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  • lespetiteetoiles
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Omg are those the Haitani brothers from Tokyo Revengers ???!!!?!

    IG : Meko.Dragon

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  • haitanishve
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokrev#bonten#haitani rindou#haitani brothers #rindou haitani x reader #rindou haitani headcanons #tokrev x reader
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  • rindouhaitani729
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • haitanix
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    You would never say what you didn't mean, would you?


    Ran Haitani x fem!reader
    GENRE: hurt//comfort
    WARNINGS: mentions of alcohol usage 
    DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters; the story is purely fictional and created from my imagination
    TAGLIST: @im-the-music-whore @chichan15 @shujispet @bontensucker​ @annonymous-writer-wannabe @the2ndl​


    It's been a few days since the events that occurred that night, when you decided to leave him. Ran would be lying if he said you weren't the one who occupied his mind every breathing second. He couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, hell he let himself go down so bad. Most of the time that he spent in the Bonten's hideout he was almost always distracted. Mikey couldn't have one of his executives spacing out when there was a meeting over important matter, so he gave Ran a few days leave to get his shit together. Rindou was quite worried about his brother, never in his life has he saw him in the state he was now. The big brother, the one who never showed a single weakness now at the edge of despair.

    ''Ran you really need to get your shit together, this place reeks.'', Rindou said moving through the living room kicking the trash piles of all the takeaway food and dirty clothes out of his way. ''Man just leave me alone'', Ran mumbled shutting himself in what used to be your shared bedroom.

    Rindou came close to the door of the bedroom while softly saying: ''She would hate to see you like this, brother.'' And with that he turned around and left Ran alone with his thoughts. Upon hearing those words Ran shed a lone tear and extended his hand to your side of the bed gripping your pillow tightly and closing his eyes shut.

    Not far away in your friends apartment you were still processing the events of that night. Surely you didn't exaggerate by deciding to leave him there like that but at the same time you felt sad because you loved him unconditionally. You reached for your phone and scrolled through all the missed calls and unanswered messaged from him. It pained you to ignore them, it really did, because you wanted nothing more than to run back into his embrace, but you needed time. You knew you could not just forget about all the things he said, bad day or not, you couldn't move on and pretended like nothing happened. Stupid Ran, you muttered almost inaudibly, before leaving your phone on the side of the bed and hoping that sleep will swallow you up.

    Unlike you, Ran couldn't get any sleep. He got out of bed, got his coat from the hanger and headed to a local bar hoping a few drinks would put his mind to ease. One shot turned into ten, and then ten turned into, well, he lost count. The last thing he remembers is the bartender muttering some words to him, but with his mind so far gone from the alcohol he couldn't make out a single thing.

    The next moment he opened his eyes, he could make out where he was. The warmth of his apartment washed over him. He fidgeted on the couch trying to figure out how he got back here after he blacked out. Suddenly he hears a familiar voice, one dear to his heart. ''Don't move stupid, you'll damage the stitches. Out of all things that could be happening on a Friday night, a call in the middle of the night from some bartender about my boyfriend being blacked out drunk on the floor of the bar was definitely not on my list'', you inclined furrowing your eyebrows as you felt the male's gaze fall upon you. ''Y/N..., wha-, what are you doing here?'', Ran said, a little bit shocked.

    ''Why? You don't want me here? I can just lea-...'',

    ''NO. I don't want you to. Please, stay. I just don't want you to see me in this state and take some pity on me, that's all'', Ran explained.

    You slowly moved closer to him, debating whether or not you should join him on the couch but in the end your heart made that decision for you. You scooted over, raising his head gently and placing it on your lap. As you were stroking his hair softly you felt his hand coming into contact with yours slowly pulling it to his lips and planting a soft kiss on it.

    ''Will you ever be able to forgive your dumb boyfriend for the mistake he foolishly made, my love?'' , Ran's beautiful purple eyes shinning like crystals were looking straight at yours, your hand still in his hold.

    ''Ran sometimes you can be such an idiot, you're impulsive and you don't think before you speak...''

    ''I will understand if you want to break up with me, it's going to be hard to accept it but if it's what you want I won't say a thing, because at the end of the day I only want you to be truly happy. And if that is not with me, I will learn to live with it...eventually..''

    ''Idiot- where did you get the idea that I want to break up with you, geez you didn't even let me finish. Where was I now.. Ah yeah, and despite all of those flaws I could never hate you.''

    ''So does that mean you'll forgive me?'', Ran jolted upwards turning quickly to you.

    ''Don't get too ahead of yourself, you'll actually have to work for that forgiveness but I am willing to give you a chance at fixing it.'', you looked back at him with a small smile forming on your lips.

    Ran gently picked you up and placed you on his lap so you straddled him, moving your hands and placing them around his neck, he placed his head in the crook of your neck.

    ''That's more than I could ever ask for, my love'', Ran spoke softly with a couple of tears leaving his eyes.


    Okay truth be told since I live for the pain and suffering I wanted to make this final part also a hurt/no comfort thing but I'm just such a sucker for this man that I needed some fluff type of ending to feel better with myself. I hope yall like it though!
    There were two usernames that tumblr won’t allow me to link, I’m so sorry.
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  • haitanni
    24.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    ran - hey bro, did you hear joe as ligma?

    rindou- what's lig- this is a trap! you want me to ask what ligma is so you can respond and say lig ma balls. well, im not gonna fall for this one.

    sanzu - who's joe?

    ran - joe MAMA

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  • haitanni
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    rindou - there's a spider

    ran - so what you want me to do??

    rindou - kill it!

    ran - you saw it first!

    rindou - you're the man

    ran - since when?

    #♡ ⊸ caju rambles #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #haitani brothers#haitani ran#haitani rindou
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  • kazuhanmas
    24.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    well...let me explain...but you can you know use this as a layout...

    #tokyo revengers #daily tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers meme #daily tokyo revengers meme #haitani cult #haitani ran meme #haitani brothers#rindou haitani#ran haitani #tokyo revengers fandom #tokyo revengers manga #tokrev#daily tokrev#cursed meme #daily anime meme #anime memes#anime
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  • haitanix
    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Do me a favor.

    Sanzu Haruchiyo x fem!reader

    SUMMARY: You had a perfect love story. He was the man of your dreams and you shared a love that was unconditional, or so you thought.
    GENRE: angst
    WARNINGS: cheating, mentions of pills and drugs, brief mentions of sexual themes
    DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters; the story is purely fictional and created from my imagination

    He knew it was wrong. He promised himself this will be the last time he'll seek comfort in another's arms. Well aware of the fact that he has someone back home that loved him wholeheartedly, that spent sleepless nights just waiting for him in a cold bed worrying if he's hurt or even alive. You knew all about his lifestyle, about Bonten and about his line of work, but you were prepared to stay by his side no matter what and accepted him just the way he is.

    It was another one of those nights, you got back home late from your shift. I guess by now you made peace with the fact you'll be alone for another night in a row. You check your phone to see the last text from Sanzu. ''Be back late, don't wait up for me. Love you.''. You clenched the phone in your hand and then put it on the nightstand next to the bed. You were forced to take some sleeping pills because no chance of sleep would come to you in any other way. As you closed your eyes you hoped for a change, some better days with your boyfriend and the feeling of comfort in his tight embrace.

    ''Ahh..just like that baby.. ughh, you're doing so well..I'm about to cum..'', faint moans and groaning came from Sanzu's scarred lips before he spilled himself into a woman that was not you. He wanted to stop this whole act, he really did. He would keep repeating to himself that this time will be the last one but he kept finding himself back on the same path of destruction again. Mind far gone from all the pills and drugs taken, he didn't even know who it was he was spending his time with while you were back home waiting for him.

    This will be the last time, he murmured it to himself, getting dressed and taking a leave.

    When he got back home to the warmth of your shared apartment, he felt a sense of relief the moment he caught a glimpse of your sleeping figure. He took small and quite steps to your side of the bed, hoping not to wake you up. He bent down to give you a small peck on the forehead, when he felt you shift a bit.

    ''Sanzu is that you?'', you said quietly, still half asleep. ''Yes baby, I just got back, please go back to sleep, it’s late. I'm here now.'', Sanzu replied. When he turned from you wanting to head to the bathroom to clean himself up a bit, he felt a little tug on his sleeve. You, still half asleep, reached your hand to catch his own and pull him to bed with you. ''Please stay with me, I don't want to be alone anymore, it hurts.'', you pleaded. Even with your eyes half closed he could still see tears forming on your waterline. First time in so long he felt his cold heart breaking a little, and the guilt of everything he did washed over him. He opted for joining you in bed, feeling the way your grip tightened around him as if the very moment you loosen it up a bit he'll slip away again and you'll be left alone. You nuzzled your head in the crook of his neck. As he stroked your hair gently, he found himself promising yet again that he will do you no wrong anymore, and that he'll change. Because why was there any need for another when he had an angel like you by his side. He thought that what you didn't know won't hurt you, as he was looking for a better future, a start of a new chapter, a clean one. What he didn't know is that you always had doubts of his whereabouts and actions but you chose to be blind to the whole situation.

    It was the nights where you were worried about him since it was getting late that you used to call Ran or Rindou, your close friends, asking about Sanzu since he didn't pick up. Getting always the same answer about the meeting being over long ago and Sanzu leaving with a simple ''Going back to my girlfriend.''. It was the fainted marks of a lipstick that was not yours that you found on his shirts while doing the laundry. The faint smell of a cheap perfume that you didn't own. The password on his phone, that never used to be there before because he always used to tell you how he's an open book for you. All of that and you still chose to trust him, to be by his side. In your way of thinking you could say you were choosing happiness by ignoring it all. And you might've convinced yourself things were getting back to normal, you almost did, until a few months later when the peace and quiet of the apartment was disturbed with a loud knock on the door. ''I'll get it'', Sanzu said while getting up from the couch and rushing to the door. You stayed in the kitchen finishing making the dinner for the both of you. As Sanzu opened the door and saw a familiar face in front of him with a hand on her growing belly, his whole body was drained of any color. He went pale, and froze in place.

    ''Haru love, who is it?'', you turned the corner from the kitchen and walked slowly to the front door worried because it was taking him too long. When the two figures came into your sight and when you were finally aware of what was actually happening, it dawned on you. All this time you were lying to yourself, hoping for a better future with the man you loved unconditionally, that you would never in hell imagine this outcome. Staying strong and not wanting to show weakness in that moment you invited the young lady inside and offered dinner. Once you did so, you turned to your boyfriend who's eyes were pleading with you. He didn't know what to say, the voice inside was screaming, shouting at him to do something but on the outside he didn't see any point to it. Anything said or done would not be able to fix this. To fix a mess he was the only one responsible for. As you moved closer to him with a sad smile, you put your gentle hand on his cheek and said ''Please do me one last favor Sanzu.''

    ''Anything for you my love, anything.'', he replied with a voice so shaky, falling onto his knees in despair.
    ''Please do right by them, and don't treat her and your soon to be newborn the way you treated me'', as you finished your sentence a lone tear fell down your cheek. You turned around and left the apartment, left the life you knew, and even though it hurt, even though it hurt like hell, you still hoped for a better future and for a life of happiness you actually deserved.
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  • kazuhanmas
    24.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    WHO? MADE? THESE???? 😭😭


    #tokyo revengers #daily tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers meme #tokyo revengers manga #tokyo revengers fandom #daily tokyo revengers meme #haitani cult #haitani ran meme #haitani brothers#ran haitani#rindou haitani#anime memes#anime#tokrev#daily tokrev
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  • avbbb77
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tokyo Revengers | Icons

    please like/reblog if you use/save

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers anime #tokyo revengers icons #tokyo revengers haitani brothers #haitani brothers #haitani brothers icons #tokyo revengers ran #ran icons#ran haitani #ran haitani icons #tokyo revengers rindo #rindo icons#rindo haitani #rindo haitani icons #tokyo revengers rindou #rindou icons#rindou haitani #rindou haitani icons #anime icons#icons
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  • haitanix
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    You would never say what you didn’t mean, would you?

    PART 1

    synopsis: You were excited and wanted to share some exciting news with your boyfriend. He on the other hand had only one wish for that night and it was to be left alone.

    Ran Haitani x reader

    warnings: none

    genre: angst


    It was a good day for you. You got a promotion at your job you really worked hard for and everything was just going perfectly. You came back to your and your boyfriend’s shared apartment. The plan was to prepare dinner for your boyfriend, his favourite food, share the happy news with him and spend time, just the two of you. You were way too exited as you were patiently waiting for your boyfriend’s return. Time passed, you were still waiting, hopefully, not letting it tick you off. You waited and waited and it was way passed midnight by now. The dinner you made already ran cold. You wanted to pack it all up and place it in the fridge but at this point you didn’t even bother. You thought about heading to bed but instead you sat on the couch in your living room turning on to watch a show. Not long after you heard the sound of the doorknob turning and you jolted. He was finally back. You sprinted to the door to meet him, still excited by the news of the promotion. Ran wasn’t having it tonight, the day was particularly rough for him and he was way too pissed off to even hold a proper conversation with anyone. He really hoped you went to bed and have fallen asleep. Unfortunately for him as he enters your shared apartment he sees you, way to energetic and excited for the middle of the night.

    You jumped around like a little kid, finally seeing him and wanting to embrace him so badly and share the exciting news with him. To your shock, Ran just passed next to you and headed to the bathroom. “Going to take a shower”, he said, not sparing you a glance. You felt your heart sink a little but you brushed it off.

    “Hey baby, i missed u so much, how was your day?”, following behind him you tried to start a conversation. He just hummed back and continued walking. You proceeded trying for this conversation and started talking about your day. Ran just heard noises and ciuld just not take it anymore. He turns to you and coldly says: “Geez for fucks sake Y/N, can you shut the fuck up for a bit, you’re annoying the living shit out of me”, you felt your heart sink further. If that wasn’t already enough he proceeded with a “should’ve fucked with Kanna when I had the chance, I’m sure she’d leave me the fuck alone and not annoy me”. But once those words left his mouth he was aware of what he just did. You just stood there, unable to make a single move, thinking if you let just one tear spill, you’ll break down completely. Ran seeing you like that he jolted to you. As he moved forward and extended his hand to you, you flinched and found some strength in you and moved back a few steps. Your reaction broke his heart and he already cursed himself for every single word said.

    “Y/N. Im so sorry, I didn’t-“ Ran tried to speak.

    “NO- don’t. Don’t even try saying now how you didn’t mean it Haitani.” He broke even more hearing his last name escape your lips. You moved even further away. “You would never say something you didn’t mean, isn’t that right? Isn’t that what you always told me?” you still stood strong pushing the tears away as much as you could. “So you must’ve subconsciously thought abt it to let it slip huh?“ you continued.

    No, love, I am really sorry, I really didn’t. It was just a bad day-“ Ran tried again.

    “Spare me Haitani, you could’ve had a different approach if u wanted to, so i really don’t want to hear it anymore.” You couldn’t be there anymore, not in the same room as him, not in the same apartment, at least not for now. You moved passed him and took a little bag and started packing some essential things opting to stay with your best friend for a few days instead. As he saw that scene in front of him he rushed to you and tried to take your hand but you pulled it out of his grip.

    “Don’t- please. I can’t be around you right now”, you told him.

    “Y/N please it was a mistake, don’t leave me, I love you so fucking much, just please-“, Ran pleaded.

    “Stop, please. It’s alright. I just need some time, so please let me have that”, you took the little bag n started walking towards the front door. Ran followed, still trying to plead with you and make you stay but you didn’t register him anymore. You opened the front door and left just as fast, leaving Ran on his knees the moment the front door closed shut.

    When he collected himself a bit, he stood up and proceeded to the kitchen just to be met with his favourite food and a perfect dinner you made for the two of you. He felt even worse about the whole thing so he just proceeded to the bedroom, hoping if he fell asleep it would ease his mind a bit. Before he closed his eyes n tried falling asleep he takes his phone to check if there were some messages. On instinct he opened your profile and saw a new photo you posted. It was you and a couple of your work colleagues celebrating something that seemed like a promotion. He immediately remembered how you had a tough time when it came to trying for the promotion, how you worked extra hard and gave your everything to manage and achieve this, and then it clicked to him. This was what you were trying to tell him, you wanted to share something positive and show how all your hard work paid off and what did he do, acted like you were some trash he couldn’t spare a minute of time for. That night he didn’t manage to get even a minute of sleep thinking of what he can possibly do to make it better…

    …to be continued in part 2

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  • iturtrix
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sanzu got under Rindou’s skin

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  • iturtrix
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Haitani Brothers and the youngest of the triplets, Ray Haitani ft. their time skips



    (Tokyo Revengers OC)

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  • takalzuoom
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    tw: written on my phone

    cw: manipulation, cheating (written during tenjiku <3)

    this is also written loosely so imagine it however you want >:)


    just one of the haitani brothers cheating on their partner is very fascinating to me

    because you know they’ll both cover for each other- it coming like second nature to help the other in whatever thing they were gonna do.

    so helping a bro score more than 1 was an easy yes- morals seeping out the window as the the two brothers knew how much you meant to the other- but they just needed variety. something to pass the time while you were busy

    you wouldn’t want them to be bored, right? that’d be really inconsiderate of you ya’ know. keeping him all for yourself? how selfish could you be?? yes he loves you and you’ll always be his #1- but he can’t be caged down. life’s too short for only one partner.

    so why not spice it up with an ugly, disgusting side piece. as you were- of course the #1 person in his life.

    besides his brother of course

    ran would cover for rindou when you asked him ‘ if he was alright, and why wasn’t he answering your calls.’ telling you that he didn’t feel so good and was in bed resting and that you couldn’t come over to check on him since it would just break rindou’s heart if you got sick.

    when he was really out on the town with some girl in the streets of roppongi.

    or when ran is out in public with that one burnette he saw the other day. a sleazy arm wrapped around the girl who hung around him like a koala, a flirtatious smile on her face flatteries flew out her mouth like honey.

    but rindou, who had important busy to attend to as he saw you out with your friends by one of the shops you frequented to. he decided to give his older brother a little heads up. calling him as his eyes lazily watched you giggle with push your friends. a simple word leaving his lips once ran picked up.

    a code word if you would

    it’s something stupid too- half assed even.

    … coconut

    one day as they were in the market they saw a coconut in one of the fruit stands- and thought of you and decided that ‘hey, that sounds like a pretty cool code name for your partner’

    his furrows lifted lazily as a smile lifted on his face. face lighting up like a light bulb.

    he laughed a little as the image of your smile flashed in his mind. ‘shit your right. nice going bro’ he laughed, nudging his arm.

    when they had so much other things to think about they thought about you.

    how thoughtful of them :)

    but you’d never catch on- at first.

    okay. yes.

    the red flags were there, waving erratically in the wind, almost breaking the stick it was hoisted on.

    one would think ‘how have they not blown away by now?’ kidnapped by the gusts that bellowed through your head.

    by like always, one was too focused on how the tress swayed gracefully. the bellows that whispered in your ears as the winds whipped your hair and a content smile slipped onto your lips.

    yes he blew off more dates than you’ve actually been on

    yes he was distant,

    and of course his stares would focus past you when you both walked down the road, hands loosely intertwined as you rambled about your day.

    he yawned.

    head looking backwards as the brunette you just passed winked at him, holding a finger to her lips as her friend nudged her. both immediately erupting into laughter.

    he looked at you, noticing you smiling at him like he held the world.

    he grimaced.

    what you know wouldn’t hurt you.. right?

    of course it wouldn’t.

    cause you’d want him to be happy

    he chose you over some other girl who confessed to him on the street. all primped up and caked in makeup. even rejecting a guy who looked like he came out of some korean drama.

    he chose you over so many others.

    he sacrificed a lot for you :(

    relationships are give and take. he’s given so much to you; love, a hot boyfriend, protection, precious memories that you’ll cherish forever.

    and after all the giving, he thinks it’s finally his turn to take.

    pt.2 coming towards a theatre near you 😈

    #ran haitani#rindou hcs#bonten rindou #rindou my beloved <3 #rindou haitani #ran x y/n #ran x reader #rindou x reader #rindou x y/n #bonten#bonten ran#haitani brothers #haitani x reader #ran headcanons#rindou headcanons #tokyo revengers x reader #yandere tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers headcanons #bonten x reader
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  • agaribarr
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ran & Rindou Haitani <3 lo sé, quedó un poco raro, pero quería recuperar la definición de la imagen ya que la original del manga el tamaño de los pixeles es mucho menor :/

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  • red-letter-imagines
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Random Fact About My OC #5:

    Taka is tsun af, but has her moments.

    There was this one time on Valentine's day, she practiced making chocolate bonbons a month before just for Ran.

    She made a box of chocolates with different fillings, from fragrant to rich flavors; Ran has a knack for fancy food, desserts in particular.

    Her face was redder than a rose when she presented it to him, golden eyes shining and pout on full display, and to this day Ran has never blushed so hard in his life.


    #tokyo revengers#tokyorev#haitani brothers #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo revengers scenarios #haitani ran #haitani ran imagines #murakami takara#taka talks #tokyo revengers oc #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyorev headcanons
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  • kakubun
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers scenarios #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo rev x reader #rindou x y/n #rindou haitani #tokyo revengers rindou #rindou x reader #rindou headcanons #rindou x you #rindou scenarios#haitani brothers #haitani x reader #haitani rindou x reader #haitani rindou imagines
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