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    Tokyo Revengers: Taking Care Of You During Your Pregnancy

    Hey dust bunnies, here we are again with our favourites dads! The header will follow the characthers I started in this link, enjoy the flufff!

    Characthers: Manjiro Sano, Chifuyu Matsuno, Ran Haitani

    Warnings: Sickness, Detailed Birth, Cursing.

    After discovering you were pregnant, Mikey tried his best taking care of you. His stoic demeanour couldn't fool his executives, who pierced through that invisible wall and let them see a smile and lucid eyes on their boss: he was happy.

    The pregnancy took some of Mikey's old behaviour back, he enjoyed talking like a child to your belly, he enjoyed like a child to eat the ice cream it was supposed for your cravings. The first time he broke down was when you were at the doctor and he said that you were going to have a daughter. "Emma is here!" you say pointing to the display who let you see the still devepoling child inside the belly, Mikey hearing you say that name, started crying, "Emma is here, I'm going to have a family again". After some sobbings he calmed himself down and entering the car drove by Sanzu he says, "We're going to jii-chan" he says taking your hand and smiling at you. You stayed there, witnessing him talking more than praying to his sister' s shrine "- and I'm going to do as you wished to, you will be proud of me. I bet even Draken is happy to know that I will care of my princesses" smiling and caressing Mikey shoulder's you cover him with his thin blanket, and reply "Thanks Emma we will honor your desire and pay you visit so you will see your niece growing up".

    You were working on a lawsuit, some clients asked you when you started to feel uneasy, your belly started to hurt and you were alone in the office. Trying to get up and opening the door, you suddenly fall in between Mikey's second in command arms, "S-sa-sanzu" you say feeling your clothes wet, they pink haired boy wide and giving you reassuring words he takes you to Mikey. "Call the doctor" he says without ceremonies, and taking you from his subordinate he lays you on the bed. Your distressed face and tears makes him frown, "Mikey, it hurts", caressing your hand he kisses your nuckles he says "I know y/n, please bear for a bit, the doctor is coming". Mikey was calm, but no amount of "I love you" and "You're doing great" helped you feeling better, you were a line before fainting and the doctor says "The head is out, just one more push". Every executive were gathered outside the room, Sanzu going back and forth to bring the things you needed, distress cover all over his face, and in the end when he saw you were loosing conscience, he almost felt useless. He got out, letting Mikey dealing with such a difficult experience all by himself, "Y/n please don't leave me alone, just one more push and Emma will be with us!" he says trying to reassure you as tears streamed from his eyes. Suddenly a wail pierce through the room, "She's here, your daughter is here!" the doctor says. Mikey sobs filled the room and taking his daughter from the doctor he cut the cord and turns to you, "Hey y/n-chan, look at Emma she's waiting to say hi" he says with tears in his eyes, "E-emma, mama is here" you say struggling, "You did so great, I love you".

    Chifuyu is a man of gentle manners, he's actually clueless about all the pregnancy issues but he does his best. "Fuyu I'm hungry" you say while turning to him in the bed trying to call him up to cook for you. In your pregnancy you developed a strange craving for homemade yakisoba and sauteed vegetables, he had to learn to prepare them, since the doctor said that you had to avoid ready-meals. So here is Fuyu at 3 a.m with sleepy eyes, stir-frying yakisoba and vegetables just for you, while your cat run across the kitchen try stealing food from the pan, "Peke, this isn't for you" the cat complains while you sit on the chair and letting the pet sit on your belly. "My my, let mama and baby sit quietly Peke" your boyfriend says, stroking the cat fur with one hand, and caressing your belly with the other, "You're going to be a fantastic father Fuyu" you say full mouthed while you share your food with him. Suddenly a kick is heard, and Peke arch is body and plant his nails on you, making you shout. "PEKE!" Chifuyu shouts scolding the gremlin cat, "You don't want to hurt your sister right!" the cat suddenly hops to the floor, going away from the both of you, "Mmm don't scold him too much, he's really quiet when you're not around. he just got scared by the kick" , "But" Chifuyu says pouting, "No buts, he's doing so great cause you educate him even greater, he didn't hurt me and he never will!".

    The day the water broke, Chifuyu was at home but unfortunately before hearing you the cat arrived to signal him that something was happening. As the day he discovered you were pregnant, Peke meow to him, "What is it Peke?" Chifuyu says while playing with playstation, "Meooow" and going upstairs he follows him and find you laid on the bed sobbing for the pain. "F-fuyu, I think Keiko is coming" rushing and taking you with his arms, he runs to the hospital without thinking twice. It was a long process and Chifuyu didn't faltered for a moment, calling everyone to let them know and finally after 6 hours of agony, your daughter came to the world. A little sob came from the baby just to let explode Chifuyu in tears, and hug her as she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. "Keiko we're here, mama and I love you. Soon you will know your hairy brother too, he waited for a long time too" the joyful baby stared at his father, making you shed a tear and let this moment flash with a camera. "Are the new parents here?" a crowd of people, starting from Kazutora and Takemitchy, appears on your door letting all of them enjoy the arrival of your perfect daughter, thousand of cats related gift left the baby with a smile impress on her face. She didn't resembled her father only in her traits but also on personality, a true beauty that deserves to be cherished by everyone.

    Bonus: the keys open your door and finally crossing the door with the stroller, the black cat wait there as if he knows someone important arrived, Chifuyu carefully takes the cat while nearing him to Keiko, he stares at her for a moment and meowing loudly, the blue eyed baby stares at him deeply, after a second bubbling hands long to him just to feel what he is, useless to say that after a moment Peke rolls around the tiny human and they sleep together as they always knew each other, letting Chifuyu cry again, "You will get white hair if you keep on crying like that" and taking you from behind he sighs and says "We're officially old from two days ago" and kisses you on the cheek, "And I could never regret about it" he continues.

    Ran is exhausted, a rummage in the kitchen wakes him up in the middle of the night, letting him take his baton, especially after hearing your cries, "Prin-" "RAAAAAN" you sob desperately trying to reach the cookie jar that is far from your stature. "My my princess, calm down" he says trying to put his long hair behind his ears and taking the jar, he says grinning "How many?" a pout suddenly appears on your mouth and taking his baton you threat, "All of them" you say testing him, "No princess, the doctor said to avoid eating too many sweets! You already eat them for breakfast" suddenly you start to cry, trying to hit your boyfriend who easily catch you and block you and his baton, "How about something tasty but lighter?" "But baby wants butter cookies with choco chips and nutella" you say pouting and trying him to have mercy on you, "Mmm, does my water lily want to try something new?" he says kneeling down up to your belly, a kick is heard and a triumphant Ran smirks and says, "Trust me princess! You will enjoy it, both of you!" he says taking something from the fridge and a shelve. "It's ricotta cheese, you taste it during our trip in Europe remember?" Ran says while tying his hair up and letting you wander your eyes at him, "Ran, you're even more sexy while cooking for me and Ren" you say munching on a carrot you took from the fridge, "Only for my princesses to enjoy", after a while he pours a cocoa powder and mix everything together in your favourite cup, and putting a purple decorating flower on the top, "Here for my love and my unsatisfied baby" he says with a pure smile, while you giggle with happines about your satisfied craving.

    Most of the pregnancy consisted on these moments, talks with Ren, cuddling on the couch and quarrels about you wanting to eat "just another cookie". it was during one of these moments that you got a sharp pain leaving your breathless for a moment, "Princess, what is it?" Ran suddenly says huggin you to let you feel better, calming down you leave from his grip to just lay down on your bed, it took you 5 hours where the pain goes back and forth, "We should go to the hospital" Ran says caressing your hand, "I give Rind-" but you interrupt him before he continues, "It's Braxton Hicks, the water didn't broke and if we go to the hospital they send us back cause it's too early. Rindou doesn't need to waste time like this" you say a bit bothered by everything. Ran didn't replied because, he knew it was a question of time before you would be asking to go, so he waited until you were crying desperately huggin him while you got up trying to ease the situation, "Ahhh" you sob while crying on his chest, Ran can't stand the view and sending a message after a while his brother appeared, "What's up?" he says looking confused and seeing you crying "It's 5 hours like this, she doesn't want to go cause water didn't bre-". Suddenly you gasp feeling wet and loosing all the senses both Ran and Rindou take you on time. Blood cover the floor and the brothers rushing with your bag they rush to the hospital with Rindou black bmw. You wake up hearing shouts from outside the hospital's room and Ran quickly tries to divert you from what is happening outside. A contraction hit you and wincing in pain you start again talking nonsensely, "I'm sorry Ran! The blood, it hurts!" you say while trying to breath and endure the situation, "Take my hand and breath, I'm stuck with you all my life, tight your grip and bear with me until we meet Ren" he says seriously with a kind smile. It's an agony, Rindou outside arguing with the nurses and doctor saying that it's too early to do anything even though your shouts can be heard from the last room of the ward. Ran never got so distressed as today, he can't do anything despite giving you his hand and let you cry over his chest, trying to distract you from everything. "I'm here princess, breath listen to my hearth and breath" he says while caressing your back and hearing your sobs, "Raan I can't" you say for the nth time, tears stream nonstop from your eyes and suddenly even your brother in law can't stand even more the situation. It's 10 hours that you got there and still the situation seems to be far away, just as he got to your house, Rindou enters and finally sees you regain some strenght and hear you say "I can't, I can't, no more I want the baby out!" Ran worried turns to his brother trying to help you calm down but it's useless. It was like that for others 3 hours until the doctor said that you were ready to push and it took you just 20 minutes to get the baby out. "She's born, Ren is born" the doctor said with joy, looking to the blonde baby who cried incessantly, only to calm down on his father's arms, "Welcome to the world water lily, I'm so glad you're finally here! Princess look!" Ran says with a genuine smile giving you the baby "She's totally like you! Now call the uncle so she makes the aquaintanance of everyone" you say while caressing her cheek and giving a kiss to her crown. "Precious" you finally hear Rindou say while he stay on the opposite side looking at her, "You did so great y/n, me and nii-san are think you're the strongest among the Haitani's now" smiling to him and then to your boyfriend you say "Glad to be part of the family" "I love you princess and I love our lily even more" a picture to be framed before many others.

    @httptamaki @ravenina14

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    Chapter 16

    Previous chapter || Next chapter || Masterlist

    Warning, this chapter does contain talk about self hate and insinuate depression. Along with vomit and weight loss.

    Shit, shit, shit. Profanities flooded out mind as you stared at the screen looking at the not so decent photo of you. How could you have been so stupid, you’ve allowed yourself to get carried away again and now look what happened. You rushed back home ignoring how Ran watched you with darken eyes.

    It’s been two days, you tried your hardest to pay no mind to the text. You haven’t left bed, you could feel your mind fall into an dark void full of nothing but self-deprecating thoughts. Blaming yourself for everything that happened, even blaming yourself for things in the past. It became a spiral of self shame and hate as you laid in bed. Pillow soaked in your own tears from when you cried yourself to sleep. Your mother has tried to get you up a couple of times but the only thing you could do was curl up in a ball, squeezing your blanket as you wrapped it around your shoulders telling her you didn’t feel well. This is day two, the rest of the week has been worse. You could feel your mental health sinking as you listened to nothing but your own thoughts. For a week you listened to how much you hated yourself, how much you’ve blamed yourself. You got up once, to use the bathroom. You remember feeling nothing but disgust for yourself, you hated everything about you. You wish you weren’t, you. The rest is a blur, hunched over the toilet as you vomited the little food you had in your system. Tears slipping out as if you haven’t cried all week. You remember your throat burning as your mother tried to soothe you, rubbing circles on your back as your brother watched from the doorway. His eyes turning red by the second, as if he was in pain watching you. You felt weak— You allowed Ran to sweep you up by your feet, make you feel special, you knew what and who he was. You did this to yourself.

    It’s your fault.

    Week two you lost weight, and a lot of it. Your face looked like a corpse, all color, hope and dreams were removed from your eyes as you looked like a zombie. You wore the same outfit, only changing once because you had vomit on it. Your mother tried her best to make you feel better, cooking your favorite meals, offering to teach you to paint, or take you places. You just refused. You haven’t studied and you are sure your grades suffered a lot, at this point you just don’t care.

    Only good thing about this is your brother hasn’t been all that much of a jerk— He’s been sweet. Whenever he gets the chance he brings you back snacks and vitamins to help you feel better, he watches movies with you if you can bare to leave your room, he forces you to brush your teeth with him and at least wipe your body down with a towel. You at least have to eat one thing, and he watches to make sure you do. It’s a surprise to see him so caring towards you, it seemed as if he hated you for a while.

    Week three you felt better, for the first time you opened your window and took a shower. You felt refreshed, clean. You looked in the mirror and still hated who you saw but you felt as if you could grow to love her. You finally ate an entire meal and dessert, you and your brother watched a comedy and you laughed. For the first time in a long time.

    It was a painful experience but the best part is, your relationship with your brother grew and you are growing too, as a person.

    That’s why you feel confident enough to finally text this person back, whoever they were wanted Ran to themselves. Selfish bastards, he’s not an object. Why are you defending him? After what he said, you should be furious. You just can’t shake the it though, you don’t want to hate him but he obviously showed how he truly felt about you. Some girl to pass the time.

    Now you were angry again. The similar feeling of how you felt when this whole ordeal first happened came rising inside you. A replay of what happened and what he said has you agreeing to the terms of the person behind the screen. It’s not like you want to see him again, even if you did— which you don’t. It’s not safe for you anymore, you know this. Feeling overwhelmed by all of this you find yourself itching for comfort. Yes— Hanging out with your brother helped but you never got to speak about what happened. You could go to your family but they would only make it worse, causing more pain and suffering. Adding salt to the wound. You had no friends or people you could trust, the only person you had was Ran.

    Well, you do have one person. A person who's been kind enough to text you constantly even though you've been ignoring him, you should at least reply.

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    Psst- This story belongs to me. Please do not post anywhere else without permission first. That's illegal ⚖️ Reposts are okay!

    Did someone say Sanzu Arc?

    Again, rushed, my dumbass keeps sleeping past schedule

    Y'all ever been in love and that shit just don't work out? That's the most painful shit ever 😔🚶

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  • kakuchew
    26.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    If Ran isn’t able to fight back with his hands or legs, he’ll just shake his head as fast as he can and hope that his braids slap whoever they can in the face and Rindou will come up as backup and drag his brother away. They’re both screaming— everyone is screaming

    “Rindou, jump!”

    “‘Kay, hold on!”

    *cue flying haitani brothers & men screaming and bolting in different directions*


    “ITS A TRUCK?!”

    “hey, that rhymed”

    “at least we’ll die poets”

    “I’d rather we not die”


    (They also take turns dragging and holding each other to attack. Ran’s trusty baton thirdwheels)

    “Ran, quick, do the THWANG thing!”

    “Right, the THWANG thing!”

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    26.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    So when is Ran gonna come play with my hair and kiss my forehead :/

    #ace speaks (○゚ε゚○) #ran haitani
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    26.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago


    You telling me ran big ol forehead ass was 18 when we first meet him

    And he just straight up beating little kids ass left and right like SIR 🤣SIR THEIR CHILDREN I know they need their asses beat acting a damn fool running amok but you over here handing out concussions

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    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    ⤷ f!reader, overstim, “good girl”, light degradation (??)

    he loves seeing you like this. pretty face all ruined ‘n fucked out with your lips parted— weak moans flowing from your raw throat. you’re all teary-eyed underneath him, clawing at his wrists, it’s so cute. his cute ‘n messy girl, creaming and squeezing around his pretty cock. your cries to “slow down!” go in one ear and out the other. he’s too mesmerized by how your pussy looks taking him all the way in, how warm you are around him— your silky walls hugging him so so tightly. too mesmerized by how good you make him feel. you’re his good girl, his good obedient girl who warms his cock so well. “does my pretty girl want my cum, hm?” he hums, already knowing your answer. the previous loads squelch with each snap of his waist, talking for you. with his thumb snug against your swollen clit, smirk pulling at his lips, he says it— “gonna fill you up ‘till all you can think about is the feeling of my cum inside you. won’t be able to do anything but think about my fucking cock. turn you into my pretty ‘lil sex slave”

    kazutora, ran, draken, wakasa, nahoya, koko, hanma, kakucho, mikey
    #kazutora smut#ran smut #ran haitani smut #draken smut#mikey smut#manjiro smut#wakasa smut#nahoya smut#kokonoi smut#hanma smut#kakucho smut #kazutora x reader #ran x reader #ran haitani x reader #draken x reader #wakasa x reader #nahoya x reader #kokonoi x reader #hanma x reader #kakucho x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers smut #manjiro x reader
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    𝐋𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮

    Akashi "Sanzu" Haruchiyo x Fem!Reader

    Warning: death, violance

    ↳ in which haruchiyo finally found his home, but he realizes this way to late.


    mikey called him a wild horse and he really was. he was also a genius, manipulative and, in other terms, a bad news. but he was also lost, his blue eyes always looking so empty, his glare always so cold. but there was a person who could've read through his vanishing appearance. l/n y/n. she was totally his opposite, eyes always shining and her smile always genuine, unlike haruchiyo's who was a facade.

    she was intriguing, making him follow her around sometimes. when he told her she was an only child, y/n didn't believed him. she simply laughed in his face with her amazing smile and told him that there no need to lie to her, because he was like an open book for her.

    when she stopped him from killing his so called partner, the pinkish haird boy was even more curious about her. he was a mad loyal dog to mikey, but he stopped the moment she stepped in, her h/c covering half of her face.

    "haruchiyo, just because you can that doesn't mean you can take someone's life. no matter which is the reason" she told him that day, even though she knew he will only listen, but won't understand a single thing and will continue with his own actions. "he paid for his actions while he was locked there".

    his blue orbs stared at her, a bored expression playing on his face.

    "you're lucky, you know?" he said after a few seconds of silence. "if you weren't fast enough you could have been dead by now and still... you don't look mad at me for hurting you". His eyes traced her figure to her tiny hands. her left arm was bandaged and on her cheek was a tiny cute, not too deep.

    "i am not mad, haru. I am disappointed even though i know this is how you are, but in two years and half of knowing you, you never acted like this".

    y/n placed her right hand on his head, patting his hair lightly. "i thought you finally found a place for you, but it sims i have to work harder for you to finally find your own way home".

    that was a few months ago. in that moment, haruchiyo was having a hard time. y/n was almost unconscious, held up by south by the hood of her gray hoodie. he couldn't see her face, but he knew it was her; he could recognized her anywhere.

    "so this is you little girlfriend" said ran, hitting his head, for the second time, with the tip of his baton. "don't worry. she was just beaten up a little bit".

    something in him moved at the statement the older haitani did. y/n wasn't his girlfriend, he wasn't even sure if she was his friend or just someone who kept track on his action. but his heart ached at the picture in front of him.

    south let her down, her body hitting the street and making her whine in pain. the tall man took a few steps towards her before hitting her with his foot.

    "what? seems like your precious sanzu won't save you after all"

    the next thing he know is the gunshot he heard and the blood coming out from her chest. that was the moment everyone got silent and the only things that broke the silence being the puring rain and south sadistic laugh. rindou's tight hold on sanzu's arms got lighter, letting the pink haired to go. he barely dragged his feet, tears blurring his view. only when he reached her body he dropped on his knees and, with his warm hands, he cradle her face. this time there was no rosie cheeks, no warm smile, no shining eyes. her eyes were now empty. she was already dead.

    senju and takeomi, his siblings, were watching as his brother suddenly started laughing maniacally, getting up, but with his gaze down, at the h/c girl.

    "you really are something" he said. one of his hands got inside his uniform, and, when he turned around, south stood face to face with a gun, pointing right to his forehead. he heard mikey calling for him to stop, but it sounded more like an afar memory. he pulled the trigger screaming in pain as he shoot the rokuhara member without stopping. his cheeks full with tears, sanzj realized finally that he was home; that she was right.

    he realized how much he loved her when he lost her.

    "you should learn to love yourself and you also should be loved ─ you said. but why didn't you teach me how to live without your love?" he whispered.

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    /don't repost/

    silly little doodle 😹

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    A/N: Okay, okay I know I said I wouldn’t be making another chapter but I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write something like this 😅! So hope you enjoy!

    PART 1 and PART 2

    Now this was an awkward situation you were put in. Was this a mistake or were you truly losing your mind from everything that had already happened. You were with your husbands one moment in your shared penthouse. Relaxing on the couch in your massive living room. Then the next thing you knew the three of you were transported to dessert by a strange portal.

    That’s how you ended up in an all too familiar desert to then see the palace you once resided in. To your shock many of the servants still recognized your face. Cheering they shouted as loud as they could, “THE GODDESS HAS RETURNED!”, making everyone turn towards your direction.

    So what else could you do than to drag Ran and Rindou behind you as a crowd gathers. Only to open a door for the three of hide in. Finding it strangely steamy when you then turned around to see the other versions of you now husbands. Both pharaohs dumbfounded and in shock to see you. Body on full display as you now realized you entered a steamy bath. Their abs on full display, hair down, and towel wrapped around their waist. As you know, not anyone can see that part of the pharaohs unless your the queen. (😏 ehh hem you)

    “Y/N?!”, Pharaoh Ran got up as he didn’t hesitate at all to go to you. Only to then realize that you were hiding behind the back of another version of him. “Please put on some clothes! The Both of You!”, you pleaded, both face and ears turning beet red.

    Ran was quite amused but overall a little envious of the other version of him making you get a reaction out of you like this. Maybe he should try this out sometime?

    Pharaoh Rindou was glaring at the other versions of him and his brother. This was strange indeed. As asked, they clothed themselves then had you and the other them to go to their bedroom. Yup doesn’t look good, as both versions of the brothers were getting all handsy. Pharaohs and Husbands playing tug of war with you.

    “God, please help (ಥ﹏ಥ)”, you begged in your head.

    “It would be nice if you can let go of My Wife”, Ran emphasized as he pulled you near him.

    “You wife? She’s My Queen”, Pharaoh Ran spoke in the same manner.

    Rindou and Pharaoh Rindou eyes were shooting lightning at each other. With you in the middle of the chaos wondering if you would still have arms from how hard they are gripping on it. Without thinking much, you pulled your arms back to your sides. “STOP! IF YOU PULL ANY HARDER I MIGHT BREAK!”.

    “Really that would be nice”, Pharaoh Rindou added with a smirk.

    “Hey don’t fuckin flirt with my Y/N”, Rindou shouted.

    The tension in this room was getting real, but thankfully your savior arrived. A young maid who called for to see whether or not you would like to change your attire into more comfortable ones. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, please now let’s go haha no time to waste if you know what I mean”, following the maid without hesitation.

    You can only hope a war doesn’t start out once you left that room. But there was a war not a physical one but a verbal one. Each brother smacking the other about something that they did with you. You slept with her? So what I bathed with her? You bought her expensive clothes? I dressed her? So many comments that made the other boil in jealousy.

    When you returned, four pairs of eyes shot towards you causing you to tremble for a slight second.

    “Y/N, tell us whose better, your husbands or these dumb idiots”, Ran asked sitting there head on his hand. “Choose wisely”, the other Ran commented.

    Both very intimidating so you sought help from Rindou, they too gave the same aura. Dark and heavy. Be prepared to give a whole speech cause you won’t hear the end of it from the other party. That’s when you started your two hour ramble about who can be better. Luckily both sides got lost half way. Letting out a sigh of relief to see neither of the brothers were infuriated… well not yet at least.

    Ironically, your more worried about the brothers than getting back home. But what else could you do? Nothing. So you just had to live like you did before.

    Little by little, there were mini competitions formed. Who gets fed the most by you? Who gets to hold your hand the longest? Who gets to talk to you the most? Who gets taken care of by you? They kept track, neither brothers willing to lose. Their piercing eyes never left their counter part.

    Worst of all was when it became night time. All wanting to be the that sleeps next to you. But you had other plans. “Okay Ran you sleep with Ran. Rindou you already know, you sleep with Rindou. As for me I shall take refuge in the other spare bedroom. No complaints great! Now goodnight”, running for your life to the bedroom.

    Strange to have someone that looks and acts like you sleep with you. Ran feeling strangely weird to look at himself. The same goes with Rindou. But all shared the same thought. Y/N?!

    So in unison they threw the covers off to rush to your room. Surprisingly you were already dead asleep looking adorable. (To be honest they find you cute no matter what).

    “How cute?”, Pharaoh Rindoj said with so much adoration.

    “Of course, it’s Y/N after all. There’s no one else like her”, Rindou said but this time not in a defensive way.

    Pharaoh Ran seeing how much Bonten Ran and Rindou love couldn’t help feeling extra happy. As much as he and his brother wanted to keep you. Though inside he knew he couldn’t do anything to keep you there no matter what had been done.

    “Hey take care of her when you guys return”, Pharaoh Ran asked.

    “With pleasure”, Ran said happily.

    #tokyo revengers #haitani ran x you #haitani ran x reader #tokyo revengers ran #ran x reader #ran x you #ran x y/n #haitani ran imagines #ran haitani#haitani ran #rindou haitani x you #haitani rindou #haitani rindou x you #rindou x y/n #rindou x you #haitani rindou imagines #haitani rindou x reader #rindou haitani #tokyo revengers rindou #rindou x reader #bonten rindou#tr rindou
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    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


    A smile sweet like no other—should Ran say a word, could it possibly be a sin to interrupt your flow of melodic chuckles? However, he chose to remain quiet, watching you go on about a simple story about your day, and he cursed himself for not paying any attention. No matter, at least your presence was acquainted around his; to be near his beating heart in a rapid pace that was only meant for you.

    “Hey,” you called out, placing your hand on his cheek. His eyes widened, causing his lips to part. Carefully, he placed his hand on yours; with the sweet taste of your lips on the tip of his tongue through the blink of imagination. “You okay? It seems like you are dozing off on me.”

    Ran gently smiled, ends of his lips curved upwards tenderly. “You are just so beautiful,” he chuckled at your shock reaction before watching your head turn away. You attempted to retort your hand away, but Ran refused; only to lock his fingers intertwining with yours. Gradually, slowly, and surely—he keeps his fingers tied together with your own, soon to kiss the fingers for his own lovestruck cathartic release.


    “Not another word, baby,” he sighed with that smile still painted on his face, cheek pressed against your palm. “Let me be in love.”

    tags: for my darling @feralformikey ♡

    #another random drabble #woooo#ran haitani #ran haitani x you #ran haitani x reader #ran haitani x y/n #tokyo revengers x you #tokyo revengers x reader #tokrev x you #tokrev x reader
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    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I’m sorry for tagging this with tokrev tags but I think other authors should also be aware about this. I don’t often go on facebook which is why I never would have seen this but thank you to the person who sent me this. I clearly stated for my work to NOT be copied or reposted anywhere else outside tumblr as I’m not comfortable with that AND because my fics are written by me and no one else. To whoever owns this fb account, if you’re seeing this, I kindly ask you to please take down your post.

    And again, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY WORKS OR ANY ONE ELSE’S WORKS WITHOUT ASKING FOR PERMISSION FIRST! It’s not hard to read fics without having to plagiarize them.

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    it would BE MUCH better from this mf 🙄

    #fuck i hate south #tokyo revengers #daily tokyo revengers #haitani brothers#ran haitani#rindou haitani#south terano #certified south slander #tokyo revengers manga #tokyo revengers fandom #tokrev#daily tokrev
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    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    TW. Yandere TW. Step-cest thing going on

    Yandere Ran and Yandere Rin love their little step sister very much. Your so precious to them- they can’t afford to lose you to any other man. They’ll kill for your love no law will restrict their love for you.

    Though knowing that you actually have a little biological brother and that’s their younger step brother- they love him too but not as much as they love you- Ran and Rin will always try to get your attention away from the youngest brother in the family to have eyes on them only

    Won’t kill their little stepbrother of course that’s not what family is- they just may give their step brother iPads, games or anything to get you alone

    Your spoiled too! With their love and all the money they spend on you, shopping, games, food you name it! They just love you too much to let you be with someone other then them- even if it’s with their own family

    #tw.yandere #tw.dark content #yandere tokyo revengers #yandere tokyo revenger #tw.stepcest #ran haitani#rindou haitani
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  • dejwrites
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    nah, this chapter of sculptures is literally so cute. why isn’t ran real?? the way i wrote him like such a gentleman?? crying & throwing up because it’s so cute yet hot !!

    #deja speaks. #ran haitani #cause he literally such a simp for y/n but don’t want to mix business and pleasure #but he’s slowly cracking under pressure !! #tokyo revengers x reader
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  • chifuyuck
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #rindou smut#ran smut #rindou haitani smut #ran haitani smut #haitani smut #rindou x reader #ran x reader #rindou haitani x reader #ran haitani x reader #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo rev smut #📢NSFW ALPHABET GAME!
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    𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫-𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭

    *All thirsts are NSFW unless stated otherwise.

    Tokyo Revengers

    🥀Ran Haitani

    -> Have my fill

    🥀Haruchiyo Sanzu

    -> Have my fill // sanzu's version (c. soon)

    🥀Taiju Shiba

    -> Taiju's puppy girl

    My Hero Academia

    🥀Katsuki Bakugou

    -> Camp Counsellor Bakugou (thirst)

    -> Fratboy!kiribaku (c.soon)

    🥀Eijirou Kirishima

    -> Fratboy!kiribaku (c.soon)


    🥀Kiyoomi Sakusa

    -> Sit still (c.soon)

    Jujutsu Kaisen

    🥀Yuji Itadori

    -> Respawn (c.soon)


    🥀Shiki Ichinose

    -> Cockwarming (c. soon)

    -> manga: tougen anki

    ©crybabysano 2021 all rights reserved. do not repost, copy, modify, translate, cross-post, or recommend any of my works on any other platform.

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    Ran"now baby I'm too fuckin' grown to teach you how to ride a dick" Haitani

    #honorable mention: smiley #ajdjxkrkclf #ran haitani x reader #tokyo revengers x reader
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    art credit: Nachi2738, momoi060, Bei_Maroro_OP, IKAooi1, uuiuuOO on twt

    like or reblog if you save
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  • alyakashi
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    LOVE ME THE WAY YOU DID BEFORE — ran haitani x reader.

    there are so many things that ran haitani could do, but can one of them take him back to you?

    + tags. romance, heavy angst, hurt/comfort, hurt no comfort, bonten executive!reader, explicit sexual content, marital issues, unresolved issues, misogyny, death, neglect, canon-typical violence, crimes and criminals, drugs, smoking, drinking, illegal activities, 18+

    + status. posting soon !

    + taglist. OPEN — comment below if you want to be added, if you already commented on this post then i've already added you to the taglist. please have your AGE on your bio if you want to be added or i will ignore you. thank you! <3

    + note. so, yeah. i've decided to make this a series :< i will not post the chapters yet cause i'm still planning and polishing things hehe the synopsis is based on the song ghost by megumi acorda, hehe cos u know, it just fits the plot <3 you can also listen to the song in the official playlist! i hope you wait for it. ily all 🤍

    + official playlist by alyakashi (i might add some songs along the way!)

    + series masterlist. — posting soon.

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