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    misc. cast hamilton town hall icons with no filter. like or reblog if you save. requests open.

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    emmy, renne, and ariana hamilton town hall icons with no filter. like or reblog if you save. requests open.

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    daveed diggs hamilton town hall icons with no filter. like or reblog if you save. requests open.

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  • Phillipa Soo has an important message for voters

    Ive learned that our communities are stronger when we vote for representatives who look out for our interests. Today is up to us...we all play a role in democracy

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  • Phillipa Soo as Harper Li in The Code (2019)

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    #hamiltrash#hamilton #lin manuel miranda #virtual hangout#hamilton cast#broadway#virtual broadway#covid_19#covid lockdown#virtual#burn#zoom #zoom video meetings #zoom video conferencing #the show must go on
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  • Exactly What I Needed

    Pairing: Lin x Reader

    Request: “I was wondering if I could request another one where reader is just lost in their thoughts and is really sad but Lin sees that and he knows what to do to make them feel better by watching Hamilton or singing and dancing to the soundtrack? :)” - @galaxy-nerd

    Word Count: 1k

    I walked in the front door of my shared apartment. I lived in an apartment with my boyfriend Lin. I had just gotten home from work. I had found out that I had gotten fired from my job. I was really bummed about it and I didn’t know what my next career move was.

    I saw Lin sitting on the couch on his phone. “Hey babe, you’re home! How was work?” He asked me. “It was good” I said, faking a smile. I got the doorway of our bedroom, but he called out “Y/N, are you okay?”.

    “Yeah, I’m just tired. I’m gonna lay down for a while” I lied. He didn’t seem to believe me, but he went with it. I closed the bedroom door and grabbed my laptop and crawled into bed.

    I found a website that I could use to look for a job. I couldn’t stay unemployed forever, especially since I still had bills to pay. I was curled up, surrounded by my blankets, and I couldn’t seem to find any available jobs with my experience in mind.

    I felt like I was trapped in a cycle. I would see a job that sounded like a good fit, then I would find out that really I didn’t even come close to fitting the requirements.

    I gave up. I threw my laptop to the side of the bed. I curled up into a ball and just started crying. I felt so useless. What if I could never find another job?

    Then I heard the door creak open. I turned and saw Lin, peeking his head in the door. “Oh my god, what happened?” He said, rushing over. He crawled in the covers and I rolled over to face him. “I got fired today” I said, weakly.

    His eyes softened. He wiped away my tears and pulled me into his chest. “I am so sorry that that happened, why didn’t you tell me?” He asked me.

    I grabbed the collar of his shirt and nuzzled into his chest. “Because you are so successful, and apparently I can’t even keep a job. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to compare to you. And then you would pity me, like you’re doing right now” I explained to him.

    “Oh sweetheart, I promise this isn’t pity. I love you so much, and in my eyes you are so much successful than I am. You’re a hard worker and you’re kind and humble” he said, rubbing my back. “But what am I supposed to do?” I asked him.

    “You’ll find another job, you have so much to offer. You are the most resilient person I know, you will bounce back from this in the blink of an eye. But for now, can I please try and cheer you up?” He asked me.

    “What do you have in mind?” I asked, my eyes lighting up as I pulled away and looked him in the eye. “There’s that sparkle in your eyes again” he said, smiling.

    “Come on sweetheart” he said, getting out of our bed. I rolled out of bed and walked over to him. He interlaced our fingers and led me to the living room. I sat next to him on the couch and he grabbed the remote.

    “Close your eyes, it’s a surprise” he told me. I covered my eyes like he said. I heard him scrolling through options on the tv. Then I heard the unmistakeable voice of Jonathan Groff saying “Ladies and gentleman, this is your king”.

    I pulled my hands away and my jaw dropped in shock. “You’re actually going to watch it with me?” I asked Lin. “Yep, and you can sing and everything” he told me, with a smile.

    Lin had only watched Hamilton with me once, when it premiered. I had practically watched it everyday and I was constantly singing the songs around the house. Lin said it was weird to watch himself over and over again, so I was very shocked that he was going to watch it with me again.

    “Oh my god, you’re the best” I said, leaning into his side. “I try my best for you” he said, smiling down at me. He put his arm around me and held me tightly.

    Then the first song started and I jumped out of my seat. I started rapping along with the cast as they showed up on screen. Lin had a look of pure admiration as he watched me.

    “Come on, sing it with me” I begged Lin. “Y/N, I sang these songs 8 times a week for years” he complained. “Just sing with me, you big baby” I told him. He chuckled and then stood up and started singing with me.

    We were making up dance moves as we sang along with the songs. We even recreated Helpless with me playing Eliza.

    But at the end, we were both sprawled across the couch, completely tired out. “You know, I feel much better now” I told him, smiling. “Well that’s what I was going for” he said, kissing my temple. “This was exactly what I needed” I told him.

    “Wait…Y/N, I got it” he said. I could imagine the lightbulb above his head lighting up. “What do you mean?” I asked, confused. “Come work at Hamilton” he said, simply. “Lin, what are you talking about?” I asked, still confused. “You have a degree in marketing, come work for our marketing team. We have an opening” he said, hopefully.

    “Lin? You don’t think people would frown upon me getting a job just because we’re dating?” I asked him. “Well no, you’d do a full interview, but I know that you’ll blow them away” Lin told me. “Fine, I’ll do an interview. But you aren’t allowed to try and put in a good word for me. I want to earn this job, fair and square” I told him.

    “Ok fine” he said. “You have to promise” I told him, holding out my pinky. He interlocked our pinkies. “I promise” he told me, smiling back at me.

    taglist: @someinsanefangirl @laurens-interlude @geekycatlover @fanfic-addict-98 @romanoffs-heart @multifandomwriterx @andreasworlsboring101 @criminallyhamilton @imatyoursurrvicesurr @irlydontknoanymore @sayweird99 @nyxie75 @rileygene11 @daveeds-whore @trost-town @notebookgirl30 @teenag1jealousy @royalstans @elizasfaith @kmsmedine @brunadesuu @roxanne2020

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  • Who Would’ve Thought

    Pairing: Jasmine x Reader

    Request: “A jcj fic where the reader is Daveed or Oak’s “cousin”, and they try to hook you up with her because they know she’s your celeb crush? The reader would be fem btw” @kmsmedine

    Word Count: 1.2k

    “Daveed, why do I have to do this?” I asked. Daveed was a family friend and though we weren’t blood-related, I considered him like a cousin or brother. I had known him since I was like ten years old, so that meant he knew everything about me. That meant, he knew that I hated surprises. Yet tonight, I found myself getting ready for a blind date that he had set up for me.

    “Because you’ve been single for too long and you’re starting to get cranky” Daveed said. “I am totally not cranky, but why can’t you tell me who I’m meeting?” I asked him. “Because it’s a surprise, but you’ll love her. I promise” he said.

    I stood up from my vanity, “How do I look?” I asked him. “You look great, now go get your stuff. We’re going to be late” Daveed said, rushing me. “You know, you’re lucky that I love you and I trust you, or I would not go along with this crazy scheme of yours” I told him as we walked to the car.

    After of a fifteen minute car ride of me begging Daveed to tell me who the mystery woman was and him telling me no every time, we finally arrived at the restaurant.

    Daveed led me inside and we walked over to a booth. There was a girl that was sitting there with her back to us. She had brown, curly hair. We sat down and I realized that I knew exactly who she was. It was Jasmine.

    I had seen Hamilton once, but I didn’t meet the rest of the cast. So I found all their Instagrams after the show because I was blown away. Then, I had raved to Daveed for hours on the phone about how stunning Jasmine was. Daveed was very aware of my not-so-subtle crush.

    I knew that I had to not let my crush come across, or she would think I was creepy. “Wait…Jasmine, right?” I asked her, pretending like I was unsure. “Yeah, how’d you know?” She asked me, laughing. “I saw Hamilton once, I knew you looked familiar” I said, smiling. “Jasmine, this is Y/N. She’s practically my sister. Y/N, this is Jasmine, one of my best friends” Daveed said, introducing us.

    “It’s really nice to meet you” she said, smiling. “Yeah you too! Now Daveed, I think it’s time for you to leave” I said, shooing him away. “Have fun you guys” he said, smirking at us as he left.

    “So Y/N, what do you do?” She asked me. “I’m a freelance photographer. So I do all kinds of photo shoots, from weddings to baby pictures” I explained. “So, not to be too forward, but what you’re saying is, if you we were to work out and maybe get married, you would know the right people to take our wedding photos” she flirted.

    “That’s exactly what I’m saying” I said, smiling at her. She reached her hand across the table and interlaced it with mine. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re really pretty?” I asked her. “Maybe a few, but it means more coming from you” she said, coyly. “You’re quite a flirt, aren’t you?” I asked her, giggling.

    “Only when I like what I see” she said, smiling. “Let’s get out of here, this restaurant is stuffy. Let’s take a walk or get ice cream or something” I suggested. “I love me a spontaneous woman” Jasmine said, as we stood up and left the restaurant.

    She interlaced her hand with mine and we walked down the street. “If we’re being completely honest, I may have known who you were when I sat down. I saw Hamilton and I may have developed a slight little crush” I told her, honestly.

    “So that explains the blushing when you sat down” she said, giggling to herself. “Ooo wait, this is the best ice cream shop in all of New York! We have to get some” I told her, pulling her towards the ice cream shop.

    We ordered our ice cream and Jasmine paid before I could get to it. We were walking down the street, eating our ice cream. I looked over and saw that Jasmine had some ice cream on her nose.

    I giggled to myself. “What?” She asked, cluelessly. “You have it on your nose” I said giggling. “Wait really? Where?” She asked, her cheeks turning red. I stepped closer to her and wiped it off her nose with my napkin.

    Then I realized how close we were. Our faces were only inches apart. Being around Jasmine made me feel confident, so I cupped her face with one hand and connected our lips.

    She kissed me back instantly, her lips tasted like her minty ice cream. She used her free hand and ran it through my hair as we kissed. I felt her tug on my bottom lip with her teeth. Then, she slipped her arm around my waist and pulled me closer to her. We were pressed up against each other and then we pulled away to breathe.

    “Wow” I said, under my breath. “Wow is right. As far as first kisses go, that was pretty spectacular” she said, smiling at me. “So do you see a second date in our future?” I asked her, as we continued to walk down the street. “Yeah and a third and a fourth” she said, smiling at me. “Well that is great news” I said.

    Jasmine was so easy to be around, we had only just met, but I felt like I’d known her forever. I felt very calm and at peace when I was with her.

    “Who would’ve thought” Jasmine said, under her breath. “What?” I asked, confused. “Who would’ve thought that Daveed would be a good matchmaker” she said, laughing. “Right? I was totally dreading tonight, I thought he would set me up with some crazy girl and I wanted tonight be over as quick as possible. But now, I don’t want tonight to end” I said, cheekily.

    “Well who says tonight has to end?” Jasmine proposing. “Well what are you suggesting?” I asked, curiously. “How about we go back to my place? No expectations for anything, by the way. Just to hang out, although maybe a little kissing” she said, smirking.

    “I am totally down” I said, smirking back at her. We talked all the way to her apartment. We walked into her apartment and I was instantly drawn to a big open window in her living room.

    “Woah look at the view from up here” I said, in awe. “There’s a much prettier view in front of me” Jasmine said, pulling me toward her for a kiss.

    That night was fun to say the least. We watched funny television shows. Which lead to us trying to catch popcorn in our mouths while the other person threw it. We turned on some music and had a dance party in the kitchen, while making cookies. Then we had ended up, collapsing on Jasmine’s bed. Exhausted from all the cookies we had eaten. Then we ended up cuddling and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

    Needless to say, I would have to remember to thank Daveed for setting me and Jasmine up.

    taglist: @someinsanefangirl @laurens-interlude @geekycatlover @fanfic-addict-98 @romanoffs-heart @multifandomwriterx @andreasworlsboring101 @criminallyhamilton @imatyoursurrvicesurr @irlydontknoanymore @sayweird99 @nyxie75 @rileygene11 @daveeds-whore @trost-town @notebookgirl30 @teenag1jealousy @royalstans @elizasfaith @kmsmedine @brunadesuu @roxanne2020

    Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines!!

    #jasmine cephas jones #hamilton #jasmine cephas jones x reader #hamilton cast imagines #hamilton x reader #hamilton imagine#hamilton imagines#hamilton cast #hamilton cast member x reader #hamilton cast x reader #hamilton cast imagine #jasmine cephas jones imagines #jasmine cephas jones imagine #jasmine cephas jones fluff #jasmine x reader #jasmine fluff#jasmine imagine#jasmine imagines#first date#daveed diggs
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  • You Think I’m Beautiful

    Pairing: Lin x Plus Size Reader

    Request: “Could I possibly get a Lin imagine with a plus size reader? And some insecurity and angst thrown in?” - @heatherdawn82

    Word Count: 1.2k

    Warnings: There’s a body shaming comment

    Today I was over at my best friend’s, Lin’s, apartment. We had this tradition where every month we would have a movie night. We watched all the classic movies and ordered pizza. Some of my best memories were with Lin at our movie nights.

    Lin had forgotten to order the pizza on time, so he was currently going to the pizza place to pick up the pizza. He had left me at his apartment.

    I had already picked out the movies for tonight and set up all the blankets and pillows. “Come on Lin, hurry up” I groaned to myself. I got up off the couch and decided to grab some water from the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and I heard the front door open.

    I gasped in excitement and I ran to the front door. “You’re here” I exclaimed, excitedly. I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. “Woah” he said, having to step back and catch his balance. He wrapped his free hand around my waist.

    “So that not that I’m complaining. But why are you so excited to see me? Is there a bug that you want me to kill or something?” He asked me, laughing.

    “No, I’m starving though. It felt like it took you ages to get the pizza” I said, pulling away from him. We walked into the living room and Lin set down the pizza on the coffee table. I sat down on the couch, which I had folded into a bed and covered in blankets. “I have to go to the bathroom, but then we can watch the movie, okay?” He said. “Okay, but hurry” I said, smiling.

    I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw that I had an Instagram notification. It was a comment on a picture I had posted of me and a friend at the beach. The comment said “You should cover up more. You look like a cow, maybe you should try working out”.

    It felt like a knife to the heart, it was from someone I had never even met. I wasn’t a size zero and I didn’t look like the skinny models, but that shouldn’t matter

    I had dealt with body shaming all of my adult life, that didn’t make it any easier. I started crying softly to myself. I was so focused on what the person had said, that I didn’t even see or hear Lin come out of the bathroom.

    “Y/N, what’s going on?” He asked me, running over and sitting next to me. I just shook my head no, not even being able to form the words.

    “You can do it, I believe in you. You can tell me” he said. He brushed my hair out of my face and then cupped my face. I looked into his eyes and he expression was so encouraging.

    “I got a hate comment on Instagram. I know I shouldn’t care about it, but it’s so hurtful that someone would say that“ I said, trying to stop crying.

    His face and his eyes softened. “Y/N, you don’t have to listen to people like that. People who leave hate comments only do it to make themselves feel better. Don’t take any of those words to heart, they mean nothing” he said, using his thumb to wipe a tear away off of my face.

    “It just stings, what if those people are right about me? What if I need to lose some weight to be pretty?” I asked him. “No, don’t you every say that. You are so beautiful, you have no idea” he told me.

    “You think I’m beautiful?” I asked, in shock. I couldn’t help but start blushing. I saw his eyes widen as he realized what he said. “Y/N, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met” he said, smiling at me.

    I felt my cheeks heat up as he stared into my eyes. “Can I kiss you?” He asked me. I was shocked that he said it so blatantly. “Please” I begged him.

    He cupped my face with one hand and placed his other hand on my hip. I saw his eyes flick down to my lips and then back to my eyes. Then he leaned and pressed his lips to mine.

    It felt so magical and intimate. His lips felt soft against mine. I felt him pull me closer so we were pressed up against each other. I could feel him breathing as we were chest to chest.

    Lin lightly tugged on my bottom lip as we pulled away. “You are so beautiful, you’re actually stunning” he whispered.

    “Stop it” I said, blushing. “Never, I’m determined to show you how beautiful you are” he said, smiling back at me.

    “You. Are. So. Beautiful” he said, pausing to kiss me after every word. “Can we watch our movies now?” I asked him. He just smiled at me. “Of course we can” he said as he started the movie.

    He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his side. I leaned my head on his shoulder, happily. He kissed my temple and whispered “you make me so happy”.

    We were half way into the second movie and Lin was getting restless. He had moved his arm to be around my waist. I could feel him slowly sucking on my neck. I was pretending to not notice, hoping it would make him stop.

    Eventually, it became clear that he had no plan of stopping. And he was starting to have an effect on me. I lightly hit his chest and said “Lin, stop. I want to watch the movie”.

    “But you look so gorgeous” he said, turning my head and kissing me on the lips. I pulled away after a few seconds. “I’m not going to let you get us carried away” I said, smirking.

    “We’ve seen this movie one hundred times, can we please do something more interesting?” He begged me. “Fine, we can stop watching this movie. Only if we go cuddle and then go to sleep after. No scheming though, just cuddling” I told him, strictly.

    He held his hands up in surrender. “No scheming here” he said, innocently. I smiled at him and stood up. He followed me into his bedroom. I was already wearing comfortable clothes so I got into his bed. He followed me and then wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his chest. He started whispering sweet nothings in my ear and I quickly fell asleep.

    I woke up and I checked the clock. It was two in the morning. I tried to fall back asleep, but it didn’t seem to work. I grabbed my phone and checked Instagram. I saw that there was a new comment.

    I braced myself for another hate comment, but saw that the comment was from Lin. It was a reply to the hate comment. It read “How dare you disrespect such a beautiful woman? Have some respect”. I smiled to myself, it meant a lot what he had done.

    I looked over at Lin and saw him fast asleep. I put down my phone and cuddled into his chest, my head lying on his chest.

    “Why are you awake? It’s so early” he said, groggily as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. “I saw your comment” I said, nuzzling into his neck.

    “Yeah, I gotta defend my girl” he said, as he dozed back off to sleep. It warmed my heart to hear him call my his girl. Feeling unbelievably happy, I feel asleep.

    taglist: @someinsanefangirl @laurens-interlude @geekycatlover @fanfic-addict-98 @romanoffs-heart @multifandomwriterx @andreasworlsboring101 @criminallyhamilton @imatyoursurrvicesurr @irlydontknoanymore @sayweird99 @nyxie75 @rileygene11 @daveeds-whore @trost-town @notebookgirl30 @teenag1jealousy @royalstans @elizasfaith @kmsmedine @brunadesuu @roxanne2020

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    #lin manuel miranda #hamilton#hamilton cast #hamilton cast imagines #lin manuel miranda x reader #hamilton x reader #hamilton imagines#hamilton imagine #hamilton cast imagine #hamilton cast member x reader #hamilton cast x reader #lin x reader #lin imagines#lin imagine #lin manuel miranda fanfiction #lin manuel miranda x plus size reader #plus size #plus size reader #lin manuel miranda fluff
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  • Phillipa Soo as Nadine in The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020)

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  • It Was Supposed to be a Secret

    Pairing: Daveed x Reader

    Request: “could you do a daveed fic where he and the reader are roommates and have been best friends since college but then they both start flirting casually and it turns out they both like eachother a lot. sorry for the really specific ask aha! -anonymous

    Word Count: 1.4k

    “Daveed can you help me?” I called out to my roommate. I was standing in our kitchen and I couldn’t reach a bowl because it was up on a higher shelf. “Coming” he called back. I waited for a second and Daveed came jogging into the kitchen.

    “What’s up darling?” He asked me. “Can you get me a bowl pretty please” I begged him. “Would I ever tell you no?” He asked me, as he grabbed the bowl off the top shelf. “Thank you, you are an angel” I told him.

    He handed me the bowl and I saw him laugh to himself. “What’s so funny?” I asked him, confused. “I was just thinking that if someone just saw us and they didn’t know us, they’d probably think we were dating” he explained.

    “Are you saying we’d be a cute couple?” I asked him. “I mean we would, but what I meant was we just act like we’re a couple. All young and in love” he said.

    The truth was I had always liked Daveed, the only catch was I had never told him. We had met in college and quickly became best friends. I still remember how we met like it was yesterday.

    I was sitting in my English Composition class on the first day of college and I was terrified. It was in a huge lecture hall of like 400 students, and I knew none of them. I was waiting for class to start when suddenly, someone tapped me on the shoulder.

    I looked up and saw a really cute guy with dark curls. “Excuse me, is this seat taken?” He asked me, politely. “No, not at all” I told him, smiling. “Your first day too?” He asked me. “Yeah, and I know absolutely nobody” I said, laughing.

    “I’m Daveed, now you can say you know someone” He said, smiling back at me. “I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you” I told him. I couldn’t help but start to feel butterflies.

    About half way into the lecture, I was so confused. The professor spoke at like one hundred words a minute and was rushing over these complicated concepts.

    “Are you just as lost as I am?” Daveed whispered in my ear. I looked at him with a guilty expression and we both had to stop ourselves from laughing.

    After the lecture had ended, we both stood up. “My next class isn’t until later, if you want to go to the coffee shop and study a little. You know, try and figure out what he was going on about” I proposed. “That sounds great, let’s go” he said, smiling at me.

    I zoned back into present day. “So I’m going to go to the mall and meet Jasmine. We had plans to go shopping today” I told Daveed. He had introduced me to Jasmine at some party and we also became quick friends.

    “Alright, don’t talk to any weird boys” he warned me. “Are you my mom?” I asked, sticking out my tongue.

    “No, more like a concerned boyfriend” he said. I froze, even though he was kidding, my heart still jumped when he said boyfriend. “Yeah right Diggs, you wish you could get with all of this” I teased. “Yeah, you’re right” he said, I saw him sneakily look me up and down.

    “So I’ll be back later” I told him, walking out the door. I heard him yell “bye” as I closed the door.

    I quickly hopped in my car and drove to the mall to meet Jasmine. I walked inside and saw her sitting on a bench, waiting. “Hey Jas” I said walking over to her. “Hey Y/N, you’re late. Were you busy with your loverboy?” She asked me.

    “No, there was just traffic. And he’s not my loverboy, he’s just a friend” I told her. “Yeah right, you two flirt like a couple in their honeymoon phase” she told me. “That’s just how we are, we’re not dating” I reassured her.

    “Well Daveed wishes you were” Jasmine said, smirking. “Did he tell you that?” I asked, excitedly. “Look at how excited you got, you like him too. He didn’t tell me, but I can see it in the way he looks at you” she told me.

    I was ashamed that I had been so easy to read. “Yeah, if he comes forward and says he likes me. Then, I’ll let him know how I feel, okay deal?” I told her. She jokingly rolled her eyes. “One day, you will both realize what you’ve been missing and you’ll finally confess all these pent up feelings” she told me.

    I blushed and then I heard my phone ding. “Is that him?” She asked, pretending to be annoyed. “No, it’s not him” I assumed. “Let me see” she said, grabbing my phone before I could read it.

    “No Jas, give it back” I begged her, I hoped it wasn’t Daveed. If it was, she would never let me live it down. Jasmine’s whole face froze. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. “Daveed meant to send this to Anthony” she said, slowly.

    “Well what does it say?” I asked. “Hey Ant, what’s up man? I need to talk to you about this whole Y/N thing. You’re the only one who knows I like her. She was talking about us as a couple and it took everything I had to not kiss her. What do I do????” She read aloud.

    “You’re kidding” I said, in shock. I grabbed my phone and realized it said exactly what she had read out loud.

    “I…I have to get home” I told her. “Go get your man” she said, smirking. I quickly drove home and I was standing outside our apartment door. I couldn’t work up the courage to open the door.

    Then a wave of confidence took over me and I quickly opened the door and walked inside. I didn’t see Daveed in the kitchen or the living room. His bedroom door was open, so I peeked my head in and saw him sitting on his bed.

    “Oh hey, you’re back soon” he said, shocked. “Can I come in?” I asked, hesitantly. “Of course, what’s wrong sweetheart?” He asked me. I sat next to him on his bed.

    “You sent me a text message meant for someone else” I said, showing him my phone. His eyes went wide and he cursed under his breath. “I’m so stupid” he muttered. Then, he ran his hands through his hair. I rubbed his back and then said “Can we talk about it?”.

    “If it makes you uncomfortable, we can pretend it never happened. I’m so sorry. I never wanted to make you feel uncomfortable or awkward” he apologized. “You don’t have to apologize Daveed” I told him.

    “No, I do. I don’t want this to ruin our friendship. You mean too much to me, I can’t do anything that would make me lose you.” he told me. “Daveed, I like you too” I told him, blatantly. “Wait, you what now?” He asked, shocked. “I like you, I always have. You’re sweet and you’re caring, how could I not fall head over heels for you?” I said, smiling.

    He quickly pulled me into a hug. “I am so happy you said that, I thought I was going to lose you forever” he told me. “You’ll never lose me, especially not now. Now, you’re stuck with me” I said, smiling.

    He leaned in slowly and connected our lips. I had dreamed of this moment since I met Daveed and it was so surreal. It was just as perfect as I had imagined it would be. He had one hand on top of my thigh, passively drawing circles. His other hand cupped my face. I felt truly content.

    We both pulled away and I leaned my head on his shoulder. “You make me really happy Daveed” I told him, quietly. “I feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now, I finally can call you mine. I’ve wanted to tell you how I felt since I met you” he confessed.

    “So why did you never tell me how you felt?” I asked him. “Well cause it was supposed to be a secret, duh” he joked. “But I liked you back” I told him. “But I didn’t know that” he argued. “Well now you do” I said, smiling and leaning in to kiss him.

    taglist: @someinsanefangirl @laurens-interlude @geekycatlover @fanfic-addict-98 @romanoffs-heart @multifandomwriterx @andreasworlsboring101 @criminallyhamilton @imatyoursurrvicesurr @irlydontknoanymore @sayweird99 @nyxie75 @rileygene11 @daveeds-whore @trost-town @notebookgirl30 @teenag1jealousy @royalstans @elizasfaith @kmsmedine @brunadesuu @lilangeldevil006

    Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines!!

    #daveed diggs#daveed#hamilton #hamilton cast imagines #daveed diggs x reader #daveed diggs imagine #daveed diggs imagines #daveed diggs fanfiction #daveed diggs fluff #daveed x reader #daveed imagines#daveed imagine #jasmine cephas jones #hamilton cast #hamilton x reader #hamilton imagine#hamilton imagines #hamilton cast imagine #hamilton cast x reader #fanfiction#self insert#reader insert
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  • Holy fucking cow there’s a heck of a lot of drama in the Hamilton fandom

    I love Lin. I love the cast (Tommy Kail can go fuck himself). But when I think about how much shit must have gone down in the Richard Rodgers Theatre I physically cringe

    #elys speaks#hamilton#yoo #luis miranda can join tommy kail #and you know #i SURE HOPE vanessa got on lin's ass about enabling tkail's affair #lin-manuel miranda #lin manuel miranda #hamilton cast#hamilton obc#hamilton drama#lin drama #lin-manuel miranda drama
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  • Today Is Not My Day

    Pairing: Lin x Reader

    Request: Combination of three requests

    “alright, thanks! could i request a LMM angsty but ending kinda fluffy one where mc is his ex and they haven’t spoken in a while. they get stuck somewhere together and end up talking things out and he asks her out at the end? idek if that makes sense but yea” - @notebookgirl30

    “Can I get LMM and reader stuck in an elevator?” - @ousi-chan

    “could you do one with Lin with just a bunch of angst and fluff? i wanta cry” - @rileygene11

    Word Count: 1.2k

    “Excuse me…I’m sorry…excuse me” I said, as I rushed through the lobby of the office building. I was running late for a very important presentation for work. My car had broken down on the way to work, which had caused me to be very late. I had been working on this presentation for weeks and I couldn’t afford to miss this meeting.

    I was running through the lobby, which seemed to be ten times busier than usual. I ran up to the elevator and it was starting to close. “Wait, hold the elevator” I called out. I saw a hand from inside the elevator reach out and stop the doors.

    I quickly squeezed through the doors and sighed once I made it in. Then I looked up to see who had stopped the door and I saw Lin. Lin and I had broken up about a year ago and we hadn’t seen each other since.

    “Y/N” he said, breathlessly. “Lin…hi” I said, just as shocked. Lin and I’s breakup had not been easy to say the least. We had been drifting apart because of our busy schedules. I asked him if we could have monthly dinner dates. He had told me that that was too large of a commitment to make. Then I told him we couldn’t be together if he couldn’t make a simple commitment to me. He hadn’t reached out to me and never tried to apologize or make amends.

    “So how have you been?” Lin asked, trying to fill the awkward silence with some form of polite conversation. “Listen, you don’t have to pretend like you care. It’s been a year and you never reached out to me, you clearly don’t care how I’m doing” I argued. I wasn’t just going to act like everything was fine.

    “I always cared Y/N” Lin said, trying to grab my hand. I pulled my hand away from him and took a step backwards. “We can sit here in silence and when the elevator opens, we will go our separate ways and you can go back to not having to feel burdened by caring about me” I told him.

    “Y/N, that’s not fair. Please let me explain” he begged. I didn’t say anything and I wouldn’t even look him in the eye. I crossed my arms and stared blankly at the wall.

    The elevator ride felt like it was taking longer than it should of. Maybe it was just in my head because I wanted to get out of this elevator as soon as possible. Then the elevator stopped completely. I figured someone on a different floor had pressed the button, but the doors didn’t open. The elevator just stayed stuck.

    I cursed under my breath. “Of course you’re the person that I get stuck in an elevator with. Today is not my day” I groaned, under my breath. “I could think of worse people to be stuck with” Lin said, giving me a hopeful glance.

    “I’m still not talking to you” I said, blatantly. I pulled out my notecards for my presentation and started going over them. If I was going to be stuck in an elevator, the least I could do is use the time wisely.

    I began pacing in a circle as I read through my note cards. I saw Lin smirk at me and then he sat on the floor.

    About ten minutes had gone by and the elevator still wasn’t moving. I was starting to freak out. What if no one ever found us?

    I put my notecards back in my pocket and huffed. I took off my blazer jacket and sat down on the floor. “Do you think they know we’re stuck here?” I asked, trying to not sound too worried.

    “Of course, they’re doing everything they can to get us unstuck. I promise, it’ll be fine” he said, calmly. I hated that after everything we had been through, he still knew all my quirks and knew exactly how to reassure me.

    I breathed a sigh of relief and leaned my head against the elevator wall behind me. “I just want you to know that I am really sorry about how things ended” Lin said, hesitantly like he was unsure of how I would react.

    “Lin, I don’t want to talk to you about it. Nothing that I have to say to you is nice, so I’m going to keep my mouth shut.” I said, stubbornly. “Well fine, I’ll talk. I just need you to listen” he said.

    “I know that how I treated you was wrong. But I’ve learned and I’ve missed you. I just hope that eventually you can forgive me” Lin said. “You can’t just say you’re sorry and expect me to forgive you. You basically told me that I wasn’t worth your time and you had more important things to worry about. How am I supposed to believe that you’ve actually changed and you’re actually sorry?” I asked him.

    “Because I’m giving you my word” Lin said. “When we started dating, you gave me your word that you would always make time for me. So we can see how much your word means” I argued.

    “Listen, Y/N. I understand that you’re angry, you have every right to be. What I did to you was cruel and it went against every promise I ever made you. I promised to love you and I failed. I promised to respect you and I failed. But it’s been over a year. I’ve realized how wrong it was. I want to make amends. It’s not like we broke up and I never thought about you again. I still get excited every time I hear your name. And I miss you so much when I hear our song on the radio. I still daydream about spending the rest of my life with you” He said, and I could tell everything he said was genuine.

    I didn’t know what to say. He had just poured his heart out to me, what was I supposed to say. “Is that all true?” I asked, still in disbelief. “Every single word” he said, carefully placing his hand on top of mine. I interlaced our fingers and I saw him smile.

    “Look at that, this feels so natural. Just like old times” I said, under my breath. “Can I please have a second chance? I promise, I’ll prove to you how much I’ve changed” Lin said. “I guess everyone deserves a second chance” I said, smiling.

    I saw the smile on Lin’s grow ten times bigger. Just then, the elevator started to move again.

    Both of our eyes lit up. “Wasn’t that perfect timing?” Lin joked. “Yeah I guess so” I said as Lin stood up. He held out his hand and helped me stand up. “So how about after your presentation, I take you out to lunch and we catch up?” Lin asked me. “I would really like that” I said, smiling at him.

    Then the doors opened and we saw two firefighters and mechanic. “Thank you guys” Lin said, thanking them. We walked away from the elevator and stopped to face each other. “Go do your presentation! You are going to kill it, good luck!” Lin said, kissing my cheek.

    taglist: @someinsanefangirl @laurens-interlude @geekycatlover @fanfic-addict-98 @romanoffs-heart @multifandomwriterx @andreasworlsboring101 @criminallyhamilton @imatyoursurrvicesurr @irlydontknoanymore @sayweird99 @nyxie75 @rileygene11 @daveeds-whore @trost-town @notebookgirl30 @teenag1jealousy @royalstans @elizasfaith @kmsmedine

    Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines!!

    #lin manuel miranda x reader #lin manuel miranda #lin manuel miranda fanfiction #lin manuel miranda imagines #lin manuel miranda imagine #hamilton #hamilton cast imagines #hamilton cast #hamilton cast x reader #hamilton cast imagine #hamilton imagine#hamilton imagines #hamilton x reader #lin imagine#lin imagines #lin x reader #lin manuel miranda ex
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  • I Can’t Lose You

    Pairing: Lin x Reader

    Request: “Can I ask for another Lin imagine? Maybe the reader and Lin are married, but are struggling because of his schedule and how busy he is? Then something happens to the reader and he realizes how close he came to losing her and he vows to do better and make it up to her? Thanks!” @heatherdawn82

    Word Count: 1k

    Warnings: Discussion of shootings and traumatic events

    “Good morning, my love” I heard Lin say as he kissed my forehead. I opened my eyes and saw that it was morning. Lin was dressed and was ready to go to the theater for the day.

    Lin and I had been married for three years now and it was safe to say we were past the honeymoon phase. We still loved each other with every part of our being, but we were both just always busy. Our free time never seemed to line up and it felt like we hadn’t had a date night in ages.

    “So what are your plans today?” Lin asked me, as he grabbed his phone off the nightstand. “I have to go to the mall and buy my mom a birthday present. Are we still on for dinner tonight?” I asked him.

    He looked at me with an uneasy glance. “You’re cancelling again?” I asked, exasperated. “We’re having a meeting tonight for Hamilton stuff and I really can’t miss it” he explained. “Lin, we’ve been trying to have this dinner for six months and you’ve cancelled like five times” I told him, frustrated.

    “I’m sorry, but this meeting is non-negotiable. I have to be there” Lin said. “I am your wife for crying out loud, I should be one of your priorities too. Do you how long it’s been since we’ve actually just hung out?” I argued, my volume starting to increase.

    “Do you expect me to just blow off work? That’s not really how it works” Lin complained, starting to yell. “I had to move around my work stuff too. I’ve been working extra time for weeks to have time off tonight. You aren’t the only one making sacrifices” I yelled.

    “Oh so now I’m the bad guy” he mocked. “I’m not trying to make you the bad guy, I’m just pointing out that everything isn’t about you and you aren’t the only one with obligations” I yelled. “Alright whatever. I’m leaving” Lin said, as he stormed out of the room. I heard the door slam as he left for work.

    I got out of bed and changed out of my pajamas and got ready for the day. I decided that I wasn’t in the mood to go to the mall. I grabbed my laptop and sat in front of the television. I turned on the news to listen to in the background and opened Amazon on my laptop.

    I started searching for a birthday present for my mom. I eventually found the perfect gift, it was a vase that had intricate designs wrapping around it. I continued to browse through Amazon since I was bored.

    Then I heard the news say “We’re going to a breaking story right now, police are responding to gunshots at the mall. Witnesses say they heard gunshots, but police have yet to release more information”.

    I froze in my seat. That was the mall that I was planning to go to. I felt so lucky that I had decided to stay home. I felt a shiver run down my spine as I thought about how easily I could of decided to go to the mall. I had never realized how much seemingly insignificant decisions can change your life forever.

    I sat, still frozen in my seat, watching as the reporter described what was going on. Then I heard the front door slam open and it brought me out of my trance.

    I saw Lin standing there, completely out of breath. “Oh my god” he said, under his breath. He sprinted over to me and pulled me into his arms. He held me tighter than he ever had before.

    “I heard about the mall and I panicked. I kept calling you and texting you and you weren’t responding. I thought I lost you. I am so relieved that you are safe” he whispered in my ear, taking a few pauses to catch his breath.

    “I saw it on the news and I froze, I didn’t even check my phone. I’m sorry I scared you” I told him, honestly. “Don’t be, it’s all okay because you are safe and that’s what matters” he said, pulling away and kissing my cheek.

    “What if I had gone? That’s terrifying” I asked him, still pretty shaken up. “Don’t worry, you’re safe for whatever reason made you stay home. I just thank every higher power that you are okay” he said, thankfully.

    “I love you” I told him. “I love you too. I want to fix our fight from this morning. I’m taking you to that Italian place you like tonight. We can dress up and we can finally have some quality time together” he said, brushing my hair behind my ear.

    “But what about your meeting?” I asked him. “I told them that I had a prior commitment that I couldn’t skip out on. No more not making time for you. I’m going to make sure we have plenty of time together. I don’t want you to ever feel ignored by me or feel like you’re putting in more effort than you’re getting back” he explained.

    “Thank you, you know how much this means to me” I said, appreciatively. “When we got married, I vowed to love and cherish you. I haven’t been doing that recently and I need to fix that. Y/N, you are the love of my life. I never want you to feel ignored by me because you are so special and you deserve the world” he told me. I smiled back at him and kissed his cheek.

    “Now come on, let’s cuddle. If anything, this has made us realize how valuable our time is. We should make the most with it, no more fighting” I told him, pulled him towards our bedroom.

    We both laid down in our bed and Lin pulled me into his chest. He held me and I felt safe and secure. “I don’t know what I would ever do without you. I can’t lose you Y/N” Lin said, softly in my ear.

    taglist: @someinsanefangirl @laurens-interlude @geekycatlover @fanfic-addict-98 @romanoffs-heart @multifandomwriterx @andreasworlsboring101 @criminallyhamilton @imatyoursurrvicesurr @irlydontknoanymore @bechloe47 @nyxie75 @rileygene11 @daveeds-whore @trost-town @notebookgirl30 @teenag1jealousy

    Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines!!!

    #lin manuel miranda #lin #lin manuel miranda x reader #lin manuel miranda imagine #lin manuel miranda imagines #lin x reader #lin imagine#lin imagines#hamilton#hamilton cast#hamilton fandom #hamilton cast member x reader #hamilton cast imagines #hamilton imagines#hamilton fanfiction #lin manuel miranda fluff #lin manuel miranda fanfiction #hamilton cast x reader #hamilton cast imagine #hamilton x reader #hamilton imagine
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  • First Impressions (Part Four)

    Pairing: Daveed x Reader

    Summary: Daveed and Y/N get off on the wrong foot and then realize they have mutual friends.

    Word Count: 1k

    Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

    I had knocked on Daveed’s door and was waiting for him to answer. I figured he was asleep and must of not heard me. I was about to leave when the door opened.

    “Y/N?” Daveed asked, sounding both shocked and sleepy. “Hi” I said, suddenly not remembering what I wanted to tell him. “Are you okay? Is something wrong?” Daveed asked, unsure of why I was at his door.

    “Yeah I’m fine. I just…ummm…can we talk? I have a lot I need to get off my chest” I told him. “Of course, come in” he said, smiling and opening the door for me to walk in.

    I followed him inside and we both sat down on the end of the bed. “Sooo” he said, starting the conversation. “I want to talk to you about the kiss” I said, blatantly. I knew I would lose my nerve if I hadn’t just come out and said it.

    “Oh okay” he said, completely unfazed. “You don’t think it’s weird that we haven’t talked about it?” I clarified. “I thought you didn’t want to talk about the kiss, so I didn’t bring it up” he said. “Wait what? When did I say I didn’t want to talk about it?” I asked, confused.

    “Well you didn’t, but you pulled away and you left right after it happened. I just figured that you regretted it and wanted to pretend it didn’t happen. And I wanted to respect that” he explained.

    All of a sudden it made so much more sense. I felt like such a jerk for being mad at him, he hadn’t done anything wrong. Actually, what he had done was sweet and caring.

    “I pulled away because I thought you hated me because of the whole situation with me yelling at you. And I figured that you wouldn’t want to kiss me. And I pulled away and you just said my name, and I knew you were about to give me the talk where you say you don’t feel the same way” I said, explaining my side.

    “I don’t hate you, I never did” he said. “Really? But I was such a jerk to you” I argued. “I was being inconsiderate, it was super late and I was being loud. Your complaint was completely valid, it was my fault” he said, sweetly.

    “Well you should of let me know that, because I’ve been thinking that you hated me this whole time” I joked with him. “How could I be mad at someone who is this cute?” He said, staring into my eyes.

    Then, I realized that he had not only said he didn’t hate me, he said he didn’t regret the kiss. That meant our feelings were mutual.

    “So if we both didn’t regret the kiss…” I began. “That would mean we both like each other” Daveed said, finishing my thought. It looked like he had just realized it too.

    “What do we do now?” I asked him. “Y/N, I want to kiss you right now. But you have to promise not to run away again” he said, smiling. “I won’t run, I promise” I said back.

    He leaned over to me and placed his hand on my waist, carefully. He stopped when his lips were just millimeters away from mine. He looked into my eyes one last time to make sure I was still on board. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” He asked. “Absolutely” I said. He just smiled at me and leaned in and connected our lips.

    This kiss felt much more magical than our first kiss had. I had no insecurities now as to if he felt the same way. I didn’t have any kind of worry and I could enjoy the moment.

    I cupped his face with one of my hands, our lips still moving in sync. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his lap. He held me tight in his grasp and I twirled my fingers in his long curls.

    We had a good rhythm going now and were moving in complete harmony. It was like we were both completely on the same page. I felt his teeth gently tug on my bottom lip. I pulled on his hair a little in response.

    Then we both pulled away to take a breath. Daveed leaned his forehead on mine. “Y/N, I want nothing more than to keep kissing you and holding you in my arms, but I don’t want us to get carried away. I want us to take our time and not have to rush” he explained, brushing my hair behind my ear.

    “I couldn’t agree more, but I want one more kiss. Please, a goodnight kiss?” I asked him, pouting. He leaned in slowly and quickly pecked my lips.

    We both pulled away and smiled at each other. “How about I walk you back to your room? Make sure you get home safe?” He joked around. “I’d be honored” I said, giggling.

    We both got up and he walked me over to my hotel room. We stopped in front of my door. “So what about Jas and Anthony?” I asked him.

    “What about them?” He asked me, interlacing our fingers and kissing the back of my hand. “Well I don’t know, are we like a thing now? Do we even have a title? I know that this all just happened, but are we going to tell them?” I rambled.

    “I guess you could say we’re together now. I mean we don’t have to put boyfriend/girlfriend labels on it if you don’t want to. But do you think we should tell them?” He asked me. “I don’t know, tomorrow is supposed to be their big day and I don’t want to take away from that and be like surprise Daveed and I are together” I explained. “That’s okay, we can wait to bring it up” he said, kissing my temple.

    “Okay” I said, smiling at him. “Goodnight Y/N” he said. “Goodnight Daveed” I said, as I walked into my hotel room.

    taglist: @mullinhore @alexander-hamilhoe @callmekda @lilangeldevil006 @irlydontknoanymore @johnlaurensbitch @insane1341 @daveeds-whore @trost-town @irlydontknoanymore @actuallyanita @fanfic-addict-98 @i-know-i-can @rileygene11 @someinsanefangirl @criminallyhamilton @id-do-it-for-free-babe @poetnstuff @lets-love-little-me @ilovehimsomuch @claudiastrollo @imatyoursurrvicesurr @lu123sworld @royalstans @laurens-interlude @geekycatlover @romanoffs-heart @multifandomwriterx @oi-itsemily @ohsoverykeri-blog @andreasworlsboring101 @bechloe47 @nyxie75 @notebookgirl30 @teenag1jealousy

    Let me know if you want to be on my taglist for all my imagines or for just this series!! There is one part of this story left and you’ll finally get to read about THE WEDDING!!!

    #daveed diggs x reader #daveed diggs series #daveed diggs fanfiction #daveed diggs#hamilton#hamilton imagines#hamilton imagine #hamilton x reader #hamilton cast member x reader #hamilton cast #hamilton cast imagines #hamilton cast imagine #hamilton cast x reader #daveed x reader #daveed imagine#daveed imagines#wedding #jasmine cephas jones #anthony ramos #lin manuel miranda
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  • #i'm living for how much the hamilton cast is pushing for people to vote #also the 'blm' shirt and 'biden/harris' crown #music
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  • Denée Benton as Eurydice in Hadestown!


    Submitted by @much-brighter-ink.


    Name: Denée Ayana Benton

    Theater Credits:

    • Annie, Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera (Role Unknown.)
    • Sunset Boulevard, Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera (Role Unknown.)
    • Fiddler on the Roof, Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera (Role Unknown.)
    • Nabulungi in The Book of Mormon, U.S National Tour/West End.
    • Natasha Rostova in Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, American Repertory Theater/Broadway.
    • Eliza Schuyler Hamilton in Hamilton, Broadway.
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  • #What's the Buzz? #Casting Goals #Robin de Jesús #Hamilton#Character: Laurens/Philip #Kiss of the Spider Woman #Character: Molina #Moulin Rouge! #Character: Toulouse #Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 #Character: Balaga#Waitress#Character: Oogie
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