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    Head cannon that Iida gets WAY to in to playing the part of Aaron Burr while singing Hamilton :)

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  • Westeros: an American Musical - Sentence Starters

    From Act 1 of “Westeros: an American Musical,” a parody mashup of “Game of Thrones” and “Hamilton.”

    Change the pronouns as you see fit.

    “Small council” (Aaron Burr, Sir)

    • “pardon me, are you _____?”
    • “oh, of course, how embarrassing.”
    • “_____, at your service, i say with a wink.”
    • “i know your wife.”
    • “it’s just astonishing, i mean, how quickly you catch on, you’ll be running this place in no time at all.”
    • “in the meantime, you can see i’m gonna help you along, that is, if you want what i’m promising.”
    • “and you’ll be profiting?”
    • “admittedly, i would like to expedite my climb and rise above my station.”
    • “for your investigation, just be patient.”
    • “those were his final words, then he was gone.”
    • “it’s a mystery.”
    • “i’m glad you’ll assist me.”
    • “_____ insisted i persist in digging for evidence showing that there’s been trickery.”
    • “does _____ often speak of me?”
    • “perhaps, once or twice.”
    • “for her sake, let me offer you some free advice.”
    • “trust less. conspire more.”
    • “don’t let them know who you’re against or who you’re for.”
    • “surely, you just.”
    • “you want to keep your head?”
    • “fools who trust too much soon wind up dead.”
    • “what time is it?”
    • “showtime!”
    • “like i said…”
    • “i’m _____, the new monarchy.”
    • “i’m working on three.”
    • “i take it easy on the throne, keep my style free.”
    • “being king really hasn’t been working for me.”
    • “i agree, to a degree.”
    • “i must warn you.”
    • “the girl has been wed.”
    • “we should ensure she’s dead before the two have bred.”
    • “i’m flashy and fashioned.”
    • “i get the smallfolk rallyin’.”
    • “we should have killed her before, since of course she’ll implore _____ to torment our doorstep.”
    • “they would guarantee the task done.”
    • “who’s all in favor of killing?”
    • “i haven’t heard you make a sound.”
    • “why the frown?”
    • “fill us in.”
    • “break it down.”
    • “this girl’s a sea away and exiled.”
    • “why murder a child?”
    • “the child in her belly’s one we need to prepare for.”
    • “a child’s a child, _____ —so what are you scared for?”
    • “what to do?”
    • “why are you here, _____?”
    • “what do you hope to prove?”

    “First Watch” (Story of Tonight (Reprise))

    • “we’re now in _____ territory.”
    • “the greatest ranging of them all.”
    • “i would gladly skip the glory, to us back upon the wall.”
    • “i don’t get our seasons.”
    • “winter seems to last a year or ten!”
    • “no calendar could tell you.”
    • “at least we haven’t found _____!”
    • “thanks to _____ for lodging us!”
    • “shame _____ is dodging us.”
    • “let’s rest before we have to fight.”
    • “well, if it isn’t our phenom!”
    • “i’ll be scouting soon with _____.”
    • “good luck beyond, _____!
    • “i heard you’re leaving in the morning?”
    • “i’ll be gone by dawn.”
    • “you mean you’re leaving us with _____?”
    • “don’t be long.”
    • “ignore them. don’t let these louts call you a craven.”
    • “i wish i could have your chores.”
    • “no, you don’t.”
    • “no, i don’t.”
    • “now, be sensible.”
    • “you’ll get things done while we just keep this keep defensible.”
    • “yeah, right.”
    • “_____ has been tardy every night, man.”
    • “is that so?”
    • “what are you tryin’ to hide, _____?”
    • “leave us alone.”
    • “what’s your plight, _____?”
    • “just tell me what is wrong, we’ll make it right.”
    • “well, thank you _____, but there’s no help you can offer.”
    • “what do you mean?”
    • “it’s a girl.”
    • “please, don’t tell _____, he’d be appalled.”
    • “i’ll see you on the other side.”
    • “i’m too proud to reprimand you.”
    • “she would leave with you, if you’d let her.”
    • “our dating pool is small.”
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  • Some angst because William kills another god in my story lmao

    Hamilton reference because why not

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  • every theater has unique beautiful smell. if you dont notice it, we wont be friends. im sorry

    #broadway #the theatre kid #and many more which i'm too lazy to tag #beautiful#west end#hamilton#hadestown #dear evan hansen #the theatre kids problems #the theatre kids #theatre
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  • Imagine Modern AU but gun duels are still a thing and Burr and Ham duel, and Ham instead of write a letter he records a tape for Laurens and A N G S T, so yeah, inspired in @a_random_voyager’s drawing of this prompt: Cassete

    #my art#hamilton#hamilton fanart #john laurens hamilton #john laurens #john laurens art #lams#modern lams#lams angst#duels#hamilton fandom #the world was wide enough #one last thought #hamilton angst#lambsmonth
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  • Day 1444

    Lin-Manuel Miranda lost an Oscar to the White Broadway Establishment

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  • Washington : So? How’s Hamilton?

    Jefferson : Bad news.

    Washington : No…

    Jefferson, steps aside to reveal Hamilton: He’s still alive.

    #hamilton #hamilton the musical #hamilton the american musical #thomas jefferson#george washington #hamilton incorrect quotes #source : merlin #alexander hamilton
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  • Go through the door. Do you dare?

    Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton NJ

    #go through the door #grounds for sculpture #hamilton
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  • Angelica: my father has no sons so I’m the one who has to social climb for one

    Philip Jeremiah Schuyler:

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    omg they were roommates

    #hamilton#jamilton#alexander hamilton#thomas jefferson #omg they were roommates #thomas wants to beat him with that spoon #hmm kinky
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    Doing National Poetry Month this April! Here’s a remix poem I wrote using lines from Hamilton, Hadestown, Hamlet, Yeats, Coleridge, and A Series of Unfortunate Events

    #remix#poetry #national poetry month #hamilton#hadestown#hamlet #william butler yeats #samuel taylor coleridge #a series of unfortunate events
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  • I was tagged by @thisstableground thank you!

    1. How has your day been?

    Pretty good, slept a little bad last night so woke up late, it’s almost 11 here. Not much to do today really.

    2. What’s the last thing that made you smile?

    One of the pups wanted to cuddle. That always makes me happy!

    3. What’s keeping you entertained these days?

    Musicals(In the Heights, Hamilton), games, drawing, figuring out Tumblr, and practicing writing.

    4. If you are currently in some type of quarantine/self-isolation

    Yep, under a Shelter in Place order in my area of Texas. Too bad not a lot of people are listening to it. Hope it goes back to normal soon.

    5. Post a selfie if you’re comfortable with it

    Sorry! Not comfortable with that, at least not yet.

    #personal stuff #in the heights #hamilton
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  • Eliza: * Reading a book on a Reverse Psychology* Hmmmm…..

    *Walks in the room where Alex is working*

    Eliza: Alexander…

    Alexander: Hmm?

    Eliza: DON’T take a break, DON’T bother coming to bed tonight. Work on your papers all night if you must!

    Alexander: *Deep Inhale* *Flips his work table over* Walks up to Eliza*

    I’ll work when I’M good and Ready woman! *Grabs Eliza’s hand* C'mon we’re going to bed!

    Eliza: * in her mind* Bingo!

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  • tag yourself I’m the guy in cabinet battle #1 who yells “that’s my alcohol!”

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  • Y'all know what’s sexy?


    Like f*ck drunk sex, that ain’t sexy, that’s a fricking danger hazard that people like to romanticize (=_=)

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  • Now I’m not up to date on the latest cancel party, but wtf is up with people hating Hamilton…. Like it’s a but odd but it was an ok concept.

    #hamilton #is it cancelled? #why yall hating on it?
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  • Hamilton:

    Six: I’m you but historically accurate.

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