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  • twindevilgang
    29.11.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Imagine playing UNO with toman~

    (Note this is Joe me and my family/friends play it)

    You: *shuffling the cards* do which way are playing. Are we stacking or no?

    toman: stacking

    You: *nodding while handing out 7 cards to each playing* very well. Rules are very simple. Stack until you can’t no more. We’ll be playing until there’s only one left. *place a green 9 down from the stack that’s left*

    You: so who goes first?

    Toman: ME

    Mikey: I’m the leader, so I get to go first!

    Draken: that doesn’t mean Jackshit and you know that Mikey!

    Baji: well I thought of creating Toman so I should go first!

    Smiley: no way I was the one that thought of playing uno!

    *toman starts arguing. And your getting tired of it*

    You:*looking at mucho you isn’t engaging in the argument*mucho you go first.


    *everyone stops and looks at mucho. Who places a blue 9 card down. Changing the color everyone groans*

    You: haru you’re next

    Sanzu: *nods and placed a blue five card*

    *goes smiley, angry, Takemicchi. Chifuyu changes the color using a red 7*

    You: oops sorry baji *skips him*

    Baji: you little- *gleaning down at you while you gave him an innocent smile*

    *not even five minutes into the game. It starts to get intense*

    Pah-Yan: *puts a card down, forgetting he has one card left in his hands*


    Pah-yan: f*ck!

    Mikey: *grabes 7 cards out of the pile while giving it to pah-ya* here ya go!

    Peh-chin: *changes the color to yellow *

    Mikey: sorry ken-chin I*skips Draken which a smirk*

    Goes back to mucho and starts going around again.

    You: *putting a card down* UNO!

    Toman: *groans*

    *After smiley and angry*

    *Takemicchis dumbass reverses it leaving you with a win in the end*

    You: you are my new favorite person Takemicchi. *puts the last card dar who’s is a change color card *

    Pah-chin: *whispers*change it to red

    You: blue

    Pah-Chin: WHY?!

    You: that’s what you get for not letting me walk pochi the other day. *huffed and gets out of the circles everyone was in.*

    Baji: *puts down a two plus card*

    Mikey: * puts down a two plus card*

    Draken: *puts another two plus card*

    Mucho:*two puls card*

    Sanzu:*two plus card*

    Smiley: *two plus card*

    Angry: *two plus card*

    Chifuyu: *two plus card*

    Takemichi: *the only one who doesn’t have a two plus card* “wait!”

    Mikey:to late!!

    Toman: *laughing their asses off*

    Takemicchi: *takes 16 cards out of the pile at the brink of tears*

    Drakens out

    Chifuyu’s out

    Smileys out

    Angrys out

    Muchos out

    Sanzu s out

    Bajis out

    Pah-chins out

    Peh-yans out.

    *mikey and Takemicchi are the last ones*

    Very intense match between the two

    Takemichi: *puts down a green 4*

    Mikey: *skips 3 times with different colors, and reverse it 2 times with different colors and ends it with another two plus card. Color now yellow* UNO!

    *Everyone was to stunned to speaks*

    Takemichi:* trembles and cries on the in side while he picks up two cards and places a yellow card down.”

    Mikey: *slaps down a 4+ card down while getting up*

    *everyone cheering and applauding their leader for winning*

    (Takemichi cry’s later that nigh after kissing to Mikey)

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  • tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Everybody listening is probably wondering who the hell Naoto is.

    #tokyo revengers#tokrev#hanagaki takemichi#naoto tachibana#tetta kisaki#hajime kokonoi #tokyo revengers spoilers #i bet kisaki knows him but everyone else would have no clue
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  • tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang
    29.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ah so that's what Takemichi's been doing this whole time

    #tokyo revengers#tokrev#tokyo rev#hanagaki takemichi#takemichi hanagaki #tokyo revengers spoilers #i feel like I'm missing one but i can't think of anymore
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  • jaycewrites-192000
    29.11.2021 - 4 hours ago

    You Deserve A Happy Future Too

    Summery: Takemichi is tired...he's tried so hard to keep everyone alive, safe, and happy in the best timeline he could make...but at the cost of his own mentality...

    Paring(s): Hanagaki Takemichi x Reader

    Rating: SFW

    Warning(s): Depression, Self Doubt, Takemichi Is Exhausted Mentally, Angst/Little Comfort

    "You can't save everyone."

    Those words...they hit him harder than anyone ever could have. No amount of beating would ever hurt as much as those words. He almost wanted to yell at you to take those words back. But he knew...deep down...you were right.

    He couldn't save everyone.

    He's tried so hard, went back to the future then back to past over and over again and always something is wrong or someone is dead or going to die. No matter how many times he did it over, no matter how hard he tried...nothing changed...not in the right way that is.

    There was no future that looked bright to him now...not even his own...

    "Takemichi." You spoke softly. "I know it hurt but...not everyone gets a happy ending. It's just the sad truth. People die, in unfair ways, all the time. People who may or may not deserve it too." You continued. "And if you keep doing this, one day, one of those people will be you."

    "B-but...I promised...I'd save everyone!" He finally broke down sobbing as the truth settled down in his mind. He made a promise to so many. Hina, Naoto, Akkun, Chifuyu, Draken, Mikey...everyone...

    You went to his side, and pulled him in for a hug. "You did your best Takemichi...this is killing you. I can tell...please...please you have to see it too." He knew it was, every failed attempt was a new weight on his fragile shoulders. Every time he'd see another loved one die or in a terrible place mentally or physically it'd wear down his mind little by little.

    "I promised-"

    "You deserve a happy future too!" You cut him off, tears gathering in your own eyes as well.

    Takemichi only continued to sob as he hid his face within your shoulder. He would have liked that...A happy future, with everyone. It was something he wanted from day one, but he wasn't sure how likely that dream would come true was now...

    For you, you'd like to see Takemichi along with everyone else happy together as well...but not at the cost of Takemichi's mentality. You could only hope he'd feel the same way, and accept that not everyone could be saved. As sad as it was...it was true. Even if he manages to save nearly everyone, with one person still unhappy or dead...it would be the best case...

    Otherwise Takemichi would loose himself as well as his mind.

    The decision of whether he'll stop time traveling or not is entirely up to him. And whether or not he listens to you and eases his mind and body...

    Only time will tell...

    #takemichi x reader #takemichi hanagaki x reader #takemichi hanagaki #tokyo revengers takemichi #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers#spoilers#angst #angst little comfort
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  • kazufuyuzzz
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    my beloved :(

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  • kokocentric
    29.11.2021 - 8 hours ago


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  • anime-incorrecet-quotes
    29.11.2021 - 10 hours ago

    *In a group chat*

    Baji : thank you all for letting me be apart of this group . I love you all . You're like my family .

    Takemichi : *a part

    Baji : can we kick him out ?

    #baji keisuke#hanagaki takemichi #tokyo manji gang #tokyo manjikai #tokyo manji revengers #tokyo revengers#tr baji#tr takemichi#takemicchi#baji#tr #source : justausualunicorn #anime incorrect quotes
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  • kokocentric
    29.11.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #CRYINGGGGGGG SOBBING THROWING UP #this scene was so powerful #and so beautiful #the art i mean #mannnnnnnn#manga collection#sano manjirou#hanagaki takemichi
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  • emzmuu
    29.11.2021 - 14 hours ago
    TKRV Illustration

    clean version under the cut

    like a madman I tried cleaning it after an hour it was posted

    Ill make an analysis on their flowers in another post

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  • storybrook-and-fruitsbaskets
    29.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Tokyo Revengers official art


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  • storybrook-and-fruitsbaskets
    29.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Tokyo Revengers official art


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  • wearepurplejackets
    29.11.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Mikey just cries when Takemichi is there.

    I mean have you noticed Mikey just cries when he is with Takemichi. He didn't cried at all in the past, unless when Baji died in front of his eyes and only when Takemichi was there. And only because Takemichi brought with him Baji's amulet. He didn't even cried when Ema died. And in the future he just cried with Takemichi all the time.
    So i f*cking bet you that this time, in the last arc, is going to happen the same way.
    #tokyo revengers#mikey sano #tokyo manji gang #manjiro sano #mikey tokyo revengers #tokrev#spoilers #tokyo manji revengers #draken#manga #tokyo revengers draken #tokyo revengers sano manjiro #tokyo revengers manga spoilers #tokyo revengers manga #tokyo revengers mikey #tokyo revengers spoilers #tokyo revengers takemichi #takemichi#takemichi hanagaki#hanagaki takemichi #mikey x takemichi #takemikey#takemitchy#maitake#doraken #tokyo revengers 232 #tokyo revengers 233 #sano mikey manjiro #mikey headcanon#TOKYO CRIES
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  • kimmcho
    29.11.2021 - 20 hours ago

    what i wanted what i got:

    to get:

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  • amethystroselily
    29.11.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Hina, Takemichi, Mikey, and Sanzu being in a horrible little polycule post canon is actually the funniest idea I’ve ever had.

    Like, Hina barely wanted Mikey there in the first place, and now she has to deal with Sanzu too because no one can get him to leave. Every time she introduces him, she’s like “This is my husband’s boyfriend’s boyfriend, he keeps doing drugs in my bathroom and I highly suspect he murdered a man. I hate him.”

    #in this scenario Hina Takemichi and Mikey live together and Sanzu just keeps showing up and Takehina are furious #Hina makes most of the money in the household #but at least Sanzu has some mysterious shady side hustle going on so at least she doesn’t also have to pay for him too #Sanzu and Takemichi only tolerate each other because they are the only people crazy enough to be on Mikey’s side after everything #I found the valid Santake interpretation #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers manga #tokrev#hina tachibana#tachibana hinata#hanagaki takemichi#sanzu haruchiyo#akashi haruchiyo#sano manjiro#mikey sano#maitake#Maitakehina#maisan #Sanzu x Mikey #Sanmaitakehina#takemikey#takemikeyhina
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