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  • izloveshorses
    17.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    They fell down a hole, don’t you remember? lol i am. very sad.

    #wip #alice by heart #fan art#my art#iz draws #i'm just doodling while watching gbbs and crying it's fine #maybe one day i'll finish one of these #but rn i just needed something Not School to keep my hand busy
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  • torsamors
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    okay but i forgot abt the fucking. pon farr scene in search for spock

    #my friend and i were screaming and i had to explain why them rubbinf hands was so weird BDISBDJSBSJ
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  • favcelebrities
    17.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago
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  • yekoc
    17.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #fic ask game #hand now beating out both mouth and face
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  • ifyouseekay468
    17.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Just realized the censored parts of Spamtons dialogue could be any cuss word when ive just been replacing all of them with “fuck” and “fucking”

    #on the one hand I’m relieved #on the other hand I like my version better
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  • peachy-boy-jay
    17.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Come cuddle

    #hands #I’m getting more tattoos soon #ftm transman#lgbtq#top surgery#squishy belly
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  • booksie
    17.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    “Your hand touching mine. This is how galaxies collide.”

    Sanober Khan
    #sanober khan#you#me#us#we#i#love#galaxy#hand#touch#mine#collide#quote#quotes#quotation #no clue where this is from #romance#artsy#sad #sounds like it could be a song? #it rhymes? #sweet#poet#poem#writing#he#she#they #the author is from mumbai #wooo
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  • spaceshipkat
    17.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    someone’s super clingy

    #peregrin pooch #to be clear he does this every time i leave the house for more than five minutes #he’s not a cuddler but he Will cuddle me for hours if im gone too long #also yes he’s in a hand me down #will take a proper picture tomorrow #that was patch’s sweater last year
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  • leatherfaceapologist
    17.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago



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  • angelsignz
    17.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    also pro-tip from my great grandma specifically for mandu making but more generally if you're making something that requires excess water to be squeezed out of tofu or I guess another food. wrap it in cheesecloth and put it in a top-loading washing machine and put it on spin ONLY. this is her secret to draining tofu and I am giving it to you all for FREE use this wisdom wisely...

    #this secret has been handed down for generations #it's actually not a secret I tell people about it all the time but whatever. #chats#food
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  • bethecowgirl
    17.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    hey. they took out max fried while I wasn't looking

    #unsurprisingly I love max fried #I mean the man is jewish and left handed #baseball
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  • beetrootbot
    17.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago
    #throwing my hands into the air #yori is allergic to being shippable #this is very funny however thank you anon #the dynamic is literally silly x silly #(im probably characterizing jaye wrong #vegetable answers
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  • monikalesbian
    17.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago
    #ask ❤️#floople-doople#ask game#deltarune#susie #*punches a wall* WHEN THE SUSIE HITS 😔 #oh also y'all!!!! i finished undertale!!!! #flowey's battle was actually pretty okay once i knew what i was doing! #i. killed him instead of sparing him though and i think that was wrong. #bc the ENDING. with sans just calling me and telling me that toriel got sent to the ruins and undyne is in charge but nothing has changed #that was NOT. SATISFYING FOR ME #on one hand wooo undyne you go king it's what you deserve!!!! #on the other i was like. seriously nothing has changed :( #so i'm gonna have to try again ! #i'm not even sure i CAN spare flowey i tried twice and he wouldn't allow it #for now though!!!!! replaying deltarune chapter one because the lack of susie recently has been upsetting!!!!! #i really really enjoyed undertale though ALL the characters are superb.... and the combat is fun ! and the soundtrack never fails #for me a character driven narrative is the whole POINT of a media so undertale really delivered in that regard :) #and ngl i kind of loved not quite knowing what i was doing!! oh and the puzzles are GREAT i normally hate puzzles in games but #these one are different!!!
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  • haeroniel-doliet
    17.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Uuuughghhhh why is it -so- hard to work out what a room in a scene looks like and where everyone is in proportion to one another??? Like i really struggle with it so i rarely care and just wing it but. Im trying to draw this specific moment. And its KIND OF proving impossible. Both because my ability to draw rooms and perspective isnt top notch but also because!!! I cant figure out what works and what is actually happening!! Like im sure the fic author has a fairly clear idea in head, its clear and consistent enough on details that matter to the story but!!!! Im having such a hard time making it a visually appealing and 100% accurate scene i decided i wanna do.... UGH yes ive been stalling for close to 10 hrs on this while i COULD have been finishing like the other inktobers but nooooo i have no more now than i did yesterday and that sucks bc i really kinda wanted to have them to post by Saturday :(((((

    #curse my brains lack of adequate visualizing abilities!!!! #art woes #yeah i really did waste a lot of time stuck on one thing this is not new in any way but its annoying!!! things are piling up again!! ffs!! #idk im gonna have to start tomorrow finishing the other pieces until someone i can vent to comes online and resolves the issue #but also i am somewhat feeling helpless like #my brain says yes this image #please fullfill request you have a few bulletpoints of direction gl #and my hand aometimes goes o yea that? sure man you never couldve imagined this visually but it is a satisfying result #and at other times it mocks mw #oh??? you thought you knew how to draw a human??? what a fool thy are!!! have you learned a lick of anatomy since your anime how to book?? #well besides the odd quick guide from tumblr ans ahit im WINGINGING IT #and any good artist can tell its NOT RIGHT #uughhghghhh yeah ofc my taste is more improved than my talent because qhens the last time i practiced?? did exercises?? had a teacher???? #but i cant help but be :0 everytime #anyway bless be im taking sleepy pills and hoping a system restart will make me function better and just do good art and be done w it
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  • blueskrugs
    17.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    only brayden could pull that off

    #the way he pulled up like 'wait actually my hand hurts' #blues lb
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  • shiny-self-shipping
    17.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #I did say a while back I was going to draw the kiddos but Life happens sometimes and your days off turn into Chores and Groceries Time #and life sometimes also likes to gently place a new hyperfixation in your hands and tell you to go nuts #which I did
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  • dahlwatchesmiraculous
    17.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    some umbrella scene hands

    #miraculous ladybug#miraculous fanart#ml fanart #miraculous ladybug fanart #adrienette #these hands were so hard pls be kind lmao
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  • ssickprimus
    17.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #jerrick#jerry smith#evil jerry#doofus jerry #just some stuff #did it a while ago #dee helped with hands a plenty #jerrick but make it double
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  • feraldabi
    17.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Mine to Love

    OIKAGE (Oikawa Tooru/Kageyam Tobio)
    Summary:  Tooru wouldn’t call himself a jealous man, but what’s his is his you see. He felt his irritation grow ever more as that blond bastard Tobio fondly calls a friend, Miya-san, drape an arm over his Tobio’s shoulders.
    FOR:  @sherathelesbianprincess who req. oikage with jealous!oikawa, i hope you like this !!! 💕💕💕 

    Tooru wouldn’t call himself a jealous man, but what’s his is his you see. He felt his irritation grow ever more as that blond bastard Tobio fondly calls a friend, Miya-san, drape an arm over his Tobio’s shoulders. (Can’t forget the honorific, okay. There’s a difference between his san and Miya-san’s.)

    Tooru harrumphs and taps angrily at the table. He watches as Miya whispers into Tobio’s ear and then side-eye him as if he’s the one crashing the date. He clears his throat obnoxiously loud.

    “Everything okay, Oikawa-san,” his beloved asks, head tilted and eyebrows scrunched up.

    “Yeah, everything okay, Oikawa-san,” the annoyance says, an air of smugness surrounding him.

    “Everything’s fine—“ he leans back in his seat and tilts his head back, looking down at the blond “—but doesn’t Miya-chan have to go? Didn’t you say someone was waiting for you?”

    “Ah, he’s right. I don’t want to keep you, Miya-san.”

    Miya flaps a hand dismissively, “Eh, it’s Osamu , so he can wait, besides, hanging out with Tobio-kun is more fun!”

    Tooru feels his blood boil at the use of Tobio’s name.

    How dare this punk act so fucking familiar.

    His patience wears down, and he’s ready to go off when he sees Tobio frown. “That’s rude, Miya-san. You shouldn’t make Osamu-san wait.”

    Yeah! Tell him, Tobio-chan! Wait, did he just—

    “Osamu-san? Why do you call my brother by his first name and not mine,” Miya whines.

    Tooru hates that he’s agreeing with Miya about how Tobio calls them because what?!

    “You don’t even call me by my first name, Tobio-chan!”


    Tobio’s eyes bounce between him and Miya as if he’s watching an intense volleyball game. His brows furrow and his cheeks puff up as his signature scowl appears, “I can’t call you both Miya-san, Miya-san, and Oikawa-san is Oikawa-san.” A pink tint blooms on Tobio’s scowling face, it’s adorable.

    “Tch, couldn’t you call me Atsumu and him Miya-san? I knew you before him!”

    “He barely knows you,” Tooru cuts in.

    “Wouldn’t you say he barely knows you then, Oikawa-san,” Miya tuts, wagging a finger in Tooru’s face. He’s tempted to grab it and bend it, but he’ll be the mature one and not do anything. (See, Tobio-chan, he can be nice!)

    “It’s more out of habit than anything else,” Tobio adds, looking between them. “We should get going as well. I think the waitress has been thinking about how to kick us out for the pass five minutes.”

    And sure enough, when Tooru looks around Miya’s shoulder there was the waitress looking at them with the check in hand. He makes sure to put on his most dazzling of smiles and waves her over. Tooru swats at Tobio’s hand when it looks like the younger would reach for his own wallet, “You paid last time, Tobio-chan. I get this one.”

    “What a god boyfriend,” Miya coos.

    “That’s right, I’m his good boyfriend.”

    Tooru felt glee when Miya’s smug face fell and his own scowl appeared.

    Take that you bastard.

    “Whatever, it was nice seein’ ya, Tobio-kun. I’ll text ya the next time I’m here, so we can hang, okay.”

    The damn blond has the audacity to hug Tobio and place an inconspicuous kiss on Tobio’s round head.

    Tooru slaps the payement down—he probably left more than he should have—and rounds the table to throw Miya’s arm off and pull Tobio to him. “Nice seeing you, Miya-san, but we should get going! Goodbye!”

    He makes a hasty retreat with Tobio in tow.

    “Ah, wait, Oi-Oikawa-san! Bye, Miya-san! Tell Osamu-san I say hello, please!”

    Tooru can barely hear Miya’s reply over the bustling restaurant, but he’s still irritated from having to hear it in the first place.

    “Are you alright, Oikawa-san?”

    “I’m fine, Tobio-chan. Let’s get you home before it gets late.”

    “Wait,” Tobio comes to a halt and grasps at his wrist. “You’re mad, why?”

    “I’m not mad.”

    “You are, though!”

    “I’m not mad, Tobio-chan!”

    Tobio’s brows furrow and lips form a cute pout. “Tooru.”

    “That’s unfair! Why can’t you call me by my first name in front of him?! Ughh, Tobio-chan!”

    Tooru is so overwhelmed from his jealousy, how cute Tobio looks, and the use of his first name that he reaches over and squishes Tobio’s cheeks. “You’re so annoying, Tobio-chan!”

    “Ah, you’re jealous,” is all Tobio says, well, it’s more garbled, but Tooru understands the words. He’s fluent in Tobio after all.

    “So what if I am! He was all over you!”

    “Miya-san’s affectionate is all. Besides, I’m dating you.”

    Affectionate my ass!

    “Damn right, you’re dating me! I’m your boyfriend not Miya!”

    “Yes yes.”

    Tooru narrows his eyes at the placating tone Tobio uses, but his righteous fury burns out when Tobio plants a kiss on his cheek with a declaration of how he’s his boyfriend and not Miya-san.

    His jealously summers, yet he can’t help but throw an arm over Tobio’s shoulders like Miya did because—

    My boyfriend, my Tobio.

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  • aceofspadegrass
    17.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    The time spent just for Karube's arm and hand is..... too long.

    Too long.

    #aib #alice in borderland #karube daikichi #fuck hands the sequel
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