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  • having to scroll past 3000 posts where you all make me look at gal gadot

    #harassment #apply also to marriage story
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  • They have followed me to Twitter and Tumblr to tell their friends to attack me and I seriously feel stalked…they even think they know my name…. They tell me to “ask for forgiveness and the others will leave me alone”


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  • I’m just going to make this as clear as I possibly can.

    If you support Chr!s Brown or J0hnny D*pp after what they did, stay away from me. Don’t like my stuff, don’t reblog my stuff, don’t try to message me, stay the fuck away from me.

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  • At this point, who is teaching young men to tell random women (and female-presenting people) in public to smile “because they’re pretty” or whatever?? 

    Are there men who actually get a positive outcome from it? And by “positive outcome” I mean more than just a fake laugh and an awkward thank you because the woman doesn’t want to deal with him. 

    I literally don’t know anyone who appreciates being told to smile by a strange adult, regardless of how attractive they might be. It is 2019 yall, at this point, you have to either be old or living under a rock to not know people dislike this, so…is it just some kind of attempt at a power move? like…what are you doing? you can compliment someone without telling them to do something. just tell them they’re pretty and keep walking.

    Let people frown if they want to. Maybe they’re trying to not look “pretty”. Maybe their dog died. Maybe they just have RBF. Mind your business. 

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  • I have no shame in ghosting

    I had to delete an old dating app match today after they sent me a video on Snapchat. I had matched with him previously off a swinger’s app. I met him and his girlfriend, we all made out once, and I would talk to them over text for a while after that. Later, his texts become really bland and odd. There were several instances where he would turn the conversation into something other than what was being talked about. I didn’t get his line of thinking a lot. I also hated that he’d send me videos of him talking to me. I hate talking in videos and pictures through snapchat. You could just text me. So I stopped replying. Fast forward to the past three weeks, he responds to each of my additions to my Snapchat stories. I don’t even bother to respond to his text messages for weeks now and he thinks it’s cool to message me for each thing I post on Snapchat? That isn’t directed to him?? Wtf. Talk about creep. Almost harassment. I don’t reply to any of it but because I didn’t text him back, he sent me a video! I was waiting for a moment to delete him. And it finally came.

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  • I honestly just don’t even know what to say to shit like this anymore.

    Y’all gotta stop coming in my inbox with your hostility, misinformation, and misguided beliefs. Because I’m tired of this. I don’t know whether to find this hilarious or absolutely fucking ridiculous.

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  • Harassing a stranger in internet just because they disliked what you liked was… well, I did not know strong enough words to convey my anger.

    Just, stopped harassing me.

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    It’s repulsive how some people will go so far to harass artists just because they don’t like a ship you post or prefer. Why would you send disgusting threats to someone who’s only putting out what they enjoy doing? This goes for all artists being harassed for ships they love unless it’s actually problematic (but even then, they don’t deserve threates like this, nobody does). Do you even know how much she’s going through already? She can’t even be arrested, she isn’t old enough for that. I’m sorry you had to put up with this, you don’t deserve it at all, lov. If anyone has anything against this, attack me, not her. 


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  • This should be obvious and should not be needed to say, but I will sait it anyway (just for the sake of my conscience… Yeah, I have one) hahahaha 🤣

    Its kinda impossible for me remember everyone I invite to participate. I’m not good with names, faces, and everything else I’m afraid (my only good point is obviously my great sense of humor ♥️) … Anyway…

    I might… I had invited the same person… Some multiple times… Of course, without knowing that. Because more than everything I hate spam and I don’t like giving spam to anyone.

    But why I accidentaly invited, the same person more than one time?

    Well… It didn’t happen because of the “deleted meassages” (that actually helps me not inviting again the same person);

    What really happen is the… Multiple tumblr’s pages. I have them too, specialy for the events (so I don’t mix them).

    I have two objetives with this post:

    The first would be apologise, for the “spam invites” (they should be suppose to be friendly) and somehow try make people more “understandble” (does this word exist?) because there is too many people with too many diferents accounts.

    This is a message for some, not for everyone… Some can take things more easly than other and be more chill out.

    “LOL You invited my twice! What a honor!”

    I make mistakes too and I don’t take it personally if someone point what I did wrong, but still take care with the way you say it. Take fast conclusions and go straight for attack… Is kinda… “Immature”.

    And second! FINALLY! I wasn’t planning to this be so long…

    If you got a problem with my invitations, or anything else… BLOCK ME. It is for sure that I won’t bother you again with it.

    But that goes for other things too. My invitations are meant to be friendly, but if you recive things that you don’t like or you think that is not appropriate… BLOCK THAT PERSON. NEVER RESPOND, OR TRY PLAY SMART WITH THEM. They will eventualy give up and find something better to do.

    I don’t know if Tumblr allows you to block people that send things in “Anonymous”, but still they only can hurt you if you allow them to.

    And since I had all this trouble to write this…well I keep the best for the last… Obrigada 😁 Thanks for keeping up with me and for giving a oportunity to do one more event ♥️

    🍌 Here eat a banana 🍌 you deserve it

    #hetaliaxmasevent #event main post #event post #block dont report #block#spam#harassment #eat a banana 🍌
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  • Some of you treat block lists as “oh look a list of people who I can harass with no consequences!!! :))” and it shows.

    Look - I don’t care what someone said or did, they don’t deserve to be harassed, bullied or sent threats. Yes - even if they are genuinely a shitty person. Just have some maturity, block them, call them out appropriately if you need to and move on.

    Block lists are not free harassment lists and you should not treat them as such.

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  • And the bullshit continues… Fat-wlw continues to be awful, and of course, I can’t reply and defend myself. So, y’all can screenshot this and send it to fat-wlw or tell her about it or whatever. I don’t really care rn; I’m just here to defend myself. So… I’ll just post my response to this post (x) here:

    Look, I’m tired of this. This is fucking disgusting. All you’re doing is spreading lies about me. I’m not a TERF, I’ve never been a TERF, and I will never be a TERF. And the fact that you went straight to calling me, a fucking trans person, a TERF because I told your lil friend that I’ve heard you’re a TERF is suspicious as hell. You wanna take the suspicion and attention off you, so you claim someone else is a TERF to cover your ass? Gross. And just so we’re clear, fatwlw isn’t a TERF either; they’re also a trans person, ffs! And they got run off this website, like I’m going to be, because of horrible people like you!!

    I don’t care if your blog is full of trans positivity. This is exactly what crypto TERFs, which is what I’ve seen you described as a few times btw, do. And the fact that you interact with other shitty people, including transphobes and exclusionary people, doesn’t help either. You interact with people who legit spew TERF rhetoric, ffs!! This is all enough reason for me to think you’re a TERF.

    And I did talk to you. And what did you do? You berated me. You accused me of things I never said. You jumped to conclusions and came at me because… what? You wanted to play victim, take your anger out on someone, or…? I’ll never know why you reacted with such hostility. But I don’t care. I don’t care because you clearly don’t. You clearly didn’t want an explanation. You clearly don’t care what I have to say. Because if you did, we wouldn’t even be having this problem right now. You wouldn’t be spreading lies about me and making me out to be a fatphobic, lesbophobic TERF. You wouldn’t have your friends and followers come at me. You wouldn’t be doing any of this shit. But you are.. and that is extremely telling.

    I never “demanded” anything out of you either. I repeatedly asked you to PLEASE delete a post of mine that you reblogged and repeatedly stated that it made me uncomfortable and incredibly anxious. That’s not demanding; demands don’t come with a please nor kindness. And instead of being a decent fucking person, you attacked me, sent me into a panic attack, and bitched at me for being uncomfortable. You never even gave me time to explain, and god forbid I type slow when I’m driving down the damn highway trying to answer your rude messages. What you did in that conversation was ableist. It was harassment. And it was disgusting. And then you continued to harass me by getting your friend to do it and by posting shit about me. Not to mention y’all keep trying to paint me as the aggressor, which rubs me the wrong way since I’m Black, and that’s a huge stereotype for Black people. Everything y’all did and are continuing to do is repugnant.

    You are a truly nasty person for that interaction and for every awful thing you chose to do and say afterwards, and nothing will ever change my mind on that. Leave me the hell alone, and get a hobby that doesn’t involve harassing and poorly attempting to defame people.

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  • Here lies one of my biggest challenges scenariowise. How to :

    - not minimize Solveig’s agression/harassement

    - underline the violence of her reaction without de-legitimize it

    - get readers to empathize with her (huge mental and physical fatigue + difficult/scary situation = extreme choices). This also goes for the other two, who try to cling on to whatever they can to keep moving.

    I hope I succeded and did not fell into these crowds who think that “the victim is overreacting”.

    Also, it was interesting to reflect upon the way a conversation can degenerate, and try and reproduce the process.

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  • Might be old news by now, but here are some comments from the submitter:

    - this was under a post warning people about it (it wasn’t tagged in the post, btw), saying it was dangerous & their stalker

    - it was @ing people who commented supporting op in these messages

    - it’s claiming to be a minor when it’s 19..?????

    I guess that’s Mage claiming to be a minor, even though alter ages don’t equal body ages? Either way, creepy shit.

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  • More struggles of being a gamer girl:

    1. It’s “gamer girl”, not just “gamer”.

    2. “Anyone got a mic?” “I do.” “WHAT’S YOUR BRA SIZE? CAN I CUM ON YOUR FACE?”

    3. Getting teamkilled for the following:

    • Not responding when asked my bra size.

    • Arguing back.

    • Being better than them at the game.

    • Just for being a girl.

    • I didn’t accept their friend request.

    • I won the round for them, but not fast enough.

    4. Not leaving me alone, when I do literally anything. Following me around the map, harassing me the entire time.

    5. Children being the ones who harass me the most.

    6. Getting butthurt when I’m top of the scoreboard.

    7. “Can I get your number?”

    8. “Can I have your address?”

    9. “How much do you sell your pee for?”

    10. I make one mistake and I’m terrible and should stop gaming.

    11. They make a mistake and it’s my fault because my “sexy” voice distracted them.

    12. They team up against me. All the time.

    Some reasons I keep playing.

    1. Those who defend me and tell the immature people to stop.

    2. I love gaming. Please let me do it in peace.

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  • image

    So a friend shared a recent online dating experience today…

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    • Guy on tumblr: hi
    • Me: Hi
    • Guy on tumblr: Can I see your boobs I want to see them can you send me a pic
    • Me: *clicks the block button*
    • Unfortunately this isn't a joke...this just happened. How is this okay in any way?
    #guys#harassment#messaging#ew#trash #guys are trash #men are trash #conversation
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