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    Pairing: SKZ Han x GN Reader

    Genre: Neighbors!Han [Fluff + humor]

    Word Count: 1.4k

    Warnings: None :D

    Summary: When your friends walked out on a lunch you had planned, you turned to none other than the person next door to help you finish the copious amount of food you bought


    “I’m sorry, Y/N,” your friend apologized, “I promised to meet my aunt for dinner.”

    “It’s okay,” you answered back, albeit a little upset, because she was the last one on your list.

    A summer evening’s barbecue and beer with old high school classmates was supposed to be the highlight of the month. You were looking forward to it more and more as the days came closer, only to have everyone bail at the last second. Served you right for sending out invites so late, you thought, as you pressed end on the call.

    You turned back to look at all the drinks and snacks you’d already bought. What on earth were you going to do with this much food? Your family wasn’t going to be home for weeks, so all that meat would go bad in days.

    You kicked your feet back and forth, while leaning back on your hands. You understood your friends not wanting to come though, it being an early August noon, sun shining high and will to leave the house at an all time low. 

    Picking up your phone once again, you scrolled through contact after contact for someone that wouldn’t miss out on a chance for a free meal. No one picked up. 

    You fell back onto the grass in defeat, watching a fly buzz around before perching on the far fence. Within that line of sight, you caught your neighbor’s roof poking over the top of your tree.

    If you saw right, he had the blinds pulled up and was playing video games in his room. Seemingly frustrated, he threw his controller across the room and glared out the open window in annoyance.

    When he caught sight of you slumped on your lawn he gave a tired wave, which you reciprocated.

    Despite Han Jisung living right next door, you hardly crossed paths. He was one of those basketball boys going to an out-of-state university with that scholarship. One of the few times you bumped into one another was at a block party near a drive-in movie theater years back. He’d inhaled half the refreshments table, not leaving behind a single tortilla crumb for you who was next in line. 

    Not a single tortilla crumb…

    “‘Sup neighbor?” he called out, with his hands over his mouth to amplify his voice.

    You saw your chance and took it. “Accidentally bought too much food this morning, what do you say to a backyard barbecue?” you jogged up closer to the fencing so he could clearly hear your reply. 

    There was no hesitation in his response when he yelled back. “I’ll be out in 10.”

    His stomach was a bottomless pit, he had no reason to say no.

    Moments later you saw him waving both hands and slipping through the wooden fence separating properties to jog towards you.

    He wore a plain, sleeveless tank top with shorts, like any college boy would in the blazing August heat. But man did he glow up from your last encounter at that party, did he start working out along with basketball like what the actual fuck? He didn’t look like a Pokemon card trader anymore.

    “When you said 10, I thought you meant minutes,” you scoffed, pretending not to care for his presence, when you knew all the while you were sneaking peeks at his arms.

    “Seconds, minutes, hours, whatever. Time is an illusion we’ve concocted as a species,” he waved around a ketchup bottle before dropping it onto a tray, leaning over the grill to take in the scent of sizzling ribs. 

    “Okay genius, hand me the spatula will you?” you laughed at him playfully poking his head over your shoulder, and pointed towards the open back door. “And, bring out all the boxes, we need to go through what to set up.” 

    He nodded enthusiastically, “Thanks for the invite, Y/N, I was living off of takeout for weeks.” 

    You shook your head in disappointment, “Don’t mention it, come over any time. I could use the company as well.” More like eye-candy, but you wouldn’t dare say that.

    “And I happen to be the best,” he grinned, bending down to stack chips packets and soda bottles over a pair of foldable lawn chairs.

    “Jisung, are you planning on drinking an entire three liter bottle of Sprite yourself? Get the cans from the fridge,” you covered another giggle with the back of your hand. “Actually, knowing you that bottle would be empty in an hour, by all means bring it out.”

    “Hey!” he interjected, pretending to take offense and placing a hand over his heart, but gave into a laugh as well while dragging the cardboard containers out the doorstep.


    He wasn’t lying when he said he was great company, you don’t think there was a single moment where you didn’t have a stupid grin on your face, nearly spitting out your Budweiser with every word that came out of his mouth.

    “So then,” he was chuckling so hard that he could barely form a comprehendible sentence, “Hyunjin threw out his ex’s laptop, but he didn’t know it was actually Chan’s!” he was leaning back so far in his chair that it fell onto the grass.

    You choked on your food, struggling to get a grip as you reached out a hand to pull him up. You seated yourself in front of him on the ground, crossing your legs.

    “Wasn’t he that guy who DJ-ed ho-co freshman year?”. It must’ve been awful to loose all those mixtape files. You wondered how Hyunjin got away with it alive, but were too afraid to ask knowing how all of Jisung’s stories had ended so far.

    “Yes ma’am,” he nodded, solemnly. “Poor guy never backed them up.”

    You twirled the straw around your cup, watching the ice clink against each other and the rim of the glass, then giving it that little nudge causing the two to spin around one another.

    You turned your head to the side once again, to get a view of Jisung stuffing his face with the last of the Doritos. As he was shaking the packet, you saw his cheeks puffed out, storing the chips like a chipmunk. When he tilted his head your way, you snapped yours right towards the mini fridge, tossing your empty paper plate into the garbage and hoping he didn’t catch your lingering gaze.

    “Ice cream or shaved ice?” you cleared your throat

    His already huge eyes widened, sparkling with childish delight. “I haven’t had shaved ice since the 5th grade”

    It was endearing to see someone of his age and status get excited at the prospect of dessert. Quietly laughing to yourself, you scooped some for him and yourself. He was as bright-eyed and bushy tailed as a baby fawn, the innocence in his demeanor a stark juxtaposition to what you previously thought.

    Just how had you missed a chance with him before? He was right next door, right under your nose. You invited Jisung while associating him as something of a pig, but left knowing how funny, charismatic, and adorable he really was. And eye-candy. Definitely.

    But maybe snow cones and snacks under the blazing heat was something you needed to get a chance to start over. With someone new. Maybe it was a sign, that you were always meant to meet. Like children at a park: over cold food and carefree laughter ringing through the air.


    You both ended up shoving everything else into a bin, neither wanting to deal with the daunting task ahead every host dealt with after a party. 

    Jisung collapsed onto the grass, sprawled like a starfish. Sweat glistened on his forehead, and he was yanking his shirt back and forth to try and cool down.

    “Next time, we’re going to a restaurant. With air-conditioning,” he sighed, holding one finger up before letting it fall onto his stomach.

    You heard the blood pounding in your ears, and your mind going a mile a minute to try and process what he just said.

    “A-a restaurant? ‘Next time?’

    He smirked, clicking his tongue with a finger-gun. “Chipotle, pick you up at 7 tomorrow?”

    The tiniest of smiles tugged at your lips, as you clasped your hands behind your back. “It’s a date.”

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    ⊹ 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾 𝗈𝗋 𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 : 𝖽𝗈𝗇'𝗍 𝗋𝖾𝗉𝗈𝗌𝗍 ♡

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    ceo!hwang hyunjin, mafia!au, mafia boss!hwang hyunjin

    summary: take a shot of water every time you read kiss 

    warnings: nightmares, gun use, general mafia shenanigans

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  • Part I


    Part II, Part III

    Description: Han Jisung has been rejected by the girl he likes one to many times. He decides that he has had enough and is set on making her want him back. What could possibly make her want him more than seeing him with her rival after she boldly assumed he can’t find anyone better. That way Jisung and Y/N are stuck in a fake relationship until Jisung’s crush falls for him. Or he falls for someone else.

    All rights reserved © stayhoe 2020. Re-posting, copying and translating any of my works is prohibited.

    Pairing: Han x fem!Reader, Hyunjin x fem!Reader

    Word count: 4.5k

    Genre: College!AU, Fake dating!AU, Angst, Fluff, eventual Smut

    Warnings: swearing

    A/N: Remember when I said this will only have two part? Well, I’m a big fat liar. The drama kind of started this chapter and I’m excited for it. Also, thank you so much for for the huge support I got for the last part. I’m really grateful for that. I hope you like it, hehe. Feedback is very much appreciated.


    Originally posted by prodskz

          Y/N was sitting in Script Interpretation class trying to go over the script they were going to discuss that day once more. Her concentration was interrupted by a pile of books being slammed into the table way too close to where her hand was resting. Lifting her head to look for the culprit she locked eyes with Hayoon. A shiver went through her body.

          “Hey, girl. How are you doing?” Her voice was abnormally high and she hated how she couldn’t hide her feelings in front of her best friend. She really fucked up this time.

          “Oh, don’t you ‘girl’ me! Can you explain to me what the fuck is everyone talking about?” She wasn’t screaming, her tone calm. Way too calm. It was making Y/N way more scared than she should have been.

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  • [200726] han jisung - dream concert

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  • han jisung in sleeveless shirts>>>>>>>>

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  • 200807 realstraykids Instagram

    Please give lots of love to Han’s vlog~~ 
    ㅎㅎ I worked hard on filming it~ ㅋㅋㅋ
    Good Life~, please watch it a lot~~
    #SKZ #STAY 

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  • jisung with his freshly-washed hair and his muscle top and the towel around his neck good god

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  • jisung reenacting the time his reaction to got7 was caught on camera

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  • Boyfriend Jisung *///*

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