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  • Sweet ,kind , caring anna is visiting the southern isles she is with calculating, robotic , endoctrinated hans at the breakfast table. She knows about hans family treating him bad since he is a kid its been 4 years since arendelle events hans punishement is suppose to be over since 2 years.

    Anna : hans i dont understand how this is better than before you literraly make you life worse !

    Hans : no no no *chuckle* it really is better ! Look ! For example before i had to saw their face each morning now i literraly cant because i m sleeping in the stable !*laugh*

    Anna : but….you still are treat like trash

    Hans : arendelle !!!

    Anna : what ? So because of arendelle your brothers has a right to retire you all basic humans right and use that as an excuse every single second of every single day of your life ? *revolted*

    Hans : *nodded with entousiasm* exactly !

    Anna : *make a disgust face* i dont see how this is better ?

    Hans : this is simple ! When they give me the rest of their food…

    Anna : bones !

    Hans : yeah yeah like you want ! before i look at my plate and tought what did i ever do to them ? now i just have to say myself arendelle !!! And its works ! *huge smile*

    Anna : but there are just playing with you guilt you know you punishement is over its been nearly 4 years now !

    Hans : oh there is no limitation period for the crimes i commit anna !

    Anna : *was going to eat her cake but shocked stopped* so you are going to be treat like that forever ?

    Hans : yes !

    Anna : and it dont bothers you at all?

    Hans : nope ! I m a big criminal you know !

    Anna : *try to wake up him* so i guess if they beat you to death…arendelle ! *ironic*

    Hans : *huge smile again* exactly !!! You have understand ! So if i told you sleep in the stable during a storm ?

    Anna : arendelle !

    Hans : dont eat during 2 days ?

    Anna : arendelle !

    Hans : *happy* yes ! Be wake up to do something for them ?

    Anna : arendelle !!! *annoyed*

    Hans : do every single chore for them ?

    Anna : arendelle ! *rolled her eyes*

    Hans : thats it ! Perfect you nail it !


    Anna : you know this is not that bad….what you did in arendelle ?

    Hans : *dumbfounded* what ?

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    • Disneysia : fanfic tv serie concepti try to write for fun plot is in my description : disney royalty after an accident at prince charming and cinderella ball end up in a strange hotel in the middle of new york big crossover with enchanted)
    • One moment at the end of episode 2
    • Scene-int-nigh-big hall of the hotel
    • Charlotte is chatting with tiana and jasmine
    • Lottie : all i m saying is that we just need to wait ! This must be a joke ! It have to be a joke !
    • Tiana : *hold her hand* i m sure lottie tomorrow you would be with your father ! *hug her*
    • Lottie : you really are skilled to comfort people !*weak smile*
    • Tiana : i m gonna check if there are new informations
    • Jasmine : i m coming with you !
    • Lottie is alone she drink her glass of water when suddenly
    • Caleb : excuse me ?
    • Lottie : * saw Suddenly caleb fall immediatly in love because he is very handsome* yes ? *huge lovestruck smile*
    • Caleb : *awkward* have you see my brother ?
    • Lottie : * look at him in love with heart in her eyes*
    • Caleb : *laugh awkward*
    • Lottie : oh i m sorry what do you say ?
    • Caleb : *chuckle amused* have you see my brother ?
    • Lottie : oh yes your brother how many ?
    • Caleb : oh yes *embarrass* my brothers number 12 !
    • Lottie : 12 ? Oh i see you must talk about…*think about the name she has learnt* prince…alex…no no Alphonse ! *confident*
    • Caleb : no no hans !
    • Lottie : *confuse* hans is your brother number 13 ? Right?
    • Caleb : *laugh* no no no he is the prince number 13 ! He is my little brother number 12 ! *chuckle*
    • Lottie : oh yesssss i m dumb !
    • Caleb : no no its me ! my family is pretty big !
    • lottie : no no its me *smile* Well Hans he is in the back alone not smiling like last night !
    • Caleb : *smile* thank you !
    • Lottie : *give him an other lovestruck smile*
    • Caleb : can i pass….*smile*…please…?
    • Jasmine : hi caleb ! What do you want ?
    • Caleb : hans i just wanted to saw hans…can i..
    • Lottie : of course of course !*let him pass*
    • Caleb give her a big charming and charismatic smile
    • caleb : thank you !
    • Lottie : i m sweating ? *to jasmine*
    • Jasmine : no no no ! Why ?
    • Lottie : because i was so dumb ! *imitated herself* your brother how many or the 12 not the 13th god he must think i m some stupid girl ! *look at him*
    • Jasmine : dont tell me you have crush on caleb ?
    • Lottie : why can i ? he is a prince he is…handsome…no ! Gorgeous!
    • Jasmine : and he is 14 years old older marry with children and drink each night 3 bottle of vines still attractive ?????
    • Lottie : *look at him* oh yes !!!!!
    • Jasmine : you serious ?
    • Lottie : well , i heard he ignore his wife !
    • Jasmine : yes because he is a misogynist !
    • Lottie : it can be because he dont like her i heard this is an arranged marriage !
    • Jasmine : still an alcoholic ! *chuckle*
    • Tiana ,: no ! nothing new ! *saw lottie looking in love at Caleb” what do you look like that at the oldest Prince of the southern isles ?
    • Jasmine : lottie has a crush on Caleb !
    • Tiana: *shocked* what ? Lottie he really is not what it seems ! I heard he treat his wife as a trophy and he smoke cannabis !!!
    • Lottie : aaah all of this are rumors ! silly , stupid rumors !
    • Tiana and jasmine look at her desperate.
    • Lottie : oh fine ! Then what about his brothers ? Oh the 4th prince jurgen ?
    • Tiana : womanizer !
    • Lottie : the second ?
    • Jasmine : love his wife !
    • Lottie : the 6th ?
    • Tiana : marry !
    • Jasmine : marry and insane ! Just forget about the 6th, 7th, the 8th, the 9th, the 10th there are crazy !
    • Lottie : the 12th ?
    • Tiana : dumb !
    • Lottie look at jasmine
    • Jasmine : yeah dumb ! Very dumb !
    • Lottie : the 11th ?
    • Tiana : love his wife and have an adorable little boy !
    • Jasmine : oooh yes i want to eat him ! *saw lottie is upset* but then you have Hans…
    • Lottie : he doesn't seems very fun and what if he wants to kill my father for his money ? oh the 3th ?
    • Tiana : lars ?
    • Lottie : wait lars the historian ?
    • Jasmine : yeah…
    • Lottie : oh no forget about the 3th he is marry has kids and definitely not my kind of man !
    • Saw the 5th in front of her have a new crush
    • Lottie : wooooo this one is also very handsome
    • Jasmine and tiana look at each others
    • Lottie : what what again ?
    • Jasmine , tiana : he is gay !!!!
    • Lottie : how do you know i want a proof ? He has kids also ! *crossed her arms rolled her eyes*
    • Jasmine : i mean it obvious no need prove !
    • Lottie : oh i will never met my prince ! *dramatic cry*
    • Tiana : lottie ! *sad for her* oh jasmine ? What about that prince who try to propose to you ?
    • Jasmine : oh yes ! We are gonna present you to him !*enthusiasm*
    • Lottie : *watch caleb still in love*
    • Tiana push lottie on the back
    • Lottie : wait ! He was apologizing to hans about something ! Sooo cute
    • Tiana : no just the sign that he may be an horrible brother !
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    • Hans: Really? This is your first party ever?
    • Anna: Do funerals count?
    #frozen#hans#anna #incorrect frozen quotes #source: wicked #i would have given this to elsa bc idina menzel but elsa didn't go to the funeral #¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  • You know, in a way F1 proves kristoff will be King when marrying Anna.

    I mean, not every Kingdom follows the “a male marrying into royaly will become a Prince Consort“ rule. Arendelle is a Norwegian Kingdom (that rule originated in England), and heck, for all we know their Kingdom might follow completely seperate rules of their own.

    I’m just saying, Hans definitely planned this. Hans definitely did his research. So he knew marrying into the throne in Arendelle, even if he’s not from the royal line in that Kingdom, would mean becoming King.

    So using that logic, Kristoff would become King once married to Anna.

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  • Can we talk about how perfect the Hans was that I saw in Frozen – Live at the Hyperion in Disneyland? As I’m still not over it. 💕

    #my friend and i GASPED when he first came on stage #frozen#frozen musical#hans#hans westergaard#frozen disneyland #frozen live at the hyperion #elsa#anna#kristoff#helsa#kristanna#frozen broadway
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  • Hans : “Baby, it’s cold outside”

    Elsa : “The cold never bothered me anyway, honey”

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  • Personal thought

    I’m actually sad whenever my fellow Hans fans bashing Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck for not bring Hans back in Frozen 2.

    I get it, you are dissapointed. Me too. We are all. But i don’t think we should spreads hate or being rude to Jen Lee.

    She is after all, the talented woman that directed and wrote Frozen. The reason why we are in this fandom. She introduced us to Frozen and it’s characters, why you have to be so rude?

    You can dissapointed to her or annoyed, but don’t spreads the hate like she is the most vicious woman in the world.

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                       HANS HUMPTY APPRECIATION POST 

    Hans, also known by the fandom as Hobo Cat, is my top favorite character from Rokka no Yuusha. He’s the best kitty!! X3 

    ( Also, those bedroom eyes in the last pic! >///< ) 

    Rokka no Yuusha belongs to Ishio Yamagata!! 

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  • My two cents on frozen 2:

    Anyone who has seen my blog knows I am an Hans stan (and also a former Helsa shipper) and yes I was kinda disappointed when there was absolutely no Hans in the new movie. But above all the discussions I’d like to tell all those who are much more disappointed than me (and posted complaints and eventually started arguments about it) what happened and why it’s important.

    So what happened exactly in Frozen 2:

    most of the female characters wore trousers. This sounds like nothing I know, but the only others disney female characters who had this privilege were Jasmine in aladdin (1996) and Mulan (1998). So yes it took 23 years for a Disney princess to wear pants again.

    ok lets forget about the trousers, what I’m trying to say is that we live in a ridiculously awful time (ridiculous because one would think that in the 21st century people understood the basic human needs):

    -right wings are being more popular than the last 30 years with them there’s growing racism, xenophobia, all minorities (lgbt+, ethnic minorities, religious ones.. ) they are living one of the worse possible scenarios.

    -Also the rising of the feminist movement create a public backlash of those who consider women nothing more than housewives.

    -Climate change exists and is our fault.

    Frozen 2 touched these 3 major arguments in a fairytale way and it was the best thing they could ever do.

    -They explicitly address the fact that the supposedly good side (Arrendellians) have committed slaughter towards a peaceful native tribe. What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had this year, where the usa couldn’t hide behind the turkey.

    The grandfather It is not even the main villain, the villain in the story are the consequences of hatred and lies, how it destroyed the forest, caged those who were not able to make peace and ultimately how it hid the truth about Elsa’s magic origins.

    - both Elsa and Anna are incredibly 3 dimensional character, they have passions, interests, ambitions, things they hate, things they love. They are NOT there to be pretty and poised. They have their own will in the second movie much more than the first.

    Please dont forget the scene where the little girl asks Elsa for a scientific instrument instead of a toy, it was subtle, but how many women can’t get close to sciences and math because they believe that is something for boys: Too many.

    In Frozen 2 Anna faces the death of whats left her family and still has the strength to destroy the dam flint had problems with water too i guess which was the symbol of the oppression of the nourthuldras. She doesn’t free Arrendellians, they might loose their houses, but they are already free. They can leave if they want, they can rebuild, they have possibilities. The Northuldra don’t and she chooses to give away even her own house to fix 30+ years of unfair inprisonment in a magical forest without being able to see the sky

    Elsa instead goes on a journey to find her true self, which is different than not believing yourself as a danger to others (see plot of frozen1). She finds she had much more power than she thought, show yourself is canonicaly an empowerment song. After that she finds her own freedom too. The freedom to choose where she wants to live, how and in which terms. Although she might even be siuted for being queen, she choses to live a different life than the one paved for her by her parents. And she does it without closing doors.

    - how they addressed climate change, it was subtle yes, but it was there. The elements of nature dont answer anymore to the humans will. Well in truth they never did. But they didn’t even rebel too much either.

    In frozen 2 nature rebels willingly towards the people (Arrendellians, Northulrda, all of them). The spirits are clear: you either make peace with each other and fix the damage you caused to the forest, or f* you, we can’t live without humans, humans without us, let’s find out.

    Elsa sacrifices herl life to find the truth on how to fix their relationship with the Northulrda.

    I’d like to point out that granpa was all about killing the Northulrda, and not about killing the forest, but he ended up damaging nature in his way of genocide, because guess what, that’s exactly what happens when you try to damage a population of any kind, you start by damaging their land.

    Eventually being able to make peace with other humans was also the key to make peace with nature, as if not trying to destroy each other could bring benefits.

    -and least but not last, the question far too many people ask about: Elsa sexuality. THE MOVIE DOESN’T EXPLICITLY ADDRESS IT. But the writers and Idina Menzel and probably the whole cast were totally cool with the giveElsaaGirlfrien hastag.

    If they ever going to address it directly I don’t know, but I glad that disny stopped teaching girls that their final goal is to find the love of their life.

    Marrige is not your first purpose.

    You can do anything in the world before choosing to be with someone. Im not saying do things alone, but do it knowing that you don’t have to have a love interest to be happy. Find what you love to do for yourself, your passions your interests, everything that brings you joy, dont just end up with someone because movies shoved romance in your brain since you were 3. Have fun with your life. For yourself.

    After this long rant, back to the starting point, having Hans in the movie would have made me a much happier human, but that’s just not what the world needed. Writers knew hundreds of thousands would go watch the movie, and they will re-watch it again and again; it was their chance to make an impact on the audience, and those little boys who will grow up having Kristoff singing he missed his love maybe will be more open, maybe they won’t have so much toxic masculinity in them because movies are changing the way they portrait even strong men. And maybe girls will identify with a powerful goddess who has a gentle heart of maybe they will find more inspiration in a very brave and loving new queen, who could chose to do the right thing despite losing all she had.

    Hans would have taken away too much of the message they are trying to make.

    Maybe there will be a Frozen 3 one day, who knows. But if I had to pick between a favorite character and a movie with a real impact on youth that is about changing the way we see ourselves as a society and how we can cooperate to make a better world. I’d pick the latter.

    Hans is a rounded character, has personality and everything, but he’s just not worth the world

    So please stop bagging about hans not being in frozen 2 and stop insulting the authors.

    Im referring to those in the hans fandom who are rude and act like spoiled brat. The others know they didn’t do nothing wrong.

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    Hover candle

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  • So I just realized if Hans wasn’t a class one douche and actually loved Anna he would have been king three years after Frozen. Elsa abdicated throne to Anna. No need for an “accident.” 

    Dude should have played the long game.


    Originally posted by the-blue-fairie

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    What about an au where hans is the 6th spirit… the spirit of thunder owo

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  • I haven’t seen anyone mention this but can we just talk about how the Duke of Weaseltown tried to kill Elsa too?

    Hans has his ice memory smashed even though he’s seen helping the people of Arendelle but Elsa dances with the Duke despite the fact that the Duke sent his guards to kill her? Which Hans saved Elsa from, by the way.

    I’m calling foul on this whole movie and the Hans haters that think this ice memory scene is acceptable.

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  • Hans: *goes down on one knee*

    Elsa: Oh my God! It’s finally happening!

    Hans: *falls over, clutching his chest*

    Elsa, tearing up: The poison is finally kicking in!

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    this is still SO CONFUSING TO ME …. did david really show up and give hans a salami??? WHEN did this happen? what the fuck? i need answerssss

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  • hansanna/disneysia ( other music part 2)

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