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  • bluestarlingbird
    28.11.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Michael (1978) really broke out of Smith's Grove, saw Laurie, and thought: "fuck this bitch in particular 🔪"

    #Dude really wanted her dead #What did she even do bro?? #Was it really cause she walked near your house??? #Mike really loves that house ig #halloween 1978#halloween kills#halloween 2018#michael myers
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  • folkdevilism
    28.11.2021 - 17 minutes ago
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  • anterebic
    28.11.2021 - 18 minutes ago


    #no i didn't start watching black butler bc a sexy sexy dude dressed as ciel phantomhive for halloween #that definitely isn't something i would ever do
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  • ainaardebit
    28.11.2021 - 20 minutes ago
    #I actually got fangs that look a lot like this for Halloween 🤭 #also vaguely feeling like i had a VERY similar necklace from a scholastic book circa middle school hmmmm #ask game
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  • purplemninja
    28.11.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Late LN Halloween drawing.

    Hey, I know that I made this a month late, I got side tracked by University and other distractions for a while, so I apologise for the lateness but here it is.Here is the drawing I wanted to make for the poll I made on Reddit last month asking if I should draw Six dressed up as an Umbreon or Mawile. I'll make a separate drawing of her dressed as a Mawile for those who voted Mawile.

    Also I had RK dressed up as a Gnome as I thought a Nome would be too predictable, but I did draw one on his bag. And the eye-holes on Mono's bag mask gave off some Jason Voorhees vibes to me, so I dressed him up as such. RG is a witch because that's the best I could think of.

    Anyway, I hope you guys like it!

    #little nightmares #very little nightmares #little nightmares 2 #little nightmares six #little nightmares mono #little nightmares runaway kid #little nightmares raincoat girl #Mono#Six#RK#RG#RCG#Runaway Kid#Raincoat Girl#umbreon#jason voorhees#late halloween#gnome#nome#witch
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  • bronyguard
    28.11.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Day 11: Pixie Additional feature 1: Hero

    @discordsparkle‘s Breezie Storm Gale Caduceus.

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  • bitchcuit-queen27
    28.11.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Christmas is close

    #just still wish Halloween wasn’t over
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  • ghostb0o
    28.11.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    LMAO I forgot to post this for like a month

    happy end of the weenie season guys gays and theys

    #Janman was supposed to be a zombie but he just looks like he got into a fight LMAOO #art to shit your pants to #my art#oiefiuwehfgueuerhuer#oc art #my oc art #halloween oc art
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  • neshisam
    28.11.2021 - 55 minutes ago
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  • intomybubble
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    nooo im already emo and i just read the intro to luke’s birthday event

    luke left to uni some weeks before his birthday. before that rosa asked if he would be able to come home to celebrate. she prepared him a surprise that took her a month to save money for, leading her to skip lunch frequently. luke felt hesitant about leaving for uni early since he could just stay and graduate with rosa instead

    but when the day finally came on, he didnt show up. rosa’s parents told her that luke was part of a secret experiment at uni and couldn’t make it, but she still waited for him until dawn hoping he’d still appear ㅠㅠ

    #desiree talks #tears of themis #luke pearce #mihoyo will never give me luke content that wont make me a little sad #ugh its like his halloween card when he and rosa were answering questions about the other #and they realized the stuff they missed out on in each others lives #after sharing years worth of moments together #i hope i dont get a 3 years mention…..
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  • intomybubble
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    nooo im already emo and i just read the intro to luke’s birthday event

    luke left to uni some weeks before his birthday. before that rosa asked if he would be able to come home to celebrate. she prepared him a surprise that took her a month to save money for, leading her to skip lunch frequently. luke felt hesitant about leaving for uni early since he could just stay and graduate with rosa instead

    but when the day finally came on, he didnt show up. rosa’s parents told her that luke was part of a secret experiment at uni and couldn’t make it, but she still waited for him until dawn hoping he’d still appear ㅠㅠ

    #desiree talks #tears of themis #luke pearce #mihoyo will never give me luke content that wont make me a little sad #ugh its like his halloween card when he and rosa were answering questions about the other #and they realized the stuff they missed out on in each others lives #after sharing years worth of moments together #i hope i dont get a 3 years mention…..
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  • hauntedhearse
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I was a witch. Stephen was a prisoner, caught in my love spell. ∞

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  • monopeptide
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    got all the work i wanted to do done...got my candles going...nature is healing

    #my candles are a massachusetts apple cidery one and a mystery black one i got on halloween
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  • callieofasgard
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Michael Meyers & his home.

    only @ spirithalloween.com

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  • stardewey
    28.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Full name: Arachni Webbs

    Birthdate: March 14, 1989

    Age: 32

    Species: Human, but with two extra arms I guess

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Nationality: American

    Likes: Spiders, weaving/knitting/sewing/etc. with her webs, roses, the icons, spending time with her friends, touch, Misha Hollings, Cupid Breaker, Alastor Webbs AKA. her father, etc.

    Dislikes: Being alone, sand, people sneaking up on her, Dolores Webbs AKA. her mother, love ( not that she doesn't want to feel it... she just freaks out and thinks  of every possible thing the person she love might hate about her. Thinking they'll turn her away, etc. she is just very shy about it ), etc.

    Legion: Baccanoid I guess

    Physical Description: Short, around 4'11". She isn't muscular, but isn't skinny either.. around 115 pounds.

    She has long black hair in a bun ( the bun is tied in spider webs because she doesn't have any bands, it's prettier anyway ), green eyes, pale skin which brings to her being a Baccanoid.

    Her ability.. she has four arms, the lower arms can produce webs from the palms of the lower hands. The upper arms though, do not. She wears a long sleeved web like dress that covers her legs and feet, underneath she has just plain black shoes.

    Backstory: Arachni Webbs was born March 14, 1989. She lived in a rickety old house with her parents, Alastor and Dolores Webbs. She was a rather lonely child, being mostly homeschooled by her mother, since she was a retired science teacher that was trying to find cures for certain illnesses, issues, etc. with the use of different venoms and poisons from snakes, bugs, plants,

    Spiders, etc.

    Her father was helping her mother with these projects, which as time went on.. she had started to push her daughter away more and more. At first her mother was helping her her learn anything she could, and then it turned to her only teaching her to shut her up or when she had time, but she had started to have less and less time.. making it where her mother would only teach her about venoms, science, just stuff her mother was doing herself.

    Her mother reluctantly by her father pushing her to do by saying,

    "You should the teaching our daughter something, and something besides what we're doing.. it might be a good idea if we continue on, to let her into a school."

    Her mother reluctantly let her into a public school.

    Arachni didn't have many friends when she first started going to a real school. It wasn't that she with all the other students, it was because of how her family raised her.. she was a rather shy and timid girl. She normally didn't go up and ask someone to be her friend. She'd keep to herself most of the time.

    She only had a spider, one of her mother's spiders of course.. but it was her friend. Her only friend. She'd share her secrets with him, talk to him when she when she feeling sad, just everything. She didn't know why, but she had always had a liking towards spiders. Maybe it was because she saw them so much because her mother when she homeschooled her? She did see them a lot. The name of the spider was Ichabod.

    At some point though.. she did make two new friends. Of course, they talked to her first, due to her not seeking out friendship because of shyness. They were two boys by the names of Cupid Breaker and Misha Hollings, despite Cupid's first name.. he wasn't much of a lady killer though. He was a rule breaker, if you asked if someone wanted to help you put firecrackers in the school toilets and set them off, then he'd be your man.

    Misha, he was a Russia exchange student. He had moved to America, for a better life. By first look, you'd think he was a cold person, but you'd be wrong. He was rather caring, but a bit overprotective. He could break you, and he would if you harmed the people cared for somehow. Though, if you need a shoulder to cry, he'd be there.

    As the years went on.. her Mother ( Dolores ) and her father (Alastor), continued to try and get the project just right. This caused Arachni to think of Cupid, Misha, and even Ichabod.. her spider as her true family. She though was still closer with her father, than her mother since he was the one who thought about letting her into a public school.

    Her friends had started to even help drive her parents to certain areas where they would show off their work, then back to her parents' home. The reason for this was, so they could met the parents and get to know them. At this point.. Arachni had moved in with Cupid and Misha for a few years.

    One day though, only Alastor was the only one going. The drive there was as smooth as can be, but the way back.. it wasn't as much. Cupid was behind the wheel and Arachni's father was in the passenger seat. It was a bit rough at first since they were driving at night, but they didn't notice.. another car was coming towards them. Once they noticed, it was too late. The other car crashed into them.. there was glass and blood everywhere.

    Cupid and Misha managed to survive, but Alastor wasn't as lucky. He had died because of the impact had gave him head trauma. Arachni's father was dead, but it wasn't her friends' fault.. since the other car came towards them first. Dolores, her mother.. on the hand thought it was all their fault.

    Some time after, Arachni had been confused. She hadn't seen Cupid or Misha, even her spider, Ichabod as well. There were missing posters everywhere, but they should have been found by now.. this was all confusing to her. She decided to get her mind of it, and visit Dolores, her mother. This was something she did often just so they could reconnect after Alastor's passing.

    She was inside her mother's home and for some reason smelt a horrid stench from the basement. She reluctantly went down with a spray can, so she could get rid of the smell, but soon dropped it once she got to the bottom. She saw the sight before, the corpses of her friends.. Cupid and Misha. Their bodies looked like spider venom had been shot into them.

    Arachni screamed in horror, how could her mother do this? She knew what kind of venom that was in them, it was Ichabod's.. her spider. Her mother must have kidnapped the three at night while she was asleep.

    She couldn't do much once she felt her mother shot a needle into the side of her neck, with the same venom she used on her friends.

    "I'm sorry dear, but they had to go. They killed him. My love, your father, my helper.. Alastor.. please don't take this personally, I love you, but you I knew you loved them more. If you saw them you'd call the police and tell them everything.

    I can't have you ruining my work, now.. goodnight, my sweet little sister."

    #hhn#HHN art#HHN oc #halloween horror nights #Halloween Horror Nights oc #oc#oc art
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  • fallcrestrpg
    28.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Halloween Party 10/31

    Transcript of Halloween Party below Cut:

    BRAXTON: The beta, being the theatrical man he was, decided to burst open both doors of the diner wide open upon his arrival. "Heyoooo! Brax is here. The party can finally now begin." He laughed as he held out the door for the ladies behind him.

    IZZY: As she walked in after the boisterous man, she was just glad that he somehow managed not to let the door close on her face as he made his usual entrance. “It’s cute you still think the kids wouldn’t have started without you anyway. Though I am glad you decided to wear headgear tonight,” she teased as she carried her girls in

    SKYLAR: The short redhead was enjoying the conversation that was happening at her booth when the loud yet familiar voice caught her attention. Of course, it was Braxton. Even if they had turned up the music, his voice could still be heard. "Oh look, the mini twins are here."

    TOMI: Glancing over at the door a smile spread across her face at the sight. “Oh they are so adorable! And clearly Izzy vetoed Brax on their costume because theirs is much better than Sean and I’s ketchup and mustard matching onesies.”

    Turning back the booth and it’s occupants she looked to her right and then across to Skylar’s right. “You know, when Luke suggested we do matching costumes again, I did not count on them apparently having run out of pants…but thank god for sister wives who are willing to wear skirts,” she laughed, feeling genuine happiness for what felt like the first time in a while. Looking back to her right she added, “Yes Sean, you are the polycule’s brother husband, but” she leaned over a bit to catch the eye of the girl on her brother’s right, “Amaryllis is excused from the polycule because she’s never been under Sky’s charming spell…that we know of.”

    AMARYLLIS: Amaryllis took a quick look at the twins before Tomi mentioned about their old costumes, "If you were ketchup and mustards.. what were they?" She frowned at Braxton's choice of costumes, "If he's that cereal captain guy... I can't imagine what everyone else would've been."

    She turned towards Tomi again and gave a slight frown, "What's a polycule?" She looked from one to the other before her eyes landed on Sean, and realized what it could have meant, "Did everyone have a crush on Sky..?"

    SEAN: He chuckled at the memory of the pictures they still had from their first Halloween. “Brax was a hotdog, and Izzy was a very reluctant burger,” he offered. “Brax has clearly always let his stomach do the thinking when choosing his costumes.”

    At the question of what a polycule was, he glared at Tomi but opted to give her pass because at least she was laughing…even if it was at his expense. “It’s what some polyamorous partners call their group. Obviously here we’re not being literal,” he explained, before her next question made his face match his hair. “In my defense, I was six!”

    EMBRY: "Why am I not surprised that his ideas are based on food? Even his costume this year is a cereal mascot." Embry chuckled as she leaned against her girlfriend.

    She tried to suppress her smile when she saw just how flustered Sean was getting from the simple question before her attention was caught by someone else in the background. "Who's that in that booth over there?"

    EVAN: She hasn't been surprised that the Avaraham-Newton clan had gone for the whole family theme costume bit, but she had been a bit surprised that she'd been included. Regardless, it seemed to have all worked out well since it meant she had less thinking to do about her own costume.

    At the question, she glanced over at the booth Emmy mentioned and then back at Amaryllis, before answering, "Uh, I believe that's Peyton Dawson....who Leo has made sure will be staying at least five feet away from Amaryllis at all times...which by extension means so will Kala."

    AVERY: "Who we checking out, gals and Sean?" Avery arrived late with Maite and had no troubles finding the gang. The girl slipped into one of the other booths, drapping her arms around two of the Scoobie members. It wasn't long until Maite pulled her off so they could sit properly at the booth.

    "Who is this Peyton Dawson and why are we keeping her - and Kala - away from y'all?"

    JULIAN: The merboy couldn't help but pipe up from his spot in the booth the newcomers had just slid into. "Oh, she's Grumpy Cat's alleged sister, and we're trying to make sure everyone has a good time by not having to deal with any drama today. Kala just drew the short-stick and is on babysitter duty," he filled in.

    CATALINA: His cousin looked across the floor and spotted the people her friends were talking about. Although she knew that the girl was seated there because they didn't want her to approach Amaryllis, the mermaid felt bad that she was almost by herself.. and that Kala has to stick by her because of that.

    "Are we allowed to talk to her?" She asked, turning back to the group - not that she was taking sides. Catalina was genuinely curious about the new girl and her nature of wanting to befriend everyone.

    ARTEMIS: The faerie just made a face -which caused her fake glasses to skew and she went to go fix them- before turning to look at her girlfriend and asking, "Since when do you ask for permission before going off to talk to strangers? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a great improvement and I hope it continues, but I'm surprised you didn't make a beeline for their booth as we passed it....babe."

    AVERY: If Avery's smile was anything to go by, the wolf already slipped out of her spot and motioned for the mermaid to join her. "Kitty Cat, let's go say hi!" Yes, she was very much curious about this stranger herself and now that there was someone to join her. With that, the wolf dragged the mermaid by the hand across the floor to their victim guest.

    KALA: She glanced up as she took note of the approaching footsteps, not in the least bit surprised by who they belonged to. "Ladies, how's your evening so far?" she asked, innocently enough knowing full well that she was not the reason for their approach.

    AVERY: "Hi Kala~!" She smiled, also speaking first since Catalina found herself partially hiding behind the taller girl. "Our evening is going very well." Without even asking, the wolf plopped herself next to Kala, an arm around the babysitter. "SO. Who's your date?"

    KALA: Without missing a beat she turned to face the brunette with a saccharine sweet smile and said, "Well it better be you, Rendall. Otherwise, I would recommend the retrieval of your arm in the next three seconds if you plan on it remaining attached and fully functional."

    PEYTON: "Peyton!" She interrupted, hoping that it'd distract either of them from their banter. "I'm Peyton. Dawson. Peyton Dawson." She rambled, "Are you two friends of Kala here? And earlier today, she was telling me that she had no friends." She pointed a look at her guard though her smile remained plastered on her face.

    KALA: Turned to face Peyton, as her elbow rammed up into Avery's armpit to get her to move her arm. She knew the wolf could take it, and her attention was in correcting the girl before them. "No, I said no one had made it to level 20 friend, which these two are more than aware they are from..." she leaned out over the table a bit so she could catch Cat's eye around Avery. "Sorry Cat, I'm not being mean. Avery's just being annoying."

    CATALINA: Since Avery sat down, Catalina just stood by while watching their interaction until Kala spoke directly to her. "What's level 20?" She asked instead since it had caught her attention when Kala corrected Peyton. "Oh. I'm Cat! Catalina, but people call me Cat, you can call me Cat too! It's nice to meet you. I think I'm Kala's friend...?" The mermaid stole a few glances at the dragon shifter.

    TOMI: She chose to make her way over in a bid to make sure Avery didn’t cause any trouble, but also maybe to keep from feeling like a massive 7th wheel in her booth. “Level 20 is an arbitrary standard that someone has to reach to be considered a ‘close friend’,” she offered Cat by way of explanation. “And we’re all Kala’s friends even if not quite level 20 yet.” Turning to the other girl she said, “I’m Tomi. Amaryllis’ sister-in-law.”

    PEYTON: It seemed that everyone was just gathering at their booth as the brunette came to explain on their behalf. Her eyes widened when she introduced herself. "Amaryllis' Sister i- She's married?!" Her eyes were so round as she whipped her head to Kala, "You did not say they were married. Then Sean's her husband.. Oh my god he's my brother-in-law? Then that would mean-" She whipped her head back at Tomi, "You're my sister-i-law too. Well, we would be.. if.. she.. I mean, you get it. Biologically, I'm her sister.. well, half but still.. But you get me."

    KALA: Fixed Tomi with a scowl. “Can you not, this kid is so easily excitable I thought she might have a heart attack at the sight of why mini-twins,” she said before turning back to Peyton. “They’re not married, alright. They just act like it twenty-four-seven.”

    AVERY: "Ooooh, that does mean you're seestra-in-laws!" She laughed as they witness just how excited Peyton was getting. "Anyways, I'm Avery Rendall. The best Rendall out of my sibs if you ask me." She grinned as she offered a hand for the other to shake, "And Kala's right. They're not married... yet but they might as well be. That boy is whipped for you sister not-sister. Anywayyyyys, I guess that the two of you are getting alot real well since.. well, you're not dead." She laughed.

    COL: He seemed to have walked in to the party just at the right time. It seemed that only were people already milling about, but he could run ‘Avery Control’. “Oh, I wouldn’t say you’re the best Rendall, but you’re certainly up there,” he offered, before quickly adding, “I’m Col Rendall, and if you’ll note, that’s only one letter off from ‘cool’.”

    He placed a hand on his sister’s shoulder and began guiding her out of the booth and back in Maite’s direction -best at ‘Avery Control’- “Now come on, no need to make Sean’s life harder by embarrassing him nor your own by pissing off a dragon.”

    SKYLAR: Skylar watched as the Alpha guided his sister back to her girlfriend, almost laughing at how quickly Avery had gone to snuggle with Maite. Of course, she wasn't going to poke fun because the whole group seemed to be very convinced that the short red-head was whipped for her roommate.

    "Did you get help on your costume? Pretty sick, Col." Everyone's costumes were nice. Hers, not so much but that had been her consequence from having a fight with Dallas and not wanting her mother to find out.

    COL: He watched as his sister was immediately drawn to her girlfriend like a magnet. Perfect ‘Avery Control’. Turning his head to the next booth, it took quite the effort to keep himself from breaking down in laughter at the sight of a talking Stay Pufft balloon.

    “Uh, thanks,” he managed, “Yeah a little. Kieran was cool enough to use her 3D printer for the symbiote half. I see you took one for the team…?” Or at least he guessed. His attention was then pulled away by the sound of his brother at the karaoke mic. “Oh no. I need to run interference. Have fun guys”

    KEAGAN: Keagan who had been spending majority of her time catching up with her old friends, looked towards the stage when Braxton was heard speaking with the mic. "Oh no. Who gave him the mic?" While she was gone for a while now and if her memory served her right, Braxton should not be allowed to do Karaoke night. Ever.

    LUKE: She couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. Watching the alpha of the town pack revert back to older brother mode to wrestle with Brax over the mic. "Oh come on! Let him get it out of his system!" she called out, receiving more than one scowl from the group around her. "What? If he gets it done early he won't spend the entire rest of the night trying to get back up there."

    ALEJA: "I've never heard him sing." She glanced around the diner, only to find that most of the reaction of finding out Brax was on stage was more or less the same - various levels of dread. The faerie sworn someone even snuck out the door to avoid listening to what was going to happen. "He can't be that bad, is he?"

    BLAKE: "Consider yourself lucky," she replied from her spot next to the faerie. Blake made to stand, adjusting her coat and fake sideburns as she made her way up to the mic herself. "Braxton Walker Rendall, as your Alpha I order you to stop this nonsense right now," she growled out in her deepest voice. She ignored the look the actual Alpha was sending her way, and continued to scowl through her fake mascara five o'clock shadow. "This party is for people to have a good time."

    BRAXTON: It was clearly not Col's voice so when he looked down, he couldn't help but laugh. "Oh my god. Are you dressed as my brother for Halloween? Shit. Do you see that, Col?!" He laughed as he looked at the real Alpha, pointing to the fake one. "And I'm totally here to provide people a good time! Blake, it has to be karaoke night today. Come onnnnnn." On that note, Braxton dove into his first verse, singing out as passionately as he could.

    HUNTER: It had taken her a bit longer than expected to clean up the bakery after having made the treats for tonight, but Hunter was nothing short of ecstatic for the evening. Not only were they hitting up a hunt with the Ghoul Boys later, but she'd managed to get Sage to help her with her hair for her costume. Shane had called dibs on Kevin and luckily Ryan was a good sport to round things off with Abby.

    No sooner had she stepped in the diner, than she bee-lined it up to the karaoke setup to join Brax as they belted out, Brutal -in a fashion that totally fit the title of the song- "Where's my fucking teenage dream!!!"

    SAGE: Honestly, she was surprised she was even invited. However, if she was going to tag along, she might as well keep an eye on Hunter. Though she would never vocally admit it, she definitely had a soft spot for the other. Slipping onto one of the empty stools by the counters, she watched as the rest of Fallcrest interact with each other. It was almost impressive that she could hide her wince when her sister's voice blasted through the speakers along with the enthusiastic gym owner. "Someone should turn the speakers down before they break it.."

    MICK: Glancing up from her own spot at the counter, all the Sheriff could do was shake her head and say, "I tried to get Ray to just bar the use of the karaoke machine all together, but apparently it was part of the package when Blake rented out the place....really wish it hadn't been." She took full advantage of her costume to grimace without remorse at the pair currently on the mic.

    SAGE: Startled by the echo-y voice next to her, Sage actually took a moment to see if she could guess. "....Who are you?" How did she not even notice the other person until now? The mask wasn't giving her any clues to who this was either. Before she could think further, she winced yet again when Hunter and Braxton got to the parts where they had to sing together, making it twice as loud.

    MICK: She was taken aback by the question, before it dawned on her that her costume left little guessing room. "Sorry, it's just me," she said, as she removed the mask. As she shook her head a bit to get her hair back under control she caught sight of Ayden. "Oi! I'm holding you and Blake personally responsible for any hearing loss I suffer due to this."

    AYDEN: At her name, she spun around to find the Sheriff complaining to her about Braxton and Hunter finding their way to the microphones. "We all expected this to happen when Ray refused to take away the system." She laughed, "Let him be, Mick. It's been a while since his last karaoke. Didn't Col limit his 'karaoke privileges' to be like.. once a year?"

    OLIVER: Having just come in at the tail-end of things, the Mayor simply said, "An effort was made." He adjusted his Wolf Lodge Fitness tank and short-shorts, wondering how he allowed Blake to talk him into this costume, before adding, "But I believe he then threatened to just do daily sessions in his own home and the kids all begged Col to take it back."

    SAGE: While the others were talking about Braxton's situation, she was just staring at the Mayor as she tried to figure out what his costume was supposed to be. "Mr. Adams, are you supposed to be the owner of Wolf Lodge?"

    OLIVER: "Oh, you can call me Ollie," he offered with a smile. "And yes, unfortunately. My cousin tends to have this way of convincing people to do things...Anyway, she figured if she was the elder Rendall brother, I should take on the younger...I do wonder if she somehow managed to get Hartley to be the youngest Rendall..."

    HARTLEY: As if on cue, Hartley came up to the group with her drink in hand. "I cannot hear anything over them." The vampire was yelling, "I also don't remember the song being this long!" Although she sounded like she was complaining, Hartley had a smile on her face as she was just happy to be here.

    TOMI: She had come up to the counter with the intention of getting a drink, but when faced with what had to be the ultimate take on Brax and Aves, she immediately grabbed them both they hand and ran them both over to their booths. "GUYS! I found my aunt and uncle! I love them!"

    MAITE: She looked up, confused because she was cuddling with Avery so what was Tomi going on about? A laugh escaped her when she realized what those costumes were. "Oh my god, babe. That's you!"

    ERIN: She knew she probably shouldn't, but also felt a bit guilty about being heavy-handed on the teasing earlier with Sky, so from her spot she called out to Avery as well, "Yeah babe it's you! ...except she actually seems to be able to go two seconds without koaling up to Maite."

    AVERY: Avery's mouth dropped at the sight of the Mayor and Hartley pretending to be her brother and herself. "Uh... " She didn't know what to say even with all the teasing coming from her friends. It was also clear that Blake was the one to rope them into the group costumes. "How.. wha..?" She turned to Erin, "Excuse you, there is nothing wrong with wanting to cuddle with my girlfriend. Go cuddle with your marshmallow balloon." Turning back to the teacher, Avery grinned, "Hart, come here. We neeeeeed a selfie."

    TOMI: Her face betrayed her a bit more than she would've liked at the statement of cuddling with girlfriends, so before she did anything to bring the mood down or even let her own mood sink any further, she opted to take a step away. "Oh! Wait, let me go grab Blake, Brax, and Col and you guys can do a group shot too!" It was a lame excuse, but it worked.

    She made quick work of rounding up her uncle Col and Blake, and then went over to Brax. "Brax! Come with us we're taking a picture and you're gonna love it!"

    BRAXTON: "Taking pictures? Sure." Without missing a beat, Braxton gave his mic to someone else as he walked past them. Once he got to the table, it sank in as to why they wanted the pictures. The beta cracked up, and he threw his arms around Ollie. "Yo~! Ollie, my man!" He laughed, "I didn't know you were going to be me for Halloween. I must say, I'm honoured. But, buddy, I know I would totally make it work but I don't wear headbands."

    OLIVER: Glanced up at the sound of his ‘inspiration’s voice. “Oh I think you mean, you don’t wear them anymore. Blake’s got receipts man. She’s the one who made sure we were all on point with our attire tonight,” he grinned. “I mean look at her! She’s gone full method,” he laughed at his cousin pretending to diagnose Tomi

    SKYLAR: Skylar looked over at Blake pretending to be the Alpha and she also had to laugh, almost doubling over onto Erin. "I can't believe she's got the sideburns going. I... am so tempted to just rip them off real fast like a bandaid though."

    LUKE: Almost as if reading her niece's mind, Luke had managed to evade Keagan's attempts to keep her seated and trailed off after the lot of Rendall and pseudo-Rendalls. She waited until the very moment that they were snapping the pick to come up behind Blake and ripping off the sideburns. As the older woman's yelp was immortalized in a digital image, the younger redhead made a dash to hope over the counter, and using it as cover to make her way back over to their own booth.

    "I come back with the spoils of my victory," she laughed as she dangled the limp sideburns.

    KEAGAN: Keagan just let out a sigh when Luke escaped to go mess with Blake. Of course, she didn't try very hard since it'd be impossible to stop her anyways so the wold just watched it happen. "Blake might kill you and I will let it happen." She chuckled as she grabbed a fry from her plate.

    LUKE: Shaking her head, she just sighed in defeat and said, "I always knew I'd only ever be able to depend on myself to have my back," she held up a hand to stop Hunter before she even spoke, "Hunter, you were willing to let a crow peck at my face rather possibly hurt it by shooing it away."

    She instead made her way over to the now empty seat next to Aleja. "You're the only one who I know will save me, Ale. If only to keep your Gluten-Free from committing murder."

    ALEJA: The faerie chuckled when she saw Blake coming after Luke. And before her girlfriend can reach her target, Aleja reached out and took her hand with the hopes of diverting her attention.

    "Blake, come sit with me." She laughed  when she saw the woman was missing one of her sideburns. Her hand raised up to gently touch the aggressively red spot. "You okay?"

    BLAKE: The older redhead could only pout as she was effectively guided away from the culprit. She lent into the touch and continued to pout as she said, "I would love nothing more than to say she'd never have had the guts to do something like that to the real Col, but I know unfortunately know Slenderlady better than that."

    She did reach out and take back her sideburn though, and placed back in place. "I would also like to think that you're just showing off for the Buzzfeed crew, but you're just a little shit all around. Keagan, if you ever need a place to escape her from just let me know."

    KEAGAN: "Did the Buzzfeed team even know about this party?" Keagan looked over to the ghoul brothers who seemed to be roped into some sort of shenanigans with the other townsfolk. "But I'll keep your offer in mind. For now, I think I'll be sticking around the Benson cabin for a while." It didn't slip her notice to how easily Aleja got Blake to give up her pursuit.

    "How did you even get Ollie and Hartley to dress up as the Rendalls sibs?"

    BLAKE: She got the look on her that clearly indicated she was about to say something 'smart' about Keagan's adamant decision to stay at the cabin, but one look from the faerie beside her rethinking what she actually managed to say. "Oh, well if you're looking on sticking around a bit longer, Bosslady, you might want to hit up the Sheriff. Her chief Deputy spot just opened up and she may be looking for someone with your kind of experience."

    She glanced over at the mentioned pair, "They're practically my little brother and sister. All I really had to do was ask...Hartley was easier to convince than Ollie, but I think that was because of the short-shorts."

    SKYLAR: The girl who wanted another with Blake because her sideburns were just hilarious, skipped over to their booths, only to catch what Blake suggested. Her eyes widened and she immediately slipped around to where her mother was sitting. "You're going to be the new Deputy? Is she going to be the new Deputy?"

    LUKE: If looks could kill, Aleja would be a very sad newly-single gal right now, and if the look on Blake's face was anything to go by, she knew it too. The last thing Luke wanted was for her niece to get her hopes up about her mom being able to stick around only to have them crushed...again. "Well, Mini-me, I think that's something that would still need to be determined by both the Sheriff and your mom's boss, so as exciting as the idea is, we should probably hold off on baking her a congratulations cake...or you know, having Hunter bake one anyway." She offered the girl a wink and small smirk, before turning back to Blake.

    "But you know what, all of this working together to help each other out is giving some nostalgic feels..." she trailed off, the look of fear on Blake's face letting her know the other knew exactly what her punishment would now  be. "Brax! Col! Ollie! We should get the 'band' back together! Blake is all for it!" And with that she ran to meet the guys at the karaoke setup with a reluctant Blake in tow

    BRAXTON: "Yesssssssssssssss!" He jumped from his spot and dragged his brother and Ollie up onto the stage with him. "I've been waiting for this! Haha." When he got to the karaoke machine, he scrolled through the song list until he saw what he was looking for. Clicking on it, he smiled wildly when the song started playing on the speakers.

    ERIN: She had taken off after her balloon, and had made it just as Luke was trying to let Sky down as gently as she could manage -which considering Luke's tact with other news, was surprisingly well done. As the older woman had taken off to the karaoke mics with the others, the taller girl wrapped her arms awkwardly around her little marshmallow. "Is this going to be bad? Is she going to sound like Brax when it gets to her part too?"

    SKYLAR: Over the years, she learned not to get her hopes up too early on, but still, she'd be lying if she said she wasn't slightly disappointed that it wasn't confirmed if her mother was going to stay in town for good. But then the change of topic was welcomed. "Oh. I can't really say for the rest of them but Luke's pretty good at singing. Shocking, I know but she is."

    HUNTER: She had been keeping the Buzzfeed crew fairly entertained while they counted down to when they were meant to start heading off to the old FC Sanitarium. It had been surprisingly easy to do once alcohol was involved. It did seem that they were keen on getting some B-roll while at the party. Managing to get to the booth as her friend took off she glances at the fun-size version and said, “Ooh, do you think we should do music content for the channel? She’s always kind of vague about it, but I know you guys have a music room in the cabin no? Maybe we can incorporate music into how we channel spirits!”

    KEAGAN: "Music content? Like a band?" She glanced around the place, "Last I recall, a lot of us plays an instrument so maybe you can rope them in to help out?" Keagan was sure there was at least a band within each group of friends. On the topic of channeling ghost, she decided to keep quiet since she had nothing to say about that.

    IZZY: She was honestly surprised at how well behaved the twins had been the entire evening, though she had to admit it helped that they were constantly fascinated by the costumes and, were currently being kept even busier playing with Levi and the canines of the group in the 'kids' area they'd set up.

    Turning her attention back to the conversation she let out a chuckle and said, "She's got Mini-Me and the Tornado Twins to round out the band for the Spooky Sisters. If anything, I think the biggest hurdle will be them figuring out who plays what since Luke has been more than happy to indulge these chaotic trio in learning whatever instrument they pick up."

    ALEJA: "I had no idea that they were so versatile in the musical field. That is talent. I cannot play anything for the life of me and trust me, I've tried. My music teachers were not happy to hear me perform." She was impressed to discover that the kids had learned every instrument that they wanted. "Well, at least it looks there's a chance for your channel to have music. Although I'm not sure what sort of music goes along with channeling ghosts.. other than the spooky vibes."

    Her eyes dropped to her drink and realized hers was empty. "Okay. I need another drink, I'm going to grab myself one - does anyone else want something?" She eased herself out of the booth without needing anyone else to move out of the way for her.

    LUKE: After indulging their surprisingly involved audience with two 'encores' -all of which Luke found a way to avoid doing much- she took a peek at her watch and caught as one of the BF producers signaled they should get going.

    Hopping off the stage, she beelined it to where her she'd left her 'pack' and slipped it on as she then went down the line giving good-bye kisses: Her lil balloon, the balloon's GF, the GF's sister wife, the sister wife's twin brother, and the balloon's mom. She stopped short of giving one to Hunter, instead just grabbing her by the scruff as she called back, "We're off to the Sanitarium. If you don't see us in over 24 hours, please don't be dumb and look for us, just assume nature has taken its course gottagobyeeeee!"

    AYDEN: Ayden's eyes followed as the two sped off before she looked back at he stage. "And then there were four." She chuckled, "Maybe we should pull them off the stage to give everyone's hearing a rest." Getting up from her seat, she made her way over to the remaining members and waved at the Alpha, hoping the rest would follow. "Come on, let's give someone else the chance to sing?"

    COL: He has been hesitant to ‘regroup’, as it were, but once on stage it was like the nostalgia of it all took over and he found himself genuinely enjoying their old dumb routines.

    Col didn’t put up a fight as Ayden guided him off. “Yeah well, everyone knows the group was never the same after Justin anyway,” he grumbled before smiling at the shifter. “I am glad to see that my moves still have the exact same effect on you as they did back in the day.”

    AVERY: Avery spotted her brother being guided off the stage and had to chuckle, shaking against her girlfriend who looked at her curiously. "Oi Col!" She called out from her spot, ignoring the sigh she heard from Maite who already figured out what she might say. "Stop flirting. That still hadn't work as they did back in the day either!"

    BLAKE: She had made quick work of following the Alpha of stage and had made her way over to where her own girlfriend was getting drinks. Never one to miss an opportunity to mess with either of her friends, she called out, “Oh come on, Aves! It’s not Col and Brax’s fault you clearly inherited all of the Rendall family genes that help you get a girl.”

    BRAXTON: His head popped up from the crowd when he heard his name, "Hey!" He grabbed his drink and stood in the halfway point between his sister and his friend. "I can totally get a girl! I just choose to stay single. Zat is the difference, Emmerson! Don't lump me with Col." He laughed before finding his way back to the group again to sling his arm around someone.

    IZZY: She shrugged off the man’s arm almost immediately after it made contact. “Well I’m glad to see that you’re obviously back to your usual, full-health self after I picked your ass off the forest floor,” she began, “Clearly rising solo is working wonders for you, and with your choice of costume you’ve absolutely guaranteed your choice is respected.”

    EMBRY: She had been watching group from their own booth for a while now - both Avery and Braxton had been loud enough to catch her attention and it wasn't soon after she looked over that she saw Izzy shrug off the man's arm without a hint of hesitation. "...Is she okay?" She whispered to her right out of curiosity since it wasn't often that she saw Izzy be upset with Braxton.

    SEAN: He couldn’t help the look of disappointment that crossed his face almost as soon as Brax opened his mouth. Sean loved the man and the sense of a father figure he brought to his and Tomi’s lives, but now that he was older, there were things even he couldn’t just let slide.

    He caught the same look pass across his twin’s face and when Embry asked after Izzy, all he could do was shake his head. “Not really, no. She’s really been doing her best, but Brax has been completely oblivious to the things he says way more than usual lately. I think she’ll probably be staying back at the ranch for a while.”

    AMARYLLIS: Amaryllis was as unimpressed with Braxton as she ever was. While he was friendly, he was just too much to handle - and idiotic. This situation proved just as much. However, the shifter continued to take bites from her appetizers in front of her. "More than usual?" She almost snorted at that. "Please." Amaryllis muttered under breath, almost rolling her eyes at that. Braxton was either intentionally being an asshole, or he was just that dumb.

    "... Which will mean her kids are coming with.." She still had no idea how to deal with those children. They seemed to love having Amaryllis around but the brunette did not share the sentiments. "Can anyone just go hit him?"

    TOMI: She knew better than to try and go after Izzy right now, so instead she’d gone over to Sean. Even she had to agree with Amaryllis this time as she let out a wry chuckle.

    “Yeah, I know you’re not exactly their biggest fan, Ryllie, but they’re harmless. If nothing else, I’m sure Sean and I can find ways to help Izzy keep them out of your fur,” she said with a tired smile. The past few days had really just been a lot. “If you’re volunteering, by all means. I would offer, but he’d probably remind me I’m ‘fragile’.”

    EMBRY: "Isn't it a be a better idea to let him know?" Embry couldn't help but feel sorry for the older Irwin. "Are we sure that he really doesn't know?" She asked, looking over at Braxton who seemed to either be ignoring all the looks or just oblivious to them.

    "... He really just.. doesn't say the smartest things, does he?" Everyone was equally disappointed in the Beta.

    EVAN: The older girl could understand her girlfriend’s concern, but having grown up with these same folks, she herself had better grasp of where the others were coming from.

    “Izzy is a grown woman and has never been one to mince words. I’m sure if it’s come to this, it’s because she’s already made an attempt to address the matter. That being said, Brax is also an adult and I’m sure Izzy doesn’t feel that she should have to spell it out for him if he’s just not willing to make an effort to read the writing, ya know.”

    AVERY: The youngest Rendall had decided that it was a very good time to retreat from that table and guide her girlfriend back to her group of friends. When she came back, she caught the end bits of the discussions. "Knowing Izzy? She could have straight up told him point blank and my brother probably will still be an dumbass." She rolled her eyes as she sat back in her spot, bringing Maite onto her lap.

    "I feel bad for your sister. She's amazing and everything.. why did it have to be my brother?"

    SEAN: He just shrugged, not really knowing what the right words be in this situation anyway. At her question though he just said, "I think if there's one thing almost everyone at this party can agree on -in some form or fashion- it's that we don't really get to choose who fall for. We just get to decide what actions we take to deal with it, and for now I think Izzy's decision -and best option really- is space."

    SKYLAR: The balloon led her taller girlfriend back to their scooby gang because she really did not want to be at the table with Braxton after that. "Yeah and that beta of ours really doesn't make the smartest decisions most the time. Didn't they say that it was because he decided to go after Old Man Grey without a plan which was why he got that headache when he came back?" She shrugged, "Using his head is really not his forte unfortunately."

    "On a different note, I really want to get out of this costume. It's really hot in here, did you know that?" The shorter red-headed wolf complained as she readjusted her balloon suit.

    MICK: She had been enjoying her time and conversation with the restaurant owner so much that were it not for the other woman's sister making a point to run back into the diner and give her a kiss goodbye, Mick wouldn't have even noticed what time it was.

    The Sheriff politely excused herself, remembering there had been an actual point to her having accepted the invite. She spotted the usual group of kids and made her way over just in time to hear the unmistakable voice of Luke Jr. coming from a semi-deflated balloon. "Oi, Tiny Terror, think you can point me in the direction of your mom?" she asked. She began heading in the indicated direction before adding, "And if you plan on taking that thing off you better be wearing something else underneath or else you're leaving with me for indecent exposure."

    KEAGAN: If it weren't for Ayden physically pulling her away, Keagan would have given the Beta a few more smacks in the back in the head because he clearly deserved it even though he was being painfully ignorant at the moment. Her attention was eventually being diverted by the rest of the gang who decided to change topics. And for the better because now she was deeply engaged in this new conversation.

    It was just in the corner of her eyes that she spotted this large shadow and although she knew she was in a safe space - Keagan had spent so long in the field that her natural instinct to be on alert at all times still kicked in. Turning around abruptly, it wasn't until she realized what she was looking at that she stopped herself from accidentally taking down her friend. "Your outfit has so much creep factor to it." She sighed as she visibly relaxed back in her seat. "Aren't you hot with that mask?"

    MICK: Not that the sight of Braxton getting smacked around wasn't entertaining, but Mick was rather relieved to see when Keagan's attention was focused elsewhere before she was forced to intervene. Not because of Brax, but because she'd rather have a word with the woman while she wasn't in the midst of attacking her beta.

    It made her chuckle to see how keen the HSI agent's instincts still were, and only served to reaffirm that her decision was in the right. "Well, I've been told I'm even hotter without it so..." she laughed before nodding to have the woman follow her a bit aways. "I've been meaning to get a word in. I'm sure it's no surprise that the home office keeps contact with the department, considering we've had your subordinate enmeshed in out town for quite a while now," she began, "They made mention of considering a reassignment for you as well, and I have to say, you made quite the impression at the Council Meeting. Speak of which, I'm sure I don't have to over state just how imperative it is that we have a new Chief Deputy as soon as possible. Of course, I'd remiss if I didn't mention that pretty much any assignment of a supernatural HSI Agent to Fallcrest, tends to be pretty permanent...." she pulled out a badge from within her cloak. "So, what do you say? Does Chief Deputy Keagan Benson have a ring to it?"

    KEAGAN: Keagan had no idea what to expect when Mick asked to speak to her privately. While Blake did suggest it earlier, she didn't think she was actually going to be offered the job within the day. While it was no surprise that their departments kept in touch, she didn't think that they were also considering Keagan herself to be reassigned to Fallcrest. "I didn't do much at the meeting except antagonize Old Man Grey." The wolf was clearly still sour that she didn't knock the man out when she could.

    Her eyes dropped down to the badge, though she didn't take it right away. Without a doubt, there were more pros than cons in taking this role. "You really want me to be your new Chief Deputy?" She chuckled, "Are you sure?" In the end, she took the badge and slowly ran her thumb over it. "I'm assuming that my boss already expected me to stay here when I mentioned I was coming home for my break." She chuckled before offering a hand towards the Sheriff, "Then I guess we'll be working with each other more often now."

    MICK: Couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at the woman’s observation. “Well, you certainly managed to deal with the old fart far better than that beta of yours did,” she said, nodding her head in the man’s direction. “But seriously, you had some really great observations and were one of the first to begin trying to set up a plan for what’s to come. If I’m to be completely honest, I’d offer you my job but it’s kind of a blood-in-blood-out kind of thing.”

    Mick removed her mask and gave a definitive nod. “I would honestly be honored to have you join my squad. Your track record speaks for itself and it certainly helps to know that you have ties to the people in the town itself.” Taking the offered hand she gave it firm shake before stating, “Your Tiny Terror looks like her costume suddenly filled with helium with how ready to run over she is.”

    KEAGAN: "Brax seems to have lost even more braincells after that day." She rolled her eyes, mood dampered slightly at the mention of her beta. "Mick, even if it weren't, I wouldn't dare to replace you. You're a good sheriff from what I hear. You did good at the meeting too. I simply added my two cents in."

    Keagan smiled when the sheriff started listing off the pros of hiring her. "The honour's mine. Honestly, I didn't think I'd actually be offered the job. I thought Blake was kidding." Her eyes trailed over to where her daughter was and indeed, Skylar was definitely itching to come over here. Bless Erin for keeping her daughter from bolting over here before the conversation even ended. Keagan didn't want to disappoint the shortest member the Scooby gang. "I guess she noticed I took the job." She chuckle, "Maybe I should head over before she self-combust." Her feet was already leading herself over to the table though she did turn around without stopping a beat, "Thanks, Mick. Really." It really was more than simply offering her a new job.

    MICK: “As long he manages to find them for when it matters, I suppose the rest is unfortunately just collateral damage,” she noted. Mick was never really one to feel any credit was due to herself, constantly feeling like she was just reacting to the chaos around her, but she offered the other woman a courteous smile nonetheless. “Town’s managed to give a girl some experience.”

    The Sheriff gave a light laugh. “I can’t say I won’t miss the added benefit of your predecessor’s knack for mixing tech and magic, but something tells me you’re more than suited for the job as it is.” As her new Deputy began to head to her kid, Mick nodded and said, “Don’t thank me yet. Now you’re stuck with the spastic giant. I’ll see you at the office tomorrow. Ten sharp.” And with that she headed back to her place at the counter

    SKYLAR: n had been talking with her friends when the sight of her mother following the sheriff caught her attention. With Blake's earlier remarks, the wolf got excited but at the same time didn't want to raise her hopes up which was why she didn't say anything. Unfortunately, that just had her distracted the whole time.

    And Sky definitely eavesdropped on the conversation once the badge was pulled out. "Oh my god, oh my god" she wanted to just run over at that moment if her girlfriend's arms weren't around her.

    "I think mom's the new deputy. Oh my god. She's staying. Guys, she's staying."

    ERIN: She was almost certain that if Sky wasn't encompassed in the balloon, there would have been absolutely no way she'd have been able to keep a hold on her. Obviously the witch didn't fault the younger woman, but it also would likely not make the best of first impressions on her mother's new boss if the redhead just ran up to them mid-conversation.

    When she finally saw Keagan making her way over, she let go of her Balloon so she could go up to her mom and turned to raise her glass up to the rest of the gang. "Cheers to the new Deputy!"

    KEAGAN: She laughed when she saw the balloon was finally released and charged towards her. The mother wolf held her ground when her daughter literally jumped into her arms - regardless of her size, Keagan carried her back towards the table where all the kids were.

    "Thanks, everyone." She smiled as she dropped her daughter back on the ground before pulling her in for a side hug, planting a brief kiss on the crown of Sky's head. "I guess I'll be staying in town from here on out."

    TOMI: She couldn't help but feel happy for her best friend. Tomi knew how close to her mom Skylar had always been and how much it had hurt her to have to say good-bye so often. The sight of Kegan carrying around a Stay Pufft balloon also helped. She lifted her own cup along with the others at Erin's call for a toast.

    But, as was proving to be the most emotionally exhausting of trends, it seemed that her happiness just wasn't meant to last. "Fuck," she whispered as the sound of the diner door made her look over only to catch sight of her, "Dad?"

    BRAXTON: His eyes narrowed the moment he smelled James coming onto the property. And there he was at the door. While the man was still part of the pack, it wasn't news to anyone that James didn't like any of the Rendalls. And it was almost like a habit that Braxton go up from his spot to physically block James from the rest of the crowd. "James, I didn't think Halloween parties were your thing." It might be a polite way of asking why the fuck he was here.

    JAMES: l little meeting they'd had caused quite a few of the werewolf's carefully placed chess pieces to be taken out of play quite quickly and in one fell swoop. With Old Man Grey's nefarious actions now under the microscope, it was really only a matter of time before his own actions came under scrutiny, and even he wasn't brazen enough to believe he'd get away with any of them, truth be told.

    But as he made his into the diner, knowing full-well he was unwelcome by more than just a few people in attendance, he knew that if he was going down, it wouldn't be without a fight. Even if it was just a metaphorical one... "Well, it can't be said that one of the requirements to help lead a pack is wit...obviously. Come up with that dig all on your own did you?"

    KEAGAN: She would love nothing more than to continue to hug her daughter but as of late, their beta hadn't been making the wisest decisions. With a sigh, she walked up and stood by Braxton. "What he meant is it's not often we see you join us, James." She also didn't want the unwelcomed guest to get near any of the kids.

    "What brings you here?" As much as she disliked him, there wasn't a hint of hostility nor sarcasm in her question as she was genuinely curious about his visit.

    JAMES: He took a step back and raised his hands up to show he meant no harm. It was true, after all. At least in a physical sense. James also knew that where he could easily outsmart Braxton if it came to a fight, he wasn't stupid enough to think it wouldn't escalate to include both Keagan and the rest of the present pack. Besides, he had a part to play at the moment...

    When he lifted his hands, it was clear he held a small gift-wrapped item in his right. He shook it as a way to lead into his answer to the woman's question. "Work kept me away for my baby girl's big one-eight, and well, Luke has made sure I don't really come near here while I'm in town -which I honestly can't say I haven't earned-" He paused, as if overcome, before bringing both hands to close around the item and adding, "She came in wailing into my life on 10/13 at 10:13am, and from that very moment I knew that there was a fire in that girl. It may dim, it may waver, but it will never be put out." He knew he was loud enough to be heard by his 'daughter'. "Her mother knew that, even before she was actually born. Tomi Auckland Oliver-Yamada. Her mother's daughter and," he held the item to Keagan, "The proper owner of her mother's journal...if you'd be so kind as to let her have it, of course."

    KEAGAN: Every hair on her arms probably rose as she cringed at James' theatrics. However, regardless if it's his character or not, it was almost second nature for Keagan to be wary of everything that James did. Her eyes narrowed with every word the man spoke. And when the book was taken out, Keagan only looked down at it before turning around towards Tomi.

    She wasn't even aware that Kimiko left behind a journal, and that it was in James' hands. Taking the book, she took a quick look at the cover, flipping it over to the back to do the same as she walked over to the youngest member of the group. "Here, Tomi."

    JAMES: He was glad that although it was clear that Keagan was wary of him -and the woman had every reason to be, in al honesty- that she was at the very least, moved enough by the memory of her late friend to take the journal and hand it over to Tomi anyhow.

    He offered the girl a genuine smile, one he knew would more than likely haunt her nightmares rather place her at ease, but now that the 'seed' had been planted firmly in the kid's hands, his final 'fuck you, Brax' was complete. "I'll go ahead and take my leave. Let you all enjoy the rest of the evening. I'll be out of your hair again my dawn." And with that he turned to leave

    BRAXTON: Braxton didn't move from his spot the entire time since he didn't trust James to not do anything. However, to his surprise, the older Oliver was more civil this time around. He watched until James wasn't even in the parking lot anymore before he moved from his spot.

    His eyes wandered to the younger girl who now had the book, wondering what Kimi had left behind for her daughter. If the book had come from James himself, he would personally throw it out. "Are you going to read it now, kiddo?"

    TOMI: Her father's entire performance was surreal enough on its own, but past experience had her anxiety flaring to the point where she dare not even breath too loud for fear of bringing about some disaster that might end in her friends' night being completely ruined. She managed a meek 'Thank you, Aunty K' when the journal was handed to her, but her eyes never left the man. She would never really feel safe until he was out of town once more, but she prayed for his exit from the diner at least to be quick. That last smile almost broke her, but the thought of already having everyone's attention was enough to help keep her together.

    Once he left, she finally got a chance to really look down at the leather-bound journal now in her hands. It was faux leather -of course, she thought- and just a glance she could tell that it was something that had been used a lot. Braxton's voice broke her focus, as seeing him reminded her that they were all still collectively miffed at the beta. "No, I think I'll wait until I'm on my own for that. Unlike some folks, I can read a room just as well as I can read words."

    BRAXTON: He blanked at the answer Tomi gave him. The tone made him look around the room, only to spot a few similar expressions pointed towards him. "Oh. Right. Yeah. You do you." For the first time tonight, he finally did feel embarrassed. The cold shoulder did throw him off guard for a moment there.

    Taking a few steps back into the center of the diner, he looked around for his best friend also did have a simliar tone. Putting two and two together, Izzy may or may not be upset with him.

    He eventually found Izzy and decided to walk towards her. "...Hey." He took off his obnoxious hat, clutching it in his hands as he approached the other. "You uh.. got a minute?"

    IZZY: She had actually found the company of the other mothers to be a rather welcome change. Keagan was great, but her little one -though still technically little- was obviously more on par with her twin tornados than her tiny twins right now. Having them around to discuss things that still seemed to relate to the younger spectrum of kids was nice.

    Her mood took slight dive at the sound of her friend's voice, but she was polite enough to still respond. "I do, but I'll be honest with you Braxton Walker, my tolerance for your act of 'Mr. Cool' is running pretty low tonight."

    BRAXTON: Yes, Izzy has made it very clear that she was not happy with him. Braxton really should have known the moment Izzy walked away from him back there. No wonder everyone was giving him that look. He did give feel a wave of relief when she wasn't mad enough to stop talking to him altogether.

    "Yeah.. I know... but uh.. Can we talk? Please?" He didn't dare to shift his focus anywhere else because Izzy is his priority right now.

    IZZY: She turned to both politely excuse herself from the conversation she’d been in and to ask if the pair minded keeping an eye on her girls. Once reassured they’d be fine, she followed the man to a more private area.

    “So, what would you like to talk about that you suddenly find yourself unwilling to just announce it to the entire diner?”

    BRAXTON: He ran his hand through his hair, gripping onto a handful of hair as he thought through his words. After a moment, he released it along with a sigh. "I'm sorry, Iz." He began with an apology. "I may have been acting like an asshole." He paused, "I did - well, am? was? Um. Okay, I did a very asshole thing." He was tripping over his words. "And.. And I'm sorry for hurting you."

    IZZY: She took a moment to allow herself to think through and process Brax’s ‘apology’. The last thing she wanted was to have her own reaction cause the fissure in their friendship to widen.

    “Well, you are correct, in so far as to say that you have been acting like an asshole,” she began, before letting out a resigned sigh and just asking, “But do you even know what it is that hurt me? Because of you don’t, this apology is useless because you’re probably just going to do it again.”

    BRAXTON:  that Tomi had just passive-aggressively said, along with Izzy's very own words a while ago - on top of the things that had been said over time and the reactions to it - Braxton had an idea. "When I publicly announced that um.." He looked down to the ground in shame, "Well, you do always say I keep running from my fear of responsibilities which.. my actions just then sorta proved it.. again." He looked up at Izzy, "Iz, you're my best friend.. and I don't know what'd I'd do if things gets messed up between us."

    IZZY: She could only offer him a sympathetic look. Izzy knew Braxton well enough to know that there wasn't a malicious bone in his body, but she also knew that he'd essentially conditioned himself into this exceedingly aloof person, and after so many years it just seemed to almost make him callous in a way to certain things.

    It was an exceedingly conflicting situation to find herself in, and at this very moment she didn't feel she had the energy to properly think everything through. "That's what make this so ironic, isn't it? You don't know what you'd do if things got messed up between us, and yet here we are. Even after all the times I tried to politely address this with you, still felt the need to remind everyone within earshot that you were just a free-spirited dude that didn't like to have attachments and responsibilities, all the while your friend, who is a newly single-mom with two babies and living in your house, is standing right behind you..." She reached up and gently stroked his face before pulling her hand back and saying, "I think the best course of action for now is to go ahead and give you the space you seem to want, and honestly, that I need. So I'll be heading back to the ranch with the girls tonight, and go pick up my stuff tomorrow"

    BRAXTON: Braxton knew he screwed up, and while he didn't want this rift between them, he wanted to respect Izzy's decision so he simply nodded at the end of it. "I'm really sorry, Iz.." He apologized again before giving distance between them. While the party was still going on, the beta felt that maybe he should excuse himself for the night. "...Will we be alright?" He couldn't help but ask before he fully walked away. His friend was right though. Despite his efforts to keep things as they are, his fear eventually happened and frankly, he had no idea how to fix this.

    IZZY: “I know,” she replied, because it was true. If anyone understood he genuinely felt regret, it was her. When he turned around, it took her a moment to answer and when she did, it was the most honest she could ever be: “I certainly hope so.”

    BRAXTON: With a defeated sigh, he turned to continue his way out, taking out his phone to leave a message in his siblings' group chat that he was going to call it a night before slipping out of the diner as quiet as he could - quite the opposite of how his entrance was hours ago.

    SEAN: His attention had been split three ways: His twin to ensure she was okay after her prick of a dad showed up, their older sister as she had a word with Brax and returned on her own, and Amaryllis as she dealt with the fact her sister was just a few booths away.

    He relaxed only slightly as he watched Izzy make her way back to the other moms and her girls, relatively okay. “I think tonight turned out be way more eventful than we planned for…which tracks.”

    AMARYLLIS: She hadn't budged from the spot since arriving to this party and she had observed so many things since then. Amaryllis couldn't help but give her boyfriend an odd look when he said that things were more eventful tonight as if there was a day of peace in this town. "Just tonight? I wish it was just one night." She rolled her eyes. "It's like the universe is constantly telling us to never have a get together but we just keep ignoring it."

    ARTEMIS: "In all fairness, I think you'd be considered a little bias in regards to what message it is that the universe is trying to send Miss-I'm-Allergic-to-People," Artie teased. "Besides, it's not just get togethers. This town is just fucking bonkers on its own. There's a powerful magical source in our forest that half the town doesn't even knows exists, yet it's been the cause of just about every recent major 'weather' disaster."

    AVERY: "And yet it's home to everyone." She snorted, "What was it that Aunt Blake always say? Born in Fallcrest, Die in Fallcrest? That really should be the slogan of this town because no one leaves." She stuck a thumb out towards Skylar, "Even her mom, who did leave.. is now back. Permanently." She turned to Keagan, who was still there. "Love that you're here though." It was clear she wasn't complaining in the slightest. "Anyways, there's never a dull moment, that's for sure."

    TOMI: She was about to make a remark about how not all that were born in Fallcrest should be allowed to return, when the diner door's bell caught her attention. Tomi was already on edge with James' sudden appearance, and for a second she felt her stomach drop thinking he'd opted to return after Brax had decided to leave.

    To her relief, the sight at the door was definitely not her father. "Speaking of never having a dull moment," she said by way of getting the gang's attention to look at their new arrival. "Seems like the surprises just keep coming."

    DEVIN: When she first learned that her daughter had not only skipped school but also skipped town entirely, she was livid. Devin knew why and where Peyton went because she had been telling both her husband and herself all about her discoveries ever since she learned that she had a sister somewhere out there. It wasn't long after when she received a call from someone who reported that Peyton was in Fallcrest which was pretty much why she was here in the first place.

    Stepping through the doors of the diner with her husband in tow, it seemed that everyone's attention was already on her before she even said anything. Her senses honed in onto her daughter however she take a step forward and simply gave her a stern look.

    KALA: When the miraculous happenstance of Peyton Dawson suddenly falling silent and still coincided with the new arrivals, Kala turned to take a look. Glancing between the blonde and the man behind her, it didn't take genius to sort out who they were. Immediately her brain went back to mission mode, now aware that she had to keep all three members of the family away from her friend.

    Thinking on her feet, she stood as if she were about to swap to sit next to Peyton, stopping short when the woman approached the booth. This placed her physically between them and Amaryllis. "Oh darn, and I was just about to cave and accept your offer to dance to," she said with a faux look of disappointment.

    PEYTON: l of her parents did render her speechless, almost wanting to shrink down and meet into her seat if she could. However, Kala's next words had her brain working again. "Wait, you really willing to dance with me?" Her eyes grew large again but for a whole different reason as she looked towards her parents without saying a word. It was an eye battle between the puppy eyes and the daggers her mom was giving her.

    Eventually, the silence was killing her and Peyton had to talk, "This is my new friend and I would really, really like to dance with her, mom."

    Honestly, if her sister had wanted to talk with her, she'd bring attention to Amaryllis first but considering that everyone in town is not letting that happen until the older girl said yes, Peyton opted for this instead.

    KALA:  knew almost as soon as the words had left her mouth, that she would likely come to regret it. Granted, beggars can't be choosers, and she was limited in the ways she could address this current situation without it escalating. Turning to face Peyton she simply said, "Yeah, I mean I figured one dance couldn't hurt. But, with our new guests, I can't really let my boss see me slacking, ya know. I mean, if they wanted to head over to the Radcliffe and meet us there..."

    OCTAVIUS: He came from behind his wife to give his daughter a hug. "You worried us, sweetie." He chuckled when he noticed that Devin hasn't budged from her spot. "She's worried too, you know. You can't just run off like that. Without telling us either!" He sighed as he turned his attention to Peyton's new friend. "It's nice to meet you Kala, thanks for keeping an eye on her. She just constantly gets herself into trouble but I'm sure that comes from no surprise." He offered his hand, "I'm Octavius and this is my wife, Devin."

    At the mention of the dance and Kala wanting them to head to the Radcliffe instead, he led his wife into the booth. "Just one dance won't work, right? Peyton's made a new friend despite the circumstances so let's just give her the one dance. She's safe and sound too." He looked over to his wife who only rolled her eyes, probably silently scolding him for spoiling her.

    LEO: er had already been making her way over to the group as soon as the diner door had sounded. She was close enough to catch the majority of the exchange to see that it was clear the couple wouldn't be leaving soon. So she stepped in. Kala would just have to hate her for it later. "Go on, Kala. I'll be sure to keep the Dawsons company in the meantime."

    Sliding into the booth on the opposite side of the table, the woman introduced herself. "I'm Leo Avraham, owner of the Radcliffe. We've been in touch about Peyton already, though I must say I wasn't expecting you until at least tomorrow morning at the earliest."

    DEVIN: Devin watched her daughter become more excited by the second when Kala was told to go dance for a bit. She really was her husband's daughter, there was no doubt there at all. She then focused her attention to the woman in front of them, who turned out to be the Leo they had been speaking to. "Yes, the trip went a lot smoother than we thought." They had predicted a lot more traffic than there actually was. "And I may have driven faster than I should've... Who's to say? A pleasure to finally put a face to the name. I'm Devin, as you may already know, this is Octavius."

    SEAN: It really didn't take long for the entire booth -and the one next over- to have figured out who it was that had just arrived. It was made even more glaringly obvious by the fact that Leo herself was taking the place of Kala in keeping them on the opposite side of the diner.

    Glancing over to his girlfriend, he offered her a soft and reassuring smile as he offered, "We can head out if you'd like? Call it a night."

    AMARYLLIS: Her eyes haven't left the blonde woman ever since she stepped in the diner. It was painfully obvious that this was her biological mother. Peyton clearly took after the father but even Amaryllis could tell that she took after her mother herself. "That's.." her attention bounced between her boyfriend and her mom. She had been adamant not to meet any of her family members but now that they were all here, the cat shifter was at a lost.

    Despite her efforts of claiming that she didn't care, she still felt anger towards the woman who abandoned her but at the same time, she was curious. "I don't..Know?"

    SEAN: He couldn't begin to imagine the conflicted feelings that Amaryllis would be feeling right now, but he would damn well do his best to help her work her way through them as best as he could manage. "Yeah, that would be her," he finished for her.

    Not even bothering to spare another glance back, he simply reached down to grab onto her hand and gently squeezed in an attempt to give her some sort of grounding. "It's alright. She's over there, and you're right here with me. You can think on it, there's no rush. If you happen to decide that you would like to approach her, I'd be more than happy to go with you."

    AVERY: "Or...." The youngest Rendall decided to pipe up, "If you want to plan murder, we can also do that too!" That definitely deserved the smack in the head that her girlfriend decided to give her. "Ah. I'm just saying. If you want to get angry, we'll get angry with you." She chuckled, "But I guess the bean's suggestion is better. Smarter. But just remember, if you want help burying people, we be down."

    TOMI: “Not that I think Aunty K has forgotten your lovely sense of humor Aves, but she legit just got her badge and you’re already offering murder options right in front of her salad,” she exclaimed, before looking over at Amaryllis. “We can all go over together as well, if that would help. You’re one of us, and have been for a while now. If you need your fam to back you up, we’re on it.”

    AMARYLLIS: She could barely register what everyone was saying but she figured that they were saying that they got her back which wasn't surprising at all considering who this group was. "...What would I even say?" She glanced over the other table again, "It doesn't even seem like she noticed I'm here - or maybe she doesn't know who I am?"

    SEAN: “I think you could always start off with your name, and maybe take a moment to ask her the question or questions you’ve always wanted to know the answer to? She made a choice that affected your entire life, I think it’s only fair you get to dictate how this conversation goes,” he offered

    AMARYLLIS: "...Right." She took several breaths because she was much more anxious than she thought. Her mother was in town - albeit only here to pick up their impulsive daughter, but still here nonetheless. Amaryllis hated that she was curious about the woman who abandoned her.

    Although she still hadn't figured out how she wanted to start the conversation at all, Amaryllis got up from her seat and waited til Sean was still with her before making her way towards the booth. They were only halfway when her feet stopped. Thank god Sean was a wolf because the amount of strength she was using to grip his hand might injure a mundane.

    SEAN: He kept his pace measured and purposely a step behind the brunette, not wanting to make her feel like she was being rushed or pushed in any way. They made a collective effort as the extended family that they had all become to make sure that this was all on her terms, and he wasn't going to risk ruining that for her now.

    When she stopped, he dutifully came to a stop beside her. Sean briefly wondered how such small, dainty hands could manage to have the strength to have crushed any other man's larger calloused one, but didn't pay it too much mind. Instead he lent down and reassured her, "This is your moment to have or to not. There is no point at which it will ever be too late for us to walk away if you feel that's the better choice for you, okay?"

    AMARYLLIS: Not that she was feeling anymore courageous as she was when she divided to walk towards the booth, Amaryllis continued the rest of the way until she stood in front of them. Well, more so, approached Leo's side of the bench than her mother's. The girl stilled as she took in the older woman's appearance.

    LEO: It was apparent that Amaryllis was more than a fair bit in over her head at the moment. When Embry had been to meet her birth mother, she'd had a support system in Leo herself and the half-demon felt that there was no reason why she shouldn't lend that same support to Amaryllis now.

    "These are some of my daughter's best friends," she began by way of facilitating the introductions. "Sean Irwin, and Amaryllis Flynn."

    DEVIN: It didn't take long for Devin to notice just who was approaching them. Her eyes stayed on the brunette, wrapping her mind around the fact that this was her daughter - the one she never thought she'd see again. Her husband was smiling as he always did. Somehow both Dawsons were more eager and excited to meet Amaryllis where as Devin was internally freaking out herself.

    "Hi." She found her voice when she felt a small nudge from her husband. "I'm Devin." She introduced again, not sure what she's supposed to say to her nor did she feel like she had the right to ask for anything. Not only that, she was clearly the outsider due to the fact that her daughter had so many people protecting her.

    AMARYLLIS: "Hi..." She spoke quietly. How does one go about this? Needless to say, she was freaking out and it was Sean's grip on her that she hadn't already bolted out of her. "...I hear that there's a chance that.. you're my mother - according to that kid over there." She had no idea what she was doing but regardless, she looked out to her supposed half-sister who seemed to be thrilled that she got to dance with Kala.

    PEYTON: She was very surprised when Kala actually joined her on the dance floor. Of course, she was very aware that part of it was so that they could keep an eye on everyone to avoid Amaryllis from coming across any of them. However, as they were dancing, she couldn't help but notice her sister making her way to her parents. "Oh my god, Kala! Kala look!" She would have shook the other if she wasn't also scared of Kala also killing her for being annoying. "They're talking." If one could even discribe it as that.

    KALA: It wasn't necessarily something she tended to make public knowledge, but in this moment she guessed it was best to know how to dance as opposed to not. That didn't mean that she wouldn't be griping about this to both Leo and Andy come morning. Especially when her dance partner suddenly went spastic on her again and was all in a tiff over the exchange of glances between her mother and Amaryllis. "Is that what they're doing?"

    PEYTON: "Well, I mean sort of.. My dad hasn't said anything which I get since this is about them. But at least Amaryllis went up to her right? She didn't even want to see me when I came. I like to think this is an improvement. And like, they did say a few words. Which is more than I expected okay? Oh my god, I have been waiting for this to happen. I know I should be regretting causing so much trouble but part of me... isn't. Like you don't even know. My mom is legit nervous right now."

    KALA: "Is she?" came the question, and though her tone as full of doubt her training had her keyed in on the fact the woman actually was. Asking questions just seemed to be the most effective way to keep from having to talk while still keeping the girl -still very much in her personal space- from becoming upset...for whatever reason extroverts functioned like they did.

    PEYTON: She couldn't help but laugh aloud at that. "I get it. My mom doesn't look like it but I guarantee you that she is. After all, she had an idea why I'm here. If she wasn't nervous, dad wouldn't be here. Either she'd come here herself OR she'd send dad here alone." She shrugged, "I told you that she wanted to meet Amaryllis."

    KALA: Even as she rolled her eyes an amused smile tugged at her lips at the sound of the girl laughing. If asked, she would definitely blame the -minimal- amounts of alcohol that she had managed to consume, but it one could almost say Peyton was growing on her....almost. "Well, it seems that the main concern for my friend is now being actively addressed, which means that you are now technically free to go do as you please....with whoever else you please."

    PEYTON: She rounded back to Kala, almost surprised by what she said, "Wait." Her smile did fall at that, "Are you getting rid of me now that Amaryllis approached my parents first? Which I understand was the whole point of keeping us away until then but.. I didn't think you'd try to get rid of me." Granted, she lowkey thought Kala would just up and walk away without a word so it was already a surprise that the other was letting her know. "Mm.... But I like hanging out with you though?"

    KALA: hunter simply made a face that indicated that was exactly what she was doing, and that it really shouldn't be a surprise. It was the last bit that caused her to actually react more as her eyes widened slightly and she said, "Jesus H. Christ, you can't just go around saying things like that when the most annoying person on the planet has super hearing is like a stone's throw from us as it is." She ventured a glance in Avery's direction before relenting and just saying, "Come on. I can at least walk over there with you....I guess"

    MAITE: Ever since Avery decided to have her sit in her lap, Maite found it to be a very good way to keep her girlfriend at bay. Especially now when Kala was making her way to their booth along with Peyton. Her girlfriend was almost determined to poke at the dragon but Maite gave her a warning look. She really didn't want Avery to die by Kala's hands today. "Hi." She greeted, "You must be Peyton. We've heard about you."

    KALA: "Excellent! So you guys know who this is, a handful already got to introduce yourselves, the rest can feel free to so now or whatever and, uh, my job here is done. I'm going to get enjoy the rest of my now lukewarm beer. Have fun kids."

    AVERY: Clearly this wolf just couldn't help herself. It took a lot to hold back when she heard Peyton saying that she liked hanging out with the dragon despite all the complaints. "Wow, your date really could not wait to rid of you." She snorted, "But it's okay! You can hang with us. Well, until... your sister.. comes back I guess? Nothing personal though but I have no idea how that conversation is going because they were having some sort of eye contact showdown the last I checked."

    KALA: Her back wasn't even fully turned to the group before she was turning back around to fully face the very girl she'd been attempting not to have to confront anymore this night. "Okay, I get now," she began before Peyton even had a chance to respond herself. "It's not that Braxton lacks the ability to read a fucking room or is too braindead to care if what he says will affect anyone because in the end it's his need to feel witty and aloof that matters, it just happens to be a genetic trait."

    She made sure to lock eyes with Avery so her point came across clear. "Do you genuinely think that someone whose family is in the active process of going through a pretty major change would find any of what you just said funny, let alone reassuring, in any capacity?"

    AVERY: her back straighten up as she held her hands up as a symbol of surrender. "Look, shit. I'm sorry, that came out wrong. I wasn't trying to gaslight anything. I just figured she might be nervous about coming here.. when we're all friends with her sister. So it might be like, weird or whatever so I thought I'd keep it light. Of course, I am now very aware I said the wrong thing to which I apologize." She looked over to Peyton. "And as my brain caught up with me, and sorta just thought aloud about what might happen if - and I swear I'm not trying to jinx this - if the conversation. I swear, I'm not poking fun at the situation at all." Unlike Brax, Avery actually looked apologetic after she said what she said. "...In hind sight, I shouldn't have had said anything at all, should I?" She couldn't help but groan at her own stupidity.

    KALA: “In hindsight, your focus should be on thinking about what you’re going to say, before you say it.” Her tone was stern, but even the partial shift that had been part of her costume was gone as she looked at the youngest Rendall. “There’s a big difference between taking the piss and pissing someone the fuck off and not knowing the difference can lead to fuck ups at best and very dangerous situations at worst. Each of you -yes that includes you Avery- is the closest thing I have to actual friends…maybe even family, and without getting all sentimental or whatever, it’s fucking infuriating to realize when one of you has decided to stop using the thing between your ears. Especially in this town. Now, let’s take it from top. Peyton, these are the ragtag bunch collectively known as the Scoobies. They’ve managed to do right by your sister, I know they can do the same for you.”

    EMBRY: "I'm Embry..." She decided that maybe someone else besides Avery should speak. "And like Kala said, we're friends of your sister but you are also more than welcome to join us too." She threw a look at the older wolf, who seemed to just be staring at Kala with a look close to awe. Probably becAuse Kala considered her as a friend.

    EVAN: old, the only thing keeping Evan from pulling a stunt similar to Avery’s but the wolf’s own expense was that Emmy was right there, and that girl had quickly become the demon’s main source of impulse control. Instead she smiled at the newcomer and introduced herself as well. “I’m Evan, and I think Kala just broke a few folks by calling them friends….they’re going to make it weird.”

    SKYLAR: n who was still very attached to the new Deputy, as well as her own girlfriend perked up her head. "I'm Sky - Skylar but everyone calls me Sky." She waved, "I'd take off my costume but it'd deflate so.. I kinda need to keep it on." She lied, actually wondering if her mom believed her or not.

    ERIN: It took everything in her not to laugh at the excuse Sky gave for not taking off her costume, and even she ended up having to play of a snort as a sneeze. “Excuse me,” she said with a smile. “I’m Erin, I’m actually fairly new to the team myself but I can vouch that they’re a very welcoming sort. If any crew can, usually, make you feel welcome, it’s this one.”

    KEAGAN: While she didn't know what Sky was hiding, Keagan only guessed that she was hiding something. And if Luke or Erin didn't say anything about it, it wasn't anything too alarming. While she wasn't actually part of this group, her daughter refused to let her go. "I'm Keagan, mother to this balloon over here. I am just trapped here by her if I'm honest." She joked which received an offended gasp from Skylar.

    ARTEMIS: “Don’t let her fool you,” Artie began warningly, “She’s also the new Chief Deputy. Better keep the straight and narrow around that one…or well, maybe not-so-straight.” She laughed at her own joke before a look from Erin made her stop and just add, “I’m Artemis, but everyone calls me Artie.”

    CATALINA: "You already know who I am!" She chuckled before wrapping her arms around Artemis, "Don't worry about getting into trouble though." She giggled, "I think Avery and Artie would get into more trouble before anyone else in this group." She looked up at her girlfriend and gave a chaste kiss on her cheek. "We still love them though."

    JULIAN: "I'm Julian! I'm Cat's cousin, and we technically have another older cousin, Fernanda, but she's like the consummate professional of the family so she's actually doing the whole 'reasonable bedtime' thing for work tomorrow instead of having fun. I swear she's in her 20s."

    MAITE: "I'm Maite, this idiot's girlfriend." She sighed, looking over to Avery. "Really, don't mind a word she says. She usually knows better than this. Anyways, come sit. We can make room." She was willing to kick Avery out of the booth and make her stand so that Peyton will have room.

    TOMI: "And I'm your sister-in-law, as we established earlier," she chuckled. "And also walking proof that this bunch is hard pressed to let their issues with one person affect a relative." Tomi glanced over Kala, "I mean, as much as a I appreciate our friend Kala's attempt to hide her face so I'm not reminded of her idiot twin, it's not necessary. Long story, but Kala was also my sister-in-law up until recently." Suddenly feeling a bit like she overshared, she added, "You know, I think I'm going to go check on the mini-twins for a little bit. Enjoy!"

    PEYTON: Her eyes widened at the new information, and it was clear she wanted to say something but she waited until Tomi walked off before she eventually burst. "You have a twin??? You didn't tell me you had a sister!" She turned to the group, "Finding out things about Kala is like a treasure hunt. Just tidbits at a time."

    ARTEMIS: She scoffed, "You're telling us. She and Dallas have been in town for almost two years now and if it weren't for the fact they have the same freaking face, I highly doubt any of us would have even considered the idea that they may just be related. Also, I don't even know if I can tell you what Kala's full name is."

    AVERY: Avery, who had been quiet for this entire time, finally spoke up again, "You consider me as your friend?" Her face was absolutely glowing with delight as she pulled her girlfriend in for a tight hug, squealing at the fact. "Oh! And yes, we wouldn't have known they'd be sisters if it weren't for their faces. The two barely talks about the other either. But if you really want to take a peek at her, you'll find her at the club. She's the DJ there."

    KALA: She had half a mind to follow after Tomi and make sure she was okay, but felt that leaving Peyton alone with access to all of the Scoobies and their collective 'one' braincell was a terrible idea. "Yes, I have a twin sister. Her name is Dallas, and she's a DJ," she provided, effectively repeating information others had already mentioned. Turning to face Avery all she could do was say, "You make me regret my life choices."

    EMBRY: When she saw that Tomi left the table again, she silently excused herself too - though it seemed that a few of their members were too invested about Kala and Dallas to even notice. The blonde went over to where Tomi was - though Obie also thought it was a good idea to join them. Scooping him up, she littered soft kisses all over him. "Hey." She spoke softly once she sat next to Tomi. "How are you holding up?"

    TOMI: Although her intention had been to be distracted by babies, MJ decided he was the only baby she needed as soon as she set foot in the 'kiddie area'. And he wasn't wrong. She was in the midst of enjoying his show of unconditional snuggles, when Embry joined in the party.

    "I'm alright. Just got a bit embarrassed that I was airing my personal business in front of the new kid....which I suppose in itself wouldn't have been a big deal normally, but it's been an eventful night," she chuckled.

    EMBRY: n understatement. Embry never felt so many tense moments within a few hours of a party. If any past events were to compare, this Halloween party took the cake. "I mean.. of all things to happen tonight.. Peyton probably won't mind. But speaking of everything tonight.. are you sure you're okay?" While she wasn't completely in the know, she was aware that Mr. Oliver was very unwelcomed in this circle of people.

    TOMI: t drew a small laugh from her, as Embry was right. In the grand scheme of things, Peyton was likely to be more engrossed in whatever else than the fact Tomi shared her own drama. The question made the laugh trickle down, her focus going back to the collie in her lap. "Yeah, he's gone now and hopefully he'll gone out for town for another while longer after that. Regardless, I'm eighteen now, and I'm staying at the Cabin  so even if he sticks around I won't have to see him."

    She glanced back up in time to watch as Evan swiftly stepped in to intercept the tiny blonde boy that had been running at them and how he quickly had his attention diverted. "Looks like you might have some competition for your new 'older' and 'mature' girlfriend," she teased.

    EMBRY: Mr. Oliver was definitely someone she'd never ever want to be in the same room in, and she for sure didn't want Tomi to be alone with him for any longer than she already had been. "Well.. We should do like.. a sleepover one day, at the cabin." She suggested, "I'd say all girls night but ... we're literally all girls except for Sean and we can't leave him out." She chuckled.

    Looking up, she saw that her girlfriend had graciously dealt with her brother so that he didn't interrupt this conversation. "That's what I've been telling her! I basically have to share my girlfriend with Levi." The wolf complained but held no malice in her words. Her brother had easily become her entire world, and to see everyone interact with him just warmed her heart. "Thankfully I have Obie here."

    TOMI: that spread across her face at the suggestion could probably only be described as radiant. “OMG that’s such a great idea, but honestly I’m more hype about the fact that it’s you who’s suggesting it! Emmy! You’ve gone from barely talking to any of us to suggesting a sleepover?! I might genuinely cry!”

    At her words she couldn’t help but laugh as she thought back to Sky’s texts from the other night. “Well something tells me sharing your new girlfriend with your little brother is better than being ‘cockblocked’ by your dog. Or at least Sky made it sound like it was torture so…”

    EMBRY: "I.. you're exaggerating." She chuckled softly. It wasn't that she didn't want to be friends with any of them, she just didn't know she was going to stay here permanently this time around. The last time she set down roots in this town, she was abruptly moved out of town within the year. "Just let us know when you want it.. I guess we'll have to ask Luke and Keagan too since they'll be there."

    Her eyes looked back to the booth where their friends were, "Is that what's been happening? I thought Sky likes having MJ around? I was about to say that the rest of us have dogs too, but .. Obie has Bullet as company."

    TOMI: "I'm definitely not, and I have witnesses that will back me up," she replied, but relented and said, "But we understood. Trust us, we were probably just as happy as you were to find out you were going to get to stay for the long haul." At the mention of her current hosts' names she took a peek at her cell. "Oh, speak of the devil, Luke just sent me a text that they're on their way back to the diner, so I'm guessing things went well for them. Aunty K will likely just ask that any couples be split up once 'bedtime' rolls around."

    Tomi just laughed and said, "To quote her 'Erin has a favorite puppy and it's not me', so as much as she loves her cousin-son, I think this dude is probably going to be going back with us to the cabin tonight." She paused for a moment before looking over at Embry mischievously. "So what exactly do you and Evan get up to while Obie and Bullet are keeping each other company then?"

    EMBRY: It took a while to get Embry out of her shell, but she was grateful of the time and effort that everyone, especially Leo, gave for it to happen. "Or for everyone to be in the same room... Anyways, do you think they caught any "evidence" for their ghost stuff?"

    Embry had to let out a laugh. Her friend was a Lot more spoiled than she thought - although that shouldn't come as a surprise considering how she acts with Luke and Keagan. "Is MJ hogging up Erin's attention? Aww. I guess that's why she's been sulking lately." Her face had a subtle hue of red as Tomi teased her, but instead of falling into prey, the blonde simply replied, "We hang out with my baby brother most of the time. Either we're sharing my girlfriend.. or I seriously have to fight my brother which is not happening."

    TOMI: "Oh, I think I'll probably wait a bit until the basement is finished then or we might all end up sleeping in the living room to fit the whole squad," she mused allowed. At the question, she just nodded and said, "Oh I know they did. It may not exactly be the most genuine or irrefutable evidence, but it'll be enough to keep the humans happy. I only know because she roped me into helping her set stuff up. I think she was really just trying to keep me from staying in bed all day and listening to Taylor Swift."

    She glanced back down at the dog and said, "I mean can you blame her? MJ is clearly the better red." The blush was definitely telling, but Tomi wasn't about to push either. "Oh you'll probably end up fighting him eventually. Brothers are like that."

    EMBRY: "Isn't the basement still like.. I thought they haven't started with the basement at all." It sounded like the sleepover is going to be postponed for a long while. Embry gave an apologetic look to her friend, knowing that she had been feeling down ever since the break up. "Well, for what it's worth, I'm glad that you aren't either - staying in your bed listening to Taylor Swift."

    Embry managed to keep herself from laughing because at that moment, the other red head was staring in their direction with wide eyes. "I..Think she heard." Embry chuckled, "I really don't think I'd fight with him.." But this was just based on her own personality.

    TOMI: “They like, tore part of it down before Sky moved out, but I think we can make do with the living room. That carpet is hella nice.” It was honestly hard to believe that the two redheads had managed to transform the cabin, and she had been a part of it. She laughed again, finding that she’d managed to that a lot tonight all things considered. “Thanks, I think you’re a much better blonde to have as company.”

    Tomi knew for a fact that Skylar heard, because the wolf had a knack for keeping an ear out for her name. “I’m sure she did, because she’s a nosy furball,” she said knowing her friend would catch it. “All siblings fight, it’s not a bad thing. Just means you’re both individuals who don’t always agree. So you know, human.”

    SKYLAR: n, who had heard her name, was flabbergasted at what Tomi was saying even though she knew it wasn't out of all seriousness. She made her way over and plopped herself down next to the girls. "Excuse me? Did I hear that not only am I not Erin's favourite, I'm also not anyone else's favourite? The betrayal!" She gasped, "The two people I trusted."

    TOMI: It was honestly a bit of a miracle that Erin and Keagan had managed to keep Skylar away from them for as long as they had. “You did. And you know why? Cause you’re a have problem with eavesdropping. Luke told me all about the spirit box she has to keep around,” Tomi was quick to shoot back. “Everyone knows you trust more than two people you overdramatic little shit.”

    SKYLAR: "Look, I wouldn't be keeping an ear out if people would just stop talking about me." She rolled her eyes, "You see, Embry?! I listened in and already, I hear that I'm the least favourite of both my girlfriend and my *best *friend."

    The blonde, to her credit, just wanted nothing to do with this conversation. Granted, Skylar usually only keeps an ear out when she was worried about something - much like now, when she couldn't help but be worried about Tomi after how the night went, and the girl was already upset about Dallas.

    With a sigh, she dropped her theatrics, and probably looked at Tomi to see if she was actually doing better than before. Reaching out, she just rubbed the taller girl on the arm to silently tell her that she's here if she ever wanted to talk.

    EMBRY: She sat there watching the two women exchange banters, and as funny as it was to see, Embry was just existing for the most part.

    It wasn't until she noticed her brother eventually escaping from Evan and ran towards her. Not wanting him to interrupt, she got up from her spot and met up with him mid-way to lift him into her arms. "Hey, I thought you were playing with Evan?"

    Levi: He didn’t fully process he was no longer on solid ground until he heard his sister talking. “I am! She sent me- she sent me for help! I have to get Batg- Batyou, because she’s under attack from da twin terrahs!”

    EMBRY: "Ohh, the twin terrors, huh? I guess we should go save her from them then." She played along with her brother, giving a quick peck on his cheek. Excusing herself from the other two girls, Embry walked over to where Evan was with the twins. "I hear you called for help?"

    EVAN: Glancing up from the tiny humans she now held in each arm she looked over at Levi first and said, “Good job, Robin! Just having Batgirl nearby seems to have convinced the girls to turn away from their life of roughhousing crime. Hashtag representation matters.” She proceeded to set the girls down as Levi then hopped down to continue their play date.

    Once somewhat alone she turned to Embry and said, “It looked like you might need an out so I may have exaggerated and created a bit of crisis that required your intervention. I figured it’d be less obvious to have the munchkin go grab you.”

    EMBRY: She smiled at her girlfriend's antics, but didn't comment otherwise since her brother was already distracted with playing with the twins alongside Obie who had followed them back.

    "Thanks." She leaned in for a kiss, a short one as both her mom's were within proximity. "My hero, nightwing. But also thanks for keeping my brother occupied."

    EVAN: Being more than aware that even though Leo was still lending support to the Grumpy Cat, Embry had another protective mom very much nearby, Evan welcomed the short kiss but didn’t dare push her luck. She’d save that for some other time.

    Chuckling as they pulled apart, she made a quick show of striking a hero pose before caving and saying, “Are you kidding? Thank you for letting me borrow him so often. He’s the best brother-in-law and always thinks I’m right. Honestly, if I were like fifteen years younger and into dudes, you’d have missed out.”

    EMBRY: She laughed at the pose her girlfriend decided to strike out of nowhere. "I was just telling Tomi that I'm literally sharing you with him. I don't know, I think I'm actually and honestly glad that I haven't missed out. Because clearly I would have lost to my brother."

    EVAN: Evan smirked as she leaned in a bit. Just because she couldn’t really do much didn’t mean she had to completely behave… Besides, if her bossy language of leaning in to whisper something to her girlfriend didn’t scream ‘privacy’ enough and the girl’s mother opted to listen in anyway, that was Julia problem.

    “You know, in all honesty, looking at you right now makes me realize that even if I were an ignorant little six year-old right now, I would very much have you to thank for my gay awakening.”

    EMBRY: of red on her face right now was far from how red she was when Tomi teased her. Embry was so glad that she had a mask on but even then, she leaned forward to hid her face into the crook of Evan's neck. "Oh my god." Her words muffled against the other.

    "Evan.." She whined, "My mom's right there." Not only that, she was sure that if anyone was listening -whether it was intentionally or not - would have heard it too. More than half this room had enhanced hearing anyways.

    EVAN: She could only chuckle, as she brought her arms to wrap around the blonde's middle -at very respectable height- planting a quick peck to the shell of her ear. "Hey, I'm only being honest here, and besides, if anyone decided to invade our privacy and didn't like what they heard, it's on them."

    EMBRY: "My brother is also here. What if he hears you?" She sighed, not daring to look up at anyone and just settled on keeping her face buried into her girlfriend.

    Thankfully, the two grumpy cats decided now was a good time to re-emerge from whatever conversation they were having. "Oh.." She peeked out to see their friend's state. "I.. can't tell if it went well or not." Embry always thought she was lucky that somehow in this small world, everyone in her life was connected in some way or the other - and was now living with said everyone with the exception of her father. She wasn't sure if that was going to be the case for Amaryllis.

    EVAN: Laughed lightly and said, "He's a child. Ignorance is bliss. His mind hasn't yet fallen in the gutter that yours apparently very much has..."

    She turned around as Embry did to watch the group pass them by, Leo depositing herself back next to Izzy and Julia. "In all fairness, we've never been able to tell anything where that girl is concerned, and apparently it's genetic. I do suppose we'll find out soon enough though." There was very little that tended to affect one member of the Scooby gang that didn't eventually get shared with the rest. It was the strong sense of support they all got from each other that made their friendship so strong.

    AMARYLLIS: sation between the two had a rough start since neither were talkative people but eventually they got words rolling. And it was also clear that neither of the women were good at expressing themselves, however once they started talking, Amaryllis did get angry at some point. She had wanted to know why she was abandoned only to find out now that her mother winded up with another kid. And to her mother's credit, she answered everything without leaving anything out.

    However, one wouldn't be able to easily tell by the time she came back out. With their stoic expressions, both women went back to their respective booths without a word. Amaryllis did stop however, when she noticed that her younger sister was at the table - not that she didn't want to talk to her, just that she didn't expect to see her there.

    SEAN: t Sean was the least confrontational person by nature, would be an understatement. And he was almost certain that if Tomi had been able to witness his looks of discomfort when the conversation veered in that direction, she'd have laughed without regret. As it stood, at least Amaryllis now had a better understanding of things. It would now be a matter of allowing her to process the information.

    He would've been a bit more panicked at the sight of Peyton sitting with the rest of the gang if his brain weren't immediately distracted as he asked, "Wait, where's Tomi?" With James in town, he felt his stomach drop at her not being where he left her.

    KEAGAN: "She's with Sky and the dogs." Keagan nodded towards that direction as she kept her eyes on the Bean's girlfriend. She didn't know this girl as well as the others, but she could easily tell that she was as much part of the group as the rest of the scoobies.

    From what she could tell, Amaryllis was still processing everything that was said between them and Keagan wasn't one to push, especially a young woman who barely knew her beyond what the other scoobs had told her. With that being said, the new Deputy slid out of the booth and walked towards her own generation of Scoobies, figured that the kids would want a moment to themselves.

    ARTEMIS: Artie was the first one to speak out of the bunch currently at the booths once the Deputy had taken her leave. "Sooooo....did you want me to get Kala to come pick up her package?"

    PEYTON: "Oh.. Um.." She looked up at her sister who still haven't said anything, "Look, I can go if you like. Like Artie just ...sorta said, I could go back to Kala, though I think she was pretty relieved when she dropped me off here so I don't know if It's a good idea to bring her back. But anyways I can always leave if that's what you want, I mean, my parents are over there too, so .. I'll just.. yeah. I can just leave too." She rambled on, perhaps more than usual since she was feeling very anxious.

    AMARYLLIS: sister just looked her without much change in her expression, and knew that everyone else seemed to be waiting on her answer as well. Eventually Amaryllis let out a sigh, "It's fine, you can stay." She folded her arms as she spoke calmly. As calm as she could at the very moment. Not liking the awkwardness any longer, the shifter just slipped into the booth opposite of her half-sister.

    RIPLEY: witch honestly couldn't have hoped for a better way for her night to have gone if she'd planned it. And she had no shame in admitting to herself that she was most certainly not above planning for such things... As it stood, however, there had been no need for possible underhandedness tonight. The Buzzfeed production team had reached out to her for their little ghost show, and upon learning Luke would also be involved, she'd been more than happy to play the part of the 'local academic expert' on the location.

    As she entered the diner, her arm linked with the redhead's -of course-, she called out to the party goers, "Say hello to the 'ghoul certified' 'Best Ghost Hunters in the World'!" It wasn't hard to spot that the distraction was a welcome one, and honestly a little attention never hurt.

    SKYLAR: She had mostly been sitting in comfortable silence, chatting now and then with Tomi by the time she heard the doors of the diner open again. She had already gotten the familiar scent of her aunt but she didn't expect that her professor would also be there - with their arms linked no less. Her eyes widened. "Uh." Her brain just malfunctioned on so many levels. She knew that the two of them had somehow become friends, but she did not expect them to be so close.

    TOMI: Even if the diner bell wasn’t enough to get her attention -her anxiety spiking at the sound, and promptly easing back at the sight of Luke- the proclamation that was made in such an enticing accent would have certainly made her look. And look she did. “Holy shit,” she whispered as her hand smacked her friends arm, eyes still on the woman walking in with Luke. “Holy shit, holy shit dude. I thought you and Erin were exaggerating but your prof is fucking hawt.”

    SKYLAR: Her eyes rolled, "Tomes, I freaking told you!" Her eyes widened as she darted them towards the professor as a way to say 'look at her!?'. "And she's my professor. I told you I was going to fail that class and it's not just because I completely suck at history. Tell me why did I pick this class? It's like I'm trying to lower my gpa." She sighed, "And it's like, they're clearly.. a lot closer than I thought they were. Luke is definitely going to know how I'm doing in class. No hiding from mom about it either." She groaned.

    TOMI: ffered her friend sympathetic look before patting the top of her balloon suit like she would MJ’s head to soothe him. “I…will definitely be taking that History course myself though because my GPA can take a hit so long as I get to enjoy the sound of those lectures. Fuck! And Erin had one-on-one magic lessons? And somehow still chose you?” She made sure stick her tongue out at the redhead to make it obvious she was teasing.

    Glancing back over at where the ‘ghost hunters’ were returning, she laughed a little. “I mean, Luke wouldn’t sell you out…she certainly hasn’t over what you’re hiding now so…As for being close…Well I guess only time will tell no? You may get a hot new step-aunt…”

    SKYLAR: "Yeah.. she does." That's all she has to say about those one on one lessons. As confident as Skylar appeared, even she was surprised at times that Erin still picked her - not that she'd think her girlfriend would date someone solely for shallow reasons. Also, Erin was less of a mess in front or around the Professor. Skylar had already embarrassed herself a few times.

    On the topic of a new aunt, the red head didn't know how to feel about that. Luke was basically her parent so if she were to date someone else, that'd be like getting another step parent?

    ERIN:  was something she’d recognize anywhere, and as surpassing as it was to hear it now, once she spotted her Professor linked to Luke, it more or less made more sense. She did, however, excuse herself from the booth and to make her way -as inconspicuously as she could manage- over to where it looked like her sister wife was suffering from brain melting and her balloon was suddenly much too still for her liking. “Hey ladies,” she said she took a seat on the other side of Sky. “You alright there, Princess?”

    SKYLAR: "Hm?" She looked up in time to see her girlfriend sit down next to her. Almost automatically, she rest her head on Erin's shoulder and looped her puffy arm around the other's. "Oh yeah, I'm fine." She kept her eyes on her professor and Luke together, trying to digest this information.

    "I just didn't know Professor Wren was going to be involved with the shoot." And she didn't. She thought it was only Andy and Thyra who were going to join them in the background - not that people at Buzzfeed would know.

    ERIN: and the human shared a look over the top of the wolf’s head, and after Tomi opted to go check in with Sean, Erin took the opportunity to prod a little further. Granted, that was easier said than done as Sky’s inflated head -the costume one- made it a bit hard to aim her sight.

    “You sure that’s all? You seem less ‘surprised’ by our favorite professor and more, I don’t know, almost disappointed? You know you can tell me right? Promise not to tease…”

    SKYLAR: "What? No, what?" She sat up so that she can probably look Erin in the eye. The question caught her by surprise. "Why would I be disappointed?" The smallest Scoobie shook her head as she denied it. She glanced over at the adults again, finding the scene sort of strange.

    "I just .. never really see Luke date? Not saying that that was a date per se, but in general. She'd befriend the whole town by this point but I don't recall ever seeing her date. It's just.. new."

    ERIN: She’d given her word she wouldn’t tease, and she would honor it…but a small grin did make its way onto her features nonetheless. “Oh baby,” she said, as she reached out to wrap an around her balloon’s shoulders(?). “First of all, as you very wisely pointed out, we don’t even know that ‘dating’ is what’s happening here. Second, it’s okay to feel a certain way when you’ve grown so used to having someone be such a major part of your life, and suddenly you’re faced with the possibility of having to share them. I went through the same thing when my mum met my mama. But I think you might be jumping the gun just a tiny bit.”

    SKYLAR: Skylar leaned against the taller woman, listening to ever word Erin was saying. "Yeah. Yeah!" She shook her head, "You're right. They're not even-" She sighed before standing up, holding out a hand for her girlfriend to grab so she could pull the other up. "I think being trapped in this costume is just getting to me. I need some air... and I don't want to take it off here. Do you want to come with?" Sky was not going to think about whether or not her aunt was dating her professor. It probably was nothing and she was just overthinking it as Erin implied.

    ERIN: "There's the little spitfire that lights up my days," she said with a small laugh before frowning and asking, "Aw, is my little Marshmallow Man getting a little toasty?" Even with the teasing, she reached out to the hand that was offered and stood. "I'd love nothing more than to get a chance to see that cute little hero-marked face of yours, without the possibility of your deputy mom chasing me about for lying by omission or whatever."

    SKYLAR: "You try wearing this the whole night.. when you've already got a higher body temperature." She mumbled as she patted at her own costume. "....Can you help me check if I've healed by now? Dallas hits hard but I didn't think it'd take this long for it to heal even wolf's sped up healing.." She whispered, realizing that they were just talking about her lie in the open.

    LUKE:  ‘shoot’ had gone incredibly according to plan. It helped to have had Ripley turn out to be the production’s ‘local expert’ as she was able to have an accomplice to help wrangle all the humans. Even when it seemed that things might take a turn, Andy had come in clutch and now everyone was in high ‘spirits’ (heh) as they rejoined the party.

    She turned as she noticed a familiar Ghostbuster and her Balloon passing by. “Hey! If you’re headed outside just be careful. Snow’s been coming down pretty steady. Did I miss anything while I was gone?”

    SKYLAR: "Uh." She froze when Luke stopped them along the way. "I think it's more like, what haven't you missed?" Skylar frowned as she tried to even recollect the events that happened tonight. "...Let's see.. You missed.. Braxton being an idiotic asshole. Oh! My mom's the new Chief Deputy! You gotta go congrats her, okay? Um... Oh."

    Her mood slightly deflated from the next bit of news, "Mr. Oliver came by to drop something off for Tomi.. and then left right after that so that's good. Braxton probably realized he was an idiot so he left. The Dawsons came - You know, Amaryllis' bio mom.. THen it was Avery's turn to be the idiot. You should have SEEN Kala rip into Avery. But then Kala admitted that she considered us her friend so that's a bonus.." Her nose wrinkled to see if she missed any more. "Oh.. Tomi called me an overdramatic little shit. And this little shit will now spend some quality time with her girlfriend out there for a bit."

    LUKE: If there was look that just screamed ‘I’m never leaving again’ it was certainly the one on Luke’s face as she took in everything her niece shared. “Okay, to be fair, Tomi’s not wrong and she’s been calling you that since she learned the words from Brax, who we all know is far more braincell deficient than I am, which puts him way down on the list so…” She paused long enough to take a breath before adding, “Yeah James tried to reach her at the cabin earlier but I didn’t let him in. I’m just glad she’s staying with us an- wait….did you say your mom’s the new Chief Deputy?”

    Before anything else was even said she managed to unhook her arm from her friend so she could run up to the shorter woman and scoop her up and spin her around a few times. “Congratulations!” She xclaimed before setting her back down. “I bet Mini-me’s stoked! When do you start?”

    KEAGAN: Keagan was in a the booth with Blake and the others when Luke came in, and she definitely heard and saw Ripley Wren make her entrance. It seemed that their ghost hunting was a success for both parties. The humans got what they wanted and Fallcrest's secret was still safe - moreorless.

    She turned her attention back to the conversation and while she could sense Luke approaching, she did not expect her friend to just scoop her up with ease. Keagan held onto the ghostbuster's shoulders as they twirled, waiting until she was back on the ground again before she talked. "Thanks! And yeah, she was. Very stoked - so stoked that she wouldn't let me go for the longest time." She laughed, "I start Monday. She already gave me the badge too.. I guess I'm staying in town permanently after all."

    LUKE: on her face was reaching a point where it kind of hurt, so she could only imagine that Sky had been even more elated at the prospect of her mom finally staying in town. For good.

    For a second -the briefest of seconds- Luke was overcome by the impulse to just close the distance between them, lean down and- But no. That had no place here or now. “Man, I swear I leave for a couple of hours and come back to so much. Jesus! I just can’t get over the fact that I’m gonna have my best friend back in town!”

    KEAGAN: Her smile was probably as wide as she saw just how happy Luke was - as well as sky, about her staying in town forever now. "Yeah, I keep forgetting how crazy it gets here even within a few hours. I can see I've got a lot of work cut out for me if it's going to be like this everyday. And no," she raised a hand, "I don't want to know if it's like this everyday yet." The fact that she was already pulled into a council meeting upon her arrival was already very telling.

    "To think I actually get to stay home now." Keagan sighed, "Feels surreal. But I'm glad I'm home."

    RIPLEY: It would be remiss if she didn’t admit to there being a slight sting at having had her new favorite ‘playmate’ essentially rip herself free to run to someone else. But Ripley was a big girl, and she knew that fight was over before it even began. If Luke’s complete devotion to Sky wasn’t enough of a sign, the way she interacted with the girl’s mother over lunch the other day certainly sealed the deal.

    Still, she couldn’t be blamed for poking a few buttons here and there. Who knew, maybe she’d push the right one to get things rolling for the duo… She approached them and said, “Congratulations, Deputy Benson! Nothing does a girl good like having her mother or a Luke good like her best friend. Speaking of, maybe you can settle a debate for us.” Ripley reached up and began running her hands through Luke’s hair. “I keep telling Luke she could totally rock an undercut, but she claims she doesn’t have the right head shape. What say you?”

    SKYLAR: who thankfully hadn't taken off her costume yet because she forgot to grab her phone before heading outside, so when she walked back in, she did not expect to come back to a scene where her professor was just combing through her aunt's hair so casually. "Oh." She froze with wide-eyes before she remembered why she came back in. Now more thoughts ran through her mind, so much for not wanting to overthink it. Friends do that. She ran her hand plenty of times through the Bean's hair too - though it was usually after a cut since it always felt fun to rub the fuzz at the nape of his neck.

    "Sorry.. I just left my phone here." She mumbled as she hurried over to her booth and grabbed it once she spotted it. Clutching it, she turned to hurry back out since Erin was still waiting outside.

    ERIN: Following behind her tiny lady, Erin was a bit surprised herself at the sight of Dr. Wren being quite so, uh, personable with Luke. She wasn't a stranger to the fact that the older woman had no qualms about seeing boundaries and often coming right up to them directly -though never crossing them- so she was mainly taken a bit aback by the fact that apparently Luke's boundaries were more flexible than her own had been.

    Spotting Skylar, she walked over and met her on the way back towards the door, warping an arm around her shoulders as she whispered, "It's alright, I'm sure she'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have once everyone's home. Just breathe and let's get you out of this thing for a bit."

    KEAGAN: It appeared that this professor took more people than her alone by surprise. Her own kid froze for whatever reason, only causing to observe closer when Erin guided the smaller girl out. The mother had taken a step back and folded her arms when Ripley, again, decided to make her presence known. The lack of energy coming from Skylar had her more concerned than the hair style choice of the day. Her eyes were focused on the balloon's back all the way until the two rounded the corner of the diner.

    But it seemed that she was expected to give an answer, so as she reverted her attention back at the two adults before her, she let out a sigh, "If you want a undercut, get one. You've pulled off every look you've tried before anyways." With that, the Deputy slipped back into her seat.

    LUKE: t Luke's attention was being pulled in several directions -torn, really- would be an understatement. There was her niece and how she had very clearly been put off as she walked back outside. There was her best friend who seemed almost to be dismissing her suddenly. And there was her new friend, who she realized she'd already kind of left by the wayside once before, and didn't want to be rude to again.

    But her priorities had been clear for years now, and there would always be a number one. "Thank you, ladies. Very flattered, but I think I'm going to go be obnoxious and mess with a balloon," she said with a half laugh.

    She was already out the diner door and looking for the trail in the snow before any responses could be made. Turning the corner to one side, she caught sight of the pair. "Hope I'm not interrupting, but I figured out here would be a good place to take a peek and see your face is doing," she offered.

    SKYLAR: When the two rounded the corner, Sky turned around with her back against Erin, "Can you help me with the zipper?" She asked softly, waiting patiently in til she was free to get out of the costume entirely. And for everyone's sake, the wolf was not in the nude. The girl was in a tank and leggings. Though the temperature was low enough for snow, she had her wolf nature to thank. "Are you cold?" She asked the witch before wrapping her arms around the taller woman's waist, hoping that she could provide a bit of her warmth for the other. "I forgot it was cold.. I wouldn't have asked for you tocome outside with me. Maybe you should head back in. Where there's a heating system." She chuckled softly, though it was cut abruptly when she heard footsteps rounding the corner.

    "Aunt Luke." She was surprised, "I thought you were still talking with mom.. and Dr. Wren." Sky asked from her position, unwilling to part from Erin at the moment. "My face is healing...Ish. No one said that bring punched by a half demon would make the bruises last longer than they normally would.... How does it look?"

    LUKE: Luke may be oblivious to a lot of things, but she wasn't entirely stupid. She just enjoyed choosing when to use her brain. Like now. Of course, it wouldn't take a genius to tell that, although it may not have started off that way, her niece was currently now using her girlfriend as a human shield of sorts between them. She hummed in response and said, "Yes, well your mom decided she wanted to go back to her previous conversation -which is fair, I did kind of interrupt that- and Ripley knows by now that if you're within a ten foot radius, I'm probably going to find something to mess with you about."

    Taking note of the outfit the poor witch had found herself in -in no small part due to Luke's own doing- and the fact she had no real coat, she suggested the girl go back inside and play lookout for them while Luke took a closer look at Sky's face. "Yeah about that, everyone knows that taking a hit from a supernatural will always leave more of a mark even if you do have faster healing. One of magic's lovely loopholes," she explained, gently turning the teenagers face from side to side as she bent at the waist to be at eye-level. "It still looks pretty gnarly, but the bruising has entered the greenish-yellow phase so they'll be gone in a day or so."

    Dropping her hands to her knees but staying in her current position she locked eyes with her niece and just point-blank asked, "What happened in there? You know without out a doubt that I'll always do everything I can to fix things, but I can't fix something I'm not aware is broken...ya know..."

    SKYLAR: r Benson had a guess that maybe her mom wasn't so pleased with that scene either. Just maybe. However, Skylar just let a shrug before she quickly gave Erin a kiss before letting her go back in, leaving her alone with her aunt. "I think no one would mind if you joined in on that conversation." She snorted softly at that excuse.

    "Yeah but I thought they would heal all the same, it's like if we accidentally break our arms - it still heals at a reasonable time. Like did Dallas have magic or something because this bruise is taking its time." She hiss softly when she brushed lightly against it. "Are you sure..?" She wasn't going to be able to hide this forever and she really didn't want her mom to find out. Tonight, she had the excuse of having a costume but what if her mom wanted to hang out this week?

    The wolf grew quiet when her aunt decided to finally address the elephant in the room. She kept her gaze as she wondered if Luke really didn't know what happened. "... Are you dating my professor?"

    LUKE: She made a face as if to ask 'oh you think?' before dropping the following fact: "You're mom turned her back to me in the process, as did you on your deliberate way to get your phone. I may not be a werewolf myself, but I was raised in a pack full of them..."

    Luke chuckled at the dramatics, but still kept her tone reassuring. "It's only been two days and everything has healed to a point that it would take a human at least a few weeks, I think your mojo's still doing it's thing. Also, Dallas is a half-demon, so yes, there's magic there. She may have unintentionally used it as a fear reaction. Regardless, if you plan to see your mom in the next few days, I'd ask Erin to do your makeup," she grinned.

    The grin was completely replaced by a look that was equal parts disbelief and concern. "What? Of course not, Mini-me! First off, if I were to be dating anyone you would be the first person to know -maybe even before the person I'd be dating- and second, I would never do anything that carried the possibility of having a negative impact on your life, you know that. Ripley and I are just friends. Granted, I'm sure you've been made more than aware that she's far more friendly than say Hunter, but it's still friends nonetheless." There were also other reasons that was a preposterous idea, but those were best kept to herself.

    SKYLAR: She shrugged, not denying nor confirming that she had make her way to her phone and back without any plans for anything else along the way. And yes, it did appear her mom was also not too pleased. "You could still join in. It's not like mom's ever been mad at you for long."

    Just thinking about her mom finding out the fight she had, Sky just shuddered. "I don't want her to find out. As much as I trust in Erin's make-up skills, I really think mom will know something's up. She's bound to know. When have we ever tried to keep something a secret that it turns out, she didn't already know about?" Still, she didn't regret punching Dallas. She wasn't going to lie. Part of the anger from not being able to fight James Oliver might have redirect into her war path to Dallas.

    Skylar listened to every word Luke was telling her, somewhat relieved to hear that they weren't dating like she assumed. The niece slipped her arms around her aunt's waist, giving her a tight hug. Her mood was already lightening up from the news. "Okay." She mumbled into the other. "I'm really going to be the first one to know if you're dating?"

    LUKE: At the comment, all Luke could do was chuckle. Oh if this kid only knew half the things that had happened prior to her birth... Oh boy, that was a conversation she would gladly put off until her dying day if it meant the kid stayed blissfully unaware of complicated drama.

    "I'm going to level with you, the odds are that she already knows something is up, but she's opted not to really push since you seem to be able to still get around fairly well. Try the makeup, if she asks, come clean on the first try and make sure there's at least one witness around just to be safe," she teased. Luke knew that after so much time apart, the last Keagan would do would make a big fuss over kids being dumb kids...as in Skylar. What Dallas did...that would have much bigger implications for them.

    She welcomed the hug like she had so many before, and yet still it never lost its ability to warm her entire heart -and not just because wolves were walking furnaces. Reciprocating the embrace with ease, she said, "Of course you are! Who else am I going to tell if you stole my dog?"

    SKYLAR: "Okay.." She mumbled, obviously not wanting to come clean at all so she's just hoping her mom will never ask. Even now she still believed that she did it for the right reasons. Dallas hurt Tomi, and was moreorless sided with the Scions' views. "What are the chances that she'd be chill about it because.. I won the fight and Kala didn't need to step in. I think that itself is an achievement." She was procrastinating.

    Skylar was going to take that as a promise, "I didn't take your dog. MJ gladly came with, however, that dog will probably bunk with you tonight... He's about to be Erin's favourite and I want my girlfriend back tonight."

    She pulled back just enough with her arms still hooked around her aunt's waist, "Should we head back in? Isn't it kinda cold for you?"

    LUKE: She closed one eye and scrunched up her face as if she were trying to work out some complicated equation. "Yeah I don't think those would be the only two things she considers, you know, like Erin and I did. But, I'm sure she'll take it into consideration when determining what punishment she may decide to inflict. On the plus-side, you can rest assured she won't stick you in a balloon suit in public," she grinned.

    "Oh I see, you think that just because you're all up for dumping MJ on me to get some girlfriend time, I would do the same to you. For shame Skylar Anne Benson," she said shortly before grinning again and saying, "I'm pretty sure Tomi will appreciate nothing more than having some MJ love."

    Luke glanced down at her niece and said, "It wasn't...until you said something." She turned around and squatted down a bit, "Come on, hop on then. I'll use you as my personal 'Ripley Deterrent' and provide a shield in case your mom decides to call you out on the costume."

    SKYLAR: Her shoulders sagged in resignation. It was pretty much set in stone that she was going to be at least grounded once Keagan decided to stop playing along. “I- that’s not … If you put it like that..” She sulked, “I didn’t kick him out of bed though! I learned my lessons from last time. Remember? When he wouldn’t even cuddle with me…. And he spent the past couple of nights with us in bed. All the cuddles.”

    The shorter girl zipped up her balloon, as well as she could by herself, and hopped onto Aunt Luke’s back, wrapping her arms around tight enough so that she’s not choking the woman. “Aunt Luke.” She spoke softly against her ear, “Do you really not like Dr. Wren that way? Like.. are you just saying you don’t want to date her because of my reaction?”

    LUKE: was entirely involuntary. The memory of a tiny redhead sulking around, chasing after a dog that kept showing her his backside or just straight up walking away form her was just too darn funny in hindsight. "He takes after you and your mother in temperament. How does that work? Hell if I know."

    Once she was sure the girl had a secure grip, she stood back up, hooking her own forearms under the balloon legs as secure as she could manage, before beginning to make their way back. The question made her chuckle, because of course this wasn't something Sky would easily let go of. A dog with a bone, if you will. "You're mature enough to obviously know that as family, there are some decisions that we will always have to take each other into consideration for," she began, "But I give you my absolute word, that your hot professor does not own my heart, alright? You're in the clear."

    SKYLAR: "I don't hold that much of a grudge... As in, I don't particularly a bribe to forgive someone. MJ only talked to me because I gave him his favourite food for his dinner. Talk about boujee, that dog had such a luxurious dinner that night." She chuckled softly, resting her head against Luke's shoulder.

    Sky let out a hum, acknowledging the answer and fully trusting it to be the truth. Luke had never lied to her before so she didn't see why she would start now. "...She's like a triple threat. She's smart, hot, and has an accent." The niece was only saying that since they were literal facts, and not as a means to see if Luke was going to change her mind or something.  "That's like.. not fair."

    LUKE: “Heh,” she scoffed. “You might not take bribes now but have some old home videos that could prove MJ isn’t the only one who can get boujee about their meals.” Granted, with how many pictures and home movies she had of the kid, finding the specific one she was referring to might take a while.

    “You do realize you just described your girlfriend right? Like, as you hang here stating how unfair it is, you know you lucked out right?” Of course, Luke would always feel that Erin had lucked out with her niece, but the last thing this balloon needed was an inflated ego. Especially when they barely managed to get through the door without knocking the bell down.

    SKYLAR: "I don't know what you're talking about." She denied before her smile softened at the thought of her girlfriend. "Erin is more than a triple threat." She beamed, clearly proud of the woman that was her girlfriend. "I don't know how I managed to get so lucky." While she could act narcissistic at times, Skylar genuinely couldn't believe Erin chose her; she definitely felt very lucky that she did. "She's amazing, isn't she?"

    When they finally got into the diner, the wolf started wiggled around a bit so she could be let down. The moment she touched the floor, the balloon darted over to her girlfriend.

    LUKE: “Sure you don’t,” Luke replied with a roll of her eyes. Granted, it was hard to be too upset with her niece when she got all lovesick at the topic of her girlfriend. “Finding someone like that is pretty special,” she agreed. “Be sure to always find ways to let her know how special is to you, and if she’s the right person for you? You’ll find she’ll always do the same.”

    As the balloon waddled off, Luke figured the kid probably just thought it hilarious that her spinster of an aunt was giving love advice. She chuckled to herself before heading back over to the other ‘grown ups’. “Does anyone have any food?”

    HARTLEY: "You're back! Well, I mean you were already back but like you stepped out again but you know, you're back again!" Hartley smiled, "How was the ghost hunting? Hunter told us that it went pretty well! And got some evidence too so that's good right? But like you guys were doing it in the snow, must be really cold?"

    LUKE: Out of all her friends, Hartley was actually not the most talkative. Which was saying quite a lot. And she clearly used her brain more often than a few, which Luke figured she had to if she was a teacher.

    Smiling at the blonde she said, “Oh it went better than expect, that’s for sure. There’s going to be quite a lot of material to sort through in post, but I think overall we did well.” Luke groaned and said, “Why is everyone reminding me it’s cold? Also, no one answered my plea for food.”

    KEAGAN: Upon hearing her little complaint, Keagan slid a plate that was still pretty full until it was in front of the younger woman. "Here, saved you a plate." The deputy then just went back to her drink, sipping slowly at it. A part of her wondered what happened between Sky and Luke but decided in the endv that it didn't quite matter since both of them came back with smiles on their faces. Hell, Luke even gave her kid a piggyback. All is well again.

    BLAKE: redhead just watched as the younger one mumbled out a meek thanks and then proceeded to take the plate to the next booth over … and not eat. This was far from the first time she’d witnessed such an exchange, but it still never seemed to be any less awkward.

    “So are you actually planning on telling her why you’re miffed before or after the drive back up to the cabin? Because it’s a bit of a long one from here, and unless I managed to miss something major while I went to the bathroom the one time, I do believe she’s the one you’re going home with tonight,” she pointedly as she took a drink of her own beer.

    KEAGAN: While her mood did darken a bit over the hour, Keagan found her attention going over to her best friend from time to time. Deep down, she knew it wasn't even Luke's fault. And she wasn't blind, Keagan was well aware of Luke's appeal but it really rubbed her the wrong way when Ripley latched onto the other and she was sure that professor knew what she was doing too.

    She didn't answer her friend but she knew she had to talk with Luke before they leave this place. And so, with a sigh, she downed the rest of her drink before getting up and stood at where Luke was sitting at. "Walk with me?" Having this conversation in front of everyone, especially all the Scoobies was never a good idea.

    LUKE: She wasn't surprised to come into the diner and not spot what had seemed to be the catalyst for things, and a text on her phone let her know that the not-so-good doctor had opted to excuse herself in lieu of her classes the next day. Which fair, but it still made Luke roll her eyes, because of course Ripley Wren would set pull the pin on a grenade and then bounce.

    As she sat haphazardly picking at the food she'd been, well, practically tossed, Luke was still polite enough to try and keep a conversation going with Hart. Bless that golden retriever. The redhead had honestly expected that Keagan wouldn't address her again until it was time to leave, and even then only not to make things awkward for Tomi -who'd be leaving with them- so when she heard the voice call to her, she managed a "Yes ma'am. I mean, yes. Sure."

    Excusing herself and sliding out of the booth to follow the wolf, she waited until they were out of earshot of the others before saying, "So, I'm pretty sure I know what it was that upset you, solely because I know that it upset Sky as well. However, where I know why it upset Mini-me, I can't figure out the 'why' of it for you and it's honestly kicking my metaphorical ass because if I can't figure it, I can't fix it...ya know?"

    KEAGAN:  completely surprised, Keagan didn't expect Luke to start the conversation the moment they were far enough from the others. The mother wolf was in her natural stance, where her hands were on her hip but then she realized that it looked like she was interrogating the other so she folded her arms instead.

    "..Do you really not know why?" She was definitely procrastinating - or at least hoping that Luke would eventually figure it out. The woman was smarter than she made people to believe after all. However, at the same time, Keagan didn't like beating around the bush either. "Why.. would I be upset when another attractive woman is running their fingers through your hair like no big deal? Although, I guess I don't really have the right to be. People are free to flirt with whomever." Keagan had eyes after all - Dr. Ripley Wren was very attractive, apparently so attractive that had her kid running into walls.

    LUKE: Between the hands on the hips and the crossing of the arms, it was already clear to Luke that this conversation was likely to go the same way many others had gone before now. At the question, she wanted to just reply in kind -matching the tinge 'tude and everything- with 'No. I don't know why, that's why I asked' but she knew it would get them nowhere real fast.

    The more tense, and compact Keagan made herself, the more Luke found herself just dropping her shoulders -almost in defeat- and just letting her limbs hang loose as she took a deep breath and said, "I'm just going to start with the most obvious thing: Ripley is a little shit, but she's just a friend. The woman is Skylar's professor first and foremost, and I would never do anything that might risk her comfort and well-being. Which is exactly what I told Skylar herself."

    She chuckled wryly at how she was receiving more questions meant for Luke to answer than actual answers from Keagan herself, but that wasn't new either. "It's kind of funny, you know, how you're standing there asking me leading and probing questions -ever the consummate professional- expecting me to somehow piece it all together....and all for what? So you can once again avoid having to actually say it? To admit something out loud? Maybe instead of asking why it pissed you off to have another woman play with my hair, I should be wondering why you refuse to acknowledge things and somehow still think it's fair to be made at me for not considering it or whatever." Her tone was that of someone who was literally just thinking out loud. There was no accusation, no remote trace of ire. Just confusion and some defeat.

    Shaking her head she glanced over at the Scoobs and then back at Keagan and said, "I'm sorry. This is hardly the time or the place for this. Just- I'm sorry if I upset you. We should get back to the kids and their good time though."

    KEAGAN: Just why did they think it was a good idea to do this when they were still inside the dinner, especially when they both knew how nosy the Scoobies are - every single generation of them. There were no room for doubt when it comes to their groups collectively tuning in onto any conversations that happened within proximity.

    At least now she confirmed her guess about what Skylar was upset about. It was good to know that was resolved so easily - and it also warmed her heart to know that her daughter was Luke's priority ever since the kid was born. If there was anyone she could trust Skylar to, it was Luke.

    That relief didn't last very long as Luke called Keagan out on her bullshit. Every word held the truth. The wolf never once verbally acknowledged it yet she had no idea why. Their night together resulted with Sky and thus never a decision she regretted. The only decision she ever regretted was marrying Ricky of all people.

    Keagan glanced over her shoulders and as expected, there were a few eyes on them - perhaps the only few who look there way were those who could hear them. Unfortunately she did not want to postpone this for later because as Blake graciously reminded her earlier - they had to be in the same car ride later, and Tomi was going to be there in the backseat. And since she wasn't Braxton, the wolf gently took Luke by the hand and rounded the counter to go through the kitchen as a shortcut to the back alley, "Sorry Ray, don't mind us." She apologized as they went by.

    Once they were in the alley, she let go and turned to face the other. Keagan gave herself a moment because she didn't want to start off by asking questions again, a habit she unfortunately picked up from work. "Luke. I'm not- I'm aware of why it pissed me off to see Ripley be flirty with you and I feel like you've always known this, but yes, I got jealous because I like you - and no, not in the 'we're friends' way. I like you as in I have feelings for you." She confessed.

    LUKE: bout of silence that followed her suggestion of rejoining the kids, but she didn't dare make a move to head that way herself. Not when she knew that if Keagan was still seeing things through her 'angy' filter, the woman might take it as Luke trying to dip out of the conversation or something.

    Of all the things her spider-web thinking led her to assume might be plausible possibilities for how this would proceed, getting dragged through the kitchen -in sight of everyone else, plus the staff- was not one of them. Honestly, if Keagan had been trying to keep the others from being nosy, this was like the complete opposite way of quelling their curiosity...and now Luke was wondering if Sky was left to think her mother and aunt were about to duke it out or something.

    ...actually, now that she thought about it, Luke herself wasn't entirely sure Keagan wasn't about to take her out at the knees as soon as they were out of sight from any witnesses. "Look, I'm sorry if what I said was out of line. I realize that you've only been back a few days and we haven't even been in the same state for like a few years, but ironically enough, even though I earn a living teaching people how to fight, I would definitely much rather we use our words," she rambled. Blue eyes could only stare down as her brain proceeded to attempt to work its way past the anxiety of the build-up, and to a point where it could actively process the very sudden and direct delivery of Keagan’s words. Let alone the words themselves. “But like,” she began slowly, opting to work through her thoughts out loud, “You can still like someone as a friend and still have feelings for them…right? Like, those aren’t really mutually exclusive things. Some of the best relationships are built on a foundation of friendship, like Sky and Erin. And before you get upset again, I’m definitely not ignoring the main point you were trying to make, I’m just unpacking your statement so that I can actually begin to process the part that’s at the crux of it. I swear I heard every word, my brain just needs a bit to shift gears from years of us doing this weird ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ dance, to having you just flat-out state it as a fact that you have feelings for me…especially when now I also have to consider how this might affect Skylar given that I don’t know if she ever caught on the fact her mother was as straight as s donut…” It wasn’t until she took a large breath in that she realized she’d rambled that all out at once and that maybe the lightheadedness was a little less ‘romance’ and little more ‘lack of oxygen’.

    KEAGAN: If Keagan wasn't train to control her expression regardless of how she's feeling, she might look just as anxious as Luke did. The nervousness she felt the entire time Luke was processing her words - speaking out her thoughts as she worked her way through everything. A smile tugged her lips because the sight was endearing as much as it was concerning because the younger woman haven't really taken a breath.

    Over the years, Keagan learned to never rush Luke in anything because her brain might literally implode. Like now, she watched with much concern as her friend rambled on. Not wanting to add onto that stress, she only nodded to confirm the things that were said and smiled when Luke reiterated that she wasn't being ignored, just merely working things out.

    However, at the mention of her daughter, she had no idea if she was meant to answer that right now. Instead, she just held her hands out in case her ex sister in law faints. "...Whatever happens, you're going to be in Skylar's life." She wondered if the other was worried about if things don't work out as planned between them. Even if that did happen, Keagan would never take Skylar away from Luke, and vice versa.

    +Cut back to interior of diner

    ERIN: She didn’t need to have a clear visual of her girlfriend’s face to know that the second an interaction between her mother and aunt even remotely seemed to happen, the girl was probably straining her little wolf ears to listen in. It especially guaranteed that would be the case when it appeared that both women had moved to attempt some privacy. By this point though, it wasn’t just Skylar whose attention the pair had…

    Erin would’ve likely let it go, if it weren’t for the fact that Skylar didn’t appear to have moved even a micrometer since both women had gone out through the kitchen. “Skylar, I really don’t think you’ve mastered the art of listening through two different sets of brick walls and a bustling kitchen. Even if you had, I think if they wanted you to be a part of the conversation you would have been invited….Also I think both of them would really appreciate if you don’t give yourself an aneurysm.”

    SKYLAR: Honestly, Skylar had no idea what she was nervous about when she saw her mom and Luke getting up to talk. However, that nervousness and anxiety grew when the two of them left through the kitchen. Much like the rest of the gang, everyone was very curious to know what was the deal with the two of them. Sky was very curious considering she learned that her mom was as upset as she was just a moment ago.

    "What do you think they're talking about?" The wolf gave up straining her ears to listen in. She was sure Ray was also purposely creating more noise than he normally would just so that no one in this diner could listen in. Probably knew her mom went through the kitchen on purpose. "Like.. we just came back from our talk... and now she goes with mom for another talk."

    TOMI: no real desire to meddle, at least not in the typical sense. But Tomi was currently sharing a home with the two women, and there was also the entire ride back to said home that she had to play third-wheel to so... "Did you happen to catch anything before they headed out? Like, am I going to be stuck in the backseat with MJ while your mom and aunt try not to like kill each other or something? Because I don't know how well I can manage to survive jumping out of moving vehicle if that happens?....Or I'm just being dramatic. Like, maybe Aunty K just wants a piggyback too? It did look like fun."

    AVERY: "Do you really think Mama Benson really just pulled Luke out to the back to fight? I mean they both know how to fight, yeah, but dayum. Also, T, before they left, Luke sorta called her out on something - something about avoiding to admit it.. whatever it is.." She glanced over to Skylar, "Now that is what I'm curious about." She snickered, "Like your mom only have been back in town for like a few days and already there's drama." She turned back to Tomi, "If anything happens, just toss MJ at Luke, maybe the fight will stop."

    ARTEMIS: "Yeah, just toss the dog at the driver that ought solve the issue." Artie said flatly before pointedly looking at Avery. "Seriously, I know Col needed like a bulk of the braincells to be a doctor, but did he have leave none for the rest of you?" She turned to Skylar, "I'm sure they're fine. They've been sharing a living space for like a week after not being around each other for a few years, they're probably discussing dumb housemate stuff...Like K-miester not wanting to admit that her hair clogs the drain or whatever."

    SKYLAR: "I think that they'll be fine..." She said even though she didn't sound confident about it. "I hope they're going to be fine." They were two of the most important people in her life and it'd devastate her if they fell out with each other. "See, this is seriously why I should really learn how to listen through brick walls and a kitchen." She bit her lip, clearly ignoring everything that Avery had said. "But mom looked pissed.. I don't know if that was a good sign at all."

    +Cut back to exterior of diner

    LUKE: It her a bit more than she thought it might to regain proper oxygenation. Each steadying breath that she took making a small vapor cloud as the warm air from her lungs hit the cold temperatures of their surroundings. When Keagan held out her hands -in what Luke figure was an attempt to be ready to catch her if she keeled over- the redhead just brought her own hands up to take the wolf’s in her own.

    “I don’t really think my piece of this puzzle is going to be as impactful as yours,” she said with a small chuckle. “I mean, it’s been almost nineteen years since we even broached the subject, but honestly,” Luke sighed, as she brought Kegan’s hands up her chest and said, “I told you how I felt when I was sixteen, and then I made sure that my feelings were made very clear that night in Westminster. Nineteen seconds or nineteen years, it makes no difference for me. My heart chose you a long time ago and it’s stubborn ass hasn’t budged an inch since.” She shrugged, as if to say ‘it is what it is.’ Luke closed the distance between them and dropped her forehead to rest gently on Kegan’s. “You’re offering me the one thing I’ve wanted for so long, it’s become second nature. Like, I legit don’t know who I would be if I suddenly woke up didn’t have that little ache that reminds me you’re not mine, and I want nothing more than to be truly selfish for the first time in my life and just take it and run with it and have you….but I can’t. Because things are, as has become the norm for you and me, complicated. Skylar has no idea about the past between us, and honestly the one thing that made it remotely okay that we never bothered addressing the fucking elephant in the room was the fact that I knew it was best for her if she didn’t have to deal with the idea that her aunt and mom once-“ She stopped, and sighed again. “I really, really, want to be selfish, Cal…but not at the expense of the one thing that’s kept me sane for so long. Not at the risk of hurting the most important thing in my life.”

    KEAGAN: Over all these years, it had been clear to Keagan just how the younger woman felt about her. And she was right, they hadn't even addressed since that day either which she always felt was unfair to her friend. And to think that this was also the person who took it upon herself to help raise Skylar. She really couldn't ask for anyone better than Luke - not that the person in question even knows that Skylar was literally her daughter albeit all those years of people saying how similar the two were.

    Especially when Luke said that she'd wake up with a reminder that Keagan wasn't hers, the wolf had no idea what to say to that because all she felt was guilt. Part of why she never said anything was also because Keagan was barely in town as it was. She was already constantly disappointing her daughter (and possibly Luke as well) for being away so often, she didn't want to hold Luke back.

    And as per usual, Luke had a point, Skylar didn't know a lot about them and it wasn't fair if they sprung something like a relationship on her like that. "Are we going to tell her? Because there's not really an easy way to explain that won't blow her mind."

    LUKE: Luke had to pull away slightly as to not actually laugh in Kegan’s face, but to her credit, it was a very light laugh to begin with. “Okay, so just in case it wasn’t clear: I love you, Keagan. I really, truly, deeply, madly, just do. I also, by extension, love that you’re always looking for the most, uh, efficient? way to do things, but some corners just can’t be cut.”

    She brought there still entwined hands up and placed featherlight kisses over each of Keagan’s ten individual knuckles, before offering a soft smile and saying, “Yes, obviously we’re going to tell her. Regardless of what happens between us going forward, eventually we were always going to have to. But, we’re also going to want to pick our moment. I don’t think now would be the most advisable, just because it would obvious to the other kids that we told her something and then that would just make it to where they probably pestered her for information and-“ Luke stopped realizing she wasn’t breathing again. “Anyway, we’ll figure it out. We always do.”

    KEAGAN: "Well, I'm not saying that we should cut any corners... but maybe like.. a little trim?" She laughed before nodding, "Okay, okay. I don't want to give our kid an aneurysm anyways and with the night she had tonight, I think any news would just take her out."

    Her heart just warmed at the sight of Luke being so delicate with her. "I don't think there's ever going to be the 'perfect' moment - we're in Fallcrest and even if I haven't been in town for that long at a time, I am very aware of the events that goes down here at the most inconvenient times." She sighed, looking down at their joined hands. A small smile just tugged at her lips because there was still hope, because nineteen years later, she still wasn't too late - bless all that is Luke who still somehow loved her the very same as she did all those years ago.

    "Speaking of which, I think we should head back, those kids must be aching to know what happened - or not happened."

    +Cut back to interior of diner

    RICKY: It was often said that bad news traveled, and though the fact that Old Man Grey was found out to be a peddle of sorts and was no on the lam could very well be considered ‘bad news’ by a lot of folks in town, it most certainly did not register as such for Richard Benson. If anything, it was the best news that he could have ever received, because obviously the guy wasn’t about to be stupid enough to sell out his former clients and with him gone Jimmy boy had no reason to come after him so…

    The diner bell dinged, but Ricky wasn’t one to allow his arrivals to be announced for him when he could very well do it himself. “He-hey! I heard you guys were having a party but I’ve got to say, renting out the whole diner is a nice touch. Now under which one of these ghoulish faces can I find that of my own kiddo?”

    SKYLAR: As if the last couple of minutes weren't stressful enough already for the girl, she perked up when she heard the diner bell ringed - only to have her mood plummet further than it ever did today. Because instead of her mom and aunt coming back in, it was the last person she thought she'd see in Fallcrest again. "...What is he doing here?" She sworn her dad didn't want to come back to Fallcrest and she definitely didn't want to see him either because of the stunt he pulled. The daughter was still furious with him for pulling her away from her home. Why was he even here and asking around for her?

    ERIN: It didn't take a full second for her to sense the difference in Sky, even through the mass that was her costume. Without a thought for hesitation, she tightened the hold she had over the girl's waist. Of course, being fully aware she'd be no match for the wolf's strength if ti came down to it, it was more meant to be a show of reassurance and a means to ground her in the moment. "You don't have to say anything, love," she whispered, "If he wants to find you, he can put in the effort or leave."

    KEAGAN: As they agreed that they shouldn't keep the kids from wondering - or keep them from badgering Sky about it, Keagan led them back through the kitchen, saying a short thanks and apology to Ray again for bothering him.

    She was genuinely smiling with joy after their conversation but when she saw what - or in this case, who - was waiting for her in the middle of that diner, the speed it took for that smile to drop. Whatever happy mood she was in was now overtaken by the anger of seeing this asshole's face. If they weren't in a diner in front of everyone, Keagan would have walked right up to Ricky and throw a punch into his face.

    The mother stormed up to her ex-husband, "What the hell are you doing here?" She gritted through her teeth. "Weren't' you supposed to stay away from here?"

    RICKY: When there was no immediate answer to his question -and it became obvious that he was as usual being looked as the odd on out by the other 'Scoobs'- he decided to just take in stride. "Aw come on, I know you're a little upset with me for not being around, but you wouldn't make me resort to having to sniff you out now, would you?" Ricky was really hoping Sky wouldn't because in contrast to the confidence of his words, he really didn't think he'd be able to pick her scent out....in his defense it was a crowded diner and it had been a while since he last saw her.

    Luck was a lady tonight, it would seem, as instead of a response he was just greeted by the best sight he could think of as Keagan herself made her way up to him. The fact she was being followed by sister from the kitchen didn't even really register. "Keagan! Oh what luck to have both my girls waiting for my return in town! Oh, me and Jimmy boy have squared away our differences so I'm free to come and go. Oooh! Are you here so we can spend the holidays as a family? You, me, our daughter....won't it be wonderful! I'm sure she's so happy to see you too....well, probably happier than seeing me, but that's daddy-daughter talk that will definitely be happening." Ricky leaned in a bit and said, "In the meantime, how about a little 'reunion kiss' for old time's sake and as a show of parental solidarity?"

    KEAGAN: It wouldn't be beneficial for anyone except Ricky, maybe, if she made a scene out of this - of course, that was also not exactly in her character. And as much as she wanted to punch him in the face multiple times for various reasons, she really should do so as the new Chief Deputy.

    To keep Ricky from finding her daughter, because it was clear that he couldn't pick her out from the crowd, Keagan kept her focus on him. Besides, she was sure that everyone else didn't say anything because they were just as protective over the smallest Scoob.

    "Ricky, I think it'd be wiser for you to leave." She spoke in a very low voice. As pissed as she was, her tone was still very calm - to some extent. One wouldn't even think she was threatening the other. "Do I need to remind you that you have upped and left this town without notifying me? I'm letting you leave on your own two feet right now." Now this was very much a threat.

    RICKY: He was smart enough to take a healthy step back, realizing that his tactic was less pressuring the woman into giving him said kiss, and now was more so putting him within arm's reach of her. "I do love and miss that fiery temper of yours, Kea-kea. If you're not careful, you'll have me back on one knee right in front of all our friends," he chuckled.

    The laugh died on his lips and the amiable, 'goofball' look completely faded from his features at her sudden threat. "Oh...I see you've been listening to my little sister," he said, speaking loudly now so as to draw attention to his words. He may not know which one of these kids was Skylar -exactly- but he was sure she was one of them, and she would hear him.

    "You know, Keagan, as a law enforcement...uh, person, you really should use more discerning thinking. You can't just take everything that woman says at face value. Would you believe that she effectively brainwashed our daughter against me and then just absconded with her back to Fallcrest? I was totally going to tell you about us moving to Seattle as soon as I was actually able to get a hold of you, you know, being so busy as you were. But then one day I woke up, only to find that she'd brought our daughter back here. Delivering her right  into harm's way. Better be glad I don't press charges for kidnapping." He took a breath, glanced at said sister and then back at Keagan. "She may seem like a fun loving, selfless, doofus, but that woman is far smarter and more dangerous than anyone knows," he bellowed

    KEAGAN: The growl that was kept at bay in her throat as every word from this man just boiled her blood. How the hell did she decided it was a good idea to marry him? Because all she was was regretting the decision over and over again.

    The only way Ricky was going to be on his knee is if she knocked out the other one herself.  "No. I do not believe." The audacity of this man trying to make himself look like the good guy when everyone roughly knew why he ran off in the first place. Not only that, everyone also knew what sort of person Luke was so the fact that he was acting like he did everyone a favour when Luke and Keagan should've been the one to press charges against *him *for kidnapping their daughter.

    "Richard. I'm going to repeat myself once more." She jabbed a finger at his chest. "I don't know what kind of game you're trying to play here and frankly I do not care. But if you do not remove yourself from this property within the next second, I will remove you myself." She jabbed him again with a bit more force as she took a step closer, "You knew what our deal was whenever I was out of town. You do not get to disappear on me with my daughter." Jab. "The only idiot I know right now is you, you do not get to come here and start pinning your sister as the villain when you know you fucked up."

    Her own self-restraint surprised herself when she hadn't punched the man herself already, that she was still choosing words over her fists.

    LUKE: She saw Ricky just a fraction of a second before Keagan had, but she doubted that even made a real difference in the long run. If the mother wolf had made her mind up to destroy the man limb-from-limb, there would have been little Luke could do to stop her, only maybe take Sky out back so she didn't have to witness that.

    As it stood, there had been no reason to do that as the new Chief Deputy was showing an immense amount of restraint. Luke, for her part, was used to the things her brother often said and was more focused on keep herself physically between him and sky. Though, she had the sense to stop at the second Scoobies' booth as to not draw attention to the girl. She obviously wasn't jumping at the bit to be picked out by her father. When it was obvious that Ricky was making no move to leave, and when she was certain that the others had more or less surrounded her little balloon, Luke made her way up and past Keagan. “Excuse me Deputy, my brother just seems to have a severe case of ‘head up his own ass’ but, no need to worry. I’ve helped before and I’ll be sure to take care of it again.” She turned to Ricky, swiftly placed his arm in an a back hammer lock and walked him the few feet outside the diner and around to the parking lot.

    When she came back alone she simply smiled and said, “I gave him some cash to get a room at the Radcliffe and sleep it off.” There was no specifying what it was as she instead went back to Sky. “You alright, Mini-me?”

    SKYLAR: The whole time Keagan was confronting Ricky, the youngest Benson was trying her best not to be noticed - which was apparently wasn't too hard because her dad couldn't even find her amongst the crowd - did he even try to use his senses? Or by logic? She was sitting with her friends after all.

    This might be the quietest she has been tonight and the relief she felt when Luke escorted him off the premise. She didn't even realize how small she made herself until Luke came back to check her on. In the back, she could briefly see her mother's eyes flickering between the golden hues and her normal colour before Keagan completely turned away to head to the counter instead - probably because she knew Luke was handling her. "Yeah." She nodded, still leaning into her girlfriend, "He's not supposed to be here, Aunt Luke.." She mumbled.

    LUKE: To say the sight broker her heart would be an understatement. Skylar was a feisty young woman who had gone so far as to pick a fight her best friend’s demon ex. To see her curled into her own girlfriend’s side as a result of the sight of her own father, it only highlighted how small she was and it almost made Luke want to chase after her brother- But that would solve nothing.

    Instead she nodded and said, “I know, Little One.” She crouched down and reached out across the booth’s table to latch onto the hands she knew she’d find within the balloon and gave them a resolute squeeze. “But him being here changes nothing. I gave you my word that he would never affect your life in any major way again, I will do anything I have to to ensure that. I’m nothing if not a woman of my word, and I know you know that.” She sighed and offered a small smile that she then sent Tomi and Erin’s way. “Well, I would say that tonight has now officially been more eventful than any of us planned for. What say the sister wives we all head back to the cabin tonight? I know you’re not looking forward to your mom seeing you outside the balloon, but something tells me tonight would be the perfect time to just bite that bullet,” she grinned.

    KEAGAN: To her credit, it didn't take her long to calm down - especially when she heard how small Skylar sounded. At her voice, she made her way back to the booth and stood behind Luke, nodding at everything she was saying. "It goes without saying that neither of us are going to let him affect you." Her voice as much softer than it was a moment ago.

    When the girl nodded to the plan, Keagan couldn't help but raise an eyebrow about the little note about not wanting her to see what the balloon is hiding. However, this was not the time nor place to address that right now so she just waved for the kid to slide out of the booth and caught her in a side hug once she did come out of it. "Come on, baby girl." She kissed Sky's temple - at least where she believed was the temple -  as she slowly walked them out of the diner, giving quick farewells to whoever was still there.

    LUKE: Standing back up and then off to the side as her niece scooted and waddled her way to her mother, Luke simply tried her best not to laugh. It was definitely not the right time. But she also was never really all that great at letting the mood stay too heavy, so as she washed the mother-daughter duo just make their own way out of the diner, she turned to either side of her and offered her arms. “Well, ladies, it seems you’ll just have to make do with me. Lucky for you, I have two arms and am also the one with the keys so…”

    A few farewells later -and slightly quieter ride than she was comfortable with later- they were making their way up the drive to the cabin. As the driveway came to its end, and the cabin came into the beams of the headlights, the girls were slowly but surely getting louder as they talked. Luke couldn’t even be bothered with the garage, instead just parking right up next to the front stairs. If she could feasibly drive her girls all directly into the safety of the living room, she would have.

    +Cut back to interior of diner

    ALEJA: It seems that there was an endless supply of surprises happening today and the faerie wondered if it was just best to call it a night - especially since a few pairs and groups had already retreated by now. “Whoever said Fallcrest is dull clearly never attended a gathering...” She let out a sigh, “I can’t even tell if this party was a hit or not with all the surprise guests we’ve had.”

    BLAKE: Blake just dropped her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder, eyes turned up to look at her. “Oh the only people that accuse of this town of being dull are the passing tourists,” she half-slurred. Her brow then furrowed and she pursed her lips as she concentrated on the matter. “Considering there were no fatalities, I’m going to mark this one for the ‘win’ column.”

    ALEJA: She had her arm around her moderately drunk girlfriend, feeling quite amused to how snuggly the other was getting as the night went on. "I don't know if it's really considered as no fatalities... Like.. there were a lot of emotional casualties from what I saw." She kissed the crown of her girlfriend, "I hope everyone had a nice time.. despite everything. Shall we head back ourselves? It looks like Ray's about to come out and kick us out - with love."

    BLAKE: Bleary eyes glanced down at her watch at the question before easing her way to a -precarious- standing position. “Oh, yup. We should start evacuating the premises. I think we’ve got like twenty minutes left on our time, which is already cutting it close.”

    I’m a bid to be responsible, she handed her girlfriend the keys and as they made their way back out to the car, she said, “I think it’ll be wise if I sleep on the couch tonight. You know what they say, ‘whiskey makes me frisky, but gin makes me sin’,” she laughed before adding, “And I had both…”

    ALEJA: "Come on, babe." She managed to smothered the laugh she would have let out when she saw Blake stand up from the booth. With her girlfriend's keys, she unlocked the doors and helped Blake settle in before she rounded over to the driver's side because she really hoped her girlfriend wouldn't just topple over. "Ah.. Whiskey makes you frisky. That explains why your hand had been on my back underneath my shirt throughout the night."

    The faerie chuckled as she drove them back towards their home - which wasn't very far from the diner because it took them just a few minutes before she pulled into their own parking spot.

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