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  • xolovely-berryxo
    19.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Hello 💀. I am back and I am sorry ❤️

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  • xreaderstudios
    19.09.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Alrightie, without further ado here’s our first guest contributor @tsumeboshii !! Her fav is definitely not Atsumu, definitely not.

    We love her use of color, and can’t wait to see what their splash page looks like!

    If you’re like us, and would love to see your work side by side next to their’s fill out a contributor application! Check the pinned post on our blog for links and more information!

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  • jubilee40
    19.09.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Slots for Kinktober are now are full🥳 Thanks guy for all of the requests for Kinktober. I'm thinking of writing mostly Fluff for November so get ready💗

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  • astheroid
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #stored in the cloud ☁️ #lev x reader #lev haiba #haikyuu!! #haikyuu fluff #lev x y/n #lev x you #lev imagine #haikyū!! #haikyu x reader #lev haikyuu#lev fluff#haiba lev #haikyuu lev haiba
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  • iss-eis
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    — hi boys!

    PAIRING ▸ hajime iwaizumi x issei matsukawa x takahiro hanamaki x tōru oikawa x f!reader

    SUMMARY ▸ after five years straight of your incessant teasing, the boys finally do something about it.

    WARNING ▸ gang bangs, slight sadism, implications of dacryphilia, spitting, brat tamer!matsun, mentions of motor-boating, cockwarming, matsun slaps y/n once & degradation! you have been forewarned :)

    WORD COUNT ▸ teaser - 1.6k, final - 6.1k

    NOTES ▸ here is the long awaited fivesome :0 this is probably my favorite piece i’ve ever written lol but big thanks to those who reblogged the teaser & gave it so much hype, it means a lot <3. hope you all enjoy reading this as much i enjoyed writing it! like i said in the teaser, i tried to incorporate as much humor as humanly possible to soften the fact y/n’s literally getting gang banged goodbye

    “what’s so funny?” iwaizumi frowns before you shake your head, “never thought you four would have such vulgar thoughts.” you taunt. matsun scoffs, his hand grabbing your chin; semi-forcing you to face him. “i’ll show you vulgar, brat.”

    THE RUSTLING of their mics could clearly be heard as they spoke over a zoom call. “so march 16, in two weeks, we’re all gonna meet up?” iwaizumi spoke in japanese before he rolled his eyes at oikawa’s snickers. “yes, iwa.” oikawa replies in english while makki giggles slightly & matsun tunes them out; scrolling through his phone. “have any of you spoke to y/n lately?” makki chirps up. “nah.” oikawa says. matsun simply shook his head while iwaizumi spoke, “yeah, she messaged a couple days ago. she was wondering if we could meet up. i told her about this so maybe i can text her with the date.”

    oikawa whistles before laughing loudly, “looking to get lucky with y/n, iwaizumi?” he teased. makki & matsun join in on the teasing while iwaizumi sits back & scoffs. “literally shut the fuck up, you guys act as if you don’t feel the same way.” he rolls his eyes as the other boys laughter dies down. “that’s what i thought.” after a minute of silence, matsun spoke up. “have you ever thought about all of us taking her at the same time?” to which iwaizumi facepalms, makki chokes & oikawa smirks knowingly. “yeah. give or take, once or twice.” makki rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. oikawa snorts loudly. “once or twice, my ass. you literally say that as if i haven’t seen your wank bank of a gallery dedicated to screenshots of y/n flashing us on facetime.”

    “i see through your lies, makki.” he teased as makki’s jaw dropped, matsun chuckles, remembering the many times you “accidentally” flashed them. iwaizumi, being the incredible zoom host that he is, chose to kick oikawa off the call as he received a text to their group chat not even a minute later.

    “y’all are so rude 💔, fakest bitches i know 🙄.”

    “where are you, oikawa? you said you wouldn’t be late!” iwaizumi complains into the phone as oikawa mocks him in retaliation. “i just got done giving y/n the address so if she’s here before you, i’m locking you out.” he says before hanging up, already sensing the younger one’s whines. matsun merely smirks in reaction, because unbeknownst to iwaizumi, oikawa texted matsun the day before saying he wanted to surprise him.

    “he’s so oblivious.” matsun snorts. makki laughs loudly, causing iwa to surge back & snarl. “the fuck are you laughing at?” his remarks were cut short by the slam of a car door & the beeping of the lock. iwaizumi shifted his widened eyes from makki to the door as a soft knock rang through the quiet atmosphere. “it’d be deeply appreciated if someone would open the door.” spoke a sarcastic oikawa. “it’s fucking cold out here, tōru.” another voice chimed in, this time; it sounded much familiar to the man standing behind the door. “that’s your fault for wearing a skirt. told you to wear the black jeans but no.” oikawa snickered at your shivers.

    iwaizumi opened the door quickly, eyes narrowed down at the man in front of him. “was that y/n?” a shove to oikawa’s shoulder confirmed iwaizumi’s suspicions as laughter from inside the house erupted. “hi boys!” you said with a smile, pushing the taller boy out of the way to walk through the door frame. “that was rude.” oikawa pouted as you rolled your eyes. “shut up. you made me drive to three different locations to pick your stupid ass up, you deserve rude & more.” you said harshly, shrugging off your cardigan.

    “boohoo!” he blows raspberries at you before you sent him a quick fuck you. “i thought you weren’t driving back to tokyo until tonight?” iwaizumi interrupted their bickering with a soft smile, his arms coming to wrap around your form. “surprise, surprise.” you laughed. they separated from each other as matsun & makki took notice of you. “oh shit, hi!” matsun laughs, walking up to you with a kiss to the cheek & a tight hug. makki joins with a shit-eating grin. “you look good! it’s been a while.”

    nodding before scoffing, “yeah, it has.” your eyes widen in realization slightly, snapping your fingers as you called out to oikawa. “tōru, please be a doll & get the alcohol in my trunk.” you tossed the car keys at him as they hit his chest then fell into his hands. all snorting at his groan before continuing on with their conversation. “don’t understand why i have to do it, but okay.” he rolls his eye with a sigh, walking out to your car. “this is me taxing you for wasting my gas, loser!” you shout after him.

    he comes back a moment later, carrying two 24 cases of beer. ”so how’ve you been?” iwaizumi asks, popping the cap off of the beer & taking a small swig. “i’ve been okay. wanna see something cool?” you grin. the four boys shrug as you lift up your shirt to show them a koi fish tattoo on your left ribs, seemingly still healing. “that’s sick, who did it?” makki speaks up with a soft smile. “kyōtani, actually. he just made me pay the down but he didn’t let me pay the rest even though i insisted.” you spoke softly. iwaizumi nods, his hand coming up to run through his hair.

    it had been about 2 hours later as the group finally managed to finish both cases of beer, only feeling a little buzz. you seemed to be in a trance; starting to doze off on the couch while the other 4 suddenly realized you still had to drive home. “y/n, come on. get up.” iwaizumi spoke quietly, tapping your arm as you groan softly. “don’t wanna.” you whisper, attempting to shoo him away. “no, no. come on, gotta sober you up.” he laughs. matsun stood up from his spot & walked to the kitchen to grab a couple of water bottles.

    “fine.” you sigh, finally raising up from your spot to stretch. your vision blurred slightly; knees buckling, “give me the water.” you groan. matsun hands you the bottles as you face iwaizumi. “where’s your bathroom, iwa?” you ask politely. “straight down the hall, your first right.” nodding curtly as you bring the bottles with you; footsteps paddling against the baseboards. “lightweight.” oikawa shakes his head with a chuckle. the others join in in laughter as iwaizumi’s name was called.

    “iwa? could you come here please?” you speak from the bathroom as iwaizumi slightly jogs to you. “what’s wrong?” he asks. “nothing, i just needed some company.” you say softly. “do you want me to come in?” he says from behind the door. “yes please.” he twists the knob to walk into you leaning over the sink, both water bottles now empty & clattered on the bathroom rug. “you okay?” he asks softly, patting your back. “eh.” you groan, “sure, a little lightheaded though.” you say with a soft giggle. “you probably drank the water too fast.” he snorts. you shake your head at him, shoving him with your elbow softly. “shut up.” you laugh together.

    shutting your eyes tightly, hands reaching up to rub your temples. he tilts his head in concern, “you still okay?” you grunt slightly, nodding nevertheless. “yeah.” you lean back, standing up straight to look at iwaizumi. “sorry i’m a lightweight.” you rub the back of your neck sheepishly. “you’re fine.” he shrugs you off, his eyes shifting down to your lips. obviously, you take notice of this; lips quirked up into a smile. leaning in before kissing him softly; before his hand reaches up to hold your cheek. the two stayed in this position until he broke apart from the embrace first, his eyes squinting in concern. “are you still tipsy?” he asks.

    “no, i’m fine. now kiss me again.” you pant softly, hand coming to hold his cheek in your palm. he grunted in protest as you took that chance at slipping your tongue in his mouth; his eyes widened in shock as the door opening interrupted you. “yo, you guys okay or- what the fuck?” matsun spoke up. iwaizumi’s hand left your face as he situated himself while you smiled in triumph, your eyes narrowing as you broke into a shit-eating grin. “iwaizumi, what the fuck, bro?” matsun closed his eyes & ran a hand over his face. “what do you mean what the fuck?” iwaizumi retorts.

    “oh my bad. i meant a what the fuck are you doing with your tongue down y/n’s throat type of what the fuck?” matsun’s voice drops an octave, “y/n, come here.” he grabs your wrist & gently tugs you over to him. “it was the other way around, her tongue was down my throat.” iwaizumi rolls his eyes. “that doesn’t help your case!” matsun says exasperatedly. “y/n, why were you kissing him?” he pointedly raises a finger towards the ‘him‘ in question, “oh, i’m not sure iwa would like if i told you.” you smirk. “no, no. you tell me right fucking now.” matsun narrows his eyes at you. “well, you see. he probably brought up that i dm’d him on instagram a while back. did he tell you what it was for?” shifting your eyes to iwaizumi whose ears were red at the tip.

    “yeah, he said you were wondering when we could all meet up.” you shake your head at matsun’s clueless reply, “wrong. it was originally supposed to be me & him meeting up but iwa’s too pussy to actually fuck me on his own so he invited you three dipshits.” you mock with a straight face. he chuckles slightly, “watch your mouth, sweetheart. that shit’ll get you in trouble.” you scoff, “bite me.” you roll your eyes then turn to face a confused matsun, “so he basically cock-blocked himself.” you nod slightly, “yeah. iwa, you cock-blocked yourself.”

    the two others walked up as you mocked iwa with that remark, both of them laughing. “who cock-blocked himself?” makki snorted. “iwaizumi.” matsun chuckles as he scoffs, “yeah, keep on making fun of me. at least i was the only one she wanted to fuck at all.” he said arrogantly. “who said that?” you smirk. “woah, woah. who wanted to fuck who?” oikawa interrupts. “me. i wanted to fuck iwa but he invited you three so he cock-blocked himself.” you roll your eyes. “hajime, why would you do that?” makki & oikawa erupt into obnoxious laughter.

    “yeah, iwa. why’d you do that?” you pout mockingly. “tch, you really wanna know?” he says suggestively. “no shit.” you mutter sarcastically. “see, the boys & i had this little, fantasy if you will, of taking you all at the-“ matsun interrupts him with a grin, “you’re serious?” he nods quickly, “like i was saying, the boys & i had this fantasy of taking you at the same time.” you laugh, “taking me at the same time as in fucking me all at once?” another voice chimed in, “yeah.” you giggle at makki’s sheepish reply. “what’s so funny?” iwaizumi frowns before you shake your head, “never thought you four would have such vulgar thoughts.” you taunt. matsun scoffs, his hand grabbing your chin; semi-forcing you to face him. “i’ll show you vulgar, brat.”

    he smashes his lips onto yours as your eyes widen before grabbing his neck & slightly pulling him down to match your height. “matsun, that’s not fair.” makki spoke up as matsun was the first to break apart, his hand adjusting to slip his thumb into your mouth while he faced the younger boy. “what’s not fair? she obviously wants us to fuck her. do you not?” he directed the last question at you as you nod, tongue still swirling around his fingertip. “good girls use their words.” your eyes slightly roll back as you take his thumb out of your mouth. “yes, matsun.”

    “see? she said she wants this.” he smirks before his eyes shift back to you taking his thumb back into your mouth. “enough of that. take her to my room.” iwaizumi says. matsun nods, removing his hand from your mouth before throwing you over his shoulder as you giggle softly. the four of them walked to iwaizumi’s room which was situated across the hall, still being held over matsun’s shoulder. reaching the bedroom, he set you down on the foot of the bed. swinging your feet off of it childishly as they bicker.

    “so who goes first?” makki says. iwaizumi arrogantly speaks up as oikawa & matsun try to protest. “i set this whole thing up, it’s only fair i go first.” matsun simply waves off iwaizumi’s suggestion. “no, i met her in high school first. i’m the reason you guys even know her, it’s common sense i go first.” oikawa rolls his eyes cockily as makki laughs & iwaizumi groans. “it’s been 6 years, you’re still on that shit?” he throws his hands up exasperatedly. “you guys done yet?” you say, examining your nails boldly. “hush, baby. the adults are talking.” oikawa mocks while matsun smirks, moving over to you & running a hand across your face before grabbing your hair in a tight hold.

    “strip then get on your knees. you don’t know how tired we are of that mouth of yours.” he sneers, the others walking over to the both of you. you smile sarcastically, sliding the zipper of the skirt down & shrugging off your crop top before sinking to your knees; clad in a lacy sage green set. you faintly hear oikawa mumble something about this particular shade of green going well with your skin tone. “well, why don’t you do something about it?” you pout. matsun rolls his eyes, gripping your chin. “who do you want first?” you glance between him, iwaizumi, oikawa & makki who were standing a little away from the four of you. “makki. he’s the only one who’s not being mean.” you pout again. matsukawa sighs, stepping out of the way as makki snickers softly, a hard on evident from his pants.

    “hi, makki.” he smiles, eyes softening down at you. “hi, baby.” he cooes. “what do you wanna do?” he says softly. “don’t make her-“ iwaizumi cuts oikawa off. “let her.” he waves his hand in the air dismissively with an intrigued look on his face. “don’t wanna suck you off, makki.” you whine into his thigh. “wanna ride you.” you sniffle as he grabs ahold of your chin. “yeah, you wanna ride me, huh?” he teases. “well, would you look at that? she wants to ride me.” he taunts. you whine as he taps your shoulder. standing up as the others step back with very obvious bulges in their pants. “takahiro.” you whisper, pouting once again. he hums at the call of his given name, lips curling into a small smirk. “don’t be mean to me too.” you say softly. “i make no promises, baby.” he grins. you sigh before reaching to snap the clasp of your bra.

    the bra falls against your arms as you catch it, soft facial expression morphing into one of mischief. “tell you what, you be nice to me & i’ll let you motorboat me.” he quirks an eyebrow, “tell me more,” makki muses. “hell maybe i’ll even cockwarm you; all you gotta do is be nice to me, makki. seems like a fair proposition to me.” you narrow your eyes, smirking ever so slightly as he whistles. “won me over with the cockwarming, baby.” you bite your lip, finally letting go of the bra as the straps fall off your arms. at the sudden intrusion, your nipples perking up at the cold air. “you’re fucking beautiful, baby.” he grins. “get on with it, will you?” iwaizumi snaps impatiently. “wait your turn, mr.” you crane your neck to gaze over at him with a coy smile.

    “these, are so cute.” makki grins once more, snapping the strap of your thong against your skin. you hum, tongue peeking out from between your teeth. “yeah? don’t rip them, they’re expensive.” he scoffs amused, “if i did rip them, i’d buy you a new pair, baby.” you roll your eyes, bumping his shoulder slightly. “yeah, yeah.” oikawa snickers from behind as you push makki down onto the black bench at the foot of iwaizumi’s bed. you sneak a look at the men behind you, sporting a teasing look with a wink before throwing a leg over makki’s lap to straddle him. grinding on him as your clit bumps against the silky material of your thong, makki hums, grabbing your chin with his thumb & index finger. “you’re a good girl, right?” you suck your teeth before nodding, breath slightly heavy.

    he tuts, “words, baby.” you sigh, “yes, makki.” you mutter. he grins, tongue peeking out between his teeth before he shrugs. “then why don’t you be good & ride me like one?” you grin, trailing a finger up his chest before snickering. “okay.” you say blankly. you reach down to his sweats, pulling them down along with his boxers; his length sprinting out against his abdomen as you hum. “all this for little ‘ole me?” you say, wrapping your hand around his cock & pumping slightly as his breath hitches & his eyes droop. you drag your thumb against his slit as he bucks up into your hand. “quit teasing & get on with it, yeah?” he snaps, eyes shooting open as he glares at you sharply. you sigh heavily, “you’re no fun, makki.” iwaizumi scoffs behind you, having enough of your attitude as he sneaks up behind you.

    his hand wraps around your throat from behind, lifting you to peer up at him from above. he cooes before tightening his grip ever so slightly, “don't be a little brat, y/n. it won’t get you anything but a punishment.” you scoff, eyes narrowing at him in an unspoken challenge. “yeah, haji? & just what if i wanna be punished?” he furrows his brows, eyes darkening. “open your mouth.” you part your lips slightly as he spits into your mouth, smiling in a mocking manner. “now swallow.” you obey & giggle, makki groaning from below you. “fuck, baby. you’re killing me.” he buries his face in your neck before swatting your hand off him, you whine softly as he hushes you with a harsh kiss, tongue swiping against your bottom lip almost immediately. he trails a hand up your thigh before opening an eye to sneak a peek at iwaizumi who was returning to his spot next to oikawa with a cheeky smile & a wink.

    cupping your heat as you pant into him, he slides your panties to the side; grabbing his length & trailing it along your slit. “’all this for little ‘ole me?’” he pulls away to mock your words from earlier before snickering & sinking into you. you moaned at the intrusion rather loudly as he groaned into your hair. “you okay?” he pants, hands gripping onto your thighs for dear life. you hum, perfectly shaped brows being pinched together as he softly chuckles. “good. now ride me.” you snap out of whatever trance you were in, beginning to build up speed as you bounce on his lap. your hands grabbed ahold of his shoulders as matsun grunts from behind you, ignoring the little voice in his head telling him to take you from makki & bend you over his lap. you throw your head back, hanamaki taking advantage of the free skin & pressing his lips to the spot just under your ear.

    you moan shakily, grabbing onto his shoulders as you dig your nails into the skin. he grunts into your neck, hands reaching up to pinch your nipple as he watches you gasp with half-lidded eyes. the only sounds in the room were your moans & makki’s heavy breathing along with oikawa, matsun & iwaizumi’s hushed whispers. “who’s going after makki?” oikawa shrugs as matsun opens his mouth to speak but takes notice of the way makki bucked his hips up into yours, “hanamaki i swear to god, if you come too early.” he sighs while iwaizumi waves him off. “oikawa, go do something.” he says swiftly as oikawa rolls his eyes & scoffs. “what do you want me to do, go over & hold his balls? look - iwa,” he turns to the two men sporting confused looks & pinched eyebrows.

    “if makki goes stiff & nuts inside her too early then that means you can take your turn earlier than you anticipated. just go with it.” he explains as the two groan & roll their eyes, turning their eyes back to the scene in front of them. you bite your lip, leaning forward to rest your head on makki’s shoulder as you ride him weakly. he removes his hands from your tits, grabbing your chin before smashing his lips onto yours. breaking the kiss a moment later, he looks into your drooping eyes while you moan, “you close, baby?” you nod eagerly, pressing your face into his neck as he takes over, thrusting up into you. he wraps a hand around your throat while the other prods at your lips, “open up for me, baby.” you take his fingers into your mouth, tongue swirling around his finger pads as he chuckles darkly. “yeah, that’s it. get it nice & wet for me, baby.” he takes his fingers out of your mouth, sneaking down to where your bodies were connected.

    he presses his damp middle & ring finger to your clit as you whine, stomach contracting at the sensation. you thighs shake while he presses figure eights to your clit, you cry out his name into the all but quiet room. body shaking under the pleasure as you clench around him repeatedly while his pretty, pink lips part, letting out soft sighs of pleasure. he didn’t know if it was the sheen from the thin layer of sweat upon your hairline or the ungodly noises you let out but something about it made that little coil in his belly snap. “jesus fucking christ.”

    he groans. & as makki jerks up into you weakly, finally finding release; his head lolls back, jaw slack & eyes clenched so tight in fear that when he opens them, the sight of you above him would make him cum once more & he just wasn’t quite ready for that. oikawa claps from the behind the two of you as matsun snickers. “quite the show, makki.”

    “alright, that’s enough. come here, babe.” iwaizumi interrupts impatiently as matsun rolls his eyes. “you can wait a little longer, mr. it’s oikawa & i’s turn.” iwaizumi huffs as matsun’s words while makki shakes his head, running a hand through his slightly damp hair. “you guys are gonna take her at the same time? you sure she’s ready for that?” oikawa shrugs, “you prepped her for us so she’s as ready as she’ll ever be. isn’t that right, babe?” he shifts his gaze to you struggling to stand on your own, seeking matsun’s support as you held his arm. “mhm.” you hum. makki snickers, “you alright there, y/n? i barely even put in work & you’re limping. either you’re really sensitive or i’m just that good.”

    “i take back my offer of letting you motorboat & cockwarm me. you’re mean.” you pout playfully. iwaizumi rolls his eyes as the other two chuckle. “aw, too bad.” he mocks while iwa scoffs. “yeah yeah, don’t get too cocky. go rinse off in the other bathroom.” matsun turns over to you, eyes puffy & lips swollen. “you’ll be a good girl for oikawa & i, right?” he takes hold of your chin between his index & thumb. you nod as he smiles softly. “good. get on the bed.” you walk over & sit as the two older men approach each side of the bed with devilish smiles. makki walks out of the room with a chuckle as iwaizumi finds a chair & sets it in front of the bed. “don’t let me stop you guys. go on.” he waves them off with a smirk. “what should we do to her?” you & oikawa’s ears seem to perk up at matsun’s sudden burst into japanese.

    it seemed to have slipped his mind that you were fluent as well but you let it slide, waiting until the right time to surprise him. “you know what, matsun,” oikawa replies in japanese with a cocky smirk, “why don’t we let little y/n decide?” you gaze up at matsun with curious eyes, oikawa kneeling on the bed right behind you. “i heard my name, what is it?” you sigh. “oikawa here wants to know what you want us to do to you?” he says sarcastically. “at this point, i couldn’t be concerned about that. the only thing i know for sure is that if neither of you do anything within the next five minutes, i’m walking my ass right over to iwaizumi & sucking him off while you guys watch.” iwa laughs as the other two scoff. “just take her like that, matsun. she said it herself ‘she couldn’t be concerned’ right?” oikawa says in a mocking manner. “i’ll fuck her & you just work on shutting her up.” he smiles yet it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

    matsukawa chuckles, grabbing your chin & forcing you to look at him. “be a good girl & tōru will let you cum.” he squints down at you as you nod, “mhm.” your hands reached for his belt, undoing the buckle & pulling his pants along with his boxers down. his length sprung up, hitting his abdomen as he smirks above you. “get to work, yeah?” you narrow your eyes & wrap your lips around his tip, oikawa suddenly entering you from behind. you gasp but not before matsun grabs your jaw, “what did i say?” he snaps. your eyes roll back at oikawa bottoming out, the head of his cock hitting your cervix. matsun takes his chance at shoving you down onto his cock, watching on with half-lidded eyes as you choke on the sheer size of him. & oikawa, being the monster of a man he is, doesn’t go easy on you; making sure the first thrust knocked the air out of your lungs.

    matsun smiles sadistically as you moan around him, the vibrations going straight to that coil in his belly. oikawa starts thrusting, slow but sharp enough for him to hit that spot of yours. with matsun still in your mouth, you shift your eyes over to iwaizumi who watches on with an amused expression, his hand palming the bulge in his pants. oikawa grabs ahold of your hips with a snarky chuckle as he starts drilling into you. the squelches of you & makki’s combined release resonating in the air as you let out small squeaks on matsun’s cock. he holds you hair in a makeshift ponytail while cooing down at you in japanese mockingly, “little cockslut just can’t get enough, huh?” iwaizumi & oikawa snicker at his words while you roll your eyes, pulling off of him. “you know i can understand you, right?” you stutter as matsun laughs dryly.

    gripping your jaw in his hand, “oh i know, that just makes it all the more fun. now open up.” he leans down, spitting into your mouth while you swallow, faintly hearing iwaizumi scoff. “that’s my thing.” he huffs as he crosses his arms like a five year old throwing a tantrum. matsun throws a sarcastic look in his direction, glaring at the man. “you shut up over there. & you, get back to work.” he shoves his cock into your mouth once more while you choke at the unexpected intrusion, moaning onto his length for the umpteenth time. oikawa chuckles, slapping your ass as he grunts. “bet she likes putting on a show, huh? little cumslut. she just wants all four of us to herself, ain’t that right, matsun?” he nods in agreement, eyes growing darker with sadistic intent with every passing second.

    “seems so, tōru. so well-behaved, listens to everything i say without a whisper of protest. shows how much she likes us.” matsun mutters, his hold on your hair tightening ever so slightly. you gaze up at him, his free hand caressing your cheek, so soft, so gentle - & right as you lean into his palm but not before he pulls back; smacking you as you gasp around him. oikawa tuts in disapproval behind you, grabbing your neck, facing up to a smug smirk sitting so pretty on his lips, “so impolite, matsun. be careful, might make the princess cry.” you tear up from both matsun’s cock down your throat & the smack. “good.” he sneers sneers, grabbing your neck & facing you back to him. “take it like a good little girl & i just might cum down your throat. don’t be brat now, y/n/n.” off to the side, iwaizumi chuckles deeply at his words; all the while, behind you, oikawa slows his pace down, rocking his hips into yours as he spells his name.

    o i k a w a t ō r u.

    you pull off of matsun for air, whimpering as you rest your forehead on his hip bone. “oikawa- fuck! did you just spell your fucking name?” you moan into matsun’s hip, seemingly going through a soft orgasm. he chuckles, ignoring your question as he resumes drilling you into the mattress. matsun directs your attention back to him as he smiles sadistically, wrapping your hair in his fist as he begins fucking your throat roughly. he grunts above you, clearly close from all your moaning & crying on him. oikawa takes notice of this, beginning to slow his pace yet still slam into you sharply, sending you crashing into matsukawa each time. that tiny coil in matsun’s belly finally snaps, spilling ropes of warm cum down your throat. some leaks out as you moan in delight. “yeah that’s it, brat. take it all.” he groans above you, finally letting your hair go as he rides out his high. breathing heavily as he pulls out of your mouth, some cum still lays on your tongue as you stick it out, showing him.

    “don’t be messy, now close your mouth & swallow.” he squints down at you, turning to look at iwaizumi who sits patiently, head tilted in an intrigued manner. “you think makki is done?” iwa shrugs. “i don’t fucking know. go check.” matsun sighs, rolling his eyes as he tucks himself back into his pants & kisses your forehead. “good girl.” he mutters before leaving the room to look for the older man. “fucking finally. jesus christ, i’ve been holding back on nutting cause i wanted to see if matsun would first. that man lasts so long, it’s almost concerning.” oikawa huffs as you laugh weakly, throat sore & voice hoarse. he taps your ass, signaling for you to raise it up as you lay on your left cheek, staring at iwaizumi. he smiles softly as oikawa enters you once again, the small moan that leaves your lips going straight to his belly.

    “my little y/n is close, huh?” oikawa teases, “mhm,” you hum, pushing back onto his cock as he groans softly, “yes, tōru. so close. gonna cum soon.” you mutter into the sheets, teething the material. he laughs softly, grabbing your hips as he fucks you into the mattress. he grunts, an idea suddenly coming to mind before smirking devilishly. he spits on your back as a moment of silence flows throughout the room. you turn around to face him, “did you just-“ getting cut off as he suddenly pulls out, ropes of cum shooting across your face. you whine in protest, “really, oikawa? the magician? my god, you’re so fucking annoying!” huffing as you try to wipe it off. “you’re welcome.” he smiles, the sadistic look in his eyes resembling the way matsun looked down at you not even 20 minutes ago.

    he trails a hand up your thigh before his fingers ghost over your clit, dipping into the leftover cum from earlier while chuckling. “bet you’re so close, huh?” he mutters. his fingers finally sink into you as you moan with fever, clenching around him. grinding into his palm, you eagerly work yourself to your release on his fingers, eyes rolling back as he curls his fingers. black spots fill your vision, feeling wet all of a sudden while oikawa & iwaizumi laugh in disbelief. “she just-“ oikawa starts as iwa giggles, “fucking squirted. she just fucking squirted.” you let out a breathy little laugh as the two smile softly, the sound a breath of fresh air in comparison to everything that just happened.

    oikawa wipes you down the best he can with his shirt, tucking himself into his pants & nodding to iwaizumi before giving you a kiss & leaving the room. iwa smiles, eyes crinkling as he walks over to your figure face-down on the bed, “you okay? you’re not dizzy or anything right?” you giggle softly, “no, iwa. i just wanna take a bath. is that okay?” he nods, carrying you to his bathroom before setting you on the counter. “just let me fill up the tub & i’ll get in with you, kay?” he looks into your eyes for approval. you nod, sighing as you run a hand through your hair; cursing matsun internally for making your scalp sore. a couple minutes pass before he walks back over, grabbing your hand as you step onto the tiles with shaky legs. stepping into the tub & humming, you turn over to iwaizumi, in the middle of him stripping. you whistle before giggling, “free strip-tease?” you stick your tongue out as he scoffs, shaking his head.

    “yeah, yeah.” he steps into the bath, sitting down & pressing you against his chest. the atmosphere is almost too peaceful, so quiet that you can hear makki, oikawa & matsun’s faint conversation from the living room. iwaizumi finally breaks the silence, “you might as well just sleep over. i have to get up early anyway & i can cook something for us.” you hum, nodding as he pets your head. he presses soft kisses to your neck, pulling your hair to the side as you lean back into him. his hand trails down from your hair to your tits, feeling them up as you moan softly. under the water, your hands flail out across his thighs before wrapping a hand around his length. he hisses, “you really wanna do that?” you snicker, turning around as the water sloshes in the tub. “yes.”

    you squat above him, pumping his cock in your hand before teasing your slit. finally sinking down onto him as you both groan into the air. iwaizumi lets out a long drawn out ‘fuck’ as you whimper, oversensitivity finally biting you in the ass. he takes notice of this, “it’s okay, baby. i got you.” he sits up, bending your body over the edge of the bathtub, entering you from behind as you whine loudly. the sound echoing through the halls as it suddenly becomes quiet in the living room. iwa, finally having his turn with you, decides to put on a show for the others. he leans down, whispering into your ear, “be as loud as you want, baby.” before returning to his place, his thrusts don’t start off soft; immediately getting to work.

    his mirror sat a little lower than normal bathrooms, allowing you to see his facial expression. his jaw clenched, eyes half-lidded & lips pressed into a firm line as he grabbed your hands, holding them behind your back as you squeal, unexpectedly cumming on him as he watches on amazed, a cocky smirk finding its way to his face. you’re too caught up with paying attention to iwaizumi, you don’t notice the way your eyes are going glossy, babbling incoherent words at this point; something along the lines of ‘cum inside me.’ he groans, eyes rolling back as you arch your back, squeezing his length before he finally chokes out a broken moan, releasing in long spurts inside you, painting your walls white. your lips perk up, muttering a soft thank you as he chuckles deeply, the slight sheen on his face making him resemble a seraphim. “i fucked you dumb, didn’t i?” cocky as ever, he rinses the both of you off, dressing you in his clothes before laying you in his bed.

    he took notice of the first at the sheets faintly smelled as if they were fresh out of the dryer, knowing matsun probably came in earlier to toss them in the washer. you kiss his lips softly as he smiles before reciprocating, laying your head on his chest while he calls oikawa. “y/n & i talked earlier & she’s staying over. she just fell asleep-“ he gets cut off by oikawa’s snickering, “is that the only thing you two did? talk?” iwaizumi rolls his eyes & scoffs, “mind your business. anyway, when you guys leave, can you lock up for me? the spare key is in the padlock & the code is 0104.” oikawa lets out a sound of approval. “yeah, makki & matsun already left. it’s just me out here. but yeah, i’ll lock up for you. goodnight, iwa.” iwaizumi hums, “yeah thank you; goodnight, tōru.” they hang up as you nuzzle your face into his neck. he cooes down at you before you raise your head tiredly. “thank you for this, iwa.” he chuckles deeply, “you’re welcome, baby. now go to sleep.”

    Ⓒ 𝐈𝐒𝐒-𝐄𝐈𝐒 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏

    𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐜𝐨𝐩𝐲, 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭, 𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞.

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  • foxxgirlvibes
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Characters: ushijima wakatoshi

    Summary: you and your boyfriend get into a tickle fight

    I personally believe that this man is insanely ticklish

    No one really knows because no one tries to tickle him

    Probably hasn’t been tickled since he was 10

    Looks so soft when you tickle him

    Ushijima was watching tv on the couch as you slinked towards him, a mischievous smile on your face. Turning at the sound of your footsteps he titled his head in confusion, “honey? What are you up to?”

    Your smile faded into a pout, “Why do you always think I’m up to something hm? What if I just like smiling at my handsome boyfriend.” Crossing your arms you sat down on the couch next to him. He scooted closer to you, whispering out an apology as he tucked you into his chest.

    Biting back a smirk you uncrossed your arms. You had him right where you wanted him. Hook, line and sinker. A grin spread over your face as he pulled back from your hug and rested your hands on his waist.

    “The hug made you forgive me that quickly?” He smiled at you and leaned in to kiss your forehead. But instead let out an uncharacteristic giggle. You flashed him a huge smile as he slowly realized what just happened. “Y/n,” he started, “did you just tickle me?”

    “Yup, and I’m gonna do it again.” And that was the only warning he got before the assault on his sides by your fingers. The often so serious face you loved so much was carefree, eyes crinkled, head thrown back, laughs and giggles leaving him. If you could take a picture of him like this you would, but a mental screenshot would have to do.

    Moving a hand upwards to tickle his neck, his eyes started watering as he laughed. He seemed to submit himself to his fate, however he stuffed his arms in his armpits to keep you from trying to tickle him there as well.

    You gave him a moment to breathe and he slid off the couch onto to the floor, taking you with him. Once he caught his breath he gave you a look before straddling you to pin you down. “You can’t just tickle me like a child and not expect retaliation.”

    “Toshi, no wait, let’s just talk about this.” You tried to plead with him but his mind was made up. Bringing his fingers down to your waist he tickled you back. Or at least tried to. You hit him with a smug grin as recognition cross his face.

    “You’re not ticklish are you.”

    “Not at all my dear.”


    #haikyu x reader #haikyuu!! #haikyuu writing#ushijima#ushijima wakatoshi#ushijima fluff#ushijima imagine #ushijima x y/n #ushijima x reader #i am alive
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  • slightlysugawara
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Pretty Boy Killed The Crawlies for Me ⇢ sugawara koushi

    synopsis. the neighbour's son is a pro at finishing off the creepy crawlies, and also at making your heart race.

    this piece is a part of @ichigomis collab, Nice to meet you.

    pairing. Sugawara Koushi x fem!reader

    genre. fluff, just fluff. the reader is very very clumsy, is afraid of bugs- call it projection but the difference is that she has suga and i don't :(

    warnings. mentions of bugs, the reader is afraid of them

    word count. 2.8k

    For the starters, there were two things you have despised all your life.

    First, changes. You hated them. They were spontaneous, often too surprising and mostly awful. You could blink and there would be a major shift in your whole damn life, and you would have to adhere to it-- despite the difficulties. You never had the best coping mechanism, and that didn;t help you in the slightest. Changes only made things volatile, it messed up the regular rhythm of life- at least to you, they did.

    The second one, supposedly something you despise more than the first one-- were insects. Every kind of them. Cockroaches, spiders and every other sort of bug you didn’t even know. You liked to call them the creepy crawlies, simple and disgusting. These small, hideous and annoying little beasts absolutely disgusted you. And you had sworn they were your biggest enemies since the first day of kindergarten- the day you got stung by a bee and also saw a petty little roach gliding about in the nursery with its horrific wings.

    And as they say, good luck, indeed, is a sham. While writing your page long destiny for the third year of high school, God had decided to put the two things you hated the most in a blender, mix some extra misfortune evenly. And voila! You were now sitting on the cold floor of your new apartment hall, back pressed against the door-- breathing hitched in your throat, looking around every ten seconds just to make sure no one was around to see your sorry self.

    It had been less than a week since you’d moved to this town, and you already missed the city you grew up in.

    The move happened pretty fast. The past week had been a blur. The only things you did remember was hastily throwing your belongings into the navy blue suitcase you’d been using for ages and stuffing your red backpack with the smallest reminders of your life there, the once fully furnished but now a completely vacant duplex greeting you the next morning, and the people you grew up together and called friends hugging you one last time before a two hour long ride to a new prefecture.

    School is out, and you had just finished the second year of high school- and the move happened. Of course, the darned move, something you had seen coming for a long time- your parents weren’t the best when it came to keeping their voices low when arguing. But it still hurts.

    You missed your friends, the school, that would be out for a while now. A normal Tuesday morning, and you’d already be alone at home- speeding through breakfast as your friends restlessly rang the bell of their cycles outside your house. A normal Tuesday morning, and you’d have the whole day ahead to spend with your friends.

    It was a town you were born and spent almost all your life in. There were so many memories you had collected like seashells on a beach. You were never the best person to cope with changes too quickly, you hated it. Changes make things volatile- was one thing that you’d realised too early into your life.

    And to prove the point, here you were. Intentionally locked out of your messy apartment, too scared to even walk out and face the army of bugs that held it hostage.

    The side effects of the move, as you learned from your own experience with this one were the following- messy places, huge cardboard boxes taking up half of the space you are going to live in, a huge influx of insects and heightened chances of getting a heart attack due to any of the aforementioned situations.

    You act brave for once, and open the door- just to close it with a loud thud as soon as you see the leader, the greatest mutant of the army, a huge itsy bitsy fucking spider. Your scream resonates through the place, and probably even reached some of the neighbour’s places as well.

    Phone now pinched to your ear, you dial your mother’s number. If those bugs had the piss and ink coloured leader, you had a ferocious birthgiver. Not the most reliable person, but the ferocity was what you needed right now.

    The call was received right away and you hear an all too familiar (annoyed and bland, might I add) “hello”. Her tone screamed “what now?”, “what again?” and a slight “is it a bug again?”.

    “Mum,” you breathe. “Trust me….”

    “There’s an army of bugs inside,” the dear birthgiver laughs.

    You scream in affirmation. “Help me.”


    “Then this is how I die,” you breathe violently into the receiver, enough to partially damage your poor business executive mother’s hearing. “This is it. It was nice being your only offspring, even when you were petty enough not to let me go to the arcades or buy a new phone, mother. Oh how much I wish I could use incognito when googling the how to murder and assasinate theories, I swear I was just trying to have a Bond moment!”

    Amongst all the chattering around you heard your mum let out a pretty loud snort. “They’re just insects, not grenades, hon.”

    “But trust me they will explode. I know they will.” Your voice was octaves high, clutching onto your phone for dear life. You hopelessly twist the doorknob with your elbow, and the door opens with a click. Almost immediately, you trip on a broomstick. The one you had thrown away and ran to your room as soon as the rally of insects started appearing.

    You inhale sharply. ‘Listen, mother. You. will. Come. And. Save. your. Only. daughter. From this mess. We have a problem and an army of rabbid crawlies at home”

    “You have a problem. I have two clients with resting bitch faces. And some grocery shopping to be done.”

    “Priorities, I see.” You deadpan with all your might, flicking your broom to drive off a tight knit group of mean crickets.

    The brush end knocks onto the nearest cardboard box, sending the ceramic utensils crashing to the floor. In the blink of an eye, you jerk across into the hallway again- and stub your toe in the process. A numbing pain takes over your body, but you still make sure to scan the empty passageway again.

    No one.


    And you finally let out a scream. And on the other line, your mother laughs.

    “Why don’t you knock on the Sugawaras’ door? Miss mother told me her kids get back home by noon these days. I’m sure any of them would be more than willing to help. He is a kind person after all.”

    At the mention of the certain pretty boy, your heart threatens to jump out of your dry throat.

    You hadn’t met the said male yet, but did have the lucky (or chance) of being subjected to your parents’ continuous praise. Both of your parents had been quite vocal about their liking towards the family living right across the hall, their main object of affection and praise being their oldest son. You had heard about him from Suki, a friend you had managed to make from the daily errands, as well.

    Fluffy hair, adorable smile and the gentleness exuding from his whole presence- he sounded too perfect to be true. Not to forget his position as a vice captain for the school’s volleyball team just added to his long list of braggable qualities.

    He was surprisingly always there to help. From the late night grocery pick-up to some nice one-of-a-kind strolling with the lovely older women from the small apartment building, he went an extra mile for everyone. In whatever way, even if he deem it as much, he still made an effort- which ultimately led your mother to place her utmost trust on the boy in just days of relocating.

    In that case, of course he would be more than willing to help out the neighbour’s damsel-in-fucking-distress of a daughter. But you couldn’t just meet him like this.

    And by this, you didn’t only mean distressed and white like a chalk. You also meant daay two without showering, hair good enough to pass as a bird shelter. You couldn’t meet a handsome boy like that.

    “I can’t-” you argue.

    Your beloved birthgiver blows you a kiss from the other side. “You can and I have to go now. Meeting coming up in two minutes.”

    “Don’t you dare-”

    But the line goes dead. Your own mother had just betrayed you.

    The hallway falls silent. Sighing, you slide the phone into your pocket and clutch onto the broomstick as if it were a sword from heavens.

    “Let’s make a deal,” you stare at the mutants.

    The leader of chaos stares back at you with its piss yellow eyes (disclaimer: it might have been your imagination but you heard it laugh). It crawled further, and you stumbled back a few steps.

    You timidly walk in, holding onto the broom for dear life.

    “You!” you raise it at the monstrosity, challenging it and it’s small kingdom of spideys and non-spideys alike. The moment of glory was rather short-lived as you saw a huge cockroach flying past you almost the same time around the critter charged a few steps.

    This time, you don’t remember to look around or outside. Well, you don’t have the time.

    You just scream. At the top of your lungs. Oh, and you jump. Backwards in that case, without a clue of what lay behind you.

    But you cannot lose. You were brave. These lowly beasts couldn’t suppress you.

    You stand straight, chest and chin high. “My mother will know about this.” more carefully than the last time, you flick the broomstick- and flinch as soon as a cockroach runs across the living area. “And she will wipe off you kin-”

    “What’s going on?”

    You let out a shriek. There was someone at the door. There was a fucking homo sapien at your doorsteps, witnessing your one man shit show with an opera of insects.

    Oh lord, how long had he been standing there?

    You whip around, jumping back a few more steps and accidentally bump against the shoe rack. The momentum leaves you tripping on your own feet and stumble sideways. The stranger was quick on his feet as he caught you before things could get anymore embarrassing for you.

    His eyes glinted in amusement, a concerned smile playing on his lips. “Slow down there, princess sofia.” he lightly teases.

    You open your mouth, but nothing comes out as you stare at him- all dazed and a little bit embarrassed. Breath hitched, you find him smiling at you as he gently held your arm, his breath fanning your face.

    The first initial reaction was gasping. Because man; did he look breathtaking. Your saviour wasn’t a knight in shining armor- he was a beauty clad in black jacket and gym pants.

    “You okay?” he asks and all the rational thoughts finally hit you like a truck and you jerk out of his hold.

    “Sugawara.” the boy smiles nervously, his free hand scratching the back of his neck nervously. “Sugawara Koushi? From the apartment across the hall?”

    “Oh, Hi. Hello,” The familiar surname rang in your ears, eyes widening in surprise. Your reaction earns a questioning stare from him. you blink dumbly and the silver haired boy chuckles. Sugawara removes his hand off your wrist.

    He looks around, tucking his hands inside his pockets. The house was messier tha how your parents had left it. The army of insects was still wreaking havoc upon the place, treating it like it was their own territory.

    “Our house has been held hostage by an army of crawlies and critters,” you inform him of the emergency, using the boy as a shield- all ready to sacrifice him if needed. Your hope in humanity and a no-insect home had been restored- and there was no way you were letting go of this boy now.

    A cockroach brushes past your feet and your developed spidey sense causes your body to react before you think. And yet again, you find yourself hanging onto the boy’s sleeves as he saves you from yet another fall.

    “Well miss,” he informs, his tone as gentle as his arm encircling your waist. “I think they are more afraid of you than you are of them.”

    “Well sir,” you deadpan. “I don’t fucking think so.”

    He laughs again, louder and clearer this time. And surprisingly you feel the tension ease in. You relax in his hold, indulging in his scent that smelled something mixed with sweat and his cologne, the rise and fall of his chest oddly soothing.

    You felt like a creep, but that didn’t matter as of now.

    “So do you need some help?” he asks. “I mean with the crawlies.”

    Your response was a loud “yes”. This apartment needed to be freed from the grips of the notorious bugs.

    You step out of his arms and let him take the broomstick. “Alright, I've dealt with people crazier than this.” he murmurs to himself.

    And earns a glare from you.

    “Could you please kill them off?” you beg before flinching again as he murders a crawlie in one go.

    “The price?’ he jokes, imitating one of your iconic broom gestures without fail.

    “Anything, trust me. Anything!”

    You didn’t know how long it took, but the war was something worth watching. You didn’t know if it was his smooth utilisation of his athletic abilities or how he held the broom, it was fun. And very quick. The leader of doom, the big itsy bitsy had been discarded already- and you could finally breathe in peace.

    “So?” you hear him laugh as he cleans up the mess you had caused.

    “The army has been defeated.” You happily state- eyeing his movements closely from the couch.

    The pretty boy throws his head back, and you feel the sound of his laughs cause a shift in your stomach. He was cute. And brave.

    He walks over to where you were sitting. And the next thing you know is the spot next to you dipping as he sat down, huffing a little. He smiles, and you could swear the whole room lit up.

    “That-” you start, smiling like an idiot. “Was impressive. Thank you.”

    The silver haired boy grins. “Sure, couldn’t see a pretty girl like that.”

    Your heart does a backflip inside your chest. Not only was he an insect killer extraordinaire, but a charmer as well. And it had hardly been Minutes? Hours? You didn't know- but he already felt like an irreplaceable part of your life. His laughs, his presence itself was like a summer breeze, soothing and refreshing. You take a moment to study his profile, his long eyelashes, how his lip is curved upwards into an adorable smile.

    “W-welcome-” you stutter, your train of thoughts now crashing against the junctions.

    Sugawara lets out a sigh, still smiling. “Are you happy?”

    You stutter out a small yes and Suga wanted to clutch at his heart for the sheer amount of cuteness.

    “But I'm not.'' he closes his eyes, leaning back against the couch for comfort. Your head shoots up in his direction- mind running a thousand miles per hour.

    You had met one beautiful boy after you didn’t even know how long-- and even offended him in one go.

    But thankfully, Koushi’s words refrained you from ripping off your own hair.

    “Someone promised me they’d do anything if their house was free from the grip of what we know as the creepy crawlies.”

    You gasp at that. So it was about the payback all along. A sigh you didn’t even know you were holding in escapes your mouth and you break into a wide smile.

    “So what do you want, Mr. refreshing?” Your nickname takes him by surprise. But it isn;t too long until he too, cracks into a toothy grin.

    He draws closer, his breath fanning your face again. You wrinkle your eyes in confusion, resulting in his smile to widen more. Suga shakes his head in amusement at that, taking your phone that lay on the table and pressing his number.

    “Movie night?” he smiles, eyes glued to the screen. “We can set a date.”

    You flush a little more, “A d-date?”

    “You don’t think I go all the way killing tarantulas and crawlies for everyone?”

    “Y-you don’t?”

    Sugawara bursts into laughter, and you do too. Although you were never the biggest fan of changes, you didn’t feel as reluctant or scared anymore. Not when you had him.

    Smiling, you take your phone from his hand- your hand brushing against his in the process. He returns the gesture in tenfold- you couldn't wait for the future to unfold.

    © slightlysugawara 2021. all rights reserved.

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  • laudthingcat
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Welcome to the party! Hope you didn't forget your costume and, oh, how I can't wait to meet your partner!

    I know it's still September but it's never too early to get ready for the spooky season 👻. I meant to hold a collab for a while now and what better occasion than this lovely celebration~

    Send me an ask or dm with the character you choose and a slight description of your idea to join.


    You can write for any character from JJK, BNHA, AoT, TokRev, HQ, and KNY.

    As the theme suggests, you must write something that gives at least the slightest idea of Halloween, be it a party, simply showing your costume to someone special in the bedroom, or anything that could possibly come into your mind (monster characters are welcome as well!).

    You can choose the same character somebody chose before you, but not the same scenario/au.

    You can write for more than one characters, but in different posts.

    Both SFW and NSFW works are welcome!

    But if you want to participate with a NSFW piece, you have to be 18+ and having your age in your bio is a must.

    In the 18+ works, each character must be of age! (Be it aged up or already adult)

    Dark content is welcome and encouraged, but it must be tagged properly.

    Minimum word count is 300 words.

    You can write headcanons, drabbles or full length fics!

    You can also participate with art!

    Do not use small text to write your work since it may be difficult for some people to read it (Especially if it is long).

    Minors, do not interact with the 18+ content!!

    When you are done, tag me in the post so I can read and add it to the collab masterlist, and add " #halloween party collab " in the tags!

    The deadline is 31st of October (but if you need more time, it can be adjusted.)



    - to be added


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    - to be added

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  • yniswaifu
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    1. Aran

    The match between black jackals and schweiden adlers was about to start. You see the two teams, a cluster of black and white jerseys on the opposites, and play with the ID card hanging around your neck. The stadium was starting to fill out, but it's okay. You were near the vip section since you weren't there as a spectator, rather working for one of the sponsors. Being in the public relations department sure helped in getting the best spots, as you could see the entire court from where you stood. Also, there were lesser people around, something you were grateful for.

    The announcers began their announcement, and Hinata's name came up in the beginning. He was doing his debut with this game, and you smiled to yourself. He deserved to be in such a great team. Your eyes then sweep from player to player in both the teams, before landing on ushijima.

    Hot dang.

    Not gonna lie, he was attractive. His tall figure flexed when he did warm ups, making the jersey tightened around the biceps. You blinked, eyes zeroing on them. Yep, they fine.

    But that wasn't why you were his fan. At least that's what you always tell yourself that you totally liked him for his skills. Unfortunately, the truth couldn't be hidden from the voice beside you as it suddenly stated, "not gonna lie, he got a good physique."

    The tone was a playful one, but it still didn't make you any less embarrassed. Specially when it came from an equally attractive man who is also selected to lead the Japan's volleyball team in the olympics.

    "m-mr Aran." you stutter in his presence. He had shades on, maybe trying to escape the paparazzi's eyes and his face was neutral.


    Aran smiled at you, feeling a bit flustered himself. He isn't the teasing type, and he would definitely not tease someone he met for the first time.

    "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you." he says, palms up in surrender.

    You laugh nervously, turning back to the match. The first whistle blows, and the game begins.

    "are you supporting the adlers?" he asks after minutes of silence.

    You shake your head, focused on the game. "no. I'm with msby."

    Aran's eyebrows furrow in amusement. He wanted to ask you something, and you knew what. It would seem like you're supporting the adlers because of ushijima, but in fact you weren't.

    So before he could ask you further, you decided to clear the misconception. "sure, I like ushijima. He's a great player. But I've worked for the other team, and I know how much they rock. Moreover it's Hinata's first game with them. They have to win."

    Again, Aran is a little surprised. You seemed into the match, your body moving on reflex with the flow of the game. Your little whispers of encouragement for the black clad team was...cute.

    Then he notices the card hanging around your neck. It was only for the official members, like volunteers or sponsors. So he wondered which part did you belong to. Moreover the place where you both stood – wasn't allowed to the public. It was for players and the management team.

    "are you a volunteer?" Aran took up the courage to ask you.

    You glanced at him, before smiling. "no. I'm part of the PR team for one of the sponsors of the tournament. So I have a pass to be here."

    He nods at your words, and a sudden roar around the stadium takes both his and your attention to the super spike ushijima just pulled.

    "your crush scored against the team you're rooting for. How do you feel?" he asks you, smirking at the flustered expression on your face.

    You laugh a little, shaking your head. "he's not my crush. He's just a player I really admire."

    "right...that's why you were giving him googly eyes."

    You grow stiff at the words. First of all, you seriously felt anxious standing near Aran. He was not only a great player, but he's also very handsome and he doesn't have any reason to talk to you. Not that you minded, since you are used to interacting with popular players. But none of them have ever used such a...teasing tone with you before.

    And here he is, trying to be friendly with a no one like you (at least that's what you think).

    "you know." you suddenly say, your nervousness diminishing a little. "I was an intern in the MSBY black jackals PR team."

    Why did you say that? You wish you had the answer. Best guess is you don't want another word about ushijima and his muscles out of this man's mouth. And how you were staring at them.

    "oh? So that's why you're supporting them." Aran chimes in a thoughtful manner, eyes on the game. Atsumu had just served sakusa, and a sense of pride filled his chest looking at his junior.

    "yeah. That's part of it. Another part is because they are amazing at what they do. I've seen it first hand. Not that adlers are bad or anything..." you finish in a mumble. You certainly didn't want to seem biased.

    Aran gave out a laugh at your words, highly amused by now. You were awkward and nervous, that much was obvious, but it was funny to see you masking it. He didn't know why he came to stand beside you, he just saw a lone figure who probably didn't look like they cared for what's around them, and decided to stand there when he saw your zoned out expression. It looked funny. Following your line of vision, he sees ushijima warming up. You must have thought no one was around so you didn't bother hiding your expression, and Aran caught you. And he doesn't regret it one bit.

    "you were an intern. Which means you didn't have a lot of interaction with the boys huh?" he asks.

    "no, not really. I did talk to them a couple of times, when we had to promote the players. The most I've worked with is hinata, as he was new. So I'm familiar with him more than the others."

    "cool. You know Atsumu? He was my teammate in school as well." he states, smirking.

    You give him a tight smile. "yeah I know. Everyone knows."

    Aran's smile drops. Right. Atsumu was popular. Who also had a Wikipedia page for himself. So did Aran. Of course people will know.

    Clearing his throat, he doesn't say anything, but stares at you. You had a very simple aura about you. And he kinda dig that. You looked at the players taking a break before the second half of the game, which your team was leading, by the way. The only reason Aran had come was because Atsumu insisted he does. And because Osamu had his stall perched outside the stadium – something he had to check out. Seeing the twins grow up made him feel like a mother watching her children grow up.

    Aran suddenly had the urge to ask for your number. But he wasn't sure. You didn't seem the type to share contacts just because the other person is popular or attractive. Moreover he had been getting this feeling that you didn't want to talk to him. And even if not a lot of words were shared between you two – he quite enjoyed this conversation. Too bad you didn't feel the same. According to him.

    But oh whatever. You won't know unless you try eh? YOLO.

    That's what Aran thought when he decided to ask you. "what's your name? I'm sorry I didn't ask earlier."

    You turn to him, eyes widening. Did the Aran ojiro ask your freaking name?

    Butterflies, calm down. It's not the time.

    "y/n." you say, trying to be as calm as possible.

    "y/n." he repeats, your name rolling off like Hershey chocolate syrup from his tongue. Wait what?

    "it's a pretty name." he smiles.

    It took everything in you to not jump in excitement. Is Aran flirting with you? You don't know whether you should panic or fangirl. It's almost like, fight or flight.

    "thanks." you reply, tucking your hair behind the ear. Aran is still smiling, his eyes creasing into crescent moons.

    Silence. Awkward silence.

    You don't know what else to say. No one prepared you for this type of situation. And the same could be said for the man in front of you. No one told him he is meeting a potential soulmate today.

    Breaking the tension first, you check your watch and tell Aran, "uh, I gotta go. The match is coming to an end, and I have to get ready for the press conference."

    Aran almost, almost frowns in disappointment. "don't you want to see who wins?" truthfully, he didn't want you to go just yet.

    At that you couldn't help but giggle. Are you sure it's the same guy who is the ace for his team and who is going to lead Japan's team?

    "mr Aran, I'll know anyway. It's going to be announced throughout the stadium. And in the conference." you say, turning to the score board. "moreover, msby is leading. They are gonna win this." you finish, determination in your voice.

    With the conviction you said those words, Aran wished he could get them for himself personally. He wished you could only cheer for him. Because if you did, there's no way he'd even think of losing.

    "right. My bad. See you around?" he says, hoping for a positive response.

    You thought about it for a moment. Is this right? You are no fool, you completely understand what's going on here. The question is, why.

    Aran seemed to notice your hesitation. "it's okay, if you don't want to. No pressure." he says, giving you a smile that didn't really look like a smile.

    Way to go y/n, you heartbreaker.

    You suddenly had an idea. Quickly taking out your phone, you opened your instagram and shot a text to Aran. "that should do..." you whisper.

    Aran looks at you confused. What were you doing?

    Smiling, you wave him a goodbye and run off towards the direction of a group of media people.

    What just happened?

    Aran blinks at your retreating figure when his phone buzzes. It was Osamu. He smiles, and then his eyes go towards the notification. Someone had texted him on instagram. And that someone was you.

    "hey. Let's talk!"

    He stares at your text for a good minute before bursting out laughing. A couple of people looked at him laughing at something on his phone, but he didn't care. The text gave such a dorky vibe he couldn't help it.

    He sent you a laughing emoji, and shoved his phone back into his pocket before walking away, the smile not leaving his face.

    Maybe he did meet his soulmate already.


    It has been exactly four months since you and Aran started talking on Instagram. Yet, Aran hasn't asked for your number. He just didn't get the courage to. He is almost convinced it was love at first sight with you, because since the day he saw you and spoke to you, till now, when he's laughing at the memes you had spammed him with, his head hasn't been felt this light. Even Atsumu had commented during their practice for the olympics, that he was seeing sparkles around him. Of course, that got the setter a smack on the head, but Aran knew it was because of you.

    What was he supposed to do. He was falling for you, and he was falling hard.

    Looking at the conversation y'all shared one last time, Aran decide enough is enough. He was going to ask for your number.

    His fingers hovered over the keyboard, hesitation settling faster than it can be allowed. But will you give him your number? Talking on social media is different, and talking through your personal number is different. It was more...intimate.

    Sighing, he throws his phone on the bed, taking his head in his hands. The game was in a few days, and he had to do something about you because you're all he's thinking about.

    Suddenly his phone rings and he looks at the caller. Aran has never looked so done than he's doing now.

    "what is it?" he answers the call.

    "is this how you greet your favourite twin?" Atsumu replies from the other side in mock offended tone.

    "I'm not coming to the bar, if that's the reason why you called."

    "h-how did you know?" Atsumu asks, almost yelling in the phone.

    "because that's like, the only reason you'd call me at this time?"


    "fair enough" the blonde states after a minute of silence.

    Just then Aran had a thought. It wouldn't hurt to ask right?

    "remember a couple of months back, say, earlier this year, someone had interned for your team." Aran says.

    "hmm? A lot of people interned Aran san, who are you talking about?" Atsumu asks, confused.

    Aran gave him your name, running down a brief description of how you look, and added the fact that you had spoken to hinata because he was new as well.

    "hmm...y/n...I think I remember her." Atsumu says.

    Aran's eyes lit up. "so d–"

    "are you interested in her?" came the question from the other line.


    Regret fills Aran not a second after that question. He never considered the fact that he was asking the last person he should ask, specially for a girl's number. This ain't gonna end well.

    "...yeah." he answers, a defeated sigh escaping his lips.

    Another minute of silence. Cue the dramatic reaction in 3...2...


    It was so loud that Atsumu's voice echoed even when Aran had literally walked away from the phone after setting it down on the bedside table. Why isn't he surprised?

    There were some more loud incoherent response, that he didn't bother listening to. He ultimately picked up the phone when a series of 'hellos' flooded through the phone.

    "yeah, I'm here." he says, cutting the question off.

    "gosh, seriously? How? Why? When? WHAT!?" Atsumu asks, flooding the call with questions again.

    Pinching the bridge of his nose, Aran narrates the incident briefly. Atsumu screams again.

    "I can't believe you found a girl for yourself! That too someone I know!"

    Aran smiles as your picture comes to his mind. "yeah. I can't believe it myself."

    "so when are you asking her out?"

    The smile dropped. "I don't have her number." he mumbled.

    "say what?"

    "I...don't have her number. I was meaning to ask you if you have it or not." he says, this time more clearly.

    "you...why don't you have her number again?" Atsumu asks, perplexed.

    "because I felt she'd stop talking to me. She isn't exactly the most open person around."

    "hmm. That's kinda true, I'll admit." the Miya says, "even when she was an intern here, she mostly stuck to herself and her work. But she was friendly."

    Aran nods to no one in particular. "so? Do you have it?"

    "I gotta check. Like you said, she was closer to hinata. If I don't have it then he might have it." Atsumu says before continuing. "wait a minute. What do I get from this?"

    Aran's eyebrow raises in confusion. "an awesome sister-in-law?" he states like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

    Atsumu laughs. "very nice. But I'm serious."

    "I'm serious too." Aran says in heartbeat. Did Atsumu think he wasn't serious about you? Rude.

    "woah. Okay. But if I get the number, you gotta come to the bar with me." the voice from the other side says.


    He could at least do this if he gets your number right?

    Atsumu cuts the call with a cheer. A few minutes in, Aran's phone pings, and there it was – your number.

    I didn't have it. Got it from shoyo. Atsumu wrote.

    Thanks man.

    You better be there. I'll be waiting.


    Feeling giddy, Aran saves the number and sends out a silent prayer that you haven't changed the number.

    hey. Is this y/n? Aran texts you, legs bouncing as he sits on his bed.

    A second later. who is this?


    Suddenly the phone rings. Panic sets in Aran. He didn't expect you to call.

    Picking up the phone, he kept silent, waiting for you to speak.

    "how did you get my number?" was the first thing you said.

    "I asked Atsumu. Who asked Hinata."

    You made a noise, kinda like in disbelief. Then you start laughing. "why didn't you ask me?"

    Aran looked guilty. "I...didn't think you would give me your number."

    "ah..." you trail off. You couldn't deny it. You were a skeptical person. "I didn't think Hinata would still have my number though..."

    "maybe he still thinks you're his friend."

    Friend? Sure, Hinata was a friendly person. But being 'friends' with the staff wasn't exactly ideal for players.

    "maybe." you say softly.

    "ah, I wanted to ask you something." Aran says, after a minute of silence.

    Your heart picks up. Was he going to drop the L-bomb? You couldn't deny the affection brewing in you, specially after talking to him for a couple of months now, and knowing how sweet he is.

    "w-what did you want to ask?" you ask, stuttering a little.

    "will you be there on the day of the game?"

    You had the urge to roll your eyes and pass a snarky comment. If there was something that amused you like heck, it was this habit of Aran where he would ask the most obvious questions. Like meeting a someone in the movie theater and asking "whatchu doing here?"

    "yes. We are one of the sponsors." you answer, moving aside the urge. This sweet man doesn't deserve that sass.

    "oh great. So...will you meet me before the game? I gotta tell you something."

    Your eyes widen. Millions questions run in your mind and all point to one direction – something that you don't want to believe is true.

    "okay." you answer, your voice coming out a little strained.

    "really? Cool! I'll see you then. Goodnight." Aran beams before cutting the call.

    You blink at the black screen of your phone. Did he really call you for this? Men are so confusing.


    Aran was nervous. The room was brimming with men dressed in the red team uniform, and his eyes was floating between the teammates. It lingered a longer on ushijima, and he mind went back to the time when you had commented on ushijima's birthday post with lots of hearts. The jealousy he felt, sheesh.

    Then he turns to sakusa. According to you, he was the only one you never spoke to even once. He mostly kept to himself, but every fellow intern with you swooned over the mysterious man. He had grimaced at that. Did y/n too swooned? Guess we'll never know.

    Finally, his eyes land on Atsumu who was talking to bokuto. He was the only one who knew about you, and Aran worried that he will open his big mouth, but the blonde proved to be more faithful than that. But it still didn't stop him from hammering Aran with questions about you.

    Aran's eyes flickered to his phone every other minute, waiting for the text from you, saying you were here. You had told him you'll text him, so he was waiting for the go.

    "you have been staring at the phone since forever." a chirpy voice brings him out of the daydream.

    He turns to see Hinata, smiling up at him. "are you waiting for something?"

    Before Aran could answer, his phone pings and the screen turns on, displaying your name (that had multiple hearts beside it) and the text saying you were waiting for him outside in the corridor.

    Both he and Hinata stared at the phone, at your text. Suddenly the tangerine goes, "is y/n your girlfriend Aran san!?"

    And boy, was he loud.

    Every pair of eyes in the room turned to their flustered looking captain, who just stood there speechless. Atsumu, who was mirroring Aran, jumped to defend him.

    "h-hey now. Let's leave him alone. I'm sure it's nothing–"

    "ah, I see y/n standing there though. Hi y/n!"

    Atsumu turns to see bokuto and Hinata at the entrance, waving at someone. Too late.

    Slowly everyone poured out of the room, looking at the one who apparently stole their leader's heart.


    And you? Yeah, you are definitely representing a new born calf with your shaky legs. No matter how many people you have met through your job – a group of hunks, who are also national players mind you, and at least a head taller than you, staring at you like you're some sort of star, doesn't help.

    It looked like a herd of huskies looking at a small mouse.

    You wanted to run away.

    Hinata walks up to you, clapping your shoulder lightly. "long time no see y/n!" he greets you, smile wide.

    You give him a nervous smile. "hey shoyo kun..."

    "so you're dating Aran san?" bokuto pipes in from behind Hinata.

    Your eyes almost pop out of your sockets? What in the world...

    "no I'm not." you say, firmly but politely.

    His eyebrows scrunched in a frown. "then why did he have hearts beside your name?" he murmurs to himself.

    You didn't quite catch that. So you ask, "pardon?"

    "nothing. It's nothing." you finally hear the voice of the person because of who you came all the way here. And even put in a little effort with the makeup.

    Aran walks up to you three with long strides, his expression almost panicky. He stands beside you and sighs. "guys. Please. Let her breathe."

    Both hinata and bokuto look at each other before exchanging a knowing smirk and step back a few steps. Something you were grateful for. It was getting too much.

    Aran smiled at you softly before introducing you to everyone. A series of 'hi' and 'hello' circled around in response. Hinata, bokuto and Atsumu knew who you were already. Atsumu even went beyond and did a dramatic bow before taking your hands in his and tried to place a kiss but Aran's loud clearing of throat and your panicked face stopped him.

    But nothing prepared you for ushijima's turn. He just stood in front of you, his eyes unblinking and his face without expression. You almost mistook him for an android, when he gives you a small smile. "hello."

    It was a polite smile, something people do out of curtsy but that didn't stop you from internally squealing because OH MY GOODNESS USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI JUST SMILED AT ME.

    Aran saw how your palms were in a fist. You were trying not to fangirl, he noticed. It made him a little sad to be honest. If only he would get the same reaction from you.

    "hello." you say, trying to focus. "all the best for the game. All of you."

    Everyone thanked you before they all went inside the room, leaving you alone with Aran. They could see how eager he was to be with you in some privacy.

    Aran turns to you and smiles again, but that quite didn't reach his eyes. You frowned at that.

    "are you nervous for the game?" you ask him.

    Aran shakes his head. "a little. But I know we'll be fine."

    "then what's got you looking so forlorn?"

    Aran chuckles at your choice of words. He knew you liked reading classics, and that's where you got most of your vocabulary from. "it's nothing. I'm happy to see you. Sorry for the chaos in the beginning." he points towards the door.

    You smile. "it's okay. I was a little surprised when I saw bokuto san and shoyo."


    Aran looked distracted. His hands were clasped together and he looked everywhere but you. You tilted your head, wondering what's gotten into him.

    "mr Aran, are you okay?" you ask, your voice carrying concern, something that felt like music to the man in front of you.

    He stares at you. You squirm a little under the intense gaze, and as much as you wanted to stare back and get lost in those eyes, you had to be sure this is going towards where you think it's going.

    Suddenly Aran steps closer, his chest hitting your chin. You look up at him and before you could understand what's happening, he cups your hands in his large hands and place a deep, but soft kiss on your lips.

    At that moment, your first instinct was to check whether there were other people in the area.

    His lips were soft. You always thought they were. They looked so soft that you had asked him what he used for his lips and actually went and bought the same chapstick. They were also thick, something you were a little envious of.

    But oh well, those same luscious lips are smooching the heck outta you.

    You grabbed his forearms that held your face delicately. Aran parted his lips more, and you bit on his bottom lip, earning a soft groan from him.

    As for Aran, yeah. You can say he was ready to drop on one knee and ask your hand for marriage. He was THAT crazy about you. And the kiss just took the cherry on the cake.

    Aran parted from you, both of your eyes in a daze, before he snapped back to reality. His eyes widened at your hooded eyes and parted lips. He tried to remove his hands from you but your grip on him stopped him.

    "you really need to check your surrounding before doing something like that." you state moments later. Your eyes looked more clear now, and you were staring at him with some unknown emotion.

    Aran gulped and looked around, finding the place empty except for the two of you.

    "I'm so sor–"

    "sorry doesn't cut it." you cut him off. You weren't even smiling. Are you mad at him?

    Aran doesn't know why he suddenly kissed you. He just wanted to. You looked beautiful. You are beautiful. And Aran wanted to kiss you.

    Suddenly your face breaks into a small smile. "I don't need your apology. I want you to ask me out so I can say yes."

    He just looks at you, stunned. So...his feelings are reciprocated?

    Aran wanted nothing more than to just hug you and jump around in joy. Even shout out his love for you. But if he did that it will cause trouble. So he's gonna reserve that for when the two of you are alone.

    Placing his forehead on yours, he asks in a whisper. "will you be mine y/n? I'll treat you like a queen."

    "only if you get me a selfie with ushijima and his autograph."

    Aran laughs, his head too high in the clouds to even feel jealous. He knows you don't mean it. He knows you are his. And he is yours.

    "but it's you I'll be cheering the most for. Get em' captain." you finish the sentence.

    Aran nods, your foreheads still against each other. He wanted to cry. But no, not yet. He's going to win this game for you. And hug you in front of everyone. And then cry in your arms. And then–

    "you should go inside. It's almost time." your voice snaps him back from the fantasy.

    He looks at you, now standing a little apart from him. Your hands were beside you, and you were giving him the googly eyes now.

    Taking your hands in his, he kisses your knuckles. "I love you." he says, and walks off, leaving you a hot mess.

    Well, this is interesting, you think, smiling in anticipation for what's to come.

    Best boy Aran deserves a good scenario too. And I hope it lives up to his expectations. 😬

    I got three more scenarios coming up for my three favourite boys – Osamu, Suna, and husband Kita. I'm not sure when I'll update it but it's coming soon. Stay tuned.

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  • shinomiis
    19.09.2021 - 3 hours ago


    pairing: nobleman! testuro kuroo x commoner! reader

    warnings/contains (+ background): kind of royal au? kuroo is the son to a nobleman so he’s not really a prince, you’re the child of a rich townsman. you’re not technically considered a noble, but your family does get treated like one.

    word count: 1694

    notes: for the loml, @hankuto <3 kuroo loves u but i love u more. loosely based off of taylor swift’s ‘enchanted’ and the disney classic ‘cinderella’

    “You must remember to always be poised, tilt your head and smile gracefully..”

    Your mother continues to talk your ear off, everything going in one ear and out the other.

    In all honesty, you really don’t remember why you agreed to attend this ball, everyone seems way too prideful and full of themselves. You grimace as you turn your head to look at an older men yelling at a maid, shaking your head in distaste, poor girl.

    At the sound of your mother huffing due to your turned head, you curtly reply to shut her up before she can continue for any longer, “I understand, mother.”

    She gives you a tight lipped smile, clearly irritated at your lack of obedience. Fanning her hands for no particular reason, “We’ll be leaving once the clock strikes half past eight.” She lowers her voice as she whispers to you, “Don’t embarrass us, dear,” before walking off to join your father.

    Watching her in disbelief you scoff to yourself, you embarrass them?

    As if.

    Too caught up thinking about the audacity of your mother, you almost miss the boy that situates himself right beside you.

    “In all my time attending these events, I have never once seen you here.” His voice is husky, accompanied with a smirk as he drinks through the wine glass, eyes trained on the couples elegantly swaying from side to side.

    You give him a once over, his attire seems to do him well. A securely fitted black suit with a red bow tie adorned with a rather thin gold chain and bracelet. Strangely enough, he looks oddly familiar, you ponder on the thought of seeing him before shoving it to the side.

    “Well, that would make sense as it is my first time being present at a ball.”

    He places the glass down, shifting on the balls of his feet as he decides to look at you, eyes narrowing as he breaks into a smirk — and then a chuckle. His pearly smile almost as captivating as his hazel-colored eyes. And his hair, god, his hair. It balances perfectly on his head with bangs on the side. On anyone else, you’d think the hairstyle was stupid. On him, however, the hairstyle was stupidly attractive.

    His physique easily makes him the most admirable man in the room, that, you’re sure of.

    His head leans slightly to align with yours, bending at the back to speak lowly, “First time attendee, huh?”

    Unable to form words, you bite your tongue as you nod gently, the only thing you’re able to give him.

    He lays his palm outwards towards you with amusement glinting in his eyes, “Would you allow me the honor of showing you around, then?”

    Just as you’re about to accept his offer, someone clears their throat from beside you.

    Awkwardly turning your heads to the side, you’re met with someone much shorter than the boy in front of you. His hair seems to be bleached, his roots showing a much darker, natural color. His eyes look bored and his hands are clasped in front of him. Heat rushes to your cheeks at the thought of anyone seeing the interaction you shared just a moment ago.

    “Sir Kuroo, your father is expecting you.”

    Your eyes widen in disbelief, no wonder he looked so familiar. His father was hosting the ball and he was kind enough to invite your family. His son, Testuro, had everyone from across the land swooning over him, it’s his quick wit and charming behavior that he has to thank for that. And here he was, just a moment ago, asking if he could show you around.

    “C’mon, Kozume.” Testuro walks to pat the other boy on the back with a teasing grin, “Let up for a while.”

    The latter frowns, swatting Testuro’s hand off of him, “Do not call me that,” His eyes shift from you to Testuro, “I shall let him know that you’re busy.”

    He walks off and Testuro sighs, “So?” His feet shuffle towards you as he takes his previous stance, lips curling into a beautiful smile, “How about that offer?”

    Reluctantly placing your hand in his, you give him a gentle smile and Testuro’s heart leaps. His smile turns downwards for a moment, caught off guard by your smile bewitching his heart, he almost wants to revoke his offer. He wants to ask if you’d dance with him instead, he wants to hold you close, but for now, he supposes he can take it a bit slower.

    He leads you out of the main room, hand still placed in his with eyes from the guests suspiciously eyeing the both of you. Out of worry, you try to remove your hand from its position, too afraid that your parents might be watching. Testuro looks over to you with a smirk, squeezing your hand before holding it up to give it a tender kiss and then placing it back down.

    “What was that for?” You try to soothe your beating heart by playing it cool, hoping, praying Testuro doesn’t sense the shaking of your hands.

    “For the wandering eyes, my dear.”

    Your nose crinkles as you cringe at the name, he chuckles at himself, “Was that too much?”

    Your head instinctively goes to rest on his forearm, “Very.”

    Testuro almost stops in his tracks, “I know a place,” you look at him with curious eyes, expecting a more clear response but all you get is a head tilt in the opposite direction, “This way.”

    You almost yelp with the sudden force Testuro uses as he drags you towards two locked doors.

    “What is this..?”

    Testuro walks off a bit further, pulling something out of his pocket before pushing the doors open, “You’ll see.”

    Once the doors are fully opened, Testuro turns around to view your reaction. Your mouth is agape, eyes looking from left to right and left again.

    The area seems bigger than the ball room. There’s a large swing sitting in the middle of the room, the ceilings all have gold outlining it and from right in front of you sits a hundred paintings. All the most beautiful pieces of artwork you could imagine. They range from a pair of lover’s hands, to a waterfall, but the one that catches your eye is by far the most stunning artwork you have ever seen. It’s a rather simple piece, but the intricate detail is what draws your eyes to it. A painting of the Yellow House, just on the Place Lamartine.

    “That one is my favorite too,” Testuro’s voice almost makes you yelp in surprise, he has his hands placed behind his back but his chest is centimeters away from touching your back.

    Your turn your head to look at him, from your angle, you can see his sharp jawline, you notice that his eyelashes are longer than they appear, and his hair is so much softer up close. Before you catch yourself ogling him, Testuro is quick to turn his head and give you a quick wink with a mischievous smile.

    Cheeks flaming in embarrassment, you clear your throat.

    You take a few steps from him for safe measure, “So, what is this place?”

    Testuro frowns at your distance, slyly encircling you as you almost hit your bottom on the swing.

    “This is where I used to hide when the world expected too much from me.” His colored eyes seems to be continuing the story, images of his parents failed relationship, his childhood trauma, all flashing in his mind.

    Your heart drops with sorrow, reaching out to take hold of his fingers tenderly.

    Testuro looks down at your smaller hand securely holding onto his fingers, he smiles to himself.

    “Let’s go on the swing.” Your voice is kind and genuine. Testuro knows it would be silly for him to say he’s fallen in love for you already, but he cannot deny his attraction towards your nature. Your looks are a plus, he’ll admit, but he has never once met someone with so much grace and morality.

    He lets you guide him onto the swing, taking a seat next to you. He scoots over just a bit, with thighs touching, the swing sets forth, rocking the both of you as you gaze in amazement at the view from in front of you.

    “This really is beautiful,” You murmur with a certain glint in your eyes, Testuro looks over at you, fondness clear in his orbs as he agrees.

    He moves over, the atmosphere far more intimate than before, at the sound of shuffling, you turn your head.

    He inches his head closer to yours, closing his eyes in the process, eyelashes fluttering as his lips race to collide with yours, hands anticipating to touch your waist, to hold you near him. He wants to feel your heart on his, the entwinement of two conjoined halves.

    Just as your bottom lip grazes his, the clock chimes: 8:30 PM.

    You’re late.

    Eyes widening in both disappointment and anxiety, you shuffle and stand abruptly, almost bumping heads with the disheartened boy who now stands with hurt in his eyes.

    You turn to look at the door, the sound of feet walking reminding you of your very impatient family, “I have to go, I —“ Turning to look at him once more, you place a palm on his cheek. Testuro, almost as by instinct, leans into your touch, “I was enchanted to meet you, Sir Kuroo.” And as soon as the warmth was welcomed, you remove your hand. Suddenly fast on your feet as you turn to look at him momentarily, “It truly was an honor!” You yell from across the room, expecting Testuro will hear the sincerity in your voice.

    At the speed that you’re running off to reach the exits, you hadn’t noticed your ring slipping off your finger and onto the polished footing.

    He smiles at the ring that had fallen off your finger, your name seems to be engraved on the inside. He places it into his pocket, tapping it almost protectively. Now he has a name for the beautiful commoner and a reason to see you again.

    #I KNOW I SAID ROYAL AU #BUT THIS KIND OF COUNTS ?? LIKE MIDEVIL TIME #OK ANYWAYS I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS #I AM NOT VERY CONFIDENT WITH MY KUROO SO I AM LOGGING OUT WILL BE BACK LATER #ILY HANNAH SO MUCH MUAH MUAH I HOPE U LIKE THIS NOTICE THE PAINTING?? HEHE THATS WHY I ASKED #athenas works #kuroo x reader #hq x reader #kuroo testuro #kuroo x you #kuroo x yn #testuro kuroo x reader #testuro kuroo x you #haikyuu!! #haikyuu fics#haikyuu imagine#hq kuroo#kuroo fluff#kuroo fics#kuroo imagine#hq fluff#hq fics #hq x you #hq x yn #kuroo testuro x you #kuroo testuro x yn #haikyuu!! kuroo #haikyuu kuroo#haikyuu fluff
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  • nejibaby
    19.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    6 Months and 7 Days

    Pairing: Oikawa Toru x Reader

    Description: Oikawa Toru is crazy… for you.

    Song reference/inspiration: 6 months by John K

    Word Count: 0.7k

    A/N: i have died and resurrected this week and i have zero brain cells left.

    You jolt in surprise upon hearing your front door open abruptly. You take a quick glance at the clock, noting that it’s way too early for your partner to even be home, and yet here he is.

    You’re just about to walk up to him to greet him when Oikawa Toru suddenly tackles you in a hug. It knocks the wind out of you but you relax into his embrace nonetheless.

    “Thank god you’re here!” He exclaims, still holding you close to him.

    You furrow your brows and tell him, “Of course I’m gonna be here, dumbass. We live together!”

    “Well I wasn’t so sure where you usually go or what you’re up to at times like this,” he mumbles, nuzzling your hair.

    A small smile creeps into your face from the affectionate act. And unconsciously, your hand makes its way to his hair to play with it. “I literally update you every time I do something though.”

    “You didn’t this time.”

    “That’s because I wasn’t doing anything.”

    Toru huffs but he doesn’t say anything more. Silence overcomes the atmosphere then. But while you don’t mind standing in the middle of the living room as you hug your partner, something feels a little bit off.

    “Did something happen today, babe?” You ask, trying to pull away (to no avail).

    His response comes quickly, but it isn’t exactly what you’re expecting. “It feels like it’s been six months.”


    “Sorry, what?”

    “No,” he shakes his head, as if he’s correcting himself. “It feels like it’s been six months and seven days.”

    “That’s oddly specific. But I don’t exactly understand what you’re talking about.”

    Oikawa Toru slowly pulls away from you to look you in the eyes. “It feels that long since I last saw you!” He dramatically claims.

    At this point, you swear the way you rolled your eyes at his antics is a reflex already.

    “You’re crazy, Toru. We literally slept on the same bed last night…”

    Your words seem to fade in the background as Oikawa Toru looks into your eyes. You’re looking at him fondly while you’re saying your piece. And if he’s being honest, it makes his heart swell.

    His eyes travel down your form and he only notices now that you’ve been wearing his shirt.

    You stop talking mid-sentence when you see a small pout appear on his face, concern immediately filling you up. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

    His pout deepens. And for a few seconds he remains silent.

    You grab ahold of his hands and squeeze them firmly. This is enough to break the trance Toru is in.

    “You’re wearing my shirt.”

    Your grip on his hand falters and you feel your stomach drop.

    Did he not like it when you wear his shirts? Did you overstep some kind of boundary? Was seeing you in his shirt really that saddening?

    You suppose it’s a logical thing though, some people dislike it when someone makes use of their possessions without permission. But it’s just that this is Toru, your sweet, annoying, but loving boyfriend. You would’ve never imagined he’d get upset over a shirt.

    Suddenly you don’t feel so good anymore.

    “Ah, I’m sorry Toru. I’ll go get changed,” you mumble, trying to hide the disappointment in your voice.

    Toru picks up on it though. He quickly grabs your wrist and spins you around so that you’re facing him. “Hey, no, sorry, love. Whatever you’re thinking, it's not what I meant.”

    “What do you mean then?”

    “It’s just that… I’ve been thinking about you all day. And I know, I know we get to see each other everyday, hold each other when we sleep. But god— I don’t know— I miss you so badly when you’re not around. It’s dumb, but I’m getting jealous of my own t-shirt and the way it holds you. I just wish that I could hold you all day.”

    You stand there frozen. And warm. Oh, so warm. Because he is your partner, Oikawa Toru, being dumb and romantic. And clingy. So, so, so clingy. And yet you wouldn’t want things to go any other way.

    “You really are crazy, babe,” you tell him.

    “Yeah,” he beams upon seeing you smiling. “Crazy for you.”

    #oikawa toru #oikawa toru x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu scenarios#haikyuu fluff #toru x reader #oikawa toru imagine #oikawa x reader #oikawa fluff#haikyuu#hq#haikyu#hq fluff #hq x reader #hq scenarios#hq imagines #oikawa x you #oikawa toru fluff
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    #haikyuu smut #haikyuu x reader #hq smut #hq x reader #atsumu x reader #atsumu smut #atsumu x y/n #hq atsumu#miya atsumu #atsumu x female reader #atsumu x you #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x y/n #hq x y/n #hq x you #hq x self insert #haikyuu x self insert #haikyuu x me #haikyuu x imagines #🕯fox thirsts
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  • erina12-january
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    Daichi, Kuroo, Bokuto, Oikawa and Ushijima when their S/O in period

    Daichi Sawamura

    You cannot Change my mind, he is not only a captain in Karasuno but he is also a daddy  *Le author got slapped*

    This man already remember your period schedule, he would give anything you need instantly.

    He won’t be embarrassed when he goes to the closest store or mini market to buy you a pad. He even already stocked up in his bathroom! 🤯🤯🤯

    He will give you the best back massage when you are in your period to ease your cramps.

    This man also stocks chocolates in his fridge in case you got bad mood and hungry as hell.

    This beef boi also gives the best cuddles as he wrapped his beefy arms around you and keeps you warm from the cold, especially if it’s cold in your room. You’re going to be enveloped in blanket as he cuddled you.

    However, if you eat too many chocolate bars or any sweets. He would check over your health and would stop you by changing it into healthier food 😡😡.

    But don’t worry, your daddy would check his own temperament if you become a crying mess. He won’t raise his voice at all even if you piss him off.

    Please marry me dadchi

    You are so lucky if you are dating him 😍😍😍.







    Kuroo Tentsurou

    Another daddy that I would say thank you if he becomes my master. Sorry…i’m such a simp. 

    This bedhead man going to pull you to beside him and let you watch Netflix and chill when you’re in your roller coaster emotion. 

    He would also give the best massage on your back when you’re in pain….but please don’t trust him at all. His hands would wonder around and then doing something, and you could imagine the rest. 

    He will make hot baths for you before you could. This is his another sweet gestures when you are in your period.  He stocked some bath bombs so you could relaxed when taking a warm bath. French Vanilla? He has it. Strawberry? In the cupboard. Other? Yep, in the cabinets.

    He is also not embarrassed when you need him to buy some pads or tampons in store, even if the cashier looks at him weird. 

    Even if he is a dork and hangs out with Bokuto almost every day, he’s not completely clueless. He has a sister and he takes care Kenma a lot. This, he knows how to take care of you.

    This does also stocks lots of painkillers if you had a stomach ache because of the period.







    Bokuto Kōtarō

    Anyone, please help this poor baby owl. He is so cute but also clueless, especially when his S/O in period. 

    You cannot tell me that he won’t bother Akaashi because of how clueless he is. On the call. he would say “AGGHAASHI!! MY BABY OWL ARE IN PAIN!! HOW DO I HELP THEM?!”

    He also wouldn’t be embarrassed that he goes to the nearest store to buy you some pads with Akaashi’s help and all things that you need when you are in pain. 

    Bokuto also spoils you a lot when you are in your period by overbuying you lots of snacks, it could be savory snacks or sweets. 

    This cute little baby owl also would try to make some foods for you when you are in your period, but some of them are ended up either not good or burnt into a charcoal (But you still ate it since you don’t want to hurt his feeling). 

    Even if you ended up sick, this giant baby owl still gonna takes care of you. He would also cuddle you when you are cold, just to warm you up when you are cold. 

    Please cuddle me Bokuto, I wanna feel your muscles....you’re just so beefy.

    Oikawa Tooru

    Oikawa is in here:

    Shirabu, Atsumu, Oikawa, and Semi when their S/O in period







    Ushijima Wakatoshi

    Another clueless beefy man who doesn't understand when his S/O are in her time period. He really does need help, just like Bokuto needs Akaashi's help.

    He would actually feel bad when his S/O are in pain because of the cramps but he doesn't know how to take care of his s/o because he doesn't have a sister.

    The big boy actually asked Tendou's help how to take care of you when you're in pain because of the period, he really tried his best. He even asked Tendou a lot.

    Even if he doesn't show it, it was as clear as Crystal that he feels bad for not knowing how to take care of you. He would ask a lot of questions to his S/O of what he should do to help you when you're bleeding under there.

    Once he gets the hang of it, he actually made soup or warm comforting foods for you just to make you happy. He doesn't even feel embarrassed if he needs to feed you when you're not eating at all.

    You cannot tell me that he won't you'll you to his lap and then watch a volleyball matches together with you, even if you don't understand or don't like the show. Although, you don't have a heart to say that you don't like it.

    The boy also prepares a warm blanket to warm you up, he doesn't want you to be cold, he would also cuddle you while putting you on top of his lap and holding you in his harm while you are going to sleep.

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  • 04dummy
    19.09.2021 - 3 hours ago


    pairing bokuto x reader
    timestamp 11:34
    notes i think the second hope might be a lil suggestive. i’m not sure, i hope it’s not but just a warning <3 this song and a bunch of other taylor songs have been Haunting me plus it’s bokuto’s birthday so here 😚💘 also i had to give it a somewhat happy ending or else i would’ve been heartbroken 😭

    you hope he’ll remember you like this. standing in the flowy white dress he got you for your birthday the year before, a bittersweet smile on your glossy lips, and tears welling up in your eyes. you look towards the sky and blink repeatedly, refusing to cry in front of the man you love. you couldn’t and you knew that because if you did, he would drop all his plans and never follow his dreams the way he was destined to.

    you hope he remembers all the things you love when he comes back to visit.

    the sun begins to set and the two of you stare at, or just you are at least. you can feel bokuto staring straight at you from your peripheral and it feels as if your love story with him is even closer to the end. he sighs and drops his bags, moving to stand in front of you. his hands raising to cup your cheeks and when you meet eyes with him, his eyes look like they’re in the same state as yours.

    you hope he remembers the nights with his hands on your waist, your hands around his neck, giggles filling the room, tangled with each other.

    “i wish i didn’t have to leave. i wish you could come with me. i just- i don’t want to leave. i wish there was another way around this.” bokuto chuckles and it’s watery. you shut your eyes, trying not to lose your strength.

    and the last thing you hope he remembers; you hope he remembers all these memories and decides he can’t live without you. you hope he’ll come back for you, and it may sound pitiful, too wishful, but you don’t care. you hope that one day the two of you will be able to be with each other with nothing in your way, maybe it’s just the hopeless romantic in you.

    “promise. please-” you choke back a sob, he drops his forehead to rest on yours, “promise you’ll come back for me. promise you won’t forget about me.” the tears start to fall and when you open your eyes to look at him, tears had already been leaving his eyes.

    “this, it- it doesn’t have to be the end. i can call, i can visit during breaks, i don’t know but i’ll figure it out, because i… i don’t think- no. i can’t be without you.” this destroys your resolve and you break, falling into his arms and wrapping yours around his torso, strongly. “i love you so much. even if i tried to leave, my dreams wouldn’t let me forget about you. so, i promise. i could never not come back for you.”

    that’s all you had wanted, all you had needed, wished, and hoped for. even if he wanted to, his wildest dreams weren’t going to let him forget about you.

    you raise your head out of his chest, “i love you.”

    “i love you, too.”

    #✰ — my writing #♡ — anime #bokuto#bokuto koutaro #bokuto x reader #bokuto x black reader #bokuto imagine#bokuto imagines#bokuto fluff#bokuto angst#haikyuu #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x black reader #haikyuu imagine#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu fluff#haikyuu angst #haikyuu!! x reader #haikyuu!! x black reader #haikyuu!! imagine #haikyuu!! imagines #haikyuu!! fluff #haikyuu!! angst
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  • cloverque
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    on the day of onigiri miya’s grand opening, nobody came. perhaps it was the raging thunderstorm outside that deterred people from stepping onto the streets, but it was a depressing first day. it was just miya osamu and a demure granny at the register in the small restaurant most of the day, until a drenched lady in black and while tumbled into the resto.

    after a series of political events in your law firm, you fell out with your boss and resigned that day. you were in a drunken stupor when you stepped out of the bar, into the rain, and sought shelter in onigiri miya, albeit blindly. you collapsed onto the floorboards with your suit clinging to your flushed skin. osamu ended up carrying you upstairs to his bedroom (the building had a total of two floors) and nursed you back to health.

    your friendship grew with him from there– you thanked him by helping to advertise the place, began work at onigiri miya while firm hunting, represented him in court because of a lawsuit by his greedy landlord, met his twin and accidentally confessed to the wrong brother and more shenanigans a lawyer shouldn’t have been involved in.

    he sat on a fence for a while regarding his feelings but an arrange marriage by your parents woke osamu up. on the day your partner proposed, he butted in and ruined your partner’s day with his abrupt confession. luckily for osamu, you felt the same way.

    #haikyuu #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu imagines#haikyuu headcanons#miya osamu #osamu x you #osamu x reader #osamu x y/n #osamu imagines#haikyuu osamu#haikyuu fluff #maybe ill write an actual series for this #pls send an ask if u see this and support it tho #bcs 🤧🤧 i need validation as motivation sometimes lol
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  • moon-mars-ikemen
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  • duino
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    “WAITING FOR THE SAME TRAIN, PART TWO” Read Part One Here. Pairing: Atsumu x Fem!Reader

    Rating/Warnings: 18+ because I can’t promise it’ll stay wholesome for the whole series

    Word Count: 7.2k

    Summary: New girl, new city, new life. You’re just trying to get it together, build something real for yourself while you navigate the loneliness and heartbreak of leaving your small-town home behind. Then Atsumu walks into your life and the road diverges. How can it not? You both change something in the other. Whether it’s good or bad remains to be seen.

    Note: Not-quite-enemies to lovers. Slower burn; a simmer, if you will. Multi-chaptered (I wish I could tell you how many, but alas). FINALLY. AN UPDATE. I love you all and I'm sorry this took so long (life, life, life, etc.) _____________________________________________________________ Atsumu doesn’t consider himself a complicated man. He has his routines (usually tied to his training schedule and game calendar). He has the people that he loves (and love him in return, despite it all and because of it all). And he has his simple desire, the same desire he’s had for almost all his life: to play his sport and play it well. Wherever that desire leads him he follows, to his own detriments and successes. The detriments have usually –regretfully—been broken hearts.

    But he has always been honest about the sacrifices he has to make, to himself and to others.

    (He would never admit his secret, lonely nights). This is how it is, sometimes, when a passion has chosen you. Of all the things he’s been called in his life, distracted isn’t one of them.

    So it disturbs him that he’s distracted now.

    He fumbles his set, volleyball bouncing crooked off his fingers. It’s too far from the net, he knows this even before the ball leaves his hands, and Hinata has to shift his entire approach just to get it over to the other side. It grazes the top of the net, killing momentum. Sakusa, on the other side, doesn’t even bother diving for it, opting instead to give his teammate a look of faint concern. The ball bounces and rolls without ceremony. Atsumu scrubs a hand over his face, cursing.

    “Shit! Sorry, Hinata.”

    Hinata, with all his perpetual enthusiasm, slaps Atsumu on the back. “We’ll get the next one, Atsumu-san!”

    The best Atsumu can offer is a half-hearted smile. He can feel frustration and impatience start to needle him; he has always been a sore loser, bad at doing badly.

    Sakusa approaches them from the other side of the net, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his track shorts. “Maybe you should take a break,” he says. “This is the fifth set you’ve missed.” It’s said with care, but Atsumu bristles anyway. He’s been quicker to irritate lately, full of restless nights and strange dreams.

    “I don’t need a break,” he snips. Sakusa remains expressionless, save for the slightest raise of his brows. Him and Hinata share a look. Atsumu crosses his arms childishly. “I don’t!” He insists, and then winces at how pouty he sounds.

    Their captain, Meian, looks over from the benches where he had been wrapping his fingers. All he does is place a hand on his hip and Atsumu slouches, dragging his feet towards the edge of the court with a sigh. He pretends not to hear Sakusa huff with amusement from behind him as his teammates pick up their practice again.

    Meian hands Atsumu a water bottle when he reaches him. He takes it glumly.

    “Where’s your head at, Miya?” The captain asks, gesturing towards the bench for him to sit. Atsumu hesitates but Meian repeats his gesture, firmer this time. Gingerly, Atsumu slumps himself down.

    “Are you benchin’ me from practice?” He asks. Meian rolls his eyes and sits next to him, handing the blond a towel.

    “No, so don’t start getting dramatic on me.”

    “I wouldn’t—”

    Meian holds up a hand and Atsumu falls silent immediately. “I just want to know what’s been going on.”

    Atsumu shifts in his seat, trying to fight the feeling of childish defiance. It’s a bad habit of his, one that’s gotten him in trouble all his life. He’ll be damned if it means he loses play time now. “Nothin’.”

    “Atsumu,” Meian begins, letting out a careful breath. “You’ve been off the last three practices. Which is fine,” he says quickly, before Atsumu can argue. “We all know you’re a great player. Just…if you need a day or two to sort something out, better tell coach now rather than later. We’ve only got a couple practice matches left before prelims.”

    Atsumu hates feeling chastised. He runs a hand through his damp, clinging hair. “I know, I know.” He gives Meian a steady look. “I’ll double down. I’ll work harder.”

    “That’s not—” Meian breaks off with a breathy laugh. “Miya, that’s not what I’m saying.”

    Astumu clenches his teeth. The idea of missing even a day of practice seemed impossible. “I’ll come earlier, if I have to.”

    The other man frowns, regarding him. “You’ve been on edge, lately.” His voice is careful. “You know, sometimes the solution isn’t to push yourself more.”

    Atsumu doesn’t protest this, he knows he can’t argue here, but he does slouch in his seat. Meian gives him a look somewhere between kind and annoyed. It reminds him of his brother. “You really do have a one-track mind, don’t you?” Meian places a warm hand on his shoulder and squeezes. “Take care of yourself, Atsumu.”

    “I am." Atsumu feels like a teenager again, being told to put a coat on before hopping into the snow. He’s embarrassed and indignant all at once. “I’ve been joggin’ every mornin’, I’ve been stretchin’, been followin’ those fucking meal plans…” He trails off, seeing Meian shake his head slightly. The hand that’s still on his shoulder squeezes again.

    “I can’t believe I’m saying this,” the captain starts, taking a long drink from his bottle. “But Atsumu,” he levels his gaze, determined to make the blond understand. “It doesn’t all have to be for volleyball.”

    Atsumu blinks, stubborn. His leg starts bouncing, itching to get back on the court, to prove himself. “I don’t understand.”

    Meian smiles like he expected that and stands up, stretching his arms over his head. “You will,” he says, rolling his ankles and wrists, shaking his shoulders out. “And you’ll be better for it. Trust me.”


    Atsumu leaves the evening practice early, and in a sour mood. He had spent the rest of the time overthinking his every move, trying to be better, trying to focus harder. Meian’s words had bounced around in his head, they had affected him more than he cared to admit. All he had heard was “You’ve been fumbling these last three practices” and all of a sudden he needed to do more, more, more. It had worked against him.

    In the cool evening air, showered and changed, Atsumu realizes that maybe he does have a one-track mind. It had just never been a bad thing before, not with volleyball anyway.

    He remembers his last girlfriend, what she had said to him when she had been ending it. You don’t see anything outside of yourself and this game. She hadn’t said it to be cruel, she was not a cruel woman, but it had been honest. Which was worse, of course. It was years ago, Atsumu almost never thinks about her. But he does think about those words, whenever he’s mulling or feeling particularly piteous of himself.

    He’s thinking about those words now, and Meian’s words; different and the same. He’s not sure what he’s supposed to make of them.

    The walk home is long, but Atsumu needs it. Body tired, mind restless, he tries to direct his thoughts away from his poor performance in practice and towards something productive. Some new strategy, or play.

    It takes all of two minutes before, in his mind’s newfound pattern, he starts to think about you.

    Which is the problem, here.

    All those missteps, sloppy sets, wrong calls. He was distracted. You were distracting him, and he doesn’t even know why. He doesn’t know you, not really; he can’t read you for the life of him. Atsumu used to spend most of his time outside of practice thinking about the next practice, and now he’s spending his time in practice thinking about you. He’s almost annoyed at you for it. It has been like this since that first day. You, this near stranger. Him, this thrumming in his chest, this invisible energy that propels and attracts in equal measure.

    He wants to make you laugh, wants to make you scowl. He wants your playful anger, to see you flushed with it. He wants you to snap back at him, keep him alert, keep him on dangerous ground. He wants, he wants. For what? To what end? Atsumu doesn’t know. Perhaps he doesn’t have a one-track mind, after all.

    But this line of thinking is only going to make him more restless, bring more sleepless nights. He has to shake it. He can’t let flights of fancy distract him from his goal, his one goal. It did today, and it has been for the past few practices, and he’ll be damned if it means letting the rest of his team down during the upcoming matches. He picks up the pace of his step, determined, slinging his gym bag higher up his shoulder.

    And yet. Atsumu glances at the cracked screen of his phone for the time. Onigiri Miya is still open. He doesn’t know if you’re working or not, but he still has to eat, right? It’s his brother’s business, anyway. He’s been going there far longer than you’ve been working there. And it’s on his way home! It doesn’t have to have anything to do with you.

    Which is what he keeps telling himself, over and over again. He really does almost believe it.


    Atsumu hears your voice before he sees you: he doesn’t recognize your tone. To be fair, he doesn’t know you well enough to have a catalogue of all your subtleties. He knows when you’re biting, when you’re teasing, when you reluctantly smile…But he doesn’t know your softness and softly is how you’re speaking now. You’re on the phone, and he’s paused around the shadowed corner, just outside Onigiri Miya.

    “I just got off…Yeah…I—I feel the same, but...” You’re hushed and some words Atsumu can’t make out, though he cranes his ear to listen. He isn’t entirely sure why he’s lingering here. He should be giving you your privacy. It feels like a private conversation and It’s the decent thing to do. He wants to be decent.

    But this is a secret facet of you and Atsumu is curious despite himself. It’s a new kind of curiosity, one he’s not used to. He’s pursued women, wanted them, loved them, but he’s never felt…well…what does he feel?

    He doesn’t have the word for it, but laughter is always threatening at the edges of him, when he's with you. So, curious. He’s curious.

    “We talked about this already,” you murmur, and there’s tenseness, maybe anger. But then you sigh, listening to whoever it is on the other end, and it’s so mournful it makes him stiffen.

    “Tenchi,” you say –you whisper, you breathe. Everything he needs to know about the other person is in the way you say that name. It’s wistful, or remembering, or regretful. All three. It’s laden with history. It makes his hands grip awkwardly with the intimacy of it.

    A dull pang rings through him and Atsumu has to move. He shouldn’t be listening to this. He really shouldn’t be invested in you at all, loitering around the corner. This is your own internal world that he has no party to. Tenchi. The name is a bitterness and it shouldn’t be. He shouldn’t feel bitter about it. He should turn the corner, give you a brief nod, grab dinner, and then focus on not fucking up practice. He shoves his hands into his pockets and shoves the bitterness back down his throat.

    It’s the decent thing to do.

    So he pushes off the wall, ducking his head slightly, and turns.

    Your phone drops to the pavement as you collide into him. For a moment, it’s a mess of limbs and shaky footing as you try not to topple over. You instinctually grab onto the strap of his gym bag to steady yourself, which only pulls Atsumu towards you, making him stumble. His mind is quick though, and his legs balance themselves. He holds your shoulders, keeping you upright, huffing a surprised laugh.

    “Woah,” Atsumu says. His voice is low, amused. He regains his balance and then loses it all over again when you peer up at him with your blinking surprise. He swallows. His brows lift. “Careful.”

    You hand is still gripping the strap of his bag. He watches several emotions pass over your face –shock, apology, confusion. And then jumping realization that it’s his bag you’re holding onto. You retract your hand with a snap. “What are you—” you break off when you see your phone face down on the sidewalk, a couple feet away. “Oh, shit,” you sigh, “my phone.”

    Atsumu’s hands fall from your shoulders as you bend to pick it up. He can still feel the creases of your top pressed into the fate lines of his palm. He flexes his hand, dispelling the shape of you from them.

    You grab your phone with animated trepidation before glancing at the screen and smiling in relief. “See?” You say triumphantly, tilting it toward him. “This is why you get a nice case. No cracks.” You’re sardonic and teasing. There’s no trace of that delicate emotion from just moment before. Atsumu doesn’t know if he’s relieved or disappointed.

    He matches your tone carefully. “I think if you’d just watch where you’re goin’, you’d just never drop it.”

    You scoff, you smile, you fall into the playful petulance you always have with him. He thinks of the way you said that name. Tenchi. It could have belonged to a different woman altogether. “I need to watch where I’m going?”

    He crosses his arms and then you cross your own to mimic him. He snorts a laugh. “I’m not the one on my phone bein’ distracted.” Except he is. He is very much distracted. His gaze casts over your face and ruffled hair. There’s a strand over your eye that he imagines pushing back –the image of that is so sudden and gentle it jolts him. This is the opposite of what he’s supposed to be thinking about. Disconcerted, Atsumu looks way from you.

    You don’t notice, or if you do, you say nothing that would give it away. “Whatever, Miya,” he can hear the smirk in your voice. “Have a good night.” You start to move past him.

    “Hey,” he says, before he can stop himself, “that was almost polite.”

    You pause on the street, turning back to him. Your phone starts to ring in your hand, but you slip it into your pocket, ignoring it. He grins when you speak. “You must be wearing me down.”

    He laughs. “Finally,” he says, with feeling. And then, unable to help himself, he blurts out, “Am I really?” Which is stupid and just inviting a snarky remark. He doesn’t know why he said it.

    And you’re about to say no, he can see it all over your face. You want to be flippant, brush him off. It seems to be nature to run these circles with him. But you don’t. You surprise him. Your phone starts ringing again and you reach to click it on silent. Half in shadows, your eyes are dark as a moonless night. “We’ll see,” you say lightly, turning again. You zip your jacket up against the cold and throw a wave over your shoulders.

    Atsumu grins to himself, shaking his head slightly, and turns the corner to Onigiri Miya.

    Which is a shame, really, because he misses you turning back, just once, just enough to see the darkened shape of him disappear.


    You’ve been telling yourself things are finished with Tenchi for the past week –ever since that night, his voice on the other end of your phone. It’s become your mantra, your daily affirmation: things are over, things are over, things are over. It protects you in some way, or at least so you’re hoping.

    It doesn’t stop you from picking up every time he calls, though.

    And it definitely doesn’t stop Aki from filling in the role as disappointed, older friend.

    It’s another morning shift and you walk into Onigiri Miya only to be met with Aki’s crossed arms. “We need to talk.”

    You press your lips together, but a smile breaks through. “You’re so dramatic,” you say.

    She refuses to relent. “Uta told me that you told him that you were talking to your ex again.” She’s so stern and serious you actually feel a prickle of reprimand.

    Deciding to play coy, you move past her to the back, hanging your coat and bag up. Osamu’s already in to prep, early as ever. You give him an exasperated look as Aki follows you and he chuckles lightly to himself as he wipes down all his counters.

    “Tell me you are not thinking of getting back together with him,” she pleads as you tie your black apron on.

    “Uta is such a gossip,” you murmur. “And I thought you were bad, Aki.”

    Osamu snorts, shaking his head. “They’re both the worst, believe me.”

    Aki grins cheshire-wide, like her boss had just paid her a compliment. “You’re absolutely right. I am the worst. You know who else is the worst?” She raises her brows but you refuse to bite. This doesn’t slow Aki down. “Your ex. Your ex is the worst.”

    Your smile falters as strange defensiveness fills you. “He’s not the worst. We’re…on friendly terms.”

    “We have not spent every morning these past few weeks talking about how he did you wrong for you to turn around and say he’s not the worst.”

    You’re battling between indignation and being deeply flattered she cares enough in the first place to banter with you about it. You glance at Osamu, begging with your eyes for him to save you from this conversation, but he holds up his hands as if to say I’m not getting involved. You turn back to Aki, who’s looking at you expectantly. There’s only one way to redirect this conversation. “I don’t want to talk about my ex. You know what I want to talk about?”


    The name flusters you immediately. “What? No.” You try to hide your reaction from the two of them, but the damage has been done. Aki’s grin, if possible, is even wider than before –the devil’s own glint in her eyes. Osamu has almost no expression at all, which is full of meaning in itself. You don’t know if you’re more disconcerted by their responses to you or the fact that a name, one name, is all it takes to fill you with electricity. If your hair could stand on end, it would. You grit your teeth, annoyed at yourself, at them, at Atsumu. Then, you take a careful breath. “What I want to talk about,” you start primly. “Is your art show coming up this weekend, Aki.”

    That does the trick. Aki stutters, a rare blush colouring her face. Osamu shoots her a wide-eyed look. You cross your arms triumphantly.

    “You have ‘n art show?” Osamu asks. He sounds so surprised and impressed, Aki starts blushing further. “I had no idea.”

    “Uta told me,” you explain when she turns her saucer-wide eyes to you.

    Aki groans. “He is the worst.”

    “Aki,” you say, grabbing onto her nervous arm. “You weren’t going to tell us? This is huge! I didn’t even know you were painting professionally! The way you talk about it makes it seem like a little hobby.”

    She waves a hand dismissively. You’ve never seen Aki so nervous. “I’m not a professional. It’s just some dumb showcase with my other classmates…”

    “It’s not dumb,” Osamu says. “We’re goin’, of course.” He looks at you and you nod resolutely.

    Aki’s waving her hand flippantly again. You’re incredulous at how timid your coworker is being. If she could shed out of her skin, she would. “No, no, no. You guys don’t have to. It’s small and we’re just students and—”

    “Aki,” you say. She’s gone skittish under your hand, and you make your voice soothing as possible, squeezing her shoulder. “We want to.”

    She falters, shy. “You do?”

    “Duh,” you say, and then you take one from Atusmu’s book and tap the edge of her ballcap, making her crinkle her nose.

    Osamu comes to her other side, clasping down securely onto her free shoulder. “’Course, Aki. What’re friends for?”

    She looks between the both of you, absorbing your encouraging smiles, and hesitantly, her own smile unfurls. She eases under your touches and reaches up to place her hands over both of yours on her shoulders. “Okay,” she says, offering a small smile in return. “Be there at seven sharp if you want the good champagne and finger food.” And then, returning to herself a little, she reaches up and taps the rim of your hat in return. “And don’t think you’re escaping the ex talk that easily.”

    You try to scowl, but fondness fills you regardless. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”


    It seems you can’t escape talking about Tenchi anywhere you go. Chiyo is decidedly less opinionated than Aki over the phone, but you know her well enough to know she’s holding back. “Okay, say it,” you sigh when you hear your best friend make another noncommittal hum.

    Her voice is wistful, dramatically forlorn. “There’s nothing to say. You’re a big girl, allowed to make her own mistakes.”


    “I’m kidding!” She chuckles on the other end. “You know I like Tenchi. Do I think he deserves you? Obviously not. But he’s not a bad guy. I just…”


    She lets out a breath that crackles over your receiver. “I just feel like you left here, you know? You left to become someone bigger than who you were. And you’re doing that—”


    “You are.” Fierceness enters her voice. “You’re doing it and I think…” You hear Chiyo struggle for the words. “I think, in a lot of ways, revisiting things with Tenchi would hold you back.”

    A swell of emotions wash over you. Indignation, a brief flash of anger, guilt. “I’m not revisiting anything.”

    “You certainly aren’t letting him go, either.” The words are gently said, but you can sense the firmness behind them. You set your jaw. Unexpected emotion fills you and you curse yourself for it.

    “It’s not that easy, Chiyo.” Your hands are shoved into your sweater pocket, fisting the fabric of it.

    “Well, you aren’t making it easier.”

    A sound that’s half laughter, half tears leaves you. “He’s my first love. Nothing would make this easier.”

    This stops Chiyo. She is silent for a beat before she lets out a regretful sigh. When she speaks you know she’s trying to be tactful. “But do you love him because you think there’s a future? Or are you hanging on because you’re scared, and he reminds you of the past?”


    Later, your phone buzzes. It’s a text from Tenchi.

    I miss you.

    Your heart leaps into your throat and you’re not sure if it’s excitement or anxiousness. You’re barely able to finish reading it when another one comes in.

    Can I call? I feel like we still have to talk about things

    You don’t know what to say. You type out a sure, and then erase it. Your thumb lingers over the call button. You click your phone off. You reread the texts. You think about Chiyo, about the day you left your small town, one foot on the platform, one foot on the train.

    Sometimes you think you’re still there. Sometimes you think you never lifted the other foot off.

    You text back,

    I don’t think this is the kind of thing we talk about over the phone

    And then you put your phone on silent. It buzzes, but you don’t have the heart to read it.


    No foxes that night in your dreams. Instead, you’re five again, clutching at your mother’s apron, clutching, clutching, begging her to stay. You can’t see her face, but you know her laughter. You also know she’s leaving and you don’t know why. Maybe you’re the one leaving. Someone is always leaving. You pull harder, and suddenly it’s Chiyo and she’s prying your fingers. You desperately fight against it, but you can’t feel your hands. They’re cold, cold as sleet. The apron is slipping, slipping, it slips.

    You wake up in a tangle of your sheets.


    The rain comes slow and then all at once. You’re halfway to Aki’s art show, without an umbrella, in uncomfortable new shoes, when the first few drops tap across your face. You try to pay the grey skies no mind.

    A block later, you’re trying not to get soaked, standing under a storefront awning and cursing your luck and footwear. You’re too far from home to go back and just far enough from the gallery to know you aren’t getting out of this dry. You sigh, leaning against the cool concreate wall, and shoot Aki a text saying you’d be late.

    You weigh your options: you could run to the next block and use the metro, but the very thought of trying to detangle the subway system so that you don’t get lost fills you with anxious needles. With your job and home and school all within walking and bus distance, it’s one of the few things you have yet to conquer in the city.

    You could buy an umbrella, but the idea of trudging through sloshing rain in open-toed heels seems like a terrible start to the night.

    So, the best you can do is wait for a lit cab to drive by. You sigh again, scrolling blindly through your phone, thinking about all the nights out back home. You knew every street like the veins on your wrist. Back home. The phrase seems distant now, more distant with every day.

    “Hey,” a voice calls. It couldn’t be…

    You look up from your phone, eyes squinting through the downpour.

    “Hey,” it calls again, and this time you see him –Atsumu, his whole head leaning out of a sleek, black car, waving at you. He grins at your confounded expression. “Ya headed to Aki’s show?”

    You bundle up in your jacket tighter. “Uh, yeah,” you say. He’s done a terrible job pulling over to the side of the road and a car behind him honks as it passes him. “Or at least, until the rain ruined my plans.”

    He tilts his head. “What, you were walkin’? Just take the metro.” But he sees your unamused expression, your shivering form, and takes delighted pity. “Or I could give you a ride,” he says, beaming.

    “What’re you so smug for?” You call back, but another car honks as it approaches him and he looks at you with raised brows. You curse, abandoning your pride, and hold your bag over your head as you bolt towards his car. He leans and pushes the door open for you and you slump down into the leather seat with a huff.

    “Thanks,” you say. “It’s so clean in here.”

    Atsumu snorts, signaling and pulling back onto the road. “Don’t be so surprised.”

    “I used to babysit, so my car back home was a mess.” You aren’t sure why you’re offering him any part of your personal life, except for the fact that’s it’s strange seeing him outside of Onigiri Miya, doing something so normal as driving. His hair is dripping from sticking it out of the window and he shoves it back impatiently. He could almost be a different person. You tear your eyes away from him.

    “I keep it clean just in case any pretty girls need a ride in the rain.” His eyes are intent on the road, but he quirks a smile that’s meant for you. “Or, y’know, any disgruntled waitresses with a poorly planned outfit.”

    “This is a great outfit, for you information.”

    “Didn’t say it wasn’t.” He gives you a placating smile. “You look nice. Very fashion over function.”

    “Gee, thanks.” You lean against the window, feeling the low hum of the engine, the tapping of the rain. You steal a glance at him, noting his dress pants and shirt. “Are you wearing a suit?”

    “It’s Aki’s art show. ‘Course I’m wearing a suit.”

    The earnestness in his voice disarms you. He looks at you when your silence drags on and, hesitantly, you offer him an earnest smile. That’s how it always is, between the two of you. Barb for barb, snark for snark, tit for tat. Smile for smile.

    His car squeals to an abrupt stop, just barely making it for the red light. You gasp, hand on your chest, the other bracing on the door. You look at him, alarmed.

    “Sorry,” he says, in a voice you don’t recognize.

    “Holy shit, eyes on the road, Miya,” you say, but then laugh, breathless and awkward.

    He purses his lips. “Tryin’,” he says.

    You want to tell him to try harder, but there’s two splotches of red dotting his cheeks, and both his hands are gripping the steering wheel with renewed focus. You lean back into your seat. He’s flustered. The realization of this makes you fall silent. Atumu’s eyes are trained on the road, like he’s afraid to make another mistake.

    It’s only as he’s pulling up to the gallery, running over to your side of the car to open the door for you, do you realize that he wasn’t teasing you or trying to get a rise out of you for once.

    He was flirting with you.


    There are a few different reactions when you and Atsumu enter the building together. Uta opens his mouth to say something and then thinks better of it, hiding a smile behind a champagne flute. Aki is perfectly stoic (which is, of course, more obvious of a reaction than if she had bounded across the squealing), but her eyes glint with the promise of a later conversation.

    Osamu doesn’t seem surprised, not at all. He hands you both drinks, giving you a warm smile and his brother an expectant look that makes Atsumu stiffen on the spot.

    You turn away from the twins. “Aki, you even look like an artist,” you say by way of greeting and distraction. It works. Your friend beams at the compliment, twirling around to let you see very angle of her outfit. It’s rare you ever see her out of her work clothes. She’s got on large, turquoise earring, a long dress of multi-coloured stripes. Beneath the hem, you see the toes of her yellow vinyl boots peaking out. She’s a walking paint pallet.

    “You can hang your coat up over there, and my paintings take up that corner over there.” She gestures airily, and you smile, catching both her hands.

    “I’m so proud of you, Aki,” you say.

    She speaks through grinning teeth. You’ve never seen her smile so wide, and your heart widens with it. “I’m really glad you’re here, you know?”

    You pull her into a hug, forgetting about the boy who drove you here and the boy sending you texts back home. You think of how you rarely have homesick nights now, and so much of that has been because of Aki. You squeeze her tighter and hear her laugh. “Me, too,” you say.


    Aki had been right about coming early for the good champagne and food. An hour later and the gallery has filled up with students, teachers, family, friends. You feel a rush of pride every time you overhear a stranger complimenting one of Aki’s pieces.

    Uta’s stolen an open bottle from behind the counter and the two of you share it until both your faces are flushed and snickering.

    “What do you mean you haven’t gone on the metro yet?” He exclaims. You’re both trying to interpret the art piece in front of you as best as you can. “I think it’s two people having sex.”

    You giggle. “It’s literally two blobs of colour, Uta.” You wave him off. “I mean I’ve gone on it a couple of times. Just, y’know…never alone.”

    He turns from the piece. “Alright, this is what we’re going to do,” he says, a matter of fact. “We’re gonna go one day together, after a close, and ride one of the lines to the very end. And then, we’re gonna do the next line. And then,” he says, taking a sip. “You’re buying me dinner.”

    “Okay, okay,” you put a hand on his arm. “We don’t have to do every line.”

    “We do. Until you get over your fears. We’re doing it.”

    You link an arm through his, feeling warm and bursting, the bubble of the champagne blurring in your fingertips. “You’re my hero.”

    He pats your hand. “You’re not a small-town girl anymore.”

    You lean a head on your friend’s shoulder. You wish Chiyo were here. “Yeah. I guess I’m not.”


    Atsumu finds you again after your fourth glass of champagne. He’s just a shadow in your corner eye, approaching from behind, but you know it’s him immediately. Taking a sip from your glass, you pretend not to notice. He notices you trying not to notice and strikes a similar, thoughtful pose beside you, taking a drink and pondering the piece.

    “I’m not gonna pretend to understand abstract art, but I think I like it,” he says conversationally.

    You don’t look at him, but you can feel his eyes tracing your profile. “It’s about passion,” you start, trying your best to sound every bit like a curator you might see on TV. “The long streak of red, the sensual gold curved in the back…the towering black mountains as a counterpoint…” You do look at him now, and his eyes have widened slightly, impressed. You give him an impish smile. “Or at least, that’s what Aki told me.” You grin. “I can’t pretend to understand it either.”

    “You were pretty convincin’ there for a moment.” He stuffs both his hands into his trouser pockets. “Think I should buy it?”

    You can’t contain your genuine surprise. “You want to buy it?”

    “Or one of her other pieces, sure. Why not?”

    You peer at him from above your glass. “Didn’t take you as a patron of the arts.”

    Atsumu grins, easy and light. “I’m a patron of my friends. And she’s good,” he adds, and then leans in towards you, conspiratorial. “Even if I don’t get it.”

    You blink at his closeness, feeling all your edges for him soften with the blurring of alcohol. You don’t know why you haven’t let yourself realize it until now, but he’s handsome. The suit is slick and simple, his hair is askew from the earlier rain. He’s tall and smiling and there’s something about him. There always has been.

    You hum, glancing back at the painting. “You don’t have to get it,” you say. “It just has to make you feel something when you look at it.” You offer a smile without pretense, the same one you gave him in the car.

    Atsumu swallows, you can hear it. He runs a hand through his hair, once and then again. It fluffs and sticks in every direction, and an overwhelming sensation to reach out and pat it down comes over you. You look away from him again. You have to keep looking away. (You have to keep looking back).

    “What if I feel confused?” He asks. He’s not amused, but not serious either. Maybe wry.

    You try to read him and fail. “By the painting?”

    His voice is faint. “Yeah.”

    You turn towards him. He’s lit up under the perfect white glare of the room. His eyes are a glass of brandy, held to the light, appraising you. You scramble for purchase, for something clever to say, but your mouth opens and shuts with not a sound. Unexpectedly flustered, you look away from him, laughing to yourself in gentle disbelief.

    Atsumu is still looking at you. “Do you,” He starts and then stops. The silence draws and suspends.

    “What?” You say.

    His face in conflicted, a line of determination or frustration between his brows. “Maybe wanna get some air, or—”

    A loud, obnoxious ring startles the both of you. “Oh, hold on.” It’s your phone blaring and you fish through your too-large bag for it. Glancing at the screen, you shoot him an apologetic look. “Sorry, Miya. I have to take this, it’s my—” You break off, teeth snapping together. “Uh, I have to take this.”

    For a flicker of a moment, you think he’s disappointed. His eyes cast down, he blinks, his furrowed brow deepens. But then he looks at you and he’s amused again. You think it must have been a trick of the light. This must all be a trick of the light. “’Course. Do your thing, sunshine.”

    “You know I hate that, right?” you ask, but a smile breaks through.

    He catches your smile and returns it to you, “Oh, I know.” But you’re already glancing back down at your phone, swiping the call button, walking towards the nearest exit. He doesn’t let himself watch you go.


    “You’re an idiot,” Osamu says, appearing beside him.

    “What?” Atsumu sputters, wheeling on his twin. “I didn’t even do anythin’!”

    Osamu gives him a tepid look. “That’s what I’m sayin’.”

    Atsumu scowls. “You’re not makin’ any sense.”

    His brother only smiles.


    “Tenchi?” You answer the phone, hushed without knowing why.

    “Hey,” he says, and you can tell he’s smiling. “Hey, where are you?”

    “Uhm.” You glance in through the window, seeing your friends milling around inside, amongst the growing crowd. You smile when you think of the turn out for Aki’s exhibit. “Just with friends. My friend Aki has an art showcase at a gallery.”

    “Oh!” He’s pleasantly surprised. “A showcase?”

    “Yeah. Champagne and everything.”

    He hums a smile. “That’s great. You sound so fancy right now, like a real city girl.”

    You have to laugh lightly, looking in again, seeing Aki talk to some people you didn’t recognize. She might look completely different out of her work clothes, but her same animated gestures are the same. “Yeah, I guess I do. Who would’ve thought?”

    You can sense his fondness down the line. “Me.” He’s proud, he’s happy. You purse your lips, remembering his voice when you first left, those hard conversations leading up to your big move. You think of Chiyo’s words, again and again.

    “What’s up?” You ask. Your tone turns formal.

    “Uh, well,” there’s a nervous laugh on his end, breathless, blurred in with traffic. “Well, I guess, uh, I’m outside your place?”

    Your brow furrows. “Like…my parent’s place? Did they invite you over for dinner?” Your mom always did like Tenchi. You couldn’t possibly blame her for it.

    “No, no. I mean,” you hear a huff, an awkward click of his tongue. Your furrow deepens. “I mean, your place. In the city.”

    “In the—” You break off, head spinning. “In the city? You mean, you’re at my apartment here?” You voice rises, incredulous.

    A breathy laugh again. “Yeah. Uh, surprise?”

    “Wait, wait,” you shake your head in disbelief. “Why? Don’t you have class?”

    His voice changes, softens in the way you can’t resist. “I told you. I miss you.” You shake your head again, a dubious laugh escaping you. “And besides,” he adds, after you don’t say anything. “You told me you didn’t want to have any kind of talk over the phone, so…”

    A fierce rush of warm, flattered joy washes over you. Your mind is buzzing with champagne and small impossibilities: Tenchi, here, to see you. To chase after you. Your heart thuds hard, you can hear it in your ears. You look around the quiet street, as though to find someone else to hold witness to this. It feels like a film, a story, something just shy of a miracle. You think of the nights you cried when you both broke up, that heartbreak that was so insurmountable. You had dreamed of this, on your loneliest nights. You had been hopeful for so long. “Oh,” you whisper. “I can’t…I’m sorry, I just can’t believe this. I’m in shock.”

    “Is it okay? That I’m here?”

    “Of course!” You blurt out, in instinct. But you don’t know, not really. Is it? You peer into the window again and see Uta saying something to Aki. They glance out at you through the window and all you can do is lift your shoulders in a helpless shrug. “Of course.”

    Tenchi breathes a sigh of relief. “Good. Okay, good. Uh, maybe you can tell me where you are? And I’ll come meet you?”

    “No,” you say quickly. The idea of your past and your current life meeting sends a prick of anxiety through you. Maybe it’s the fact that you had talked about Tenchi to your coworkers for so long, about the breakup, about your heartbreak. You had opened up to them in your time at Onigiri Miya, and their friendship had been such a balm to the hurt. Or maybe it’s Chiyo’s words, again, again, the loop of them in the back of your mind. Are you just holding on? It didn’t feel like just holding on.

    Or maybe, maybe, maybe—

    The building door swishes open and Atsumu steps out. At first, you think he’s leaving the showcase. He’s got his coat on, hair ruffled by the gust of night air. But then he scans the street, and his eyes meet yours, and you understand. He’s looking for you. He’s looking for you. Your eyes widen, seeing him, and his eyes widen, seeing you. That unnamable surprise, again and again, with him.

    Then the strangest thing happens to you. Your mind has never held both Tenchi and Atsumu at the same time before. When you thought of Tenchi, you thought of your past, of the heartache, and it took over. He was your first love. Your first of so much. There was a time it seemed impossible to consider anybody else.

    But when you thought of Atsumu (or rather, in truth, when your mind spun to him, against all your desires, like instinct, like nature) well…Well.

    And now Atsumu is in front of you for reasons you don’t understand and Tenchi is on the phone, saying your name. “Hello?” You hear him try. “Sweatheart? Did I lose you?”

    Am I losing you? You had said those words when you both broke up. You had come to terms with the fact that you had. And now. Atsumu reads your face and takes a step forward, like he wants to comfort you. “No,” you say, and he stops, staggering back. “No, I’m right here,” you say. “I’ll come to you. I’ll be right there, give me fifteen,” you’re saying the words mindlessly. Atsumu is looking off into the city light horizon, shadows of the evening concealing his eyes. You feel a stab of something. Guilt? What is there to be guilty for? “Let me just say goodbye to my friends.”

    You hang up your phone, staring at the screen before slipping it back into your bag.

    “You’re leavin’?” Atsumu’s voice is casual, his stance is not.

    You adjust your bag on your shoulder, fighting a chill in the night. He’s still looking away. You don’t know why he’s in front of you in the first place. Or maybe you do. You think of his eyes under the gallery lights. You try to give him a smile. “Yeah, something just came up.”

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  • lovelysho
    19.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    stay a while — for my baby hinata shōyō ♥︎

    summary: you were trying to get into the habit of exercising more, but your boyfriend wasn’t making it any easier.
    content warnings: mdni 18+, creampie, voyeurism (?), exhibitionism, daddy kink. quick lil’ drabble for him.

    Woke up today thinking of Hinata. Picture this: you’re up bright and early preparing to go out for a morning run. Donned in a pair of workout leggings, a new zip front sports bra that you’d just recently purchased, and cute little running shoes. All in which, you may have spent a little too much money on, but you didn’t see the issue. Like if you’re gonna exercise, why not look cute while doing so? duh!

    You’re in the kitchen filling up your water bottle as Hinata leans back on the counter next to you. He’s an early riser by nature, so it’s only natural that he’s awake with you and the beaming sun. Now what’s unnatural is his brown eyes glued to the side of your face, slowly roaming down your body, but you brush it off as nothing. It was early, and he was probably just zoned out. Yet, that couldn’t be further from the truth because as soon as your hand is gripping the handle, ready to walk out as planned, he has his arm outstretched with a firm hand pressed against it, slamming it shut.

    You don’t even have time to face him completely before your back is hitting the glass of the modern door. He glances down at the water bottle between your dainty fingers and gives it a squeeze, eyes never leaving yours as he does so, it’s content hitting your tits and ultimately drenching your entire front.

    “Sho, what are yo — ”

    He reaches a hand down between your legs, fingers rubbing your pussy through the stretchy fabric. “Were these expensive?” He asks.

    You hold in the moan threatening to fall from your lips, smoothing your tongue over them instead. “I mean they were kinda expensive but I don —”

    “Ah, it doesn’t matter anyway, I’ll replace em.’” And it’s all you can do to watch him, quite literally, rip them open, continuing his ministrations with this newfound access. His tongue is moving against yours and he swallows every moan that bubbles in your chest from the thick fingers working your cunt.

    Pulling out he reaches his hand to unzip the front of your bra, dick hard at the sight of your tits popping out its confines. There’s little beads of water coating them. So, he swirls his tongue over your nipples, pert from the cold liquid, and over every area to lick them clean.

    He pulls out his dick from his plaid pajama pants, pretty with some length, tip red, and leaking precum. He doesn’t even warn you before his hands are on the back on your thighs and your feet are off of the ground, holding you up against the door.

    And then he’s fucking you.

    It felt so good that you’d almost forgotten where you were for a second. “Wait, Sho. W — what if someone sees?”

    “And?” He gives you a harsh thrust, lovin the way your tits bounce in turn. “They can look all they want. Is it bad that I want them to? That I want everyone to see how good I fuck my pretty girls pussy.”

    He can’t help but look down at how you swallow him as he says it because holy shit he was insatiable right now. Saw you that morning and just couldn’t let you out that door before he was able to get his greedy hands on you.

    He continues to fuck you against the front door. harsh thrusts that from this angle, you can feel knocking against your cervix repeatedly; and you’d throw your head back if you could but it’s pressed so firmly against the glass that all you can do is look into his eyes as he fucks you deep. Grabbing his neck, and tangling your fingers in his already unruly orange hair, not aiding his bed head whatsoever; but who cares when he’s got you whimpering like a bitch in heat?

    “Sho...‘m gonna! — ‘m gonna!”

    “That’s right, baby. Be a good girl and cum for daddy. Shit, I’m right behind you.”

    And it’s true. He was. As you cream around his cock, he throws his head back, adam’s apple bobbing as he emptied his load inside you.

    You’re spent. With a now leaking cunt, and legs that hurt from being held up so long. You’re left staring at each other and breathing heavily. It’s only when you see the three white envelopes that slide through the letterbox and turn to see the mail lady running away, do you audibly gasp.

    Turning to Shōyō with wide eyes, you smack him on the shoulder. “Oh my god Shōyō?!”

    He only laughs, not a care in the word that guy. Ever the happy go lucky type. You shake your head in disbelief at his ongoing chuckling. He genuinely thought it was funny.

    He puts you down and it goes quiet. You can feel his cum leaking down the inside of your thighs. “So.” He pauses, licking his lips with lust filled eyes. “Do you still feel like running, (Name)?”

    all content belongs to lovelysho © 2021. do not copy, modify, or repost my work.

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