04.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
#hannahhhhhhhh *weeping* #i just sent you a vid of my reaction bc i didn't want you to think i was exaggerating here #when i say that this actually means so so much #reading 'i see her. i know her' i wish i could describe the emotion that wracked through me then. fuck #im so so lucky to have you in my life i mean that with every shred of credence i have #like as a very emotionally guarded person the phenomenon where the deepest parts of me turn up in my writing #has always fascinated me. like boom points it out a lot and i've seen it myself CHAPTERS later #when i look back like 'oh... OH that's why i had x character say/do x thing' #like it's that terrifying peer into a reflection that's distorted enough to be harmless #but is still a mirror no matter how much you break it #so seeing it here as something so beautiful and so POSITIVE really means the world to me personally #thank you <3 #ask#writing inspo
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