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  • let’s be honest the way we all know the dynamic has changed for good in a fic is when Alex switches from Jefferson to Thomas 

    #i mean really #also if Alex is still calling him Jefferson by the end of the 5th chapter then the burn is a good one #jamilton#alexander hamilton#thomas jefferson#hamiltrash
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  • anyone want to do a halloween collab with me?🥺👉👈 it can be writing/writing, drawing/drawing or writing/drawing, i just wanna do a collab pls (´;︵;`) (hamilton or ith, either is cool!!!)

    #hamilton#hamiltrash #hamilton the musical #chofi talks #is this an unprofessional way to ask? yes #do i care? ofc not
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  • son-


    ~watch your tone~

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  • Okay, so I was looking up the Hamilton playlist on soundcloud and one of the things that popped up-

    The Hamilton Musical Sung Entirely By Adam Sandler.

    Every. Part. Played. By. Adam. Sandler.




    I can’t fuCKING BREATHE

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  • Eliza: so how are you today?

    Alex:please dont make me think about my life

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  • Ok so like I’m listening to Hamilton rn and I just got an idea. So Hear me out Burn/First Burn with you as the reader talking to Zuko. Get it because Fire Nation and yk his face. I might write it if you guys want tonight. So let me know. Also musical suggestions pls.

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  • So, I had this Jeggy fic idea, where somehow, Peggy gets into the army (I’ll figure it out) and ends up going to south Carolina with John, who she’s been head over heels for since the Winter’s Ball, but to scared to do Jack-shit about it. He’s pretty much the same about her. Anyway, they’ve been friends for a while, and on the day that John was supposed to have died, Peggy jumps in front of the bullet and saves him, or something. She’s badly hurt and he wants to stay with her, make sure she gets help, but he’s needed on the battlefield, and the medical tents are too far away. There’s tears and angst and all that shit. She kisses him and tells him to go. He does, eventually. Now, in her time serving in the army, Peggy has risen quite quickly through the ranks and a lot of people know about her, including King Georgy III. He has sent for her to be ‘retrieved’ (basically, redcoats kidnap her off the battlefield) she managed to take a couple out -impressive, in her injured state- but it’s not enough and they get her on a ship. I’m pretty sure the English had better medicinal shit back then, so they manage to heal her. Problem is, when word is sent that the war is won, they take Peggy with them, as a fucked-up trophy of sorts. John doesn’t know this and thinks that she is dead. He’s obviously heartbroken and has to be the one to tell Angelica and Eliza, that lucky, lucky schmuck.

    In England, Peggy’s life sucks. Sure she lives in the palace and stuff, but she sort of misses y'know her FAMILY. The King, though. He takes a liking to her. He demands she marries him. She is a sensible human being and rejects him. He gets pissed and demands she gets tortured in the fucking dungeons until she caves in and agrees to spend the rest of her life with this psycho. She figures out a plan to escape (not easy, with the healing bullet wound and all).

    Back in dear old 'murica, things aren’t great. John is quiet, miserable and straight up not having a good time. Angelica’s trying to push through and get on with life, but cries herself to sleep. Eliza tries to distract herself with taking care of baby Philip, but Alex can see how much she’s hurting. Alex himself has become a little more secluded, missing his friend. Herc doesn’t have enough energy for anything any more and his tailoring is half-hearted. Laff keeps telling everyone to look on the bright side, silently hoping that maybe they can reveal it for him.

    They all drink a little more than before.

    Still, 'Oh no! The pain of losing a loved one NO!’

    Compared to 'bullet wound, separated from everyone I have ever cared about, getting forced into a marriage with literal psychopath, beaten daily for having the audacity to say no, and just, lots of physical and mental trauma going on here’

    Props to Peggy for fighting through all this.

    Anywho, Peggy FIIIINAAALLLYY manage to get a ship home, sending one letter in advance to each of her friends and family.

    My dearest ________,

    I lived bitch

    Your obedient servant, P.Schuyler

    Yay, Peggy’s home, blah blah blah, happy happy happy, Peggy and John probably kiss and everything is great.


    #john laurens #john x peggy #jeggy#and peggy#peggy schuyler#hamilsquad#hamiltrash#hamilton#alexander hamilton#musicals#fanfic#jeez peggy #are you okay #john i swear to fuck #you're both so fucking cute #please#tell me #this is good #i cant stop thinking abt this #what if#jeggy okay#HAMILTON#peggy #u good bro? #revolution#philip hamilton#seriously eliza#cinnamon roll #pls reblog or reply wth answers.
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  • I tried to perform all of Hamilton on my own from memory

    full vid on YouTube (link in bio)

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  • image

    Always surprises me that leslie is shorter than I am

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  • I can’t with y'all 😂😂😂

    #hamilton#hamiltonmusical#hamiltrash#hamiltonmemes#hamiltonmovie #James Madison got big juicy ass y'all just salty #Our saint Dolley got a WAP periodt
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    It was evident to many that Adrian had a big heart. He was a friendly, caring, compassionate child who always went out of his way to help someone in need. In kindergarten, he shared his lunch with a classmate who couldn’t afford to buy that day. When he was in middle school, he sat with a girl who had no friends every day until others decided to join her. In high school, he gave up his seat on the bus for the elderly lady who had trouble standing for extended lengths of time.

    He was a gentleman, a well raised young man, as people would tell his parents. They’d smile in pride at their son, but Adrian never did anything for attention or for the applause. He did it because he knew it was the right thing to do. Helping for others in need was all he ever wanted to do, it was all his heart desired.

    When he was in elementary school, Adrian befriended a boy named Isaac. Isaac often missed many days of school at a time due to a struggle with epilepsy. While Adrian was curious about the condition his friend struggled with, he still gave the other boy comfort and love in any way he could. Whether it was visiting him in the hospital or playing Isaac’s favorite game at recess. Whatever made his heart smile, Adrian was willing to go along with it.

    Only months after their friendship began, Adrian had gotten the unfortunate news that Isaac’s life had been stripped away by the disease in his brain. As an eight year old boy, Adrian did not know what to think, hell, he couldn’t think. He was deeply saddened by the news and almost couldn’t bear even walking into the classroom they shared.

    After that moment, Adrian knew he wanted to go into the medical field. He dedicated his studies to pediatric neurology, which was brought upon by the heaviness he felt from Isaac’s death. He felt that it was his only way to cope healthily with the premature death of his friend, and this method seemed to work like a charm. He knew Isaac would be proud.

    His days in residency were long and hard, but they were something he’d never fail to be amazed by. Every day there was a new task, a new thing to learn, and a new experience to reflect on.

    On the given day, his task was to conduct an MRI with a radiologist. A young girl had fallen and bumped her head and was experiencing what they assumed to be a concussion, but the way her body responded said otherwise.

    Adrian entered the room with the radiologist and another doctor who he was to shadow. As soon as he stepped in, he caught the eyes of the little girl and her mother. They all greeted the two women, then the elder doctor and radiologist stepped to the side to discuss some things with the girl’s mother.

    The young doctor glanced at the little girl who’s eyes looked as if they could fall out of her head. He understood, though. She couldn’t have been over the age of ten, and she was about to have her head surrounded by a huge white cylinder with a loud noise. He’d be scared, too if he was in her position at her age.

    He took a few steps towards her, hoping if he spoke to her for a moment that she’d calm down.

    “Hi,” he greeted softly. “What’s your name?”

    The girl shook her head and kept her eyes on the ceiling above her. “Jess. I’m nervous. I’ve never had to do this before.”

    “That’s understandable, Jess. I’d be too.”

    The girl turned her head towards him and blinked a few times. “You know, you look too young to be a doctor.”

    Her comment caused him to chuckle softly. He slid his hands into his pockets and shrugged. The comment was definitely something he was used to hearing. “I get that a lot, but I’m not a doctor just yet. I’m still in school. Takes a long time to be a doctor. Like, a gazillion years.”

    His exaggeration caused her to giggle, and it brought a smile to his face. The radiologist then tapped his shoulder, telling him that it was almost time to start the scan. Adrian nodded and asked for a minute before turning back to the girl.

    “Alright, Jess, we’re gonna get started, but hey, it’ll be just fine, okay? They’ll put nice visuals on the ceiling that you can see when you come out and your mom is right there. It won’t take long at all. It’s like being your own little spaceship.”

    Jess nodded nervously and began pulling on the fabric of her dress. Adrian noticed and bit the inside of his cheek. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a small plushie of a bear. He kept it for when his younger patients would get fidgety and needed a distraction.

    “Here, hold onto this. It’ll bring you a little bit more comfort. Keep it at your side though, okay?”

    Jess nodded again and took the plushie out of his hand gently.

    “You’ll be just fine.” Adrian gave her one last smile then moved to stand with the radiologist and elder doctor. He felt at ease when he saw Jess’s small fingers grip the bear, and her mother sigh in relief at her daughter visibly relaxing. Maybe he’d do good at the doctor thing.

    After completing the session with Jess and his fellow coworkers, practicing how to examine a patient with head trauma, and finishing an hour and a half of paperwork amongst many other things, Adrian was permitted to end his day.

    A sigh of relief fell from his roseate lips as he shrugged off his white coat and folded it neatly. He placed it in his backpack and replaced it with a softer, more comfortable black thermal jacket. His hands patted his thighs as he made sure he had his personal essentials, then he swiftly left the room and made his way out of the hospital.

    On his way to his car, Adrian received a text from his friend Dante, who wanted to know if he’d join him at the cafe. Adrian bit along the inside of his cheek as he debated on whether or not he’d go. He was tired, and just wanted to take a hot shower and sleep, but he also missed his friend whom he hadn’t seen for a few days.

    Yes, he sent back. The next day was Friday, so he’d be able to tough it out for the sake of his friend.

    After sending the text, Adrian tossed his phone and backpack into the passenger’s seat of his car then sped off to the cafe.

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  • Help. I’ve seen Hamilton more than five times and I feel like I should’ve had this phase when I was 12. But here I am, 21 year old singing (more like yelling 😂) #theschuylersisters at all times at night.


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  • I must take a moment to complain about Hamilton. It was great, yes. But Hamilton way bi. And he had this whole affair with John Lawrence. And there is historical evidence of all of this. But was it in the musical? No, no it wasn’t. It was 2014 when it was written, yes, but I don’t care. I wanted to put it on, observe a gay romance, hear some good music, and move on. Although, on the flip side, I hate it when there is a long, drawn out heterosexual relationship. I just can’t stand it being shoved down my throat.

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