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  • Hans headcanon ( already canon ?)

    My headcanon is that Hans is really a very very trustful person. Like even the most distrustful person would have a hard time not trust Hans.

    So at the same time that is canon because this is what happened in the movie even with Elsa at the end who was very distrustful.

    But also headcanon because never the movie suggest that maybe between hans and anna this is Hans that is very very trustful person but on the contrary blame Anna. Blame Anna to be naive to follow Hans. So it send the message that “a normal person” would not have follow hans Anna is at fault.

    So i dont know in the end if this a headcanon or already canon so lets say thats a headcanon.

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  • Clic para mejor calidad

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  • Aladdin : *just lied to jasmine she leave without knowing*

    Hans : *raise an eyebrow*

    Aladdin : hi ! *nice friendly smile*

    Hans : hugh you sucks at lying !

    Aladdin :

    Aladdin : how…how do you know i m lying ?

    Hans : because you sucks.

    Aladdin : i..no !proof she suspect nothing !

    Hans : she is gonna..

    Aladdin : ok who are you exactly a lie detector ?

    Hans : *chuckle*

    Hans : *took his jacket put his sunglasses prepare to leave*

    Hans : best liar and actor of the magic kingdom ! *pround* here is my card !

    Aladdin :

    Hans : goodbye !

    Aladdin :

    Aladdin : * look at the card where is wrote you want to open door ? And took opportunity without bothers deceit people MR.westergaard is there for you*

    Aladdin :

    Aladdin :

    Aladdin : weirdo !

    Aladdin :

    Aladdin : *took the card in his Pocket*

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  • I have this modern au! xD Kristoff’s quote is from broadway

    (i’ll post later their outfits properly)

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  • #calyba #nicknamepoetry #lineup #verpisst #euch #ihr #opfa #opa #hans #lovis #aslak #combina #pasta #aas #yo #moske #surd #ers #zooms #tbr #tion #style #bench #reading
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    (hier: Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany)

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  • #fast and the furious tokyo drift #hans #fast and the furious x reader #reader x han #han x reader #sean boswell #dom toretto x reader #dom x letty #mia toretto #mia toretto x brian o’connor #reader insert#requested#answered request
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  • Frozen books are such a frustrating thing !

    like for example take A Frozen Heart. Each time m trying to imagine for fun fanfic sometimes i want to makes Hans have brothers that like him at least and a father that is not that mess up in this head that can have remorse who are not evil but then there is this book who block me 😅. like yeah whatever you imagine this is not what Disney publish Here this book where his dad and bro are evil and you like it or not this is official stuff publish by Disney and even faitful to Lee own word about Hans life.

    So then i want to take the book 100% faithful , imagine fanfic that are 100% faitful to everything that Disney publish in that book and then…well then they are people who keep saying no this is not canon this is alternate universe like what the fuck 😄the book is 70% the movie and the small backstory at the start was wrote according to lee own word about Hans. But whatever i get their point and yeah jennifer lee didnt know about that book. So i get what they mean and in the end thats in both side so frustating.

    And it Will be the same story to me for agnar and induna book = existence of that official = block my imagination cant imagine something others for them thats what in the book 😄 but then people : jenifer lee is not the one that agree to publish it so not canon.

    Forest of shadow never read it talking about that i would love reading it but same disney told how there is a book its gonna be story between frozen and frozen 2 they communicated i think also some stuff about frozen 2. So all of this is pretty much exicting but then no no this is a book this is not canon this is not jennifer lee and chris buck who agreed with everything.

    Frustating as hell !

    #frozen books #a frozen heart #forest of shadow #prince hans#hans#hans's family
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  • Westergaard bro are at breakfast…

    2nd lucas : *read his newpaper*

    Lars : *eat cheese*

    Hans : *take his cofee*

    Rudi and runo : *chat together*

    Caleb : *tried To touch his elbow with his tongue*

    Lucas : *stop reading newpaper watch him*

    Rudi and runo : stop chatting.

    Lars : stop eating

    Hans : stop drinking

    Prince : all look confuse at their brother.

    Caleb : *touch his elbow*

    Caleb : suceeded ! *big smile*

    Princes :

    Prince : *all take their activity back*

    Caleb : *tried touch his nose with his tongue*

    Princes : ….

    Caleb : *laugh* suceeded ! You saw ?

    King : CALEB YOUR COMING !!!!!!

    Caleb : YES ! *leave*

    Lucas : thats so silly…

    Lars : yeah dumb !

    Rudi runo : disgusting !

    Hans : *tried too to touch his nose with his tongue*

    Lars :

    Lars : *sight*

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  • Hans is 30 years old..

    Hans : *hair perfectly comb expression serious a cigar in the hand sat on a comfortable sofa*

    Hans : ok i m done ! *smoke*

    Hans : i m too old for crimes now.*smoke*

    Hans : i retired *smoke*

    Hans : when you have live all your life in crimes there is a moment you go exaushted ! *smoke*

    Lars : oh i m surprise…

    Hans : reaaally ? *All excited*

    Lars : of a so short career !

    Hans :

    Lars : remember what you told me after arendelle fiacso ? *imitate Hans fake to cried*

    Lars : laaaaars do you think father is gonna hate me like before if i dont mess anything new ?

    Hans :

    Lars : *laugh*

    Hans : leave

    Lars : oooh hans cmon it was just joke dont take thing….

    Hans : *slam the door*

    Lars :

    Lars : so seriously…

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  • image

    Translated :

    You still believe in him even he leave you here? That’s cute.

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  • Modern dressed Helsa dolls -AKA me stealing more barbie/ken clothes then adding some custom bling cos I thought Helsa would look good in them :D  Reminds me a bit of red carpet outfits..yep.. collecting their awards if Disney went for a redemption/romance arc for frozen III ;)  what do you think @queenelsawestergaard ? (I took so many pics! ran out of space to post them all here XD )

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  • Elsa: SHOW YOURSELF!!!

    Hans: Uhhhhh… Meow…?



    Elsa: *freezes Hans’ leg*

    Hans: Ow!

    #elsa#frozen 2#frozen#hans#helsa#queen elsa#prince hans#iceburns #incorrect helsa quotes #incorrect frozen quotes
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  • “Would we will live here ? Absolutly !”

    -prince Hans inviting himself in elsa and Anna kingdom 😄

    #prince hans#hans#hans westergaard #hans of the southern isles
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  • This makes it better… right?

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  • I’m obsessed with this movie I’m obsessed with this studio this is my life now and I couldn’t be happier see you on the other side

    #he's my favorite #just look at this German Ratatouille guy!! He makes cakes! I love him!! #red shoes and the seven dwarfs #red shoes hans #hans
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  • I went through my memory in my phone and i found a screenshot of Catherine and Austin (Helsa Broadway) in it and i i just remember that @disneysfrozenguy once requested me in a post to draw them as Hans and Elsa.

    Took it so long because of my mood (Duh!) and because i don’t like the actual video for reference and i need to search search search SEARCH a perfect reference for the pose. Also trying to get great pose i make myself (i guess?).


    Soooo, here it is Alan. Your request is done. I’m so sorry if it’s not straight from Catherine and Austin’s video as reference, but really i don’t find any good pose in there. :(

    I’m sorry too it took so long.

    i hope you like it. :)

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  • Today’s Terrible Name Suggestion is…

    Hans Christian Phantomhive

    “Ok I don’t know why but the idea of Ciel’s name having Christ in it to be a possibility, it kinda seems to me like something Yana might do.”

    “While Hans Christian was meant to be the funny one but the idea of a boy who’s given up on god, and sold his soul for a demon butler to carry out revenge is actually a serious idea I have, as well as something I’m half sure Yana would do… I just couldn’t think of a biblical name the Phantomhive’s might give O!Ciel because I made the suggestions at two in the morning.”

    “Not to mention while I love Frozen and The Little Mermaid the books written by Hans Christian would of been out by the time Ciel would be born… So odds are Ciel’s parents are fans of his books and considering Ciel is a French name, I think they might of named O!Ciel after someone in those books.”

    Submitted by @sir-so-random

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  • image

    Old and shitty

    Let’s get nasty in reply 🔞

    #helsa#prince hans#queen elsa#frozen#elsa#disney#iceburns#hans#my art #I can't finished it I can't #it's too hard to draw flank
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