you want them imagining ? hmm isn’t that why your doing this ? mister gamer ? mister empire builder “

    “ no i’m doing all this — to provide for the two leeches by my side“

    “ i’m so sorry —sorry you feel your son is a leech maybe I should add blood sucking to his upcoming class assignments “ you scoffed “ you know along with how not to kill his father “ you smiled waving to the cameras not too far from you “ for the good of both of us y’know “

    “ your shitty mouth will get you no where y/n “

    “ oh really because it seems to have gotten me into mister ken and co’s pants— and i’d say that’s “ you waved around at the flickering lights “ quite enough for me “

    his eyes and face giving nothing away about your heated discussion “ tell the kid to stop talking to people he’ll screw up “

    “ you tell him— don’t you still have to play into the father roll while we’re out “

    “ kozura “

    your child’s eyes lit up in fear at his surroundings and your husband stone like glare “ how about we take a picture hmm “

    your son walking over straight faced on a mission to prevent his father from bad stares and critical comments

    Your husband placing his huge hands on your sons shoulders bending to where he was lips right in near your sons ear making it look like he was doing nothing more than kissing the small boy.

    “ I told you before we left the house not to talk to anyone here didnt I “

    “ you told him not to interfere with daddy’s work if I can remember correctly “

    “ your moms a slut don’t listen to her “

    “ mommy what’s slut “

    “ A slut is a highly motivated person on a mission to end world hunger “

    “ oh “ he shook his head up and down the papperazzi way to far to even attempt to listen in on the boys words. “ then is daddy a slut“

    “ yes my love daddy’s a slut— a world renowned one at that “ you smiled “ he’s the biggest , most empowering slut you’ll ever meet on this planet y’know my love some might even call him a man whore “

    “ enough y/n “

    “ why ? is it not enough for you or can you just not keep up with my deep unwant for this family anymore “

    “ I swear to god if you — “

    “ hi kozumes’ lets get you guys to your seats now !! “ a cheerful male came up behind you two smile beaming from ear to ear.

    “ thank you we truly do appreciate the invite “

    “ invite? if i’m not mistaken it’s your company Mr.kozume“

    A smirk moving across his face swiftly “ huh “

    “ I said it’s your company Mr.Kozume we’re just here to support you “

    A swift eye dart heading in your direction at the praise hed just received “ thank you — it’s nice for a little bit of respect to be given to those that pave the way for others everynow and then right darling “

    “ yes baby i’ll be sure to take notes “

    #kenma x you #kenma hcs#kenma kuzome #kenma x reader #haikyuu kenma#kenma imagine#hq kenma#kenma headcanons#kozume kenma #kozume x y/n #kozume x you #hq kozume#haikyuu kozume #kozume x reader #haikyuu!! #haikyu x reader #kenma angst
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  • yeeiguess
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hello Yamaguchi Tadashi is a demiboy he/they.

    #yamaguchi Tadashi #this kid can’t be 100% cis #there’s something very gender about them :) #Haikyuu#haikyuu headcanon
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  • zfetta
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    General Relationship Headcanons

    To start off my blog I'd figure I would do something quick, easy and simple. To just get the feel for things and the layout of how I want to start, ya know? <3

    Just to explain soft!mahito, it's basically mahito if he wasn't a psychopath to you and just had a soft spot for specifically you. Didn't want to kill you, or do experiments, etc. Just a soft version.


    I feel like he'd get comfortable pretty quickly in a relationship

    He'd definitely be the 'big strong man' on the outside but much softer on the inside

    He will blackmail you if you threaten to tell anyone that though

    Definitely gets matching jewelry for you two

    Very chill, funny relationship

    Literally so many inside jokes

    You can be saying such random things nobody but you two will understand

    Kinda worried to introduce you to the twins, but holds your hand the whole time

    Definitely just a big softie/baby when the two of you are alone

    Loves holding you

    Also loves hugging you from behind and caging you in his arms

    Pretends to hold you hostage there

    Tickles you sometimes

    Loves it when you sit in his lap

    Paint his nails and do his eyeliner please

    Takes so many pictures of you and keeps every single one


    Literally so romantic

    His favourite dates are classic, fancy restaurant dinner dates

    Loves cooking with you and doing other domestic, married couple things

    Also loves hugging you from behind

    When your laying on top of him, he likes being able to read you to sleep

    He's got such a calming voice pls

    Not super into pda, but will definitely hold your hand or place his hand on the small of your back when in crowds

    Will teach you how to ballroom dance

    When you cook or bake together, if you're waiting for something to cook, he'll put on some tunes and start waltzing with you

    Knows so many weird skills and little knacks

    Can talk about his favourite books for hours

    Also loves it when you let him talk about books

    But he'll also get lowkey worried that he's boring you out, so he'll ask if he is every now and then

    Uses perfect grammar and punctuation when texting or typing

    He loves giving you forehead kisses, they seem so much more endearing to him


    Lots!! Of!! Cuddles!!

    Will also tickle you, but way more often than Suna

    Likes to see you so happy but so squirmy at the same time

    Is also ticklish himself, but he can kinda 'turn it off'

    So he's only ticklish when he wants to be

    Again, loves to hug you from behind

    Will be the little spoon, or big spoon, whichever you prefer

    Squishes your cheeks and kisses them

    Loves when you teach him new skills

    Loves listening to you talk about anything

    You could literally be talking about the types of pillows you like and he'll be like :o 'lemme write that down hang on'

    Likes watching you sleep because he likes that you trust him to let your guard down

    Doesn't really tell you much about what he does, only small snippets

    Asks so many questions about everything and anything

    Loves to watch you do your hobbies and will try to copy you sometimes

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  • excusemyreading
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Thankyou so much haikyu for making me feel this way!! I'll always be thankful to you 😭😭😭

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  • kkenmie
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    hq + the way they talk about you

    ★ — "y/n? oh they're... nice."

    what else was there to say? you were nice, in fact, the nicest thing that's happened to them. but they don't need to say that out loud, right? if they're being honest, they're too shy (they will never admit it) to say what they truly think about you. but one day, they do hope they will be given a proper chance show you that they really do care. but it's really all in the way they whisper your name so fondly, like a secret that sparks a glint in their eyes and makes them feel alive. or maybe it's the way it's unbeknownst to them the tiniest amused smile that creeps up on their face when you are around..

    kenma, ushijima, kiyoko, akaashi, tsukishima

    #jamie's works >:O #this is now my annual post #goodbye world #WOE IS ME #all /j dw #kenma x reader #kenma headcanons #ushijima x reader #ushijima headcanons #kiyoko x reader #kiyoko headcanons #akaashi x reader #akaashi headcanons #tsukishima x reader #tsukishima headcanons#fluff #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu fluff #kenma x y/n #ushijima x y/n #kiyoko x y/n #akaashi x y/n #tsukishima x y/n #kozume kenma#akaashi keiji#kiyoko shimizu#tsukishima kei#kenma kozume #haikyuu x gender neutral reader
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  • tiny-is-sad-100
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Oddly Specific Love Languages

    Kenma- kissing odd parts of your body and face such as your eyelids and that that part of your cheek right under your eye and by your nose and that section of your neck that’s RIGHT under your ear that both tickles and feels really fucking good 🤤

    Sakusa- he always reminds you to take care of yourself like reminding you to put lotion on after washing your hands so they don’t dry out and is always pampering you with massages.

    Bokuto- he always seems to have you in his arms. When you two are together it doesn’t matter if it’s just y’all or if you’re at the club he’s never not holding you. He’s a big believer in physical touch

    Atsumu- okay this one is a little less lovey dovey than the rest but he loves to tease you. You two are constantly roasting each other. You two were totally friends to lovers. You both just understand one another so well. Neither of you actually mean what you say and know that if anyone else says those things than they’re getting their asses beat to a pulp.


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  • luvbub
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    falling for a fan

    feat. MSBY boys (Sakusa, Bokuto, Hinata, Atsumu)

    ♡ a/n: wow my first post in such a long time sjdfsjkfdfsdhkj forgive me


    “Oh, look who’s here” Atsumu chuckles, nudging Sakusa shortly before the game started.

    Sakusa followed Atsumu’s gaze to the audience. He couldn’t tell who exactly Atsumu was looking at.

    “What are you talking abo-” his words fell short when he saw exactly who the setter was referring to.

    There you sat amongst the other spectators, chatting with your friend seated next to you.

    Earlier this morning you unfortunately bumped into the volleyball player at a cafe. Atsumu, Bokuto, and Hinata were also there- which was cool- but Sakusa was your favorite of the players. Normally as a fan, this would be a momentous occasion for you- meeting your favorite athlete in the outside world doesn’t just happen to anyone. But you literally had bumped into him.

    And may have spilled your hot drink onto him. You panicked, immediately finding the closest source of napkins to pat some of the drink off his chest.

    “Oh I- I’m so sorry!” you cry out, frantically dabbing his shirt. And when you came to realize you were touching the chest of essentially a stranger, you freaked out even more.

    Sakusa wasn’t sure if the warm feeling inside of him was from how cute you were or the fact that your drink was spilled on him. He went with the former. Unfortunately, as soon as he reassured you that he was alright, you took off.

    The other three cackled at the situation, but they found more amusement in the blush that was sprawled across their friend’s face.

    So when they recognized a familiar face in the audience- one that was wearing a Sakusa jersey- of course they wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease him.

    “Aw it looks like the cutie that Omi has a crush on is also a fan of is~ what are the odds~” Atsumu says, inciting laughter from Bokuto and Hinata.

    “Atsumu whenever you set me the ball I promise you that I will spike it directly onto your face” Sakusa replies almost immediately.

    Atsumu wasn’t fazed at all, instead his lips curled up into a smirk.

    “That’s if you can even keep your eyes on the ball and not on your crush”

    Sakusa snaps out of his daze, coming to the realization that he had been staring at you this entire time. To his surprise, you were looking right back at him. He tentatively raises his hand up to wave at you before turning back around and rejoining his team.

    “Don’t worry Sakusa, after the game we’ll help you find them!” Bokuto pats his friend on the back. And that was a promise.

    Back in the audience, you’re surrounded by screams of excitement. Nearly each person around you thought that Sakusa was waving at them specifically. You could have sworn that perhaps Sakusa’s attention was towards you, but what were the odds that was the case?

    Unbeknownst to you, the odds were ever so in your favor.


     You often attended volleyball games- as you were a large fan of the sport. Specifically you tried to show up to as many games as possible for your favorite team, the MSBY Black Jackals. And today was no exception. You sat in your usual spot, donned your Bokuto jersey, and anticipated for the team’s win.

    Except something made you uneasy this time.

    From the corner of your eye, you sensed that someone was staring at you. No- the guy next to you definitely was staring.

    “Can I help you?” you suddenly ask, turning to face the stranger.

    The man, who admittedly had a pretty face, seemed surprised you suddenly talked to him.

    “I- sorry. It’s just.. okay I’m not sure if you’ll believe me if I tell you.”

    “Well might as well tell me, don’t you think?” you gesture at him to tell his story.

    The man sighs, “So one of my best friend’s is a player for the Black Jackals and uhhh okay he’s been talking about having seen a really cute fan lately. He’s pointed them out to me a few times and just my luck they happen to be sitting next to me today”

    Your eyes narrow at the boy. You would’ve thought in a situation a strange man would’ve hit on you. Never would you have expected him to be advocating for his best friend.

    “I don’t believe you” you tell him- it seemed too outlandish that any professional athlete would take notice of a fan.

    The stranger chuckles and looks over to the court. The game was entering a new set, and the teams were in the process of switching sides.

    You watch as the guy cups his mouth with his hands, shouting out Bokuto’s name. The two of you were seated fairly close to the front, so it wouldn’t be hard for Bokuto to hear.

    “HI AKAASHI” Bokuto yells back, waving at his friend. Akaashi gestures to you, and Bokuto’s eyes widen at the sight of you, a rosy blush forming on his cheeks. He quickly turns his back on the audience to rush to where the rest of his team were. But every so often he would peak back at you, only to turn his head back quickly.

    “I told you so” Akaashi nudges you, giving you one of those ‘I-told-you-so’ smirks.

    You gripped the bottom of the jersey you were wearing, feeling quite flustered yourself. No, because wasn’t this too good to be true?

    “And you’re absolutely sure he likes me?”

    “Did you- did you not see his reaction to you? He’s probably worried right now that I’m saying bad things about him you know.” Akaashi chuckles.

    You swing your legs a bit, processing the information given. Either this was all the truth, or this was the most elaborate prank ever set up. You’d like to believe that Bokuto and this stranger were above pranking strangers, so you took the leap of faith.

    “Alright Akaashi, if that’s the case then do you mind introducing us after the game?” you ask, smiling at him.

    Akaashi smiles back, nodding at your request, “Honestly, even if I didn’t, he would probably try to find you”

    He turns his head back to the court, and surely enough, Bokuto was staring at the both of you. Akaashi gives his friends a thumbs up and nudges you to do something too. You wave at Bokuto with both hands and watch as his already flushed cheeks become even more red.

    One thing’s for sure, neither you nor Bokuto were able to focus on the game.


    Out of all times to run into your athlete crush, you were hoping it wouldn’t be while you were buying his merch. Of course the universe seemed to be against your side today. Because when you turned around right after purchasing the cutest little Hinata plush, who else would be standing in front of you than the volleyball player himself?

    “Oh, you have excellent taste if I do say so myself” he teases, smiling at you.

    “If I’m being honest... I had to settle because they ran out of Atsumu plushes” you sigh, watching as the smile on his face drop.

    “I’m kidding, I’m kidding! I swear there are still Atsumu plushes at the vendor I promise” you begin laughing- the sight go Hinata’s unamused expression made it all the more funny.

    “Bullied by my own fan... betrayal never comes from the enemy huh” Hinata dramatically sighs, causing you to playfully hit him with the plush.

    “Had I know you were this dramatic, I would’ve chosen Atsumu as my favorite” you say.

    Hinata scoffs back, shaking his head, “Please, Atsumu is ten times more dramatic than I am. I’m pretty sure he’s the reason why I act like this sometimes”

    You laugh even more. Was it supposed to be this fun seeing your favorite athlete? The atmosphere was so nonchalant- you would’ve thought that things would’ve felt super intimidating or nerve-wracking. The only thing that was making you nervous was the fact that Hinata was way cuter than you could have ever imagined. Other than that, you felt comfortable around Hinata- it was nice.

    However, as the small talk progressed, Hinata was anything but calm. Admittedly, Hinata had first approached you because he saw someone buy his merch and got excited at that. First, he didn’t expect you to be so cute. Second, he definitely didn’t expect this short conversation with you to be so wildly entertaining.

    He found you charming and endearing- your laughter was something he could listen to for hours on end. And Hinata felt his heart beat just a bit faster.

    As the two of you were winding down on the conversation, a bit of panicked settled in Hinata’s mind. Would this just be a one time interaction with you? If Hinata left to get ready for the game, would this be the last time he would run into you?

    “Would you like to grab something to eat after the match?” he suddenly blurts out. Hinata didn’t mean to be so forward, but he knew he didn’t want to pass up any opportunity to get to know you better.

    You were taken aback, and you felt the heat rising to your cheeks as you agreed, scribbling your number on the back of your receipt for him.

    Hinata pocketed the paper, saying goodbye to you before rushing off to the locker rooms. Surely his cheeks were red by now. But he didn’t care at all.

    His teammates could tease all they want, but the only thing on the forefront of Hinata’s mind was you.


    No one told you.

    You kept repeating that in your head throughout the game. It was your first time even watching volleyball- your friend had invited you because they had an extra ticket. All you knew is that you were supposed to cheer for the MSBY Black Jackals.

    No one told you that you were supposed to stay dead silent when Atsumu was serving.

    When hundreds of eyes glanced over to you, Atsumu’s included, you absolutely wanted to fold up into a ball and disappear. It wasn’t until after Atsumu’s serve that the silence was dispelled and the gym began to slowly get noisier again.

    That was when your friend told you about Atsumu’s need for absolute silence.

    On the court however, the team was in hysterics over your little blunder.

    “Do you think they’re a fan of the other team trying to screw you over?” Hinata asks as the teams switched sides for the next set.

    “I doubt it- did you see the look on their face? Absolute embarrassment. Probably a new fan” even Sakusa chuckles at the incident.

    Atsumu on the other hand, stayed silent. He couldn’t get the image of your flustered, panicked face out of his head. It was endearing to him. Sure you had messed up his routine but you were so earnest in your cheers and so apologetic face was just too cute for him.

    Once the game was over, Atsumu immediately made it to the doors where the audience would exit the stadium. He made sure to stay obscured from the crowd so they wouldn’t attract any attention from him. His eyes scoured the many people walking past him, and when he saw a familiar figure, his eyes widened.

    He hurried up behind you, tapping your shoulder quickly. As you turned around, your smiling expression soon turned into surprise when you saw Atsumu’s grinning face.

    “I- oh uh hello!” you stammered, absolutely flustered that Atsumu was standing right in front of you.

    “Oh hey, you’re making the same face you made when you-”

    “Shhhhhhh! Don’t say it out loud, there are people around,” you quickly interrupt his teasing, “it’s my first game, how was I supposed to know any of the etiquette”

    Atsumu felt his heart flutter at the sight of your little pout. You were just too cute.

    “Well- wait sorry I don’t know your name” Atsumu says, looking expectantly for you to answer. You were honestly surprised that he even wanted to know your name. You had just assumed it was a one time conversation where he would tease you and then leave.

    “I’m Y/n” you introduce, your cheeks getting warmer when you see Atsumu smiles after hearing your name.

    “Well Y/n, would you like to grab some coffee or a small bite to eat? I’d be glad to teach you all of the rules and etiquette to volleyball. Just so you don’t embarrass yourself during our next game.” you weren’t sure if Atsumu’s smug grin made you flustered or made you want to hit him. Maybe both.

    “Please, now I’m just tempted to scream each time erode you serve” you roll your eyes at Atsumu, letting him lead you outside.

    He hopes you keep your word. He would absolutely love it if you showed up to every game just to scream for him.

    #haikyuu x reader #sakusa x reader #bokuto x reader #hinata x reader #atsumu x reader #sakusa kiyoomi#bokuto koutarou#hinata shoyo#miya atsumu#sakusa fluff#bokuto fluff#hinata fluff#atsumu fluff#haikyuu fluff #hq x reader #haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu scenarios#haikyuu imagines #written by bub
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  • anothersinglesimp
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


    not a classic guy chuckle like you’d expect, which he does do, but GIGGLES. Whenever he knows he’s pissing someone off but they can’t do anything/get to him, all you hear is just a high- pitched “hehehehehehe”

    You’re laying in between Kuroo’s legs, back pressed against his chest, as you watch your favorite show. Key word- you. Meanwhile, you can feel Kuroo trying his hardest not to laugh at who knows what on his phone.

    And then you hear it:



    You crane your head back to look at him, the light from his phone revealing the winsome and slightly mischievous smile on his face in the dark. “Kuroo what are you doing?” You ask.

    The fact that you called him out on whatever he’s doing only makes him giggle more. Through his little fit, you can hear him say with a hint of pride “texting tsukishima.”

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  • angelicstrwbrry
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    simply mine >♡<

    simply, sakusa kiyoomi could bare the thought of not having you by his side. the way your eyes shine makes sakusa understand why his mother always pestered him about finding the one.

    omi always loved the simple things about life. quiet strolls as the sun goes to rest were the times where he would often dwell on the bigger picture. however as he did so, little things emerged. the laughter of children by the parks, birds flapping there wings as they settled in for the night. and with you, he now knows why people say to slow down and appreciate the things around him more.

    he could find the simplest things to love about you. the way your eyelashes rest against the apples of your cheeks as you are held to his chest, fast asleep. the little crease of your smile into your skin. the softness of your lips as they press against his. everything about you is stunning to him in ways he dare not to describe, fearing he would do no justice for someone of such pure, ethereal beauty.

    simple enough to understand is the idea that sakusa knows he has found his person every morning he wakes up, every night he goes to rest, and every moment in between. he has you by his side and that's all he dares to wish for.

    simply your his.

    simply he's yours.

    and that's all he'll ever need.

    Dec 2.

    #sakusa x reader #sakusa kyoomi headcanons #sakusa kiyoomi#sakusa imagines#hq sakusa#sakusa oneshot#sakusa fluff #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader fluff #haikyuu #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu oneshot#angelicstrwbrry 🍓 #winter dream 🌨 #angelics.haikyuu.txt
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    Paper Rings

    -I just took the title, this is unfortunately nit related to Taylor Swift’s banger of a song

    -post timeskip

    -Kenma x fem!reader

    -pure fluff

    -596 words

    -I wrote this in the middle of the night; don’t expect anything good

    “Hey Y/n look at this!”
    You stop whatever you were doing and look up at your best friend who was holding something in his hands
    “What’s in your hand, Kenma-chan?” You ask, trying to separate his fingers to get a clear look
    He opens his hands to reveal a tiny folded-up piece of paper on his palms
    “Oh, that’s cool!..what is it though” you look up his seemingly tired eyes curiously as he held your hand up and slipped the origami piece on your finger
    “It’s a ring, Kuroo taught me how to make one yesterday” “Do you like it?” He stares at you expectantly as you eye the thing on your finger
    “I do, it’s really cute! I like the heart it the middle!” You gave him a cheeky smile to which he happily replied with one of his own
    “Good, because I’m gonna get you a better one when we grow up” He blurted out, in what one would barely consider a whisper
    “What did ya’ say? I didn’t hear you :(“
    “I said you look silly staring like that, now come here so I can show you how to make it”


    It’s been years since you last saw each other, graduating high school and going to different universities; he knew it was never going to work out — so what the fuck was he doing in front of your dorm with a box full of those chocolates you complained about not getting on Valentines day
    This was a mistake, a decision made out of impulse, a desperate attempt at fulfilling a childhood promise that you probably already forgot about, so it would be completely stupid if he were to knock on that door at that very moment..right?
    But as soon as your head peeked out of the crack, he swore he saw stars; you were beautiful, at that moment he would’ve made a run for it if his feet weren’t glued to the ground by the sight of you
    “Kenma? What are you doing here?” You asked, certainly not expecting to see your childhood friend in front of your door holding the chocolates you’ve always dreamed of him giving to you back in highschool
    “I- um, these are for you” he hesitantly hands you the gift
    “Why?” still slightly confused by the while situation, you weren’t dumb; anyone could tell what was going on just by the look on your faces, but you didn’t want to be that ambitious just yet..
    “Ah fuck how do I say this- I like you. A lot. Like I thought it was just some elementary admiration thing but it never went away and I-“
    “Okay okay I get it, you can stop embarrassing yourself now” you chuckle lightly making his chest lighten a bit seeing you smile again
    “I just wanna know why you waited until now to say this- you’ve kept me waiting for SO long”
    “I honestly do not know, all I know is that I’m sure now; I wanna be with you so, will you let me?” He asks, cupping your face to look up at him. Still shocked at the current events, all you could do was nod frantically while looking at him with the same loving gaze you’ve had for years. He takes the opportunity to slip a ring with a heart-shaped stone in the middle onto your finger
    “Isn’t it a little to early for rings?” You turn to look at the piece of jewelry resting perfectly on your finger
    “It’s a promise ring, because I always keep my promises”
    #haikyuu x reader #kenma x y/n #kenma x you #kenma x reader #haikyuu kenma#kenma fluff#luni’s drabbles#haikyuu imagines#kenma headcanons
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  • ufo-ikawa
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    oikawa tooru x reader, 4.4k words
    SUMMARY: You have loved Oikawa for a long time. He catches up eventually.
    A/N: first chapter is set from middle school to first year hs- next one will begin from third year (same as anime)

    series masterlist

    Oikawa Tooru was not a genius.

    Sure, he was gifted with more aptitude than most on the court, and an athletic build that allowed him to shine over his teammates— but still, even with all the gifts he was blessed with, he was not a genius.

    Oikawa remembered sitting in the kitchen one night, eating his dinner that had long gone cold, his older sister in front of him furiously scribbling down notes as he complained about this particular dilemma.

    “Tooru, do you think that people are like houses?” Tamaki had asked suddenly, interrupting him as he rambled on about the new first year who was clearly vying for his position.

    He had pouted at her, whining about how she wasn’t listening to him or his problems, but was intrigued nonetheless.

    “My philosophy professor talked about it in class today and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.” she exclaimed, all bright and wide-eyed as she spoke.

    “Think about it— we’re all just houses right? Different pieces of ourselves living in different rooms, each with their own meaning and purpose. We have a sitting room where people come in so they can get to know us; a kitchen where we cook up our dreams and ambitions.” she spoke quickly. “But we never let them see our bedrooms, never let them venture further unless we really trust them. We hide our bedrooms, and lock our basement doors.”

    Oikawa had looked at her as if she had grown two heads there and then. Tamaki had never been one to be philosophical, or even smart with her words, but here she was spouting out all these ideas as if they were matter of fact. It was a rare occasion that he managed to actually take in anything she said to him, but as he lay in bed that night her words echoed in his head.

    In some way, she did make sense. The human body as a house.

    Oikawa’s body was a house.

    There was maintenance work everyday to make sure he looked his best, upkeep to make sure that everything ran smoothly. There were rooms littered all over his body, just as Tamaki had said, that stored every little piece that made him who he was. A sitting room for his pride, a kitchen that fueled his ambitions, a basement full of his ghosts.

    But there were also rooms he didn’t like to think about— rooms that he wouldn’t let anyone else see. He kept them locked and hid the keys, never entering the rooms himself as an act of self-preservation. Everyone had their ugly sides, and Oikawa was no exception. Human beings were messy, ugliness tucked away in dark corners, rooms locked away to prevent any flaws showing; it was human to have them, but even more so to despise them.

    Oikawa was human in the sense that he hated those parts, because he knew those bits were dangerous. Those bits made people stop loving you.

    Oikawa wasn’t sure if he felt real unless people were loving him.




    Oikawa could vividly remember the first day his basement door rattled.

    The cold wooden floor beneath his feet. The sweat dripping down his forehead. The squeak of shoes as they bounced around the court. The voices of the players as they called out to one another.

    He was trying so hard. He poured every bit of himself during practice that most days he woke up with aching muscles no amount of warm showers could help with.

    He remembered sitting on the bench, eyes planted on his feet as he willed himself to regulate his breath while his heart hammered against his chest, slowly cracking as if the pieces were slowly crumbling and threatening to wreck his insides. He was surprised it didn’t.

    It was nothing more than a practice game, nothing that mattered in the end. But he was crumbling, mind too bleak to function and now he had been replaced, with someone two years his junior nonetheless. All because he wasn’t enough.

    “Good job Kageyama!”

    “Nice set!”

    It was hard to describe the lump that formed in his throat, but it was easy to feel. It tasted like acid on his tongue, his hands shaking as he felt a chill go through him. Maybe he was just extra tired today, or he was off his game, or maybe he was just a shitty person sometimes— but he couldn’t help the resentment from festering in his gut.

    He had spent all those extra hours in practice, sweat drenched and hands aching, before he was finally picked to become the starting setter for their team. He worked hard for it. And yet, his efforts were being sidelined by a first year who had just joined.

    It wasn’t fair.

    He tried to shake the thoughts from his head but soon enough it started to grow roots, branching out and taking hold of his mind. He winced. It wasn’t wise to think like this, especially when he just had to try harder, but it was easier said than done.

    That evening, he refused to stop practicing until he was on the verge of collapsing. The thoughts of failure swirled around in his head— keep going, his mind yelled. Try harder, it yelled louder.

    “Oikawa-san, can you teach me how to do a jump serve?”

    He froze. He thought he had been all alone, Iwaizumi long-giving up after he ignored his attempts to make him stop, but it’s like his failure was mocking him right in his face.

    He looked up, meeting dark eyes that held amazement in them, for him, but all he saw was the look of failure staring right back at him; a cruel reminder that he fell short of what was expected of him.

    He saw red. The ghosts hidden in his basement were rattling the door, desperate to be let loose and crush him. His breathing became labored, and his mind went into survival mode.

    A monster, standing in front of him. A monster, desperate to reach him and pull him under, stealing his ambitions and covering them in darkness.

    “Get away from me.” he whispered. The monster only glowed brighter.

    “Get away from me.” he said, louder, moving closer, fists clenching at his sides.

    “Get away from me!” he yelled, fist raised, ready to defend himself.

    “Oikawa!” Iwaizumi called out, grabbing his raised fist.

    Time stopped. In front of him, was a young boy clutching a volleyball, confusion swirling in his eyes.

    Iwaizumi heard him say something, and the boy left, but his heart was beating too loud for him to hear anything else. He looked at his hands, then straight ahead.

    What the hell just happened.

    Iwaizumi grabbed a hold of his shirt, face to face, “Asshole! What do you think you’re doing?”

    Oikawa shoved his hands away. “What the hell do you know!” chests heaving, frustration coming out, “You don’t know anything.”

    “I’ll never be good enough to beat him! I’m too weak, so I need to keep practicing, I need to get better, I need—”

    The next thing he knew, he had landed on the floor, clutching his nose painfully as blood trickled down.

    “Idiot!” Iwaizumi screamed. “You were subbed out today because you lost your cool; we subbed you out for your own benefit!”

    “This isn’t about you against them, it’s us versus them!” Iwaizumi continued. “Volleyball is a team sport, get that through your thick skull or you’ll never be better than anyone.”

    Volleyball is a team sport.

    Oikawa laughed, much to Iwaizumi’s displeasure.




    “There’s a new manager joining the team.” Makki sounds smug as he informs the team.

    Oikawa looks up from tying his laces, analysing the different reactions from everyone else. In all honesty, he didn’t think having a manager would add any real benefit to the team, but he was a first year and no one else was complaining, so he remained quiet.

    “When is he starting?” Mattsun asks.

    “She is starting next week, according to Coach Nobuteru.” Makki informs, his grin growing bigger by the second.

    “A girl?” Iwaizumi asks, confusion painted in his face. “She’ll be eaten alive by everyone here.”

    It was unheard of for a girl to become a manager for Aoba Johsai’s volleyball team. Oikawa wondered what made her so special; and how Makki had found out about her, he would rather not know.

    “Don’t worry about her Iwa-chan,” Oikawa says, clasping him on the back, “I doubt she’ll even look at you.”

    Seconds later he feels a sharp thump on the back of his head, courtesy of Iwaizumi’s heavy palm. He hears a grumbled Shittykawa before everyone quickly shuffles to get ready for practice as the captain announces the drills for the day.

    A new manager. Huh.




    “Ohayo gozaimasu! My name is Y/N.”

    Today was the first time the team was meeting the new manager, and everyone was gathered together in one big half circle. Everyone else said their greetings, and Oikawa saw the blush creeping up your neck all the way to the tips of your ears.

    You weren’t at all what he was expecting. Honestly, Oikawa wasn’t sure what exactly he was expecting, but it wasn’t this. You were quiet, never holding much eye contact as you got acquainted with everyone, shoulders hunched into your body as if you were trying to take up as little space as you could.

    You had showed up at the gym for after school practice, introducing yourself before bowing at the waist, then said nothing more as you stuck to Coach Nobuteru’s side.

    Oikawa didn’t have the opportunity to talk with you much after that, practice being at the forefront of his mind as he got started on the drills for the day. Aoba Johsai’s volleyball team ran deep, with a countless number of members available that it was hard to make it onto the starting lineup.

    He was quickly making his way up to the bench, and with enough determination to fuel him, Oikawa was certain that he would make it into a match soon enough.

    There was always a weird sort of alignment that took over his body once Oikawa got into volleyball, his body seemingly falling into place, all the rooms in his body quieting as they all focused on this one thing. His brain zeroed in on volleyball, and it robbed his mind of anything else, including you and your red cheeks and hunched in shoulders.

    He would get to know you later.

    And later came in the form of a weird interaction during their break in between practice.

    Oikawa watched you as you sat on the bench, making some notes in a tiny notebook as Coach Nobuteru spoke to you in a hushed voice. When he walked away, Oikawa decided that it was the perfect time to make his introduction.

    Oikawa was usually blessed with grace in social situations, but today, he just started talking as if he was on auto-pilot.

    “You’re Y/N right?” He asked, stopping as he stood in front of you. He tried using his most casual tone, but it felt both forced and natural.

    “Yes.” you said as you looked up from your book, making eye contact. You got up to bow at him but Oikawa stopped you before you could, waving off your actions. “It’s nice to meet you.”

    Cute, he thought. “What class are you in?”

    “I’m in class 1-6.”

    “Oh, we’re in the same class then.” Oikawa says, noting that your eyes are focused on the ground right now, refusing to meet his. “We can help each other study for tests then, I’ve heard Kishida-Sensei is a harsh marker.”

    Every brain cell in his body was telling him to stop talking already, to finish introducing himself and just walk away, because he was probably weirding the absolute shit out of the new manager that he would be seeing a lot of for the next three years. But he kept going, because Oikawa didn’t know how to half-ass anything, even this.

    “Oh, I’ve heard that too.” you say, and your voice catches him off guard. There’s shyness lingering in your tone, but it sounds sweet, smothered in honey. The first thing he had noticed about you since you had walked in was your face, the way it was almost cherubic, a certain glow radiating from your skin, and how the seemingly permanent blush on your cheeks reminded him of a doll, fresh out of the box.

    “Well, I’m Oikawa Tooru.” he says, holding his hand out for you to shake. The second he did it, he realised two things: one, this was the first time he had even mentioned his name to you, and two, who the hell still offers handshakes, much less two 15 year old meeting for the first time?

    You take his hand slowly, shaking it as you look up at him for the first time and your eyes, coming from a face like that, is— disarming to say the least.

    “Oikawa Tooru, that’s a… that’s a nice name.” you comment, and this time it’s his turn to blush. “It sounds familiar.”

    Oikawa motions for you to follow him, he doesn’t really know what he’s doing but you’re following him now so he can’t stop. He stands in front of a bulletin board, one filled with practice schedules, upcoming trips and important news.

    The left hand corner is a space reserved for news articles about the volleyball team, Aoba Johsai’s pride and joy. And there, in the centre of it all is a news article about him, how the middle school boy’s volleyball tournament had awarded the Best Setter award to one Oikawa Tooru, his proud, smiling face on the front cover. He points his finger at it, and god, he wonders if he was always this shameless.

    “That’s you?” you ask, voice small as you stare at the article.

    “Yeah, that’s me.”

    There’s a new brightness in your eyes, the edges of your lips curling into a smile. “You’re very cool Oikawa-san.”

    Oikawa’s heart skips a beat, your smile making his insides feel warm, like sunlight creeping in through an open window on a summer day. Cool. You thought he was cool.

    It was weird this whole interaction. His body moved as if on auto-pilot, even when his brain was yelling at him to shut up. It wasn’t until after practice that he realised why he had shown you that article of him unnecessarily.

    It was his pride in the sitting room, smelling new blood in the air and it felt the need to establish his dominance, his worth.

    It was his pride that had opened the front door before you could even knock, and had let you in to see all the ways he shined.

    Oikawa didn’t know whether to laugh or hang his head in shame. He didn’t understand why his pride was the default reaction every time he met anyone knew, didn’t understand how he could easily open the door to someone he had barely met. Strangers were supposed to be the last people you ever invited into your house.

    Maybe in the future, he’d regret letting his ego steer him so recklessly. For now, he’d savour the look of awe that flashed in your eyes.




    “She’s a bit shy.” Oikawa comments, nodding towards your figure as you sat on the bench watching the different practice games taking place. It had been a whole week since his interaction with you, and for reasons unbeknownst to him, his brain had latched onto you as of late.

    Perhaps it was because his pride had reared its ugly head at the sight of fresh prey, sitting pretty in the foyer of his body and ready to attack at any time.

    “Who?” Iwaizumi asked, looking to see where Oikawa’s gaze was fixed. “Y/N?”

    Oikawa nodded. You had joined the team last week, and apart from Coach Nobuteru, you had yet to talk to any of the players. It wasn’t that everyone else hadn’t been trying— just earlier, Makki had tried to strike up a conversation with you but he had come back looking sullen, saying you were a tad too shy for his liking.

    (Oikawa knew that his attempts at flirting had failed miserably, but he didn’t want to rub salt in the wound so he nodded silently.)

    People seemed to just be drawn to you, because they kept coming back, even if all you did was nod and smile politely, or contribute a few words of acknowledgement to the conversation.

    Despite everyone’s varying efforts, you seemed to be more spooked by the attention rather than receptive of it, your shoulders more hunched than they had been when you first came in.

    Maybe it was Oikawa’s fault.

    “It’s definitely your fault, dumbass.” Iwaizumi grunts, and shit, Oikawa must have said that last bit aloud. “What did you expect to happen when you showed off to her like that on her first day? She must think the rest of us are big, egotistical jerks as well.”

    Oikawa rolled his eyes. “I regret telling you things sometimes.”

    Iwaizumi had already laid into him the first time he heard about Oikawa’s interaction with you, telling him off for being so shameless and making everyone else look bad.

    “Are you going to fix it?” Iwaizumi asked, but Oikawa could only look away.

    He knew that he had to do something, but he was caught in a weird in-between right now— even though a part of him did feel a very real regret about how he’d acted in his first interaction with you, there was also a very real part of him that didn’t regret it.

    Sure, it was smaller in comparison, but it was still there, and it wasn’t something that he could ignore. He hated that he couldn’t ignore it, that part of him serving as a small pebble that had found its way inside his shoe and digging deeper and deeper until it was all that was on his mind.

    Oikawa pressed his lips together. He imagined grabbing the shadow of his ego by the neck and dragging it into one of the locked rooms he never usually dared to touch.

    Iwaizumi sighed loudly, and it snapped him out of his thoughts.

    “I will.” Oikawa said, nodding. Iwaizumi didn’t seem convinced but thankfully  dropped it.

    “Do it soon— the tournament is coming up and I’m sure the coach would really appreciate it if there was no tension within the team. Especially if you’re looking for a starting position.” Iwaizumi gave him a pointed look, before turning on his heel and leaving Oikawa alone with his thoughts again.

    Oikawa watched as Iwaizumi approached you, startling you before striking up a conversation. Oikawa thought it was weird— in all his years of knowing him, it wasn’t like Iwaizumi to go out of his way to talk to anyone, much less someone new.

    But there Iwaizumi was, smiling and talking openly with you, who was giving him the same wide-eyed look that Oikawa was on the receiving end before. It was almost fascinating to watch his best friend talk to you, watching him go through the effort just to make you feel comfortable.

    Your eyes really were so big, so round— so full of light. Oikawa could see them from where he stood.

    A passing thought ran through him then, rattling in his ribs and dissolving into an echo.

    I want you to look at me like that again.




    “Let’s go again!” Oikawa panted. He was bent at the waist, hands on his knees and sweat dripping down his forehead and every inch of his body. He felt close to passing out.

    “You sure?” Iwaizumi asked. He himself was winded, worked beyond exhaustion but he knew best why Oikawa was pushing himself to the absolute limit.

    The winter tournament would begin tomorrow. Their team had been preparing well, no shortage of practice matches courtesy of Coach Nobuteru and his endless connections, but still, it seemed that Oikawa was in his head, determined to fight a shadow only he could see.

    Oikawa nodded and then hung his head, still panting. From this angle, it looked like his neck might snap any minute. He wiped his sweaty hands on his shorts before standing up to his full height, sheer will power giving him the energy to keep going.

    From being friends with Oikawa since he was a child, Iwaizumi liked to think that he knew the multiple faces of Oikawa Tooru, familiarizing himself with each new one that appeared. This face wasn’t new, but it still caught him off-guard every time. It was his ‘determined to win’ face, as Iwaizumi took to calling it.

    Steely eyes, jaw taut, eyebrows furrowed— his face, usually donning a carefree smile was replaced with a hardness that wasn’t usually there.

    Oikawa Tooru could get deathly serious about volleyball.

    You watched from the sidelines, sitting on a bench as you tried to write up the notes Coach Nobuteru had given you about tomorrow’s game. In all honesty, you didn’t have to be here. It had already been a long day balancing your personal responsibilities with your responsibilities to the team, and trying to wrap your head around everything.

    But you wanted to stay. You didn’t know how to describe it, but watching Oikawa whenever he got serious about volleyball was satisfying, lighting a fire in your chest. Watching him pour his heart into a game made you believe you were also capable of anything you set your mind to.

    You were a lot more surprised by how hard he worked than you felt like you should be. All the members of the team were all similarly hardworking, everyone pushing their limits to heights that you reckoned were rarely possible for typical high school boys. But there was something special about watching Oikawa sink into game mode, so immediate that it was like a switch was flipped.

    Oikawa, far too often felt like the sun— all charming smiles, teasing jokes, boisterous laughter.

    It was disarming to see him be a cold moon.




    As fate would have it, Oikawa ended up sitting next to you on the bus to Sendai Gymnasium. He could feel Iwaizumi’s eyes on him as he boarded the bus, but he chose to ignore it and smiled at you as he took the aisle seat.

    You smiled back, and maybe it was a trick of the light, or maybe it was just Oikawa’s eyesight fucking him up, but this smile was different. A new one.

    “Hi.” you greeted, still smiling that new smile. “Are you nervous?”

    Oikawa blinked. The bus lurched into motion and he felt his stomach lurch with it. He desperately groped for something to say, and landed on a lame “Yeah, a little.” but your answering smile was somehow brighter. Like you were happy to have gotten a response at all.

    “You’ve worked hard.” you commented off-handedly. “Worked the most, I think. Give yourself some credit.”

    Your eyes were shining, the late morning sun shining in your eyes— you looked different from the girl that had first stumbled into the gym a few months ago. Oikawa felt shy under your gaze.

    But after his initial wave of nerves about speaking to you, Oikawa leaned in to listen, letting you guide the conversation and butting in occasionally when he felt like it was needed.

    A you that talked comfortably around him was leagues better than you avoiding his eyes and looking at the ground every time he spoke to you. A you that smiled at him freely and openly, like you were giving away a gift that you didn’t understand the true value of, was leagues better than when you seemed to flinch back every time Oikawa so much as walked in your direction.

    So Oikawa let you talk, smiled a little wider when you made a small joke. You were so endearing.

    He had made a mess of his first interaction with you, his ego rearing its ugly head and baring its teeth at you, desperate to show all of the ways that he was worthy, but maybe he could still fix things.

    He’d throw his pride to one side and walk you through walls that were warmer, halls that Oikawa liked to show people he wanted to stay around for a long time.




    There was a certain air of tension and nervousness oozing off everyone as they began warm ups for their first game. It was silent, save for the sound of shoes on the floor, volleyballs bouncing in every direction. Every person had their own ticks, their own individual pre-game ritual.

    It had been hard at the start, adjusting to a whole new team, learning each new person’s strengths and weaknesses. It wouldn’t be an overnight process, getting closer, and learning to work seamlessly as a team would be an uphill battle.

    But their foundation lay with each person’s pieces, all different but somehow molding into one— the house of them, built together with extended olive branches and made stronger with time.

    Hanamaki, despite his bouts of childish immaturity, was always willing to hear about how he could improve his plays and help the team. Matsukawa, despite his aloof nature, was always quietly listening in the background, pushing himself while everyone underestimated him. Iwaizumi, despite his cold demeanour, was always leaving his comfort zone to build bonds with others and grow. You, despite your initial shyness, willing to come out of your shell and help the team in any way you knew how.

    Oikawa wasn’t sure what it meant to be a good team yet, but he did know it started with the little acts of kindness, with the consistent act of trying.

    He, of all people, knew it was incredibly hard having people in the house of you, laying yourself open and letting them see all the good and the bad. His problem lay in the fact that they would eventually come across a room that they didn’t like.

    Oikawa imagined letting his new friends wander in on their own, imagined holding open doors to rooms he himself didn’t dare enter. The same old fear gripped him, so familiar and so worn that it washed over him like a second skin.

    But right next to it was a new feeling— willingness, quiet but present.

    Because for all of Oikawa’s fear, he was still excited. He was excited about the idea of having new friends, new people he could depend on, the prospect of having people beside him to cheer him on just as he would them.

    He looked forward to facing what was ahead, and if it meant keeping everyone next to him, maybe he could bring himself to be less afraid.

    Oikawa wasn’t sure if he was ready to show them everything, especially you, but they made him want to try.

    a/n: first chapter is an emotional rollercoaster i apologise— i think i've gone a bit mad with this whole house metaphor but bear with me ! it will all make sense i promise <3 (this has for the most part been edited but will fix mistakes any mistakes later!)
    likes and reblogs are appreciated!
    #oikawa tōru#oikawa tooru #oikawa x reader #oikawa tooru x reader #oikawa headcanons #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu headcanons
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    introduction post!

    Hi! I’m Doormat, and I like writing in my spare time so I figured it’d be worthwhile to start up a writing blog! I’m mainly in One Piece brainrot mode so there’s gonna be a lot of that (I plan to write a slice of life interconnected anthology sort of thing just because I can), but I might write things for JJK, Haikyuu, MDZS, SVSS, TGCF, and Genshin here and there!

    I might also write poetry, random thoughts, and headcanons, and take writing requests when I feel like it. This is really just a place for me to puke out all of my pent-up writing frustrations. I’ll have a masterlist up within the next couple of hours, by which point I will have started posting (I hope). Nice to meet you all!

    #reader insert#one piece#jujutsu kaisen#jjk#poetry #haikyuu!! #mdz #mo dao zu shi #svss#scum villain#tgcf #tian guan ci fu #heaven official's blessing #grandmaster of demonic arts #genshin impact #one piece x reader #monkey d luffy #headcanon#random thoughts #haikyu x reader #roronoa zoro#sanji vinsmoke
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  • pom-pom-club
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    Somebody needs to do an au where Hinata is a voice actor for anime.

    #haikyuu hcs#haikyuu#hinata shouyou #hinata shoyo hcs #pompom.txt #I could do it too if anyone wants #just say the word #haikyuu headcanons
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    ☾ Although Akaashi usually does his streams alone, it’s a surprise when he’s asking you to accompany him while he does a “special” stream this time.

    ☾ Dom!reader x Sub!akaashi

    ☾ (NSFW)

    ☾ Word Count: 3.3k

    ☾ role play(Teacherxstudent), slight degradation, oral! male & female receiving, Dacryphilia, creampie

    You never once judged Akaashi for whatever he yearned to do. Regularly there to support anything he desires and so when he chooses to become a camboy, videotaping himself for the various people who observed him, you stood there to comfort him; constantly letting him understand that you were there by viewing from afar before neglecting him to himself.

    Certainly, his observers acknowledged that he had a girlfriend, continuously questioning if she was to ever accompany him and it left him considering if you would truly perform such a thing, envisioning how it would be for the various people to view him with you and so it's no astonishment when he's summoning you one day, inquiring if you'd like to accompany him during one of his streams.

    "h-huh? me!? join what?" you stammer, utterly stunned by his request. He solely nods, emphasizing that his viewers would like to view both of you and he was merely inquiring if you'd be willing to participate in just one of his streams. Of course, it was difficult to disregard the slight pout that appeared on his features, wishing you would say yes but even if you didn't, it was okay for him.

    "you know I'm not too good with role-playing or whatever," you whispered, bypassing the pout of his appearance while you strive not to be persuaded by his expression. "it's okay, we'll take it slow," catching this, you had subsequently agreed to the show, earning a strong embrace from your boyfriend and you reckoned this wouldn't be too bad.

    Because you weren't so adapted to being in a stream, hell you never were, Akaashi's permitting you to observe him as he commences one of his streams, the monitor arranged so that you were situated right behind it, capable of seeing everything and they weren't able to view you just yet, now observing Akaashi who's welcoming them as usual, clarifying some inquiries all while his sights are on you.

    It commenced with what he would regularly do, swiftly shifting the subject to something else, obtaining numerous tips from the onlookers while he's presently jostling his sweatpants low, fingers stroking and flicking at his nipples. Now that you were truly there, examining everything merely a few feet from you, you're promptly knowing that this was something you could do.

    Something you craved to do, ached to pleasure your boyfriend just as how he's pleasuring himself, fingers enclosed around the shaft of his cock, scanty whimpers withdrawing his lips that entirely serviced the desire within you, thighs tensing with every moan that you detected from him. Certainly, you'd be able to do something like this, capable of pleasuring your boyfriend on and off-camera.

    He's maintaining his strict gaze on you, making certain you were to observe everything, from the way his fingers swiftly revolve around his cock, thumb grazing upon the slit of the tip; to the way his opposing hand operates around his perked nipples, groaning at the sparse sensation he felt, it was all remarkably much for you but, it wasn't as if you couldn't do it.

    No, you certainly were, and you'd make sure to have one hell of a good time as well.

    It had you growing eager when he's later revealing what he intends to do with you, familiar with the role-play he would sometimes do and so it's no shock with what he's uttering right about now, something about a teacher-student vision that he's been needing to do for the longest.

    But what was unexpected was when he commanded you be the teacher, understanding that Akaashi was the kind to like when you were somewhat domineering over him and with many pleads, you're shortly agreeing; eyeing him when he's ransacking within his closet, seeking the outfit he had obtained for you, as if he was preparing this beforehand.

    He's prompting you to put it on, accumulating everything he required for this stream and you could notice how enthusiastic he was for it, beaming while you hurried towards the bathroom, settling the belongings down. It consisted of a pair of glasses, heels, a buttoned-up blouse, a skirt you considered would be way too tight and a clipboard you concluded would be used for assistance.

    "i don't know if i could wear this," but nonetheless, you're eliminating your current attire, calmly buttoning up the blouse and striving to fix the skirt on, groaning when it belatedly had zipped. Considering it was your first time, there was no reason for you to prepare so much because everything was deemed to be taken off, abiding the glasses on your nose and gliding your heels on before you're soon moving out of the bathroom.

    It's shocking to Akaashi, he's fascinated once observing you, striving to disregard the excitement in his pants as he's grumbling how sexy you were to him, your fingers seizing onto his tie; finding a concept like this to be somewhat sensual, "mhm, you look pretty," you muttered, the man becoming flustered at your statement while he's grumbling a small 'thank you.'

    "Okay so how will we do this?" you abruptly settle yourself on the bed, seeing that the monitor had shifted over to the desk he possessed in the room, various papers lounged upon it. "we'll go slow instead of jumping straight into it...just be seductive and flirty," he only responds, worrying you but he's then soon to start, your eyes enlarging when he's walking over to the desk.

    It was actually going to begin and now that you had thought about it, you didn't know if you'd be able to do this but, you didn't want to disappoint Akaashi who has been aching to do this for so long; casting your concerns away when the stream shortly begins, shyly moving into the frame whilst the camera was positioned to view the both of you.

    "Keiji," just catching his name slip from your lips had the tension in his pants growing, monitoring the sounds of your heels before they were to suddenly halt, dubiously shifting over to view you in front of him, a few buttons of your blouse undone to expose your cleavage.  "y-yes?" he murmurs, silently embarrassed that it had just started and he's already a trembling jumble, desirous to have everybody watch him fuck you.

    "you've been stuck on the same question, haven't you? why didn't you ask me for help," you pouted as you established yourself right by him, provoking his eyes to momentarily glimpse over at you and your thighs that were now exposed due to your position. "'M sorry, just didn't want to bother you," you're deciding on the correct words to state, smiling when you notice how flustered he was and it had just commenced.

    It certainly means you were doing something correctly, deliberately stirring your chair closer to his and you're tuning out the noises of tips streaming in, viewers interested as to what the both of you had prepared, and some who were overjoyed to view you for the first time. It was as if you were only concentrating on the man alongside you, wanting to show everyone just how noisy he could be when he's with you.

    You lodge your fingers on his thigh, tenderly stroking the area, "you're my student, I'm supposed to help you," you chuckled, his face turning crimson red at just how sexy you were to him, sinking in to observe the questions and he succeeds to receive a flash of the lace bra you had decided to wear. "hm? i do remember teaching you this, did you not pay attention?"

    He's gradually shaking his head, a scanty pout developing on your features before you're shortly retreating. "aw you weren't? what could be more important than my class?" From the way you're gaping at him, it makes him become agitated, not understanding why he was so influenced by your every word and action, gasping when he senses your hand saunter up to his ear, before they were to descend, "tell me...what's more interesting than my class?" this time you muttered the words in his ear, beaming when you sensed his clad bulge.

    "a-about you," he was embarrassed by saying so, head-turning in the opposite direction but you're keen to set a finger beneath his chin, slipping it back towards you. "why were you thinking of me? surely you should be thinking about the lesson i was teaching," it's humiliating for him to state it aloud for the viewers to hear, seeing how he was somewhat trembling before his eyes reach yours, clouded with nothing but excitement and it was for you.

    "c-couldn't stop thinking about you," he whispers, a small whimper parting his lips when you're gently stroking his bulge, "yeah? well it seems like you're thinking about me right now aren't you?" there's a moment of silence before he's deliberately rutting into your hand, lip lodged within his teeth when the pace of your hands becomes more agile, he didn't want to cum just yet but how could he not when you're muttering into his ear, tongue slackening along his skin, "tell me, what was it you were thinking of?"

    His whimpers are shortly reverberating around the room, "g-gonna cum, p-please let me cum," but you're speedy to remove your fingers, inciting a small whine from the man before your fingers promptly move towards his chin, "you've got to answer when the teachers asking questions," you're quickly driving him to settle on the desk, slipping within his legs and you were able to detect the noticeable bulge of his, a vague blush spreading his cheeks when you're grinning.

    He must be relishing this way more than you are, fingers encircling around his tie to draw him closer, lips grazing upon each other and before he's to terminate the gap, you're quickly shifting away, "now answer me," unfastening the tie, you hurled it to the side, moving towards the sweater that you had no difficulty removing from him.

    "t-thinking of you touching me," you respond with a minor hum, unbuttoning his blouse before your lips were to attach to his nipple, the man aiming to reduce his whimpers but, it's no help when you're sucking on the bud.

    He's trembling beneath you, something you admired to see whenever you were to be intimate with him, gaping up to notice his lip lodged within his teeth, glossy eyes gleaming at you, "touching you like this?" he's instantly nodding, whining when you're drawing yourself away from the wet bud, solely to settle your lips onto his, Akaashi gradually rolling upon you whilst you're accumulating each whimper that threatened to escape from his lips.

    "such a pervert, thinking of your teacher like this," he reddens at your choice of words, fingers bungling with his belt before he's aiding you in jostling them down, his undergarments being the last piece hindering you from his cock.

    He's inpatient, you understand that but viewing him so anxious beneath you has the wetness within your legs dampening your panties, "no no, don't you want to be a good boy and be patient?"

    "w-wanna feel you already, please," just to tease him further, you're questioning what is it that he specifically wants, Akaashi sulking when you're yet to give in to what he desires; "your mouth p-please," he murmurs, just loud enough for you to catch, "bet you've been wanting something like that for a while isn't that right?" he instantly nods, fingers rubbing upon the hem of his underwear before drawing them down, cock throbbing in your grasp.

    "look at you, makin' such a mess already and I barely even touched you," you beamed, fingers grazing upon the beads of precum, promptly sauntering down to implement short strokes to his cock all while maintaining your gaze on his flushed face, embarrassed to stare at you which only made you giddy; dropping down to be faced with his cock.

    He's enthusiastic, finally, he was going to feel your lips around his cock, whining when you establish a peck to his flushed tip, tongue gliding upon the precum. He's following your every move, immediately glimpsing over at the monitor to examine the comments of the viewers, relishing this side of akaashi and somewhat craving they were in his position.

    But he was fortunate enough to be in this position and so he was going to enjoy himself, tongue stroking the underside of his cock, fingers fondling with his balls, only firing the tight coil he possessed and when your lips ultimately enclose around his cock, head sinking down to fit all of him inside your mouth, he nearly cums at the immediate heat that engulfs him.

    It's immediately before your head lifts, his whimpers only promoting you to do much more, saliva oozing from your tongue and onto his cock, producing such a mess, chin coated with your spit, fingers stroking his cock at a fast movement, occasionally plunging down to lick and suck on his balls.

    He could never get suited to the way you become so nasty beneath him, "f-feels so good—mhm- love your mouth around me," by now your panties were ruined with your wetness, Akaashi moaning when he notices your fingers glide underneath your skirt, thumb grazing soft loops on your clit.

    Loved to understand that you were enjoying this as much as he was, his eyes nearly driving to the back of his head when he catches the sloppy sounds of your cunt, whimpering around his cock.

    "ngh—g-gonna cum," his voice grows higher with every gesture of your lips, his cock twitching in your hold and it's shortly before he's quivering above you, head thrown back as ropes of cum trickle down your throat. Sure he underwent all the pleasure so far, but he also needed to make you feel good, aspired to return the favor so, he's departing from the desk, prompting you to rest on the chair before he's gradually descending within your legs.

    You were so wet for him, he swore he could cum again just from viewing the arousal that clung to your panties whilst he's drawing them off, skirt hiked up to your hips to expose your exposed cunt. "wanna make teacher feel good too," he whispers, inching closer to your drenched cunt, fingers descending down your folds to accumulate your wetness.

    "yeah? fuck baby do whatever you want," you didn't need to inform him twice before his tongue lays smooth on your cunt, legs hugged to your chest to allow him more access, the muscle fluttering against your clit and when he catches the faintest whimper part from you, it's provoking him to do much more, deliberately advancing down your cunt before ascending back up.

    "mhm, j-just like that," he's repeating his actions once, twice, shortly growing comfortable enough to plunge his fingers, nose grazing against your clit whilst he's thrusting the digits and fuck, he's remarkably skilled at what he's doing, as if he weren't shy just a few seconds ago, "m-making me feel so good," his heart expands at the praise, your walls tensing around his fingers while his actions progress faster, monitoring your loud moans, seizing onto your thighs when you attempt to close them.

    He was making you feel good and that's all he needed, his cock hard once again but he couldn't help it when you're moaning and whimpering, aspiring to make you cum all over his face, sensing you frequently clamp around his fingers, humming how you were going to cum.

    "fuck, k-keiji slow down," but he's retaining his relentless actions, delicately nibbling on your clit and you sensed that uneasy sensation subsequently snap, gasping when you're drenching his face with your fluids, his head mounting from within your legs.

    "w-why didn't you listen," you were now the one to grow flustered, his tongue dragging upon his lips to assemble your cum, but it was as if he needed more, achingly hard cock catching your attention. "is there something else you want?" he immediately nods, arising from his position before he's drawing you towards him.

    "w-wanna feel you around my cock, will you let me?" certainly you couldn't resist when he's begging like that, Akaashi abruptly planting himself on the seat before you were to hasten over to him, legs still quivering from your orgasm.

    He descends his hands on your hips, conducting you towards his cock, and the both of you are sighing when you deliberately sink each inch of him inside, akaashi instantly going to unbutton your blouse, drawing your bra down for your breasts to pool out.

    "you feel good baby," you set a peck to his lips, "filling me so well," you whispered, sequentially preferring to move to which he quickly grasped your hips tightly, moaning at the mere movement you presented, cock nearly slipping out before you're descending down and although you craved to be gentle at first, it's no shock when you're shortly bouncing on his cock, the tips of his ears crimson red because he's just that noisy, louder than he's ever been during a stream.

    But with the way your cunts so snug around him, providing such lewd sounds that were music to his ears; his whimpers quickly convert into loud outcries, hips frantically shaking beneath you, nails penetrating into your skin.

    "mhm, I-I f-feel good...d-do you feel good too teacher?" you're instantly nodding, eyes gaping down to reach his excited ones and when he acknowledges that he was actually making you feel good, he couldn't help but make his actions faster, provoking a loud moan to withdraw your lips.

    By now the both of you had overlooked that you were currently doing a Livestream, too absorbed in one another to even fret about the various comments that were submerging in the chat, hips rotating around before you're ascending, Akaashi's cock jerking at your actions, and all he could think about was how much he enjoyed this.

    Enjoyed viewing you get so worked up on his cock, pleased to be pleasing you as he desired too, "d-doing so well baby, l-love your cock so much," you muttered as a small smile forms on your features which only incited the tears to prickle his eyes, head spinning at the numerous praises that scattered from your lips, all while your cunts milking him dry.

    You're caressing the tears that succeed to dribble down his flushed cheeks, his lips agape in nothing but moans, chanting strings of 'gonna cum,' whilst his pace grows wild. "mhm, g-gonna cum too, p-please cum in me Keiji," just catching his name stumble from your lips has his hold contracting, eyes driving to the back of his head while he senses you clamp around him; a low moan emitting from his lips as the both of you are quivering.

    If it wasn't for the sounds of tips flowing in, he would have misremembered that he was even doing a stream, peeling yourself away from the crook of his neck to grant him a small grin, "did i do okay?" you inquired, eyes momentarily glimpsing over to the monitor, somewhat relieved to see that the spectators certainly did.

    But it wasn't as much as how much Akaashi appreciated this.


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  • tastybluesprite
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I have a headcanon that because Atsumu did his stfu pose so much during his games with Inarizaki that he still does it habitually during games with the msby and Hinata, Bokuto, and Sakusa are all trying to help him break the habit.

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