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    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Here is my art of 2021!

    All the ones with posts are linked. Some of these are uploaded on my Redbubble

    January- The first digital version of the drawing of Jim I keep working on

    February- One of my Galaxy Empire things

    March- Jim punching Steve that started as fancy word art

    April- Watercolor flowers

    May- Percy hand before I added the extra shadows

    June- Miraculous pride month with nonbinary Adrien and Bisexual Marinette

    July- Amulet of Daylight from my #toa weapons week

    August- New Amulet from ROTT from the #toa weapons week

    September- Witches hat that was my icon for spooky season (for some reason I didn’t post this)

    October- Adrien from the ladynoir umbrella scene from Ephemeral (flash warning actual post is a gif)

    November- Drawn in two hours Adrien taking off his ring from Ephemeral

    December- Adrien in the dress from the fairy tale au in Gabriel Agreste

    I believe most of these have image IDs on the original posts, but if they do not please feel free to let me know!

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    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Hey, other autistic people and people with anxiety and people who scare easily, do you ever wish that haunted houses had a night where you could go through and admire their work without being scared? Like the actors don’t hide, they are in plain vision and they don’t try to scare you, and you get to actually look at the props and sets and all throughout the haunted house? If haunted houses did this then I would actually go! But because if I go, I get scared to death, and I end up not being able to see anything at all and it is just a highly stressful wasted trip.

    My parents and I went to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights a few years ago. I had never been in a haunted house, but I had been to Universal before, so I thought these would be rides. Boy was I wrong! I was in line for the first haunted house, and I was so excited to see all of the cool stuff inside, because Universal puts a lot of effort into their sets and such. My mum loved it because it was the Walking Dead (I have never watched the show, after the first three episodes, because it makes me way to anxious). All I remember is the little girl zombie at the front and then the rest is a blur of people screaming and running at me. I remember thinking I was trapped, dodging in different directions, unable to leave because my parents forced me to stay through every haunted house the park had. All I remember is nearly passing out, being threatened by my parents to stop crying and screaming, and well….crying and screaming. Which at least a few of the actors thought was funny??? So they scared me more?!?! Like sir… I am nearly on the floor crawling having a panic attack… please! Scare someone else!!!

    Anyway. I have never been to another haunted house, and if it is something where people will jump out to scare me I refuse to go. I wish I could actually see and enjoy a haunted house’s design, costumes, and props, and actually remember them. I wish I could remember those haunted houses, without my terror filled brain blacking out most if not all of it… to the point I should have saved my money and skipped the whole experience.

    I just wish I could see a haunted house and enjoy it like everyone else! But for that to happen I need to not be scared to death! I love Halloween, an I want to enjoy this part of it too.

    (December 8 2021)

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  • desertthorn
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I've had a ton of sugar messages. Actions speak louder than words. Let's start there.

    Cashapp: $Sachynkae

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    08.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    It was exactly 7:45am when I was writing this

    I'm in a car with my mom to go on a long drive (4h with strangers because it’s cheaper)…

    And as she talks about the things that pass by on the road, I can only stare blankly to the window behind her and mutter a few “hmm”, “yes”, “impressive”…

    As I think about Michael laying me on a bed, sheets messed up below me and my hair splayed out. His massive hand running gently across my breasts and up with an almost torturing slowness, making my breath catch as his thumb caresses my neck, thinking whether to choke me or just keep trailing his fingers to my parted panting lips…Making me beg for more…

    #michael myers#slashers#halloween kills#halloween #it should be illegal to want someone that much #halloween 2018#halloween 2021 #michael myers smut #smut text#slasher#michael+myers #michael myers x reader
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    08.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I posted 1,487 times in 2021

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    #hmm this came across my dash at the perfect moment because it solidifies the fact i need to work on my magnulia fic ive been putting off :)

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    me, posting a single new chapter: man this isn't good, the characterization is flawed, I'm a fraud

    me, after one comment: I have become unto a god

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    sometimes a family can be a wizard, a wizard, a wizard, a non-practicing wizard, a cleric, a fighter, and an artificer

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    Halloween Wars

    “Taako, darling, I know you love Halloween but don’t you think you’re going a little overboard?” Kravitz asks, watching Taako color code a decorating scheme. He peers over Taako’s shoulder and sees a note that just says “Astral Sea?” in cramped handwriting.

    Taako glances up at Kravitz and casually slides his arm over the paper. “Krav, listen, I’m only going overboard because Lup decided to declare war and commit treason!”

    “By saying she didn’t want to do a matching costume this year?”

    “You already said no to us being Gomez and Morticia so I’m down two costume partners.”

    “I already had something in mind, I’m sorry!”

    “Well, I still believe you would have made the loveliest Morticia. All tall, hot, and gothy? I can see it now,” Taako says with a grin.

    “There’s always next year. Have you decided on a costume yet?”

    “I have and it’s going to blow everyone away and Lup is going to feel so fucking dumb for not wanting to be the twins from The Shining.”

    “Can I know what it is?” Kravitz leans down and rests his chin on Taako’s shoulder.

    Taako presses a quick kiss to Kravitz’s lips before shaking his head. “Sorry babe, this is top secret stuff. Can’t risk having something slip to the boneheads before the party.”

    “Well, let me know how I can help with party prep. And before you ask, no, we can’t do a little necromancy as a treat. I don’t care how cool you think it would be, if you want Barry, Lup, and I to actually be at the party, we’re not going to make anymore work for us, okay?”

    “Ugh, you’re no fun,” Taako pouts and melodramatically rolls his eyes. He quickly scribbles something off his intricate to-do list.

    Kravitz lets out a little laugh and kisses Taako on the forehead. “You’ll be able to get this place in shape without any death crimes, I think.”

    “Yeah, just won’t be as sick.”


    “So you’re telling me that none of you are bothered by all the super generic witch decorations you see this time of year?” Kravitz asks, inspecting a yard sign with a cartoon witch on it. The sign has “WITCH CROSSING” on the bottom, spelled in a drippy looking font.

    “Well, first of all, I’m a wizard, not a witch.” Taako says, tossing several bags of fake spiderwebs into the shopping cart.

    “And second of all, I think it’s kinda fun. I went as a witch for like two years in a row,” Lup adds, riding the cart down the aisle, nearly clipping Barry in the process. Barry stands in front of a shelf of skeletal animals, looking deep in thought.

    “Well, I gotta say some of these grim reaper things are just plain silly,” Kravitz wanders over to the display Barry’s looking at. He squints and picks up a decorative skeletal spider. “And this is just a mockery of basic anatomy.”

    “Yeah, most decorative skeletons are just fundamentally wrong or just kinda lame looking,” Barry muses, turning a skeletal moth over in his hands.

    “Well, Krav could just sit by the punchbowl all night and be our own super-accurate decorative skeleton,” Taako says, walking by and poking Kravitz in the side.

    “You just don’t want me to have a better costume than you, that’s why you wanna make me décor,” Kravitz wraps an arm around Taako’s shoulders and squeezes him close.

    “Nah, I just like looking atcha, Bones.”


    “Angus, so help me, you better not give yourself a stomachache tonight, I don’t think you want Merle trying to do any healing after a few glasses of this punch,” Taako says as he slides a large container of murky looking punch into the fridge.

    “I’m thirteen, Taako, I’m not going to give myself a stomachache. I’m a big boy!” Angus protests from his spot on the counter. He’s been helping Taako put finishing touches on some of the snacks for the party (and sampling them too. It’s a vital step). Currently he’s wrapping hot dogs in crescent dough to make mummy dogs.

    “I know you are, pumpkin. I just still can’t believe you’re hanging up the old Caleb Cleveland costume!” Taako fills a rubber glove with water, ties it closed, and tosses it in the freezer.

    “I’ve been Caleb Cleveland for like five years! I just thought it was time to branch out.”

    “Well, I do respect that. Don’t know that I really respect a Jeff Angel costume in this household but that’s neither here nor there.”

    Angus lets out a laugh and sticks his tongue out at Taako. “You’ll be eating your words in a few hours!”

    “Yeah, whatever you say, kiddo,” Taako says, patting Angus’s head before wandering off to find his checklist.


    “Babe. Please tell me that isn’t an actual dead guy’s suit,” Lup says, leaning her head out of the bathroom, her hair half in curlers. “Because I’d appreciate the dedication, but I would not appreciate the smell.”

    “I promise all the dirt and distressing has been done by yours truly! I mean, I’d be real concerned if someone was actually buried in this suit. Mind if I scoot in there with you? I wanna make sure this open sore doesn’t look too gruesome,” Barry says after he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror over their dresser.

    “Knock yourself out but let me just say, it’s kind of a horror show in here. And if you get dirt on my dress, we’ll be using your corpse as décor.” Lup runs her hand through Barry’s admittedly already messy hair and smiles sweetly at him.

    “I’d expect nothing less.”


    Kravitz knocks on the bathroom door as he picks a piece of lint off his suit. “Taako, you okay in there? I know you said to not disturb the process or anything but you’ve been in there for a bit and you’re strangely quiet.”

    Silence greets him.


    “Okay, so if I hypothetically stained the shit out of the bathtub, how mad would you be?” Taako asks meekly from behind the door.

    “Why do I feel like this isn’t a hypothetical?”

    “Because you’re so smart and handsome.”


    “Kravitz, are you just dressed as the grim reaper? Because that feels kinda lame,” Angus says, adjusting his wristbands, bumping Kravitz with his wings in the process.

    “Absolutely not! Now, don’t you disrespect me, little man,” Kravitz says, tipping his feathered top hat at Angus, his face a creepy half-skull.

    Angus knits his brows together in confusion. “Okay?”

    Kravitz visibly deflates. “Don’t you recognize my costume?”

    “Sorry, no.”

    “You’re an actual child, you of all people should!”

    Angus stares blankly at Kravitz. “Still nothing.”

    Kravitz lets out a massive sigh. “I’m Dr. Facilier? From Princess and the Frog?”

    “Oh! Okay, yeah I see it now! Gotta say, I didn’t take you for a Fantasy Disney adult.”

    “Hey now, that movie is art, Angus.”

    Angus snorts and rolls his eyes, inching a little too close to being a capital T Teenager for Kravitz’s taste. “Whatever you say, Kravitz.”


    “Uh Taako, you know you’ve got blood like…everywhere, right?”

    Taako pauses his dashing around the kitchen, pulling readied snacks out of the fridge, oven, and cabinets. He looks at Barry as though he’s grown another head.

    “That is the entire point of the costume, Barry.” Taako takes a minute to readjust his tiara that has slipped momentarily. “I mean, you’ve seen Carrie, yeah?”

    Barry’s eyes widen for a split second. “I have, it just took me a minute to connect the dots.”

    “Well, you look like you crawled out of a grave and I’m not here insulting you about it.”

    Barry looks down at his costume. “I-I’m Beetlejuice. You know, the ghost with the most?”

    Taako snaps his fingers and points at Barry. “That’s it! Okay, I dig it. Now, will you do me a big favor and finish setting up the food? You can wrangle Kravitz and Angus into it too, I just wanna get a peek at Lup’s costume before the party.”

    “Yeah, that’s no problem. It’s a killer, just a warning.”

    “Pfft, I’d like to see her in something as genius as this.”


    “Fuck you, go change.”

    “Uh no? You go change!”

    “I specifically didn’t want us to match this year.”

    “And look where your hubris got you, we’re matching any fucking way!”

    “Okay but I should get dibs, she sets the goddamn high school on fire, she doesn’t transmute it.”

    “Too late, Lulu, looks like we’re doing things my way.”

    “I hate you sometimes.”

    Taako drags a finger down his hair and taps Lup’s nose, smearing fake blood on her in the process. She flips him off which only makes him grin wider.



    “Hey, Kravitz, I love your costume! From Princess and the Frog, right?”

    “Yeah, that’s not the important part here. Are you dressed as the grim fucking reaper?”

    Magnus tries to hide his scythe behind his back. “No?”

    Kravitz cranes his neck to look at the scythe Magnus is doing a piss-poor job of hiding. “Wait, how’d you –“ He lets out a sigh. “Lup?”

    Magnus nods and lowers his hood. “I promise I’m not going to open up any portals though!”

    “You better not, Burnsides. You set foot in the Astral Plane again and that’s it, my man.”



    Taako opens the door to see Lucretia dressed literally how she dresses every single day. He crosses his arms and shakes his head. “Nope. Luce, I told you, no costume no entry.”

    She grins and shows off two sharp fangs. “I’m a vampire, Taako.”

    “Normally I’d chastise you for going with something so low effort but this is a pretty cool look. Now, can we address the nerdy elephant in the room?” Taako jabs his thumb over his shoulder to the small crowd of people that have accumulated in the living room. In the corner, talking animatedly to Barry, is one Lucas Miller, wearing a dumb hat and draped in a ridiculously long, hideous scarf.

    “Okay, that was a group effort from me and Angus.”

    “Last thing I really wanted at my party is your weird step-son –“

    “I don’t know that I’d call him –“

    Taako steamrolls over her protest. “–dressed as fucking fantasy Doctor Who.”

    She looks at him with a meek smile. “I promise I won’t invite him to Candlenights?”

    Taako sighs and rolls his eyes. “Yeah, I guess that’s an even deal. Punch is on the table. It’s good, go get some.”

    She nods and makes her way over, giving a small wave to Davenport (who, appropriately enough, dressed as a pirate) on her way.


    “Merle, who in the flying fuck are you?” Lup asks, tugging at one of his braids. He waves her hand away, more for show than anything.

    “You kids really disappoint me.”

    “No, I’m drawing a blank, too,” Davenport offers, removing his hat for a moment.

    “The braids? The bandana? Nothing?”

    They both shake their heads mutely at him. Merle frowns.

    “I’m Willie Nelson!”

    “Yeah, I would not have gotten that. See, I went for someone iconic,” Lup says, gesturing to her blood-soaked ensemble.

    Merle tilts his head and narrows his eyes at her. He darts his eyes across the room to Taako and smacks his head with the palm of his hand. “Oh! Are you one of the twins from the Shining?”

    “I’m in hell,” Lup groans.


    “Bluejeans, Bluejeans, Bluejeans,” Lup murmurs into Barry’s ear as she stands behind him and wraps her arms around him. He laughs and presses a kiss to her cheek.

    “You having fun, scary Carrie?”

    “I’m having a blast! How about you, Bones?” Lup asks Kravitz, who’s gently pulling Taako by the hand over to stand by the nearly empty punch bowl.

    “You know, I’m not as into Halloween as the rest of you, but I’d say this has been a pretty good time.” He says, winding an arm around Taako’s torso. Taako leans his head onto Kravitz’s shoulder and smiles.

    “Next year’ll be even better, considering we’re going to have the best costumes.” He says, fiddling with the feather on Kravitz’s hat.

    “I wouldn’t be so certain about that, T. I’m not going to be bested again.” Lup says, resting her head on Barry’s shoulder.

    “I mean, good luck coming up with something as sick as Gomez and Morticia.” Taako leans over and snags a piece of candy from the table.

    Lup groans and leans her head into Barry’s neck. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

    Barry and Kravitz both let out laughs as the twins start bickering about who gets dibs on the costume for next year.

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    I think we all know that each member of the ipre made a relic that was made to be tantalizing and desirable but i feel like some of them in particular made relics that they probably didn't want to give up (we actively see this with lucretia). but i'm thinking today about Barry Bluejeans.

    we don't know that much about what the animus bell does. Not really. what we can gather, though, is that it is capable of knocking the soul out of a living person, leaving behind an empty vessel. liches are then able to inhabit these empty vessels. barry didn't just make a relic. barry made a contingency plan. see, when you know that your usual way of getting a body is going to become unusable, you're wont to keep a ripcord at the ready.

    obviously the plan with the relics was to hide them. make people want and desire them. they're not to just remain with their creators. but i do firmly believe that barry hid his well and with intent.

    he could feel the necrotic energy coming off Wonderland, could see a pair of elven liches, and something just told him that the bell would be safe with them (safe for others? no, but Barry also knew it wouldn't move). he knew that in the case that anything happened, he could just. get a body. it's messy and unethical and not what he would want for either him or for Lup but... beggars can't be choosers.

    so when he mentions offhand the dungeon out in the felicity wilds, that demonic thing full of arcane energy, he knows full well Lup isn't there, I think. but i do think he knows that, wherever Lup is, her body is gone. i think part of his plan right before the voidfishing damn well could have been to go to wonderland, reclaim his relic, and ensure that he could get Lup a body when he finally found her again.

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    #me any time I receive compliments: omg just like halloween 2021 #I also don’t know what to say when I do so. thanks lol #ask#anon
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    Person: “Can you tell the crows to shut up? It’s really annoying”

    Crow that was screaming on Phil’s shoulder: “Well eXXUUSSEE ME I’m a proud member of the murder and we will scream.” *screams louder*

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    What I feel like the dsmp would be if they were weapons

    Tommy: a pair of nunchucks. small and illegal in some states. Rather flashy and often underestimated.

    Tubbo: Ice grip boots. Great for hiking up icy mountains and breaking ribs. He has lead on the chains to add a bit of oomf to the weight

    Alivebur: a small bladed and meticulously sharpened scythe. Not quite good for loping off peoples heads, but a couple swings should puncture the throat

    Ghostbur: not a weapon, but a stained wooden harmonica. He likes to play Harry Potter on it

    Techno:a glock

    Philza: a large machete usually used for snapping branches and cuting away foliage. Bones and flesh work just the same

    Ranboo: ice skates. They carve beautiful patterns onto the floor but no one really knows what they represent. If a pattern is already present he will simply glide on the already there lines.

    Nihachu: a hand held harpoon. Long and easy to drive through a skull.

    Dream: a metal bat. Iron and heavy and coated in dried blood. He doesn’t bother to clean himself

    George: a frying pan. What? He likes eggs in the morning and it’s rather effective.

    Sapnap: a sledge hammer. The handle is sorta short but the steel is heavy

    Skeppy: shards of glass. Rather painful and shatterable, usually stained red

    Bad:throwing knives. They’re rad and can stab you through the eyes

    Sam: a medieval long sword. Easy to enforce things with

    Jack: a huge carnival hammer. unwieldy, but highly dangerous.

    Eret: a rapier. Swift and easy to swing with

    Ponk: a medieval shield. Sometimes there’s spikes on it

    Purpled: a spear. Fast and strong. The wood never breaks

    Punz: a woodcutter’s axe. Dangerous but slow.

    Karl: a jagged dagger. It is chipping but still sharp

    Quackity: a crowbar. Peels away at paint and skin

    Fundy: a pitchfork. Rather like a trident but lighter.

    Jshlatt: gloves with concealed blades. They grew less effective as days went on

    Callahan: a circular shield. He uses a whetstone on the edges

    Puffy: a bo staff. Takes skill to use

    Conner: spiked cleats, he mostly used them for digging up gardens and stomping on crotches

    Foolish:a bow. The arrows are shark toothed

    Slimecicle: a grenade containing a neutralizing gas. No one really knows what it is but it sure is green

    Antfrost: a fire extinguisher. You would be surprised by the sheer damage it can do.

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    I’m watching the vod and I love how they just *casually talks about the pros and cons of selfie sticks while looking at the biome Tubbo nuked to hell*

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    This is the syndicate you can’t convince me otherwise

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    bunny |   \ ˈbə-nē  \

    a night-club hostess whose costume includes a rabbit-like tail and ears

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    ghost | \ ˈgōst  \

    In folklore, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living. In ghostlore, descriptions of ghosts vary widely from an invisible presence to translucent or barely visible wispy shapes, to realistic, lifelike forms

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    werewolf  |  /ˈwerˌwʊlf/

    in folklore, a werewolf, or occasionally lycanthrope, is a human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction with the transformations occurring on the night of a full moon.

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    faerie | \ ˈfer-ē \

    in folklore, one of a class of supernatural beings, generally conceived as having a diminutive human form and possessing magical powers with which they intervene in human affairs.

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    𝒊𝒏 𝒄𝒐𝒍𝒅𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝒘𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒔 𝒊'𝒎 𝒘𝒂𝒓𝒎 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉 𝒚𝒐𝒖

    #caleb returns after his absence from all my halloween posts #ts4#sims 4#simsmas 2021 #breeze nsb legacy extra #ross vatore#caleb vatore #ship: nsb raleb #(technically i shouldn't use that surname for ross in this picture because they're not married here but shh)
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    The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.

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    The passer-through-walls (Le Passe-muraille) sculpture in the Paris Catacombs.

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    It's always disappointing when my top posts aren't anything I actually wrote or created myself. Just some garbage I found somewhere else and posted here. The "passer-through-walls" post? 130,000 notes? Really?! Just a picture I thought was kind of cool and thought I'd share. The words I write though? Coins tossed into a wishing well, never to be seen again.

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  • bendy-bear-15
    07.12.2021 - 2 days ago


    More of my Blade costume got released a couple days ago! Figured you all like to see the other photos!!

    The arch way photo is my most favorite out of these, but all of these came out amazing! Thanks to NB Photography who took these with me!!!

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  • eldaryan
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    I need a fanfic about:

    s/o have her first time with Michael Myers, plssss

    Pretty plssss

    I accept everything, any Myers (Mike, Mikey or Michael) 😫

    (Old Myers would be interesting)

    I’m too scared of start writing…

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  • 42frankee
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hazard & IC3 - DnB Allstars at Printworks Halloween 2021 - Live From London (DJ Set) by DnB Allstars https://ift.tt/3pvK7D9

    #SoundCloud #Hazard & IC3 - DnB Allstars at Printworks Halloween 2021 - Live From London (DJ Set) D
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  • wizard101exe
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Sum doodles

    #halloween horror nights #hhn#hhn 30#hhn 2021 #puppet theatre captive audience #puppet theatre #the bride of frankenstein #the bride of frankenstein lives #case files unearthed legendary truth #case files#she devil#shedevil
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  • skullduggary
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    It’s that time again! Art vs. Artist 2021

    #i did pretty much all drawing screencaps/direct from reference this year #and ill still do that cause its very meditative and helps me with technique #but my 2022 goal is to be more experimental and engaged creatively #also my blood eyes halloween make up selfie is the most recent pic of me i like so we are going with that #art vs artist #2021#my art
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  • scurybooween
    06.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Spooooky Holiday Cards

    Kat Lindsey 

    pick them up here - there is one more day to get them in in time..

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  • frances048
    06.12.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • twisted-wonderland-sideblog
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Scary Dress Floyd Personal Story: Do you admire pirates or something?

    I would like to thank my teammates @curekibouka and AlphAOmegA101 (Discord) for their translations and efforts. Don’t use without permission.

    --The Other Dimension, Sparkling Chamber--

    Floyd: Ahaha! Dancing is so nice, right? Being able to use my legs as much as I want is exciting!

    Jade: Fufufu… I’m glad you are having fun.

    Floyd: Jade, let’s turn together in the next step-


    Jack & Floyd: Ugh!!

    Floyd: … Huh?

    Floyd: What, is it you, Urchin-chan? What are you doing, bumping into me just when I was having so much fun dancing?

    Jack: Right back at you! Aren’t you dancing as wish without paying attention to what’s around you?

    Floyd: Huh?! I don’t wanna be called that by a shitty dancer.

    Jack: What did you say?! Floyd: Isn’t that true though? I was watching you dance right now and your steps were too rushed and because you raised your shoulders too high, your hold was too stiff.

    Jade: I feel like your “talk” will get really heated up. I will bring some drinks using this opportunity.

    Floyd: Ah aah, Urchin-chan’s costume is really cool but the guy wearing it isn’t like a pirate at all. So disappointing.

    Floyd: Since they are singing and dancing on the deck, they are good at dancing…

    Floyd: The real deal would skilfully avoid even if we came close to bumping.

    Jack: Talking as if you met them…

    Jack: Hm? By the way, you were a merman. Have you ever met with the ghost of a pirate by chance?!

    Floyd: Why are your eyes sparkling like that? Do you admire pirates or something, Urchin-chan?

    Jack: Rather than admiring… Pirates appeared a lot in the books I read as a kid, so I’m kinda interested.

    Floyd: Hmph… That so…

    Floyd: Then I will tell you how the real ghosts of pirates were like.

    Floyd: I once sneaked into a sunken ship alone when I was going to elementary school.

    Floyd: I was told not to approach it during Halloween but… Being told not to go makes you go even more, right?

    Jack: So you were like this from those days, huh?

    Floyd: But no treasure, no nothing was left within the ship. I was swimming while thinking how shabby~, suddenly..

    Floyd: BAM!!!!!

    Floyd: I heard such a loud sound like that. Different from the land, in water, wind doesn’t close doors or something.

    Floyd: I was so surprised. In addition, when I noticed, I was locked into a room of the sunken ship.

    Jack: That’s the part you were surprised about…

    Floyd: Even if I pushed or pulled the door, it wouldn’t budge. Moreover, when I looked outside from a hole in the wall…

    Floyd: 20 something pirate ghosts were gathered and cheerfully singing and dancing.

    Floyd: “We captured a child merman. Different colored eyes, a splendid tail for swimming fast. Then, which one should we steal first?”

    Floyd: They said.

    Jack: Ganging up on a child with big numbers… Do pirate ghosts play so dirty?

    Floyd: It was really the worst. Since they were saying “Let’s drag him out” after trapping me…

    Jack: So you were scared after all?

    Floyd: Nah, I was really pissed off.

    Jack: … How should I say it, that’s really like you, Floyd-senpai…

    Floyd: I was planning to squeeze the hell out of those ghosts as soon as the door was open but…

    Floyd: Their bodies were intangible so no attack was working! They were laughing their heads off at me.

    Floyd: In the end I went on a rampage, destroyed the wall and managed to escape but…

    Floyd: The moment I left the sunken ship… I became unable to hear any sound.

    Jack: What? How could it be? Weren’t there like 20 pirate ghosts?

    Floyd: The ghosts that were raising a ruckus just a while ago disappeared completely.

    Floyd: … As if there were no one from the very beginning.

    Jack: ?!

    Floyd: Thinking maybe they are hiding somewhere, I searched the surrounding areas but there was no one. Isn’t it weird?

    Jack: If your attacks weren’t working, they had no reason to run…What exactly their goal was?

    Floyd: Who knows~?

    Jack: Ah…! Maybe this was all made-up…

    Jack: Because I bumped into you while dancing, aren’t you planning to scare me?

    Floyd: If that’s what you think, Urchin-chan, maybe that’s the case?

    Jade: Oya? You seem to be getting along swimmingly.

    Floyd: Ah, Jade. Welcome back.

    Jade: I have just returned. I brought you two drinks as well, so here you go.

    Floyd: Oh! Thank you, Jade.

    Jack: … Thanks.

    Jade: No problem. By the way, what exactly were you talking about?

    Floyd: The time when I went to the sunken ship on Halloween when I was still in elementary school.

    Jade: Ah. It was such an uproar.

    Jade: Since Floyd who left in the morning hadn’t returned even when it became night, we were so worried.

    Floyd: I was so surprised too. I thought I was in the sunken ship for 2 hours at most but…

    Floyd: When I returned home, Halloween was over and they told me they didn’t see me the whole day.

    Jack: What?

    Jade: I was really worried that time.

    Jade: Since in the sea, a lot of merfolk disappear during Halloween.

    Floyd: If I wasn’t able to run away from the ghosts, maybe Jade was an only child now.

    Jack: What???

    Jack: Hey, Floyd-senpai… That story just now was a lie just to scare me… Right?

    Floyd: … I never said that story was all made up, did I?

    Jack: ?!?!

    Floyd: Aha. You be careful too, Urchin-chan.

    Floyd: Since you don’t know what might happen on Halloween...

    #twst endless halloween night #twst halloween event #twst halloween month 2021 #endless halloween night #twst#twisted wonderland#translations#jade leech#floyd leech#jack howl
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