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  • Happy birthday Harrison Ford aka Han Solo!

    You are a great pilot, but also, a great bounty 😎

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  • fic rec time!

    Carry On My Wayward Son

    Fandoms: Star Wars Original Trilogy, Fallen Order, Rebels, Clone Wars, Mandalorian

    Horizon: Zero Dawn 

    Pairings: Han Solo/Luke Skywalker, Cal Kestis/Trilla Suduri 

    Summary:  Han expected that he’d just take the guy he saved from the machines out in the wastes and drop him at the nearest village, but fate, apparently, had other ideas.

    A simple rescue gone awry has quickly turned into a terrifying race against time that will mean the destruction of humanity (or rather what’s left of it) if they lose, and the stakes are high enough without feelings getting in the way of things.
    One thing’s clear, though: Han didn’t sign up for this shit.

    poster’s note: okay, so this fic is REALLY fun. it’s set in the united states 300 years post apocalypse, where different factions with sci-fi tech are fighting for control of the areas. the way that the author constructs the world to both fit in with star wars canon and that post-apocalyptic america setting is great. 

    my favorite part is the way that they integrate the empire and the inquisitors. the empire is working on a stardust kind of project, and their greatest current weapons are their inquisitors, in this world programmed human cyborgs in a dark charlie’s angels sitch. 

    the plot is propelled by luke rebelling against his own programming and turning against the empire, and the rest of the inquisitors and their dynamic really drives my interest in the fic. i won’t spoil all the members, but trust me; it’s a quality line up that i find very engaging. 

    WAIT SHIT TRIGGERS: violence, brain-washing, torture, nonconsensual drug use, and it also lists stockholm’s syndrome and abusive relationships, which might be for later or might have already been introduced and we just don’t know it

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  • So I’d refused to get on the Hamilton train. “Why is that? How could you? It’s amazing!” you say.

    Because I HADN’T SEEN IT. I teach in a public school in a geographic location that makes seeing ANYTHING on Broadway an absolutely ridiculous notion. I absolutely refuse to opine on something I know little about. I mean, I knew how it was going to end. Burr shot first. (Han Solo I’m still reconciling what you did).

    I loved what Lin Manuel-Miranda did in Moana, but that doesn’t mean his work on Broadway is any good. I love Monet’s Boulevard des Capucines but his Water Lilies paintings don’t do all that much for me. (Stop it. There’s nothing blasphemous about thinking the Water Lilies are just ho hum).

    So Hamilton just seemed too frivolous for me to worry about. I didn’t really want to listen to the music until I’d seen the show (which I knew was unlikely) because maybe there’d be spoilers - except for the ending. We all knew going in how that duel went down.

    I can and have, however, squeezed Disney+ into our budget. Lo and behold, Hamilton came to Disney+. Last Monday evening, I set it up and sat down with the boys to watch.

    3 hours go by.

    “Mommy, can we watch it again tomorrow?”

    Yes, yes. We can.

    I bought the soundtrack. Being a Weird Al fan, you know the King George 3 character tickles me. I made a playlist to clean toilets to (pictured below).


    My children and I putter around the house humming and muttersinging (yes, I just coined that term) “I am not …. my SHOT.”

    Also, ever since I read On the Come Up by Angie Thomas, I’ve been extra fascinated by rap battles. Hamilton totally beats Jefferson at rapping, by the way.

    AND how cool is it that there are so many people of color in the show? The boys were excited because all our family’s skin tones were represented & more. Also - anyone else notice the reference to Sally Hemings? I’m glad that gets brought up because that was a particularly high level of cruelty on Jefferson’s part.

    Only problem I really have is that now that we’ve watched it so many times my older son wants to know what “harem” means. So far I’ve just given him a pithy non-answer. He’s irritated with me but not so much that I think he’ll go to the dictionary … yet.

    So, yeah. I just boarded the Hamilton train a week ago. I’m currently in the car where you do literary analysis of lyrics and musical styles. It’s a cool place. I don’t think I’ll be getting off any time soon.

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  • From a Japanese tribute art book.

    スター・ウォーズ トリビュート画集 TRIBUTE TO STAR WARS

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  • Another short fic based around missing moments from the Star Wars (2015) comics. Thank you again @otterandterrier​ ❤️☺️ 

    Want to read the rest of my comic centric fics?

    This takes place right after the ambush of Mako-Ta

    For those of you who have not read the comics basically Leia trust Queen Trios of Shu-Torun who is really an agent of Darth Vader. The entire fleet is at the Mako-Ta base when Darth Vader attacks using Shu-Torun tech to shut down the entire fleet (after the location is leaked to him from Trios). Many important rebel leaders and 90% of their fighters are lost as well as half of the Mon Cal fleet. At the end of the battle Han is in an X Wing stranded with Artoo, believing he is going to be left to die when Leia and Luke rescue him and escape just in time. This takes place right after they save Han and bring him on board. 



    “I’ll help Han!” Leia yelled back to Luke as he prepared for the jump to hyperspace. She didn’t wait for his response before bolting to the hangar. Her mind was just beginning to catch up to the events of the past couple hours, but in that moment all she could do was thank the Force that the three of them had survived. Every death during the battle had taken a toll on her psyche, but even imagining losing Luke or Han was too much for her to bear. As she entered the hangar, he was jumping down from the X-ing, looking so unlike himself in an orange jumpsuit with a helmet under his arm. 

    Keep reading

    #star wars #star wars comics #star wars fanfiction #han and leia #Princess Leia#leia organa #han solo and princess leia #han solo
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  • Happy Birthday Harrison Ford! 

    b. July 13, 1942

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  • Fun Fact

    If you Google “Sabaac” and check Images you’ll find a set of Sabaac cards on my old Deviant Art I designed back in 2011.

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  • image

    Happy birthday to the legend himself

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  • The Skywalkers + Partners Really Are Something

    Anakin Skywalker: Chosen One/General/Jedi Knight/Sith Lord/Most Feared Man as Darth Vader

    • Padmé Amidala: Queen at 14/Senator/Started the Rebellion

    Luke Skywalker: Jedi Grandmaster/Probably Most Powerful Light-Side Force User Alive

    • Mara Jade Skywalker: Emperor’s Hand/Smuggler/Jedi Master

    Leia Amidala Skywalker Organa Solo: Princess/Chief of State/Jedi Knight/Led the Rebellion

    • Han Solo: Smuggler/General/Made the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs

    Jacen Solo: Jedi Knight/Chief of State/Sith Lord

    • Tenal Ka: Jedi Knight/Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium

    Jaina Solo: Jedi Master/The Sword of the Jedi/Trained by Mandalorians/Empress

    • Jagged Fel: Emperor/Head of State/Captain

    Anakin Solo: Jedi Knight/Exclusive Control Over Centerpoint Station/Fallen Hero at ~17

    • Tahiri Veila: Raised by Tusken Raiders/Jedi Knight/Attempted Shaping by Yuzzhan Vong/Sith Apprentice/Bounty Hunter

    Ben Skywalker: Jedi Knight/Former Member of the Secret Police/Woke Up an ancient Sith Vessel

    • Vestara Khai: Sith Apprentice/Jedi Apprentice/Sith Lady

    Allana Solo: Prophesised Jedi Queen/Jedi Apprentice/Future Queen Mother of the Hapes Consortium

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  • image

    I’m thinking about switching up the design for the Coins suit and making them more like Republic/Imperial Credits with that cool square look… We’ll see.

    #art #artists on tumblr #artist#artwork#star wars #star wars art #fan art#sabaac#sabaac deck#sabaac cards#card art#playing cards#cards #star wars cards #solo#han solo#lando #solo a star wars story
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  • image

    Any Star Wars out there? I’m finally nearing completion of my revamped Sabaac deck. Featured above are the first three cars of the four suits: Sabers, Staves, Flask, and Coins suits. More to come.

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  • Got a TaunTaun sleeping bag today. Cosy.

    #sw#star wars#tauntaun #empire strikes back #the empire strikes back #ot#luke skywalker#han solo#hoth#leia#lightsaber#camping#bed #i can live my dream of sleeping in a gutted tauntaun without the smell
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  • I really want an au where Luke is a slave in Tatooine? And Han ends up winning him during some game of sabbac before he’s off to smuggle some illegal cargo from tatooine to coruscant. But as he’s eyeing this kid who’s snarling and in chains, he’s more than a little amused and he’s realizing that he hasn’t fucked around in awhile and so maybe he kindly accepts the slave and asks him to be taken to his ship.

    And after a long night of drinking with Chewy, he’s stumbling back to the falcon and into his bed chamber to find this feisty thing wearing nothing but a pair of tight black briefs and he’s glaring at Han the moment he’s entering the room. “Ain’t this an… unexpected surprise.” And Han’s making his way over to the side of the bed, careful to be just far enough away that the kid can’t kick or punch him, before he’s sighing and scratching at the back of his head.

    “Listen— kid, whatever your name is— I’m really just trying to get some sleep so if you could,” he motioned with his hands for the kid to move aside, but Luke would just glare and sit there at his bed. And Han’s lazily kicking off his boots and moving his blaster out of the kids reach, before he’s dropping onto the bed and waiting for him to make the first move. When the kid rolls to straddle Han’s waistband attempts to choke him with the chain connecting his wrists, it’s easy to make a grab for them and force his arms up so that his elbows are caging Han’s face. And he’s glaring down as Han as he struggles to be released, but Han’s free hand is moving up to remove that spit slick gag and dropping it to the side of the bed.

    “Let me go.”

    Han isn’t surprised that those are the first words he hears the kid say, but he’s rolling his eyes and moving to pillow his free has under his head, with his other hand still gripping the chain tightly above his own head. “Kid— I lost enough credits to have four of you, and I’m beginning to regret that deal I made with that slimey fuck back at the bar. You’re not getting outta here until I get those credits back in full, you hear me?”

    “It’s Luke, not kid.” And maybe it’s because Han’s a little tipsy, and having a pretty boy in his lap hasn’t happened in awhile. But his free hand is moving from the back of his head to rest at the kids thigh and maybe he’s groping up a little too high because the next thing he knows, Luke is cocking his head back and cracking his skull against Han’s, making him yelp in surprise. Like would pull his hands free and scramble from his place on top of Han, breathing hard and yanking at the binds to try and free himself again. And that’s when Han realizes he’s got a lot to fucking deal with now.

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  • han!harry is a scoundrel :)

    “And yes, I may have woken up underground on Ryloth before with a Twi’lek or two–”

    Your jaw drops. “Harry!”

    But,” He smirks, bringing his eyes back to yours. You never noticed he had dimples until this moment. “I can assure you I really can be a perfect gentleman.”


    Originally posted by slowhandstbh

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